The Continuing X-rated Adventures of Gordon Schumway
by Mistress Tawny Suede

Part I - Lynne gets a taste of heaven

Alf reached for a handful of potato chips and swiped them through the bowl
of chip dip and crammed the gooey mess into his mouth. His other hand continued
to stroke Herbert, pumping him up and down. Alf could feel the cum building in
his balls as he gazed rapturously at Vanna White, turning the letters on the
Wheel of Fortune.

"God, Vanna!", he cried, "you're the most beautiful woman on this entire
miserable planet!" Alf's fist tightened on Herbert and he jerked him more
vigorously. Suddenly, Alf bucked and a jet of jism burst from Herbert's eye and
splashed across the TV screen, right on Vanna's gleaming smile. "Bullseye!"
Alf's rigid dick continued to spurt hot Melmakian cream, across the TV Guide,
on the rug, on Vanna's silk covered breasts, onto the table, into the chip dip.

Finally, his heart stopped racing, his palms stopped sweating, and his
dick stopped pumping.

"Oh oh," he said, "I'd better get this cleaned up before Lynne gets home.
It's a good thing Kate and Willie took Brian away for the weekend. Kate'd have
a fit if she saw this mess! But then, it would serve her right for making me
eat that asparagus last night! Ha Ha!!"

Alf got several wet cloths and a bucket and washed up the TV screen and
the carpet and the table. He threw the TV Guide in the garbage and then went
out to the garage to throw away the cloths.

Just after Alf left the room, Lynne Tanner returned home from classes.
"Alf? Alf, where are you?" she called out as she put her school books down.
"Alf, what are we doing for dinner? Alf, are you hiding?" Hungry, she spied the
chips and dip sitting on the table. She scooped up a bit of dip on a chip and
plopped it into her mouth.

"Hmmmmm. That's a different flavour! I like this!," she said. She called
out, "Alf, I'm going to my room to change!" and grabbed the bowl of chip dip.
As she headed for her room, she scooped out great gobs of dip on her fingers
and swallowed the creamy sauce, licking her fingers.

By the time she reached her room, she had finished all of the strange
flavoured dip and was licking the sides of the bowl, as far as her tongue would
reach. "Damn, it's all gone. I'll have to find out what kind Mom bought and get
some more!".

She laughed giddily and began to remove her clothes. She kicked her shoes
into the corner and pulled off her skirt. As she pulled her sweater above her
head, her hand brushed her nipple and she shivered. Ooooh, that was good. She
unsnapped her bra and stood in front of the mirror. She felt hot, and chilled
at the same time. Slowly her fingers traced the edges of her small nipples;
they quickly stood on end, rigid as pencil erasers. She tweaked them, caressed
them, rubbed them, pinched them. Oh god, she was getting hot. Her hand stole
down past her panties to the lips of her cunnie. She was dripping wet already.
Her fingers parted her pussy lips and touched her erect clit. She cried out in

In the mirror she caught sight of her poster of Pee Wee Herman. Oh god,
was he handsome, she thought! She pulled her panties off and lay back on the
bed. With one hand she stroked her erect nipples while she plunged two fingers
of the other hand in and out of her sopping cunnie. She stared longingly at Pee
Wee. God, what she wouldn't do to have him fucking her right now! This was so
strange, she would never have thought of thinking of him in that way before.
Pee Wee Herman?!? But now ...

She had only fucked one guy before and had been afraid of getting pregnant
for the next month. And she had only masturbated a couple of times before - and
it had never been this intense!

Her hips bucked up off of the bed as her orgasm struck. She pinched her
nipple tightly as she added a third finger into her pussy. She panted
furiously, continuing to pump her digits in and out of her tight twat,
desperately trying to maintain the sheering pleasure.

"Lynne? Lynne, was that you? Have you seen the chip dip, Lynne?" Alf came
around the corner and stopped dead as he watched the young teenager in the
throws of orgasm. Beside the bed, lay the overturned chip dip bowl. "Oh no,
Lynne! You didn't eat all that chip dip did you?!?"

"Alf! Oh god Alf. You shouldn't see me like this. But, I can't ... I can't
stop. This feels so good!"

"You ate the chip dip, didn't you Lynne?"

"Yes .... .. I ate the dip. Oh yes," she sobbed as she peaked from
another orgasm. "So, so what?"

"And now you're in the midst of a sexual frenzy, aren't you!"

"For fuck's sake, stop being so analytical. That's right! So... so what!"

"Well, Lynne, that dip contained some of my, how shall we say it
delicately, my Melmakian seed ..."

"You jerked off in the chip dip?!?"

"Not exactly. But the thing is, Lynne honey, that stuff is highly
addictive to human females!"

"Addictive?!? What do you mean?"

"Well, I'll show you." Alf crawled up on the bed and knelt beside Lynne's
head. He spread his legs so that Lynne could see his small penis. "Lynne, meet
Herbert. Herbert meet Lynne" Alf's penis bobbed up and down.

"You give your cock a name?"

"Everyone on Melmak gives there little dickie a name. After all, they seem
to have a mind of their own! But get a bit closer."

Lynne moved just an inch closer, and then the odor from Herbert struck her
full force. Suddenly, she was frenzied, all she wanted in the world was

She reached out a hand and touched Herbert. He grew an inch. She grasped
him and he grew another inch. She flicked out her tongue and he grew two more
inches. Lynne eagerly engulfed the full length of Herbert in her mouth and
sucked hungrily. There, there was that delicious flavour from the chip dip!

She was ravenous. She couldn't get enough. She pushed Alf back on the bed
and started fucking her face up and down Herbert. She licked all around his
crown, teasing him. Herbert grew larger and thicker. Then, as she had trouble
getting her lips around even the head, Herbert became slimmer, but longer so
that each time Lynne bobbed her head down, Herbert struck the back of her

"Oh god! I... I can't believe I'm doing this!" cried Lynne during one
brief moment when her mouth wasn't full. But her tongue quickly swirled around
the head of Alf's pole and she slurped down the precum juices that flowed
freely from Herbert's eye. "But it tastes so damn good!" And as she sucked on
Alf's dick, Lynne again began plunging her fingers deep in and out of her hot
teenaged cunnie.

"Oh, yeah, Lynne honey! That's it! Yeah, suck on ole Herbie! He hasn't had
a good work out since I landed on this wretched planet!"

Lynne pulled back so that just the glans of Herbert remained in her mouth.
Her tongue swirled around the head, eagerly gobbling up the leaking juices, her
hand pumping furiously up and down the long shaft. "Give it to me Alf. I want
it ... I need it. Shoot all your hot spunk down my throat!"

Alf's cum shot from Herbert, splattering against the roof of Lynne's
mouth. She drank it down. Alf spurted six, seven, eight mighty blasts and then
no more. Lynne's own orgasm ripped through her.

Finally, it was over. Lynne lay back, her addictive thirst now quenched.
Herbert wilted.

Lynne awoke about an hour later as Alf held a glass of water to her lips.
She drank thirstily. Suddenly she realized she was naked, and remembered what
she had done. She looked at Alf in horror and pulled the bedding over her body.

"What ... what did I ... What did YOU do to me, Alf!"

"Calm down, Lynne. I can explain!"

"Oh god, mom will KILL me. She'll certainly kill you!"

"Lynne, Lynne! It's all her fault!"

"Mom's fault? I just sucked your .... your Herbert! And you're blaming

"She made me eat that asparagus! Last night. Remember? Asparagus acts like
a powerful aphrodisiac on us Melmakians. I just had to shoot my load. And
unfortunately you got a taste of it."

"So the only way to cure me, was to give me a bigger dose, is that it?
asked Lynne. "It's over now?"

"Well, not exactly", said Alf.

"What do you mean, not exactly?"

"That cure only works for six hours. Then you'll need another dose, and
then another, and then..."

"I get the point Alf. You mean I'll have to suck your Herbert ... your
cock, every six hours for the rest of my life? And just where did Herbert come
from anyway? You've wandered around the house all this time without any need
for pants. Now you've got a dick all of a sudden!" asked Lynne.

"Oh," said Alf. "Well, I have complete control over Herbert. Here, watch".
Lynne watched as Herbert shrank and disappeared completely under Alf's fur, and
then suddenly appeared, grew to four inches long and two inches around, then
ten inches long and only one inch around. "My girlfriend Gloria on Melmak
enjoyed this shape best. She was into ass ..."

"I don't want to know, Alf. And I don't believe you. Six hours from now
I'll be fast asleep and completely cured. You just watch!"

Six hours later Lynne was once again gobbling up Alf's jism. Six hours
after that she had Alf sitting on the dinner table as she sat in a chair
bending over Herbert, pumping his seed down her gullet as she ground the palm
of her hand against her pussy.

That evening, as the sixth hour approached and Lynne sobbed quietly,
feeling guilty about her needs, Alf finally spoke up. "Lynne, there is another
way. You didn't let me finish what I was saying!"

"What is it Alf?"

"There is a way, a way that you only need a dose of Melmakian love cream
once every twenty-four hours."

"There is? What is it Alf?" Lynne's face brightened.

"Instead of taking the cure down your throat, you take it up your vagina.
I inject it straight into your body."

"You mean, I have to let you fuck me. Right, Alf?"

"Uh, yeah, right!"

"Well, why the hell not! After all, Herbert is kind of cute ..."

Lynne knelt on the carpet and Alf stood in front of her. Lynne's fingers
parted Alf's fur and she gently carressed the tiny exposed tip of Herbert. When
Herbert didn't budge, she leant forward and began to lick his head. That got to
him! In no time, Herbert had grown to six inches and was leaking precum juices
on Lynne's tongue. She wolfed the jism down.

"Lynne, lay down. I have to prepare you for penetration!" said Alf.

Lynne lay on the rug, a pillow under her head. Alf knelt between her
outspread legs. Lynne lifted her legs and spread them wide. With her two hands,
she spread the lips of her cunnie wide. Her index finger lightly toyed with her
clit. She moaned and cunnie juice leaked from her crack, down her ass crack to
her puckered asshole.

Alf knelt and then ran his thick tongue along Lynne's pussy slit.

"Oh, Alf! That feels so funny!"

Alf ran his tongue along both pussy lips and then twirled it around the
brown-haired teen's erect clitty. Alf's tongue was raspy, like that of a cat
and the nail file sensation across her clit made Lynne scream. She liked it!,
but she had not anticipated the pleasure!

Alf's snout ground into Lynne's clit as his tongue snaked into her twat.
His tongue flicked in and out of her love hole, darting like a snake's tongue,
but probing deep since his tongue was long and strong.

"Um, um! Boy, you Earth girl's sure are tasty," said Alf. "Gloria tasted
sort of like an old tire, but you Lynne honey, you are definitely a taste

"Oh, Alf! That feels so good!"

But Lynne was prepared. Alf told her to get on her hands and knees, doggie
style. Alf stood behind Lynne, a strong thick Herbert aimed straight at her
tender young pussy. Hands on her hips, he leant forward and Herbert's head
poked easily through her meaty lips. He pulled back on her and thrust forward
and Herbert's six inches sank deep into the teen temptress' hot quim.

"Hmmmm, that feels so good Alf!"

Alf started pumping Herbert in and out of the sexy teen. Boy, had he
dreamed of this moment. Ever since he'd landed on this planet, he'd had to do
without sex - which wasn't too bad since he could normally control his sex
drive. But he had occasionally dreamed about fucking an Earth woman, and Lynne
had frequently been part of those fantasies! Now, the asparagus had made him
lose control and things were working out quite well, thank you!

"Make it bigger, Alf! Fill me with your cock!"

Alf made Herbert longer, nine inches in total. He made Herbert thicker; so
thick that Lynne's cunnie practically turned inside out as it gripped him
tightly as he pulled out of her. As his dick came free, there was a loud POP!
As he pushed back in, there was a loud sqwooshing noise as Lynne's sopping
pussy sucked hungrily at the alien invader!

"Pump it faster, Alf! I'm ... I'm cumming!"

Lynne pulled and twisted her taut nipples as her orgasm ripped through
her. Her head tossed from side to side, her long brown hair flew about. And her
pussy snapped tightly around Herbert as spasm after spasm wracked her tight

The pressure was too much for Alf. He thrust forward, imbedding himself
fully in the hot teen and his rich thick alien cream sprayed out of Herbert,
coating the walls of the teen tart's pussy. He jetted syruppy jism deep into
her twat.

As he continued to cum, Lynne quickly reversed herself and locked her lips
around Herbert's head, eagerly gulping down the sweet cum and also savouring
the flavour of her own pussy juices.

At last the flow died and Lynned licked the last few drops from Herbert's

"I ... I couldn't help myself. It just tastes so good" She said. Looking
down at the jism that oozed out of her pussy, she asked, "Do you think we got
enough inside me, to last twenty-four hours I mean?!?"

"Yeah, Lynne. I'm sure you did."

"Good," she said as her fingers eagerly wiped the excess from her pussy
lips and she then eagerly sucked her fingers dry.

Kate and Willy and Brian returned from their trip the next day. They
suspected nothing as each night Alf snuck into Lynne's bedroom as fucked her

At least, not until Lynne started to show some peculiar side effects!


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