MC T.V. : Alex Mack - Chapt. 2 set-up
by Yenoc

Warning: Here's the beginning part of chapt. 2. This next chapt. could be
long and I am still working on it. Also, Don't read this if adult material
offends you.

Trent and Annie spent the next several hours talking about Alex and her
powers. He had Annie tell him everything she knew about GC-161 and Alex's
powers. They went over all the research and work Annie had done to date.
Trent soon developed a profile on Alex Mack.

"So what you're telling me is," he said to Annie, "that after all the
experimenting you've done, you still basically know next to nothing about how
the chemical affected your sister." "That is essentionally correct." Annie
replied to him. She had quickly reverted back to he scientist mode.

"Okat, let's think this through. I'm guessing that the chemical works on a
genetic level. When Alex took her GC-161 bath, the chemical somehow altered
her DNA, thus giving her the powers." Trent stated. "I would say that you
have a very plausible theory." Annie spoke. "The chemical obviously has to
work on the DNA of a person's body. Alex is more or less normal when she
doesn't use her powers but she was somehow mutated by the GC-161."

"How the goop works doesn't concern me at this time," Trent shot back, "I
want to know how her powers work and how we can shut them down." His mind
raced as he thought up possible ideas.

"We know that the brain sends instructions to the body through electrical
impulses sent out via the nervous system. And I think we can assume that it's
electrical signals from that brain that operate her powers. Her brain
probably sends out the signals instinctively and Alex doesn't even know when
she does it. She subconsciouly jump starts her powers when she needs to use
them." Trent concluded.

Annie nodded in agreement. "Your theory seems logical. I really never when
down that avenue of research. But I think you are correct. Since I work at
the plant, I occasionally will sneak Alex in to use their equipment to run
tests. Once I hooked her up to an EEG to measure her brain activities. I did
one scan with her normal and another scan as she used her powers. Two
different brain wave paterns were recorded. I never thought much about it
until now."

"Alex's brain must have been altered as well and a new second brain pattern
emerged as a result." Trent commented to her.

"She has two different brain wave patterns. One for her powers and one for
the normal Alex. All we have to do is find a means to short out the mutated
brain waves. We do that and her powers should cancel out, rendering her

"However, we must leave her regular brain patterns alone so they can perform
their normal functions. I will bet that the two patterns operate on different
frequencies. We have to find the frequency for her powers and short circuit
the brain waves before they start up her powers. When she is powerless she is
a regular teenage girl and I can swoop in and take over her mind."

"What you propose is strictly theoretical," Annie said, "but it could work.
We should be able to find a way to nullify her powers." They pondered their
dilema for awhile when Trent suggested, "A Neural collar! We can fit Alex
with a neural collar around her neck. That will cancel her powers."

"But such a device doesn't exsist." Annie pointed out. "I will have one
built." Trent said simply. "We shall take over the chemical plant at night
and use their staff and resources to construct the device. When the collar
is finished I will erase all the minds of anyone who works on it. They'll
forget the whole thing."

Trent continued, "And since you know the most about your sister and her
powers, I want you to head the poroject Annie. I will leave your father out
of it so there are no distractions for you and the workrs." Trent had
surprised Annie with his statement. Her master wanted her to be in charge.
She was elated, this gave her yet another way to please her master.

"Meet with the scientists and engineers at the plant and get some plans drawn
up for the collar. I want this thing built quickly. You figure out how it
will operate and let them construct it. Basically, the collar should emit an
electronic signal that will nullify her powers. As soon as she tries to use
her powers they will be shorted out. Encase the collar in a hard shell but
make it small and pliable. Use micro circuity in the thing. I want it locked
around her neck and she can't take it off. Also, build a remote unit for the
device. I have others idea that I'll tell you about later. Understand?" he

"Yes master," Annie answered. "I understand every word. Your orders shall be
carried out. I am honored to head this project for you." Trent and his
minions took over the chemical plant and worked on the collar at night. He
had every person there under his mental control. Under Annie's supervision,
they had the collar built and functional in two weeks.

Trent was pleased. He continued to fuck and degrade Annie as much as
possible. Annie loved every second of it. Soon Alex mack will be mine Trent
thought to himself and smiled.

MC T.V.: Alex Mack - Chapt.2 Pt. 2

Trent addressed Annie a few days later. "Take these pills and put them in
Alex's drink tonight. They'll put her out cold and then you can proceed with
her conditioning. She has had trouble sleeping so she'll try warm milk to get
to sleep."

"I shall do as you command master," Annie told him. She gave Alex the drugged
milk that night. Alex drank the milk and was out like a light within 15
minutes. Annie was pleased that she was asleep. It was midnight and everyone
in the Mack house was asleep but Annie. Annie went to her sister's bed and
shook Alex to see if she was unconscious. She called her name and lightly
slapped Alex's face. No reaction. Alex remained in a deep slumber, dreaming
about cocks, pussies, and sex. These dreams always got Alex wet so she was
already partly aroused when Annie came to her bed.

Annie slipped off her white nightgown and got into the bed beside Alex. Annie
was naked and the cool night air made her nipples hard. She was excited and
wet between the legs as she thought about her sister. Trent had ordered her
to pleasure Alex and she readily agreed.

Alex had on an old nightshirt that went to her knees. Annie quickly took the
garment off her sister. As she took the shirt off she looked at her sister's
body. Now Alex was only clad in panties and socks. She was nude from the
waist up. Annie's mouth watered as she ogled her sister's form. Alex was
wirey and lanky, her female curves were just staring to appear. Alex was a
tomboy but she was definately a girl. She had small cone shaped breasts that
weren't full grown yet. Annie had decent sized tits and although Alex
wouldn't get to be her size she would still develop breasts that would be a
handful. Her legs were thin and lean. her hips had only recently started to
widen and round out. She had a flat stomach and bony arms. Her blonde hair
fanned out on her pillow. She had a very innocent looking face.

Her tits were creamy white and unblemished. They were capped with small
pinkish nipples that stood up proudly on her chest. Annie could smell Alex's
sex and it aroused her further. She saw a wet spot on the crotch of her
panties. Annie licked her lips and settled in next to Alex. Alex's chest rose
and fell as she slept. The two sister's laid side by side. Annie's gaze
travelled down her sister's body. Annie reached over and gently felt Alex's
breasts. They were soft and pliant. Alex sighed as Annie fondled her titties.
Annie flicked and grazed Alex's nipples with her fingers. Annie petted and
massaged her tits for a long time. This caused Alex to become more aroused,
as well as Annie. Annie felt especially intimate with her sister. She was
about to know Alex in a whole new way. Even though Alex was asleep, Annie
had never felt closer to her.

The elder Mack daughter bent her head and took Alex's stiff nipple in her
mouth. Annie suckled at her kid sister's breast. Her tongue traced circles
around the erect nubbin. She sucked the nipples lewdly, making Alex moan in
pleasure. Her nipples grew more rigid. Annie chewed and bit the nipple with
her teeth. She licked and sucked each nipple numerous times. Annie became
hotter as she molested her sister. Her hand slid down Alex's belly and went
under the waistband of her panties. Annie's fingers trapsed through Alex's
pubic hair and reached over her mound to find her virgin slit. Annie pried
Alex's pussy lips apart and slit two fingers into the girl's wet hole.

Alex groaned as Annie manipulated her channel. Annie withdrew her hand from
Alex's panties and brought the hand to her mouth. She eagerly licked the
juices from her hand. She loved tasting Alex's pussy fluid. She tasted like
sweet honey.

Annie leaned in and kissed Alex on the mouth like lover would. She moaned as
their lips met. Annie kissed her sister deeply and passionately. Alex didn't
respond but she didn't care. By now both the Mack girls had drenched pussies
and the sheet was stained with their juices.

Annie slowly climbed on top of Alex and laid down on her. Annie suppoerted
her wight with her arms so that Alex wouldn't have to hold her up. Annie
looked into the face of her slumbering sister and her clit buzzed with
desire. Annie pressed her breasts into Alex's. Theit teen mammaries molded
together. Annie squirmed around on Alex and rubbed their tits together
sensuously. She smashed her swollen orbs into Alex's smaller ones. Both girls
groaned in extasy. Four elongated nipples scraped and rubbed against each
other as the sisters burned in wantoness.

Annie grinded her hips upon those of her sister. She twisted her ass in
circles, pumping up and down. Annie was getting lost in their lesbian
encounter. She hadn't been this hot since Trent had broken her in. She shoved
her boobs in Alex's with forceful lunges. Both sets of tits moved round and
round. A small orgasm tore through Annie and she shuddered. Alex's body moved
because of Annie's trembles.

Annie humped Alex's body with quick rapid thrust. The bed shook as the girls
wiggled about in passion. She slid back and forth on top of Alex. Annie
tossed her head back and panted as she climaxed. Her eyes fluttered as their
sweaty bodies grinded against one another. Alex moved along the bed from
Annie's motions.

Annie experienced several climmaxes as she trembled with need. She mumbled
incoherantly as she slid over Alex's body. Annie squealed and fell on top of
her sleeping sister as she came back to earth.

Alex shuddered in her sleep as Annie teased her nubile teenage body. Annie
regained her strength and was soon ready for round 2. She let Alex fall back
into a deep slumber before she proceeded. Then Annie seductively licked and
petted her way down Alex's body until she reached her panties.

Annie lifted Alex's thighs and slipped the girl's panties off and tossed
them aside. Now Alex was finally totaly nude. Annie stared at her sister's
glistening virgin cunt. Annie hungered for the sopping love nest. Alex had
light blond pubic hair and it covered her curved mound sparingly. Annie
parted Alex's legs and scooted to the end of the bed. She kneeled on the
floor and bent her upper body over the bed. She pulled Alex toward her.
Alex's virgin pussy was now on display in all its glory. Alex's clit stood
out begging for attention. Annie spread her cunt lips and exposed her pink
insides. Her cunt was very wet and it coated her thighs.

Annie placed two fingers at the entrance of Alex's pussy and gently probed
into it. Her fingers slid in easily since Alex was already lubed. Alex Mack's
cunt was solid and very tight. Annie had to force her fingers into the depths
of the snatch. Alex's vagina muscles immediately clamped dwon on her fingers
and tried to milk them. Annie halted her entry when she touched the barrier
of her hymen. Yep, Alex was indeed a virgin. (Yeah, like she wasn't going to
be. Get Real.)

Annie pumped her fingers in and out of Alex's pit in quick movements. Alex
groaned as her cunt was defiled. The pungent aroma of Alex's pussy was
driving Annie mad. She was losing control. Annie scooped up Alex's pussy
cream and greedily sucked it into her mouth. Annie's head was reeling. She
brought her face to Alex's cunt and pressed into her sister's steaming slit.
Her nostrils flared as she got drunk on her nectar. Annie's tongue darted
out and she lapped at her siblings cunt like a thirsty dog. Alex moaned as
Annie licked her pussy. She drove her tongue in and out of the firey tunnel
and both girls moaned with want. Annie did not know that Alex was slowly
starting to awaken from her drugged stupor.

Annie's tongue danced along Alex's slit. She licked, lapped, and tongued the
girl's pussy until her juices flowed like a river into Annie's gulping mouth.
Annie felt lecherous and she revelled in their incestous coupling.

Alex's head wavered side to side as she rousted from her coma. Annie sealed
her lips on Alex's clit and sucked the love button with the force of a vacum
cleaner. Alex grunted and her hips instinctively started undulating up to
meet Annie's mouth. Alex was very close to waking fully. Annie hummed as she
ate out her sister. She depravingly sucked and nibbled Alex's throbbing clit.
Carnal sensations worked through Alex's body as her eyes opened. She was
conscious but groggy and cloudly. She hadn't yet focused. Her eyes rolled
upward as sparks of electricity shot over her quivering body.

Annie knew that Alex was awake, she had to work fast. She increased her
labors on her siblings quaking pussy. She speedily pounded her fingers in and
out of Alex's cunt. Alex opened her eyes wide in surprise. She was fully
alert and conscious now. She felt someone between her legs. What was going

She raised her head and looked down her body. Holy Shit! She realized. She
was NAKED! Her eyes bugged out as saw a head bobbing up and down between her
splayed legs. Somebody was eating her pussy!! Alex brought her legs up on the
bend and bent them at the knees. A set of eyes looked up at her and Alex
realized who the culprit was.

"Annie!" she screamed. "What the hell are you doing to me?!!" Annie only
moaned and kept munching. Alex was shocked. She was naked in her bed and her
own sister was eating her cunt. This was unbelieveable. Alex had never
experienced anyting like this before. She had never once thought about a guy
sucking her pussy let alone her older sister.

"Annie!" she screeched. "Stop this NOW!" Alex was hot and flustered. She was
on the verge of orgasm. She tried to use her powers to throw Annie aside but
she couldn't concentrate and her powers would not respond. Alex tried to rise
when she suddenly froze in place. Her face went blank and her eyes glazed
over. Annie knew that Alex had reached her peak and was on the precipice of
an orgasmic storm. She leaned in and grazed the teen's clit with her teeth.
This sent Alex over the edge into the abyss of watoness. Trent had put the
Mack parents in a deep sleep so they didn't hear their daughter's screams of
bliss echo throughout the house. Alex clamped her legs around Annie's head
locked her in place. Alex bucked her hips into the air madly as she came like
a volcano. Her hands shot up to her chest as she mauled her tits. "OH MY
GODDD!" she yelled. "Oog! Ungh! GGNNh! OH! hooo! YeSS!! SUCK ME ANNIEEEE!"
She pulled on her sore nipples and arched her back obscenely. She spasmed
violently as she rode out the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Annie came along with Alex. Her hand went to her own pussy and frigged it
ruthlessly. She finger fucked her cunt like a demon. Annie's howls were
muffled as ate Alex's exploding cunt. Alex rode Annie's face as her hips
thrashed up and down on the bed. She convulsed and flopped about as she came
over and over again.

"AAAROOOOO! GOD! YES!" Alex whailed as she erupted with orgams. "Yes! Annie
keep sucking MEEE! I need it baddd! I can't take it! OOOOO! ARggh! HHHNNn!
YESSSSSSS! FUCK MEEEE!" Annie sucked for all she was worth. She shook and
quaked as she ground her body into the bed frame. Alex lost all sense of
reality. All that mattered was her orgasms.

She pumped and hammered her hips up to meet Annie's mouth. She clenched her
ass and bounced uncontrollably off the mattress. Her nails dug into her tits
and her tongue swept over her lips as her eyes rolled back into her head. The
Mack girls came over and over. Alex gyrated and humped like a maniac. She
couldn't get enough. Finbally noth girls expended their energies and
collapsed spent.

Annie crawled back into bed an slumped down next to Alex. Both breathed
heavily. Alex looked at her sister and smiled wickedly. She was not angry
with Annie. In fact she realized she loved Annie even more.

Alex brushed Annie's hair from her face and kissed her sister deeply. Annie
kissed back, their tongues intertwined. They were now lovers as well as
sisters. And both knew their incestuous relationship would continue in the

They explored each others bodies for the rest of the night. Alex wished they
had done this sooner. They sucked and fucked into the morning. Alex ate
Annie's pussy and they later were in a 69 position. They made love until
neither had any strength left. Then they slept wrapped in each others arms.

The following morning Trent met with Annie. "Good job last night Annie," he
said. "Thank you master. I enjoyed having her." Annie told him. "You'll have
more of her soon enough." he commented. "Since the two of you are lovers now,
Alex will want to do anything she can to please you. her guard will be down
and you can test the collar to find the right frequency to nullify her
powers. Then she will be mine." Trent said sadistically.

To be continued....


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