Alex Mack
In this particular story Alex does not have her powers, because I couldn't
fit then into the story, and frankly it just wouldn't be fun!!

One very fine evening Ray and Alex were walking home from a movie. The 2 decided they
would stop at Alex's house for something to eat. When they arrived they were greeted by a, very
large man. The man pulled a gun and led them to the living room when they were met by the rest
of their family, tied up and gagged!!! Alex asked "what the hell is going on?", the man said "You
are just in time to have some fun!!". The man proceeded to tieup Alex and her friend Ray. Ray, as
usual, was trying to talk his way out of the situation, but his begging was met by a whack across
the face with the butt of the gun. Ray was then locked up in the basement, "there!" the man said,
"we won't be hearing his whiny little ass anymore!!". The intruder then made an announcement to
the family. "Listen up family. I have taken you hostage for one reason, and that is for sexual
pleasure!!! I had my eye on this family for weeks, and I noticed the very lovely women that live in
the house!! So without further a due I know you want to get started. Ha, ha, ha!!!". The man then
slung the mother over his shoulder and took her upstairs. Mr. Mack felt useless and frustrated, as
he, and the rest of the family could hear what was taking place upstairs. They could hear the
sound of her clothes being ripped off, then they could hear her screaming, as he took the gag off.
"LISTEN UP DAD!!", said the man from upstairs, as he obviously brutally raped Mrs. Mack.
"OHH.........OHH...........OHH", was all they could hear. this went on for about 20 minutes, and
every minute felt like hours to Mr. Mack as he felt so helpless. Every noise she made was like a
knife through his chest. Finally he came back down with Mrs. Mack still in the nude. He threw her
over the couch facing the family. Then the man got behind her and shoved his cock well into her
ass. Mrs.. Mack was screaming, as she looked into her family's face's. When it was over he tied
her back up naked. "Let's see who's next?", he announced, "Let's let dad decide", he said. The
man then yanked out his gag and asked, "Who is next dad?". He stuttered, still shocked from what
had happened. "I said who's next?", " he didn't answer, "You better give me an answer quick,
before I do to you what I did to Ray, besides they are both going to get it anyway, who will it be?
Annie or Alex?". WHACK!!!! Mr. Mack caught a smack to the face. "ANSWER ME NOW!!!!!!!". Then he
opened his mouth, "Annie". "Very good" said the man, who looked over at Annie and said, "Showtime".
This time he did not leave the room. "I want you to see it this time, dad". he picked up Annie by
the hair and untied her, and took off her gag. "Please don't do this!!", she pleaded, but it was
not use, the begging made the man even more excited. Then, in full view of her family, he tore off
her shirt, then unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. He unclasped the hook of her bra and dropped
it to the floor, then proceeded by pulling off her panties. He fondled her hugebreasts a while, and
then proceeded to finger her pussy. "Get down on all fours", he said, she did not argue. "Now here
is what I want you to do, crawl over to your dad, take off his pants, and give him a long blow job".
Annie protested vigorously, but to no use, she crawled over to her father who was probably obviously
hard, and unzipped his pants, and took them off. Mr. Mack very embarrassed having a fully erect penis!!
Then Annie lowered her head and wrapped her lips around her fathers cock. "Now go all the way down,
and if you don't make your father cum in 3 minutes, I will kill you both". Annie hurringly tried her
best, to no success when the man yelled "That's 2 minutes, you have one left!!!". Annie desperately
sucked on her fathers cock, when with only about 10 seconds left, her father exploded into her mouth.
A nnie collapsed to the floor, out of breath from the amazing blow job she just gave, TO HER FATHER!!!
The man said "Get up I ain't done with you!!". Annie arose to her feet, the man tackled her to the
floor and stuck his dick in her pussy. Annie let out a yell. The family turning their heads could
still hearAnnies rhythmic grunting, "Oh..Oh..Oh..Oh..Oh..Oh..". When he was finished he allowed her
to dress, and then tied her up for one last victim, Alex!!!! He untied Alex, and removed the gag.
"Get up!", Alex arose, "How old are you?", "14", Alex replied. "You are one sexy 14 year old,
you have a very nice body", he walked around her, admiring the view. Grabbing herass he replied,
"Nice ass!! How about you put on your own little strip show for your family?". "Please, no", she
replied. "Yes", said the man, "I think your pervert father would enjoy it!! I would too as a matter
of fact". "Do you know how long I've been spying on you Alex?", "No", she said, "About 2
years", said the man, "and I have been waiting for 2 years to see you naked, I have fantasized
about this day!". "I don't want to", said Alex, "Of course you don't, that's because I did not
threaten you yet, once I tell you that I am going to kill your father if you don't, then you will want
to!!". "I won't do it", calling his bluff. Then, calling Alex's bluff, he walked over to her father and
cocked the trigger. "Last chance", he said. "O.K. O.K.", she said, "I'll do it, just don't hurt him".
The man said, "O.K. then. Let's see what you got", then the man sat in a chair and unzipped his
hard-on, "You don't mind if I jerk off while I watch you, do you?". "I guess not", said Alex, and
stood there. "Whenever you are ready!!", said the man who turned on some music to strip to.
Alex began to take off her shirt, and lifted it over her head. "Oh yea", said the man softly. Then
Alex took off her socks and shoes, then unbuttoned her jean shorts, then unzipped them, and
pulled them down very slowly. "OOOH!!", said the man, stroking his penis faster and faster. Alex
danced around for a few minutes, and tried to think out a way she wouldn't have to take it all off,
and be humiliated, but the man said, "Go on!!". Alex running out of options, decided there was
nothing else she could do. She reached behind for her bra hook, and found it, she then unhooked
it and pulled the straps over her shoulder. She then peeled it off her breasts, and dropped it to the
floor, exposing her breasts. "Oh Man" replied the man who was just about to cum. Alex then
worked her hands to the elastic band of her panties, an then pulled it off her legs very slowly and
dropped it to the ground. Just then the man yelled and cummed all over the place. Alex stood
there not knowing what to do. The man then ran out of the room and called for Ray. Alex heard
him call for Ray and staggered to put her clothes back on, for she didn't want Ray to see her
naked. He re-entered the room with Ray. "Now Ray, do you think Alex is attractive?", "I
suppose", said Ray. "Would you like to fuck Alex, Ray?", "I never thought of her that way", "but
if you had?", "I guess", replied Ray. "Well then, you have your chance", the man pointed to Alex
wearing nothing but her bra, panties, and jean shorts. "What do you mean?", said Ray, "Well", the
man said, "I want you have sex with her", "O.K.", said Ray. "What the hell are you talking about
Ray?", said Alex, "I am not going to have sex with you!". "Well I was afraid this would happen",
said the man, "I have devised a game whereas it is like hide and seek but if Ray finds you Alex, he
will rape you!". "How do I win", said Alex, "I will count 90 seconds and if he doesn't find you by
then you win, and I will leave your home and family never to return, and Ray will come with me.
But if Ray wins he gets to rape you, and then I will let him go, and continue to keep your family
hostage with even worse things to come. Sound Fair?". "Do I have a choice?", said Alex, "No".
"O.K. I will give you a minute to hide...Go!". Alex ran up to her room, looked around and
decided it wouldn't be a great place, then the ran into the linen closet, she thought that he
probably wont look in here, he's only got 90 seconds!! "Ready or not!! Here we come!!!", Alex's
stomach dropped. "After a few seconds Ray was trying to find her on the first floor, Alex thought
she was home free. Then Ray came up the stairs, passed the linen closet, and went into her room.
"Ten seconds Ray", then in a desperation move he opened the closet. There she was, with only
her bra, and jean shorts. Ray grabbed her by the arm and threw her hard onto the ground. He
grabbed the bra between her breasts, and ripped it right off. He felt her up and sucked on her tits.
He then held her wrists above her head with his left arm and with his right unbuckled her jeans,
unsnapped and unzipped them and yanked them off her body, and her panties followed. Ray then
exposed his cock and spread Alex's legs. Ray, then shoved his hard penis into Alex, she was
warm. Ray shoved his cock in and out very violently an brutally hurting Alex, until she felt Rays
dick shoot out hot cum into her pussy. Ray then rolled off her and lay breathless along side Alex.
"I'm sorry", said Ray, "I don't know what came over me". Alex said nothing. The man came up
the stairs, and looked at the 2 passed out on the floor and said, "Nicely done, Ray". "C'mon, I will
let you out", and as they turned around to go down the stairs Alex lay on the floor, starting to
sob. Then a minute later the man came back into the house laughing. "Did you guys think I was
going to let Ray free to call the cops??", "lets just say Ray will not be calling the cops from where
he is going". Alex showed no emotion, almost like she lost her respect for Ray, and didn't seem to
care what happened to him, however she knew it would hit her someday. "Well, well, well, what
should we do next???" The stranger picked up Alex and threw her on the couch, Alex had put her
panties, and what remained of her bra and shorts back on. "Lets see, I already had a piece of Mrs.
Mack, and Annie. I still have yet to have some fun with Alex". Alex looked in horror. "Mr. Mack,
I think I am going to have you play the fool again. How would you like to watch your
daughterget fucked by a total stranger??", "Please, don't do this", said Mr. Mack. "Well you
aregoing to see it, and I bet you will getoff on it, but first since it dosen't matter either way,
I want you to tell me 'I want you to fuck my daughter Alex'". "I will not", Mr. mack responded.
The man held the gun up to Alex's head, she started crying, "Please daddy do what he says".
"You hear that", the man said, "Since you were disobeying me I want you to yell it". "I want you
to yell, 'I want you to fuck my daughter Alex'". Mr. Mack had tears in his eyes, but he took a
breath and yelled "I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY DAUGHTER ALEX!!!". "Very good", said the stranger, "Don't
mind if I do!!!". The stranger laughed hystericcaly. "Now the second part to this little trick
is that I want YOU Mr. Mack to not only watch me fuck your little daughter, but I want you to
jerk off, and cum. I will not stop untill you do, and trust me I have done this to so many girls to
know that they can only take so much, so you better do good". "Stand up Alex!!!", Alex stood
up. The mad walked over to her, and took the bra off. He squeezed her breasts, and then he
sucked on them for a while. After that her yanked on her shorts untill they fell to the floor, and
proceeded to tear her panties right off her ass. "Get ready Mr. Mack, I can do this all day to Alex,
she has a sweet pussy, so try your best". The man shoved Alex to the ground. "Oh man I have
been waiting for this!!", the man said, unbuckling his jeans. When he got his pants off and exposed
his dick, Alex nearly fainted. He stroked his cock for a second and jumped on top of her. He
kissed her deeply for a few seconds, looked into her eyes, and said "You will remember this
moment for the rest of your life, it will be burnned into your memory", with that he thrust
foreward very hard. Alex screamed in extreem pain. Mr. Mack sobbing started jerking off, he was
unable to get erect. The man kept pumping harder and harder, Alex just kept screaming. Her
father was still not becoming erect!!! The man was enjoying himself very much, he loved the feel
of her, and wanted to cum so badly!!!! Mrs. Mack finally did something about Mr. Mack, she
leaned over with the strength she had and started sucking ion Mr. Macks penis. Then she asked
for help from Annie. Meanwhile Alex has settled deeper into agonizing pain, soon she would pass
out, and I am sure that is what she wanted. The man was moaning in delight, Alex yelping in pain,
Mr. Mack was getting another blowjob from his wife, and Annie was sucking on his balls. Mr.
Mack finnaly came around and got very hard, he started jerking faster and faster and he finally
came. As he was cumming he yelled "Ddddoone, d d dd DDoone, ahhhhhhh, whooo". The man
then let loose into Alex's pussy, and unloaded his biggest wad he ever shot. Alex was in shock,
and pain. The man said "Man, your daughter was the best girl I ever fucked!!".

-to be continued, if I ever decide to finish it


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