Aladdin/Mulan: Disney Girls Sex Slave Auction Part 2: Jasmine (MFF,spank)
by Hamster ([email protected])

The Andrews' Yacht, the Mediterranean Sea... September 27, 1999

Mulan was not sure what was in the drugs she was giving but she knew it was
affecting her somehow. She was horny as hell and felt very complacent.

"Now Mulan, my husband wants a turn so I'm going to sit right here next to
you while he has his way dear. Is that OK sweetie?" Catherine asked her new

She was pleased when Mulan nodded her affirmation. Catherine sat next to her
and gently stroked the girl's silky black hair. Daniel quickly disrobed.
Revealing his stiff long cock. He crawled onto the bed approaching the softly
panting Mulan. Mulan had never been taken by a man before, and she was very
nervous. Catherine stroked Mulan's hair reassuringly.

Daniel admired the girl's beautiful glistening cunt. He crawled over her
precious body and kissed her passionately their tongues entwined. As they
tongue wrestled enthusiastically Daniel guided his cock to Mulanís honey
hole. He thrust in.

"Mmmmmm" Mulan moaned into Daniel's mouth as pleasure zapped her body.

Daniel was both surprised and pleased when he met resistance. Grabbing her
shoulder in one hand and her hip in the other he thrust into Mulan with all
his might. Daniel tore through her virginity with a mighty thrust. Mulan
screamed in pain and then in pleasure as he began fucking her at a rapid
and pace. As he fucked her he kept his arms up, push up style so his wife
could watch Mulan's tits jiggle back and forth with each thrust.

Catherine's hands dropped to her crotch where she began to rub her clit as
she watched her husband fuck her lover. Mulan sweated, shook, moaned and
bucked with each thrust. She screamed her mighty orgasm.


Daniel himself grunted as he came inside the lovely Chinese girl's pussy
while his wife brought herself to orgasm watching.

The trio heard footsteps and turned to see 17 year Katie Andrews at the
doorway. She was wearing very small white shorts and a pink bikini top with
white spots strained to hold her large surgically enhanced tits. Her curly
blonde mane cascaded down her back.

"Mom, Dad can I play with Mulan?" She asked sweetly.

"Of course dear." Her mother replied with a broad smile.

* * *

Auction Hall, Paris, France. September 25, 1999.

Jasmine was naked her firm nipples hard on her firm rounded breasts being
exposed to the cold air in the auction hall. Her arms where shackled to the
ceiling of her booth. And her feet held apart by shackles thus giving people
easy access to her pussy. Men and woman, young and old got the chance to
play with her tits and pussy.

The girl at first fought, thrashing and bucking against her chains but soon
grew complacent and even felt shame as she began to enjoy the attention her
cunt was receiving, none of them played with her long enough to bring her to
orgasm and she became desperate to cum. One man finally fucked her with
strokes of his to calloused fingers.

"Please...please, make me cum." She begged softly.

The man smiled and stroked with a long steady rhythm until her back arched
and she moaned her orgasm softly. The man brought his cum drenched fingers to
her lips and she diligently licked them clean, she burned with shame.

The auctioneer came to her booth.

"Here we have the lovely Princess Jasmine, bidding will begin at $200,000."
He announced.

Jasmine hung her head low ignoring the bidding war; she did not even look to
see her new master.

* * *


Jasmine's legs where shackled to the sides of a cushioned wooden half circle.
Her back as bent over the half circle and her wrists where cuffed to her
ankles. All around her a party was going on she could see people eating and
dancing and fornicating.

It was only an hour into the party when a man and a woman approached Jasmine.
The woman, a smiling red head, knelt over Jasmine's face and the man brought
his cock to Jasmine's exposed pussy. She heard her master voice.

"You had best tongue fuck the lady, princess. Unless you would like to be
punished." He ordered.

The man had already paddled her viciously for refusing to have sex with him
on the plane ride to England. Now she was afraid and horny to the point she
could no longer take.

Jasmine's tongue stabbed in and out of the woman's pussy even as she was
fucked at a stern pace by the strange man. The man's cock plunged and out of
the girl's tight cunt and moaned as he shot his load into her. Soon the woman
came herself and each of them where replaced by a new person. The party went
on into the wee hours of the night and Jasmine was fucked by every guest at
the party.

_ _ _

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