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"Clarissa Meets Alex Mack"

In which Nickelodeon's famous teen heroines have the kind of encounter
that you'll never see on "the network for kids."

This story contains a scene of explicit sex involving teenage girls.
Those who are underage or easily offended should avoid it like the plague.

This is my first attempt at posting to a.s.s. I welcome all feedback,
via e-mail or a.s.s.d please; don't clutter up this already Spam-clogged
NG. All constructive criticism, from "Yes! Yes! More! More!" to "Don't
ever write again!" and everywhere in between will be read. Flames will be
immediately consigned to digital oblivion. And now, the story!

Alex Mack noticed the new girl immediately. She looked so alone and
lost (and, Alex had to admit to herself, so pretty) in the school corridor
that Alex felt she had to befriend her. The girl's name was Clarissa
Darling. Her father was an architect who had been hired to design a house
for Danielle Atron, and the Darling family had moved to Paradise Valley
for a few months so he could do the work. Clarissa was 16, a lovely
blonde girl with a unique fashion sense. Alex found her eyes drawn to the
way her large, full breasts strained against her blouse, and felt plain
and mousy, flat-chested and unattractive, next to her. But she also was
quite excited; lately, 15-year-old Alex had been having many sexual
thoughts, about girls as well as boys, and Clarissa was just about the
sexiest creature she'd ever seen.
For her part, Clarissa was glad to have a friend so soon. She was also
feeling the full onslaught of her teenage sexuality, hormones careening
through her system and turning her thoughts constantly to sex despite her
attempts to be "good". She'd been on the verge of trying to seduce her
best friend, Sam - the next time his ladder clanged against her
windowsill, he might have climbed up to her room to find her naked - when
the family had to move. But now, things were looking up. There was no
mistaking the way that Alex looked at her ... beautiful Alex, who was just
about the prettiest girl that Clarissa had ever seen, although the
loose-fitting clothes she wore concealed her body. Clarissa had often
wondered what it would be like to be with another girl, so when Alex
invited her over to her house after school she eagerly accepted. She had
to see where this mutual attraction would lead.
The Mack house was deserted when the two girls got there. Alex led
Clarissa to the bedroom that she shared with her older sister, Annie.
Handing Clarissa a soft drink that she'd gotten on a quick detour to the
refrigerator, she sat on her bed. After a moment's hesitation Clarissa
sat beside her and they began to talk. Both were pleased to learn that
they each had a guy for a best friend, and Alex laughed when Clarissa
described how Sam had used his ladder to enter her bedroom since they'd
been very young. She asked, "Did he ever catch you dressing, or doing
something embarrassing?"
With a giggle, Clarissa replied, "Well, a couple of times I had to move
pretty fast and duck into my closet!"
"Did you ever, like, do anything with him?"
Clarissa knew exactly what Alex meant. "No way! He's my friend! It'd
be too weird!" She kept her fantasy to herself for the moment.
"That's the way it is with me and Ray," Alex said. She looked into
Clarissa's lovely blue eyes. "But I've fantasized."
"Me too," Clarissa said in a soft voice, unable to deny it any longer.
It was time for Alex to make her move. Holding Clarissa's gaze, she
whispered, "Do you ever fantasize about other things?"
The blonde girl didn't hesitate. "Sometimes I think about making it
with a pretty girl."
Sliding over to place her thigh against Clarissa's, Alex said softly, "I
think about it all the time. Clarissa, we've only just met, but I can't
help myself. I want to ... I want to fuck you." The naughty word felt
marvelous as it rolled off her tongue. Clarissa's reply was to lean over
and kiss Alex.
At first the kiss was tentative, even awkward. But each girl grew more
sure of herself as their kiss deepened and grew more intense. Keeping
their lips locked together, they wrapped their arms around each other in a
tight embrace. Feeling Clarissa's well-developed breasts pressing against
her through their clothing thrilled Alex and made her bold. She gently
pried Clarissa's lips apart and sent her tongue to explore the other
girl's mouth. Clarissa received it with a throaty moan of joy and a
caress of her own tongue. After a few moments of probing Clarissa's mouth
Alex's tongue withdrew. Clarissa followed it with her own, delicately
touching all around Alex's mouth.
They kissed for a long time, until they eventually had to come up for
air. Staring lustily into Clarissa's eyes, Alex said, "Let's get out of
these clothes. I want to see just how big your tits are."
"Yes, let's get naked," Clarissa replied. "I can't wait to see what
you're hiding under those baggy clothes."
After a brief but intense French kiss, the girls separated and started
to strip. It took awhile; both fumbled with their clothing, finding it
hard to undo buttons and unzip zippers while staring at the other girl.
Finally, Clarissa managed to get her blouse off, causing Alex to gasp with
delight at the way her tits filled her lacy white bra. Alex's blouse hit
the floor a moment later. Her breasts weren't nearly as big, but Clarissa
didn't mind at all. Bras came off next, after some more fumbling, falling
away simultaneously to reveal two pairs of gorgeous teenage breasts.
Clarissa's were larger, but Alex's were perfectly shaped and just as
beautiful. They paused a moment to stare at each other's naked tits and
already-erect nipples.
The pause didn't last long, for the sight turned them both on so much
that they wanted to get naked and renew their embrace. Jeans, socks,
leggings, and panties were yanked off with trembling hands, and Clarissa
and Alex were now nude. Once more an awkward pause ensued, during which
the two teenagers gazed at each other's naked body. Each was incredibly
sexy in her own way: Clarissa was more developed, with larger tits and a
more-rounded ass, while Alex was the picture of taut teen tightness.
While they'd both seen other girls naked before, neither had ever looked
upon one with the kind of desire they now felt. Neither, however, could
articulate her feelings ... the words simply wouldn't come.
"Clarissa ... " Alex began.
"Alex ... " Clarissa tried.
Reaching an unspoken agreement, they gave up and flew into each other's
arms. Once more they kissed, deeply and passionately, clinging tightly
and pressing their naked bodies together. Clarissa loved the feeling of
Alex's slender young body in her arms. She sent her hands to exploring
that body, eventually settling on her slim ass. Alex revelled in
Clarissa's large breasts rubbing against hers. She twisted slightly in
the blonde's embrace in order to bring her nipples into contact with
Clarissa's. The erotic touch of nipple on nipple sent electric jolts of
lust through both girls, the erotic sensations travelling straight to each
girl's cunt, there to manifest in a trickle of sweet young juices. The
wonderful feeling of Clarissa's nipples against hers convinced Alex that
what they were doing was right, chasing away any lingering doubts.
Alex's hands came up to grasp Clarissa's firm young tits. She squeezed
the weighty globes with genle but insistent pressure. They felt wonderful
in her hands, and she kneaded the warm soft flesh with inexperienced but
eager fingers. Spasms of joy raced through Clarissa at the other girl's
touch, especially when Alex began to pinch and tug at her stiff nipples.
She yearned to feel Alex's mouth on her tits, but before she could even
begin to voice her desire the younger girl's mouth was already kissing its
way down her neck and toward her heaving chest.
Clarissa let out a strangled cry of delight when Alex's mouth closed
over her left nipple. Alex lashed at the rigid little peg with her tongue
for a moment before sucking hungrily on it. Clarissa closed her eyes and
let the marvelous sensations wash over her. She guided Alex's avid mouth
to her other breast, where she repeated the procedure on her right nipple.
All the while Alex was massaging Clarissa's tits with hands that grew
bolder, more sure, with every caress.
Nearly overcome with desire and pleasure, Clarissa kissed the top of
Alex's head as the brunette mouthed her large tits. Her own hands were
not idle, fondling the taut cheeks of Alex's ass. Her fingers began to
roam, slipping into the sweat-slick crack between those slim cheeks.
Clarissa briefly probed a finger at Alex's asshole, causing the girl to
bite her nipple in her surprise; the sudden brief stab of pain was
exhilerating. Then Clarissa reached down and around, and delicately
stroked the slippery lips of Alex's pussy.
White lights of ecstasy exploded behind Alex's eyes as, for the first
time, someone touched her most intimate areas. She released Clarissa's
nipples to let out a joy-filled moan. The GC-161 in her system kicked in,
and a warm glow began to suffuse her body. It started at her face and
spread down to her toes. Clarissa, whose eyes had popped open when Alex
let her nipple slip from between her lips, couldn't help but notice. She
had no chance to ask, for Alex's mouth immediately crashed against hers,
tongue probing hungrily. Mentally shrugging, Clarissa continued to caress
Alex's cunt as their tongues wrestled for supremacy in her mouth. She
traced along the damp cunt lips, slipped the tip of a finger momentarily
into the hole between them, and then rubbed gently around Alex's clitoris.
Alex's glow flared momentarily and then faded as she got it under
control. She was still mauling Clarissa's tits with her hands, but she
wanted to give the blonde's cunt some attention as well. Gasping with her
passion, she said, "I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I want to
lick your pussy." She gently pushed Clarissa down onto her bed.
Clarissa went, pulling Alex with her. "I want to lick your pussy, too.
Turn around and we'll do each other." She lay back on the bed with her
legs spread wide, her voluptuous teenage body offered fully to her new
friend. Alex wasted no time, swinging her slender ass around and
straddling Clarissa's head with her knees. Slowly lowering her cunt to
the other girl's face, she dove face-first into Clarissa's pussy.
Clarissa craned her neck upward to meet her, once more taking her ass in
her hands as she buried her face in Alex's brown-furred cunt. Her tongue
came out to trace the route her fingers had taken moments before.
At the same time, Alex stabbed her tongue between the soaking-wet lips
of Clarissa's cunt. The aroma of the other girl's aroused cunt was
intoxicating, and the flavor was irresistable. Alex immediately fell in
love with cunt-lapping. She couldn't get enough of Clarissa's
girl-fluids. Her tongue darted to and fro, licking along Clarissa's
drooling slit, stabbing deeply again into her juicy cunt, and flicking
over her erect clit. A violent shudder wracked Clarissa when she did
that, so Alex began to concentrate her oral caresses on the little bump at
the apex of Clarissa's cunt-slit.
The other girl was also busy. Clarissa lapped at Alex's tasty
15-year-old cunt with equal enthusiasm. Alex's clit was quite prominent,
and Clarissa went to it immediately. She lashed repeatedly at it, each
swipe of her tongue causing Alex to writhe with delight atop her. Alex
started to glow again, uncontrollably this time, as Clarissa's
inexperienced cunt-licking drove her ever nearer to orgasm.
In response, Alex redoubled her assault on Clarissa's cunt. She ate her
with more enthusiasm than skill, but it was obviously enough. She wanted
Clarissa to come at the same time she did, which (she thought) would be
the perfect way to climax their first sexual experience. While continuing
to tongue-lash the 16-year-old girl's clit Alex brought her hand into
play. Slipping easily between the juice-coated lips, first one and then
two of Alex's fingers slid into Clarissa's virgin cunt. She stopped
pushing when she encountered her hymen, not wanting to take Clarissa's
cherry this way, then began to rhytmically work her fingers in and out of
the other girl's pussy while her tongue danced circles around her
Going wild with pleasure, Clarissa knew that the most intense orgasm of
her young life was very near. Alex's moaning, trembling, and glowing
showed that she, too, was almost there. Also wanting to share
simultaneous orgasms, Clarissa decided to up the ante a bit and use her
hands too. But she avoided Alex's cunt. While she lapped with long
strokes from the bottom of Alex's cunt to her rigid clit, Clarissa aimed
her middle finger unerringly at Alex's asshole and plunged it inside.
Alex screamed into Clarissa's cunt, finger-fucking her harder as her hips
crashed down onto the blonde girl's face. Pleasantly smothered in the
heady aroma and luscious flavor of Alex's juicy cunt, Clarissa slowly
worked her finger into Alex's asshole as deeply as she could.
They went on like that for a little while. Fingers probing, tongues
licking, the two teenage girls strove to give each other the greatest
possible pleasure. It didn't take long. All their years of pent-up
adolescent passions - for both girls had always striven to be "good" and
to suppress their sexuality, with decreasing success of late - could no
longer be contained. Entwined in the classic "69" position of lesbian
love, Clarissa and Alex swiftly transported each other to heaven.
When their orgasms hit, and they did indeed hit at the same time, they
hit hard. Clarissa's pussy exploded into a fountain of ecstasy, the
intense feelings of joy starting at her clit and spreading quickly to
every part of her sexy teenage body. She wanted to scream out her
pleasure as she came, but she could barely breathe with Alex's cunt
spasming in her face. So she continued to tongue-fuck Alex, drinking
deeply of the sweet teencum that flowed from the other girl's cunt with
her orgasm, loving the flavor, her finger buried to the hilt in Alex's
asshole. Alex came with equal force, body and soul wrapped in pleasure so
deep as to be indescribable. Hoping that Clarissa's climax was as good as
her own, Alex lapped up every drop of the the blonde's nectar that she
could find. She, too, found the taste of another girl's cunt juices to be
delicious. She finger-fucked Clarissa frantically, trying to prolong her
orgasm so that she could get more of those fluids.
The teenage girls came together for a long time, riding each other's
lips, tongues, and fingers to more pleasure than either had ever dreamed
possible. Just when it seemed that they could take no more of such
ecstasy, their orgasms peaked and slowly subsided. After what seemed an
eternity, and yet too short a time, they both collapsed, spent, onto
Alex's bed, Alex laying wearily atop Clarissa.
They lay like that for a long time, savoring the aftershocks of their
monumental climaxes. Alex stirred first, slowly turning around so that
she could embrace Clarissa. As she moved, she stuck the two fingers that
had been in Clarissa's cunt into her mouth and licked them clean.
Clarissa thought that was extremely erotic and said so, kissing Alex as
the younger girl came into her arms. "Look," she added, "I came all over
your face. Let me clean you up." She licked her own juices off of Alex's
beautiful face, after which Alex did the same to her. Then they just lay
in each other's arms, lost in the afterglow of great sex.
Alex was drowsing lightly when Clarissa spoke. "So, what's with the
glowing? What's up with that?" Alex instantly came alert, her reflexive
secrecy about her "powers" making her momentarily fearful to say anything.
After all, Clarissa's dad was working for the owner of the chemical
plant! But she felt that she could trust the blonde girl; after what
they'd just shared, there was no way that Clarissa could betray her. So
Alex told her about her exposure to GC-161, how the experimental substance
had given her strange abilities, and how the people who ran the chemical
plant were searching for her.
"Wow, that's a wierd story!" Clarissa said, stroking Alex's long brown
hair. "And my dad's building a house for the woman who wants to find you
so she can turn you into a lab rat or something. Don't worry, Alex, your
secret's safe with me."
Very happy to hear those words, Alex kissed her. Their tongues met, and
both girls started to heat up again. Reluctantly, Clarissa broke the
kiss. "I've really got to get home, Alex. My mom will be worried about
me." She gathered up her clothes and began to dress.
Watching her, Alex said, "I'm really glad you're here, Clarissa."
"Me too. It's going to be hard to leave you when my dad's job is done.
We'll just have to make the most of the time we have." She was now
dressed and ready to leave. "I'll call you tonight."
"See you tomorrow, Clarissa," Alex said, mentally adding 'my love.'
Clarissa gave her a quick kiss good-bye, leaving Alex alone with her
thoughts in a room that reeked of sex. She was happier than she'd ever


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