Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

My thanks to "Ben" for giving me this idea (see, folks, I do listen to your
scenarios, keep sending them in!) and to TV Guide for their recent feature
article on the show. Enjoy.

HypnoTV: Ally McBeal (f/f,mc)
by MAW

It was late in the offices of the Boston law firm and two of the firm's top
lawyers were burning the midnight oil. Ally McBeal was a pretty woman in her
early thirties. While not drop-dead-stunning, she did have good looks
punctuated by an uneasy smile. She had shoulder-length brown hair and her
small, but attractive, body was clad in a blouse and an exceptionally short
skirt, which showed off her eye-catching legs. Georgia Thomas was beautiful,
with long blond hair, a sweater and a somewhat longer skirt. The two women
had overcome their initial hostility to one another, natural since Georgia
was married to Ally's ex-love and there were still some feelings left. But
they did good work together, so much that their boss, Richard Fish, had told
them to take more time with their current case. Like many that came Ally's
way, it was rather unusual.

"Are you sure there's nothing in the records?" Georgia asked.

"Triple-checked," Ally replied. "Nowhere in the United States logbooks is
there a case of a man accused of taking advantage of a woman in cryogenic

"You're sure?"

"It's kind of hard to miss."

It was then that Ally began to hear it. The patter of tiny feet and the
beginning of that song. "Oh, no," she whispered. She glanced at the doorway
in time to see a little baby dance away from her. "Come back here, you little
bastard!" Lately, that damn baby had been popping up everywhere she looked.
She wouldn't have minded so much if it weren't for the fact that she seemed
to be the only one to see it and often got the strange look Georgia was
giving her at that moment. "Sorry," she said as she took her seat.

"The Oogachaka baby?"


"You really need to do something about that."

"I can't afford therapy. If I could, I'd have gone weeks ago."

Georgia bit her lip. "You know, I could help you with that."

"Hiring a hitman?"

"No, something else. Have you ever been hypnotized?"

"Uh, no," Ally said, her face contorting into a confused look.

"Would you let me do it to you?"

"Well, first, why? And second, why?"

"Come on, it'll help, really. I've tried it and I've practiced it. Believe
me, it does wonders for you and your state of mind."

"I don't know," Ally said. "I kind of like my mind the way it is."

"I won't do anything radical, it will help you. Unless you want him coming
at you in court."

"Point." Ally bit her lip. "Okay, what the hell? What do I need to do?"

"Okay, just have a seat here," Georgia said. He sat Ally on one side of the
table, her gaze pointed at the reading lamp on the table. Georgia reached
down and took off the golden locket she wore. She wrapped the chain around
the lamp hoist, positioning it so the golden locket swung gently in the
lamp's light. Georgia walked behind Ally and knelt by her ear. "Okay, take
a long, deep breath and just try to clear your mind."

Even though she still thought this was silly, Ally did so. "All right, now
just look at the locket," Georgia said. "Just keep looking at it. Try to
block out everything but the locket. Just keep your eyes focused on it.
Watch the way it spins and reflects the light, the way it glows, just relax
and enjoy it. Just clear you mind of everything but the light, the locket
and my voice. Just concentrate on those."

Ally's breathing was steady and her eyes were fixed on the locket as a
dreamy expression came onto her face. She felt relaxed and calm as Georgia
continued to talk to her. It felt good, to have this great feeling of
relaxation overcome her. It was nice of Georgia to do this. She was a
friend, after all. A good friend. A very good friend. That thought went
through her head even as she felt sleep coming over her.

"Just keep gazing at the locket, Ally. Let the light come over you, into
you. Let yourself get lost in it. Just go deeper and deeper into that light.
And as you go deeper, you feel more and more relaxed. So very relaxed. It's
so nice to be so relaxed. You trust me very much, don't you Ally?"

"Yes..." Ally whispered.

"Good. Now, just let yourself go and relax totally. Just surrender yourself
to my trust. I'll take care of you. You want me to take care of you. Just
close your eyes, relax completely and let me take care of you."

Ally let out a sigh as her eyes fluttered closed. Smiling, Georgia came
around, observing the limp Ally. "Ally, can you hear me?"


"Ally, are you relaxed?"

"Yes...Totally relaxed..."

"Good. Ally, do you trust me?"

"I trust you."

"Will you answer any questions I ask you?"


"Ally, do you find me attractive?"


"Do you find me beautiful?"


"Would you like me to kiss you?"

There was an agonizingly long pause before Ally finally whispered. "Yes..."

Georgia leaned in and slowly kissed Ally. She was resistant at first, then
slowly responded. Her tongue wrapped around Georgia's and she moaned slightly
as Georgia ran her lips over her. Georgia broke off and moved down Ally's
body. "You don't know how long I've wanted this," she said as she began to
disrobe. She had kept her bisexuality secret, even from her husband. She
loved him, she just felt this was something private. She had secretly been
lusting after Ally since she met her and now she finally had her under

Georgia slowly began to unbutton Ally's blouse, spreading it open to show the
dark bra Ally wore underneath. Reaching behind the shirt, Georgia unsnapped
the bra and let it fall down, showing Ally's pert breasts. Georgia unzipped
that wonderful short skirt and let it fall to the ground. She then slid
Ally's panties down. She stood up, leaned in and kissed Ally again, happy to
see she was beginning to learn and respond effectively. She moved down Ally's
body, kissing her pert breasts, the nipples already hardened. She continued
to move down Ally's body, placing her mouth in between her legs. She began to
tongue Ally, letting herself enjoy the sweet taste coming from the other
woman's pussy. Ally rose slightly in the chair as she felt pleasure begin to
fill her body. She arched back as she felt Georgia's hands along her breasts,
the tickling feeling adding to her pleasure. She came almost before she knew,
not even aware of the pressure that had building inside her.

Her face covered with fluid, Georgia stood up and unzipped her skirt. Pushing
it aside, she slid down her panties and sat her bare ass onto the table,
right in front of Ally. She took Ally gently and pushed her face in between
her legs. Ally was motionless for a moment, but the sweet smell of Georgia's
clit soon aroused her. She took long, deep stabs, her tongue moving into the
blond clit slowly. She dragged along, juices already starting to leak onto
her tongue. Georgia pushed Ally's head in closer, urging her on. She loved
this so much. She rocked gently on the table, urging her orgasm along until
it finally shot onto Ally's face. Georgia clenched her thighs together, until
she was sure Ally had licked away everything that was coming.

Georgia finally released Ally, who slumped back in her chair, her face
covered with cum. Georgia got up, pulling up her panties. She quickly
redressed Ally and sat her up. Dressed herself, Georgia leaned down and
began to talk to Ally. "Ally, when I snap my fingers, you'll wake up. You
won't remember what happened here. In fact, you won't remember being asleep.
You won't remember any talk of hypnosis. You will be refreshed, awake and
you will think we have only spent time on files. If you ever hear me say
the word 'tutifruiti', you'll go back to this wonderful state of relaxation.
Do you understand?"

"Yes..." Georgia snapped her fingers. Ally came awake, with no memory of the
last several minutes. Georgia smiled and sat down. This was going to be fun.

* * *

One of the more unusual aspects of the office was the fact that the restroom
was unisex, able to hold both men and women. It took a little getting used
to, but the workers had learned to live with it. As Ally walked in the next
day, she saw Elaine checking her makeup. The frizzled haired blonde with a
killer bod had a reputation for dating far too much and for sticking her nose
in other people's business. Needless to say, she annoyed the hell out of
everybody she came into contact with. But, she was a good secretary, so they
let it slide.

Elaine shot a smile at Ally as she walked in. "Well, well, in so early?"

"Why shouldn't I be?" Ally answered.

"Oh, I thought last night would have worn you out," Elaine answered. "I left
my purse behind last night."


"I had to come and get it."


Elaine smiled and leaned towards Ally. "Don't worry. Mum's the word."
Smiling, she walked out, leaving a thoroughly confused Ally behind. She was
still puzzling over the remark when she heard Georgia walk in. "Very weird
comment Elaine made."

"What?" Georgia asked.

"She was saying something about last night and secrets and stuff. She told
me she had to come back to the office last night to get her purse. Why that's
important, I don't know."

"Shit," Georgia muttered. She looked at Ally. "Tutifruti." Ally's face became
expressionless and her hands dropped to her sides. "Ally, you'll forget
Georgia's comment. Completely. You won't give it any more mind." A sudden
thought came to Georgia. "Ally, will Renee be in tonight?"

Ally shook her head. "No, she's out of town," she answered in a monotone.

"Nuts. Ah, well. When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up, with no memory of
being asleep." Georgia woke Ally up and watched her leave. She was beginning
to get an idea.

An hour later, Elaine entered Georgia's office. Elaine was wearing a black
leather skirt with a purple top intended to accent her body's assets. "You
wanted to see me?"

"Yeah, have a seat," Georgia said. She took out a file and began dictating
to Elaine. She was good at shorthand, that was true. Georgia absently took
her locket out of her blouse and began to swing it gently as she talked.
Elaine glanced at it a few times. Those glances became longer as the locket
caught the light. The flashes kept bringing her eyes to the locket. She
watched it swing, side to side, side to side, the light flashing in her
eyes. She kept watching it, intrigued. It was so pretty to watch, to see
swing side to side, side to side, flash after flash. It was so soothing and
relaxing to watch it. She barely noticed when Georgia began to speak to her
in a different tone. She suddenly felt like closing her eyes. Yes, that was
it, close her eyes and go to sleep....

* * *

Ally walked towards her bedroom, wearing a pair of white pajamas, ready for
bed. She was surprised to hear a knock on the door. She walked over and
opened it. Standing on the other side was Georgia and Elaine. They both wore
long coats and Elaine had a glazed expression on her face. "Tutifruiti,"
Georgia said. She led Elaine inside, holding her with one hand and took the
entranced Ally by the other. She led them both to the bedroom and to Ally's
oversized bed. "Undress, Ally," Georgia commanded. She took off her coat and
removed Elaine's. They were both naked underneath. Elaine's large breasts
hung free and she seemed to enjoy seeing Ally's nude body revealed. "Girls,
let's have fun."

A minute later, they were a tangle of withering limbs on the bed. Embracing
and kissing one another like mad, their hands fondled each other's breasts
and pussies. Ally pushed Elaine down and buried her head in between her
sizable breasts. Elaine moaned as Georgia kissed her, then straddled her so
her blond cunt was right over Elaine's face. Elaine slowly began to lick at
Georgia, taking on new fervor as she felt Ally lick at her own pussy. Georgia
moaned, her hands moving up and down her breasts as Elaine ate her out.
Elaine's tongue lapped away at the juices flowing from Georgia, her ecstasy
coming out onto Ally's mouth. Georgia came, splashing herself on Elaine's
face. She leaned down, kissing the hypnotized secretary as Ally continued to
lick away, diving in deeper into Elaine's cunt. Elaine nearly bit Georgia's
lip as she came onto Ally.

They collapsed in each other's grasp as Georgia planned her next move. She
wondered how Billy would feel about another chance with Ally.


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