NOTE: This story is entirely fictional, it does not depict real people
or real events. This story is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by
minors or those who are easily offended

WILD BILL WILDE ([email protected])

Life isn't fair, decided attorney Ally McBeal. Just when she had decided
to focus on her work and put her man troubles out of her mind, along
came the case of exotic dancer/adult film star Sapphire Ice. Ms. Ice was
accused of performing an obscene dance routine at a local strip club,
and had hired the firm of Cage & Fish to defend her. Ally had been
assigned as lead attorney to the case, and thus had to go over, again
and again, the details of the event. How Ms. Ice had come out dressed as
a school girl, stripped, then selected a man from the audience, pulled
him up on stage, and literally ripped his clothes off, before pushing
him to the ground, spraying whipped cream over his cock, and then
simulating a blow job while she thrust her pussy into his face. Ally
tried to visualize this, then tried to visualize herself doing it.

"Wouldn't that be a surprise to the man in my life, if I had one," Ally
thought ruefully. Then her mind drifted back to the last time she had
been with a man. That wonderful encounter at the car wash. No words had
been exchanged, just a few smoldering glances, and then they had moved
right along to the hottest humping and fucking Ally had ever
experienced. Ally smiled at the memory, and a small sigh of lust escaped
her lips. She shook her head and tried to force herself to concentrate
on the case. No good. She was majorly horny now, and needed to release
some tension.

"Well, I know just how to do that," Ally said out loud. She reached into
the desk drawer and pulled out her trusty vibrator, that she'd nicknamed

"Mr. Reliable." He had seen her through many long, lonely nights and was
the perfect antidote for her horniness. Ally hiked up her short skirt
and pulled the crotch of her satin panties to one side. She sucked "Mr.
Reliable" to get him slick, while at the same time fingering her pussy
to get her own juices flowing. Once things were good and wet, she slid

"Mr. Reliable" into her pussy and turned him on. Ally shuddered with
pleasure as a mini-orgasm flowed through her. She had just leaned back
and prepared to settle into a deep erotic trance, when there was a knock
at her office door. Ally cursed. She had totally forgotten that she had
asked her new paralegal to stop by. Deciding to be daring, she left "Mr.
Reliable" where he was, flipped her skirt down, and rolled her chair up
to her desk, before calling, "Come... in. I mean come in."

Jeffrey was an average looking man with a nice smile and great
personality. He and Ally exchanged some small talk, then she handed him
the case file. She wondered if he would notice the signs of her recent
activity, namely her slightly flushed face or erect nipples. Before she
could think further on this, her phone rang. It was another client. Ally
began speaking to him, making notes on a pad as she did so. Midway
through the conversation, Ally accidentally dropped her pen. It rolled
under her desk, and Jeffrey motioned that he would get it. Ally went
back to her conversation, but soon it struck her that Jeffrey had been
down there for quite a while. She was just about to say something, when
she felt "Mr. Reliable" being slid out of her pussy, only to be replaced
by a finger. Ally let out a small yelp of surprise.

"I'm sorry," she said to her client. "I just got banged...I mean I just
banged my knee on the desk. Please go ahead."

She continued her conversation as a thumb stroked her clit while the
finger moved in and out of her pussy. Just when Ally thought it couldn't
get any more pleasurable, the thumb and finger were withdrawn, only to
be replaced by a warm, wet tongue that traced circles and figure eights
over her perspiring pussy and throbbing clit. Ally felt the start of a
huge orgasm rumbling through her womanhood.

"I...I have to cum, I...I mean I have to go, there's someone inside
me...I mean there's someone at my door, " Ally stammered helplessly as
she hung up the phone, then dissolved into waves of orgasmic bliss.
After the last tremor passed through her body, Ally opened her eyes and
looked at Jeffrey, who had gotten out from under her desk and back in
his chair, his face glazed with Ally's orgasmic juices. On unsteady
legs, she walked over to him.

"I don't know what came over me," he began. "I don't usually..."

"Sshh," Ally said, laying her finger across his lips. "That's not the
kind of oral intercourse I'm interested in right now." Without further
adieu, she began loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Then she
unbuckled his belt and slid his pants and briefs down to his ankles. His
10 1/2 inch erection bobbed free, and Ally let out a sob of joy.

"If this is a fantasy, please, please, don't let it end," she said to
herself. Then she swallowed his manhood in one gulp. It was Jeffrey's
turn to gasp as Ally's talented tongue spit-shined every inch of his
cock. He nearly shot off when Ally wiggled the tip of her tongue into
his cumhole.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a throaty chuckle. There, in the
doorway, stood Ally's sultry and slutty secretary, Elaine. "Well, well,
Ally, I never would have guessed," Elaine said, a devilish smile on her
face, and a hand lazily rubbing her panty crotch. There was a loud pop
as Jeffrey's cock slid out of Ally's mouth. "Don't just stand there,
Elaine, join in! He's definitely got enough for both of us!"

Elaine didn't have to be asked twice. She turned and locked the door,
then she proceeded to shrug off her blouse and shimmy out of her skirt.
Then, Elaine knelt next to Ally in front of Jeffrey and lightly ran her
fist up & down the length of his cock.

"Oooh. He's a big one," Elaine cooed.

"He sure is," Ally agreed, then added, "Take a taste, he's delicious."
Elaine slipped her lips around the plum-sized head of Jeffrey's cock,
then began swallowing, and soon, her nose was nestled in his curly
blonde pubes. Not wanting to be left out, Ally licked and sucked
Jeffrey's nutsack, making him groan with pleasure. Ally and Elaine took
turns sucking cock and sucking balls until Jeffrey couldn't take it any
more. He let out a mighty grunt and began to shoot his load, liberally
splattering Elaine's and Ally's faces, tongues, and lips.

"Mmm. Tasty," said Ally, licking her lips.

"And how," agreed Elaine. "That was good for the appetizer, but I think
you need that monster in your pussy for the main course."

"But we've drained him," Ally wailed, "And I need cock now!"

"Relax, I know what will get him hard again," Elaine said with a grin,
and whispered something to Ally, who nodded.

As Jeffrey looked on, the women faced each other and shared a deep kiss,
their tongues dueling hotly as their hands pulled off each other's
remaining clothes. Elaine suckled at Ally's breasts, coaxing each nipple
into red rock hardness. She slid her hands down the length of Ally's
body, running a frisky finger through Ally's fur to rub her clit. Ally
moaned and fucked Elaine's finger enthusiastically, having another
mini-orgasm in the process.

"Now you do me, Ally."

Ally sank to her knees and cupped Elaine's ass cheeks in her hands and
pulled her fleecy muff into her face. Elaine gasped as her boss' tongue
left no area of her pussy and clit unlicked. And soon the comely
secretary was biting her knuckle to keep from screaming the building
down as her orgasm shook her. Elaine's legs gave out and she slumped to
the floor. The ladies rested for a few moments, then arranged themselves
in a classic `69' position, where they proceeded to raucously slurp,
suck, lick, nibble, kiss, and stroke each other's pussies and clits.
Orgasm after orgasm rolled through their bodies, each one more delicious
than the last.

""Uh, ladies...I think I need you," Jeffrey panted desperately. Elaine
and Ally turned and saw that he had joined them on the floor, his cock
rock hard, fairly bristling with fury.

"I guess it's time for a little cock, " Ally said licking her lips.

"You mean a lot of cock," Elaine corrected. "And it's all yours. You
need it more than I do, and I want to try out his tongue."

Jeffrey obligingly rolled onto his back, and Elaine lowered herself
until she covered his face with her muff. Almost immediately, she began
moaning as his tongue danced across her womanhood. Meanwhile, Ally
straddled Jeffrey's erection, spread her pussylips with her fingers, and
lowered herself onto his cock, gasping as its jumbo girth made it feel
like her hips were coming unhinged. But the petite attorney concentrated
and pushed down as her paralegal pushed up, and soon his manhood was
sheathed balls deep. Then the fucking began in earnest. Jeffrey grabbed
Ally's ass and began to bounce her up and down the length of his cock.
The office was soon filled with the moans, groans, grunts, liquid
slurps, squeals, and sighs of people in heat as the threesome reached
its zenith. Elaine came first, gushing her sweetness over Jeffrey's face
as his tongue sent her screaming over the edge. She rolled to one side
and positioned herself to get an up close view of Jeffrey's cock
pistoning in & out of Ally's pussy.

"How's it cumming," Elaine asked with a chuckle.

"F...f...fine. I'm al...most there," Ally replied through clenched
teeth, her middle finger frantically stroking her clit. Then, the big
one hit, and Ally went over the moon, moaning, screaming, and sighing as
a major orgasm rocketed through her.

All that was left was for Jeffrey to cum, and Ally made sure he did,
squeezing and flexing her pussy muscles around his cock while Elaine
licked and sucked his balls and kissed the portion of his shaft that
wasn't buried in Ally's box. Unable to hold back anymore, Jeffrey
unloaded what felt like a quart of hot cum into Ally's pussy. Spent and
satisfied, they relaxed on the plush carpeting while Elaine, ever the
dutiful secretary, licked cock and pussy clean before relaxing as well.

"So what's the plan, boss," Jeffrey asked after he'd caught his breath,
"Is this just a one time thing?"

"No way! Right now, I think we all need to get back to work, but I'm
definitely taking you home with me tonight. I'll be ready for Round 2,
and I think my roommate Renee is going to find you much more satisfying
than the strap-on we've been using."

"Don't wear him out, `cause I get him tomorrow night," Elaine chimed in.

Jeffrey smiled and sighed happily. He was really going to enjoy working


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