The Continuing X-rated Adventures of Gordon Schumway
by Mistress Tawny Suede

Part III - Lynne serves Kate a delicious milkshake!

Morning. Lynne stood in front of the bathroom mirror, naked from the waist up.
Her high firm tits looked even bigger today. She rubbed her fingers over her
nipples which quickly became erect. Her fingers squeezed gently and a fine mist
of milk coated the mirror.

Then she let her fingers stray down to her pussy.What was she going to do
about all this orange hair, she wondered, a worried look on her face. Am I
turning into a Melmakian? Am I going to look like Alf soon - with that ugly
snout and everything? Oh god, I wish I had someone to talk to, she thought! But
oh, how good this feels, she also thought, as she continued to slowly roll a
nipple between the fingers of one hand while she felt her clitty enlarging and
a drop of pussy juice sliding out of her cunnie to be absorbed by her panties.

Suddenly the door of the bathroom swung open (she had forgotten to lock
it!!) and Kate stood there, a stunned expression on her face as she stared at
her daughter, her hands clasped tightly to her large bosom.

"Wha - ? Lynne honey, what are you doing?"

"Mom! N - nothing. Just rubbing a bit of skin lotion ...."

"My god! You're breasts have gotten so large! It seems like yesterday you
were just my sweet baby, and now .... It's been awhile since I've seen you
without a top. Here, let me look at how you're filling out ...."

Kate grasped Lynne's arms and pulled them away from her bosom. For the
first time, Kate realized that there was a fine coating of orange hair on
Lynne's breasts!

"Oh honey. You have such beautiful breasts," said Kate as she reached up
both hands and stroked her daughter's breasts. She squeezed them and patted
them. "Such wonderful soft flesh ..." Kate was lost in thought for a moment.

Lynne couldn't help but moan softly as her mother handled her tits. God
she loved having her jugs stroked. And then Kate's fingers brushed across one
of her nipples, and Lynne shivered. Her nipples sprang to full erection. Kate
jumped in surprise, but ran her fingers across both nipples. Lynne shuddered
again as Kate said "Yes, I always liked having my nipples stroked too!"

"Oh, yes Mom. That feels so good!" moaned Lynne. But then Kate's gaze
strayed downward and she caught sight of her daughter's orange bush.

"What is .... I don't understand .... Oh, Lynne. What's happened to you!
How did this ..."

"Mom, really - it's nothing to worry about ..."

Kate let go of her daughter's large breast and ran her fingers through
Lynne's thick bush. Her fingers accidentally touched Lynne's enlarged clit and
Lynne shivered uncontrollably; it was the first time another woman had ever
touched her love button! Kate pushed Lynne back against the sink and squatted
down. She parted her buxom daughter's pussy hair and was amazed at the sight of
her fleshy pussy lips and her large clit.

"Lynne, this isn't natural! You shouldn't have all this hair, this ORANGE
hair. And your genitals shouldn't be so... so... so INFLAMED, I guess. I would
have thought you'd know that and have told me so that we can take you to the

"Mom. I can handle this myself. Trust me!"

"I'm going to call Dr. Patterson right now and set up an appointment for
this afternoon. I want you to stay home from school and we'll have a mother and
daughter talk. It just isn't natural, I tell you! All that orange hair. Why I'd
almost think Alf had something to do with this."

The last few sentences were muttered as Kate made her way to the living
room to phone the doctor. Lynne tried to stop her but her efforts were wasted.
She went back to her room, closed and locked her door and flopped onto the bed.

"Troubles, Lynne?"

Lynne almost jumped through the ceiling. When her heart settled down she
realized that Alf was sitting in her closet, smelling her soiled panties. "What
are you doing here?" she asked him.

"I thought you'd have left for school by now. Well you caught me. I have a
confession. Sometimes, I come in here and smell your panties and socks, just to
hold me over until you get home and we can have a bit of - you know - fun!"

"Well, Alf. We're in big trouble now. Mom wants to take me to the doctor
and get me checked out. She's going to find out about us!"

Alf quivered in fear. His snout turned under and the fur on his head stood
on end. "But she can't!!! Kate'll KILL me when she finds out I've been diddling
you! Jeez, Lynne, you've gotta figure something out!"

"But what Alf?" she said as Alf sat beside her. Almost unconciously she
reached into his lap and started playing with Herbert who's head was just
peaking out of Alf's fur. "How can I stop Mom and keep getting a taste of this
little guy! Christ he tastes great!!" Lynne lay alongside Alf and placed her
lips around Herbert's head. She sucked him into her mouth and Alf increased
Herbert's size.

"Oh God, Lynne. You've become an expert at sucking Herbie. I'm going to
miss you."

"Maybe not, Alf. Maybe not. I just had a thought! What if we told Mom -
you know confessed to her. Maybe she'd understand."

"Are you kidding Lynne! Geezus! She'd come at me with a butcher knife!"
cried Alf. Herbert suddenly shrank completely up and disappeared under his fur.

"Not if she got a taste of Herbert first! Then it'd be in her own best
interest to keep quiet! You see what I mean!"

"You mean, turn your Mom into a jiz junky too! Hey, Lynne babe, you've got
quite a head on your shoulders - to go along with those great tits! Let's get
to work!"

Herbert reappeared from under Alf's fur and Lynne eagerly renewed sucking
on his rigid length. In no time, Herbert began spurting hot thick gew into
Lynne's mouth. Lynne eagerly drank down a few delicious mouthfuls, but retained
the last mouthful. Carefully wiping her chin clean, she put on a top and then
she and Alf went out to the kitchen. Lynne got the blender and spit her
mouthful of Melmakian cream into the blender. She opened the freezer and put
two scoops of ice cream into the blender and then added some milk.

Almost as an afterthought she grabbed Alf's milk container and poured some
of her own preserved breast milk in with the other ingredients before turning
on the blender. She whipped it all up until she had a frosty milkshake which
she poured into a tall glass.

Kate was nervously pacing in the livingroom. "Lynne honey, we really have
to talk."

"Yeah, mom, I understand, I guess. But look, I made you a milkshake."

"It's a little early for that isn't it? I just had breakfast!"

"Call it a peace offering, okay Mom?" said Lynne.

"Well, alright. After all, it is already made, and it is looks to be my
favourite flavour - vanilla cream."

"If it isn't your favourite flavour now," said Alf, "it soon will be!"

"Alf, do you mind! This is between Lynne and I. Would you leave us alone
for awhile. Please?"

"Sure thing Kate. But holler when you need me. And I think it'll be real

Lynne and Kate sat across the table from each other as Kate drank the
shake. After the third sip she said "This is delicious! I've never had anything
like this before!" She quickly downed the rest and lapped up as much of the
residue from the sides of the glass as she could. She began to feel hot and
flushed. "Is there any more of this in the kitchen? I really would like some
more!" Kate asked. With a start she realized that she had been slowing rubbing
one of her breasts through her sweater. She stopped, but her nipple ached.

"Sorry mom. That's all the flavouring we had. But I can get some more
right away if you want."

"Yes. Yes. Why don't you do that. And I think I'll go lie down for a bit
while you're gone. Call me when you're back, won't you!"

Kate hurried to her bedroom. Her tits and pussy felt like they were on
fire by the time she had closed the bedroom door. God, what had come over her.
She had actually been rubbing her tit in front of her daughter!

Kate unfastened the front of her slacks and pushed her hand inside of her
panties. Good heavens, they were sopping wet! Her fingers reached her pussy as
she fell onto the bed. She sank a finger inside her cunt and slowly began to
frig herself. At the same time, she managed to get her other hand under her bra
and began to clutch at her breast. What's happening to me, she wondered. Why
this sudden sexual frenzy???

Lynne? Lynne, have you got it yet? Kate called out as her finger worked
a feverish pace against her tiny but erect clitoris. Hurry please dear!

What next, Alf? asked Lynne from the other side of the closed door.

Here, take just a couple of drops on your finger, said Alf as Herbert
protruded from beneath his fur. Lynne grasped Herbert and gave him a squeeze. A
couple of drops of the creamy liquid dripped onto Lynne's eager finger. But the
odour of Alf's jizz was too much for Lynne and she quickly licked up the cum.

Ohhhh, that taste s so good! she cooed!

Not now Lynne! You can have all you want in a couple of minutes. First we
ve got to get your mom taken care of!

Alright, Alf, alright! said Lynne as she squeezed out a couple more
drops. She then knocked on her mother's bedroom door.

Have you got it Lynne? Bring it in here!

As Lynne pushed the door open, she was incredibly turned on by the sight
of her own mother, writhing on the bed in a sexual frenzy. Kate's blouse was
torn open, her bra pulled down as one hand tweaked and pulled at her nipples.
Lynne had never really noticed how large her mom s breasts were!

Kate's other hand was moving frantically in her panties which were
extremely wet. From six feet away, Lynne could smell the heady odour of her
mom's pussy! Wow, was that a turn on, or what, she thought!

Kate was beyond caring about what her daughter was seeing. All she wanted
was some more of that delicious milk shake!

Where is it? Where is that wonderful flavouring? cried Kate.

This is all I could find Mom. I scooped this little bit out of the, uh,
can, and brought it for you.

As Lynne sat on the edge of the bed, she held out her finger towards her
mother. Kate's nose picked up the heavenly scent and she grasped her daughter's
hand. For a brief second she looked at the creamy substance on the tip of
Lynne's finger and then she engulfed Lynne's finger in her mouth. She just
about died as the rich flavour hit her tongue!

Kate's entire body spasmed and her hand gripped her pussy tightly as an
enormous orgasm swept her body. For her part, Lynne slowly moved her finger in
and out of her mother's mouth. Kate eagerly sucked on it and ran her tongue
around it as if it were a small cock!

During this excitement, Alf crept into the room and made his way to the
other side of the bed. One of his large furry hands reached out and tentatively
stroked one of Kate's large sagging breasts (hey, it you d had two kids, your
boobs would have begun to wilt too!). Kate did not notice his presence.

That was so good, Lynne. But I need more. You must have brought me some
more. I can smell it. It smells so great! Give it to me Lynne, honey. Oh
please, let me have more! cried Kate. Lynne couldn't believe what she was
seeing. Her mother was almost uncontrollable. Had she been just as bad, when
she first got a taste of that spiked chip dip?

You re right, mom, there is more. But you have to promise me that you
won't get mad at me.

I don't know what I would be mad about, but I promise Lynne. I ll promise
you anything. I just need MORE! . As Kate pleaded with Lynne, Alf crept up onto
his side of the bed and slowly let Herbert out from hiding. Herbert grew bigger
and fatter, and a couple of drops of precum oozed out of his piss slit.

Now, Mom, I want you to turn slowly around and face the other side of the
bed, said Lynne.

Oh yes, I can smell it. I need it. Oh please, baby, let me have it!
cried Kate as she turned. Alf was so close, that all that Kate saw at first was
a large purplish object with a couple of drops of creamy stuff dripping off of
the end. With a little mew, she stuck out her tongue and licked up the cream.
She barely paused as she engulfed the tip of Herbert in her mouth and began to
suck at him eagerly! Her hand came up and grasped Herbert tightly as she began
to pump her mouth up and down Herbert's shaft!

Kate eagerly sucked and slurped at Herbert as little cries of pleasure
escaped from her lips. But as her hands moved further along Herbert, they
encountered Alf's fur. Kate opened her eyes wide in surprise and she
practically spat Herbert out as she cried, "ALF!"

"What... what's the meaning of this? What's going on here? How dare you
come anywhere near me with that... that THING of yours! And how dare you stick
it in my MOUTH! I'm going to KILL you Alf!!! I'm going to .... oh, that smell!
It's driving me crazy! Is that coming from you Alf? Is that coming from your
.... your PENIS?"

"Calm down, Kate! Let me explain. Or rather, let me show you." Herbert had
shrunk underneath Alf's fur as Kate had screamed at him, but now Alf let
Herbert free again. "Kate, meet Herbert!" said Alf as Herbert began to grow,
and grow. Shortly, Herbert was a good ten inches long and two inches in

"I... I don't know what to say Alf. Well, actually I do! I'm going to
murder you, but not quite yet. I... I don't know why but I have this
uncontrollable urge to... to ...." and with that, Kate leaned over and kissed
the tip of Alf's Herbert. She pried at the piss slit with the tip of her
tongue. "Oh, Alf! This tastes marvellous! I... I can't control myself", she
cried as she opened her mouth wide and tried to engulf Herbert's massive glans.
It was just a bit too large, but Alf was very accomodating and Herbert shrank
just enough to pass between Kate's teeth and then to the back of her throat!

Meanwhile, though she had by now sucked Herbert hundreds of times already,
Lynne was finding it hard to contain her own sexual frenzy as the odour of
Herbert's delicious cream filled the room. As Kate's hands moved to caress
Herbert, Lynne's ran her own hands down her own body, stopping briefly at her
own pussy to press hard against her clitty. Then, she quickly threw off her
clothes and spread out on the bed beside her half-disrobed mother.

Lynne was hungry for her own taste of Herbert. She leaned her head in
close to her mother's, hoping for a brief suck, but Kate gave no sign of
stopping her vacuum pumping of Alf's long member. Lynne was ravenous for
Herbert and suddenly had an inspiration. She grasped hold of one of her
mother's large nipples and gave it a squeeze. Kate moaned lustily and
involuntarily pushed her breast harder against her daughter's hand. Lynne
tweaked the nipple harder still - enough to cause real pain. Kate's mouth
dropped open wide and her body shuddered.

That's so good, she said as her first orgasm shook her - one that was
caused by her very own daughter!

And Herbert popped out of her mouth. Lynne eagerly slurped Herbert's tip
between her own teen lips and began to suck eagerly.

The End?

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