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Warning: This story contains adult material. If this sort of stuff
offends you then read no further. Nuff said.

Okay. Here it finally is. The last chapter of the MC T.V. Alex Mack
sory. So read it and drool.

MC T.V.: Alex Mack Chapt. 3


It took Annie a few days to find the correct frequency for the
collar that would shut down Alex's powers. During that time, the
continued to enjoy each others bodies. Alex saw Annie as more than a
sister now. She was a lover also. When Annie wanted to do more testing
Alex readily agreed. She wanted to please her sister anyway she could.
Alex participated in the tests.
Trent was elated when Annie told him she'd found the right collar
frequency. He would have to get the collar on Alex and activate it
the remote unit. Then Alex Mack would be his.
Alex had been feeling horny and Annie got hot as she watched her
sister. They looked at each other and smiled. The girls went into an
office for a quick lesbian session. Trent entered the lab and heard
girls moaning. He knew what they were up to. They were at it again.
He saw the collar on a table and he put it in his coat pocket. He
exited the lab and waited for the sisters to finish. When they were
they came out of the office fixing their clothing. Trent let them calm
down and then he knocked on the door.
Both girls were startled when they heard the door. Alex was scared,
they could get into trouble for being there late at night. Annie went
and opened the door. Alex watched as a man came into the lab. She sat
quietly on a stool and watched Annie talk to the man. She obviously
him. Annie brought Trent over and introduced him to Alex.
"Alex, this is Mr. Trent," Annie explained. "He's here to meet you
look at the research I've done on GC-161. He knows about your powers."
"What!?" Alex croaked. "You told him? How could you?" "Alex," she
continued, "I've gone as far as I can with the study. I contacted
Trent to
help take the research to the next level. I've done all that I can.
time to enlist some help."
Well, Alex was really upset with Annie for being Trent into the
without telling her. It took awhile but Annie and Trent talked to her
calmed Alex down. He explained that he was there to help her and
her from Atron Industries. He promised that he would keep her and her
family safe. Alex listened to him and she believed what he told her.
was still weary of him but he offered her safety and help with her
so she let him stay and said she would cooperate with him.
Trent spent the next week getting to know the girl and gaining her
trust. He succeeded and she soon trusted him completely. She fell for
his bullshit and empty promises. Then the day came to put the collar
Alex and make her his slave.
The day had been a long time in coming. He walked into the lab one
night with the collar in his pocket. He told Alex that it was a new
to measure her powers and she believed him. He put the collar around
neck and locked it in place. Finally, he thought. When the collar
shut Trent smiled wickedly.
"That does it Alex, you are now mine." Trent told her smuggly.
she asked confused. "Annie," he ordered, "Give me the remote."
"Master, I
don't have it here. It's in another lab." she replied. Trent turned to
and she saw the rage in his eyes.
"Guys, this is not funny." Alex said. "I'm not in the mood for
She tried to loosen the collar and found it would not come off. This
her mad. "Get this damn thing off me now." she yelled. "I'm not
around." Trent ignored Alex as she tried to free herself.
"Where's the fucking remote?" he roared at Annie. Annie was scared,
she had fucked up and now the master was pissed. "It's in another
she repeated. "Go and get it you stupid cunt!" he shouted angrily.
"Now I
have to take her out myself!" Annie lowered her head and ran from the
to retrieve the remote.
Alex was really pissed. She had trusted Trent and he'd betrayed
Annie had betrayed her too and that hurt the most. How could her own
sister do this to her? "Calm down girl," he warned, "You're only going
make this worse if you fight me." "Fuck you!" she yelled at him. The
started to crackle with energy and Alex raised her hands. Bolts of
shot from her fingers and flew across the room, hitting Trent in the
The force of her blast sent him reeling backward and he slammed
into a
wall. He bounced off the wall and smashed onto a table. He groaned and
up. Fortunately he heeled very fast. He got back on his feet and spat
her "You little bitch! You're going to pay for that!" Alex had
him with her attack. But now he was ready.
"Go to hell you bastard!" she screamed. Alex was glowing, her skin
emitting a green aura around her. She shot more bolts at him. But
of hitting Trent, the bolts went around him, hitting various objects
the lab. She tried again and again but her energy bolts kept missing
What was wrong? This had never happened before.
Alex then morphed into a puddle and scampered about the room on
She tried to slip under the door but some invisible barrier blocked
way. She scrambled all over the lab and each time she tried to leave
something was in the way. She morphed back into a girl. "How are you
keeping me here?" she demanded. Trent only laughed.
Alex's telekinesis activated and she hurled objects at him. Trent
simply stood there and watched as the objects flew harmlessly around
His mystical force field protected him from her tantrum. And it
her from leaving the lab. She was feeling the strain of using her
for so long. She didn't understand why she couldn't hurt the guy.
She wasn't finished yet. Concentrating fiercely, she looked at him
focused. Trent was lifted into the air. She tossed him across the room
like a rag doll. He smashed into a case of shelves on the wall and
impacted with them hard. The shelves broke apart and all the contents
fallen on top of him, Trent had fallen to the floor.
He was buried under a pile of rubble. The lab was in shambles and
was left standing there alone. She sighed in relief. It was over.
She had to locate Annie and get the collar off. As she walked to the
she heard a rumbling noise behind her. She turned and looked at the
pile. It was glowing a dark red hue and the rubble was shaking and
Suddenly, the pile exploded and debris shot in every direction.
sreamed and ducked under a table. She looked up to see what was
happening. Her eyes widened in terror. Trent rose from amid the rubble
floated in the air in front of her. A blue light surrounded him and he
furious. His eyes glowed blood red with anger.
He spoke in a deep demonic voice. "You BITCH! I've toyed with you
long enough. It's payback time cunt!" And with that, Alex rose into
air and flew into a wall. Alex screamed in pain as she hit the wall
crashed to the floor. Trent once more stood on the ground.
"You think you're the only one with powers cunt?" he roared.
not! I've got more power than you could dream of and I know how to use
You were never a threat to me." With that some debris drifted into the
and shot toward Alex like bullets. The projectiles hit her defenseless
body and she cried out in agony as she was beaten. Trent had
powers as well. She slumped to the floor dazed.
She rose into the air again and was propelled to Trent. Then she
dropped to the floor. She quickly got to her feet and dashed for the
Trent moved with super speed and was waiting at the door for her. His
closed around her neck and her air was cut off. Alex gasped for air.
"I should kill you for this but I have too much time and effort
invested in you. I could snap your neck like a twig without blinking.
I won't be denied my fun." he snapped at her. "It was stupid to think
could defeat me Alex. You're powerful but you're an ameteur. You are
young and inexperienced. You were never a match for me."
Trent tightened his grip on her throat and Alex wheezed for air.
lungs were ready to explode. Then everything went black and she
fainted. Trent picked up her limp form and set her on a sofa. She
peaceful and serene. She was out cold. Annie came back with the remote
handed it to him. He pushed a button and the collar activated.
It whirred and hummed as it came to life. The collar sent out a
that couldn't be seen or heard. The signal only effected Alex. She was
helpless and vulernable. Trent took out his cock and stroked the huge
organ. He was erect and he needed to cum. He pointed his cock at
teen face and pressed the head to her cheek.
He ran his cock along her face. He was agitated and close to
He gently pried apart her lips with his cock and the head sank into
mouth. He was in heaven. Her satin lips closed around his pole. She
instinctively suckled on the rod. He moved his hips back and forth,
fucking her mouth. He groaned and pulled away from Alex.
Annie quickly ran to him and fell to her knees. She grabbed his
and shoved it into her mouth. She sucked for a few seconds and he
Hot sperm shot into Annie's waiting mouth and she eagerly swallowed
cum. He relaxed and pushed Annie aside. He refastened his pants. Annie
on the floor licking his cum from her hands. He odered her to leave
she left the lab.
Alex awoke with a start. She remembered everything. The guy had
powers too. He was crazy and she was in serious danger. She saw him
off to
the side. She concentrated but nothing happened. What was wrong? She
all her powers and none of them worked. Her powers were gone! How?
"I see you've noticed the absence of your powers Alex." he said.
responsible for that. That thing around your neck is a neural collar
it cancels you powers." Alex grabbed the collar and tried to yank it
She couldn't get free of the thing. "Why are you doing this?" she
Tears now ran from her eyes.
"Because I can do it." he stated. "I own your sister and now I
own you also." "No!" she whined. "Let me go. Please! " "Never." he
answered. "Don't try to open the collar," he warned, "If it unlocks
without my authorization, the electronic lock signal breaks and the
explosives in the collar will detonmate and blow off your pretty
Alex knew he spoke the truth. She was helpless and at his mercy.
Without her powers she was an ordinary girl. He already had Annie and
was next. Trent probed her mind. Alex had a strong will but it was
from his onslaught.
He slowly and carefully picked through her mind. As he traversed
through her brain he left his influences behind. Soon he found her
core. After a methodic search he located her pleasure center. He homed
and concentrated on it. With the proper stimuli, he'd have her cumming
like a freight train.
Alex pulled heself togehter and raced for the door. She thought she
could escape. She never made it to the door. Trent sent his power into
mind and triggered her pleasure center. Alex stopped in her tracks.
Something was wrong with her. She felt a tingling sensation in her
and her head was cloudy.
Brilliant colors appeared before her eyes. Her pulse raced and her
pussy was on fire. Alex clenched her hands into fists. She was
Her legs were weak and she was trembling. Her clit was distended and
buzzing. Hot sparks of desire shot through her enflamed body. Her
were hard and tender.
Alex moaned aloud ans threw back her head. She closed her eyes and
licked her lips. Her hands rubbed up and down her body as she was
by lust. Her legs buckled and she fell to the floor. She thrashed
about on
the floor as her teenage body was wracked with the orgasms he had
triggered inside her mind. The girl's eyes fluttered as she came.
time she came, her mind grew more exposed and her will crumbled.
"Oh god." she screeched as Trent forced her to cum. "AARGH! UUngh!
YES! AAAA!" Her cunt was like a marsh as she juiced up. Alex had no
control over herself. She shoved her hands into her pants a jammed her
fingers into her burning pussy. She twitched and shook as her hips
off the floor. She wildly fingered her cunt.
Trent watched as the girl dug at her vagina and tried to quench
flames that consumed her soul. "Please. Make it stop." she begged. "I
can't take anymore. Oh god! UUNGH!" She climaxed yet again.
Alex suddenly tore off her pants and panties in one fluid motion.
put her feet on the floor and raised her legs, bending them at the
She spread her skinny legs and exposed her bare pussy to him. Alex was
mortified and wanted to die. She was finger fucking her cunt now she
naked before Trent. No man had ever seen her naked cunt before this.
Trent stared at her displayed cunt and salivated. Her pussy
with her love honey. She had a fine down of blonde pubic hair. Her
stood out and her thighs were slick with her fluids. Alex desparately
plunged her fingers in and out of her cunt as she she shouted in joy.
lifted her ass into the air and began gyrating her hips in circles.
undulated her thighs up and down in swift lunging motions.
Trent watched as she rocked her hips sideways. The repeating
were driving her insane. She fiendishly drove her fingers into her
cunt in rapid thrusting movements. Her nubile young body bucked up and
down seeking release. She came over and over but Trent never let her
and finish.
"PLease! Make it stop!" she pleaded. "AAGGHN! Oh YES! Cumming!"
sobbed as she came multiple times. "If I let you stop will you do
I say?" he asked. "YES!" she agreed. "I'll do anything. Just make them
stop!" Her hips pumped up and down frantically. Alex has one final
blowing climax and then she collapsed.
Trent took her by the hair and made her kneel in front of him. He
took out his cock and waved it in her face. Her eyes were blank and
was apathetic. Alex barely noticed the organ. She only wanted the
to end and she'd do whatever it took to end her ordeal.
He rubbed his cock over her face and coated it with precum. She
react. Trent placed his meat at her lips and she opened her mouth. The
head slippped into her mouth and she started sucking his cock. Alex
was giving her first blow job. Her head listlessly bobbed up and down
his cock. She licked the head and stem as he instructed. She wasn't
good at sucking his cock, but she would learn how to please him. Alex
sucked him like a robot. She felt nothing.
"Here it comes bitch." he said. And his cock shot off in her
Alex automatically swallowed his cum, she had no choice. She gagged as
sperm flowed down her throat and into her stomach. Tears ran down her
as she was forced to eat his seed. She sobbed as she drank his sperm.
had never known such degradation.
Trent pulled out and shot thcik ropes of cum on her face and hair.
soon wore a mask of cum. He laughed as he defiled the girl. Alex Mack
finally wearing his cum on her precious face. It was grand. He
and wiped his cock on her hair. Alex curled up at his feet and cried
the little girl she was.
He shoved her toward a locker room and told her to shower. She
out clean and she smelled better. Her shirt was soaked and clung to
developing tits. She shivered from the cold. He ordered he to take off
shirt and she obeyed. Alex wasn't wearing a bra and her tits were
bared to
him. He tossed her a towel and she dried herself.
He had Alex turn around and she did. She stood before him naked.
had lost and now she was his to command. She had to obey or he would
her. Without her powers she didn't have a prayer. Trent had to admit
had a nice body. She was still shaped like a boy but she was turning
a young woman.
He liked her small breasts. He put his hands on her tits and
the flesh. Alex groaned as he fondled her tits. His hand felt good on
sensitive tits. Trent felt up and down her body. He pinched and sucked
hard pinkish nipples. She quivered as he mouthed her tits and nipples.
was in sweet ecstasy as he licked her nubs. She groaned with passion.
Trent took her by the hand and led her to a desk. She followed him
quietly. She was defeated and had retreated within herself. He took
her to
the desk and bent her over the side of it. She rested on the top on
bent arms and elbows. Her nipples scratched the wood surface. Alex
blankly ahead. Trent postioned himself behind the girl and massaged
ass. She moaned with pleasure.
Alex felt him pry apart her cunt lips and finger her wet hole.
sawed his fingers in and out of her slit. He felt arounf in her vagina
found her maidenhead. She was a virgin and she was his. He scooped up
pussy juice and covered his cock with the lubricant. Then he put a wet
finger at her rectal passage and the digit slid into her anus.
Alex was startled to feel a finger in her asshole. Nothing had
been up there before. He carefully worked the finger in and out of her
ass. Alex soon got used to his finger in her rectum and she relaxed
ass muscles. He also lubed her anal opening in the process.
She felt his thighs press against her butt and she knew what was
to happen next. This was it she thought. He was going to put his penis
her virgin cunt and fuck her with it. She shut her eyes and bit her
Alex waited for Trent to penetrate her cunt and take her virginty...

End chapt. 3 - part 1
sory folks but you'll have to wait for the rest of it to be posted.
is a long chapter. Don't woory the rest will be up soon. C-ya.


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