Authors name: Yenoc
Story Title : The Secret World of Alex Mack

The Doctor Chapter 2

"I... I don't know what you're talking about..."
Alex stammered nervously. She avoided looking Dr.
Fuller directly in the eyes as she lied, and instead
dropped her gaze. This unfortunately led her eyes to
rest on Dr. Fuller's softening erection, so she hur-
ridly looked away. She tried to appear nonchalant as
she swung her legs off of the bed so that her feet
were on the floor.

Dr. Fuller smiled. He had gone between several
extremes in emotions over the last few minutes. When
he had first come here, he had been confused by his
attraction to the young girl, despite her obvious
physical assets. Then he had grown increasingly
nervous as he found himself loosing control of his
normal inhibitions. Once he had given in and begun
sodomizing the young girl, he had been ecstasy, which
had quickly turned to fear and despair once Alex had
woken up out of her mysterious slumber and he had
thought a long jail term was in his future.

But now he had Alex right where he wanted her,
and he was once more in ecstasy. This was the girl
that Ms. Atron had almost everyone at her company
looking for, either directly or indirectly. She
couldn't report him to anybody for raping her, because
all he would have to do would be tell Ms. Atron that
Alex was the kid that had had the chemicals dumped all
over her, and Alex would be locked in a lab room in
hours and probably never see the light of day again.
And Ms. Atron would probably pull a few strings and
get any charges against him dropped, and probably fuck
him silly in gratitude for finding the inadvertent
subject of her experiment.

He walked over to Alex and gently grasped her
under the chin, lifting her head so that she once more
was looking at him straight in the face.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," he
said softly.

"No... really, I don't..." she said weakly. Then,
summoning up what little courage she had left, she
tried to mount a counteroffensive. "You put your thing
in my butt while I was sleeping, and when I tell my
Daddy, you'll go to jail!"

"I don't think so, Ms. Mack. All I have to do is
call Ms. Atron, and they'll be over here in ten minutes
with a van full of scientists and security men. They'll
take you away and lock you up, and they'll find a way
to keep your family from raising a stink, one way or
another." He let his voice take on a sinister tone at
the end.

Alex paled visibly, but remained stubborn. "I
really don't know what you're talking about," she pro-
tested feebly. "You must have mistaken me for someone

Dr. Fuller sighed. "Don't try my patience, Alex.
When I was bopping your cute little butt a few minutes
ago, at the end your entire body started to glow and
sparks were flying off of your body."

"I glowed?" Alex gulped, looking at a hand in
wonder, as if expecting it to light up.

"All over." Dr. Fuller paused, a thought coming
to him. "You started right before you came, so ap-
parently the two events are somehow interrelated." He
paused again thoughtfully, and smiled. "Of course, the
scientific theory demands that we put this hypothesis
to the test..." He gave Alex's torso a sudden shove,
so that she fell back onto the bed from her current
sitting position.

"What are you doing???" Alex asked, momentarily

Dr. Fuller knelt down between where the girl's
legs dangled down over the bed. He grabbed a calf in
each hand and pulled Alex closer towards him across
the bed. This had the result of causing her nightgown
to ride up over her hips again, so that her groin was
once again exposed, giving Dr. Fuller his first good
look at the nubile young girl's pussy.

As a medical professional, Dr. Fuller had a strong
theoretical and practical knowledge of female anatomy.
He found that he couldn't help but draw on that exper-
ience at least to a small extent as he took a moment
to take in the vision before him.

He had seen before, from a less convenient angle,
the fine covering of peach fuzz that covered Alex's
pussy. She was obviously still caught up in the throes
of puberty, as evidenced by her still boyish hips, and
the obvious immaturity of her young cunt. But her cunt
still looked beautiful to him.

"Let me go!" Alex shouted, struggling. In answer
Dr. Fuller placed her legs over his shoulders, grabbed
her by the hips to pull her groin closer to him, and
then bent over to tentatively lick her cunt. Alex
whimpered and tried to wriggle away on the bed, but
Dr. Fuller had a firm hold on her hips. She then tried
to squeeze her legs together, to trap his head between
her legs and thus deny him access to her moist trea-
sures, but it was easy enough for Dr. Fuller to move
his hands down from her hips to grasp the insides of
her thighs and pull her legs apart. Doing so caused
Alex's pussy to open slightly, exposing it more clearly
to his trained eye. He noted with little surprise that
Alex was a virgin, a condition that he would obviously
have to remedy at some point. A simple procedure that
he felt well-equipped to perform. But it was also
something that he wanted to save for the future; for
now, he had his experiment to consider, didn't he?

He ran his tongue up her slit, which was still
full of her juices from her body's earlier excitement.
Alex shuddered and tried futilely to push Dr. Fuller's
head away with her hands, but he was much stronger than
the young girl, and he had a very firm grip on her legs
and wasn't going to let go.

He wanted to bring her to orgasm quickly, so that
he could test his hypothesis that Alex achieving sexual
fulfillment caused her body to glow and emit sparks.
His knowledge of female anatomy from medical school
combined with his own practical knowledge of past loves
suggested that he should focus on the clitoris, a
course of action he was more than happy to undertake.
He flicked his tongue gently over her clit, then again,
with a little more pressure. Alex moaned, although
whether it was in passion or despair, Dr. Fuller
couldn't tell. Her hands still tried to push his head
away, but slowly Alex seemed to be resigning herself
to her fate, whether she wanted to admit it or not.

"Stop it..." she pleaded weakly. "I don't like
this..." She squirmed beneath him, trying again to
get away, but succeeding only in grinding her groin
against Dr. Fuller's face. He took the opportunity
to drive his tongue up into her moist interior, letting
it soak up her juices. This caused Alex to squirm even
more, again causing her to grind her hot cunt into Dr.
Fullers waiting mouth.

He continued tongueing her furiously, and was
rewarded by a fresh flow of juices. Alex still grasped
his head in her hands, but it was less certain now
whether she was trying to push him away or hold him in
place. Her breathing began to quicken in a manner that
Dr, Fuller was beginning to find familiar now.

"No... no..." Her breath came in quick pants now,
and Dr. Fuller realized that he was close to getting
the answer to his experiment. He wasn't sure, but he
felt as if he could almost feel energy beginning to
radiate out of Alex's young flesh.

Meanwhile, his penis was slowly beginning to
recover from it's earlier exertions, and in fact was
threatening to surpass his previous state of arousal.
He began to wonder whether now might be a good time
to cure young Alex of her virginity. He had earlier
intended in all seriousness to save this pleasure for
another day, but now his cock was pushing for some
more immediate attention.

Making up his mind, he gave her pussy one last
lick and then pulled his head away. Removing her legs
from over his shoulders, he left her spreadeagled on
the bed with her lower legs still hanging over the
edge of the bed and her feet touching the floor. Alex
seemed confused as he stood up and then leaned over
her on the bed, pumping at his penis with one hand as
he slowly brought it into play against the lips of her

"What... what are you doing?" Alex asked dazedly,
still somewhat flustered. Her breathing was still
heavy, but she was not as close to the brink as she
had been just a few moments ago.

"Don't worry Alex," Dr. Fuller panted. "I have
diagnosed your condition and am taking the necessary
steps to remedy it." He began pressing the head of his
penis between the lips of her young pussy.

"No!" Alex screamed, beginning to struggle once
again. Dr. Fuller ignored her protests as he felt the
lips of her vulva begin to part before him. She was
tight, although of course her cunt was nowhere near
as tight as her ass had been. Still, he could tell
she would be one hell of a fuck.

He pushed forward a little more, and felt her
hymen blocking his further progress. This was it,
then. Once he popped her cherry he could get down to
fucking her silly. In her current aroused state, it
shouldn't be too hard to bring Alex to orgasm, so the
experiment would still continue; the fact that he
could get his rocks off at the same time while
deflowering her was simply an added benefit.

"This will hurt just a little, Alex," he grunted.
"In fact, you could say you might feel a quick prick.."
He pulled his penis back just a bit, then got ready
for the big thrust forward.

"I won't let you do this..." Alex moaned just as
he started moving forward. Suddenly, instead of tearing
through her hymen as he expected, Dr. Fuller instead
found his penis plunging into what was now the nether
region of a vaguely girl-shaped watery figure sprawled
out underneath him, still clad in the same nightgown.

Dr. Fuller gasped, both in shock and in the
strange sensations he was getting from his throbbing
member. His shaft was buried to the hilt in what felt
like a warm, viscuous liquid, as if he were fucking a
jar of honey. But it felt as if a hundred tongues were
licking his penis as it sat there inside of whatever
watery form Alex had taken on in her desperation to
escape loosing her virginity.

It was only a moment before the liquidy figure
beneath him seemed to lose it's cohesion and turn into
a puddle of water that flowed away from him and out
through the neck of the nightgown, finally running off
the far side of the bed and onto the floor. The
feeling of suction as the liquid pulled away from his
penis was too much for Dr. Fuller, as his cock began
to spend itself onto Alex's bed as his second orgasm
of the last few minutes overtook him.

He was still shooting cum onto the sheets as a
watery figure rose up from the other side of the bed,
at first taking on a vaguely humanoid form, and then
turning into a totally nude Alex. Dr. Fuller leered
at her as he used one hand to pump the last of his cum
onto her bed. This was the first time he had seen
Alex totally naked, and he let his eyes roam freely
over her body, especially her young breasts. They
were still small, but well rounded, and her body's
aroused state was obvious from the way her little
eraser tip nipples stood out, and her chest still
heaved as she struggled to regain her breath. She
was staring in combined fascination and disgust at his
cock as the last trickles of spunk trickled out and
down onto her sheets.

"That's sooooo gross," she said, her nose crinkl-
ing up, although she kept staring and didn't seem to
notice her own nakedness. Dr. Fuller was about to say
something in return when he was suddenly interupted by
the sound the door opening from downstairs.

"Dr. Fuller? Alex?" Mrs. Mack's voice wafted up
from downstairs. I'm back from the office."

Shit! Dr. Fuller thought as his jerk gazed to
the half-open bedroom door. He had forgotten entirely
about Mrs. Mack! Now she was home and threatened to
ruin everything. She'd almost certainly come straight
up to the bedroom to check on Alex, and might be a
little distressed by what she saw.

He turned back to Alex, who also seemed panicked.
"If your mother sees the two of like this, I'll be
forced to tell Ms. Atron that you're the little girl
she's been looking for," he hissed softly. Alex's eyes
grew even wider, and she looked desperately around the
room, finally spotting the telephone next to her bed.
Grabbing frantically for his scattered clothes, Dr.
Fuller still noted with amazement as Alex pointed her
finger at the phone, letting a spark of energy fly
from her fingertip to the phone, which began to ring.

"I'll get it..." Mrs. Mack said, and he could
hear her footsteps moving through the lower level.

Dr. Fuller wasted no time in getting his clothes
on. As he dressed, he noticed Alex holding up her
nightgown and looking at it, her nose crinkled once
again. He saw that the front of it was covered with
some of his cum.

"I'm not going to wear this," she said firmly,
holding the soiled nightgown at arm's length.

"Put it on, or else your mother's going to know
that something's up," Dr. Fuller growled.

Alex looked at him, and the old saying 'if looks
could kill' popped into his head. Then he had the
uncomfortable thought that maybe Alex's looks could
kill. But if they could, he'd probably already be
dead now, so no sense in worrying about it.

She sighed deeply and then started pulling the
nightgown on over her head, trying her best to avoid
making contact with the cum-stained sections. As she
let it settle down in place over her body, Dr. Fuller
was just buttoning up his doctor's coat. They both
became aware of footsteps coming up the stairs now.

"Get into bed now," Dr. Fuller growled. Alex
looked at the cum soaked sheets in disgust and looked
like she was about to say something when she caught
Dr. Fuller's expression and changed her mind. She
wasn't the only one who could give nasty looks. With
great apparent reluctance, she climbed into the bed
and gingerly pulled the cum-stained sheets up around
her. He had spent entirely on the insides of the
sheets, so everything looked fine once they were pro-
perly drawn up, although Alex looked distinctly
uncomfortable and wriggled around distressedly between
the sheets. Dr. Fuller barely had time to put the
petroleum jelly and rectal thermometer back into his
doctor's bag before the door opened and Mrs. Mack
entered the room.

"It must have been a wrong number," Mrs. Mack
said, before noticing that her daughter was awake.
"Alex! How are you feeling, baby?" She moved over
to the bed next to her daughter.

"I feel terrible, Mom," Alex said, glaring at Dr.
Fuller. Hate filled her eyes, although Mrs. Mack was
too busy fussing over her daughter to notice. Dr.
Fuller saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

"I haven't been able to diagnose your daughter's
condition, Mrs. Mack," he said as a plan formed in his
head. "What I'd like to do is have her make a visit
to my office tomorrow so that I can give her the
attention she truly deserves." Alex looked again as
if she was about to say something, but Dr. Fuller
simply glared at her again and she clammed up.

"You don't think it's anything serious, do you
doctor?" Mrs. Mack looked concerned."

"I don't believe so, Mrs. Mack. However, I be-
lieve that it is very important that I closely monitor
Alex's condition until I feel I have a firm grasp on
what it going on." He smiled sweetly at Alex, who
glared back at him and stuck out her tongue while her
mother's back was turned.

"Whatever you say, doctor," Mrs. Mack said. "I'll
bring Alex into your office tomorrow. I know you'll
take good care of her."

His smile grew even wider. "Trust me, Mrs. Mack.
Alex is in very good hands..."


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