Alias: Part 2 - Conspiracies (MF,Ff,FF,herm,oral,bond,cons,ncon)
by Hamster

Washington, DC, Presidential news conference...

President John W. Bash stood in front of the podium prepared to speak to the
press on the matter of his triplet daughters' kidnappings. One might think
that his daughters getting kidnapped would be very upsetting and he did give
the appearance of a man who was upset but his closest advisors knew it was an
act. The man actually saw this as a great opportunity to gain the sympathy
vote and go to war (his favorite pastime). And his daughters were a pain in
the ass anyways.

"Lady's and gentlemen of the press your nations administration has learned
that the persons responsible for my beloved daughters' kidnapping was..."
The President paused in his speech to lean and ask his advisor what's a
country with plenty of oil? Venezuela his advisor replied. "...Venezuela.
The invasion of this hostile oil-rich nation who poses such a clear threat
to our nation will begin with shocking and awe-inspiring violence."

In the grand tradition of the presidency, underneath the podium, hidden
safely from the view of cameras was a young large-breasted intern who was
sullenly sucking away at the President's penis. She rolled his cock in his
tongue and sucked on it mightily. She squeezed and twisted the base and
sucked on the meaty shaft as if it were her patriotic duty. The president
continued his speech as normal his only acknowlegement of the young interns
secret activities was the sperm he shot in her mouth, down her throat and
into her belly.

As usual the people would believe his bullshit...


"Sir aren't you worried about your daughters?" Secret service agent Bob
Whales asked the president while doing his best to hide his profound anger
and distaste.

"Not the least fucking bit Bobby my boy." President W said with an obnoxious

Bob whales wanted to bitch slap the smirk right off of his stupid hillbilly

"You see Bobby, these idiot kidnappers will show their faces with demands and
we'll release some idiot from prison or fork over a measly million and get
the girls back. No worries." The President explained.

"And what if they don't want anything, what if they just want to hurt those
poor girls?" Bob asked.

"Just let me worry about that you god dam ass-clown, just get out of my
fucking face."

Bob hales clenched his knuckles and left the President's sights. He was going
to meet up with Jessica Rains, the woman in charge of the girls' security
detail. The one that President W inexplicable pulled off the girls care just
before the kidnappings.

* * *

Dr. Uaerom's hidden lair...

The evil clone of Sydney Bristow had been ordered to capture the President's
three daughters and bring them to his lab. This she had done. Her reward was
to now toy with them.

The triplet daughters of President W; Laura, Jenna and Barbi were all
stripped completely naked and were tied to three identical wooden tables. The
17-year-olds were all attractive with large breasts, slender waists and pouty
lips. They were identical except for the fact that Laura was blonde, Jenna
was red-haired and Barbi's hair was jet black.

Sydney watched the speech with utter disdain. "Your really father doesn't
give a damn about finding the three of you."

"That's not true you evil Venezuelan bitch! Daddy loves us." Laura protested.

"Such language from a little conservative princess. I am NOT Venezuelan, you
naive little cunt. Your father is blaming the Venezuela so that he can go to
war again. Don't tell me you believe his bullshit?" Evil Syd demanded.

"Stop talking about my daddy like that! He'd never lie and he hates war,
sometimes you just have to though because bad people force you to." Laura
argued as her sisters agreed vehemently.

Evil Sydney rubbed her temples and sighed loudly. "I should have gagged you.
Well at least I can sexually torture you."

This thought perked evil Sydney up considerably.

"No you cant! You are a girl and girls shouldn't have sex with girls. My
daddy says its evil!" Jenna cried.

"You know you are making this way too easy on me, you prudish conservative
bitches." Syd said.

She checked out each triplet for a minute. As they struggled in their
bonds as Evil Syd began to run her hands all over the girls' bodies. As
the squirmed and squealed much to evil Syd's delight who preferred rape to
consensual sex in any case. She continued rubbing her hands over their soft
curves. Squeezing their ample boobs in turn as they cried and begged for
her to stop. By this point Evil Syd's cunt was sopping wet with lust.

"Let's see...whom shall I rape first. Laura you like to run your stupid
mouth, how about running it over my cunt." Evil Syd said.

"I'll never do it." Laura retorted defiantly.

"In that case I'll be forced to cut your cunt sisters' fucking tits off. How
about that?" Evil Syd said.

The other two girls began to scream and cry.

"No please don't hurt them. I'll do anything you want just please don't hurt
my sister's I-I'll even have sex with you." She said in defeat.

"That's good, it would be a shame to mutilate such nice sweater-meat." Evil
Syd said.

She strutted over to the bound Laura and straddled her head. Then she lowered
her cunt onto the girl's face. Syd was incredibly surprised at how quickly
Laura's tongue dove up into her cunt. Her shock gave way to pleasure as the
talented licking devised almost expertly bathed and explored her honey hole.
Syd moaned and rocked atop of the girl's face. She was going crazy with
pleasure. This little slut was such a good god dam pussy eater it was scary.
Syd leaned forward and dug her finger into the giant firm cantaloupe-like
breasts. Laura gave a squeal that sent pleasure rippling through Syd's body.
Syd rocked back and forth on Laura's face. Evil Syd was in a state of pure
orgasmic joy. Finally she splattered her cum all over Laura's face. Barbi and
Jenna simply stared in shock. Evil Syd collapsed atop Laura, her face slapped
against the girl's pussy.

Once evil Syd overcame her post-orgasm exhaustion she stared at Laura with
surprise. "You filthy little slut, you have done this before."

"n-no I haven't." Laura stammered.

"I can't believe it the President's daughter is secretly a little lesbo
whore. I love it! Well my little lesbian slut, lets see if you are also into
incest." Evil Sydney said.

"What?" All three girl's cried alarmed.

"You are going to teach your sisters just how to eat pussy." Evil Syd

* * *

Sydney Bristow, the real Sydney Bristow, had been captured by Uaerom and had
been raped repeatedly by him and his henchmen. Between rapes she had plenty
of time to think and piece things together.

"I know who you are; Uaerom is Moreau backwards. You are that sick freak
Moreau." Sydney said.

"Ahh why do they always resort to name-calling? Sick freak? Evil Bastard? I
am a genius! I am leader, a man with a great vision for a better world. But
you fools have always rejected me, feared me. Why? Is it jealousy or fear of
the brave new world I plan to usher in?" Moreau asked.

"You're insane."

"No I am not, merely too intelligent for your miserable little brain to
accept. But still I pity you so I will reveal my plan. I am going to release
a series of plagues upon the world. These plagues will alter human DNA
changing them from their once weak and stupid forms into one of my wondrous
creations. This will pave the way for my conquest of the world. I will forge
a world free of prejudice and dedicated to my glory. I will be a god. And
you, my lucky girl will bare witness to it all."

"You and your plan can go to hell."

"You know I am going to thoroughly enjoy handing you over to my prize
creation. She was an assassin before I got a hold of her and mingled her
DNA with a Hyena's. Poor Karla is now my pet killer. And I think I'm going
to have her rape you stupid."

"Its not like you haven't been doing that the whole time that I've been your
'guest'. Bring her on asshole." Sydney said defiantly.

"You are such crude American trash. I will enjoy very much giving you the
treatment. I was simply going to kill you before...after I had tired of
amusing myself with you. But now I think I will combine you with a vulture.
You'll look good with feathers I think."

The double doors to the lab walked in and a very naked creature walked in.
The creature was vaguely humanoid possessed of Hyena-like features on a
humanoid face. Its body was very feminine with large breasts and slender
wrists as well as a cunt. But her body was covered in short brown fur that
featured some few spots. However she had a little something that most women
do not have, a penis, and a very large one at that.

"Ahh Karla, I shall leave you to enjoy your task yes." With that Moreau left
the room.

Sydney screamed and tried to kick away the genetically altered freak but it
only caught her legs and spread them. The Hyena-woman pushed back on Sydney's
ankles until they touched her head and they could look each other in the
eyes. She thrust her fleshy-fuck-pole forward deep into Sydney cunt. The
creature laughed and grunted as she raped the agent enthusiastically. It was
cackling so hard that drool and spittle dripped down onto Syd's face. It
slammed forward over and over even as it continued to laugh insanely. The
large fuck meat drilled into it's target and rocked Sydney back and forth in
her bonds. Despite herself the thick and long driving Sydney wild with
pleasure. Sydney began to thrust her hips into each stab of the cock. The
Hyena-dickgirl was beginning to think she was in love and she was feeling
all over Syd's svelte body with hr paws. Her thrusts steadied as she began
to savor the delicious tight body of the bound and helpless agent who was
beginning to very much enjoy her vigorous fuck session. Soon Sydney was
crying out as she came to the most satisfying orgasm of recent memory.


Sydney came to another orgasm and then another, Karla was relentless with her
fucking making scream with orgasmic joy over and over. Finally the pressure
built up inside of Karla the Hyena girl and she blasted Syd's cunt-hole with
her thick and chunky sex chowder. The panting Karla slowly pulled out her
still-hard fuck meat then lowered her head and began to lap the cum out of
her cunt. The rough toungue began to stimulate the raw pussy as it sought out
every drop of cum causing Sydney to twist and moan in her bonds. Once again
Syd came this time as Karla finished licking clean her cunt.

Karla gave one last giggle and gave Sydney's cheek a lick.

"That was amazing." Karla declared in a very soft German-accented voice.

"I'll admit that it was pretty fucking good." Sydney said.

"You are very beautiful, it pains me very much what that bastard Moreau has
done to you. And to me." Karla said looking away from Sydney.

"Why do you work for Moreau if he did this to you?" Sydney asked.

"You get right to the point don't you? He did something to me. Something that
makes me unable to disobey him. I am his slave, completely." She said with a
dog like whine.

"Release me. I will kill him and save us both." Sydney said.

"I want to but I cant. Whatever he did to me... I can't make myself disobey
him." Karla said.

"Fight it Karla please. You've got to fight it or everyone is doomed." Sydney

Karla snarled and smashed a lab table. She growled as she destroyed a
wrack on the wall and broke chairs then clawed at the wall. She was howling
insanely and terrifying Sydney until she finally smashed Sydney's bonds.
Sydney looked at the panting Hyena woman in fear and respect.

"It is painful to resist." She said.

"Don't worry Karla. I'm going to find him and he's going to pay." Sydney

* * *

Bob Whales had found Jessica Rains in a bar getting sloshed. It was utterly

"Rains, what the fuck happened to you." Bob demanded.

"I've been drinking, shtupid. Can I buy you a round?" She asked.

"No but you can tell me why the fuck you were pulled of guard duty." Bob

"I loved that girl you know." She said surprisingly.

"Don't you mean girls, they were...are triplets." He corrected.

"Yes, yes of course. The president gave me no explainations. I know he
didn't want me watching them anymore, but that son of a bitch should have
put somebody on them."

"Yes, I agree. But the question is why didn't he?"

To be continued...

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