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WARNING : The following story contains descriptions of sexual activities
graphic language. This is meant for people over the age of 18.

The Secret World of Alex Mack

Chapter 3 : Robyn is brought in on things (F/F/F/M)
by the Night Rider

Alex Mack walked home from school, thinking about how wild the last two
weeks of her life had been. Ever since her sister Annie had seen her
masturbating in the bath tub, her life had changed. She had had several
more experiences with her sister since then, and even managed to have
fucked her best friend Ray twice. She was turning into a great cock and
pussy sucker. She thought to herself 'I can't believe that I am leaving
Robyn out of this'. Robyn, a pretty red head of Alex's age, was always
looking so depressed about everything in life. 'She needs to get something
more out of life' Alex thought 'Maybe Annie and me can give that to her'.
Alex planned to invite Robyn over for a sleepover on Friday, and then
introduce to her what Annie and Alex had discovered only a short while
ago. 'Maybe I should even invite Ray over' she thought to herself. She
toyed with the idea in her head and decided that four people would make it
all the more fun. Even better, her parents were going away for the day and
they wouldn't be back until Saturday afternoon, giving them plenty of
freedom to do whatever they wanted.
Alex walked up the pathway to her house, and brought her key out to let
herself in the house. She opened the door and found that, like most of the
time, no one was home yet. She went into the kitchen to grab something to
eat. She finally decided on a banana. As she peeled it, she had a light
bulb go off in her head. She giggled and grabbed another banana, and
scampered up the stairs to her room.
Alex let herself into her room and dumped her book bag at the foot of her
bed and took off her hat. She finished eating the first banana, and dumped
the peel in the trash. She shed her shorts and t-shirt, wearing just bra
and boxer shorts. She quickly undid the clasp on her bra and went and
stood in front of the mirror. She looked up and down her body and softly
caressed her nipples. She tweaked and pinched them, bringing them fully
erect. "I look pretty damn good" she said to herself. Alex slid her boxers
down her legs, letting them fall at her feet. She gently brushed her hand
across her light pubic hairs, feeling a soft ripple of pleasure wash over
her. She lay back on her bed and took the banana and inserted it into her
pussy. She slowly moved it in and out, letting out soft moans at the waves
of pleasure flowing through her body. She soon sped up her hands, moving
the banana in and out faster and faster. She used both of her hands,
moving the banana in faster and faster still. Soon, her entire body
started to glow from the GC-161 in her system. 'That stuff sure did have
some strange side effects' she thought to herself. Her moaning soon became
more intense as she sped up her strokes. She could feel herself coming
close to orgasm. "Yes, ah fuck, yes" she said to herself. Then, she felt
herself explode with swells of pleasure going all throughout her body. Her
glowing became more intense and her love juices began to flow. "Yes, ah
yes, yes" she yelled, not caring if anyone heard her. She lay quietly on
her side, still recovering from her orgasm
Meanwhile downstairs, her sister Annie came inside just in time to hear
moans coming from her room. "I guess Alex started a little early today. I
better go hurry up and join her" she said.

* * *

"Hi Robyn, come on in" Alex said, seeing her friend at the door.
"Hi Alex. So your parents are gone?" Robyn asked, walking in the door.
"Yep, nobody here to watch us, except Annie I guess. She said that she
won't bother us much, but may watch one of the movies with us" Alex
"That's ok. Hi Ray" Robyn said, seeing Ray bending over the VCR.
"Hi Robyn. I got us five movies. Enough to keep us up all night." Ray
Alex thought to herself how well this was going. Robyn wouldn't even
suspect a thing. The tape Ray was putting in was one of those adult movies
that he had taken from his father's collection. They could easily claim
that the tape had gotten mixed up at the video store. Once everyone got
into it a little bit, Alex would start up on Robyn, and then Annie and Ray
would join in.
The phone rang and Alex heard Annie pick it up in the kitchen. Alex
helped Ray finish setting up the movie.
"Alex, phone" Annie called
Alex walked over and asked her sister "Who is it?"
"Mom and dad. They just want to see that everyone is alright." Annie
"Oh" Alex replied. She picked up the phone and said "Hi".
"Hi Alex" It was Barbara Mack, her mom. "How is everything going? Is
everyone alright? You set the house alarm right?"
"Everything is fine mom" Alex replied "Everyone is here and they're all
ok. Yes, we set the house alarm. There's nothing to worry about."
"Well that's good. Don't do anything dumb while we're gone." Barbara
replied. 'She worries too much' Alex thought. "We'll see you tomorrow
afternoon, ok Alex?"
"Yeah, mom, we'll be fine" Alex said
"Ok, I love you, good night" Barbara replied
"I love you too mom" Alex finished, hanging up the phone
Alex walked back out to rejoin her friends. Ray had the movie ready to go
and was talking to Robyn.
"The new video store is great" Ray said "I got Revenge of the Creature,
the Mask, and the Fugitive."
"Ok Ray, let's see 'em" Alex said, taking a seat on the couch
"Sure" Ray said, moving over to press play on the VCR. Ray then took a
seat on the couch and Annie came in and sat in the arm chair.
The movie started up and the company's name came up and then the name of
the movie. The title said "Swinging in Malibu".
"Uh Ray, that doesn't seem to be the Fugitive" Robyn said, laughing at
Ray's misfortune.
"I guess they gave us the wrong video. Let's at least see what it is" Ray
said. He shot a quick smile at Alex.
The movie continued on with two women, a brunette and a redhead in
swimsuits walking on the beach talking. They came to a few beachchairs and
they sat back and relaxed. They talked for a while longer then the blonde
moved over to sit on the other's chair. The brunette knelt down and locked
herself in a long french kiss. The blonde then felt back and undid the
back of the redhead's top.
"Uh guys" Annie said "Why did you rent a porno movie?"
"I didn't" Ray said "I rented the Fugitive."
"Well, if that's the Fugitive, then where is Harrison Ford?" Annie asked
"Oh leave it alone" Alex said "We're bound to see this kind of thing
someday. Why don't we just enjoy it"
"It does look pretty enjoyable" Robyn said, watching the brunette suck at
the redhead's nipples, rolling them around her toungue.
The redhead then reach back and undid the brunette top. She then felt
down and pulled the strings on her bikini bottom, letting it fall to the
sand. The redhead had the brunette lean back in the chair, and then went
down and started licking her pussy.
"I bet I could do that" Alex said
"It doesn't look that hard" Robyn said "We could even act it out here
kinda, if you want. I'm a redhead and Alex could be the brunette."
As Robyn spoke, two more people came onto the screen. A black man and a
white woman with black hair came down to the chairs. The brunette invited
them to join in. The black man dropped his bathing suit and the black
haired woman shed her bikini.
"Now we could really act it out" Alex said "What a perfect match. You
three want to go for it?"
"Sure" Robyn said
"I'm game" Ray added
"Can't very will miss out on this" Annie finished
Ray went over and hit pause on the tape while Alex, Robyn and Annie got
out of their nightshirts and panties, leaving all three naked. Ray took
off his boxer shorts and pulled off his t-shirt. Ray then pressed play
"Alex, get against the back of the couch" Ray said "Robyn, start sucking
her . ."
"Pussy?" Robyn giggled
Alex lay back agains the couch and Robyn started sucking at her twat. The
tape showed the black haired woman go down at start giving the black guy a
blow job. Annie dutifully went down and started giving Ray a blow job. She
slowly ran her toungue up and down Ray's cock. Meanwhile, the video showed
the two women switching to a 69. Robyn noticed this and said "Alex get
down on your back." Alex complied and Robyn climed on Alex's chest,
positioning her pussy in front of Alex's face, and moving her face in
front of Alex's pussy. Both girls started licking at each other's pussy,
slowly rolling their toungue's around the outer labia lips and flicking
their toungue out at the other's clit. Annie took Ray's cock and started
to take it all the way into her mouth. She soon had Ray's seven inches
throated and started moving her head up and down. Alex and Robyn heated up
in their 69, quickening their pace. Alex brought her hand up and started
to frig Robyn's cunt. Robyn slowed her assault on Alex's pussy and felt
waves of pleasure roll through her body, telling her that a crashing
orgasm was seconds away.
"Faster Alex. Ahh fuck yah. Faster you bitch, fuck my pussy" yelled Robyn
Alex easily complied, speeding up her finger fucking of Robyn. She kept
flicking her toungue out at Robyn's clit. Soon Robyn couldn't hold out any
longer and let loose with one hell of an orgasm. Her sweet juices started
flowing and Alex lapped them up, letting some cover her face. Robyn lay
still for a second until she resumed sucking Alex's cunt. She brought the
channel changer, that had been sitting next to her, up and slowly moved it
into Alex's pussy.
"Oh yeah Robyn. Faster, oh shit yeah" Alex cried
Robyn sped up her motions, driving the channel changer in and out of
Alex's pussy. Soon Alex felt her body start to convulse and she could see
that she was starting to glow. 'Oh god' she thought 'Robyn doesn't know
about the GC-161. Too late now I guess'. Alex soon felt the orgasm hit,
making her lie back, soaking up the waves of ectasy. Her body's glow was
Just a little ways away though, Annie was still working on Ray's cock.
She kept bobbing her head up and down. Soon Ray started grunting and
thrusting his dick into Annie's mouth with great force. Annie did her best
to keep from choking. Soon though, Ray felt his balls about ready to go.
"Ah, I'm going to cum Annie. Get ready" Ray said
Annie sped up as much as she could and soon, Ray could hold back no
longer, letting loose a torrent of cum in Annie's mouth. Annie did her
best not to let any get out of her mouth. She ended up with some dribbling
out the side of her lucious lips.
Alex saw that her sister hadn't cum yet, so she untangled herself from
Robyn and moved over to Annie. She went down and started sucking Annie's
cunt, doing her best to bring Annie to climax quickly. She rolled her
toungue around inside Annie's cunt. Annie rolled her head around and felt
an orgasm smash her on her back. Annie's love juice flowed steadily and
Alex let her face be covered in most of it.
Slowly, all four teenagers recovered.
"Wow that was great Alex" Robyn said "I swear if I didn't know better,
you were glowing"
"I guess you were halucinating after that orgasm" Ray said "Must have
been a whopper."
Annie moved towards the kitchen and returned with several carrots.
"Robyn, get down on all fours. Ray get up behind her" Annie said "Alex,
you get under her. You fuck her from behind Ray while Alex sucks her tits.
I'll sample Alex's pussy. I'm going to get myself off with these carrots"
she giggled.
Everyone complied, with Robyn getting down on all fours and Alex crawled
under her. Ray moved up from behind Robyn and slowly moved his cock inside
Robyn. Robyn gave a little yelp as she felt her hymen being broken. Ray
made sure that she was alright, and then continued moving his cock in and
out of Robyn's pussy. Alex started sucking at Robyn's tits, while Annie
moved in on Alex's cunt. Annie stuck one of the carrots in her pussy and
used one hand to move it slowly in and out. Meanwhile, she used her other
hand and her mouth on Alex's cunt, sliding her toungue in and out. Robyn
moaned some more, feeling Ray continue to probe up into her pussy.
"Ray" Robyn moaned "Before you come, pull out and jack yourself off. I
don't want you to get me pregnant"
"Ok" Ray said, concentrating on Robyn's pussy.
Annie continued fucking herself and Alex at the same time as Alex
continued rolling Robyn's tits around in her mouth, softly caressing her
tits. Ray continued his assault on Robyn's cunt.
Robyn was the first one to cum. Alex's sucking of her tits and Ray's
fucking her pussy made her feel the oncoming wave of pleasure.
"Ahh yes" Robyn yelled "Fuck me Ray! Drive that huge black meat up me!
Ram me with it! Ahh yeah"
Ray complied, slamming his dick further up into Robyn's cunt. Robyn felt
her knees weaken as the orgasm hit. She had to struggle to keep her
balance and from not falling down on Alex. Ray continued fucking her,
bringing himself closer and closer to climax. Alex ceased sucking on
Robyn's tits, as she rolled over onto the couch. Alex brought Ray's cock
down to her mouth and quickly throated it. She moved her head quickly up
and down on Ray's cock. Ray soon felt his own orgasm building.
"Keep it up Alex" he grunted
Alex continued moving her head up and down on Ray's cock until it
exploded with spurt after spurt of semen. Alex quickly slurped most of it
up. Robyn came over and cleaned of Ray's cock quickly with her mouth.
Annie continued sucking away at Alex's cunt and fucking herself with the
carrot. Alex knew that her orgasm was just seconds away.
"Come on Annie" she pleeded, squeezing her tits with her hands "Make me
cum. Make me cum all over your face"
Annie moved her toungue onto Alex's clit and inserted several fingers
into Alex's pussy to continue the onslaught. Annie flicked her toungue out
at Alex's clit, elicting quick moans of plesure from her. Alex soon felt
her muscles weaken and then her body started to glow. Alex came for the
second time that night, letting her juices flow over Annie's face.
Seeing that Alex needed no help to finish off her orgasm, Annie moved on
to her back and continued to fuck herself with the carrots she had brought
from the kitchen. Soon, she too felt the second orgasm of the night coming
on as the carrots struck home. Her sweet juices flowed all over them,
giving them a sticky white coat.
Everyone lay back against the couch, recovering from what just happened.
Annie gathered enough of her wits to pull a large blanket from behind the
couch and dragged it over towards Alex, Robyn and Ray. She then pulled
several pillows over and they all lay back, covered up by the huge
blanket. Annie then gave a carrot to Alex and Robyn, and kept one for
herself. They then settled back to watch the rest of the movie.
"I wonder how many times I can bring myself to cum before the sun rises"
Alex said
"I don't know, but I bet I can beat you" Robyn giggled.
"No way" Ray said "I can jack myself off pretty fast"
"How about we have a contest?" Annie asked "First to cum five times is
declared the winner and then everyone else has to fuck them. Ready, set,
go . . ."


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