Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal: Part 6a - Things That Go Bump (And Come) In The Night
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

Ally and Georgia were on top of the world. Their euphoria stemmed from the
fact that they had just won a major case. Their client was pornstar/exotic
dancer Sapphire Ice (aka Denise Sorenson - The Scandinavian Milkmaid). She
had been charged with obscenity for putting on a lactation show at a local
strip club. Ally and Georgia had been prepared to go to trial, when a last
second review of the police file showed that a procedural error had been
made that invalidated the case against Ms. Sorenson. The charges were
quickly and quietly dropped, and Ally and Georgia had won the war without
firing a shot.

Ally, Georgia, Ally's secretary Elaine, and their client returned to Ally's
office and celebrated their victory with cups of coffee, sweetened with sugar
and liberal squirts of their client's tit milk.

It was at this point that Liza Bump breezed into room. Liza, the newest
attorney at Cage and Fish, was actually in her 30s, but appeared to be about
16, earning her the nickname "Lolita."

"Well," she said with a smile, eying Sapphire's exposed breasts, "This is
certainly a unique kind of celebration. Could I have a cup, please, with...
milk... and sugar?"

Ally obliged, pouring the coffee and adding the sugar. Then she held out
the cup to Sapphire, who kneaded one of her enormous breasts, then gently
squeezed it. A stream of mother's milk arced over the carpet and landed
squarely in the cup. She repeated the procedure with her other breast,
then Ally handed the cup to Liza, who drank deeply and smiled blissfully.
Liza sighed contentedly and chuckled to herself, because she had just come
in her panties, and no one knew it but her.

"Liza," Ally said, "You're here because...?"

"Hm? Oh yes. I just wanted to invite the four of you to a weekend party I'm
giving in your honor. It'll be at my country place up in Maine. I've arranged
for you to have some time off so it'll be a four-day weekend. Here are your

Liza passed out the invitations, which contained directions to Liza's
mini-estate on the shores of Lake Coksukee in Maine.

"What's this down at the bottom," Georgia inquired. "It says `clothing
definitely optional?'"

"Oh, that," said Liza. "My property is very secluded. I like to be...
natural... when I stay there."

"Does that include doing what comes naturally?"

"Certainly, Sapphire. Do whatever with whomever you like."

"Can we bring guests," asked Ally, thinking of her daughter Maddie, and
their teenaged lover, Terry.

"Bring whoever you want, it's your party."

With that, Liza headed back to her office, and the four ladies returned to
their coffee, minds already filling with lustful thoughts of the upcoming
long weekend.

* * *

Friday morning's sunrise found Ally, Maddie, and Terry driving north on the
interstate. Terry, not used to being up quite so early, dozed in the backseat
of Ally's SUV.

"He's out like a light," Maddie commented.

"He sure is," Ally agreed, "But I see part of him that's still awake."

"What? Oh, yeah. Now I see what you're talking about. I really see what
you're talking about."

Terry's cock was rock hard, stretching his loose-fitting sweat pants to the
ripping point.

"He must be having one hell of a hot dream," Maddie said, licking her lips.

"Why don't you make his dream come true," Ally suggested. "See how much it
takes to wake him up."

Maddie quickly scrambled into the backseat, then gently untied the drawstring
of Terry's sweatpants and pulled his t-shirt out of the waistband. She hooked
her fingers into the waistband and eased his sweatpants down, springing his
cock free of its confinement. Wasting no time, Maddie swallowed Terry down to
his balls in one long gulp. Then she began gliding her lips up and down the
length of his shaft while playing with his nipples through his t-shirt and
fondling his balls. The carnal cocksucking continued for several miles, with
Terry moaning in pleasure and stirring in his sleep, but never really waking

"Uh, Maddie, honey, I don't mean to rush you, but we are coming to the state
line, so we probably should be presentable..."

Maddie gave Terry's cock one long, sustained suck and gently squeezed his
balls. That did it. The come started flowing and Maddie was swallowing
rapidly, her cheeks ballooning as she barely kept up with Terry's spurting
cock. Just before they pulled into the border station, Maddie, still sucking
come, hastily pulled a blanket over Terry's lap and herself and pretended to
be asleep as they pulled up to the booth. Ally exchanged some pleasantries
with the official in the booth, then they were through and on their way

"You know, I just had the hottest dream," Terry said, awakening a few minutes
later. Then he threw back the blanket and looked down at Maddie, who was
licking his cock clean. "Hm. Guess it wasn't a dream after all," he said with
a smile.

* * *

Soon, they arrived at Liza's palatial lakeside cabin. A huge Irish Setter
leaped off the front porch and bounded over to them. The dog stood up on its
hind legs to lick Ally's face, and Maddie noticed the dog's big, pink, prick,
which looked like a hot dog in a furry bun. Their hostess ambled out to greet
them, dressed in a cowboy hat, garter belt, stockings, and cowboy boots.

"Welcome to Liza's Coksukee Ranch. Put down your bags, strip off your
clothes, and make yourself at home. I see you've already met Beau, our
official greeter."

Ally made the introductions and they had started toward the cabin when a
candy-apple red convertible pulled up and out climbed Elaine, wearing a
tight tank top, headband, and tennis shoes. From the waist down, the comely
secretary was naked as birth.

"Elaine!" exclaimed Ally, "Did you drive all the way from Boston like that?"

"I sure did! Nothing's quite like feeling the wind in your hair... or your

Seeing the smoldering, lustful looks that were passing between her guests,
Liza quickly spoke up.

"Now just a minute, campers. I know we're all in a hurry to start the coitus,
but let's get settled and have some food first, OK?"

The group grudgingly agreed with their hostess and headed for the cabin,
where luggage was stowed and a meal prepared and eaten. A phone call informed
them that Georgia and Sapphire would arrive later that evening, after
Sapphire had finished her show at the strip club.

Once the table was cleared and the dishes done, the guests made ready for an
afternoon of sun and fun. Elaine changed into a teeny bikini whose top barely
contained her bountiful breasts and whose thong bottom left her full ass
almost completely bare. The other guests simply wore long, chenille robes.
Already, Terry's fat zucchini of a prick was standing at attention.

"What's with the bikini, Elaine?" Liza asked.

"I think tan lines are very sexy," said Elaine in a breathy voice as they
headed out the door.

* * *

The group walked down to the lakeshore, and out onto the boat dock, where
Liza spread out a large blanket, and the others began disrobing.

"Don't want to get splinters," she explained with a smile.

Elaine hung back. "I'm going to get some sun first," she explained, moving
down the shore, "Save some cock for me."

Maddie nodded briefly, then deep-throated Terry. Ally and Liza were already
busy spit-shining his come-laden balls.

* * *

Elaine spread her towel on the ground, then sat down and began putting on
sunscreen. Soon, the combination of the hot sun, the hot scene she had
just witnessed, and her own caresses gave her a major league case of the
lusties. She slipped one hand into her thong, and the other into her top
and began pleasuring herself and moaning slightly. Orgasm was just a few
finger strokes away, when she heard something in the nearby brush. Hastily
straightening her bikini, she stood up and looked in the direction the
sound had come from.

At first angry that her orgasm had been interrupted, Elaine was prepared
to yell, "Come out, dammit!" Then something made her change her tone to a
seductive purr of "Come out, come out, whoever you are."

A boy, no more than 14 or 15 stepped from the bushes. "I won't tell, I won't
tell," he babbled.

"Whoa there, who are you and what won't you tell?"

"Ma'am, my name's Peter and I live on the next lake over. And I meant I
wouldn't tell anybody about seeing you touch
your legs."

Elaine giggled in spite of herself. "I don't mind if you tell your friends
that you saw me touching my...pussy. In fact, I'll even let you watch if you
like. Say..that give me an idea. Since I'm showing you how I touch myself,
you show me how you touch yourself, OK?"

"Uh...sure...I guess so. But I should tell you, lately, I've been touching
myself and nothing's been happening."

"I'll fix that," Elaine said sitting down and and patting the towel next to
her. "You probably just need to relax a little bit. C'mon, unzip and make
yourself comfortable."

Peter kicked off his shoes, then slowly, shyly slid down his jeans and
briefs. A small tuft of downy, curly public hair rested squarely above his
uncut cock.

"How cool," Elaine exclaimed at the sight. "It's been a while since I had a
foreskin to play with. I'll betcha I can make your snake come out of its
burrow. Have a seat and let's get started!"

Peter sat down next to Elaine, who popped her breasts out of her bikini top
and jutted them forward.

"Ever had a good feel of tit, Petey?"

"Nothing this good."

"Then take a feel, and take a taste, too. They're all natural."

Peter leaned down and enthusiastically began suckling first one, and then
the other of Elaine's rosy red nipples. Elaine groaned with pleasure and her
experienced hands stroked and fondled the young cock. This continued for
several minutes until Elaine motioned for him to stop. Reluctantly, Peter
released her nipple with a wet pop and looked up at her.

"Lookee there! There's life! " Elaine said gleefully, nodding towards his
cock, which indeed stood tall and proud.

"Wowee! I've never felt it this hard before! I feel like I could
f...f...flick you for hours!"

"Flick me? Oh, you mean fuck me! Well, I'll tell you what, we'll work on that
later, I promise. Right now I think you just need to have a good, hard come!
Let's 69!"

"What's that?"

Elaine chuckled and explained the position to him, and soon, her thong was
pulled aside, his cock was in her mouth, his balls were resting on her nose,
and his tongue was buried in her juicy snatch-crack.

He may have been young, but he was a fast learner when it came to
sixty-nining. Elaine's pussy was popping like fireworks on the 4th of July,
and she redoubled her cocksucking efforts, letting her knowledgeable tongue
dance over Peter's peter. It was too much for him. With a loud groan, he
started coming...and coming...and coming. Elaine was gulping and swallowing
as fast as she could, her cheeks ballooning with the effort, cum trickling
out the corners of her mouth and over her chin. Finally, he was finished,
and rolled off her.

"Wow! You must have really needed that," Elaine commented.

"I really...should...get home," Peter panted drowsily.

"Not so fast. We need to rest up and catch our breath, maybe nap for a little
bit. Then Professor Elaine is going to teach you how to properly...flick...a
horny woman."

* * *

Back at the dock, the foursome was in full swing. The ladies were on their
hands and knees, backs arched, asses high, moaning and groaning with pleasure
as Terry moved up and down the line heartily fucking pussies and assholes.
Then Terry stretched out on the blanket and the ladies took turns riding him,
taking his cock in both holes.

"I'm getting real close," Terry panted. "Who wants it?"

"I think our hostess should get the first load in her ass," Ally said. "What
about you, Maddie?"

"Sounds good to me, Mom. Go for it, Liza!"

"Ride `em cowgirl," Terry contributed.

Still wearing her cowboy hat and boots, Liza straddled Terry and lowered
herself until her pink rosebud lightly rested on Terry's cockhead.

"My very own fucking, bucking bronco," she said, then dropped herself firmly
on his cock, gasping and whooping as it squeezed in. Then the fun really
began. Liza fingered herself furiously, Ally and Maddie licked Liza's pussy
and Terry's balls while they fingered themselves, and Terry fucked Liza's ass
until she was screaming with joy. That seemed to push everyone over the top,
and first Maddie, then Ally, then Liza came loudly and wetly.

"Oh yeah, stud," Liza moaned in ecstasy, "Bring home a gusher!"

Terry obliged, filling Liza's rosebud with what felt like quarts of hot cum.
There was so much that it dribbled out of her rosebud onto his cock. Ally and
Maddie licked cock and asshole clean, then shared a cum-laden kiss with Liza,
so she could taste the fruit of her labors.

Then, the exhausted foursome headed back to the cabin for some much deserved


They met up with Elaine on the trail back to the cabin and she filled them in
on her adventures with Peter.

"So why aren't you... `flicking' him right now? Didn't you say you would?"
Liza inquired.

"He had to go," Elaine explained dejectedly. "Something about having chores
to do. But I did invite him for dinner tonight. But damn, I'm still horny."

"Mmmm...We'll just have to see what we can do about that," Liza said with a
sly grin.

* * *

Terry begged off from the next round of carnal festivities, pleading a need
for rest in order to "be at full power" for the evening's events. Ally,
Elaine, Maddie, and Liza had a quick shower together, toweled each other
dry, then headed for Liza's king-sized bed to make each other wet again.
While Ally and Liza searched through Liza's "Toy Box," Maddie installed
herself between Elaine's legs and began licking her fleecy, blonde pussy
furiously. Elaine couldn't help herself, and soon she was moaning and
groaning in ecstasy, her pussy dripping like a leaky faucet. Maddie didn't
stop until she had coaxed three gushing orgasms from Elaine. As Maddie
rolled to one side, Ally and Liza (each sporting a long, thick strap-on
dong) took over servicing Elaine. Maddie watched for a while as her mom and
Liza thoroughly pumped and plunged Elaine's pipes with their plastic pricks.
Then, an enormous yawn, followed by an even bigger one, overtook her.

"A little tired, honey?" Ally asked between thrusts.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Terry had the right idea. I think I'm going to
lie down for a while. Have fun."

Maddie left Liza's bedroom and walked down the hall to the room where Terry
was in a deep sleep. Maddie carefully climbed into bed next to him, fitted
herself to the curve of his body, and closed her eyes.

The threesome in the master bedroom reached their boiling point in a
cacophony of moans, groans, grunts, squeals and sighs before they too
slipped into a blissful sleep, with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Time passed, and Maddie began dreaming about cocks. Long and short, fat and
thin, cut and uncut. They were all beautiful and they were all cumming on
her and in her, and she was loving it. Then, her dream intensified, and she
actually felt a cock being pressed urgently into the palm of her hand. She
knew it wasn't Terry's, because it was long and slender, where his was long
and fat. Whomever it belonged to, it was rock hard and ready. She tried to
see her dream lover's face, but it remained just beyond the range of her

"Oh well," she thought. "Might as well make the best of it." Then she
addressed herself to her dream lover. "I'm a little tired now. Would you
mind if I just give you a handjob?"

Her dream lover murmured his consent, and Maddie began stroking and fondling
enthusiastically, marveling at how silky soft his pubic hair was. Soon, he
moaned and groaned softly, and then spurt wetly all over Maddie's hand before
planting a wet, sloppy kiss on her forehead.

"Wow! Talk about a wet dream," Maddie thought to herself as she came in her

* * *

Ally awoke and quietly slipped from the bed and went to look in on her
daughter. She passed Terry in the hallway and nodded to him, and opened
the door. It took her a moment to process what she saw. Liza's Irish
Setter, Beau, had gotten into bed next to Maddie, and she appeared to be
giving him a handjob in her sleep. Ally thought about waking her daughter,
but decided not to, since Maddie and Beau both seemed to be enjoying

"That dog is hung more like a horse," Ally thought to herself as she eased
the door shut and headed downstairs.

* * *

Georgia and Sapphire eventually arrived, followed by Peter, and after
introductions were made, everybody pitched in to help with the dinner
preparations. Liza had decreed that dinner would be her version of a "black
and white ball," which meant that the guys would wear black g-strings, and
the women would wear white garters, stockings, and heels. Thusly attired,
the group sat down and enjoyed a gourmet dinner that featured plenty of ripe,
juicy fruits and plenty of long, fat cucumbers, bananas, and sausages. The
significance of the menu selection was not lost on the guests, who took care
to eat as sensuously as possible.

When dinner was over and the table had been cleared. Liza directed her
guests into the living room for an "after dinner drink."

This drink was provided by Sapphire, who seated herself on the couch, cupped
her breasts enticingly and announced, "Come and get it. Mama's got plenty of
milk to share! Ladies first, because I've got a special treat for the

Soon, Sapphire had a mouth on each nipple, sucking in her warm, nourishing
milk as she gently fingered their perspiring pussies. Ally and Maddie shared
one enormous breast, while Elaine had the other one all to herself. Once they
had drunk and cum their fill, they stepped back and were replaced by Liza and
Georgia, who repeated the performance.

"All right, gentlemen, step right up and have a seat. We're going to have a
blowjob contest!"

Terry and Peter, their cocks stiff as pool cues, followed Sapphire's
instructions and sat down on either side of her, their legs spread. She took
a cock in each hand and pulled their mouths to her nipples and encouraged
them to start suckling, which they did.

"Now just to make things new and different, Ally, Maddie, you take Peter,
and Liza and Georgia, you take Terry. Elaine, since I understand you've
experienced both these cocks before, I'm going to ask you to sit this one
out. But feel free to keep yourself happy while you watch."

Elaine nodded and picked up a banana she had brought with her from the dinner
table. She began flicking the tip over her clitoris as Sapphire continued

"All right, ladies, the object of this contest is to be first team with cum
on your faces! Remember not be greedy and to share the cock with your
partner. Ready? Go!"

Almost before Sapphire had finished, the ladies' heads were bobbing up and
down on the erect male members before them. Ally and Maddie established a
"suck-suck-suck-switch" rhythm coupled with some enthusiastic ball bag
fondling, while Georgia and Liza alternated, one sucking cock, the other
sucking balls, each humming slightly to create a delicious vibration.

It was impossible for Terry and Peter to hold out for very long under the
concentrated carnal onslaught, and soon they were moaning and groaning as
they reached their boiling point and their cum began its upward flight. The
two cocks began spewing forcefully, and both teams jockeyed for position
trying to catch as many bursts as possible on their faces.

"Well, it certainly was close," Sapphire commented, inspecting the results.
"But I would have to say that Liza and Georgia are the winner by a spurt."

Liza and Georgia shared a high five, then licked the cum off each other's
faces. Elaine, banana firmly sheathed in her pussy, applauded, and helped
both both teams with the clean up chores.

"Now, Maddie, before you get too disappointed, your mom wants me to give you
something special. It's something no young woman should be without. So,
without further adieu..." Sapphire reached behind the couch and pulled out a
brightly wrapped package, which she handed to Maddie.

As the others looked on, Maddie opened her gift and clapped her hands with
glee. "Wow! My very own strap-on! Thank you, Mom!"

"You're very welcome, honey. Do you want to try it out?"

"Can I?"

"Why not? It'll give us ladies something to do while the guys recharge."

Maddie slipped into her gift and strutted around like a runway model. "Who
wants it first?"

Ally was already on her back, spreading the pink petals of her pussy. "Right
here, Maddie. Show Mom how much you've learned."

Maddie knelt between her mom's legs and got to work with her strap-on.

"Easy, honey...Not too hard now...That's good...try to get a rhythm going...
Oooh, yes! Pump it! Pump it! Fuck mom's pussy! I'm going to...I'm going to...
Oh my! Maddie! You're going to make your mother...cuuuuuuuuum!"

Ally lost control and gushed a huge load of pussy honey all over Maddie's
strap-on and her thighs.

"Wow, Mom! That was a really big cum!"

"It sure was! But I don't think you're finished yet."

"Now Mother, whatever could you mean," Maddie said with a sly grin.

Ally rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. "What I mean is that it's
time for you to open Mom's back door and cum inside."

"What a great idea," Sapphire chimed in. "Allow me to provide some extra

She took aim and began spraying milk onto Ally's petite ass until what seemed
like a small, white river gushed over her rosebud and down her crack.
Sapphire tenderly lapped Ally's pink rosebud, gently wiggling the tip of her
tongue in the hole, making

Ally purr with delight. Sapphire motioned Maddie over and helped her position
the head of her "cock" squarely on her mother's rosebud.

"Just take it slow and easy," Sapphire instructed. "Ease it in a little bit
at a time...Very good. Just like that. Now a little bit more, a little bit
more. That's a girl! Now ease it back, now push it in...ease it back...push
it in...And that's how you fuck your Mom in the ass. What do you think of

"Oh, Mommy," Maddie babbled, "I love it! You have such a fucking tight
exhaust pipe!"

"Thank you," Ally said, clenching her teeth, sighing with pleasure, and
cumming again.

* * *

The "strap-on" show had its desired effect and soon Peter and Terry's cocks
were rock hard and ready for action again. Elaine obliged by taking Peter and
commencing his promised lesson on "flicking," while Georgia and Liza took
turns fucking and sucking Terry.

Noticing that Ally, Maddie, and Sapphire had finished, Liza let Terry's cock
slide out of her mouth with a loud, wet pop and stood up.

"Now I wouldn't be a good hostess," she began "If I didn't make sure that all
my guests were satisfied. Sapphire, Georgia, I don't believe that either of
you has had a cock inside yet, so, ladies...assume the position. Gentlemen,
front and center."

Sapphire and Georgia lay down, and Terry and Peter moved in for the thrill.
Soon each was was buried balls deep in a hot, juicy pussy.

"Ready...Set...Fuck!" said Liza.

And fuck they did, in every hole and in every position they could manage,
while the others watched and fingered themselves. Finally, Peter grunted and
spurt a load up Georgia's ass, while Terry moaned and filled Sapphire's pussy
to overflowing while thirstily drinking her tit milk.

After taking a few minutes to catch their breath they staggered upstairs to
their respective bedrooms and fell into a deep, satisfied sleep, and dreamed
of what they would do with each other for the rest of their long weekend.

The End (For Now)

Next: Ally, Liza And The Gang Horse Around as the long weekend continues!


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