Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal: Part 8 - Someone's In The Kitchen With Ally
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected]) (FFf,mmFFfg,inc,veg,food)

Ally McBeal couldn't believe her good luck. Not only had her long weekend
in the country with Liza and the girls been an all-out orgy of hot humping,
fucking and sucking that left everybody spent and satisfied, but she had
also gained a new client. And that new client was none other then the
homemaking/hostessing queen herself, Deborah Dallas. Her TV show, "At Home
With Deborah," where she offered tips on everything from gourmet cooking to
decorating to home repair consistently scored high in the ratings, and her
books almost instantly became best-sellers. A divorced mother of two,
Deborah ran her empire from her suburban Boston estate and a suite of
downtown offices.

Ally parked her car in the estate's driveway, then walked up and knocked on
the door. It was opened by Deborah herself, who smiled graciously and invited
Ally in. They sat in the living room and shared coffee, cookies, and small
talk for a while. Then Deborah set down her cup, fixed Ally with an earnest
look, and began.

"Now, Ms. McBeal," Deborah said in her familiar, husky voice. "I'll be very
honest with you. My son Peter told me about with him while
he was visiting relatives in Maine. It's on the basis of that...encounter...
that I chose you to help me with my latest endeavor."

"And that would be?"

"I want to market a line of erotic baked goods. But I need to set up the
company in such a way so that I'm a silent partner. I mean it just simply
wouldn't do to have the world find out that I'm horny because I haven't
been with anyone since the divorce, and that I control my lust through
baking naughty cookies and such. Speaking of which, let me show you some
sketches of what I've got in mind."

Deborah pulled out a large drawing pad and handed it to Ally, who paged
through it, her eyes widening with awe. There were loaves of French bread
shaped like cocks, and also like couples fucking. There were loaves of
pumpernickel that resembled the dusky asscheeks of Caribbean women. There
were gingerbread men who were unquestionably masculine, cakes shaped like
breasts, complete with nipples, other cakes shaped like cocks complete
with balls and shaved chocolate "pubic hair," cock cookies with gumdrops
for balls, and for the piece de resistance, a variety of pies, all with a
perfect pussy, complete with clitoris, cut into the top crust.

"I got that idea from that one movie," Deborah said. "You know, the one
where the kid gets frisky with the pie."

Ally nodded, still captivated by the carnal cakes and cookies. She was
about to make a comment when the phone rang.

"Damned interruptions," Deborah murmured as she went to answer it, leaving
Ally alone for the moment. Ally flipped through the sketchbook again,
feeling the first few sparks of lust flicker through her womanhood. She had
just decided to find a bathroom and relieve some of her tension, when she
discovered that she was no longer alone.

The newcomer was a tall, willowy girl, with hair that was dyed magenta with
a white stripe. Heavy blue eye shadow accentuated her turquoise eyes, her
lipstick was a deep, eggplant purple, and her long fingernails were painted
in sparkling psychedelic swirls. She was dressed in black leather, from her
boots to her tight, midriff-baring tank top that struggled to contain her
heavy breasts. A silver ring decorated with a tiny diamond glittered in her
navel. Her skintight, "super-low-rider" pants had a zipper in the rear, hung
low on her hips, and showed a generous amount of her rear cleavage and a
glimpse of a cherry red thong decorated with sequins. A wide, metal-studded
leather belt completed the outfit.

"So, you're the lawyer lady. The lusty lawyer lady, according to my brother."

"Ally McBeal, pleased to meet you."

"Peach Dallas, likewise. You know, I don't think Peter has stopped jerking
off since he got back from Maine."

"Well, we certainly did have some hot times."

"He jerks off with my panties, you know."

"Yes, I do recall him telling us that. Does that bother you?"

"Not really. They're washable. And they feel all nice and squishy when the
cum is still warm."

Ally stifled a small groan of lust, then cleared her throat. "What does your
mother think about that?"

"Debbie Jean, The Homemaking Queen? She's so wrapped up in her business that
she doesn't know half of what goes on here. She just thinks Peter just lost
his virginity in a one-on-one situation, she doesn't know about the group
stuff that went on. And I'll tell you some other things she doesn't know. She
doesn't know that I got tattooed and got my nips, clit and tongue pierced.
Now she does know I'm in a girl band with some of my friends, but what she
doesn't know is that sometimes, after we rehearse, we lay down on the floor,
make a daisy chain, and eat each others' pussies for hours. And to top it all
off, she doesn't know that Peter squirts off in her panties too, `cuz he's
got it bad for her."

Ally groaned again. The spark of lust in her loins was now burning brightly
and steadily, and her pussy began to moisten. Seemingly oblivious to Ally's
condition, Peach continued talking.

"You know, I think if she could just get screwed, good and hard and long, by
a guy or a gal, she would be so much happier. And you wanna know something
that's really mind blowing? I think that ever since I went Goth, she's gotten
the hots for me."

"I can believe that," Ally panted. "You've practically got me cumming in my
panties right now."

"Good. Want to help me loosen Mom up?"


"C'mon, Lawyer Lady, Peter told me how you party with your daughter, and
she's younger than I am. Just help me convince Debbie that she can party with
me and Peter once in a while."

"I suppose I can do that. What do you want me to say?"

Peach explained her plan, then she and Ally sat back to wait. Debbie
returned, greeted her daughter with a kiss on the cheek, then resumed her
seat on the couch.

"Well, I suppose that my daughter has been telling you all our family

"Now that you mention it..." said Ally with a smile. They all laughed, then
Ally continued. "Now Deborah, you were honest with me, so I'm going to return
the favor. You implied that you were a little bit...horny...well, let me tell
you that you've got two solutions to that problem right here under your

"What do you mean, two solutions? Wait a minute...Peter and Peach? Oh no! I
can't...I couldn't!"

"Sure you could," Ally purred, unbuttoning her blouse and shrugging out of
it, then unzipping her her skirt and letting it fall around her ankles.
"After all, who knows you better? Some stranger in a bar? You've got two
very lusty kids, Debbie. Peach, show your mom how lusty you are."

Peach pulled Deborah to her feet and as Ally gently restrained her and tied
her hands with a silk scarf, gave her mom a hot, wet, tongue kiss, while she
pulled her blouse free of her waistband.

"Peach!" gasped Debbie, horrified, "Stop that right now!"

"Chill, Mom," Peach said with a smirk as she began unbuttoning Debbie's
blouse. "You need this."

"Me...with my daughter? I couldn't...I can't..."

While Deborah continued to sputter and stammer, Peach pulled her mother's
blouse open. Deborah's marble-sized nipples began to harden. Then the horny
daughter unfastened her mother's slacks and slid them down her legs until
she could pull them off.

"Someone's not wearing a bra, or panties," Ally commented.

"Ooooh, naughty, naughty, Mom. 50 lashes...with my tongue."

Peach tongued Debbie's nipples, then grabbed Debbie's ass and tickled and
probed her rosebud with one long-nailed finger while she pulled her face into
her mom's fleecy blonde pussy and began licking.

"Stop, please stop," Debbie protested weakly. Then the protest dissolved
into a moan of lusty pleasure as Peach's pierced tongue danced over Debbie's
long-neglected womanhood. "Ooooh yessssss! Right there, Peachy Honey, lick
Mom's clit and make her cum, make her cuuuuuuuuuuummmm! Ooh! It ... has ...
been ... so ... long ... and ... feels ... so ... fucking ... good," Deborah
wailed through clenched teeth as a king-sized orgasm overwhelmed her, soaking
Peach's face to the point of making her makeup run. Deborah collapsed on the
couch, legs spread, looking slightly confused as Ally reclaimed her scarf.

"Damn, Mom. You really must've needed that! You came like Old Faithful."

"Old Face-full is more like it," Ally wisecracked. "Now give me some of that
sexy tongue, Peach."

Peach got down on the floor and backed up until her buns were between her
mother's knees, then she motioned Ally to lie down in front of her.

Ally's bra and panties were jade green silk, trimmed with black lace and
Peach proceeded to rub her face around and around Ally's crotch, moaning
slightly, before she began tonguing Ally's clitoris right through her

Several things happened at that point. First, Ally began to cum, popping off
several orgasm like a string of firecrackers, soaking her panties and soaking
Peach's face, making her makeup run even more.

Then Deborah reached out a trembling hand, took hold of Peach's zipper, and
zipped it down. Peach's ripe buns popped eagerly from their confinement,
bouncing and quivering with anticipation as Debbie wrestled the tight,
leather pants down, followed by the sequined thong. If she was startled by
the elaborate rose tattoos that decorated her daughter's ass, she gave no
indication of it.

"Stand up for a moment," Deborah husked. "I want to get the whole picture."

Peach obliged, standing up and kicking off her boots, so she could get her
pants all the way off, then she pulled her tank top over her head, causing
her heavy breasts to spring up, then back down, her beringed nipples
stiffening in the cool air. Now completely bare, Peach's pink pussy was
revealed in all its glory. Her juicy joybox was framed by crotchless mesh
pantyhose, and her public tuft was dyed the same color as her hair. Just
above her pubic tuft was another elaborate tattoo, this one, appropriately,
of a peach. And in her clitoris there gleamed a small, golden stud with a
diamond chip.

"Oh, Peachy Honey," Deborah gasped, running her hands over her daughter's
hips and planting a kiss on her clitoris. "You're gorgeous."

"Thank You, Mom," said Peach, demurely. "What shall we do now?"

Debbie thought for a moment, then snapped her fingers. "I know what I want to
do next. Just wait a moment and I'll be right back," she said, heading for
the kitchen.

Ally and Peach exchanged a high five, then Ally slipped out of her undies and
licked Peach's peach until Debbie returned, carrying a covered tray.

"Ta Da," she said, pulling the cover away with a flourish.

"What do we have here?" Ally inquired.

"Nature's phallic substitutes," Debbie said brightly. "Cucumbers, zucchini,
yellow squash..."

"I recognize those," Ally interrupted, "But what are those on the end?"

"White icicle radishes. Just the perfect length and girth for fucking my
randy daughter in her randy ass."

Peach immediately got down on her hands and knees and stuck her buns up in
the air. "Oooh yeah, Mom, gimme some," she said eagerly.

Deborah selected a fat cucumber and an icicle radish, then dipped them in a
bowl of oily liquid, coating them thoroughly.

"Lube?" Ally inquired.

"Italian salad dressing," Deborah replied. "It's good and greasy. I have
special plans for these vegetables."

Deborah went over to Peach and licked her from clit to rosebud and back
again. Then she slid the cucumber into Peach's pussy, and, as promised, the
icicle radish went into her ass.

Peach whooped with delight and began flexing her pc and ass muscles, making
the organic dildos slide back and forth. Then Deborah grabbed hold and
manipulated the vegetables with even more fervor, causing Peach to gasp and
moan with lusty pleasure as she came and came again.

"Leave them in for a little bit, Peachy Honey," Deborah said, kissing and
licking her daughter's face. "Let them marinate and soak up your flavor."

Debbie grabbed a zucchini and a radish, oiled them up, and walked over to
Ally, who grinned, bent over, and offered up her ass and pussy. In went the
vegetables, as deep as they could go. Ally started dripping and spurting
almost immediately, thanks to the exciting new textures she felt in her
pussy and ass.

"Very good!" exclaimed Deborah. "Now, Peach, what do we have left on the

"One cuke, one yellow squash, and one radish."

"Ok. You ladies take over now. Oil `em up, then slip `em in. The cuke
and the squash in my pussy, and the radish in my rear."

Ally and Peach followed directions, and soon Deborah had her own "vegetable
garden," sprouting between her legs. Ally and Peach began to pump the
vegetables in and out, and just as the clock began to strike the hour,
Deborah started to cum and cum and cum some more. In fact, she came with
such force, that the vegetables shot out of her pussy with a wet plop. The
others withdrew their vegetables as well.

"Damn," she exclaimed, reluctantly withdrawing the radish from her rear.
"I've got to get ready to tape my show. But I tell you what. Ms. McBeal,
would you, your daughter, and your boyfriend cum and join us for a special
dinner this weekend?"

"We'd be honored to."

"Oh, and Ally? Thanks for everything. I think I'll be eating Peach more

"Glad to hear it."

* * *

After they had gotten dressed and Ally was preparing to leave, Deborah handed
her a pill bottle.

"Now, if you would, make sure your boyfriend takes one of these with each
meal. And I'll make sure Peter does the same."

"What are they," Ally asked skeptically.

"Relax, it's nothing illegal. It's just a vitamin supplement mixed with some
wild pollen. It will increase his cum production so he can shoot really big
loads really hard, and more frequently too. And for what I've got in mind,
I'll need a lot of hot cum."

"And what exactly do you have in mind?"

"You'll just have to wait and see."

* * *

For all parties involved, the weekend could not come fast enough. Deborah
and Peach feverishly fingered each other every night as they planned the
menu and "marinated" more vegetables. Peter, unaware for the moment of the
new sensuality in the house, was busy figuring out a way to get into Ally's
and Maddie's panties with his throbbing cock.

On the day of the dinner party, Deborah and Peach were in the kitchen,
putting the finishing touches on two huge, elaborate flat cakes.

"Just perfect," Deborah commented, putting down the pastry bag and admiring
her handiwork.

"I'll say it is," Peach agreed. "Great job Mom. But you overestimated a
little bit. There's a lot of frosting left over."

"That was no mistake, Peach. I've got special plans for that frosting."

"Mmmm. Like what?"

"I'll tell you later. Right now, I think we've earned a little relaxation
time. And I've been waiting all morning to do...this!"

Deborah picked up a pitcher of cold milk and poured some of it down Peach's
cleavage. Peach shivered with delight and her nipples immediately hardened.
Deborah grabbed the neckline of Peach's ragged t-shirt and tore it open with
gusto. Peach's knees started to tremble and her pussy began to leak.

"Oooh, yeah, Mom. Go for it!"

Deborah did just that. She swept the counter clean, sat Peach up on the
counter, then jerked her sweatpants down, pulled her thong to one side, and
let the milk cascade over Peach's pussy. Debbie directed Peach to lie down,
then took the pastry bag and iced a bullseye design on each breast, then
drew an arrow down Peach's flat stomach to her young womanhood. Then Debbie
proceeded to cover Peach's pussy mound and clit with thick, rich, butter
cream icing. The homemaking queen paused for a moment to take in the sight
before her, then she began to vigorously and tenderly lick her daughter from
head to toe, paying special attention to her pierced clitoris, not stopping
until her daughter's body was clean again, and the lusty young woman had
gasped and shuddered her way through several orgasms.

"Your turn now, Mom," Peach husked as she picked up the milk pitcher and
they changed places. Deborah shivered as the cold milk ran down her cleavage,
turned her shirt transparent, and hardened her nipples. Then she pulled out
the waistband of her pants, and Peach obligingly poured in the milk until her
mom's panties and pussy were thoroughly soaked.

"Save the icing," Deborah panted as Peach helped her out of her wet clothes.
"There's honey, syrup, and jam in the cupboard. Use those instead. And hurry,
Peachy, hurry. Mom needs this."

Peach got the indicated items from the cupboard and went to work. She dumped
an entire jar of raspberry jam on her mother's left tit, then a jar of
strawberry jam on the right tit. She used a mixture of boysenberry and
blueberry syrup to make the arrow, then she poured a huge dollop of honey on
her mom's pussy mound, then spread it around and between the lips.

Peach smiled, then chowed down, giving her mother the same expert tongue
treatment Debbie had giving her. Debbie moaned and writhed on the counter as
Peach's pierced tongue tenderly caressed her curves, licking her clean,
before settling down in her pink valley. Debbie couldn't help herself, and
she started popping off orgasms the instant her clit was touched.

"Mmmm. Milk and honey...And cum." Peach purred as she held on for the ride.

"Mom? Peach? What's going on?"

"Peter!" Deborah exclaimed, jumping to her feet. "You're just in time! I need
your help with the vichyssoise!"

She pulled him over to where the soup tureen sat on the serving cart. She
uncovered it and tasted a spoonful.

"It needs something more, don't you think?" she asked, holding the spoon out
to Peter and Peach, so they could take a taste.

"You're right, Mom. It could use some more...seasoning. Maybe some...hey!"

Peter's sentence ended in a shout of surprise, because not only was his
sister unbuttoning his shirt and playing with his nipples, but his mother was
unfastening his jeans and sliding them down his legs.

"Ssssh, Peter." Debbie said soothingly as she admired the semi-hardon tenting
out his briefs. "Your dreams are going to start cumming true now, so just
relax and enjoy it."

While Peach tongue kissed Peter, Debbie skinned his briefs down and doused
his hard cock and brimming balls with a ladleful of vichyssoise. Then Peach
knelt down and joined her mother in giving Peter the best blow job of his
young life. They left no square inch of cock or balls uncaressed, unlicked,
or unsucked. They swirled their tongues around his balls and licked up one
side of the shaft and down the other. They took turns trying to wiggle the
tips of their tongues into his cumhole.

Peter's knees began to shake. "Mom, Peach, I gotta let go!" he gasped.

Debbie let his cock out of her mouth with a wet pop and aimed it into the
soup tureen, briskly stroking it while Peach gently played with his balls.

"Do it, Peter!" Debbie breathed hotly. "Spice up the soup! That's a boy! Just
relax and let... it... spurt! Ooooh yeah!"

Six to eight huge, lumpy squirts of cum shot out and became a new,
protien-rich, soup ingredient. The ladies licked Peter's cock clean, then
Debbie stirred the cum in and sampled the soup.

"Just perfect," she said with a clap of her hands. "Now we have just enough
time to shower before our guests arrive."

* * *

Ally, Maddie and Terry arrived and were shown into the living room.
Introductions were made, and Deborah poured drinks.

"This is my special homemade fizzy wine," she explained. "Enjoy. But
gentlemen, don't have too much, because you definitely need to be able to
perform tonight."

The wine flowed, a conversation rich with double entendres commenced, and the
temperature rose. After her third glass of wine, Deborah noticed that her
blouse seemed to have opened all by itself.

"Oh my," she chuckled. "Just look at me. I've come all undone." She thought
for a moment, then clinked her glass for attention.

"I do believe that it's time to start our dinner party. Now before we sit
down, we should all be comfortable. So, ladies, let's all strip down to
nature's own. Gentlemen, you can leave your coats, shirts, and ties on, but
nothing else."

Clothes began hitting the floor, and soon Ally, Deborah, Maddie, and Peach
were naked as birth, save for their shoes and jewelry. Terry and Peter both
sported cocks that were rock hard and ready for action.

"Very good, now we can sit down and eat."

The guests took their places at the table, and Deborah, attired only in a
chef's hat, wheeled in the soup tureen and served the vichyssoise to her
guests and herself.

"One of my newest creations," Deborah said with a flourish. "Vichyssoise,
flavored with cum. Enjoy!"

Enjoy they did. The guests ate the soup with gusto, finishing every last
drop. Then Deborah brought out the salad. It was made with lettuce and the
specially "marinated" cucumbers, zucchinis, squash, and icicle radishes.

"Now, what this salad needs is some creamy dressing. Gentlemen, front and
center. Maddie, Peach, if you'll do the honors."

Terry and Peter stood on either side of the salad bowl. Maddie and Peach
dropped to their knees and began sucking cocks and fondling balls,
spit-shining the shafts and making them even harder. The young men were
unable to hold out for very long under the talented oral onslaught, and
soon, they began to moan and groan and shot long, ropy strands of cum
into the salad. Deborah then expertly tossed and served the salad.

"My `sex salad.' Enjoy."

The salad vanished almost as fast as the soup had. The guests reveled in the
new taste sensations, and Ally marveled that for once, Maddie was eating her
vegetables without a word of complaint.

Then it was time for the main course.

"Now ladies," Deborah began. "Since the gentlemen have helped us with the
last two courses, let's us serve them first while they...recharge. Just climb
up on the table, and spread your legs. And don't forget to leave a space for

Ally, Maddie, and Peach followed instructions. Deborah brought out a huge
bowl of spaghetti and expertly placed a mound of pasta on each pussy mound,
then ladled a creamy alfredo sauce over both pasta and pussy and topped it
with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Finally, she climbed up on the table
herself and adorned her own mound with pasta, sauce and cheese.

"Gentlemen. I call this `Pussy Pasta' Enjoy."

Terry and Peter licked their lips and dug in. Terry started at one end of the
buffet, enthusiastically nibbling, licking and slurping Ally's hypersensitive
pussy and sending the petite attorney out of her mind with pleasure as wave
after orgasmic wave crashed over her. Terry then moved on to Maddie, and once
again, nibbled, licked and slurped the tasty treat in front of him until her
smooth, pre-teen pudenda was clean again, and she writhed and moaned in the
throes of her orgasm.

At the other end of the buffet, Peter finally got an up close look at what
he had been fantasizing about and lusting after while masturbating in his
mother's panties. He stared in awe for a few moments, before attempting a
few tentative licks. Deborah smiled down at him, patted his head, and
murmured encouraging words as he gradually picked up his pace.

"That's a good boy. Make sure you clean your plate, so you can have your
dessert. Oooh yes! Right there! Lick the little button! Aaaahhhh, yesssss!
There I come!!!"

Deborah sighed with pleasure and came in a wet, gushing rush.

"Old `Face-Full' cums again," smirked Peach. "Now cum over here for seconds,

Peter paused for a moment, took a breath, then "dove" in tongue first. He
started by licking her tattoo clean, then moved on to slurping the spaghetti.
Several strands had gotten wound around her clitoral piercing, and she came
explosively as he slurped them up and licked up the excess sauce.

By the time Terry and Peter had finished their "Pussy Pasta," they were
sporting two dongs that were definitely primed for fucking.

"All right, ladies," Deborah called out. "Let's switch places and get some

Terry and Peter climbed on the table and leaned back on their elbows and
watched as Deborah took more spaghetti and carefully wound it around their
stiff hardons and brimming balls. Then, as before, she covered the crotches
with alfredo sauce and Parmesan cheese.

"Ally, care to sample some `Penis Pasta'?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Ally and Deborah got down to brass balls, so to speak, by licking and sucking
the creamy cocks, and nibbling at the pasta they were wrapped in.

"Shall we ride them now?" Ally asked.

"Excellent idea. It'll make the sauce even more flavorful!"

Ally and Deborah each climbed onto a cock and began bouncing vigorously.
Soon, their juices were flowing freely, spicing up the pasta and sauce just
as Deborah had predicted. Maddie and Peach came over to lick and nibble the
portions of the cocks that weren't sheathed in their mothers' pussies.

Soon, it all proved to be too much for Terry and Peter. With moans and groans
of lusty pleasure, they began shooting their loads, filling the pussies to
overflowing. Quick as a blink, Ally and Deborah got down and joined their
daughters in eating up the wonderful casserole of pussy honey, cum, alfredo
sauce, spaghetti, and Parmesan cheese. And once the cocks had been licked
clean, the daughter's licked their mother's pussies clean as well.

After the table had been cleared, Deborah, ever the gracious hostess poured
some more wine for her guests as they relaxed and caught their breath.

"Now for the piece de resistance, dessert!" Deborah announced. "Ally, why
don't you take the boys to the living room, while Maddie and Peach help me
with the preparation."

Ally went with the boys to the living room and sat between them on the couch,
idly stroking a cock in each hand, wondering what kind of sensuous treat
Deborah was going to have for dessert.

* * *

After a while, Deborah called them back into the dining room for their
dessert. Ally and the boys walked in, and couldn't believe their eyes. There
were two huge, flat, angel food cakes, decorated with fruit, on the table,
and Maddie and Peach each perched on top of a cake, their bodies decorated
with buttercream icing.

"On our dessert menu tonight, we have Glazed Peach Angel Food Cake ala Peach,
and Glazed Banana Angel Food Cake ala Maddie. Now before we dig in, let me
tell you how we're going to glaze the fruit. Maddie's and Peach's pussies are
packed with the sliced fruit and some honey. Guys, what you're going to do is
stick your cocks in the cake, then fuck Maddie and Peach and shoot them full
of cum, then they'll pop out the fruit and we'll enjoy our cake. Ok?"

Before Deborah had even finished speaking, Terry and Peter were plunging
themselves into the cake and then into Maddie and Peach. Soon the dining
room was filled with liquid, squishy noises as the fruit packed pussies
were fucked thoroughly. Ally and Deborah moved back and forth between the
couples, licking some icing here, tugging and fondling a ballbag there.
Soon, it was cum time once again, and Terry and Peter obliged, squirting
the pussies full to overflowing.

Weak-kneed, the boys collapsed into chairs, and Ally and Deborah quickly
licked their cocks clean.

"Ok ladies," said Deborah, "Let `er rip."

Maddie and Peach concentrated, flexed their pc muscles, and a wonderfully
gooey mixture of sliced peaches, sliced bananas, honey, pussy cream, and cum
flowed out onto the cakes.The girls climbed down, and Deborah spread the
"glaze" over the cake, and cut everybody a slice.

"I call this my Orgasmic Fruit Cake, enjoy everybody!"

And they did.

"You know, Debbie," said Ally when she finished her cake, "This was such a
wonderful meal, that I feel it would be rude of me if I didn't do this."

"Do what?"

Ally held up her finger, then let loose with a rumbling, double-barreled
belch that almost shook the rafters.

"Way to let `er rip, Mom," Maddie complimented, giving her mom a high five.

Since it was quite late, Deborah prepared the guest bedroom for Ally and
Maddie, and they all turned in, wondering if breakfast was going to be as
erotic as dinner.


Coming up next: Ally McBeal Part 9-Fan Appreciation Night aka The Return
Of Sapphire!


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