Alias: The Rape of Sydney Bristol (MF,bond,tort,rape)
by Dream Killer

I had defeated her. The great agent Sydney Bristow lie on the floor helpless
at my feet. She had tried to break into my compound to steal information on
my counterfeiting ring and white slavery ring. Though she easily had beaten
my guards, she had the misfortune of running into me. Having served years as
a navy seal before my second profession, I easily defeated her in
hand-to-hand combat now I was going to make her regret ever messing with me.
I'm sure the information she has accumulated, as a secret agent will fetch a
hefty price to the right buyer, but my primary motive for doing this is for
my own pleasure.

I begin by scooping her up in my arms and carrying her to one of my "special
rooms" normally used to break my new female slaves in for the market. I lie
her down on a padded table and secure her arms and legs with straps. The
ropes that secure her can be loosened or tightened as I see fit, but for
right now I secure her so there is no way to move her arms or legs. I then
sit back and wait for her to awake.

I see her head start to move. I sit back in the shadows as I watch her slowly
wake. Then suddenly she realizes her situation and tugs violently at the
ropes. Then she catches sight of me.

"What the hell do you want!?" She shouts in anger, but I can sense that she
is rightfully afraid of her situation.

"I want information from you" I say grinning from ear to ear.

"Ha. If you think you can make me talk then you are sadly mistaken. You'll
just be wasting both our time."

"Well it will be fun trying anyway," I say with a laugh.

I take a pair of scissors in my hand and run the edge over her body. She
looks at me with defiance as I begin to slowly cut away her clothes. First I
remove her shirt, then her pants until she is just in her bra and panties.
It's at this point that she really starts struggling to get away.

"What's your hurry?" I ask as I snap both bra straps and violently yank her
bra off her body. I then put the scissors away and rip her panties off.

"Arrrghhhhhh!!!! You bastard," she cries.

"What's the matter Syd?" We're just getting started.

I start violently massaging her breasts. I grip them with all my strength and
pick up her body off the table with her breasts as my handles. She begins to
protest but I silence her with two hard punches to her stomach. As she tries
to get her breath I begin to examine her pussy. It was quite lovely and
shaved with only a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. I walked over to
a shelf and grabbed a lighter. I lit it in her face and brought it close to
her body and lightly burned her armpits with the flame. Then I begin to bring
it down her body.

"NO, NOT THAT!" She cried out.

"Sorry, babe, but I prefer my women completely shaved,"

With that I begin using the lighter to singe her pubic hair. She thrashed so
wildly and cried out so loudly that I thought she would rip her arms right

"Now tell me what I want to know," I said, but she remained silent. Damn she
was tough. I got right in her face and yelled, "YOU THINK THAT'S THE WORSE IT
GETS?!?!? Well, I show you!!!!"

I got an O-Ring and placed it in her mouth. She tried to resist but I slapped
her around a bit and held her nose so she had to breathe through her mouth. I
then undid my pants and showed her my erect 12-inch penis.

"Guess what's coming next, bitch!" I straddled her body grabbed her head, and
then violently shoved all 12 inches down her throat. Her face looked like her
eyes might pop out, as she turned red from lack of air. I then proceed to
throat fuck her. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster taking time to
periodically leave it all the way as she choked for air. I knew I was hurting
her but I wanted to do more so I grabbed her hair and used it as a handle to
violently force my cock down her throat. Then I got up, and flipped a switch
that caused the part of the platform holding her head to lower so that it was
hanging off. I then got off and throat fucked her standing up so that all my
cock was in her throat and that my balls touched her nose. It felt so good
being inside this bitch's mouth as she gagged and tried to move her head
away. Then without warning her, I pressed my cock all the way in and let
loose 8 loads of cum straight down her throat. As I pulled out, a mixture of
saliva and cum ran out of her mouth into her eyes and hair. I raised her head
back on the table and removed her O-Ring. I asked her to give me the
information now, but I had fucked her so hard she couldn't talk. I didn't
care about what she knew though. I just wanted to fuck her stupid and violate
her in all ways imaginable!!!

When she recovered to where she could talk, I did manage to hear her say that
I would get nothing from her.

"Fine bitch. Let's just try something else!" I got some electrical wires and
taped them to her breasts. She was really scared now. I could tell I was
getting to her. I flipped a switch and shot electricity through those perfect
breasts. She shook violently as I flipped the switch on and off, but each
time I asked her to talk she refused. I then attached a wire to her clit and
after just one shock, she passed out. I removed the tape and wires and then
hosed her off with water to remove the cum and wake her up.

"You need a bath bitch!"

"I'll talk." She weakly said.

"What was that," I asked.

"I'll talk", she said again whimpering. She was broken. She told me
everything as I recorded it. Names, government codes, whatever she could
think of. After she finished talking, I looked at her and said that there's
one more thing I wanted from her. I got between her legs and positioned my
cock at the opening of her vagina.


I just smiled and begin violently pushing my cock inside her. She was so
tight and dry, and I knew my 12-inch cock was hurting her bad. I could only
get it halfway in but that didn't stop me from violently fucking her cunt
until I begin to loosen her up and she stared to get wet. Then I pulled all
the way out and rammed all 12 inches down her cunt. I violently fucked her
putting all my weight on her already broken body. I felt her cervix and used
my dick to hammer it until I broke through to her womb. She was crying
begging me to stop, but the only thing she got from me was a backhand to the
face. The only time I slowed down fucking her was when I punched her multiple
times in the stomach to stop the sound of the stupid bitch from crying. Her
pussy gripped my cock like a vice. After 20 minutes of violently fucking her
pussy, she passed out from the pain. At this point I lessened my attack and
slowed my pace. I wanted to make this last. I stayed in her for 15 more
minutes as she regained consciousness.

"I was afraid you'd miss the grand finale, you stupid cunt."

"Please don't come in me. I can't get pregnant."

"Oh you can get pregnant bitch! Feel my cum you stupid whore!!!!"

With that I came violently in her pussy. As I kept fucking her, the cum begin
to run out of her cunt down her legs. I removed my cock and she just cried as
the cum continued to drip out of her destroyed pussy. I took her three more
times that night. Two times in the cunt, then again in her mouth. After I was
finished with her, I untied her broken body and carried it into a holding

"Welcome to your new life. You now belong to me. HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

She just cried as she curled herself into a ball on the floor.

Sydney Bristol was now my sex slave. I tortured and raped her and conditioned
her to fear me. She will live her entire life as my sexual toy. Mine to enjoy
whenever I want her.


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