Alias: The Lesbian Resort (FF,F-mast,inc,rom)
by Hamster ([email protected])
and Mia Lover ([email protected])

Sydney Bristow walked into the bedroom to see Michael Vaughn nude on the bed
being ridden by Lauren Reed. She was stunned. Lauren was was bouncing up and
down on his meat pole and was squealing like a pig. Sydney's eyes were
transfixed and she could only stare at the scene before. The pair of bastards
were so busy rutting that they didn't even notice Sydney standing there.

"Yes, yes Lauren! You are the best fuck ever!" Vaughn cried out.

"Vaughn!" Sydney screamed.

They were both surprised. Lauren quickly got off of got off Vaughn. This was
very annoying to him.

"How could you?" Sydney demanded.

"Sorry, Sydney, you're just not as good at fucking as Lauren is," he said. He
figured that it was over between him and Sydney so he should just be harsh
enough to get rid of her. That way he could get back to Lauren.

Sydney felt like she'd been punched in the gut. She turned and fled the room
with tears welling in her eyes. Sydney woke up. She had yet another one of
the dreams of catching Vaughn with Lauren. Even though she was dead she can't
get her with Vaughn out of her mind.

Nadia's room...

Nadia was laying awake in her room. She stared up into the ceiling. She
secretly found herself attracted to women as well as men and she happened to
be thinking of women at the time. She was touching her breasts as her find
flowed to the thoughts of beautiful women. A single image invaded her mind
as she began to insert a finger in her pussy then pushed it in and out.
Pleasure was electrifying her body as she focused on the singular image that
was driving her feelings of lust. After she came she felt feelings of guilt,
the image she had been focusing was her sister!


Arvin Sloane was heading a meeting. Sydney and Nadia are both there. Jack
Bristow, Marcus Dixon, and Michael Vaughn are also there.

"We have received Intel about a prototype weapon stolen by someone known as
The Fixer." Sloane said.

"Do we have any Information on who it is?" Sydney asks.

"Only that The Fixer Is an international arms dealer with connections in
several governments. Her more powerful allies have managed to keep her safe
from prosecution and from interference in her business. She has crossed the
line this time though and we have Spain's blessing to take her down.
Lesbian," Sloane said. There is Silence In the room. "We have word The Fixer
will be at a Lesbian resort on an Atlantic island controlled by Spain this
weekend. We believe the weapon will be with her. So, Sydney, Nadia, you need
to go undercover as a couple."

"Wait a minute, you expect them to pose as a Lesbian couple?" Dixon asks.

"That's right," Sloane said.

"But they're sisters!" Dixon said.

"They are skilled enough to fake it," Sloane said.

"They might have to kiss each other," Vaughn said, he was coolly hiding his
arousal at the thought of the two kissing.

Nadia suddenly has the thought maybe that would not be so bad.

"They can handle it" Sloane said.

"I think it should be left up to them," Jack said.

"All right," Sloane said.

"I am up for it," Nadia quickly said.

Sydney was a little uneasy about this. But she was a professional and
she knew that her job was for the greater good and that she had to make

"All right," Sydney said.


Sydney was packing some clothes in her bedroom. She knew that she'd have to
show affection for Nadia publicly. That wasn't a problem. She did care about
Nadia. She packed a few dresses, some casual wear and bathing suits. She knew
that she'd have to dress provocatively to attract the attention of the Fixer.
Sydney began to think about Vaughn. She unzipped her pants and began to rub
her pussy as she pictured him in her mind. She was pissed at Vaughn but she
had a powerful urge to cum.

Nadia was packing some clothes in her bedroom. She knew that she'd have
to show affection for Sydney publicly, she looked forward to it and was
apprehensive about it at the same time, she was struggling with the growing
lust. She packed a few dresses, some casual wear and bathing suits. She
wanted to dress provocatively; she wanted Sydney to think she was sexy.
Nadia began to think about Sydney. She unzipped her pants and began to rub
her pussy as she pictured Sydney in her mind. The guilt that she felt for
picturing her own sister during masturbation was drowned out by a powerful
desire to cum.

At the exact same time although with two very different inspirations, the two
women fingered their wet cunts.

Las Mariposas Island, Atlantic Ocean...

The private plane touched down on the Island and as soon as the sisters
disembarked they noticed the fact that there didn't seem to be a single man
anywhere. There are beautiful women all around, however. Several noticed
them. Heads turned everywhere they went, in fact.

"I don't think that there is a single man on the entire island." commented

"That will be a nice change of pace." Said Nadia.

Sydney laughed, not realizing how serious her sister was being. Nadia called
for a limo that took them to the resort. It was a short trip but the sisters
got a good view of the tropical beauty that the island had. Here in their the
found the islands only men. Always doing the back breaking manual labor like
expanding the road or sanitation work.

"How will we find the fixer?" Sydney asked aloud.

"Well, I think that she'll find us. And if she doesn't we'll have to search
the resort top to bottom. The best bet is that she will be in the nicest
room. She will probably have bodyguards. She'll also be rich." Said Nadia.

"I usually have more to go on." Sydney said as the limo pulled up to resort.

"Don't worry. We'll find her." Nadia said as she gave her sister's knee a

The women checked in then were escorted to their room by a cute and perky

Sydney and Nadia walked into their room. It was fairly huge a beautiful view
of the beach from the window, a Jacuzzi but apparently one problem.

"There is only one bed." Said Sydney. Nadia laughed.

"We are supposed to be a lesbian couple remember?" Nadia said.

"Right. I'll take the couch..." Sydney started.

"Don't be stupid. The bed is large enough for both of us." Nadia protested.

"Yeah sure." Said Sydney.

"Let's take a look around." Said Nadia.

"Sure." Sydney said.

Nadia began to undress so that she could get into a black two-piece bathing

Sydney also began to undress. Nadia snuck a few glances at her. She didn't
know how she was ever going to resist the massive temptation that Sydney was
posing. Sydney put on some khaki shorts and a brown top. Then she grabbed
some sunglasses.

"How do I look?" Asked Sydney

"Like every lesbian's fantasy." Nadia replied.

The two parted company and agreed to meet back at the room later. Nadia
headed for the pool and Sydney went for a walk around the resort. They spent
most of the day looking around for anyone who may be the fixer. Most of the
women were more than happy to talk to them but there didn't seem to be
anything unusual about them.

That evening Sydney, and Nadia walk into the bar together. They were dressed
to inspire lust, and turned the heads of many of the women there. When Sydney
went to the bathroom a woman went up to Nadia.

"Your very lucky to be with her" she tells Nadia.

Nadia only smiled. Sydney came back, and walked up to Nadia. A woman at a
table noticed Sydney, and was very taken with her. She watched her and Nadia
begin to Dance. The woman watched as Sydney and Nadia have a very sexy dance.
She was getting very turned on by watching them. The way that their bodies
rubbed against each other and moved sensually in time with the music. Nadia
realized the attention they are getting, and she made a decision. Her heart
was beating a mile a minute but she steeled her courage. Nadia kissed Sydney
hard on the mouth. Sydney was completely stunned by this. Several of the
women were watching them. After several minutes Nadia withdrew from Sydney.
The woman that had been watching them caught the look on Sydney's face.

Sydney went to the bar. She was confused as hell and didn't know what to
think about what had just happened. Nadia followed her to the bar.

"Buy you a drink?" Offered Nadia.

Sydney smiled. "Sure."

Sydney and Nadia had quite a few drinks. Nadia was surprised at her nerve and
Sydney was confused by her feelings about it. They were feeling light headed
when they decided to head upstairs to their rooms.

When Sydney, and Nadia walked into the suite they are both drunk. Nadia
looked at Sydney, and didn't see her half-sister but rather an attractive
woman. Nadia grabbed her sister's waist then pulled her close and kissed
her for real as if she is her lover. Sydney doesn't push Nadia away. The
attraction is not a one way street.

"I want you, Sydney" Nadia said.

Sydney was filled with uncontrolled lust at this point.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Sydney said.

Nadia smiled, and they rushed to the bedroom, hand-in-hand. Nadia, and Sydney
kiss heavily. Nadia unzipped her dress, and removed it. Sydney saw Nadia's
nude breasts and she licked her lips. Sydney quickly also undressed herself.
Nadia lay on the bed and spread open her legs. Sydney strode over to the bed,
and buried her head Into Nadia's pussy, started licking away at her cunt.
Nadia never enjoyed anything like she enjoyed having Sydney do this to her.

"Oh Sydney, that so wonderful." Nadia moans.

Sydney was laying on the bed as Nadia caressed her breasts. Nadia licked and
sucked her sister's nipples and gave the nipples the occasional soft bite.
Nadia then went down on Sydney's pussy. Nadia pulled Sydney's legs open, and
started licking away. Sydney moaned and stroked Nadia's hair. She was filled
with blissful pleasure. Nadia continues licking away at Sydney's cunt with
everything she had. All of her dreams were coming true. Sydney enjoyed the
job Nadia is doing.

"Oh Shit" Sydney moaned as she exploded onto Nadia.

Nadia drank in her sister's girl cum; it was the sweetest thing she'd ever

The sisters made love all night long until they passed out from exhaustion.

Sydney wakes up with Nadia close to her breasts. She suddenly realizes what
she has done. She has had Lesbian sex with her sister! Nadia awakens.

"Morning, lover" Nadia said smiling.

"Oh god!" Sydney replied as she jumped out of bed.

Before Nadia could finish telling her to stop she had fled to the bathroom
and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt so dirty after having lesbian
sex with Nadia. She was shocked that she could have done such a thing and
more so that Nadia didn't have a problem with it. Quite the contrary. Nadia
was pleased as she could be. She had enjoyed making love to Sydney. She
wanted to be closer to Sydney. She knew her sister was in shock right now
but she also knew that it was meant to be.

Sydney walked out of the bathroom. Nadia smiled at her but Sydney pointedly
avoided looking at her. Sydney started to get dressed.

"Sydney we need to talk." Said Nadia.

"Not right now. I can't. I really just have to go and clear my head." Sydney

"Alright, but you have to talk to me sometime." Nadia said as Sydney stepped
out the door.


Sydney went to the bar by the pool and ordered a drink. The woman who had
been staring at her the night before walked up to her.

"Hi," she said.

"Hello" Sydney replied.

"Trouble with your girl friend?" she asked.

"You could say that" Sydney replied.

The woman smiled, she liked the sound of that. Sydney noticed that nearby
were a couple of women in black suites that kept their eyes fixed to the
woman that she was talking to. She also noticed the woman was wearing very
expensive shoes and a diamond bracelet that cost a fortune. Sydney, and the
Women have had some drinks. She touched Sydney's hand.

"I find you very attractive" she tells Sydney.

Sydney smiled, decided to play that she was flattered by the woman's

"Thank you." Said Sydney.

"Let's go back to my room," she said.

"I'd like that a lot." Said Sydney.

She moved close to Sydney, and kisses her. The woman took Sydney by the hand
and led her back inside. The pair took an elevator to the pent house. Sydney
and the woman walk into her massive flat. The woman didn't waste time when
she wanted something. She spun Sydney to face her and then they kissed.
Sydney started to take off her shirt as the woman closed the door. Sydney
smiles at her. Suddenly Sydney strikes her. One solid, well-placed blow and
the woman was knocked out. Sydney stepped into the bedroom. Sydney moved
quickly ransacking the room until she found an electronic safe. She drew a
gun she had hidden her purse and woke the Fixer up.

"Open the safe or I shoot you." Sydney said. “You can't think that you'll get
away with this you bitch." Snarled the Fixer.

"The safe, open it." Said Sydney.

The fixer did as she was instructed. In the safe was a strong box. Inside
that was the world's smallest nuclear weapon. Sydney bashed the Fixer across
her temple with the butt of her gun.

A couple minutes later...

Sydney ran into the room where Nadia was waiting.

"We have to go" Sydney said.

"What's wrong?" Nadia asked.

"I have the weapon, Fixer may be dead."

Nadia, and Sydney run out. A pair of security guards got in their way but
both women were able to knock them out with well place kicks. They mad it
down stairs just as several armed guards began to give chase. The pair
quickly pulled the driver out of a limo and drove off.

Sloane's office...

"You two did a good job," Sloane said. "Where there any complications."

Sydney thought about that one long and hard. Was sleeping with her sister a
complication? Was she a pervert? Was it illegal? Why the hell couldn't she
get it out of her head?

"No complications." Said Nadia firmly.

At the completion of the debriefing Sydney walked away from Nadia at a brisk

"Sydney wait." Nadia said.

"I can't, I can't talk about this right now." Sydney said.


Sydney walked into the house. Nadia was waiting for her there.

"Hello Lover" Nadia said smiling.

"We need to talk, Nadia" Sydney said.

"That is what I have bee trying to do since we got back but you keep avoiding
me." Nadia said.

"What happened was a mistake. Us having Lesbian sex was a huge mistake. We
are sisters. It's just wrong. We need to forget about fucking each other,"
Sydney said.

Nadia stood up, and went to Sydney.

"We can't do that, Sydney. We both enjoyed it and I wasn't fucking you, I was
making love." Nadia said.

"Please Nadia." Sydney begged.

"We were meant to be a lot closer, Syd. No one needs to know what we do to
each other at night. Let me make you feel good, let me love you" Nadia said.

Nadia puts her arms around Sydney and kissed her. Sydney was surprised but
she returned the kissed. She melted in the warm wet loving kiss her sister
was giving her. Her heart fluttered and her mind clouded as her sister's
hand felt over her body. The two began to take their cloths off as quickly
as possible. A cloud of discarded garments flew left and right until both
women were naked. Sydney lay on her bed nude. Nadia was giving her a very
sensual massage. Sydney closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the loving
attention she was receiving. Nadia couldn't think of anything she could
possibly love more than touching Sydney like this. They rearranged
themselves so that they were face to face. They stared into each other's
eyes passionately as the ground their pussies together. They both came
together before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Las Mariposas Island...

Sydney, and Nadia return to the resort for a special vaction. Here they can
act on their desire for each other with no one knowing they are half sisters.

Nadia, wearing a bikini, was laying on a chair by the pool. Sydney was
enjoying a swim. Sydney stepped out of the pool and Nadia comes up with a
towel. She dried off Sydney. Sydney and Nadia share a look. Nadia went to
a chair, and lay on top. Sydney puts sun lotion on her hands and rubs it
all over Nadia's back.

"Thanks Sydney." Nadia said.

"My pleasure." Sydney replied.

When she was done they sat next to each other.

"I love you, Nadia" Sydney said to her sister.

"I love you too, Sydney" Nadia replied.

Sydney and Nadia kiss very passionately

The End


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