Secret World Of Alex Mack: Alex's Worst Weekend
by Anonymous (mmf,f-gang,m-dom,anal,inter,bond,bukakke,ncon)

Alex Mack stood in her bedroom with Ray and Louis. The former was her best
friend, the latter... well, he just kinda tagged along for the ride. Alex's
parents were out of town for the weekend, and her sister Annie was at
college. She couldn't believe her parents had trusted her with the house all
weekend long! After all, she was only 16...and very, very horny. Little did
she know that Ray and Louis were about to let her release some of that.

"Well, what should we do?" asked Alex. She was dressed in a way-too-small
t-shirt, which went around her nicely shaped boobs with no slack at all. Her
shorts covered about 3 inches below the waist. She wore no makeup, but she
didn't need to. She could've had any guy in town whenever she wanted some.
Still, she refrained from being a little slut...there was always time for
that later.

"Alex, me and Ray had an idea...why don't we stay up here for a while?"

"I don't's a nice day outside and all." She was oblivious to their

"Trust me, you'll have fun. Now, go lie down on the bed like a good girl."
Louis grinned.

"You little pervert! Forget it! You ain't getting none of my goods." she

"Oh well. Guess plan A didn't work. Ray?"

He nodded, and walked over to Alex. He produced a pair of handcuffs, and
jiggled them in front of Alex. "Come here," he grinned.

"This isn't funny guys...stop it!"

"Oh, just for a little while? Come on, Alex. You're the hottest girl in
Paradise Valley! And we know how horny you are."

"No, come on. Let's go outside." She tried to make for the door, but the two
stopped her.

"Not until we get some, Alex! This could be quick if you would just listen
to us." He snatched up her hands and threw the cuffs on. She was helpless,
and she knew it.

"Come on, please.. don't do this. It's that time of the month, I could get

"Aww, what's wrong..don't want mommy and daddy to know how much of a slut
little Alex is? Oh well..they had to find out sooner or later."

Alex saw she wasn't going to win this, so she tried to at least help herself.
"Fine, fine. Can you at least use protection? I can't get pregnant!"

"Sure, we brought some along." Both the boys smiled. The thought rushed into
her head...this wasn't a spur of the moment action by horny boys; this whole
thing was planned! She was disgusted...and honored at the same time. She was
hotter then she thought, obviously.

"Enough talk. Take off your clothes, bitch," said Ray.

"Bitch? How dare y--" she was cut off by a fierce slap from Ray.

"You won't talk unless we ask you to. Is that understood?"

"Uh--yes," she stammered.

"Good, now take off your clothes."

She didn't know what to do. She couldn't remove her clothes - her hands were
handcuffed, but she didn't want to risk another slap. She started to try and
lift her shirt up as best she could, but it was no use. She let it fall back
down, then went to unbuckle her shorts. This she could do. She wiggled out
of them, and they fell to the ground.

"Leave your underwear on, slut," said Louis, watching from a corner.

Alex nodded. She went back to the problem of the shirt. For once, she
disliked her large breasts. They were another obstacle for her to overcome
in getting the shirt off. It took her 30 minutes to succeed in the task. She
stood there in her bra and undies, shivering from fright.

"Good, now go lie down on the bed. Hurry." She hurriedly walked to the bed,
and sat down.

"Bury your face inside your pillow, and lie on your stomach."

She rolled over, knowing what was coming...or at least she thought she did.
Unable to see, she heard someone coming closer to her, but she didn't know
who it was.

"Here are the rules. You aren't allowed to talk, you already know that. You
aren't allowed to make a whimper of noise for minor pain. For extreme pain,
you may moan. I don't want to hear any complete words coming out of your
mouth. Failure to listen to this will earn you more fun...twice as bad and
twice as long."

Alex nodded as best she could, without removing her face from the pillow. She
didn't like it when he mentioned extreme pain. Ray, now naked, moved onto the
bed. He sat on top of Alex's butt, but didn't penetrate yet. Louis stripped,
then moved next to Ray. They both sat on top of Alex, the weight was killing

Alex could feel a large, hard object start to enter her anus region. She had
never had sex before, oral, anal, anything. Never even masturbated.

Once Ray was inside, he picked up speed, and started grinding into her ass.
She had never felt more pain in her life, and she couldn't scream. Noone
would hear, and her parents were gone for the weekend.. The thought struck
her. How long could this go on? Noone would check on her for 3 days!

As she thought it couldn't get more painful, Louis moved closer to her, and
tried to fit his dick into her virgin anus, right beside Ray's. Ray's alone
was a tight fit, with both of them in there, her anus felt like it was going
to rip.

They both moved as fast as they could, sometimes moving in synchronous
fashion, other times taking turns like a jackhammer. They purposely held
back their orgasms as best they could. They enjoyed watching Alex grimace in

It took ten minutes of this before both the boys had cum into her. She tried
to rub her painful ass, but then remembered her hands were cuffed. She
started to cry. Louis noticed.

"It looks like you're expressing pain. I thought you weren't allowed to do
that. Let's check the rules to see what punishment that gets." He flipped
through an imaginary rulebook, pretending to look for the infraction. "Ah,
here it is. Well, it looks like you're in for a breast squeeze!"

Ray moved to a big black duffle bag he had brought with him, and pulled out
two clamp-like devices. Louis grabbed a handful of Alex's hair, and pulled.
He flipped her over, and grabbed her bra, the only remaining piece of
clothing. He ripped it off without unsnapping it, and the force shocked Alex.
This time she remembered not to wince. He took his large hands and moved them
over both of Alex's two nice, plump tits. He grabbed them, and squeezed and
twisted and hard as he could. He pinced the nipples, and stabbed the flesh
with his fingernails.

Ray brought over the clamps, and positioned them on her breasts. He started
to twist the knobs, and they got tighter and tighter. Soon, Ray couldn't move
them any farther they were so tight. Blood began to ooze out of her nipples.
They removed the clamps after 2 hours. Her breasts were so sore she couldn't
even touch them gingerly. This was when Ray went in for the kill.

"Tit fuck me, bitch." He slid his once-again hard cock between her aching
boobs. "Here's the deal. I want a good tit fuck, and you're gonna give it to
me. Use your hands to press your boobs together. I like friction. If I don't
think you're pressing hard enough, then...well, let's just hope that doesn't

"But my tit--" she broke off too late. Louis came over and slapped her.

"Don't talk!" He straddled her, sitting on her neck. "Give me a blowjob while
you titfuck him. Better hope you're multitalented."

She moved her hands to her tits, and pressed as hard as she could. They felt
like exploding, and she couldn't let go. At the same time, Louis had his dick
in her mouth. She knew she couldn't do both at once to their satisfaction,
but she tried. Her tongue flew all over the place and her hands kept a firm
grip on her breasts.

Louis's dick was starting to shrink. She wasn't moving fast enough. She sped
up, and felt him get hard again. He had felt the lack of enthusiasm too, so
he shoved his dick farther into her mouth.. she started to choke on it, but
he kept pushing farther and farther. He eventually released all over her
mouth, and he told her to swallow every last drop, while he kept his dick
where it was. And if his dick should get soft while she was swallowing...

Ray kept moving back and forth, sometimes slapping Alex's breasts to keep
them perky, and sore. She was trying to hold them together, but she was
losing her grip and the pain was killing her. She didn't dare make a sound
though. Eventually it was done, and both boys were tired out. She had
succeeded in preventing any slaps for the last 3 hours. She lost count of
time, but she thought she was held captive for somewhere around 5 hours
already. Night was falling.

"Well, we're tired out. We're gonna go home, but we'll be back tomorrow to
play, ok?" Yeah, right, she thought. The minute they leave, I'm calling the

"Oh, don't get the idea that we're actually setting you free. No, in fact,
this will be one of the worst nights of your life."

Ray pulled out 4 extra-large dildos from the bag. He stuck one, then two,
into Alex's ass. It was still too tight for their liking. He stuck the third
one in, and heard the thin layer of skin start to tear. He jammed the fourth
one in as far as it could go. Luckily, the skin hadn't torn any farther.

"They had better be in that exact position when we return tomorrow,

Louis had removed her handcuffs and attached them to the bed, where he
recuffed Alex. She was completely helpless. She lie on her back, with her
ass arched up as high as possible. If she relaxed and lie flat, the dildos
would move so far up her anus, the pain wouldn't be bearable for an entire
night. The boys knew she couldn't keep this up all night, though. They left
her alone with the dildos.

Three hours had passed before she started to doze off. She awoke with a start
when she realized her ass had lowered and the dildos had impaled her even
farther. Still, she couldn't stay awake. She tried to twist and turn, to no
avail. Five hours into the night, she fell asleep again, and the dildos
impaled her so far up that their 9 inch lengths had less then an inch
protruding from her ass. The pain kept her awake for the rest of the night.
Had she not taken the antidote to her special powers, this wouldn't be
happening right now, she thought.

As the sun rose into the sky, Louis and Ray returned, refreshed for another
morning. They noticed the dildos almost completely lodged up her butt, and
laughed. She had been crying all night they noticed, but her tear ducts had
long since dryed up.

"Rise and shine, little one. Time for another day!"

Louis uncuffed her from the bed while Ray removed the dildos. Blood ran out
freely once the four obstructions were gone. That only left one untouched

"Well, Alex, today we're gonna have lots of fun. It'll probably last twice
as long as yesterday, doesn't that sound like fun?"

She winced in her mind, and nodded to the duo.

"Roll on your back so we can begin the party! And, today, we brought a few
friends! Meet the entire Paradise Valley football team!"

"We're all gonna be good buds and take turns with you. Every man gets a half
hour do to what he pleases. No rules, except the ones we set for you last

"But first, gentlemen, I present to you, her cherry!" Ray spread Alex's legs,
and Louis stabbed his finger into her pussy at full force. When he retracted
it, he was covered in blood.

"Let the games begin!"

At first it wasn't bad, the boys just wanted to fuck her up one of the holes,
nothing the two hadn't done the day before. Then they started to use her as a
dummy, slapping her around, biting her tits, making her bleed all over. Ray
brought out his black bag again, this time filled to the brim with sex toys.
She wondered where he got all these.

Ray produced a pair of leather straps, and handed them to two of the guys on
the football team. They used them for whips, yelling at her to suck her own
pussy. Alex was pretty athletic, but it was still a stretch for her to bend
that far down. Louis helped her, shoving her face into her clit when she
thought she couldn't bend anymore. He held her there for half an hour, while
she just lapped up thirty different guy's cum and her own pussy juice.

The guys stopped waiting in line, and would just masturbate to her, flinging
their cum all over her body. After 8 hours of this plus last night's events,
gallons of the stuff was on her bed. The guys got a large bucket, and started
scooping the cum into it. They jizzed a few more times until the three gallon
bucket was filled, then forced Alex's mouth open while they drained every
last drop into her mouth. It took her an hour to drink all the cum, and she
was throwing up by the end of it. They allowed her to go to the bathroom to
clean the puke off of her; they didn't want to fuck her with that on her.

It was 6pm when the guys were all fully regenerated. Louis and Ray lifted
the weak Alex up onto her feet. They slid the cuff chain over a metal bar,
which two of the biggest guys on the football team hoisted up. Alex hung
from the bar, her feet more then a foot off the ground. They found two tall
dressers to hoist the bar upon, and Alex swung from the bar as the guys
pushed her back and forth. The cuffs were cutting into her hands.

The guys started to shove their dicks into both her lower holes. They held a
contest to see which team could fit more dicks in at a time. One team got
the ass, the other got the pussy. At one painful moment, she had 8 guys
inside of her. It took a while to get reved up, but once they were going,
all 8 guys jizzed inside of her, making a powerful spray of white goo. It
oozed back out, and they once again collected it in the bucket and forced
Alex to drink every last drop.

By 10 pm a few of the guys had gone home. Most stayed to enjoy the party.
The guys lowered Alex to the ground, and she thought she was done with the
hanging. They used thick rope and tied her feet together, then hung her from
her feet. They took turns getting up-side-down blowjobs. Alex hated this
more then anything. The reverse gravity caused the cum to go the opposite
direction it should have. With nowhere to swallow it, and not allowed to
spit it out, her entire mouth filled with cum. It was started to get
difficult to breath when they stopped, flipped her over, and made her
swallow it.

At exactly midnight, the guys went home. Louis and Ray set up Alex the same
way they did the night before. This time though, Alex was extremely tired and
didn't even bother to arch her back. The dildos slid up her anus and she fell
asleep from pure exhaustion.

Sunday rolled around, and the two guys came back. Alex wasn't particularly
worried about today, her parents would be home in a few hours. Louis and Ray
hurriedly cleaned up the mess, and in a few hours, the room looked spotless.
The shoved Alex into the shower, and cleaned her up, making sure to get a few
last fucks in. Alex was bruised all over, especially her tits.

As her parents drove into the garage, the job was finished. Each boy massaged
Alex's tits one last time, before her parents walked into the room.

"Thanks for baby-sitting our little Alex, boys. I hope she wasn't any
trouble?" said Mrs. Mack.

"None at all," the boys replied.

Mr. Mack pulled out forty dollars and gave each boy twenty. "Well," he said,
"since you all had so much fun and didn't get into trouble, I suppose we
could do this again some other time." He winked at the boys.

"Of course, Mr. Mack. Any time you want." Both grinned, and smiled at Alex.
She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"But dad! They ra--" she cried.

"Not now dear, I'll hear about your weekend later." Mr. Mack left the room
with the boys, and walked them to the door.

"Mom! They raped me! The entire football team raped me! And Louis, and Ray,
everyone! For three whole days!"

Mrs. Mack laughed. "Of course honey...don't worry, your father and I
understand you're old enough to make your own decisions. If you want to have
sex this early in your life, it's up to you. But don't try and get out of it
by claiming rape, ok? That only makes you look like a slut." Alex's mom stood
up and left the room. She met her husband in the hall.

"Do you think we did the right thing?" she asked.

"Of course. After this weekend, she'll never have premarital sex ever again."
He smiled. "Come on, honey, it's in her best interests."

"I suppose you're right."

Both of them walked down the hall, leaving Alex to cry in her room.


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