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Summary: Not like Alien 3? No, me neither. What were they thinking? "Ah we
have a fantastic franchise with characters people love and demonstrating the
triumph of the human spirit. I know, let's kill them all off and replace them
with characters no one likes and in fact can't even tell apart and make it
all as depressing and bleak as possible. That will be packing them in the
aisles!" (these are the folks who greenlight films like Battlefield Earth and
The Postman!). Not even Joss Wheldon could rescue it in Alien 4. But did you
ever notice how little sense Alien 3 actually made? Here's the reason why...
All apologies to Dallas if you're ancient enough to remember Bobby in the
shower like me (and if you're not you are totally baffled by what I just
said, don't worry about, it was sort of an early version of 'The OC')

Alien - Resurrection: Alien 5 (FF)
by GoolCaptain ([email protected])

It was all for nothing.

All the courage, all the sacrifice, all the effort for nothing.

They lost. The creatures won.

Gorman, Vasquez, Hudson, they'd all given their lives for nothing. The
colonists had all died for nothing, their valour meaningless with Newt's

Bishop was glad of the oblivion he had convinced Ripley to consign him to.
He just lay in the darkness, comfortably numb.

But something disturbed him.

There were voices in the darkness.

* * *

"What's actually wrong with him?"

* * *

As they lay helpless in their hibernation chambers the facehuggers scuttled
around them. Where had they come from?

The Alien Queen must have brought them on board. Laid her eggs in the drop

But the Queen's reproductive system had been destroyed when she'd detached

And why did they activate?

Surely they would have activated in the hanger when they were moving around?
Why would they wait until they were hibernating? And how could they get
through the sealed hanger?

* * *

"Hold a second, I think I see the problem."

* * *

And the creatures were burning through the hibernation tubes, implanting
Ripley in her tube. And the other scurried about, destroying the ship's
systems, causing it to crash as it concealed itself in the escape pod....

But Ripley's tube was still sealed in the escape pod. Why didn't they implant
Newt and Hicks? And why wasn't the dead facehugger in the pod afterwards? How
would they know to destroy the ship's systems? And why would they do it? How
could they?

* * *

"There we go, that should do it"

* * *

And they were crashing. The terrible crash. And Hicks was dead, brave
Corporal Hicks who had survived so much. And poor Newt, who had escaped for
so long, who had lost her entire family to the monsters. Who had won them
back again only to lose them after all. Ripley had promised her she could
sleep all the way home. But now she would never awake.

Ripley had broken her promise. They all had.

Bishop shed a tear for her. Shed a tear for them all. The anguish he
experienced was many times worse than the Alien Queen ripping him in two.

But he wasn't programmed to cry.

* * *

"That fix it?"

* * *

Poor, poor Ripley, after all she had suffered, after all her toughness and
ingenuity and bravery. He was glad she deactivated him so that he wouldn't
have to see what followed.

But he would help her. He wouldn't leave her by herself to face this awful

* * *

"Yeah, that's it."

* * *

He could still see her, see Ripley's fate as she cast herself into the
molten vat, clutching the infant Queen Alien to her chest in a vile parody
of maternal embrace. Poor Ripley...

But how could he be seeing this if he was deactivated?

* * *

"Coming on line."

* * *

And they were in the future, on the space station. And the military were
kidnapping hibernating workers to use in their implantation experiments.

But why do that? Use apes or cows or even criminals. Why use workers who
would be missed?

And why clone Ripley? Why not just go back to the ship and take more eggs
from it, there were hundreds there? Why did it take them so long?

And the technology hadn't advanced, it didn't seem like the future at all.

The creatures escaped by using their acid. But surely even the stupidest
scientist would have thought of that and used materials that could survive
it? It beggared belief.

* * *

"Here we go."

* * *

And there was Cal an android like him. He saw the new Ripley, saw her through
Cal's eyes.

But it defied logic. How could she keep her origin a secret? How could she
bear to kidnap the workers?

How could the Earth be polluted? Mankind had the technology to go to the
stars and terraform other planets, to make their primordial atmosphere's
breathable again. Surely they could cure their own planet's enviromental

And the rupture of the ship's hull? The explosive decompression would kill
them both instantly, how could they survive?

* * *

Ripley led Cal unresistingly to the cabin, to the bed. She sat her down on it
and stroked her cheek with one hand, gazing deeply into her eyes.

"Have you ever...?" there was no need for her to finish the question, the
look of uncertainty and lust on Cal's face was more than enough.

"Have you?" Cal asked in return. She was gently rubbing her head against
Ripley's fingers.

She shrugged "Not in this body."

"You know I'm not really human," Cal looked away with what looked
almost like shame. But Ripley noted that her fake, simulated breathing was
becoming slower and shallower.

Ripley unzipped her top and slipped her hand under the android's t-shirt. She
stroked her nipples, circling her fingertips around the aerioles and rolling
her nipples between finger and thumb. Cal gave a long, low moan of pleasure.

"You're a lot more human than many I've met," Ripley told her. She leaned
forwards and kissed Cal long and deep, Cal returning the affections of
Ripley's tongue with unhesitant gusto. Ripley tore Cal's clothes off,
shredding her jumpsuit, t-shirt and panties. Cal lay back and just enjoyed
the sight of Ripley peeling off her flight suit, her body voluptuous and
flawless, the clone having none of the scars and blemishes a human acquired
over their lifetime.

Ripley jumped on her, pinning her to the bed, kissing her, groping her,
gently biting on her breasts, sucking on Cal's nipples and forcing her legs
apart. Cal gasped as Ripley's fingers began to trace their way around her
labia. She cried out as Ripley began to thrust her fingers in and out of her
but her screams of pleasure were silenced as Ripley clutched her face to her
breasts. Cal soon got the hint and started to lose herself in Ripley's
cleavage, licking and kissing, nuzzling and suckling.

Ripley found Cal's clitty, teasing and pinching it, her fingers soaked in the
young androids juices. She looked on delightedly as Cal orgasmed underneath
her, pinning her down, her weight crushing her down into the soft padding. It
was wonderful to feel Cal bucking and writhing helplessly underneath her. She
almost threw Ripley off her with the strength of her climax as Ripley deftly
flicked Cal's clitoris.


She just held her in her arms, feeling her warmth, licking the droplets of
fake sweat from Cal's replica skin. As her breathing returned to normal she
grabbed Cal by the hair and brought their faces together, kissing as though
their lives depended upon it. She effortlessly picked Cal up in her arms and
put her on her knees on the floor, looking up into Ripley's face as she sat
on the side of the bed. She cradled Cals head in her hands as the artificial
person looked up at her adoringly.

"Lick my cunt, baby," she instructed, spreading her legs.

Cal didn't hesitate to dive between Ripley's thighs and lap at her cunny.
Ripley just closed her eyes and put her hand behind her head, sighing in
sheer delight. She felt Cal's sharp fingernails digging into her buttocks,
one probing her puckered asshole causing her to shudder, grinding her
pelvis all the more frantically onto the android's deft tongue. She came
so hard she almost knocked herself out, banging her head off the metal
bulkhead as she bucked and thrashed in pure ecstasy.

When she came to her senses Cal was lying on top of her, hugging her and
kissing her softly. It occured to Ripley that she actually tasted remarkably
sweet. She wondered what Cal tasted like? Well, it was certainly going to be
a lot of fun finding out.

"I have my little girl back," she told herself "And my Bishop. All I have to
do now is find a new Hicks. But that shouldn't be much of a problem."

She lay there in the arms of her new lover, feeling the flight of the
spacecraft subtly alter as they went from space into the earth's atmosphere.
Cal was kissing her neck and stroking her skin, their soft, firm bodies
pressing against one another. And Ripley was finally going home, completing
the journey she had begun on the Nostromo all those years ago.

* * *

The images of Ripley and Cal faded. They were replaced by bright lights and
a pair of bored looking technicians stripping off their sterile gear. He
glanced down and noted that he was still ripped in half. He was grateful that
he felt no pain.

"You can come in now," one of the techs called out.

He wasn't sure if he could feel elation. Maybe it was just his circuits
running cross checks on themselves to make sure he was actually seeing what
he was seeing. But the sight of Ripley, Newt and Hicks walking into the
repair bay filled him with a sensation that resembled an uncontrollable
power surge.

Newt was holding a cat, a large orange tom. Bishop looked at it curiously.
He had never actually seen one before.

"How you feeling Bish?" Ripley asked. Bishop stared at her hair, half
expecting her to remove it and unveil a shaven head. But it was real, as
was this.

"I...I had all these images in my head, all these things that didn't make
sense. There were the creatures and another planet and the future and you,
and you..."

"Did I have a little dog called Toto?" Ripley asked.

Hicks laughed, even though it caused him considerable pain through his
injuries. He was in his formal dress, a mass of decorations on his chest,
lieutenant's bars newly installed on his shoulders. The cosmetic surgery
had taken well and you had to look closely to notice the acid burns. He
noticed that he and Ripley were standing close to one another, almost
holding hands.

"Sounds like you were dreaming," Hicks observed.

"Synthetics don't dream," one of the technicians stated bullishly. "It was
just his primary cortex trying to make sense of random data created by
damaged memory chips during shutdown," Newt looked puzzled.

"Sound like dreaming to me" Ripley ventured. The tech stormed off in a huff.

He wondered about his dream? Was he attracted to Ripley? Probably not, it
was just his subconscious trying to make sense of it all. Another thought
occurred to him. "The other ship, the one the Nostromo found..."

"We nuked it from the Sulocco before we left orbit" They all shared a look
of relief at Ripley's pronouncement.

Newt set the by now squirming ginger tom down on the bench. Tentatively
Bishop reached out and stroked him. Jonesy seemed unsure at first but
rapidly submitted to his petting. The texture was amazing, the soft warm
fur an incredible sensation to the touch. It occurred to Bishop that a
cat's affection and trust was not something given lightly but was all the
more precious for it.

Newt reached out and placed her tiny hand in Bishops' palm, smiling broadly.

As was the love of little girls.

"We slept and dreamt all the way home. But now it's time to wake up," she

He grasped her hand gently and smiled back, finally awake.

The End


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