This is a parody not the real thing.

Alice: The Ski Trip. (MF)
by Dr. Bone (Who sez: ya gotta be an adult to read the story below.)

Flo, Vera, Alice and her son Tommy were supposed to go on a ski trip to
celebrate Tommy's eighteenth birthday but Alice had to study to take a test
for one of her college classes. So her two co-workers from Mel's Dinner said
they would take him instead.

The first day of the trip went great, however on the second day of the trip
conditions got worse as a storm hit the area, Vera had gone a town away to
visit relatives leaving Flo and Tommy to whittle away time at the ski lodge.
To make matters worse the lodge was now overbooked as nobody could get out,
so the manager asked Tommy and Flo if they would not mind sharing a room,
they said it would be okay.

After taking a worried call from Alice, Tommy and Flo tried to watch some
cable but there was some of that crappy soft porn on that made them both feel
uncomfortable. Tommy told Flo about how his girlfriend was giving him hard
times. When Flo asked why he did not just dump her, knowing how his mother
did not like her, Tommy said he hoped it would work out. "She'd probably only
give him a sloppy ass blow job too." said Flo under her breath.

The next day after hanging around the lodge again they went back to their
room, the storm had gotten worse and they would not be able to go skiing for
at least another two days.

Vera and Flo had left after work and had not even changed out of their
waitress uniforms. "Tommy I have a little something for your birthday," she
said coming out of the bathroom in her uniform.

Tommy did not know what was going on. She sat down right on his lap and said
"I am going to take your order right in this room. Hmm! It looks like a blow
job is today's special." She got down on her knees and opened Tommy's fly.
Now Tommy never expected his first blow job to be from one of his mother's
best friends and did not know what to say.

"Mmmm! Now Tommy I say this is a nice ripe piece of manhood worthy of a good
blow job from Flo. Then again I have never given a bad one," Flo started to
suck him in earnest. Her mouth was warm and wet and she played with her tits
while she did it. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock without becoming
monotonous. Flo braced herself, when it was their first time they did not
last that long, soon Tommy shot his first load into a woman's mouth, Flo made
a show of swallowing it all and sucking him dry.

She went to the bathroom to wash her mouth out, a more experienced man might
not care but Tommy... When she got back he was standing up. She went into his
arms and they kissed. He confessed that he used to have a crush on her and
Vera when he was younger. "And I bet you still jerk off about us." Tommy was
taken aback from what she just said as Flo guided his hands to her tits. He
helped her strip out of her outfit and surprised her by dropping to his
knees, after nerving himself up he kissed her well trimmed bush and worked
his way to her pussy lips.

Ten minutes later Flo was on the bed with him as she instructed him in the
fine art of pussy lapping. Then she pulled him up to her and said "Tommy you
are good! But its time for you to learn about being a man."

In a million years he never thought it was going to be Flo that would be the
first woman he made it with. She helped guide his cock into her and let him
pump her pussy as hard and as fast as he could. It took him ten minutes to
cum, a little better than before she thought.

She let him rest up then it became time to teach him how to do it better,
which she did for the next day or so.

They spent the next day in bed fucking and sucking. Then there was a knock on
the door and it opened, it was Vera. "What is going on here?" she said wild
eyed. Tommy began to stutter. "How dare you do this without inviting me?"
she said taking off her clothes. She walked to the bed and while Flo held
Tommy's cock up sat on it and began to bounce on it.

"Yee Ha!" screamed Flo.

The women and Tommy fucked another day or so until they could ski again. Then
in the evenings they would all go back to the same room.

When they got back Tommy dumped his girlfriend, he had gotten head from her
and it was so... bland. Flo and Vera gave Tommy the keys to their place.

Eventually Tommy hooked up with a slightly older woman, a Jan Brady, at his
college, who was a kinkier slut than Flo and Vera combined, but that is
another story.


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