Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
events. It is highly explicit and not to be read by minors or anyone who
is easily offended.

Ally McBeal: Part 2 - School Spirit (m/Fg,inc)
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

"So, do you like it?" Maddie Harrington asked her mother Ally McBeal, as she
modelled her new cheerleading outfit.

"It's great and it fits you like a glove too. I'm curious though, what gave
you the idea to join the junior spirit line?"

"Terry suggested it to me. Said it was good way to show school spirit."

"Tell me another one. What did he really say?"

"Ok, ok," Maddie chuckled. "He said cheerleader outfits always make him hot."

"That's more like it. And speaking of Terry, when will our favorite stud be

"He said as soon as he finishes with basketball practice, he'll be right over
with a smile on his face and a stiff cock in his shorts."

"Just the way we like it. Hm. That gives me an idea."

"What's that?"

"I'll show you in a minute," Ally said, then went into her bedroom. A few
minutes later, she came out again, dressed as a cheerleader. The tight
midriff-baring crop top emphasized her pointy, perky breasts, and the hem of
he micro mini-skirt barely reached the middle of Ally's thighs.

"So, Maddie. What do you say we greet Terry dressed just like this? I'll bet
we can make him cream his shorts."

"Great idea! But where did you get the outfit?"

"It's left over from my high school days," Ally said, twirling around,
causing her skirt to fly up.

"I see England, I see France, I see my mom's underpants," Maddie giggled.

"Very funny," Ally said with a smile. "And I saw yours when you were
modelling for me. And speaking of panties, I'll let you in on a little
secret. When I was a cheerleader, sometimes I'd leave mine in my dressing
room. It's a great way to meet guys."

"I bet it is. I'll remember that."

"Thank you. You know, Maddie, I think we're both getting kind of hot and
bothered right now. Shall we relax a little bit before Terry gets here?"

Recognizing the game her mother was playing, Maddie smiled and nodded. "Sure,
Mom, I always like our `special' massages."

Maddie sat down on the couch and spread her legs. Ally knelt down and removed
her daughter's shoes and socks, then gently massaged her feet, paying special
attention to each toe. Maddie giggled and her pussy began to drip. Then
Ally moved her massage upward, gliding her hands up and down the length of
Maddie's legs with feather-like touches, sliding up under her skirt, but not
touching her crotch. Maddie moaned and her pussy continued to drip into her
panties. Ally flipped her daughter's skirt up and used the heel of her hand
to rub Maddie's puffy pre-teen pussy through her polka-dotted panties. Maddie
moaned and squirmed harder, her pussy gushing like a leaky faucet as Ally
alternated rubbing and tonguing Maddie's pussy and clit right through her
cotton panties.

"Mom! I can't take this anymore! I need to let go!"

"Then let it go, honey! Soak your panties! C'mon now, that's a girl! Wet
those panties! Wet those panties and Mom's face! Oooh yes! Just like that!"

Maddie shrieked with pleasure as a huge load of her pussy honey gushed out,
soaking the cotton crotch of her panties and her mom's smiling face.

"That was a good cum, Maddie! You must of really needed it!"

"And how! Now it's your turn, Mom."

They switched places, and Maddie retrieved one of Ally's favorite vibrators,
nicknamed "Mr. Reliable," from the bedroom. She switched it on and gently
began touching Ally with it. First her temples, then her nipples, then her
inner thighs. She repeated the process several times until her mother was
moaning and writhing with pleasure. Then Maddie began touching the tip of
the vibrator to her mother's clit, right through Ally's satin panties. After
just a half dozen of these touches, Ally grunted and her body began to shake.
Maddie replaced "Mr. Reliable" with her tongue and held on as her mother
moaned, screamed, sighed, and came in a fountain of furious fulfillment,
drenching her satin-covered crotch and glazing her daughter's face.

Maddie came up for air, and mother and daughter smiled at each other, their
faces shining with each other's love nectar.

"I don't know about you, Maddie, but I feel sooooo relaxed right now."

"Me too, Mom," Maddie said in a dreamy voice as she sat down next to her
mother on the couch. "So I guess we just wait for Terry now?"

"Mmm-hmm, and let me tell you what we're going to do when he gets here..."

Terry couldn't believe his good luck. A glimpse of Maddie Harrington's
panties had led to a hot encounter in her mother's living room. Then, just as
he'd finished popping Maddie's cherry, Ally, her mother had come in. Things
had been tense for a few moments, but then Ally had surrendered to her lust,
fingering her pussy while he pumped his cock in and out of Maddie's ass. And
when he'd started to come, he managed to save the last few spurts and
decorate Ally's face with them.

Ever since that time, he'd been servicing both mother and daughter and loving
every moment of it. Even now, as he sprinted up the steps of the apartment
building, his cock was already hard with anticipation. It got even harder
when he was admitted into the apartment, and saw that both Ally and Maddie
were dressed in cheerleader outfits. And not only that, he could distinctly
smell the scent of steamy pussies.

"Started without me?"

"Something like that," Maddie said with a lewd grin. "Now sit down, because
the show's about to start."

Terry took a seat on the couch and watched as Maddie put on a CD and then
joined her mother in an erotic cheer/striptease routine. There was plenty of
ass shaking, tit grabbing, bend overs, and for the grand finale, mother and
daughter peeled each other out of their cheerleading outfits and underwear,
and then sat down on either side of Terry. The ladies began running their
hands over Terry's thighs and under his t-shirt, bringing forth a groan of
lust from the horny young man.

"You know, Maddie," Ally said, "It just isn't right that we're the only ones
naked around here."

"You're right, Mom. Let's do something about it."

Terry grinned, knowing and loving the fate that was about to befall him.
Ally and Maddie removed his shoes and socks, then pulled him to his feet. He
obligingly raised his arms, and Ally jerked his t-shirt over his head and
threw it aside. Almost immediately, she reached around and began playing with
his nipples, while pressing her nipples into his back and sharing a sensuous
tongue kiss.

In the meantime, Maddie knelt before Terry, her face just inches away from
his bulging crotch. She licked her lips and untied the drawstring of his
gym shorts. She tugged on the shorts until they slid down Terry's legs and
puddled around his ankles.

Maddie paused for a moment and admired the sight. Terry's fat prick bulged
obscenely out of his jockstrap, the plum-sized head already dribbling
precome. Maddie pressed her face into his crotch, and took a deep breath,
enjoying the heady aroma of an aroused man. Then she began nibbling and
kissing his swollen balls right through the thin material of his jockstrap.
After a few minutes of this, she reached up and peeled down the athletic
supporter. Maddie giggled with glee as Terry's perspiring prick leapt out,
nearly hitting her in the face.

Ally paused in her kissing to admire the unveiling of Terry's manhood. "Very
good Maddie, now take him in your mouth."

Maddie did as she was told, her cheeks ballooning and her head bobbing up and
down as she swallowed as much of Terry's cock as she could. Meanwhile, Ally
slid a hand down Terry's back and lightly grabbed a tight bun before gently
taking hold of his balls and beginning to fondle.

"Mmmm, he's full to the brim. Maddie, howsabout sharing some of that yummy
cock with your Mom?"

"Sure. He's got enough for both of us."

Ally knelt next to Maddie and they proceeded to take turns sucking cock and
sucking balls until Terry was nearly out of his mind with lust.

"My knees are getting weak," Terry groaned "I've got to sit down." He took
a couple of unsteady steps backward and sat down hard on the couch, his
still-stiff cock pointing at the ceiling.

"Mom, he's ready to ride!"

"And how! Where shall we take him? Front door or back?"

"Back door, definitely! It's more naughty that way!"

Ally smiled mischievously, then retrieved a bottle of almond oil from the
kitchen, where she'd been heating it in a pan of warm water. She lovingly
drizzled the warm oil onto Terry's straining cock, making sure to coat every
inch. Maddie stood by jumping from one foot to the other, unable to contain
her glee. She shoved her mother out of the way and backed up until her
rosebud was poised directly over Terry's cock.

"Here it comes," she said, the settled herself on his cock, sliding down its
greased length until his entire manhood was sheathed in Maddie's warm, tight
pre-teen ass. Ally nestled herself between Maddie's legs and tended to her
daughter's dripping pussy as Maddie moved herself up and down Terry's cock.

Maddie announced her orgasm with a series of short yelps that turned into a
huge shriek, as another load of nectar burst from her pussy.

Mother and daughter looked at each other, grinned, and yelled, "Switchies!"

In the blink of an eye, Ally and Maddie changed positions, and now it was
Ally who was gleefully taking Terry's cock up her ass, while Maddie tended to
her mother's creaming snatch, pausing now and then to lick Terry's ball bag
and finger her own pussy.

Suddenly, Ally couldn't take it anymore. A low moan started in the back of
her throat and built into a scream of joy as a major orgasm rocketed through
her. This set Terry off, and he grunted mightily as his cock began spurting
hot come, not only up Ally's ass, but also on Maddie's face, when his
still-spurting cock slipped out of Ally's asshole. Maddie licked furiously,
enjoying the tastes of Terry's cum and her mom's pussy cream, as her fingers
diddled her preteen pussy into another orgasm, drenching her thighs with her
juice. After they had caught their breath, they relaxed on the couch, still
naked, and snacked on cheese and crackers.

"I'm going to play a sexy trick on my secretary Elaine," Ally announced
suddenly. "And I want you to help me."



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