Standard warning: This story is for adults only. It contains sexual material
that may offend some people. If you are underage of this type of stuff
offends you, then don't read it. Nuff said.

Okay kiddies, here's my first attempt at MC T.V. This is a work in progress.
Feel free to comment on the story. But be gentle with me.


MC T.V.: Alex Mack - Chapt. 1 Annie!
by Yenoc

Trent pulled his minivan to a stop at the top of the hill. He got out and
went around the vehicle to look down at the valley below him. He had come a
long way to find this town. He'd went up to the hill to get a good look at
the town that occupied the valley.

Below him was the town of Paradise Valley. He had travelled here to find a
special young girl. Her name was Alex Mack. She was a 14 year old girl who
attended Atron High School. Alex was extraordinary, she had unusual powers
and abilities. She had been in a mishap with a truck from the Paradise Valley
Chemical Plant. The accident had resulted in Alex being doused with the
chemical GC-161.

Not alot was known about GC-161. Alex's father worked at the chemical plant
and he and his staff were studying GC-161. But they still did not know much
about the substance. Alex had gotten powers from the chemical. She could
morph into a puddle, shoot electrical jolts from her hands, and she had
telepathic abilities.

Trent was in Paradise Valeey to subdue the girl and use his mental powers on
her. He was going to contol her mind and turn her into his sex slave. Then he
intended to fuck her everey way imagineable. He had seen her show and he had
become quite infatuated with the teenager.

But before he went after her, he had to seek out another person first.
Someone who had studied GC-161 and knew of Alex's powers. The person he
wanted was Annie Mack, Alex's older sister. Trent was going to bring Annie
under his control and have her help him capture her sister. Annie was 17 and
good looking. She had short black hair and a pretty face. She was smart and
had a nice set of tits. trent would posess her and use her for his sexual
urges too.

The chemical plant had wanted to find the GC-161 kid for a long time but they
had had no luck in finding the kid. Since Alex had powers and telpathic
abilities, she was a threat to Trent. he was sure he could easily overpower
the girl but he didn't want to take any chances. Alex might be able to resist
him and he didn't want the girl fighting him and making a scene. If there was
a confrontation things could get ugly. He had to do this slowly and
carefully. The risk was too great that Alex wouls call attention to herself
and him.

So Annie Mack had to be his first target. It was June and school had let out
for the summer. Annie didn't have much of a social life and she didn't date
much. She kept to herself and buried her nose in work.

Trent found Annie a followed her into the Paradise Valley Mall. But he lost
her in the crowd. he soon spotted her coming out of an electronics store. She
had bought some software for her computer. Trent put up a mind field so no
one would notice his presence except Annie. He had a clipboard and he
approached the girl.

"Excuse me miss," he addressed Annie, "I'm conducted a survey for the mall
and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions." Annie turned to him
annoyed and replied, "I'm sorry but I don't have the time right now."
"Please. It won't take long." Trent begged. "Sorry but not today. I have to
go." she told him.

As she started to leave, Trent grabbed her by the arm and swung her back
toward him. Annie was pissed now. She didn't want to be bothered by this
jerk. She was about to yell at him when she looked into his eyes.

One glance at his stern face and dark eyes made Annie stop in her tracks. She
just stared into his eyes and got lost in them. His gaze was sharp and
pierced right to her soul. Annie was dumbfouded. Nobody noticed what
transpired. People walked by and ignored the two of them. Trent had to move
fast. he could keep up such a vast mind field for long. He began his conquest
of Annie Mack. He stared into her brown eyes and delved deep into her inner

3-2-1 Contact! He was in her mind. She had made no attempt to resist him.
Annie was not strong willed or a forceful person. Her eyes became glassy and
vacant She had a far-off look on her face. "I think you can find the time to
speak with youg lady."Trent stated. "Yes. I can speak with you." Annie
answered in monotone. "Good girl. Come with me," he ordered. Annie followed
him silently. They went out to the minivan and got into it. Annie sat
zombie-like in the passenger seat. She reamined in a trance. She had no
free-will, thoughts, or personality.

Trent drove to the Mack residence and pulled into the driveway. It was 10 in
the morning and the house was empty. The parents were at work and Alex was
off with her friend Ray. They has the house to themselves. he had Annie sit
on the couch and he probed her mind. She was very intelligent and he would
put her intellect to use in the near future.

Trent walked through her mind and made the neccessary changes to her. He
immersed himself into every fiber of her being. He traversed to the very core
of her soul and erased her sense of self and her individuality. He replaced
these things with his own programming for her. She was now his property and
she lived only to serve him.

Annie loved and adored Trent. She would do anything he commanded her to. She
knew of no other life and she exsisted only to serve and please her master.
She would forever be loyal and never question him. She was unable to betray
him and she would never want to. She was still a regular person when he
ordered he to be. She would act normal and do the things she always did. No
one would see any change in her. The only difference was that she had no
free-will and she belonged to Trent. He finished his tinkering in her mind
and was pleased with his work. Annie had been easy to rewrite. She was his
mind, body, and soul.

Annie watched him with adoring eyes. She loved him so much it hurt. Trent
toned her emotions down. "Annie, do you know why I'm here?" he asked. "Yes
mater," she responded cheerfully. "You're here to claim Alex and make her
your servant like me. I do whatever I can to assist you in this endevour. I
want to help you influence Alex and get her to see the true path she must
follow." "We are merely girls and it is our place to service your every need.
Alex must realize this."

"Good girl," Trent praised her. He patted her on the head as he would a pet.
"You're going to tell me all that you know of her powers and GC-161. But that
can wait until later. Right now we are going to have some fun." Trent
implanted additional instructions into her pliable mind. He gave her specific
knowledge and ideas for her performance. She was confident an sure of
herself. She was at ease with her body and would gladly show it off to him.
He gave her grace and the ability to dance. She was ready.

Trent gave her a paper bag that contained her new outfit and he told he to go
upstairs and change. Annie happily took the bag and bounded up the steps.
Trent gave her a few minutes to change clothes.

He put a CD into the stereo. Heavy rock music blared from the speakers. Trent
like hard rock and the was loud with lots of drums and bass. He plopped on
the couch and waited for the show to start. His back was to the stairs so he
didn't see Annie come down.

Annie came down the steps strutting to the music. She had a seductive
expression on her face and she was clad in the outfit he had given her. She
was already hot and the show hadn't yet started. She could not wait to
perform for her master. Trent was haing Annie do a striptease number for him.
She was going to enjoy this. It would be exciting to see the brainy girl
dance and strip.

Annie slunk around the couch to face him. She went to the center of the
linving room and stood directly in front of him. She felt her pussy get wet
as Trent ogled her body. She started moving to the rhythym of the music and
it was turning her on. Annie wore a pair of cutoff denim shorts that hugged
her shapely hips like a second skin. She spun around to give him the full
view. The shorts were skimpy and tight. They came down to mid thigh and rode
up her ass. They left a good amount of her ass cheeks bare and exposed to
him. She also wore a short blouse that wasn't buttoned. It was tight as well
and displayed the round forms of her breasts. She had on a bikini top under
the blouse. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the garment. The
blouse was tied together under her tits. And she was barefoot.

Annie faced him again and slowly swayed her hips from side to side. She
leered at him though half closed eyes. Her tongur snaked from her mouth and
she senuously licked her lips. Annie's pussy was wet and her clit was buzzing
with need. She started dancing for him. She bumped and grinded her hips to
the blasting music. She moved gracefully and acted like she'd been dancing
all her life. her black hair tossed about as she moved wantonly.

She swivelled and gyrated her trim hips in circular motions, exaggerating her
movements to arouse her master. She turned her back to Trent and shook her
tender ass in his face. She thrust her ass in and out, side to side. With her
legs straight, she bent lower and her fingers brushed the floor. Annie looked
at him lustily from between her legs. She was really enjoying herself as she
let loose for the first time in her life.

Annie unsnapped the shorts and wiggled her butt for him. Then she slowly slid
the shorts down her comely legs. Trent's cock rose as he watched her. She was
good when she didn't hold back and restrain herself. Trent saw her red
panties as the shorts worked downward. Her panites were just a piece of cloth
that covered her pussy. The rest of the panties were elastic straps. The
middle strap went up betwwen her ass globes and vanished from sight. Her
entire ass was naked for him to see.

Annie weaved and grinded as she swung around. She brought her arms up and
locked her fingers behind her head. This cuased her tits to rise up and push
outward. it was a classic centerfold pose. She firm round tits. Then she
lowered her arms to her sides and laid them against her swollen breasts.
Annie squeezed her arms and mashed her tit flesh together. They ballooned and
deflated as she moved her arms.

Annie cupped her medium sized tits through the blouse. It sent shivers down
her spine. She grew wetter with each passing second. "Oh god!" Trent heard
her moan. She squeezed and massaged her tits, tweaking the distended nipples.
She teasingly untied the knot that held the blouse in place. She opened the
blouse and revealed her cleavage. She wore a bikini top under the blouse. Two
swatches of cloth barely covered her rock hard nipples and the sides of her
tits were bare. She pulled the blouse up and showed him the bottoms of her
breasts. Trent was practically drooling as she shrugged her shoulders and the
blouse fell to the floor. She stepped out of the shorts and presented the
G-string she was wearing. Annie reached behind her back and untied her top.
She took the strings in her hands and lifted the top up. her tits were now
naked and prominantly displayed. Her nipple were dark red and diamond hard.
She had small nipples and they rose at least half an inch off her chest.

Annie wanted to jump Trent and fuck him crazy but she knew what he wanted of
her. She was burning up with desire and working herself into a frenzy. Her
tits were exposed to a man for the first time and she was as horny as hell.
She had wonderful tits and Trent couldn't wait to feast on them. Annie had
fooled around a bit on some dates but for the most part, she was an
inexperienced virgin. Just the type Trent liked. She had given one guy a
handjob but she longed to know more about sex. Annie squatted down and opened
her legs.

He saw her inner thighs. Her legs were bent and spread wide for him. He got
a good view of her crotch. Annie leaned back on her hands and lifted her
pelvis. She ground her crotch in time to the music. Then she rapidly thrust
her cunt up and down in simulated fuck motions. Trent saw the damp spot on
her G-string. Her body trembled as she bumped and grinded for him. Annie
stood up and took off the G-string and tossed it across the room. Her virgin
pussy was now open to his gaze. She had short black curly pubic hair. Her
nest was thick and dark. She rolled and pumped her cunt at him. Annie lifted
her left leg and put in on the couch arm. This gave him an excellent look at
her glistening pussy. He made out her throbbing clit and damp pussy lips. The
lips parted and Trent saw the inside of her cunt. As she revealed the pink
flesh to him, Trent coouldn't wait to pop her cherry.

Annie saw the bulge in his pants and licked her moist lips. She leaned toward
him and offered him her tits. He reached out and drew her nipple between his
fingers. He pulled and pinched the sensitive nub. Annie moaned as he worked
her tits. The pleasure she felt was incedible. She kept skaing and gyrating
as he fondled her swollen breasts.

Trent had had enough, it was time to move on with his plan. The warm-up was
over and it was time to get down to business. He wanted a Annie to suck his
cock and the girl sensed mer master's wish. She moved closer to him and went
for his pants. She was thrilled by the idea of sucking his cock.

To be continued soon......


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