I'm sorry to say that the Alex Mack TV series was cancelled. I never really
watched the last season of the show including the last episode so this story
dosen't really follow the show. It kinda goes off in a direction of its own.
Alex goes from a teenager to an adult in this story. This is for ages 18 and
over only.

Secret World Of Alex Mack: On The Run (Mf,MFF,MF,inter)
by Phreak921

Sixteen year old Alex Mack had been identified by the plant. They finally
figured out that she was the one who had the GC-161 spilled on her a few
years before. Her parents had been taken by Danielle Atron and any minute
a large group of plant security would bust through the door of the Mack
residence for her.

Alex threw some clothing in a bag. She tried to take something for every
occasion she could think of, she would not be coming back to pick up what
she leaves behind. She also picked up her diary and stuffed it in the bag.
She ran into her parents room and searched through drawers until she found
all the money in the house. She stuck the money in the pockets of her tight
shorts. She stopped in front of a mirror over her parents dresser and
looked at herself. She was beautiful, way too good looking for 16. She
thought for a second about how she would never see this town ever again.

Alex ran down the stairs and out the back door. She jumped over a fence into
her someones yard. She made it out onto the street and climbed into her
friend Ray's car. He had given it to her earlier that day to make her escape
in. She paid Ray back by letting him fuck her. She had always wondered what
it would be like to fuck Ray and being she was going to leave indefinatly
she thought that she might as well. He seemed to enjoy it. She speed of out
of her small town as fast as she could. Away from her friends and family, but
also away from Danielle Atron and GC-161.

Two days later Alex drove into a motel parking lot. She had no idea where she
was, but neither did the plant (at least she hoped not). She paid in cash for
a room and walked into it. The room was cheap and looked like prostitute
central. She didn't care. She had been driving for two days trying to get far
enough away. Now all Alex wanted was some sleep. She went into her bag and
searched for her toothbrush. She realized that she was in such a rush to
leave that she left some important things behind. There was a 7-Eleven across
the street so she grabbed some cash and left.

There was a large street between the motel and the 7-eleven. She waited
patiently at the corner for a chance to cross. As she was waiting her
thoughts turned to her last hours with Ray. They hadn't had much time but
she enjoyed every second of it. She had only had sex twice with a guy and
Ray was number two. Her and Annie had fooled around alot and Alex used to
have some rather exciting sleepovers. Without her even noticing a car had
stopped in front of her.

"Hey baby" The guy in the car yelled.

"Yeah what'd ya want?" Alex asked.

"How much for a blowjob?" The man asked as he leaned across the passenger
seat to speak to Alex.

Alex had been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she hadn't realized she had
been standing on the corner next to a group of prostitutes. She could use
some cash. She figured this would be an easy way to make it.

"Fifty," Alex finally responded, "and some supplies."

"OK" The man said.

The man parked in the motel parking lot then walked with her to the store.
She got a toothbrush, toothpaste, a box of condoms, and some tampons. The man
gladly paid and they went back to the motel room. Alex was kinda nervous. She
had never done anything like this before, but how bad could it be?

"OK what do ya want?" Alex asked the man.

"I want you to pretend that your my daughter and give me a blowjob." The man

This request seemed a little bit weird to Alex but she really needed some
money. She told the man to sit down on the bed. "Daddy I want to suck your
big, hard cock" Alex said then headed towards the bed to begin her task. The
man stopped her.

"Woow, slow down there. C'mon baby strip for me" The man said.

Alex began to do a little sexy dance as she removed her shirt. She gently
massaged and teased her breasts with her fingers. She unzipped her shorts.
Alex then pulled down her panties with her thumbs, the whole time moving her
body in a rythmic motion. She was really getting into this. She put her hands
sensually through her long brown hair. Her small sixteen year old form moved
towards the bed.

"C'mon daddy i've been waiting my whole life to suck that sweet cock of
yours." Alex said.

She pushed the man down on the bed and crawled on top of him. She unzipped
his pants and slid them down. She pulled down his underwear to show his hard
dick sticking up towards her. Alex genty kissed the head of the mans cock. As
she did this she looked up at him with eyes that said "I've been naughty." As
she manuvered her tongue over the mans shaft she used her GC-161 induced
powers to send a shock of pleasure throughout the mans body. This was more
than he could take and her shot his load deep inside her mouth. The man gave
her the money and left. Alex stayed in the motel for a few more days and
made some more money with various "clients". Then she set off for her final
destination...New York City.


Alex had adjusted well to life in New York. It was very different than her
old life. She had almost forgotten about Danielle Atron and GC-161 except
that she used her powers to take people to levels of sexual pleasure they
could not even imagine. Alex Mack had sold her body for a while but now had
a fairly good job and didn't need to do it anymore. She was now twenty one
and still looked like she was 16. She recently had fallen in love with a 19
year old girl named Stacy. Sex was her favorite thing to do. Stacy loved
sex as much as she did and they both loved to pick up people at bars and
have big orgies.

The doorbell rang, it was Stacy with some guy. The second Alex opened up the
door she stuck her tongue down the guys throat. Then down Stacy's. Stacy
could be Alexs' twin. The looked amazingly alike in all aspects. They even
fucked the same, except for Alex's electrical pleasures. They pushed the guy
down on the bed and removed each others clothes in front of him. They began
to fuck each other as the guy took off his own clothes and began to stroke
his cock.

Alex and Stacy got onto the bed.

"Which one of us are you gonna fuck first?" Alex asked.

The guy looked confused as he made his decision. Before he could say anything
Alex had climbed on top of his shaft and was sending waves of pleasure
throughout his body. Stacy sat on his face and let him eat her out while she
made out with Alex. Alex broke the kiss and let out a loud moan as she had
her first orgasm. She glowed a little, but it was too subtle for anyone to
notice. The two girls then switched positions. The guy, now inside Stacy,
screamed and twisted with orgasmic pleasure. Alex's powers made guys last
double the time they usually would and the entire sexual expiriance would
feel like an orgasm but the guy woulden't cum till Alex wanted him to. Stacy
hit her orgasm and climbed off.

Both girls kissed some more. Alex and Stacy then got up and bent over the
side of the bed.

"We like it in the ass." Stacy said.

The guy got up and rammed his dick deep inside Alex's ass. Alex loved this
entrance almost as much as she liked her pussy. Stacy came around the front
of Alex and Alex began the great oral sex that had made Stacy fall in love
with her. Alex could send out little shocks of pleasure into Stacy's cunt
and Stacy loved it. Alex had told her the entire GC-161 story and Stacy knew
about Alex's powers. The guy up Alex's ass grunted with pleasure as he fucked
her tight anus. She was really tight even though she fucked constantly. Alex
had another incredible orgasm that made her body quake with pleasure. Stacy's
orgasm hit as Alex sent a huge shot of her electric powers inside her. The
guy began to pump her ass as fast and hard as he could and helped along by
Alex's moans and screams he shot a gigantic load up inside that tight

A few minutes later the guy left leaving Stacy and Alex alone in their

"I thought you were going out for groceries." Alex said.

"I was but then I saw that guy and I thought why not bring back a little
treat." Stacy replied.

"Stacy, I've been thinking about home lately." Alex said a few minutes later.

"You know that Atron chick is probably gone by now."

"Yeah I know. I think it might be time to pay the old home town a visit."
Alex said.

"Do you want me to go with you?" Stacy asked.

"I'm not sure if it would be safe, but I promise to be back as soon as
possible and i'll call you every night." Alex responded.

"Ok, but before you go we'll have one more night together... You know just
in case." Stacy said.

The next morning Alex left Stacy with a long kiss. She got into her car and
began her long drive home. There were so many thoughts spinning through her
mind. She hoped that the plant was no longer there or if it was she hoped
that Danielle Atron was gone. She knew that Ms. Atron had probably tested
her parents for a while then killed them. It was a bad thought but she knew
it was true. If they were alive they would have made an attempt at finding
her, although it wouldn't be easy. Through all her thoughts one suddenly
broke free from the others. It was of Ray and those last few hours together.
She was actually still driving his car. Above anything else she hoped that
he was still there. He was the best she'd ever had.

Two days later Alex arrived in her old hometown. She drove past her house
which looked the same as it had that day she had been forced to flee. Alex
turned to liquid, something she hadn't done in a long time, and slipped
under the front door. The interior looked exactly the same. She looked
around the house and everything was the same! She turned back into her
female form. Being she hadn't morphed in a while her clothes were no longer
with her. She assumed that no one lived there so she just went into her old

She reached under the mattress where she used to keep some Playboys that she
had stolen from Ray. They were still there. She layed down on her bed and
began to finger fuck herself. She was in the middle of an incredible orgasm
when she noticed a figure standing in the doorway of the room.

"Ray?" She said confused.

"Hey Alex." Ray said.

Ray explained how he had moved into the house after her and her parents had
"mysteriously" disappeared. He liked the way the house looked so he just kept
it the same way it had been. Alex was still naked the whole time.

"So Ray, do you still remember that day I left?" Alex asked after Ray was
through with his tale.

"Vividly" Ray replied.

Alex leaned over and kissed Ray. It was the most passionate kiss that either
of them had ever felt. Alex took Ray's clothes off. She leaned over and took
his large black cock into her mouth. She used those sexual powers she had so
finely honed over the years to send waves of supreme pleasure through Ray.
She stopped after awhile and layed down. Ray inserted his dick lovingly into
Alex's tight cunt. He began to fuck her like he had never fucked anyone else
before. He had wanted this for way too long. Alex was an incredible fuck. She
screamed and moaned as she hit her orgasm and used her powers to trigger
Ray's. He shot in her as she arched her back and let out an incredible scream
of orgasm. They both collapsed onto the bed.

The next morning they talked for awhile. Alex knew she coulden't stay. She
had become too adapted to New York life. She told Ray to visit her sometime
for even better sex then they had had the night before then left. Alex
returned to her apartment to find Stacy in the middle of fucking another
random guy.

"Hey any room for me?" Alex asked as she took off her clothes.

Alex and Stacy had some incredible sex that night.

Three months later Ray came to New York to visit Alex and Stacy. They had
talked over the phone a few ti mes since their last encounter, Stacy had even
had phone sex with him once. Alex and Stacy thought that they would have a
little party for Ray. They arranged for some of their prostitute friends to
come over the night he arrived. They would all be working for free. Ray drove
up to the apartment building and got out of his car. He could feel his dick
already beginning to get stiff. He thought about how great a fuck Alex was
and how hot the phone sex with Stacy had been and felt himself get even
harder. He walked up the stairs of the building and got to Alex's door.

The second Alex opened the door Ray saw the greatest thing he had ever seen.
There were four girls not counting Alex and Stacy all fucking each other.
When they saw Ray they all stood up and greeted him.

"Welcome to the party." Alex said to Ray.

"They're all for you." Stacy said.

Stacy gave Ray a deep, sensual kiss as Alex took off his clothes. The two
girls began to suck Ray's cock, taking occasional breaks to make out with
each other. Ray felt like he was cumming but he wasn't. He was having an
incredible orgasm without any cum. For the next 3 hours Ray took turns
fucking every girl in that room. After he had had great cumless orgasms
with them all, Alex grabbed him and brought him over the bed. Stacy began
another deep, sensual kiss but this time with Alex. Ray stuck his dick
inside Alex's sweet snatch and began to fuck her. The feeling was incredible.
Alex used her powers to undue the non-cum thing and Ray released his hugh
sticky load inside her. After he pulled out Stacy immediatly licked his cock
clean and then licked the cum that was oozing out of Alex's cunt.

Ray decided to stay in New York for awile. Awile eventually turned into
forever. Alex and Ray got married but Stacy still lived with them and all
three were deeply in love.



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