This is a parody. Not the real thing. For adults only. All done in fun.

Alice/Brady Bunch: Alice Gets Some Help (mmbFF,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

Alice had been overwhelmed, what with Mr. Brady on the east coast for a year
long project and Mrs. Brady going back to school, she was getting no help
around the house.

"Alice with the extra money from the mall Mr. Brady is building we can afford
to hire you some help do you have anyone in mind?"

"Well I have a cousin, Florence Jean Castleberry, she was working in a dinner
in Arizona, then she tried her own business and it flopped. Her friends call
her Flo and she is very hard working."

"Well give her a call."

A few weeks later Flo was at the Brady house working. The boys were a bit shy
around her at first but her country charm won them over. "You know Alice with
that guy you have who shoots blanks, Sam? You might do better bedding down
with one of these young tigers here."

"Flo don't you dare. Look this weekend everyone is out of the house but the
boys, promise you won't do anything with them."

"I promise not to do anything they would not want."

Alice did not know if she was joking or not. She went out on her date with
Sam, which as usual turned into a dud when he fell asleep early.

She came into the Brady house and heard nothing. She went by the boys room
and heard Bobby saying "My turn! My turn!" she walked away relieved thinking
they were play a board game. Then she heard Flo's giggle.

Heart in her mouth she opened the door and there she was, topless, on her
knees sucking Greg's cock while she jerked off the other two.

"Flo!" she said. The boys paniced but Flo mouthed "Don't worry." to them and

"Listen cousin just because there are bulls in the field and nobody is there
to milk them don't mean they don't need a milking." she said. On one level it
made no sense, on another it did. And she noticed how big and young the boys'
cocks were. Especially Greg. He was hung like the proverbial bull. Flo picked
up on it right away.

"Come on Alice don't be a wall flower." she said shaking Greg's cock at her.
It was all sweaty and beautiful. She thought of Sam with his cocktail weiner
and started to weaken.

"Come on Alice! Don't be shy." Alice could not help herself, she got down on
her knees. She hesitated then she gripped Greg's cock hard and began to cram
it into her mouth.

Flo helped her off with her top and bra. "Gee Alice has some nice tits for an
old lady." said Bobby without tack.

Flo reached her hand up Alice's skirt and started to rub her pussy. She tried
to move away but couldn't. "Oh wow! You shaved your bush, and you said you
were not into it. Liar! Bobby! Peter! Remember I talked about eating pussy!
Well try it on Alice."

"No boys! Boys!" Bobby got down under Alice and started to lick her pussy.
Flo helped her off with her skirt. Then Alice squatted down on Bobby's cock
and started to hump it. Flo directed Peter to stick his cock in Alice's face
so she jerked and blew both brothers.

Soon Alice's mouth and face were covered with both brothers' cum. She was
shocked to see that within minutes they were both back up. "Oh yes! That is
why I love'em young. Use your cocks to rub it into her face. Now Alice I got
something the boys will really love. Go ahead put it on, but first take off
the rest of your clothes."

"I-I-I don't know about this. The boys..."

"Well if you won't do it I will keep all this fine young stud to myself." Flo
said stroking Greg's growing cock.

"I'll do it!" Alice and Flo stripped naked, then out of her bag Flo took out
black sheer stockings, garter belts and a pearl necklace for each of them.

"How did you know to bring two of them?" asked Alice adjusting the seam of
her stockings.

"I had a feeling." Flo said.

Alice was up on the bed on all fours. Flo guided Greg's cock into the maid's
pussy as she groaned. Greg began to pump her.

"Now Bobby what did I tell you to do?" Bobby stuck his cock in Alice's face
as Flo sat down on the other bed right on top of Peter's hard cock.

Every now and then Alice took Bobby's cock out of her mouth to moan and
scream as she came. Bobby pinched her nipples without any mercy. Peter
finished in Flo and she milked his cock for every drop, then she signaled
Greg to flip Alice onto her back and moving Bobby aside sat on her face.

As Alice licked Flo out she sucked off Bobby. When Greg came in Alice Bobby
stuck his cock inside the maid but came within a minute as he was so excited.

The fucking continued late into the night.

The next day Mrs. Brady commented, "The boys have never helped out so much
around the house since Flo came here.

"Well its all about knowing when to ride the bulls and when to milk them."

Not understanding what Flo had said Mrs. Brady nodded and left the kitchen as
Alice and her exchanged a snicker.


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