Alias: The Brainwashing (tort,viol,mc)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

Her heart pounding, Sydney Bristow ran faster than she had ever run before.
The muscles in her legs felt as if they were lead and her lungs heaved for
air as the young spy, her alias blown, raced for the elevator, running
literally for her life.

Fortune smiled on Sydney as the elevator doors slid open just as she skidded
up to them. At last a stroke of luck after a disastrous mission.

Muscles aching, Syd threw herself into the elevator and stabbed at the "down"
button. After what seemed like an age, the doors slowly slid closed and Syd
breathed a sigh of relief. If she could get to the parking lot she would be
home free. Sydney started to relax.

But just before the elevator started to move, the doors parted open and
instantly 4 security guards rushed in taking Sydney by surprise. She started
to fight back but too late, they were on her, punching and kicking, showing
no remorse. One grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the elevator
into the corridor. Once there, another guard positioned his boot between
Syd's legs and delivered a brutal kick to her groin. Syd cried out in agony,
doubling over, her hands going to her genitals, her mouth open in a scream
of pain.

Seizing the opportunity presented by Sydney's anguished shriek of agony, one
of the guards jabbed the tip of his electrical baton to the young girl's
tongue and applied a quick but agonising blast of electricity which sent
Sydney out of control. Another guard stuck the electrical prod into Sydney's
armpit, exposed due to the fact she was wearing a vest top, and shocked her
there with brutal efficiency. Syd fell to the floor, where she lay, twisting
and writhing in agony. Paralysed, she was unable to fight back as the guards
wrestled her out of her jeans and ripped off her thong, taking a clump of
pubic hair with it. And then one of the guards pushed the nub of his baton
between Syd's legs and with one movement forced it into her vagina. The pain
was severe and Syd tried to find the strength to fight back, to run, to
escape. But it was to no avail and in slow motion she saw the guard press
the button on the end of his stick. An instant later and Sydney's vagina was
subjected to an intense electric shock which ripped into her most sensitive

The pain was too much to bear and Syd passed out, her body still jerking
involuntarily from the shocks she had received.

A bright, white, blinding light brought Sydney Bristow back to consciousness.
She was sitting upright in a padded chair, naked, her wrists bucked down with
leather straps, her ankles likewise. Metal clips held Syd's eyelids open so
that she couldn't blink and electrodes were fastened to her forehead and
nipples. Metal clips were attached to her labia, pulling them apart so that
her genitals were exposed.

"Begin" came a voice from behind Sydney. Is response she could hear the small
whine of various electros servo coming to life and she automatically tensed
her body. By her head, a pair of padded earphones slid into place around
Sydney's ears. From the seat of the chair, a tiny needle extended out from
the leather pushing unerringly towards Syd's vagina.

With pinpoint accuracy, the needle came to rest directly against Sydney's
clitoris causing Syd to flinch. There was no pain but the metal was cold
against her clit. Now a second needle was moving upwards from the seat of
the chair and with detailed precision penetrated her vagina until it found
Sydney's urethra.

Sweat poured down the young spy's forehead. She had been tortured before but
this, this was inhuman. She had never felt so vulnerable, so exposed before.

"I won't talk you bastards" she shouted to no-one in particular, her voice
cracking with fear.

Almost in response the first needle shot forward penetrating Sydney's

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggh" Syd wailed as the metal burrowed deep into
her. And then things got much much worse as the needle unleashed a small
quantity of scorpion venom into Syd's clit.

At the same time the second needle penetrated Sydney's urethra and likewise
injected the scorpion venom into her.

It took a few moment for the venom to course into Sydney's genitals but when
it did so it had a devastating effect. Sydney went out of control, writhing
in agony, her body raising up in the chair, straining against the leather

"AAAaaaaaagggggggghhh hurts..."
Sydney wailed, her face contorted in agony, unable to shut her eyes due to
the clips holding her eyelids.

Suddenly the earphones in the headrest of the chair came to life screeching
an intense sonic attack directly at Syd's eardrums whilst in front of her the
burning white light dimmed and was replaced by images on a screen of various
contacts that Syd had with SD-6.

By now the scorpion poison had taken full effect and was almost like an acid
within Syd's clitoris and urethra. The noise in her ears had also increased
in intensity.

"Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Sydney as her naked body
thrashed and bucked up and down in response to the agonising torment.

The electrodes attached to Syd were connected to an ECG monitor and it
showed a massive amount of brain activity as the female spy was subject to
unbearable levels of torture.

Suddenly the pain stopped and Syd slumped down in the chair, exhausted from
her ordeal. The images on the screen changed from SD-6 personnel pictures of
people she did not know.

In the earphones, Syd could hear pleasant, soothing sounds of water trickling
in a pond and gentle music. Then a pleasant female voice spoke.

"Your loyalty is to The Nexus, Sydney. The Nexus makes you feel good, we are
all your friends. We care about you, we want to help you" Said the voice.
Syd's head was spinning and she was losing her grasp on reality. But the
voice, it was so restful. And now the screen had gone dark and Sydney's eyes
finally had a chance to rest even though she still could not close them.

The needles inside Syd's vagina withdrew and a small atomiser spray covered
her genitals with a thin film that soothed her instantly. In fact this liquid
felt so good against her cunt lips that Syd could almost forget the agony she
had just experienced.

The voice in her ears continued to speak in it's lullaby tones whilst tiny
impulses were sent down the wires to Syd's nipples, making them feel warm,
tingly, nice.

"The Nexus are your friends. We want you to like us. SD-6 want to hurt you.
SD-6 cause you pain, Sydney. Remember the pain, Sydney?"

"...yy..yes...the was...unbearable..."

"It hurt you badly didn't it Sydney?"

" much pain"

Then Syd's world was turned upside down again. The screen came alive to
bright images of various SD-6 personnel and the headphones once again blasted
their unbearable sonic torture into Syd's eardrums. And the needles, the
dreadful invasive needles, returned to Sydney's exposed vagina, pushing into
her, injecting her with more serum. The scorpion venom once again started
eating into Sydney's nerve endings causing pain beyond measure.

The electrode's on Syd's nipples now started to send electric shocks through
to her mammary glands. Syd clutched at the arms of the chair as her whole
body was tortured beyond tolerance, her naked body, glistening with sweat,
thrashing about in the chair as every part of her was subjected to wave after
wave of unceasing agony.

screwed up in agony, her beautiful features now unrecognisable. And now the
headphones were getting louder and louder, shredding her sensitive eardrums.

Sydney started to convulse, a frothy glob of saliva escaping her mouth and
running down her chin.

"Do you want the Nexus Sydney?" came a voice in the speakers.

Shaking, frothing at the mouth, Sydney cried a desperate response.


"You want to embrace us don't you Sydney?"


"You will serve us wont you Sydney?"

"Yes...serve...serve you...just...please...stop...the...pain please...stop...

"Offer yourself to us and we will stop the pain Sydney."

"...I'm... your...servant...I serve the Nexus" stammered Syd, her mind
totally brainwashed by the ordeal.

The pain was stopped instantly, the needless retracting from Sydney's
genitals, the spray back again soothing, healing. Syd slumped into
unconsciousness, oblivious to the fact that she was now under the control
of a terrorist organisation and was about to be used as a puppet to bring
down her own organisation.


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