Alias: Sydney's New Case Part 2 (MF+,M-dom,humil,ncon)
by Aysha Regan ([email protected])

The truck rumbled to a halt and Sydney heard the cargo doors open up and saw
the light pour in. Several men barked orders in Arabic. Some of the girls
behind her squealed and screamed and then she heard guns cocking and two
shots fired which brought more screaming.

She heard chains being unlocked and felt the truck bounce when the other
girls were taken off the truck. Then two pairs of hands grabbed her and
unhooked her wrist chains. She was turned around and saw several armed
soldiers outside the truck. The two men yanked her arms forward and pushed
her to the open doors of the truck. Men outside the truck grabbed her wrist
chains and yanked her off the truck and she fell out onto the desert sands.
The men started yelling at her in Arabic telling her to get up. Then her
buyer stepped forward.

"No. Do not have her stand," he said. "This one thinks she is brave and
believes she will be hard to break. Let's begin your training now, shall we
girl? Up on your hands and knees or I will have you shot right here as an
example to the others. Up, up!"

Her buyer shoved the toe of his boot underneath her stomach and forced her up
onto her hands and knees. She did as he wanted and found herself on all
fours with her bare ass in the air and her pussy exposed to the desert and
the soldiers.

"Now, girl," her buyer whispered into her ear as he picked her leash up in
his hands, "I want you to crawl across the desert like the dog you are, yes?
A regular American bitch. Show those inflamed lips to these horny soldiers
and maybe if you are very good, I will let them fuck you rather than shoot
you, yes? Which would you prefer?"

She wasn't sure if she was supposed to answer until he yanked hard on her

"I'll crawl," she spit out quickly. "I'll crawl."

"Good," he said as he stood upright. "Come, girl."

He called to her as he led her across the desert sand kissing at her as one
would kiss at a dog one was trying to teach tricks to. The action greatly
amused the soldiers and she flushed with further embarrassment when they
broke ranks and laughed at her predicament. Nevertheless, she had little
doubt that this man would follow through on his threats if she resisted. So
she crawled along on all fours led by the leash attached to her collar. The
sand was hot and burned the palms of her hands and her smooth knees.

Her buyer led her into a building that from her low vantage point appeared
to be an old hanger converted to a gymnasium. The sand sticking to her
hands and knees dug in deeper once she got on the hardwood gym floor. It
took some time for her eyes to adjust from the bright sun of the desert to
the relatively low lit hanger/gym. Once they had she saw her fellow captives
being tied to individual hobby horses beside large individual dog cages. The
gym was lit by a few skylights and several open flames in old oil cans.

Her buyer led her over to an empty hobby horse and cage where he handed her
to another uniformed soldier, this one holding a riding crop instead of a
gun. The soldier took her leash and told her to stand up. As she rose she
felt her knees scream at her, complaining about the long crawl. She saw her
fellow captives all bent or being bent over their hobby horses and saw that
their wrists and limbs were being bound to the legs of the horses.

"Bend over," her new trainer told her. She evidently hesitated too long and
felt the sting of the riding crop on her already welted ass. She bent over
the hobby horse face first as the other girls had and felt her pussy lips
open in this exposed position. The buyer addressed the captives.

"These are your temporary kennels," he called out, his voice echoing in the
large chamber. "As long as you behave yourself and do as you're instructed
you will not need to be removed from these PLUSH conditions. If you do NOT
behave yourself, if you do NOT do as you're instructed, then you will find
out what an Iraqi dungeon is all about. If the dungeon does not encourage
you to follow instructions, then you will be killed. This is NOT American
baseball. You do NOT get three strikes before being called out. You get one
chance to correct your behavior. If you fail to correct yourself, you will
be shot and left out in the desert for the buzzards. Believe me, girls, you
will NOT escape; you will NOT be rescued; you will NOT even be found once we
abandon you to the nature of the desert. This is Iraq. You are now
property. You are NOT created equal. You are WOMEN; therefore we MEN will
do with you as we please. Am I understood?"

Several shaky "yes sirs" escaped the frightened women's mouths.

"From now one," the buyer said, "you will answer me 'Yes, Master.' Refusal
or failure to do so will result in punishment. Am I understood?"

The "yes sirs" transformed to "yes Masters" but they were still shaky and

"Am I underSTOOD?" the buyer said as he cracked his whip.

"Yes, Master," the girls all answered as one.

"Good. Make sure it remains so. Now, the men standing next to you are no
longer soldiers. They are your trainers. You will follow their instructions
as you follow mine, whether I am present or not. Failure to do so will have
the same results as failing to mind your Master. Am I understood?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Good. Now then, trainers, prepare your pets."

Sydney saw her trainer step away from her hobby horse and turn around. While
he wasn't looking she tested the strength of her bonds. They were quite
secure. The boots of her trainer turned back around and her pelvis jumped as
she felt ice-cold lubricant smeared onto her open pussy. The squeaks and
squeals she heard form the other girls informed her that their buyers had
just given them the same treatment. She couldn't see what was happening
because of her position but she was able to get an idea from the sounds she

The buyer said out loud, "Your pussy is mine." Then heard a girl squeal or
cry out. Then the buyer said, "As is your ass." And the girl screamed even
louder. Sydney guessed the Master was christening his new slaves buy
penetrating them vaginally and then anally. Sydney had only had anal sex
with Noah before this. Both Danny and Michael were too vanilla to suggest
taking the Hershey highway. She remembers enjoying Noah's anal excavations,
although he always eased into the act with her since he was quite large.
Anticipating what was coming, Sydney felt her pussy become wet again and she
thought to herself that she didn't need the ice-cold lubricant.

The Master went down the row, repeating the same process with each girl.
"Your pussy is mine," followed by a girl's reaction to the penetration, and
then "As is your ass" followed by a pain filled scream.

The Master got to the girl next to her, the young blond if Sydney's initial
survey of the room held true. "Your pussy is mine" he said. The blonde
cried out. "Well, well, well," the Master said, breaking the established
pattern. "Your pussy really is mine, isn't it? I do so love being a woman's

Oh no, Sydney thought to herself, the poor girl was a virgin. As exciting as
the thought of this forced subjugation was to her, she felt tears well up in
her eyes at the thought of this abduction and rape being a young virgin's
first experience. Sydney's empathic thoughts were interrupted by a burning
smell she hadn't noticed before.

"As is your ass." The blonde screamed and cried much louder than the others
had. Then Sydney heard a sound she hadn't heard while the Master was raping
the girls farther down the row. The burning smell got stronger. Her mind
raced trying to figure out what was happening that she couldn't see.

The Master stepped up behind Sydney. "Are you a virgin too, California
girl?" He asked as he positioned himself at her opening. "Your pussy is
mine," he said and a pleasure rush shot thought Sydney's body as she felt
the Master's warm, hard cock penetrate her waiting pussy. He was quite
sizeable, she noticed. At least as big as Noah, maybe a bit wider, or that
could be because her pussy had tightened up at the application of the cold
lubricant. Maybe the lubricant wasn't an act of mercy, but tightening them
up purposely for this first entrance. Sydney wanted the Master to fuck her
now but her pleasure was denied.

Just as quickly as he'd thrust into her he pulled back out again. Now
Sydney waited for him to slam into her ass. She tried to relax her sphincter
to lessen the impact. "As is your ass," he said and despite her best efforts
she felt her sphincter tighten up in anticipation. Damn, she thought, this
is gonna hurt.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHH!!!" Sydney cried out in pain as she felt a red hot iron
burn into the flesh of her right buttock. The shock and misdirection left
Sydney totally defenseless as the best training in torture resistance and
pain tolerance had not prepared her for the burning hot branding iron that
had just stuck into her flesh. She cried out again as the Master removed his
branding iron. The smell of burning flesh hit Sydney in the nostrils and she
knew she'd let her sexual fantasies blind her from identifying the smell
earlier. If she had known this was coming she might have been able to
mentally prepare herself for it and shut out the pain sensors that were now
firing off into her brain. She continued to moan and went limp onto her
horse, crying just as the other girls had.

"Now then," the Master said as he tossed his iron back into one of the oilcan
fires, "you are now branded as slaves. For the rest of your lives you will
always have the mark of slavery on your flesh. My mark. Eventually, you
will come to cherish my brand on your ass. If not, you will most likely be
dead. Trainers, salve their wounds to prevent infection and put the bitches
into their kennels for the night. Tomorrow we will begin their training."

The trainers did as they were ordered. All of the girls cried with relief
when the cooling salve was applied to their burns. Then the girls were
unfastened from their hobby horses and had to crawl on all fours to get into
their kennels. In the kennels the girls found a pan of water and another of
dried feed that might well have been dog food. There were newsprints lining
the floor of the kennels and the message was clear to Sydney. If they needed
to go to the bathroom, they were to go on the paper, like dogs, and fester
in it for the night. Sydney vowed to herself that she would hold hers until
she was released from this cage.


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