This story contains sexual material and is to be
read by adults only. Don't read this if it offends
you. Nuff said.

This is based on the story "The Secret Sex World
of Alex Mack" that was written by Mr. Jones a few
years ago. The story wasn't continued until another
writer by the name of Kazlman wrote a second part
to the story. But that part was never continued. This
was always my favorite Alex Mack story. It inspired
my MC T.V. - ALEX MACK story.

I wanted to some kind of finish to the story so I finally
came up with this third part to the saga. I have reposted
the first parts of the story. I made some slight corrections
to part 2 but most of the story remains intact. If you
haven't figured it out yet, I am obsessed with Alex Mack
and have written more than one tale about her.

My thanks go out to Kazlman and Mr. Jones. If you guys
are still out there I thank for inspiring to get back to
writing. Let me know what you think about my contribution
to the saga. Hopefully someone will continue it.

The Secret Sex World of Alex Mack - Chapt. 4

Continuance of a story by Mr. Jones and Kazlman

By Yenoc (blackmail,nc,incest,ff,mf)

Alex Mack laid naked on her bed and the vile
Dr.Fuller was there withe her, naked as well. He
come to the Mack home to check on the ailing
girl. And in the process of examining Alex, he
had learned of her super powers and had molested
the young girl. Now he was back to finish the job.


Dr. Fuller put his hand on Alex's knee and ran the
hand up her thigh until the tips of his fingers just
brushed against her virgin pussy. "Please don't do
that with you hand." Alex said as she tried to draw
back away from the man. How had things gotten to
this point? she wondered.


Alex was scared to death. She couldn't believe this
was happening to her. The doctor had molested her
earlier and threatened to turn her in to Ms. Atron
because he knew she was the GC-161 kid if she told
anyone what he'd done. So Alex had kept her mouth

Then she and her mother had been in her bedroom,
enjoying a mother-daughter bonding moment when
they had heard a noise out in the hallway. The two
females had dressed and opened the bedroom door
to see what the commotion was. When they opened
the door they got the shock of their lives.


The good doctor had been in the hall spying on them.
He had seen everything they'd done. To make things
worse, he had been out there masturbating as he
watched them. Mrs. Mack and Alex had found him
in the hall with his pants down around his ankles.

His hand was on his cock and he was jerking off.
He came just as they'd opened the door and they
watched as his cock started spewing cum all over
the hall carpet.

Dr. Fuller knew he'd been caught and he stared
at the ladies wide eyed while drops of sperm had
leaked from his large penis. All three of them were
shocked at being caught. Fuller mumbled something
and pulled up his pants.

Mrs. Mack was a nervous wreck and had started
screaming hysterically. She had been caught in an
act of incest with her own daughter! Alex on the
other hand had remained calm. She stared at Dr.
Fuller's erect penis in fascination.

Alex had never seen a guy's cock that close up and
she was intrigued by the organ. She had fought off
Fuller's earlier attempts to fuck her and that was how
he had found out the girl had super powers.


Dr. Fuller told Alex to go back into her bedroom and
he demanded to speak to Mrs. Mack in private. He
had to turn things in his favor.

He had Mrs. Mack in his grip and he knew she would
not do anything about him being in the hall spying.
The woman was terrified he was going to turn her into
the police for committing incest with her child.

Fuller calmed Mrs. Mack down and told her he wouldn't
turn her in if she consented to his demands. Mrs. Mack
listened to him avidly. She was horrified when the man
told her he wanted to fuck Alex.

Mrs. Mack was beside herself with grief, she did not
know what to do. If word got out about what she had
done, she would be arrested for being a child molester.
The mother would be sent to prison and her family would
be destroyed.

But if she let the doctor fuck Alex and take her virginity,
he would keep quiet and leave them in peace. Mrs. Mack
shivered in despair and agreed to assist him as he fucked
her youngest daughter. She also felt a tingling sensation
deep in her loins as she thought about watching her child
get fucked, the idea excited the woman.


An agreement was reached, Dr. Fuller would be allowed
to take Alex's virginity in exchange for his silence. Mrs.
Mack then had to go and explain the situation to young
Alex. Her daughter was shocked when she learned of the

Alex sobbed like a baby and pleaded with her mother not
to let it happen. Mrs. Mack did her best to calm her child's
fears. She told Alex there was no other choice.

The girl would have to give up her maidenhead or their
family would be torn apart. Alex felt a little relieved when
Mrs. Mack said she would be in the room to help things

Since she had no choice, Alex Mack agreed to let the
doctor take her virginity. Dr. Fuller had entered the
bedroom and asked to speak to Alex alone and her mom
let him.

Dr. Fuller told Alex she had better go along with the deal
of he would turn her into Danielle Atron to be used as a
guinea pig. And he told the frightened girl that she would
never see her family again if he didn't get to fuck her.

Alex hated the man and wished he was dead. But she knew
his threats were real and she didn't want to lose her family
and end up in a lab as a test subject. Alex also knew that
she would have to keep in control of her abilities as well.

Since her mother was in the room, Alex couldn't use her
powers or Mrs. Mack would know the truth about her


That brought things up to date. Alex lowered her head in
defeat and slowly stripped off her clothes. She got on
the bed and felt Dr. Fuller's hands on her immediately.

The girl shivered with revulsion as the man touched her
teenage body. Mrs. Mack had also taken off her clothes
to make Alex feel more at ease. The mother was getting
more aroused with each passing second as she participated
in the defilement of her daughter.

Dr. Fuller's hand brushed against Alex's vaginal slit.
Mrs. Mack sat in a chair off to the side and watched
the man touch her daughter. Without realizing it, the
woman's own hand slid down to her crotch and she began
to massage her moist pussy.

Alex tried to push Dr. Fuller's hand away but he snaked
his left arm around her waist and pushed his finger all
the way into her cunt until he felt her cherry. He smiled
as Alex winced in pain from the probing finger. Fuller was
very glad to see that Alex was indeed a virgin.

"Are you a virgin Alex?" Mrs. Mack asked her daughter.
"Yes mother, I am." Alex replied through clenched teeth.
Dr. Fuller started to roll the girl's buzzing clit back and
forth with his thumb. Alex moaned as she grew stimulated.
Her pelvis began undulating on the bed against her will.

Dr. Fuller took Alex's hand and wrapped it around his cock.
Alex instinctively ran her fist up and down the throbbing
shaft. "Please don't make me do this. Don't put your thing
in me, please." Alex whimpered as she wiggled about on
bed. She was laying on the mattress on her back.

Fuller took her hand from his manhood and told Alex to
put her arms at her sides,which she did. The doctor held
the cock in his hand and traced it up and down's Alex's
wet slit. The girl shivered as her excitement increased,
despite her efforts to resist him.

Dr. Fuller then placed his hand on Alex's developing tits.
She shivered as she felt a man's touch on her breasts for
the first time. Alex hated the doctor but for some strange
reason she was becoming attracted to him at the same time.
The doctor gently rubbed her enflamed tits and stroked her
erect nipples. Alex groaned with delight. Her nipples were
swollen to twice their normal size and were sensitive to his

Alex felt the knob of his cock pry open the lips of her cunt.
Dr. Fuller put the head of his cock into her slit and began to
move the tip in and out of her puffy nether lips. He pushed
inward and slid the organ into her pussy until it touched her
hymen. Alex bit her lower lip and whined as her small vagina
was stretched by the penis. The pain was increasing for her.

"Oh, that's so good." Mrs. Mack said in a sexy voice as she
fingered her drenched cunt and fondled her heaving tits as
she watched the proceedings. She couldn't believe how hot
she was from watching her daughter getting fucked.

Alex moaned and rolled her hips up and down on the man's
hard prick. Alex pumped her hips to and fro, she went slow
at first, then she moved faster and faster. She raised and
lowered her loins in rhythm with the movement of the man's
invading cock.

Dr. Fuller slid back and forth in Alex Mack's virgin cunt
but he had not broken her hymen yet. The pressure of her
teenage vagina was incredible on his meat. Fuller reached
down and rapidly stroked the girl's clit. He jabbed his dick
in her pussy from side to side.

That was more than Alex could take. She cried out with joy
as she came for the man. She was experiencing her first
climax brought on by a man's penis and she felt fantastic.
Alex came and came until she was tired and weak. Dr. Fuller
smiled down at her and then drove his cock deep into her
virgin cunt with a harsh shove. Alex's eyes shot wide in
terror as she felt his cock press against her maidenhead.

Alex tried to close her legs to halt the penetration of her
pussy but Dr. Fuller would not be denied. Her slender nether
lips were pried further apart by his big cock. He prepared
to ram through her precious cherry.

"Oh, no, Dr. Fuller," Alex begged. "AAAGGG! Please don't
do this. It hurts! You're too big!" "Fuck her Dr., fuck her
good!" Mrs. Mack urged him on. Her hand was a blur as her
fingers lunged in and out of her cunt. The mother wanted
to see her daughter get deflowered.

Dr. Fuller rammed his hips forward and his cock ripped away
the teen's cherry in a swift motion. Alex screamed as the
pain shot through her body. The young girl didn't know it
would hurt this bad.

MAKE HIM STOP!" Alex sobbed in despair. Her mother
had no intention of stopping the violation. Fuller groaned
as his cock sank all the way into her cunt. He had done it.
The doctor had taken Alex Mack's virginity!

The pain was unbearable for Alex as his prick plunged
savagely in and out of her battered pussy. She could feel
blood seeping from her newly opened vagina and the girl
yelled in agony. Alex shook and spasmed beneath Dr. Fuller
as he visciously reamed her cunt.

"I never realized you were so well hung Dr. Fuller." Mrs.
Mack said as she shook from an orgasm that swept through
her. "AAAAGGGH! Yes! ALEX! You're a very lucky girl!!"
Dr. Fuller forced the last inch of his rod into Alex's vagina.

He grinded his crotch against her hot mound. Fuller drew his
staff most of the way out of her pit and then lunged back in,
he did this over and over. Alex was an emotional wreck. She
was being raped in her bedroom and her mother was getting
off on it.

"OOOOHH NO! Please stop! It's tearing me apart!" Alex
pleaded as the tears ran down her cute face. Dr. Fuller
increased the speed of his pistoning thrusts. He pumped
his cock into Alex so hard that the bed began to rock.

Alex shut her eyes and bit into her lower lip. The teenage
girl was ashamed and humiliated. She fought hard not to
use her powers. She couldn't start glowing with her mom
in the room. She was helpless.

But then something strange occured. The pain was still
there, but it was quickly vanishing with each stroke. And
Alex could feel the stirrings of pleasure. The big hard
cock was beginning to feel good! "Oh,my goodness." Alex

"Hear that Dr. Fuller?" Mrs. Mack crowed from her perch.
"She likes it! My baby girl likes it. Oh, Alex, you're a woman
now. I'm so proud of you. Enjoy it darling. Dr. Fuller has the
kind of cock that most women can only dream of."

Alex was now gasping for air. Her aroused body was rapidly
building to a monumental orgasm, the likes of which the girl
couldn't comprehend. She suddenly realized that she had
crossed her legs around Dr. Fuller's back. And she was rolling
her hips up and down on the bed.

"OH MY!" Alex yipped as she raised her churning pussy up
as far as she could. "Here it comes!" Dr. Fuller yelled. "NOW!"
His back arched and his cock erupted in the girl's cunt. Fuller
sent a geyser of sperm deep into Alex's clamping pussy. Mrs.
Mack shouted as she ruthlessly jammed her whole fist in and
out of her cunt. The mother wanted to cum when her daughter

Alex felt the warm cream flood her interior. She scissored
her legs tighter around Fuller's back and hugged herself to
him with all her strength. Alex shrieked wildly as she came.
The splash of his seed into her cunt set off her orgasms and
Alex flopped about madly under the doctor.

She came over and over. Alex climaxed so much that she
almost passed out. Dr. Fuller emptied load after load of cum
into her hungry pussy. "YES! Fuck me! AAAGGH! UUUNNGH!"
Alex squealed in ectasy. "Fuck me! Cum in my pussy! I love it!"

Dr. Fuller pulled his spent cock out of her ravished snatch and
his cum dripped from her stretched opening. Alex continued
to convulse and bounce on the bed as she climaxed again and

Mrs. Mack was overcome by lust. She leapt out of the chair
and tackled Fuller on the bed. She grabbed his cock and shoved
it into her mouth so she could suck him dry of his sperm. She
licked the organ clean and then the mother dove between Alex's
legs and ate the cum from her vagina. Alex had more orgasms as
her mom ate her pussy.

After the Mack females finished cumming, Alex looked up at Dr.
Fuller sheepishly and asked, "Can we do it again?" Fuller laughed
and said. "Alex my dear, I do believe I've turned you into a slut."
"Like mother, like daughter." Mrs. Mack replied with a grin on her

Mrs. Mack taught Alex how to suck cock and they had Dr. Fuller
hard again in no time. He fucked the mother while he ate out the
daughter. This was the best house call he'd ever made.


Dr. Fuller left the Mack household late in the afternoon. He
and the ladies were glad he'd paid them a visit. The doctor
had fucked Alex and her mother for most of the day. Mrs.
Mack even made an appointment for herself to come to his
office for "treatment".

Alex was elated when Dr. Fuller told her that he would have
to see her on a regular basis so he could assure her continued
good health. Fuller promised the girl he'd keep quiet about her
powers and wouldn't turn her in. This only endeared the man
to Alex further.

Both mother and daughter knew they'd be paying him frequent
visits, alone and together. Dr. Fuller knew he would have his
hands full keeping the ladies satisfied but it was a burden
he'd gladly shoulder.

After all, he was a man of medicine sworn to treat any person
under his care. And since he was a doctor, his patients had to
cum first.

The end.


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