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This is a story based on ABC's alias the heroine is CIA agent Sydney Bristow
she works with her father at the CIA. The part of Sydney is played by the
sexy Jennifer Garner.

The Cast

CIA Agents:
Sydney Bristow
Jack Bristow
Michael Vaughn

SD-6 Agents:
Sydney Bristow
Jack Bristow
Arvin Sloan

Will Tippin
Marcus Dixon

Story the "The other Counteragent"
Based on
Season 2: Episode 7 - "The Counteragent"

The setup for those who haven't seen the show...

Vaughn wraps his bloody fingernails and heads to Irina's cell. She thanks him
for proving Jack's involvement in Madagascar. Vaughn admits he's sick and
asks Irina what Khasinau learned from experimenting on people exposed to the
Red Ball. Irina asks if he loves Sydney, to which Vaughn replies that he'll
tell her if she helps him.

At the CIA, Sydney, having learned that Vaughn is sick, asks Irina if there
is an antidote. It's in Paldiski, Estonia, she says, at a former Soviet
training base for nuclear submarine personnel. But the antidote is
genetic-specific, meaning Sydney must manufacture it from Vaughn's blood.
With Vaughn now in the hospital and expected to live only three days, Sydney
draws his blood and they hold hands. On her way out, Sydney meets Alice,
Vaughn's girlfriend.

Sloane confesses to Jack that he's insecure about his standing within the
Alliance and that he confessed the Emily issue to Kristof, whom he must now
meet in Tokyo. He tortures Richter, desperately trying to find the location
of Derevko's ops base.

Sydney arrives at the Paldiski lab and dons a hazmat suit. She spots Sark.
Finding the equipment, she learns that an alarm will sound if she tries to
generate the serum. She ignores Kendall's order to abort and makes the serum,
thus alerting Sark to her presence. Sark traps her in a decontamination
chamber and threatens to kill her by releasing ammonia flurochloride. He
forces her to cuts a deal -- Sydney can keep the antidote if she'll deliver
him Sloane.

Now what really happened...

Alias: The Other Counteragent (MF,M+F,drugs,rape,bond,inc)
by NotMyStory

Paldiski lab in the former Soviet Union

Sydney stared through the glass knowing Sark would kill her where she stood
if she didn't agree to help him. Suddenly the sprinklers over head sprang to
life and Sydney looked up in horror as she gazed at her suit being melted
away literally as she wore it. She knew her skin would disintegrate twice as
fast as the decontamination suit and she was Vaughn's only hope for survival.
Then it occurred to her all she had to do was send one evil man to his grave
in order for a good man she knew and cared for deeply to live. She made her
decision and told Sark she would do as he demanded. She would work for the
bastard just this once. Immediately the acid stopped and moment's later water
began to spray down on Sydney washing what acid it could from what remained
of her suit.

As Sydney stood there water washing over her she felt an itch looking down
at the spot of exposed skin where the suit had been eaten through. She felt
the now badly diluted acid touch her skin in hundreds of places. She heard
through the speakers as she was instructed to step into the next chamber.
Doing as she was ordered Sydney stepped into the small room where a voice
ordered her to place the antidote in a tray on the wall, the tray instantly
retracted into the wall. Doing as she was told Sydney followed the
instructions. Next she was ordered to carefully remove what was left of her
decontamination suit placing it in the tray behind her. Once she had the
suit off and in the remaining tray water began to pour down on her again.
The voice then ordered her to remove all her contaminated clothing and place
it in the tray as well. Reluctantly Sydney looked up into the Video camera
on the wall as she began to undress within a moment she stood nude having
placed all of her tattered clothes in the tray. As the tray retracted the
sprinkler shut off and the door opened. Greeted by six armed guards Sydney
tried to cover her breast and sex with her hands as best she could.

The Guards' weapons trained on her, she was lead into a room down the hall
where a group of medical technicians began to scrub Sydney's skin to clean
it from the acids. Sydney grimaced from the pain as the curse and callus
brushes scrubbed the skin from her body. Each brush felt like a thousand
small needles piercing her skin, and Sydney was given a battery of
injections to prevent infection and...

Sydney awoke to find herself chained to a bed, she felt the chill on her
skin as the air touched her naked skin, she looked around the room and then
she spotted him. Sitting in a chair in the shadow beside the bed was Sark.
As Sydney's eyes adjusted to the light Sark rose and began to speak. "Just
one more thing before you go Sydney. I have something I have wanted to give
you for a long time." He said as he dropped his pants and climbed on the
bed with her.

All too aware of what the bastard had in mind for her Sydney said. "You
touch me and there won't be a place on this planet you can hide where I
won't find you and when I do I'll kill you."

Laughing at her threat Sark replied. "Oh so feisty aren't you. I shall enjoy
this, I think, a lot more than I had expected."

Thoughts racing through her mind Sydney felt his hand begin to run up her
chained leg. "You worked for my mother she would never allow this." She
pleaded with him as his hand ran up her inner thigh.

"It was terrible when I got the news about Irina. I heard how her own husband
and child were working to have her put to death. You should know Sydney your
mother cares for no one and would do the same to you." He said moving his
hand to her belly.

As he traced his fingers up her belly and around each breast Sydney struggled
against the chains holding her. She closed her eyes as she felt him place his
lips over her right breast and begin to playfully bite it. Sydney sighed as
the monster sucked on one nipple then the other. "That's right Sydney enjoy
it while you can." He laughed as he moved his body between her wide spread
legs. "Sorry I don't have more time for foreplay but you have things to be
done while Agent Vaughn's still alive." He leered at her as he began to lower
his erect penis to her outstretched womanhood.

When Sydney felt Sark's penis touch the lips of her sex she arched her back
trying to avoid the contact. He took the opportunity to lower his head and
suck her nipple into his mouth as he rammed his cock into the once invincible
super spy. Sydney screamed "NO" as the bastard rammed his member into her.
She felt the tears run down her face as he continued his assault on her. She
had feared death and the loss of others her father, Vaughn but she had never
feared this. In fact she had never thought of this. Sure she had been told
how to react what to do if she was ever raped by someone but none of her
training helped her now as this monster continued to grind into her dry sex.

Sydney heard the sobs and the crying as she lay under the brute raping her
they seemed to be coming from the distance but then she realized they where
coming from her own lips. She opened her eyes to see Sark staring her in the
face an evil smile on his. She sensed he enjoyed watching her cry and whimper
under him and decided she would no longer give him the pleasure as she tried
to calm herself. Sucking in a sob she tried to put on a brave face for the
monster to see. He merely dipped his head and savagely bit her left nipple
the pain unbearable Sydney broke down and began to cry again.

Sark had been raping her for what seemed an eternity every time she would
steady herself he would inflict more pain and humiliation on the agent
causing her to break down again. Sydney was troubled that his rape was
having such a devastating effect on her. She knew how to handle herself;
she had been trained to handle a situation just like this. But instead she
found herself lying there and as scared and humiliated as any other college
student would be in this situation. She lay on the bed chained arms and
feet spread apart with a foreign monster ramming his manhood into her. She
felt cold and scared suddenly feeling abandoned and all alone.

Finally she felt Sark pick up his pace as he began to tell her how much he
was sure she was enjoying it but now it was "Cumming to an end." As he sank
into her on last time she felt his cock twitch just before it erupted in a
stream of cum into her precious womanhood.

Sydney closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath as Sark fell in a heap
on top of her spent from his exhaustions. She felt his lips cover her own as
he gently kissed her before rolling off her.

Agent Bristow heard the door open and opened her eyes to see the four armed
guards standing over her as a fifth began to undue her restraints. She was
disgusted as she felt Sark's deposit begin to run down her abused thigh in
plan view for the men to see. She looked at one of the guards who was
staring intently at the liquid dribbling down her leg. Finally freed she was
instructed to put on a jumpsuit; she was then taken to the center of town
where she was left alone at last.

* * *

Los Angeles, CA (CIA Western Headquarters)

Sydney returned to headquarters' and informed them as to the deal she had cut
with Sark in order to save Vaughn. She told them she must turn over Sloane to
him and he would give her the antidote. Sydney mentioned nothing of her rape
and humiliation to anyone to ashamed of what he had done to her. Her plan was
met with strong resistance by the brass back at the office but finally with
the help of her father she got her plan approved.

Her father took Sydney aside and told her of his concerns for her and how he
had hoped she would never become such a cold blooded pre-meditated murderer
as her mother. Sydney hurt by what her father had said but knowing there was
nothing she would like more than to kill Sark right now.

After contact was made Sark instructed her to meet his people in Tokyo to
arrange for Sloane's abduction. She was to come alone or the deal was off.

* * *

Tokyo, Japan (Outside Keio Plaza Hotel)

In Tokyo Sydney meets two of Sark's men, after going over Sloane's itinerary
the decided to abduct Sloane while he is at a Japanese hotel.

Sydney sat in the back of the truck waiting to make her move. She had
dressed in a geisha outfit ready to incapacitate Sloane once he arrived. As
she waited for him to arrive she began to think about the events of the last
forty eight hours.

She learned her handler Vaughn had a terminal disease an illness that her
own mother was responsible for. Her father she no longer trusted nor did he
trust her apparently. Her skin began to crawl as she thought of what had
happened at Sark's hands. She wondered if she had made a mistake not telling
anyone of what he had done to her during her debriefing.

Suddenly it was time to move Sloane had arrived and was waiting for his
massage. Sydney snuck in dressed as a Japanese geisha girl slipping into his
room she injected him with a needle provided to her by Sark's men.

Following her victim to the ambulance Sydney was happy the operation was
over anxious to get back to headquarters and away from Sark and his men. She
knew she had just over 36 hours to get the serum back and save Vaughn's life.

Sydney looked up to see Sark standing in front of her holding the serum. She
wanted to kill him where he stood but instead extended her arm to accept the
serum vial when she felt the sting in her neck. She slumped into the arms of
Sark's man who had just injected her with the hypo.

* * *

Tokyo, Japan (Location Unknown)

Sydney awoke to find herself surrounded by three men she recognized as Sark's
goons. Stepping out from the shadow was Sark himself. Sydney began to stand
up from the mattress she was lying on as she did Sark began to speak.

"Well I am glad to see your awake now Agent BitchStow." He said with a laugh.
"I needed to bring you here to give you your serum as well. You see when I
had the pleasure of your company back in Paldiski I took the opportunity to
inject you with another little genetic virus I thought you would find
especially interesting. You see Sydney there is an all natural antidote to
what I have done to you."

"What are you talking about I was tested when I returned from Paldiski I am
clean." Sydney hissed back at him.

"Oh my dear I think you will find that if they rerun those tests today they
will find a viral strain attached to your DNA slowly killing you."

Sydney looked at him in shock she knew he was telling her the truth from the
way he spoke.

"Not to worry my dear Sydney for there is a way you can save yourself at
least for a while. You see the all natural cure for your ailment is sperm.
Human sperm to be exact." Sydney began to cry hearing him say that she knew
what he had planned for her next, she then decided it best to hide her fear
and steadied herself. Sark watched her as the once proud agent shuddered at
his words and a single tear streaked down her white painted face.

"But not all news is good news Sydney. You see although sperm will kept the
contagion from spreading and killing you it is genetically based each dose
is good only once until you find the perfect genetic match. You see someone
out there can cure you of this forever but every other man will buy you only
hours of life. Unfortunately with every dose you're given the virus builds
up a stronger resistance until the correct genetic match is found." Smiling
he continued. "What I'm trying to tell you Sydney is for you to survive you
must have sex with a different man every time. Each time you have sex the
amount of time it will hold you over for is less than the time before. In
fact, in just under a week you won't be able to get enough to keep you alive
if you haven't found your perfect man so to speak. Oh and one other point of
interest for you Sydney in our test the sperm had to be transferred during
sex something about interaction in the women. We never figured that part out
but no frozen fathers did the job, even fresh specimens failed to save our
guinea pigs. The only way the sperm had an effect is when it was transferred
during sex with the subject."

Sydney's gaze dropped to the floor as she tried to accept all the news he
had given her. "I'm afraid its time for your next injection Sydney, my men
will medicate you enough to get you back home, so you can save your friend.
I hope you find Mister Right Sydney. I must say you where a formidable
adversary and a great lay." Sark said as he turned and left.

Sydney still staring at the ground in front of her saw the movement in the
corner of her eye, she then spun to kick the man moving toward her. Her foot
hit him square in the chest and she lashed out punching the man in front of
her. She felt weak and noticed her blows had not been forceful enough to
slow the men down much. As she began to access the situation the third man
landed his first blow on her. He hit Sydney across the base of her neck,
the force knocking her down and onto the mattress on the ground.

As Sydney spun over onto her back she felt a hand grab her arm while a body
landed on her legs pinning her to the ground. Then the third man grabbed her
still free hand pulling it above her head and tied her wrist to something
she could not see. Sydney felt her other arm extended above her head and
secured like the other one had been. As one man pulled her geisha robe open
exposing her bra covered breast the other man pulled the wig from her head.

As Sydney felt her legs spread apart she began to wish she would have let
someone from the CIA join her on this trip, instead of insisting on coming
alone as Sark had ordered. She pulled at her arms but found the where quite
secure as her rob was pulled open exposing her bra and panties to the men.
Sydney watched as one goon produced a knife and proceeded to cut her bra in
the middle. She felt the cold medal slide under her bra across her sternum
as it sliced through her bra. The cups of her bra falling off her chest to
the side of her body as he pulled away.

The exposure of Sydney's proud and pert nipples meeting with the approval
of the men. They began groping her breast as the one with the knife moved
his attentions lower. She looked down to see the man with the knife run
the blade under the elastic top of her panties she held her breath as he
sliced through the thin material covering her sex. Sydney swallowed in as
much air as she could while she felt her legs spread wide apart exposing
her to the man between her legs.

Sydney Bristow found herself naked except for the white paint covering her
face. She lay under a total stranger now pushing his dick into her once
proud body and shuddered at the thought of how she had fallen so much. He
entered her in a long and violent stab he began thrusting into her while
telling his cohorts how good the American agent felt under him.

Sydney stayed as strong as she could looking at the ceiling refusing to
meet the men's eyes as she was attacked. The first man finished quickly
having worked himself up through his violent thrust into her. The second
man held the knife at her throat as he pounded his cock into the battered
agent. She found herself with her knees in her face as the third man bent
her legs back and into her body as he violently raped her now dripping

Her first attacker decided he was not done with her yet, now hard again he
dipped his member into her filled cunt. Getting it slick with the men's
juices, he pulled out still holding Sydney's legs to her chest he forced
his cock into her budded asshole. The violent invasion the first time
Sydney had been screwed in her ass was painful enough to cause her to
scream and buck against his intrusion.

Her fighting only excited the man more he increased his tempo plowing deeper
into her with each stroke. Sydney tears now streaking the paint on her face
sobbed as he pounded her ass. He was not as fast to finish this time as he
had been the first time. He sawed into the poor girl for much longer this
time before pulling out and shouting jets of his cum on the girls painted

Sydney was raped for almost two hours by the trio of thugs. Although Sark
had said only the first dose would be effective to help prevent the virus
from spreading. Each man had raped her twice and one of them had just
finished using her for the third time before they released her and left.

Sydney opened her eyes to see she was finally alone. She pulled her robe
back over her to cover herself as she rolled of the filthy mattress. As the
robe touched her cum covered skin it stuck as it came in contact with the
sticky liquid. As Sydney stood on her shaky legs she saw her reflection in
the mirror on the wall.

She saw the image of a scared young girl, men's cum matted in her hair and
dripping off her painted face. The paint on her face now smeared and ruined
from her tears and the men's semen. Dropping her head in disgust she saw
the vial of serum lying on the floor. Knowing she needed to return to save
Vaughn her training kicked in and she wiped her face on the sleeve of the
robe before returning to her hotel room and changing for her return trip

* * *

En route (747 Over Pacific Ocean)

As Sydney sat on the commercial airliner heading back home she went over the
events in her head. Everything Sark had told her was probably the truth he
had no reason to lie she was already forced to help him. She didn't know
what to do if she told her father or anyone else she would be humiliated.

She then began to think about what he had said to her. She would be dead in
a week if she couldn't find the right genetic match. She then began to think
about what that meant if she wished to survive she would half to make love.
No have sex with how many men. After just under going the multiple rapes she
had in the last 48 hours she made up her mind.

Sydney decided she would return to the CIA and give them the serum to save
Vaughn, then retreat to be alone and face her death. She would rather die
than suffer the humiliation of having to tell anyone else what had been
done to her. She couldn't do what would be necessary for her to survive,
she could never have sex with strangers willingly nor could she live with
herself if she did. She cried herself to sleep knowing she would be dead
in less than a week.

* * *

Los Angeles (LAX airport)

As the 747 began taxiing to the gate a group of elite troops boarded the plan
they located and neutralized their target in less than 3 minutes. They had
removed the young lady and had the plane and its passengers quarantined with
only those on the plane aware of the problem, even they had no idea why they
had been quarantined.

* * *

Los Angeles, CA (CIA Western Headquarters)

Agent Sydney Bristow was brought into the medical ward in a mobile isolation
chamber, anyone she had come in contact with had to under go a stringent
decontamination. Every test had been run on her and just as the tape had said
she was not contagious in any way. The virus was beginning to infect more of
her cells and spread through her body when the doctors finally began to take
the letter and video seriously. When the package first arrived containing
the video of Sydney's rape by the three faceless men (Their faces had been
blacked out digitally and then the tape had been made from an analog source
making it impossible to put the faces back on.) the digitized voice
explaining what they had done to her.

The letter that accompanied the video gave as much scientific information as
one could as to what had been done to Sydney, stating the only known cure was
human sperm transmitted to the victim during the act of sex.

Although everything else had been 100% accurate in the note the doctor's had
tried frozen sperm and a fresh sample that was immediately injected into her
but neither slowed the spread of the virus. Finally as a last act of
desperation they went to Sydney's father Agent Jack Bristow and informed him
of their dilemma. If they did nothing Sydney would die within the hour as
the spread of the virus increased. They admitted to him they had now way of
knowing if it would work, but the note said how to slow the infection.

Jack was petrified by what he had learned in the last few hours his anger
unmatched in his life. He was almost as angry when he heard how quickly the
tape of Sydney's rape had spread around the office. For a top secret agency
apparently even the janitor had his own personal copy of Sydney's defilement.
Unable to ask his daughter how she would like to proceed as she had passed
into a coma over an hour ago Jack ordered the doctor's to try what the tape

Agent Michael Vaughn had heard what had happened to his agent while she tried
to rescue him. He insisted to the doctors he would do anything to help her
anything and so they went to him first to allow him to try and save his agent
his friend.

As Vaughn entered the Medical room the same one he had spent the last several
days in his heart sank. On the table in a flimsy medical gown with a thousand
machines and tubes hooked up to her was Sydney. She looked pale and the sweat
on her brow was beading up and rolling down her forehead. He had been told
time was not on his side so he pulled the blinds as he prepared himself.

He felt strange and unsure of what he was about to do as he took his now hard
cock and began to press it against Sydney's now shaved sex. He wanted to
leave felling awkward and wrong about this. He knew this might be Sydney's
only chance to live and so he pushed into her and began to stroke in and out

He looked down on the table at his friend she lay lifeless on the table he
was unable to even see her chest rise from breathing. He found it hard to
get excited as he looked down at her as she was. She had been placed in the
stirrups to allow him to have sex with her but other than their groans he
had not touched her. He closed his eyes and remembered her vibrant and
alive. The Sydney he knew and secretly loved. He thought of all the times
he had worried about sending her on this mission or that.

As he daydreamed of what he remembered he found himself close to orgasm. As
he felt his member twitch he opened his eyes to look at her again. He felt a
small spurt of his seed shoot from his penis but the sight of his sick friend
had ended his orgasm abruptly. Afraid he had not gotten the job done and
unsure how much sperm would be needed to save her he closed his eyes and
continued stroking his cock into her.

He worked his dick into her for another ten minutes disparately trying to
orgasm again when suddenly he heard a moan. He opened his eyes seeing Sydney
still motionless on the table he thought it must have been his imagination
he went back to the job at hand.

Sydney woke up groggy and unsure of what was happening to her, her mind
remembering her rapes and, wait she felt something someone was raping her
now she opened a single eye to confirm what she believed. There between her
legs a male body thrusting into her. She listened and tried to steal a few
looks around the room. I medical room she was in stirrups being raped. IV's
in her arm, a pressure cup on her arm, a heart monitor on her finger. She
was sure she was alone with her attacker but she hadn't seen his face yet.

This was it she had been humiliated for the last time she would stop this
rapist or die trying. She had moved her arms an legs just enough to discover
she was not bound. Clearing her mind she prepared to attack.

As Vaughn felt his orgasm rise he began increasing his pace as he sawed
into Sydney. Just when he thought he would finally orgasm it happened.
Sydney pulled both legs from the stirrups and placed a kick to him in his
chest knocking him against the wall. She lifted up grabbing a medal tray
with sponges and towels on it and threw it at her attacker. She rolled
off the bed and grabbing the IV stand she swung it at her rapist. As she
looked at her target as the medal rod struck him she saw his face for the
first time.

Vaughn crumpled under the blow from Sydney still weakened from his own bout
with ailment. Sydney froze shocked by the knowledge of her attacker. The door
behind her swung open and in rushed a team of doctors.

"Your up and awake!" one said looking down at Vaughn now laying on the floor
his cock sill erect and wet. "I'll be damned it worked." said another doctor
looking surprised as he surveyed the situation.

"What the hell is going on here?" shouted Sydney confused and angry.

"You where dying. We didn't think you would last another hour. Your father
authorized us to try what the video said. We didn't have any other choice.
So since Agent Vaughn volunteered we had him..." The doctor tried to

"What tape? Volunteered for what?" asked Sydney her anger now growing.

"Agent Bristow we'll have someone debrief you in just a minute but for now
it's important that we run some test on you immediately," the doctor said.
"Nurse, help Agent Vaughn out please I think that would be for the best."

Reluctantly Sydney returned to the bed as the doctors began to run a series
of test on her. In just minutes her father entered the room. Sydney looked
at him for only a moment before dropping her eyes to the floor unable to
face him.

"Sydney I had to, you where dying. I told them to do what ever it takes. I
didn't know they had asked Vaughn." He said to her softly.

He placed his hand on her shoulder and waited for her reply but none came.
He saw the tears rolling down her cheeks. Looking at the nearest doctor he
geastured for them to give him a moment alone with her. Jack pulled up a
stool next to Sydney's bed as the staff filed out of the room.

"Sydney I know this must have been unbearable for you, I'm so sorry." He
began to say. Sydney broke out crying reaching out and hugging her father
around his neck as she cried. "Oh daddy I can't I can't do it .please I
can't. just let me die." She cried. "Sydney who did this to you? Please
tell me I'll get the antidote just tell me who did this to you." He asked
his daughter.

Sydney just clung to her father's neck as if she where a child. She cried
over and over again "Please don't. Just let me die, please just let me die."
Jack held her trying to comfort his daughter as best he could.

Ten minutes had passed when the doctor's and nurses had returned and began
to run more test on Sydney. She just lay back on the bed and cried. Jack
sat and held her hand for the next few hours Sydney finally fell asleep as
Doctors and nurses came and went. A doctor came and tapped Jack on the
shoulder indicating they should step outside. Leaving his daughters side
Jack walked out to speak with the doctor.

"Mr. Bristow I have some bad news. As best we can tell we have only another
hour before Sydney will slip back into a coma and then die a few hours later.
I am afraid we are no closer to a antidote. Jack we need to make a decision
were afraid if we let Sydney slip far enough she goes into a coma again she
might never come out of it. If were going to try to keep her alive." The
doctor paused.

"What, of course were going to try to keep her alive. What is it?" Jack

"If were going to keep her alive she'll have to have more sperm Jack.
Someone's going to have to have sex with her to keep her alive. I have to
be honest with you it could take us years to find the answer and at the rate
her body's slipping we don't have that kind of time. Jack just to keep her
alive a few more days where going to have to find a couple of dozen men to
have sex with her. I think you should consider what Sydney wants here. Maybe
it would be for the best if..." He was inturupted by Jack.

"No, you do it. Find the men. You keep my daughter alive no matter what. Do
you understand me no matter what." Jack scolded him. "I'll be upstairs I
there has to be something I can do. Let me know the minute something
changes." He said as he strode away to try to find some answers.

As the Doctors stood in the laboratory discussing what the next step would
be the began to discuss who the could find to have sex with Sydney to keep
her alive. "I'll do it," a male nurse volunteered he had secretly been
attracted to Sydney since she joined the Agency.

"All right we have our next volunteer." Said the chief doctor.

Entering Sydney's room a nurse started to place her feet in the stirrup's.
Sydney awakened by the movement said "What's going on?"

Looking at each other finally a doctor began to speak as the nurse stood
between Sydney's spread legs. "I'm sorry Agent Bristow but it's what has to
be done to keep you alive." He said.

Sydney looked at the man between her legs and understood what the doctor
meant. "No. No just let me die. Get away from me and let me die!" she yelled.

"I'm sorry Sydney your father asked that we..." he began.

"I don't care just let me die!" she cried kicking the nurse between her legs
as she pulled her legs from the stirrups.

Seeing the nurse kicked into the wall a doctor standing next to Sydney's IV
injected the sedative into as she started to get up. In just seconds the
strong acting drug had Sydney falling back onto the bed.

"We had better restrain her." ordered the chief doctor as he put the cuff
around Sydney's wrist. Soon Sydney was cuffed to the bed her legs secured
to the stirrups by leather straps. Within minutes Sydney had begun stirring
again having been given a very small dose.

"Well you had best begin before we run out of time." Ordered the doctor as
he looked at the male nurse. "We'll pull the blinds and step out side to
give you a little privacy. Do hurry." He said as they left.

Watching the door close as the last person left He dropped his Grubs and
showed Sydney his hard dick.

Seeing the man drop his pants Sydney began yelling and screaming for him
to stop. He tried to ignore her as he worked his penis into her sex but
she screamed even loader and began threatening him. He found it difficult
it concentrate with all her screaming so he pulled out and got a strip of
medical gauze. Waiting for her to scream again he stuffed one roll into
her mouth and then used another to hold it in wrapping it around her head.

Now gagged Sydney could only grunt her protest as he once again entered her.
He raped her with a passion unlike Agent Vaughn he found great satisfaction
in having sex with Sydney it was like fulfilling a fantasy he had gotten on
the first day he saw her. He raped her enjoying the power he felt over her.

Finally in just under ten minutes he had finished. He pulled his grubs back
on and walked out as he left the other medical staff poured in. Looking at
the Doctor in the hall he began to explain. "I'm sorry I gagged her. I
couldn't do it with her yelling at me. She was..." He began to say.

"No that's fine we heard I'm afraid Agent Bristow well have to be Bound and
gagged for her own protection and ours. At least until we find a cure or.
Thank you for you help in this matter." The doctor said to him. "My
pleasure." He responded honestly.

Troubled at the developments in just the last hour they saw the virus
beginning to speed up again. And so another volunteer was needed to have
sex with Sydney.

And so it began in the next 36 hours Sydney had been screwed by forty
different men. Each one enjoying the experience while Sydney squirmed under
them protesting each new invasion as best she could.

After about the 25th man it was down to people Sydney had to work with on
a regular basis as they had begun running out of other men. Nervous about
having to work with her if she knew he had been intimate with her one of
the men requested she be blindfolded before he entered the room. Respecting
his wishes and needing his sperm for their patient the blindfolded Sydney.

After he had finished no one bothered to remove the blindfold a fact that
led to further humiliation for Sydney.

Now that she was blindfolded many of the men that followed took the
opportunity to lift her flimsy gown and fondle her perfect breast as the
deposited the sperm into the patient.

Sydney found herself in a living hell. As one rape ended another would begin
she prayed for death to take her and end this terrible suffering she was
forced to endure.

At one point an especially daring donor raped Sydney's asshole while he
pinched her perky breast he figured it would be okay he had already raped
her pussy and gave her what she need it wouldn't hurt for him to get what
he needed. He figured what the hell if what I her is true she'll be dead
soon anyway. He had the presence of mind to pull out and dump his sperm
in her cunt with the rest instead of unloading in her bowels. As the cruel
bastard finished he leaned over the bound and blindfolded girl and said.
"You know Sydney if you live through this you'll have to think a lot of
many more properly. Thanks for now, Babe!" his hideous remarks had caused
Sydney to buck and move as he left her as he found her.

It had been over three days now since Sydney's return form Japan and the
doctors where no closer to a solution. At this point even each of them had
been forced to rape their patient to keep her alive. As it neared 3:00 am
the discovered they had a problem Sydney had to be given a dose of sperm
every twenty minutes now and the had only two men in the building who had
not already donated to the cause.

The doctor asked the orderly to call the janitor and Jack Bristow down.
The janitor arrived first and the doctor gave him his instructions.

As the janitor went to take care of Sydney fulfilling yet another mans
dreams, he pulled Jack into his office and began to tell him the bad news.

"Jack at this point we have to supply Sydney with a new dose of sperm every
21 minutes and that time keeps growing smaller with each dose. At this point
here is only on donor left in the building. I called the local army base and
there sending over three dozen men but that'll take an hour. Look Jack I
know this is hard for you to hear but at this point it's getting to where
Sydney's going to need it faster than we can get it into her I'm afraid.
What I am trying to say is I think you need to say your goodbyes." He said
as caringly as he could manage.

"Doctor I have some men in the field tracking down some leads write now I
think we are close to the answer for you I just need a little more time get
this other person and who ever else you need but don't let my daughter die."
He demanded.

As Jack finished a nurse stuck her head in and said Doctor that was Lt.
Lewis he says they'll be here in 30 minutes sir do you want me to tell them
to cancel." She asked.

"No, tell them to hurry." Jack jumped in. "Doctor get his other person down
her and that will buy us the time until the Lt. gets his men here." Jack
said Hopefully.

"Jack you're the other donor you're the only one left in the place." He
said in a doubtful tone.

Jack Bristow paused for the first time since this ordeal had begun. "Fine,
anything to keep Sydney alive," he mumbled.

"Alright Jack, you have about five minutes before she'll need it to think
about it, if you change your mind." Said the doctor before walking out to
check on his patient.

Jack sat the next five minutes and thought over his decision assuring
himself it was what had to be done. He went to Sydney's room there she lay
bound, gagged and blindfolded. His daughter his baby, he waited till the
staff finished taking the test after the last donor and left before he
dropped his trousers at the end of the bed.

He looked down at his daughter she had fallen into a light sleep after her
last rape. He could still make out her beautiful face behind the blindfold
and gauze gag. preparing himself he stepped up to her now well used sex and
whispering "This is for the best baby." He slowly worked his semi erect
cock into his daughter.

Sydney awakened by another invasion into her sex began to squirm at her
bonds and cry into the gag again as she had with every assault. Jack ashamed
at what he was doing found Sydney's struggles the right stimulus to harden
his cock and finally bring him to orgasm inside his own daughter. As he
pulled out empting his reserve into her he began to cry. He cried for his
daughter and what he had been forced to do to extend her life.

Jack left and went back to the command center hoping to get his mind off
what he had just done and praying for a miracle.

The army arrived just as the last blood sample was taken to Sydney the men
had been briefed on the way and the first volunteer was rushed in to have
sex with Sydney immediately.

Altogether 17 of the 36 men brought from the army base had raped Sidney
Bristow before a Doctor rushed into Sydney's room and told the private
currently inseminating her to stop. He began to announce to all the other
staff as they entered the room.

"I just got the blood work back from the lab Jack Bristow's sperm did it.
After Jack inseminated her the virus began collapsing in on itself I've
never seen anything like it." He announced for all to hear.

Sydney lay bound to the table as she heard the supposed great news and the
cheering form the doctors and nurses. She wished she had died how could this
have happened. She had been raped a countless number of times and by everyone
including her own father Sydney prayed she would be released form her bonds
as she considered suicide instead of facing another human being.

Knowing it could get no worse and thankful she would no longer be raped she
waited to be released when she felt it. Between her legs another penis was
sliding into her pussy. No she screamed into her gag she bucked and fought
at her bonds. This is not right she was cured what was happening.

The penis in her sex drove slow controlled thrust into her for almost five
minute before any noticed. The Doctors and staff had been too busy hugging
one another and congratulating themselves to notice the private had moved
back into Sydney's privates.

"Hey I told you to stop." The doctor said to the soldier.

"Sorry sir, I had just gotten so close I needed some release." He said

To Sydney's horror the doctor replied, "Fine go ahead it's not going to hurt

The End

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