The Continuing X-rated Adventures of Gordon Schumway
by Mistress Tawny Suede

Part II - Side Effects!

For the next month Alf visited Lynne's room each night and played
hide-and-seek with Lynne and Herbert. Well, not necessarily every night;
sometimes Lynne would sneak out to Alf's little apartment in the garage for a
quick snack of Melmakian sausage and cream. But there was more chance of
discovery there, for she could never be sure what trouble Alf might have gotten
into and therefore her father, Willie, might come barging in unexpectedly.

At least in her room, with the lock on the door, there was little chance
of the two of them being discovered as Herbert slid in and out of her wet pussy
- at least not so long as she didn't cry out in joy!

And she WAS careful. If her mom, Kate, ever found out - well, she'd put a
stop to the fucking right away. And what would happen then to Lynne's
addiction? She'd die! She just knew it.

And besides, once she'd gotten used to the orange haired little guy, she'd
come to enjoy their sex sessions. Alf was quite a talented lover, she had to
admit. He knew just how to toy with her nipples and make her shiver so
heavenly. And that long, delicious tongue! How wonderful it felt when he sent
it slithering up into the deepest recesses of her pussy, tingling the walls of
her cunnie. And the little rasps along its length - pure ecstasy as Alf ran it
across her hot little clit - orgasm after sheering orgasm pulsing through her

And Herbert. Beautiful fat, thin, long, plump, thick, penetrating,
probing, thrusting, spurting, fountaining Herbert! If only men had dicks that
they could control like Alf could control Herbert. He could make Herbert as
thick as necessary to fill every bit of her pussy, to almost rip her apart, or
leave him finger thin but oh so very long to probe and tantalize her very
depths so that her pussy quivered and fluttered, trying to wrap itself around
the invader and thereby teasing her to heights of frustration and eventual
wonderful bliss.

She couldn't let Kate, or anyone, take Alf away from her now. She would go
insane and die - not just because of her uncurable addiction to his sperm - but
because no man would ever be able to give her the same sexual bliss!

But it was starting to become harder to hide their lovemaking. Not because
of the noise or their movements from room to room, but because of the
side-effects that the continual ingestion of Alf's Melmakian seed was beginning
to have on her body. Some of those effects were good, some bad. Well, not bad,
but inconvenient.

On the good side, all of her female sex organs were becoming more

Lynn had always had a delicate pussy. But now she was developing large
fleshy, meaty lips to her pussy. Before, once her panties were on, she could
barely distinguish her cunnie behind them while looking in the mirror. But now,
her pussy was prominent, the lips large and sensitive. When she wore her tight
jeans she was constantly perspiring from the sexual teasing that the tight
crotch gave her pussy with each step.

And during sex, they were oh so very tender. Alf would spend half an hour
between her spread thighs. As his long tongue eagerly thrust deep into her
pussy, his lips and teeth would toy with her thick pussy lips. His hairy
fingers would pull them wide and tease the edges before he finally attacked her
rigid clitty.

Before she had begun slurping down Alf's addictive jism, Lynne's clit,
when fully erect, had been only a quarter inch long - though sensitive as hell.
But now it had grown so that it was a full inch and a half long when fully
aroused. Even when not aroused, it was a half inch long and often protruded
from its sheath at the top of her now bountiful pussy flesh.

At bed at night, after Alf had filled her pussy with his hot cum and then
stolen back to the garage, Lynne would often lie awake, use the fingers of one
hand to hold back her pussy lips and with the other hand she would slowly
finger her large clitty, letting the sweet sensual bliss sweep through her as
she drifted to sleep.

But during the day, at school, her meaty pussy and distended clitty would
often be so tormented by her tight jeans that she would have to lock herself
into a toilet cubicle, drop her jeans and practically rip apart her panties to
get at her crotch. She would then eagerly begin to squeeze and massage her
pussy lips and finger her clitty until she reached a rousing orgasm.

She didn't think that any of her classmates noticed the uncomfortableness
of her pussy and clit. In fact, she was sure of it because they couldn't take
their eyes off of what had happened to her breasts.

For years, Lynne's long brown curls had fallen down onto her pert 32A
bust, but over the last month - yes, in just one month - she had filled out
magnificently into a 38D cup. And in fact, she only wore the bra for appearance
sake, for her wonderful new tits were high and firm, like bullets jutting from
her chest. They didn't sag and needed no support. All the girls were in awe of
her quick development, and all the boys were horny as hell to get her out on a

The bra was not necessary for support, but was needed to maintain a
modicum of decorum. As her breasts had grown so firm, so had her nipples. From
soft tiny nubbins they had grown into firm eighth inch long bullet heads, which
grew to almost a half inch long when aroused. And since her pussy and clit were
tingling almost all the time, so were her glorious nipples. As it was, her
nipples pushed firmly against her bra, exposing little humps on her tight
sweaters for all to see her erotic nature. Had she not worn the bra, her
appearance would have been lewd and lascivious.

And what wonderful tits they were, so full of feeling and warmth. Lynne
gloried in the new weight on her chest, the new pleasure that she received by
pinching her overgrown nipples, letting the milk squirt into Alf's eager mouth!

Yes, milk. For her tits were large and firm, her nipples full and
distended because she was constantly full of milk. Alf's Melmakian hormones,
entering her body through her sperm injection every day, had spurred on the
production of milk in her mammaries. At first she had been worried by the
growth of her tits, but one night in the heat of passion, as Herbert speared in
and out of her slippery cunnie, Lynne had been squeezing her enlarging tits,
grasping and tormenting the aureolae, pinching her nipples to increase the
titillation, the pain, the glorious pleasure, when suddenly a fine spray of
milk had ejaculated from her nipples.

Eagerly, Alf engulfed one of her nipples in his snout, his lips had locked
around her aureola and he had begun eagerly sucking on her tit. Lynne had
squirmed in pleasure at the sensation of milk streaming through her nipple into
Alf's mouth and down his gullet. She had continued squeezing her other tit,
watching the spray of milk, and giggling at the perverse pleasure this gave

From then on it was a nightly ritual for Alf to milk Lynne. Sometimes he
would wrap his lips and tongue around her firm long nipples and suck her
mammary juice straight from the tit. Other nights he truly milked her. Lynne
would kneel on all fours above a pan and Alf would grasp her nipples like the
udders of a cow and he would milk her, spraying her milk onto the shallow pan
and later pouring it carefully into cups. Alf would take a cup and Lynne would
take a cup and they would slowly sip her milk.

At other times, Alf would save up a few days milk in a container which he
kept in the fridge, telling the family to keep away from it. Lynne got a
depraved tingle deep in her soul when Alf would pour himself a cup of milk -
her milk - from his container, and drink it with dinner in front of the whole

And she loved her new tits - firm, vibrant. When she would lay on her
back, with Alf between her thighs ramming Herbert deep inside of her, her tits
did not flatten out from gravity. They still pointed high at the ceiling, her
long nipples rigid, eager for the strumming of her fingers.

Very early on, her pubic hair had begun to grow more rapidly until she had
a thick bush above her cunnie - a thick bush of long hair the same colour as
Alf's fur. She didn't mind, so long as Alf didn't mind.

And her long brown hair had been growing in thicker as well - with orange
roots. She had had to go to a hair dresser once a week to have it dyed and cut,
just so that her folks wouldn't notice, but now it was becoming harder and
harder to hide from her mom!


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