Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people
or real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors
or those who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal 6-Part 2-And...They’re Off (Ally’s Panties, That Is)
By Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

Ally sat on the front porch of Liza’s cabin and watched the sun rise over
Lake Coksukee. She smiled as the first rays touched her naked body, warming
her from head to toe. She lazily circled her clitoris with her middle finger
and watched Elaine do deep knee bends over her favorite dildo, expertly
sheathing the latex toy in her pussy with each squat. From inside the cabin
came the sounds of the other occupants waking up and getting ready for the
day. And what a day it would be.

* * *

“So what’s the plan for today, Liza?” Ally asked as they did the breakfast

“Well, I figured we’d start with some riding...”

“Isn’t that what we were doing yesterday?” Ally wisecracked, a grin on her

“No, smartass,” Liza replied, snapping Ally’s petite derriere with the dish
towel. “Horse riding. I keep some thoroughbreds near here, and I thought we’d
go riding and take a picnic lunch. And after lunch...well, I’m sure we can
find something to keep us busy. I’ve sent Terry and Peter to get the horses

“Mmm. Sounds like fun. But Maddie will have to stay here. She’s allergic to

“I’ll stay with her,” Georgia volunteered. “I’m not much into horses anyway.”

“Well, now that that’s taken care of,” Sapphire said, “Let me make a few
suggestions about wardrobe...”

* * *

An hour later, the ladies pulled up at the stable and met Terry and Peter.
The boys almost couldn’t believe their eyes. They women were dressed
identically in cowboy hats, neckercheifs, and Western shirts, left unbuttoned
and tied beneath their braless breasts. From the waist down, they wore chaps
over filmy, flimsy, silky thong panties and cowboy boots. The boys’ cocks
went from soft to hard in an instant, a fact which wasn’t lost on Sapphire.

“Mmmm. I guess the horses aren’t the only ones who are hung around here,” she
commented, licking her lips seductively.

“All right, campers,” Liza announced with a clap of her hands. “Let’s mount
up and hit the trail. I know where’s there’s a beautiful little meadow that’s
just right for picnicking...and for fucking.”

And off they went.

* * *

Back at the cabin, Georgia and Maddie were engaged in a spirited game of
strip poker, with the winner of each hand getting to remove an article of the
loser’s clothing.

Maddie was down to a tight t-shirt and a pair of “happy-face” panties, and
Georgia looked cool and comfortable in a lacy demi-cup bra, matching thong,
and platform heels. The next hand was dealt, and cards were discarded and

“Well?” asked Georgia, raising an eyebrow.

“Three of a kind,” said Maddie, displaying her hand. “I guess I’ll take your
bra now.”

“Not so fast,” said Georgia, showing her hand. “Straight flush. Now off comes
your shirt, young lady,” she said with mock seriousness. Maddie obligingly
raised her arms, and Georgia skinned her tight t-shirt off. Tossing the
garment to one side, Georgia paused to look at Maddie’s budding breasts,
whose gumdrop nipples were already hardening.

“Well, you’re certainly developing into quite a young lady. And I like your
panties. They look very fun and frisky.”

“Thank you,” Maddie said performing a mock curtsy and a pirouette. “I like
yours too. They look very...sophisticated.”

“Well thank you. Shall we get back to our game?”

“Actually, I’d like to show you another game that my mom & I play. It’s
called ‘lick the lollipop.’”

“Sounds interesting. How do you play? As if I didn’t know?”

“Well first, we have to take our panties off. And then...”

Before Maddie could go on, she noticed that Beau, who had been lying on the
floor watching them, had rolled over onto his back, and was sporting a full
erection, his big, pink prick at least 10 inches long.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Maddie asked.

“Well...yes. But...a dog?”

“Any cock in a storm,” Maddie said, quoting her mother. “Just close your eyes
and imagine you’re with a guy.”

And as Georgia looked on, Maddie knelt down next to Beau and expertly
swallowed his cock in one gulp, then began sliding her lips up and down the
shaft, humming as she did so. Georgia watched for a few moments, then knelt
down on the other side of Beau and began to lick, kiss, and fondle his furry
balls. She started out slowly, then gradually increased her tempo as she
found that the taste was pleasant, and that she rather liked the naughty
sensation of what she was doing. Beau let out a happy whimper, reveling in
the pleasurable sensations that he was experiencing. Georgia tapped Maddie
on the shoulder and motioned that they should switch places, which they did.
Maddie took first one, then the other, then both of Beau’s balls in her mouth
and thoroughly spit-shined them, while Georgia used her lips and tongue to
put a gleaming shine on Beau’s boner. The carnal canine cocksucking went on
for a while, then Maddie straightened up, a huge wet spot on the crotch of
her “happy-face” panties.

“I don’t know about you, Georgia, but I’m ready to have that cock inside of

“I definitely agree,” Georgia said, showing Maddie the wet spot on her thong.

Without further adieu, Maddie skimmed her panties down and squatted over
Beau, maneuvering around so that his prick nosed its way into her rosebud.

“Oh, Georgia,” Maddie panted, fingering her pussy, as she bounced up and
down. “You’ve got to try this! His cock is slender enough to fit in your ass
perfectly! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Oh yessssssssssss!”

Maddie dripped and gushed all over her fingers before reluctantly letting
Beau’s cock slide out of her ass. Georgia slipped out of her bra and panties
and squatted as Maddie had done, lowering herself until she had “buried”
Beau’s boner in her ass. Then Georgia closed her eyes, imagined her favorite
porn stud, and began bouncing up and down while she strummed her clit. And
soon, she too was moaning and groaning and screaming and cumming.

When her orgasm subsided, Georgia climbed off the doggie dick, and then she
and Maddie gave Beau a double handjob until he sighed and spurt his load all
over their fingers and faces.

As they headed for the bathtub, Georgia paused and looked out the window.

“Well what do you know? It’s raining.”

* * *

The sudden summer storm caught the riders just as they finished their picnic
and were preparing to pair off for the afternoon’s festivities. They hastily
mounted up and returned to the stable.

“So, we heading back to the house?” Ally asked Liza after the horses had been
taken care of .

“Nope. It’s raining too hard to drive safely. Besides, we can still do what
we planned to do. Just follow me to the hayloft, campers.”

The group climbed the small ladder to the hayloft and found that two huge
blankets had been spread over a bed of clean hay. Before a word could be
said, Sapphire and Elaine pulled Peter and Terry over to the blankets, pulled
them out of their clothes, and began fucking and sucking rowdily.

“And...They’re off!” Liza said with a grin.

“You can say that again!” Ally agreed. “Well, I guess we can keep each other
happy until there’s a cock available.”

“We don’t have to wait,” Liza said with a sly smile. “There’s plenty of cocks

“Where...I don’t see...Wait a minute...Are you serious?”

“I sure am! C’mon Ally, let’s horse around!”

Ally followed Liza back down to the stable and helped her bring one of her
stallions out of its stall.

“I trained all these horses myself,” Liza said proudly. “Offer him your
breasts, Ally.”

Ally pulled open her shirt and offered her petite, perky breasts to the
stallion. He nuzzled them with his velvety nose, then licked each nipple
into hardness with his rough tongue. Ally moaned with pleasure and
shuddered slightly.

“Now show him your ass,” Liza prompted. Ally turned and thrust her barely
covered buns at the horse. Much to her surprise, the horse gently took hold
of her thong with its teeth and pulled it down until Ally’s pussy and ass
were completely exposed. Then, once again, the nuzzle and the licks. Ally
couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling. And it was going to get even

“Look what he’s got for you, Ally,” Liza whispered hotly. Ally looked between
the horse’s legs and her knees began to quiver and her pussy began to drip.
The horse’s cock had to be 16-18 inches long and it was rock hard and ready.
His enormous, dangling balls looked firm, fat, and full to the brim.

“I want it,” Ally growled gutturally.

“I thought you might,” Liza said. “But first we have to get you ready. Try
sucking him for a little bit while I open up your pussy.”

Ally crawled under the horse, opened her mouth as wide as she could and
wrapped her lips around the stallion’s apple-sized cockhead and the first
couple inches of the shaft. Ally groaned as her mouth stretched to
accommodate the horsy cock. Meanwhile, Liza had pulled a forearm-sized dildo
out of a saddlebag, coated it with lubrication, then ducked under the horse
and slid the huge plastic prick into Ally’s pussy. Then she moved around and
joined Ally at the horse’s cock, licking the portion of the shaft not in
Ally’s mouth, and fondling the huge, heavy balls.

After the horse’s hose had gotten a complete tongue bath from tip to balls,
and Ally’s pussy was so juicy and squelchy that the dildo was practically
falling out, Liza decided that she was ready. She withdrew the dildo and
issued instructions.

“Ok, Ally, turn around, back up, stick your ass up in the air and he’ll do
the rest. And don’t worry, he’s very gentle.”

Ally did as she was told, her ass wiggling frantically in anticipation. Then
she hissed and whooped as the stallion’s apple-sized cockhead plowed into her
pussy. Ally clenched her teeth and concentrated as the horse began thrusting
in and out. A sob of pure joy burst from her lips as the horse increased his

Nearby, Liza was repeating the procedure with a horse of her own, first the
horsy cocksucking with the dildo opening her pussy, then, when she was
gushing like a broken water main, the ultimate in interspecies carnal
relations. She accepted as much of the horsy cock as she could, and soon
both she and Ally were moaning and wailing with pleasure as they took what
the horses had to offer.

Up in the hayloft, Terry spurted a hot load into Elaine’s tight rosebud, and
Peter squirted his contribution all over Sapphire’s face and tits. Then they
all rolled over to watch the spectacle downstairs.

Ally’s and Liza’s pussies were quivering with delight as they came and came
and came again. Then suddenly, each horse stopped, pulled out, and began
stomping their right front hooves on the ground.

“Quick, Ally,” Liza screeched, “ Take him in your mouth right now! He’s about
to cum!”

Following Liza’s lead, Ally turned around and swallowed as much of the horsy
cock as she could and began sucking and licking enthusiastically, fondling
his balls and jerking the shaft for good measure. Then, each horse gave a
loud whinny as long ropes of cum began shooting forcefully from their
engorged members, filling Ally’s and Liza’s mouths to overflowing as they
frantically gulped and swallowed in a vain attempt to keep up. Cum flowed out
the corners of their mouths and over their chins, and for a moment, Ally even
imagined it was going to start squirting out of her ears, there was so much
of it. The group in the hayloft applauded.

Once they were through cumming, the horses went back to their stalls and
resumed placidly eating their oats. Ally and Liza licked each other’s faces,
then collapsed.

Still naked, Elaine climbed down the ladder to check on Ally and Liza.

“They’re all right,” she reported. “They just came so hard that they passed

“Bring out two fresh horses, Elaine,” Sapphire called down. “I want some of

“My thoughts exactly.”

* * *

Georgia and Maddie had enjoyed a warm, steamy shower and had soaped and
caressed every inch of each other’s bodies, and shampooed each other’s head
and pussy hair. Now Georgia sat in a kitchen chair, legs spread wide, while
Maddie knelt down and used a hair dryer and a comb to style Georgia’s thick,
curly, blonde bush.

“You sure do have a pretty pussy,” Maddie said enviously. “I wish my pubic
sprouts were that thick.”

“Just give yourself some time, Maddie. I’ll bet before too much longer you’ll
have a nice, furry beaver pelt.”

Maddie giggled and continued her styling for a few moments. “All done,” she
announced, holding out a hand mirror so Georgia could inspect her work.

“Very nice. Now, I think you were going to show me a game?”

“Ok, I will. Open your legs and close your eyes, and let Maddie give you a
cool surprise.”

Georgia followed the instructions and heard Maddie get something out of
the fridge. There was a crinkling of cellophane and then Georgia yelped
involuntarily as something ice cold touched her clitoris and pussy lips.
She opened her eyes and saw that Maddie was rubbing a huge lollipop over
her genitals, moving it faster and faster. Soon, Georgia shrieked again
and gushed her own sweetness over the candy.

“Mmmm. Sweet and tasty,” Maddie said as she ate her treat. “There’s another
lollipop in the fridge, Georgia, why don’t you do me?”

Georgia retrieved the second lollipop, unwrapped it, and got down between
Maddie’s legs.

“I’m the orgasm fairy,” she announced, moving the candy like a magic wand
over Maddie’s pussy. “Would you like a orgasm, Little Girl?”

“Yes, please,” Maddie said gleefully.

“Now we move our magic wand and say the magic words...Girrrl Power!.... And

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh!” Maddie groaned as she came.

“You’re right, Maddie. It’s very sweet and tasty. Very sweet and tasty

* * *

As directed, Elaine had fetched two fresh horses, and she and Sapphire were
soon underneath them, sucking, fondling, and stroking the equine cocks into
full, rock-hard erections. Sapphire had found a second huge dildo, which she
put to good use in her own pussy, while the original one was stretching open
Elaine’s fleecy blonde pussy. The ladies’ mouth were stretching too as they
gave juicy blow jobs to as much horse cock as they could. Finally, it was

“Dildos out, cocks in!” Sapphire yelled, and soon each was impaled on 18
inches of horse cock.

After fucking for a while, Sapphire decided she wanted to finish with what
she was best at. Titfucking. She gently disengaged herself from the horse,
and stepped over to a small bale of hay that she decided would work
perfectly. She lay down face up on the hay and called her horse over. She
maneuvered her stallion until he was straddling the hay and her, then hugged
his massive dick between her equally massive tits. Both of them began moving
at once, and the sensation was incredible. Sapphire got so turned on, she
began squirting milk all over the place. It wasn’t long before her horse
whinnied, stomped his foot, and let his load loose. The long ropes of cum
jetted out of his cock, coating Sapphire’s tits, face and hair. She scooped
some cum up with her fingers and frantically rubbed it into her pussy until
she came good and hard.

Meanwhile, Elaine was having her own series of orgasms as her stallion
pistoned his cock in and out of her spurting pussy. And when the horse
signaled that he was ready to cum, Elaine surprised herself by swallowing
about half his length in one gulp.

She gave her horse a wonderfully juicy blowjob and fondled him with one hand,
while the other urgently diddled her clit.

Elaine and the horse began to cum at the same moment. His cum shot out like
water out of a firehose and almost dislodged Elaine, whose own pussy was
dribbling and spurting its sweet honey. Elaine gulped and swallowed, and
finally just let the cum go where it would. She and Sapphire licked each
other clean, then they too passed out.

As the rain continued to fall, Terry and Peter looked down at the four women,
sleeping soundly on the floor.

“You have to admit, that certainly was something different.” Peter commented.

“And how. I didn’t think it would turn me on at all, but I’ve got a hard-on
that just won’t quit!”

“I know how to take care of that.”

“Whoa there! Sure I’m open-minded, but I’m not gay or anything.”

“Neither am I. And I didn’t mean it that way! What I’m talking about is
jerking off, with kind of a special twist. Grab a thong, wrap it around your
cock, and stroke yourself until you squirt into the crotch. It’s really

“You sure about that?”

“Sure I’m sure. I do it in my sister’s undies all the time.”

With that, each of them grabbed a thong, wrapped it around themselves, and
began stroking. It didn’t take long before rivers of cum were soaking into
and darkening the cotton crotches of their ladies’ fancy undies.

* * *

Just as the sun was beginning to set, the riders made it back to the cabin
and swapped stories with Georgia and Maddie.

Dinner was prepared and eaten, and Peter said his good-byes and headed back
home. Then after tidying up the kitchen, the exhausted lovers fell into bed
and slept soundly and serenely.

Meanwhile, those left in Boston were engaged in some carnal activities of
their own.


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very special guests in Ally McBeal Part 7-For Whom The Nell Spreads
(Her Legs, That Is)


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