ALEX MACK GETS RAPED Warning: This story is about the abduction and rape of 14 year old Alex
Mack. It describes the sexual degredation she undergoes. Alex Mack was a young girl of 16 . She had a
small pouty mouth, and an innocent schoolgirl face. She had mdeium sized breasts and was just getting her
girlish curves. She was truly a stunning beauty. She had long blonde hair falling to the small of her back.
Alex wished she hadn't stayed so late. It was 2 a.m. and she was stuck in the bad part ofParadise Valley.
Alex had snuck out of her house to attend a party a friend's house. Her parents didn't even know she was
gone. She was thankful that it wasn't cold, since she really hadn't dressed for it. The girl had on a pair of
denim coveralls. A denim jacket, just falling to her waist, kept her warm, since her only top was a
sleeveless T-shirt, which juggled slightly as she walked, for she had not worn a bra. Alex turned as she saw
lights coming up behind her and hoped the car would pass--she really didn't feel safe in this neighborhood.
She became more nervous when the car did not pass, instead pulling up along side her, slowing to match
her pace. It was an old caddie, a bit beat up, being driven by a white guy with two passangers, the one
riding shotgun a Mexican, the one in the back black. "Hey girlie," the white one called out, "looking sweet
meat. Want to party?" Now Alex was really frightened, as well as indignant, and hugged her jacket around
her and picked up her pace, hoping the bastards would just go away. "Maybe we got a party for you right
here, baby," the black one called out. "We can make it a real multi-cultural event." They all laughed. Son
of a bitch she thought, son of a bitch get me out of here. She quickly turned a corner but the caddie
followed. "She don't look like she likes you Jackson," the Mexican taunted as he leaned out the far
window and looked over the roof of the car. "Maybe she's one of those hard ass ice-queen uppity chink
cunts who thinks she's better than us. Whaddya think, John, think she's a dragon bitch?" "She certainly
ain't friendly," the white one replied, "even though she's the tastiest dish I've seen in a long time. Hey
darlin', come on over here and say hi." Jesus Jesus Jesus wasn't there anyone else around. All the houses
were black as Alex rushed past them, almost running now but fearing to run. "Mm mm," the Mexican
called out, "seems like she don't like any of us. Not even good enough for a glance." "Hell, no split-tail
gets away with treating me like that," Jackson cried out from the back, swinging open the back door. The
sound of the door opening startled her, and her chest constricted in fear as she bolted forward, hoping they
would tire of the game or that she could escape through speed. "Hey!" Alex heard behind her and then the
squeal of tires and suddenly out of the back seat and began to lunge toward her while the Mexican swung
himself over the hood of the car. Alex tried to escape and ran only to feel arms encircle her waist and lift
screamed at the top of her lungs as she struggled against the man holding her. The Mexican came up
before her and grabbed her arms, and between them they wrestled her screaming and thrashing into the
back seat of the caddie. ------------------------ Alex Mack had never been more frightened in her life as she
was tossed into the back of the caddie to be quickly followed by two large male bodies. She put her back to
the door and kicked out with her feet and hit with her hands, but the black man, Jackson, just grabbed her
again and threw her down across his and the Mexican's lap. Strong hands gripped her wrists and held them
behind her back while more hands held her down. A hand on her head pressed her face against the
Mexican's stomach, muffling her pleas and cries. She trembled in abject terror as she heard and felt the
car take off, speeding quickly away from the scene of the abduction. Alex could feel her own adreneline
rush begin to freeze as her body realized there was nowhere left to run. Her mind froze likewise in a state
of shock, reduced to an animal state of fear and waiting. She could feel the adreneline around her too,
surging through the car as the car surged forward to an unknown destination. "Hey Jose," she heard
Jackson ask, "what now?" "Now," Jose replied, "we go to the park. In the meantime, you and me can
have a little fun with the cunt here." Alex could almost feel the evil grins they gave each other over her
prostrate body, and she shuddered. A cold part of her mind calculated as Jose grabbed her by her hair and
pulled her head up and began unzipping his fly while Jackson reached around and under her and began
unbuttoning her jeans. They were going to rape her, this part of her mind said, and you cannot fight
them--try to talk. "Let me go," Alex said, calmly, clearly, "I'm a human being. I have feelings. You..."
"YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A SPLIT-TAIL!" Jackson shouted, overriding her, "A GODDAMNED
CUNT! And I intend to get me some! Now Jose, can't you shut the bitch up?" "My pleasure," Jose
replied, pulling free his cock and pressing it against her full pouty lips. "Now open up, Baby Doll, or you're
going to be in a world of hurt." Her mind calculated, and she opened her mouth to take the pole of flesh in.
Alex was going to be raped, it said, and she quailed inwardly. O.K. Now just try to stay alive: do what they
want and maybe they'll let you go. It was why she remained still while Jose slowly slid her head up and
down on his staff, in and out of her mouth, running the flesh across the soft warmth of her lips. It was why
she remained still while her coveralls and panties were pulled down around her knees and hands began to
rub and squeeze and pinch her ass and thighs. "What a sweet ass," Alex heard, and jerked slightly as
fingers found their way to her vagina and began to stab forward for entrance. Virginal! part of her mind
screamed, wanting to thrash and bite and kick and kill. Alex was a virgin! it screamed, and these stupid,
sorry sons of a bitches were going to take that from her, were going to use her like a piece of meat and
throw her away. Better raped than dead, another part of her mind asserted, and maintained a steely
control. "Got a sweet mouth on her too," Jose said. "Let's see what you can do, sweet thing." He began to
push her head down, causing her to gag on his penis as it pushed against her throat. Alex reacted
instinctively, trying to pull back, but his hands were too strong, too insistent. She gagged once as she felt
his cockhead stab against her throat, and then an awful tearing pain shot down her throat as it popped in,
and she gagged again as the full length of it slid down her throat, her nose resting against his pubic hair,
her whole body shaking and jerking as she retched, trying to dislodge his cock from her throat. Her nostrils
flared and her throat spasmed and she felt like she was going to throw up, but she held the bile that was
rising in her throat down with an enormous effort of will and stilled her jerkings, breathing heavily through
her nostrils. "Ahhh..." she heard Jose sigh, and was grateful he just held her head there, did not try to
move her. It wasn't so bad now, and then she realized Jackson had a finger up her vagina and was sawing it
painfully in and out. Oh god oh god oh god please make it stop, she thought, closing her eyes in silent
prayer, a tear leaking out the closed lid and dropping onto the thigh of her abductor. Endure, the thought
flashed across her mind. It was a nightmare ride, with Jose content to hold himself in her throat, the motion
of the car a slow tantilization for him as he built ever nearer the inevitable orgasm. Jackson took turns
slapping her asscheeks, pressing his fingers into her anus and pussy, and pinching her thighs to make her
squirm. It was a relief when they stopped, even though she knew what was next. "Ready to go?" It was
John. "Just one minute," Jose interupted, and began to jerk his hips slightly up into her face, pushing his
cock even further up her throat, and back, and up. Alex knew he was almost ready to come, and could feel
the eyes of his companions bore into the back of her head. They were all waiting, waiting for Jose to fill her
throat with his come. Jackson had his index finger all the way in her ass, making her feel bloated, and
squeezed her asscheek painfully in the other. The hands on her head pressed her face painfully against his
groin, and she felt his cock jerk in her throat and a warm sticky fluid coated her throat as she moaned
above her. Her throat spasmed to swallow it and forced more from the tip of his cock--it seemed like it
would never end. Slowly, though, it did, as his cock stopped jerking and began to soften. It wasn't long
before it slid easily from her throat and Jose pulled her head by the hair up and off his lap. "Let's get her
outside," he said to Jackson, who yanked his finger from her ass, earning a yelp of pain and surprise, and
began pushing her from one end while Jose pulled from the other. Alex stood dazidly for the first time in
what seemed like years, quickly pulling up her pants, and holding them up while she turned around and
looked about her. Alex was surrounded by the three, and for the first time got a good look at them Alex
turned to Jose, who was casually leaning against the trunk of the car while the two others eyed her
hungrily, and was about to speak when he simply put his fingers to his lips in a shushing motion. "It seems
like you got the idea in the car," he said. "It's easier to do what we say than to fight us." Alex nodded at
his pause. "Don't worry, we just want to have a little fun." Fun she thought wildly, fun!? You think rape is
fun? she wanted to scream. What about me! You're going to rape me! You already have! He smiled and
slid his belt from around his waist and doubled it up in his hands. "If you don't cooperate, you're in for a lot
of pain." SNAP He snapped the belt together. "Now you have a choice: strip, or pain." SNAP
To Be Continued


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