All That: Farmer Jamie (mg,ffgg,oral,plush)
by Hamster

Sketch opens: Jamie Spears is wearing some short cut-offs and a half shirt
with her hair in pigtails. Christina Kirkman is standing next to her wearing
a plaid pleated skirt and white buttoned down shirt. They both stood in front
of a matte painting of a farm.

"Hi, everybody, I'm farmer Jamie and I'm going to teach Christina here how
to work on a farm." Jamie pronounced. "First, let's go milk a cow, OK

"OK Jamie."

They walked over to where Shane was standing in a cow costume. He was
completely dressed as a cow from head toe except that his costume has a hole
in the middle where his erect cock stood straight out.

"Now let me show you just how you go about milking a cow." Jamie grabbed
Shane's rock solid shaft. "Now what you gotta do is grab the shaft firmly in
your hand until it gets nice and firm."

Jamie did just that and Shane sighed deeply as the girl wrapped her fingers
firmly around his cock.

"Wow you sure know a lot about milking cows." Christina said stupidly.

"I sure do Christina. Then what you want to do is lick up and down the shaft
to get the cow's juices flowing." As soon as she explained she began to run
her tongue up and down 'the cow's' cock. This sent shivers up and down his
spine and he grunted his approval. "Then you just gotta suck the milk out."

As Christina watched intently Jamie sucked mightily on the rock-solid
man-meat. Jamie grabbed a firm hold of the cock's base and sucked it down
her throat. Jamie lashed and stroked the cock with her tongue thoroughly.
Shane the cow felt like he was in blowjob heaven as the girl expertly
delivered the most masterful blowjob of his life.

"Yeah MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The 'cow' cried in approval.

Soon he was flooding young Jamie's mouth with gallons of cum. The girl
swallowed quite a bit, but much of it pilled out her mouth and dribbled
down her chin.

"Mmmmm What delicious cream." Jamie commented.

"I want some cream too." Christina whined.

"Well come here and have some." Jamie said.

She grabbed the other girl by the hips and spat cum in her mouth.

"Mmm yummy." Christina said as she swallowed it down. "Is there anything else
to eat on the farm Jamie?"

"Funny you should ask. I love the taste of rabbit and we have to yummy
bunnies here on the farm." Jamie said.

Jack the cow exits the stage and Lisa and Chelsea walk out. Both girls are
dressed identically. Pink bunny ears, pink panties with white cotton tails
sewed on, pink plush collars and bracelets, purple bow ties and patent
leather high heeled pumps. Their breasts were bare.

"Hi Lisa, hi Chelsea I was just telling Christina how much I love the taste
of rabbit. Is it alright if we eat you?" Jamie asked.

"Sure." They both said at once.

"Great!" Jamie said happily.

Chelsea and Lisa both removed their cotton-tailed panties and lay down on
the ground with their legs spread wide.

"Let's dig in!" Jamie said as she dove in for Lisa's pussy.

Christina in turn went for Chelsea's pussy. Both girl's were slurping and
licking at the pussys of the 'bunnies'. Chelsea and Lisa could just moan in
pleasure as the two younger girls ate them out.

Lisa shoved Jamie's face deeper into her cunt.

"Oh yes Jamie, yes deeper harder eat me, EAT ME!!!" Lisa demanded.

Jamie was very obliging, letting her tongue explore Lisa's delicious love
tunnel. Chelsea was likewise whipping her head back and forth and moaning in
pleasure. Finally they both came and Jamie and Christina were rewarded by
some sweet sex juices. The two younger girls slurped it up hungrily.

"MMM isn't rabbit yummy, Christina?" Jamie asked as she licked her lip.

"Sure is Jamie." Christina replied.

They got up and the 'bunnies' both left. Then out came two anonymous people
in horse costumes, they looked like Denver Bronco mascots except their
costumes had large dildo's protruding from the middle.

"Look horses." Jamie exclaimed.

"Wow are we gonna get to ride them?" Christina asked hopefully.

"Actually we do things differently on this here farm. The horses are gonna
ride us!" Jamie announced.

"Wow that sounds like fun!" Christina exclaimed.

"Yep here let me help you get ready." Jamie said.

Jamie knelt in front of Christina, reached under her skirt and yanked her
panties down. Jamie then removed her own shorts and panties. Jamie then got
on her hands and knees and Christina followed suit. The 'horses' stepped
behind the girls and positioned their dildos at the entrances of the girls'
bald virgin pussies. Each girl wailed as the invading dildo's thrust into
their cunts ripping through their virginities. They began pushing in and
out of the girls. Jamie and Christina both winced and teared up from the
pain the big monsters were causing. Soon they were moaning in pleasure and
they began to enjoy the relentless fucking of the horses.


Jamie was soon crying out too. After their orgasms the girls flopped to the
ground and rubbed their sore pussies.

"Boy, the farm sure is fun Jamie." Christina said.

"You bet Christina." Jamie agreed.
_ _ _

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