Ally McBeal: Part 5 - Georgia On Her Mind...And On Her Back
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected]) (FFF,mFF,mast,food)

By the light of a Thursday night's full moon, Ally McBeal and Georgia Thomas
boarded their flight from Boston to San Francisco. They settled into their
first class seats on the 747 and soon were winging their way west. After they
ate, they both dozed, tired from a full day's work at Cage & Fish, their law

Soon, Georgia awoke to the sounds of Ally shifting in her seat and making
strange little noises.

"Ally, is everything all right?"

"Uh...yes, Georgia. Everything's fine. I was just trying to...uh...get

"Oh. Ok. Say, Ally, where are your pearls?"

"In my ass," Ally said with a chuckle and a devilish smile.

"Ally! If you don't want to tell me, fine! But you don't have to get nasty
about it!"

"I'm serious, Georgia. Look for yourself."

Ally hiked up her short skirt, and Georgia couldn't believe what she saw. The
stem end of a fat, yellow banana protruded from Ally's pussy. Her strand of
pearls wrapped around the banana and trailed back to her rosebud.

"Ally, what are you doing, put your skirt back down," Georgia whispered

"I'm kind of a nervous flyer," Ally said with a grin. "And nothing
relaxes me more than jilling off with my favorite fruit. And by
the way, when did you become such a prude, Ms.

"As you pointed out, I was married at the time. And I'm not a prude! I get
horny too, but I have enough self-control to wait and not have to fuck fruit
in public. What if somebody sees you?"

"Why do you think I had us booked on a night flight, and in first class?
We've got a few rows to ourselves, and if we're quiet..."

"What do you mean `we'?"

"Well," said Ally reaching into her purse. "I did bring a second banana `cuz
lately you look like you could use a good orgasm."

"Have you lost your mind? I'm not going to do that!"

"Are you chicken?" Ally inquired, then made a clucking sound. "C'mon,
Georgia, take a chance, let it all hang out!"

Slightly angry and suddenly horny, Georgia made her decision.

"I'll show you who's chicken," Georgia hissed through clenched teeth. "Just
give me the damn banana."

Ally handed the banana over, and Georgia took it and proceeded to sensuously
lick it all over before deep throating the fat, yellow fruit down to the
stem. She unbuttoned her pants, opened her fly, pulled her panties aside and
fingered her pussy until it was moist and gooey, then, in went the banana, up
to the stem. Georgia hissed with pleasure as the fruit slid in, then put on
an amazing display of muscle control, making the banana slide in and out by
simply flexing her pc muscles.

"Go, Georgia, go," Ally panted, as she fucked herself with her banana and her
pearls slid in and out of her ass.

After a few minutes of intense masturbation, Georgia inhaled sharply, then
sighed deeply and came hard, gushing her sweetness all over the banana and
her panties. Ally soon followed, biting her knuckle to muffle her cries of
ecstasy as her thighs quivered with the force of a major orgasm.

"So who's a chicken?" Georgia inquired with a smile.

Before Ally could respond, another voice spoke up.

"Well, I was going to ask if you ladies needed anything, but I guess you
don't." The speaker was Erica, one of the flight attendants, a cute girl
with spiky blonde hair and an ample bust.

"Time to let it all hang out," Georgia thought to herself, then spoke. "Well,
actually, Erica, we could use a...hand...with these," Georgia said, pointing
to the bananas.

The flight attendant smiled. "Certainly Ma'am, always happy to help a
customer. If you'll just accompany me to the upper deck where there's a
little more room?"

Once in the first class lounge on the upper deck, Erica got on her knees and
proceeded to pull on one banana with her teeth, and the other with her hand,
switching back and forth every few minutes. Meanwhile her free hand went to
the crotch of her uniform pants and pulled open a cleverly concealed Velcro
fastener, giving her immediate access to her perspiring pussy. The lounge was
soon filled with the moans, groans, grunts, squeals, and sighs of great,
horny sex, as each lady came and came again. Erica, ever the dutiful flight
attendant, licked both pussies clean after each orgasm.

"Dammit, Erica, are you fucking the passengers again?"

"I sure am! Ladies, I'd like you to meet Jan, the head flight attendant on
this trip, and also my roommate."

Jan, a shapely redhead, shook hands with Ally & Georgia, and paused to lick
the pussy cream from her fingers. "Mmmm, tasty. Erica, I hate to end this
party before I can join in, but we need to start getting ready for landing."
She wrote a phone number on a cocktail napkin and handed it to Ally. "If you
ladies are going to be in `Frisco for while, give Erica & me a call. We've
got a layover coming up, and we like to party."

"Will do," Ally said as she and Georgia adjusted their clothes and returned
to their seats. The rest of the flight passed without incident, and the jet
made a smooth landing in San Francisco. As Georgia and Ally deplaned, Jan
winked at them, and Erica licked her lips seductively.

Ally and Georgia retrieved their luggage and and met with the car and
driver that had been sent to pick them up. They made a quick stop at their
hotel to deposit their luggage and freshen up, then it was off to the West
Coast offices of Cage & Fish to get down to work. Their client was porn
star/stripper Sapphire Ice (aka Denise Sorenson) who had dubbed herself
"The Scandinavian Milkmaid" after her already massive natural breasts began
producing milk. Her "milk shows" were in great demand, not only for the
free shot glasses of tit milk she passed out, but also for the "audience
participation" part of her act, when she would choose a lucky man from the
crowd, get him up on stage, undress him with her teeth, then give him a milk
bath before licking him clean, simulating a blow job while thrusting her
pussy in his face. It was this routine, performed in a Boston strip bar,
that got Ms. Sorenson charged with obscenity.

Georgia and Ally worked all day Friday deposing various witnesses in
preparation for their meeting with the client later the next week in Boston.
By dinner time, they were back in their hotel, ready to relax for the
weekend. Their first stop was the rotating bar that shared the top floor of
the hotel with a four-star restaurant.

"Ready to let it all hang out?" Ally inquired as they rode up in the

"And how! I'm not wearing a bra or panties!"

"Me neither! Now let's go get some cock for the weekend!"

As it turned out, they wouldn't even have to go in. As they waited in line
to enter, they overheard the doorman speaking to a young man wearing a sport
shirt and slacks.

"Now look, kid. I'm going to do you a real favor and not call the cops. But
if you pull this fake I.D. crap again, you're going to jail. Now scram."

Looking dejected, the young man walked quickly towards the elevator. Georgia
and Ally watched him for moment, then Georgia looked at Ally and raised her
eyebrows. Ally nodded, and they walked after him.

"Hey, Good-Looking, got a minute?" Ally called out. The young man turned
around and watched as Ally & Georgia approached. "What brings you here,"
she continued, once they had caught up to him.

"I'm trying to meet women," the young man said matter-of-factly.

"Aren't you a little young to get into a bar?"

"I'm 21," he said defensively.

"Tell us another one. We heard what the doorman said."

"Dammit," he sputtered. "All right, I'm 16, but I'm big for my age. I came
here tonight because, well, I'm horny and I want to get laid. The girls at
my private school, they're all a bunch of cock teasers. They lead you on
and then maybe they'll give you a handjob if you buy `em something. And now
that I've told you all this, with the way my luck's going, you're probably
going to tell me that you're undercover cops or drag queens or something."

"Silly boy," Georgia said hotly. "We're two horny women and we're looking
for action just like you are. So here's what's going to happen. We're all
going to go to dinner, and then we're going to go to our suite, and you can
have us for dessert."

The young man's eyes lit up like he'd won a lottery. They hurried into the
restaurant and were seated (according to Ally's request) in a large,
semi-circular booth.

Their meal was ordered, and the fun began. Hands were placed on thighs, and
a cloth-covered cocklump and pantyless pussies were eagerly explored. Georgia
and Ally also helped things along by eating their food sensuously and
carrying on a conversation rich with double entendres. Finally, the napkin
in the young man's lap rose like a white flag of surrender.

"You better be careful," he groaned lustily, "Any more of this, and I'm
liable to fucking explode."

"Now that would be a waste of good cum. Georgia, I do believe it's time to
retreat to our suite so we can eat his meat."

"What a treat," added Georgia, then said to herself, "I think she overdid it
on the wine."

They hastily paid the check and headed for their suite. On the way out,
Georgia impulsively bought a bottle of fine champagne and brought it with
them. Fortunately, they had the elevator to themselves, so they were able to
engage in some group groping action on the way down. It was during this time
that Georgia whispered her plans to Ally, who nodded in agreement.

* * *

"Well, what are we waiting for?" he asked once the door to the suite had
closed behind them. The women stood on either side of him, taking turns
whispering hotly in his ears.

"Since this is your first time..."

"We're going to make it extra special..."

"A fuck you'll never forget..."

"We'll make you want it more..."

"Than you've ever wanted anything before..."

"And just when you think you can't take it another second..."

"Then you'll get us..."

"So enjoy the show..."

"And be ready..."

"For anything..."

The young man sat down on the couch, the crotch of his pants stretched to
the ripping point, and watched.

The ladies shared a deep tongue kiss as their hands loosened each other's
clothes. Blouses fluttered to the floor and skirts slid down smooth legs to
puddle around shapely ankles. Georgia and Ally stepped out of their skirts
and stood before their guest, clad only in crotchless pantyhose. Then they
laid down on the floor and engaged in a hot 69, tonguing each to several
shuddering mini-orgasms. Georgia grabbed the champagne bottle and
deep-throated top end of it, then handed it to Ally, who did the same.

"You're next," Georgia said with a lewd grin. She shook up the champagne,
then popped the cork and let it spritz all over Ally's breasts and pussy.
Then she lightly drizzled some on her own rack, and poured several rivulets
that ran down her cleavage, across her stomach, through her pubic thatch
and finally flowed over her clit and pussylips.

Sighing as the cold liquid flowed over her most intimate areas, she motioned
to their guest. "C'mere, stud, and take your first taste of pussy."

They changed places, with Ally and Georgia sitting down on the couch, legs
and pussy lips spread wide, and their eager guest kneeling on the floor in
front of them. Following Ally and Georgia's instructions, first he suckled
on their rosy nippled breasts, then he used his tongue to trace circles and
figure eights over and around the two pretty pussies in front of him. Ally
and Georgia came and came again glazing their horny friend's face with their
pussy cream. Finally, he paused to come up for air.

"Ladies, please," he pleaded, looking at his straining cocklump and then at
each of them.

"What do you think, Ally?"

"He's been good. He's waited long enough. It's time for his reward."

They stood up and pulled the young man to his feet. Ally yanked his shirt up
and off, while Georgia unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped until he stood
before them clad only in bulging bikini briefs that could barely contain him.

"Did you shoot in your shorts?" Georgia asked, eying the huge wet spot on the
crotch of his briefs."

", it's just pre-cum."

Georgia took one side of his briefs, Ally took the other, and they jerked
them down.

"Oh my," Georgia gasped with delight as his huge cock uncoiled "You are big
for your age."

His cock was nearly a foot long and the shiny, swollen head was the size of
a small apple. Both women began fisting the magnificent prick, spreading the
pre-cum over the head and down the length of the shaft.

"Wow," the young man groaned. "The girls at school won't even touch it."

"Silly twats," Ally mumbled, "They don't know what they're missing. Georgia,
do you want to take the first taste?"

"In just a moment. There's something I want to do first."

Georgia grabbed the champagne bottle and two glasses. Carefully holding a
glass under his balls , she poured the champagne so that it ran down the
length of his cock and over his balls as it filled up the glass. She set
that glass down and proceeded to fill the second one the same way. Then
for good measure, she dunked his cockhead into each glass. She handed one
glass to Ally and took the other one herself. They touched glasses, then

"Mmmm, now that's a real cock-tail," Ally said with a grin. Georgia, her
mouth already full of cock, managed to nod. The ladies took turns sucking
cock, encouraging each other to swallow more; and sucking balls, seeing
who could hold them in their mouths the longest. Then they sat the young
man down in a chair and it was cock-in-pussy time. Again, Georgia and Ally
encouraged each other to take more and more cock until each took it up to
the balls, giving it a liberal coating of pussy cream in the process.

"Let's finish him with our asses," Ally suggested.

"Great idea. Mind if I go first?"

"Go for it."

Georgia got into position and lowered herself onto the massive cock, sighing
with pleasure as inch after inch eased into her ass, until he was buried
balls deep. Then the fucking began and Ally knelt between their spread legs
and alternated licking pussy and licking balls. Georgia was brought to a
shuddering climax by the combination of cock and tongue, and smiled

"Your turn," she said to Ally as the women changed positions. The petite
attorney sat down on the beefy cock and gasped as the apple-sized cockhead
plowed into her rosebud, followed by the first few inches of cock.

"Oh, Georgia," Ally panted. "I don't think I can do this...I've never had
one so big before...My ass is on fire and it feels like my hips are coming

"You can do it, Ally," Georgia said, kissing and licking her face. "Just
take a deep breath and concentrate on relaxing your ass. You'll get it all

Ally followed instructions, and to her pleasant surprise, she soon had all
twelve inches of sausage baking in her hot anal oven. Now it was Georgia who
was on her knees, poised to lick pussy and balls.

"Ready...set...fuck!" said Georgia with a smile.

The young man began pistoning his cock in and out of Ally's ass, and soon she
was biting her knuckle to keep from screaming the building down as wave after
wave of pleasure washed over her, her pussy dribbling, gushing, and spurting
both from the cock in her ass, and from Georgia's expert oral attention.

Finally, the young man reached his boiling point. "Oh fuck," he groaned and
buried his cock up to his balls in Ally's ass and the cum began to flow. Ally
took the first few hot spurts in her ass, then raised up so that Georgia
could catch the rest in her mouth, which she did, her cheeks ballooning and
excess come tricking out the corners of her mouth. When the young man was
finally finished shooting, Georgia stood and shared a come-laden kiss with
Ally before the three lovers staggered to the king-sized bed and fell into a
deep, satisfying sleep.

* * *

The next morning, Ally and Georgia stood naked on their balcony, watching
a beautiful sunrise.

"That was some fun we had, wasn't it," Georgia asked.

"You know it! My ass is still tingling! And look, I think someone's ready
for another round!"

Georgia looked though the arcadia door to the bed where the young man still
slept. His cock, however, was wide awake and ready to play, creating an
impressive tent in the sheets. "Time for some breakfast in bed," she said.

"Wait a minute, Georgia, don't wake him up yet. I have an idea."

"I'm listening."

"Let's share him with Jan and Erica. After all, they said they liked to
party. And he's definitely got enough to `feed' four of us. Now I'll call
them, and then you call room service and order the following items..."

* * *

The young man awoke to a gentle touch on his arm. Expecting to see of one
of the ladies from the night before, he was surprised to see a shapely
redhead dressed in a flight attendant's uniform. Make that partly dressed
in a flight attendant's uniform. She had a pretty silk scarf around her
neck and wore a navy blue blazer over an unbuttoned white blouse. Her perky
breasts were completely bare, and her pert, pink nipples stood at attention.
From the waist down, all she wore was a garter belt, stockings and heels.
And from the juncture of her thighs, a valley of pink nestled in a forest
of lush, red curls.

"Good morning," she said professionally. "My name is Jan and I'd like to
welcome you aboard Pussy Airlines' sunrise service to Paradise. If there
should be a sudden change in penis pressure, please make sure that your
penis is firmly planted in my pussy. Now if you would follow me please?"

The young man rose, and Jan took him by the cock and led him to the living
room of the suite.

"Since this is a breakfast flight, you will have you
choice of the following entrees...First, there's poached eggs over pussy..."
Jan motioned to a similarly dressed Erica, who sat on the couch, legs spread,
with two perfect poached eggs perched on her mons veneris.

"Or perhaps you'd prefer some cinnamon sticky buns?" Jan motioned to a
semi-naked Georgia, who was bent over the table, pants and panties around
her knees, her ass held high and coated with a glaze of cinnamon, sugar,
and pussy cream.

"Or perhaps some pussy pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream?" Jan
motioned to Ally who sat in a wing chair, miniskirt flipped up, her pussy
bare of panties and decorated with fruit and flapjacks.

"I want it all," the young man groaned lustily.

"Excellent choice, sir," said Jan. "Bon appetit."

Still sporting a huge erection, the young man got on his knees and began to
eat, moving up and down the "buffet" line, enjoying the taste of good food
and good pussy. The ladies moaned and groaned and came, and came, and came.
Jan watched the carnal feast and fingered herself until her pussy juice ran
down her thighs. Then she positioned herself under the young man and took
his cock in her mouth sucking him as he ate the others.

"C'mon, stud," she breathed around a mouthful of cock, "Give me some gravy
to go with this sausage."

He promptly obliged, erupting all over her face. The other ladies hurried
over and helped to lick Jan's face and pussy clean.

Once they had caught their breath, they headed for the shower to wash away
the sticky remains of their breakfast.

* * *

Monday night found Ally and Georgia, both sporting the serene smiles and
the rosy glow of well-fucked women, at San Francisco Airport, getting ready
to head back to Boston. Unfortunately, they wouldn't be riding with Jan and
Erica again, but they had shared a cab to the airport and had managed to get
in a quick good-bye kiss and pussy lick in the employee lounge. Jan and Erica
promised to call the next time they were in Boston, and also promised to take
care of the young man. Ally and Georgia promised to schedule another trip to
San Francisco as soon as they could. The young man had said that he would
definitely look at some colleges in the Boston area and would give Ally and
Georgia a call.

The flight to Boston was called and Ally and Georgia headed down the jetway,
bananas in their pussies and strings of pearls in their asses.

The End (For Now)

NEXT: Things That Go Bump (And Come) In The Night.


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