Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal: Part 9 - Fan Appreciation Night
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

“Naughty or nice?” Maddie asked Ally.

Mother and daughter were seated around the coffee table, stamping and
addressing Christmas cards. Maddie’s question was in reference to the holiday
picture that was going into each card. “Nice” was a formal studio portrait of
mother and daughter, dressed in their holiday finery. “Naughty” was a picture
taken at home that featured Ally in the same outfit, but braless, with her
blouse unbuttoned and her skirt hiked up to show her petite, pantyless pussy,
candy-cane striped stockings and garterbelt, while Maddie wore only a Santa
hat, a scarf, and a smile.

Ally looked at the address on the envelope. “Naughty, definitely. That one’s
going to Jan and Erica, the flight attendants Georgia and I met in San

“Wish I’d met them too. It sounded like you guys had a real blast.”

“We sure did,” said Ally with a lusty sigh. “We sure did. Anyway, maybe I’ll
see if I can set something up with them over the holidays. ‘Cuz you and I are
way overdue for a mother-daughter long-distance road trip, don’t you think?”

“That would be so cool, Mom!”

“Glad you approve. Now let’s get these cards finished. I want to be able to
mail them on my way to meet with Sapphire tonight. And speaking of her, can
you imagine what a coup it will be if I can get her to agree to be the
spokesperson for Debbie Dallas’ X-rated baked goods? And I have you to thank
for giving me the idea.”

“Thank you, thank you. I deserve every word.”

“All right, Ms. Smart-Ass, let’s get back to it.”

“Can I get a drink of water first? That envelope and stamp glue tastes

A sly smile crept across Ally’s face. “I think I have something better than
water for getting that taste out of your mouth.”

“And just what might that be?”

Ally unfastened her slacks, then stood up and let them puddle around her
ankles, followed by her panties. She sat down again and scooted forward until
her buns were resting on the very edge of the couch cushion.

“Bon appetite,” she said, spreading her legs.

Maddie grinned, then dove in tongue first, lathering wet, sloppy kisses on
Ally’s nether lips and love button. Then she began licking in earnest, and
Ally’s ass was bouncing up and down on the couch as she moaned and wailed
with pleasure. Maddie’s deft tonguework soon had its desired effect, and
Ally’s juicy joybox exploded with a wet gush of love that left Maddie’s face
shining with cum and gladness.

“My turn,” panted Ally, quickly changing places with Maddie. “Hurry up, get

Maddie quickly pulled her sweatshirt and t-shirt over her head while Ally
pulled open Maddie’s tight jeans, popping a button off in the process.
Soon Maddie was naked, save for a teeny pair of panties, decorated with a
“happy-face” and the slogan “Have a Nice Lay.”

“Cute,” said Ally as she paused for a moment and lovingly stroked the
triangle of clean cotton that covered Maddie’s plump, pre-teen pussy mound.
Then she eased her daughter’s panties down and her lips encircled Maddie’s
clitoris in the ultimate kiss. Maddie gasped with pleasure and her gumdrop
nipples hardened as she fondled them. Ally proceeded to give Maddie a
“tongue-lashing” that she’d never forget, licking every square inch of her
perspiring pussy. Maddie felt a monster orgasm approaching and was preparing
to surrender herself to it, when Ally suddenly ceased all activities.

“M-o-o-o-m,” Maddie wailed in frustration, “For goodness sake, don’t stop

“Time for a holiday surprise,” Ally said, jumping up and heading for the
kitchen. “And don’t you dare touch yourself while I’m gone!”

Maddie heard the refrigerator door open and close, then Ally was back with
her, holding something behind her back.

“I was chilling this for just such an occasion,” Ally explained, pulling out
a foot-long, straight candy cane. “Let’s put it to good use.”

Ally sat down next to Maddie and worked one end of the candy into her own
pussy, then motioned for Maddie to do the same. Maddie let out a sharp squeal
of pleasure as she maneuvered the cold candy into her most intimate area.

“Now,” said Ally, grinning wickedly, “Hump it!”

Maddie followed instructions, and soon was gushing and spurting furiously.
Ally soon followed, letting loose a second warm rush of pussy nectar.

“That was intense,” Maddie gasped as she caught her breath. “A few more like
that, and I won’t have anything to give Ling tonight.”

“Actually, Ling is busy, so Nelle is going to babysit tonight.”

“That’s all right, I suppose...”

“Don’t worry, you can party with Nelle too. Ever since she came back from
that lingerie party with her girlfriends, I swear she hasn’t been able to
keep her panties on. She’s been jilling off everywhere. The bathroom, her
office, the fire escape, even in court when she thinks no one is looking.”

“In court? Wow, that really takes some balls.”

“Very funny, young lady. Now let’s get these cards finished.”

* * *

“Your mother and Ling tell me that you like to play games,” Nelle said, after
she and Maddie had finished cleaning the dinner dishes. “Well, I like to play
games too. Especially games where we can dress up and act naughty.”

“Whatcha got in mind,” Maddie asked, licking her lips.

“I call it ‘The Policewoman And The Naughty Schoolgirl.’”

“Do tell.”

“We’d pretend that I caught you shoplifting, and you try to ‘persuade’ me not
to tell your mother.”

“OK, sounds like fun.”

“Well then, let’s get busy.”

* * *

Shortly thereafter, Nelle and Maddie began their game. Maddie was dressed in
a schoolgirl uniform, complete with white socks, black patent leather shoes,
plaid skirt, and a crisp, white blouse, with the top three buttons unbuttoned
to showcase her budding cleavage. Nelle wore a police hat, light blue uniform
shirt (again the top three buttons were left undone) with an ersatz badge
attached to it, black mini-skirt, no panties, fishnet stockings and knee-high
black boots. The equipment belt around her waist held fur-lined handcuffs, a
dildo shaped like a nightstick, and her favorite Deluxe Double-Dong,
Double-Dipper strap-on in a hip holster.

“Ready,” asked Nelle. When Maddie nodded, Nelle paused, took a breath, then
shouted out, “Just a moment, Young Lady!”

“Who? Me?”

“Yes, you! Just what have you got in your shirt?”


“Nothing, eh? I don’t call this nothing,” Nelle said, putting her finger in
the neckline of Maddie’s blouse and pulling down, popping open the buttons
and spilling out several handfuls of Christmas candy. “I guess I’ll be
calling your parents now.”

“Oh please, Officer Nelle, please. Don’t call my mom! I’ll do anything you
want, but please don’t turn me in!”

“Anything, eh? Well, I guess I could take care of it myself.”

Nelle cuffed Maddie’s hands in front of her and sat down, pulling Maddie
across her knees.

“First on the agenda is a good, old-fashioned, bare hand, bare-ass spanking.
Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Officer Nelle, I’ve been bad. Please spank me.”

Nelle flipped up Maddie’s skirt and peeled down her panties. Maddie’s peachy
buns quivered in anticipation, and Nelle didn’t keep her waiting long.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Nelle’s strong left hand rose and fell, making
Maddie’s asscheeks shake and jiggle. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Maddie
moaned and writhed in painful pleasure. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Maddie’s
pert, pre-teen buns turned bright pink, then bright red.

“Ooooh, Officer Nelle, my ass is on fire!”

“Ssssh! That’s what happens to naughty girls who steal! And you know what
else happens to naughty girls who steal? They get body searched!”

Nelle spit on her fingers, then on Maddie’s rosebud. In went two fingers, up
to the second knuckle, rotating and moving back and forth. Nelle moved her
other hand down to Maddie’s pussy and slipped four fingers in, moving and
stretching the lips and manipulating her clit with her thumb.

After a few minutes of the intense digital stimulation, Maddie’s pussy was
moist and her face was flushed.

“Please, Officer Nelle, may I cum now?”

“You may not. I’ll tell you when you can cum. Now lick my fingers clean.”

Maddie did as she was told, and dutifully licked her nectar from each finger,
enjoying her taste. When she finished, she looked back at Nelle expectantly.

“Well, maybe I can let you slide on this...but I need to do the most thorough
search possible...”

Nelle drew the nightstick dildo from the loop on her belt, and sucked on it
sensually for lubrication, then abruptly pushed it into Maddie’s pussy,
bringing a yelp of surprise from the young girl. Nelle didn’t ease up for a
second as she twisted and wiggled the dildo in and out, up and down and side
to side. Then just when Maddie thought she couldn’t take it another minute,
Nelle abruptly pulled the dildo out, then pushed it into Maddie’s rosebud
with such force that she nearly toppled over. As Maddie moaned and wailed
with pleasure, Nelle worked the dildo like she was churning butter, not
stopping until Maddie’s rosebud accepted every inch of the dildo.

“Now you’ve almost convinced me, but I still need to do some more searching.”

Nelle led Maddie to the bedroom, where she handcuffed to the bed, face down,
buns up. Nelle slipped out of her skirt and into the double-dong dildo. Nelle
knelt between Maddie’s legs and began fucking her rowdily, making the bed
shake with each thrust. And just when Maddie thought it couldn’t get any more
pleasurable, Nelle began squeezing the bulb attached to her dildo, and ersatz
cum began shooting out, filling Maddie to the brim and dripping down her

Nelle pulled out, then casually unlocked Maddie’s cuffs. “Lick ‘em clean,“
she said, pointing to her cocks. Maddie bent her head to follow
instructions...and received a huge facial, courtesy of Nelle’s hard squeeze
of the bulb at just the right moment.

“Leave it on for a while. Now continue.” Nelle commanded with a wicked smile.
Maddie grinned and continued licking the latex cocks until they were squeaky
clean. Nelle rewarded her with a cum squirt down her throat, then cuffed her
to the bed again, this time face up.

“Almost done,” Nelle said, slipping out of the strap-on. Then she climbed up
on the bed and lowered her fleecy blonde muff onto Maddie’s mouth.

“Go to it,” Nelle ordered. “And remember, the better I cum, the better you
cum, if I decide to let you cum, that is.”

Maddie began frantically licking Nelle’s pussy, fluttering her tongue over
Nelle’s pink pearl and nibbling on her nether lips, and even finally fucking
Nelle with her tongue as best she could.

“Yesssssssssssss!” Nelle hissed. Then she started to cum, and cum, and cum.
Maddie licked and slurped for all she was worth, barely managing to keep up
with the flow.

“Very good! You’ve convinced me! You’ll be free to go, after I give you your

Nelle climbed down off Maddie and positioned herself between Maddie’s thighs
and stroked her plump, silky mound. “I know what you need,” she said in a
singsong voice, then dove in tongue first. Maddie wailed with pleasure and
her hips bucked up of the bed as she jerked against her bonds. Her body
writhed and twisted as Nelle pleasured her like she had never been pleasured

“Oh! Officer Nelle! I’ve just got to...”

“Cum?” Nelle said helpfully. Maddie nodded, too breathless to speak further.
“Go ahead, let ‘er rip! And I expect you to make my makeup run! Now ready...

Maddie sighed and then screamed as her long-denied, sweet release overwhelmed
her and a flood of monumental proportion gushed forth, all but washing the
makeup from Nelle’s face.

When both of them had caught their breath, Nelle unlocked and removed the
cuffs, then brought a cool washcloth and mopped Maddie’s brow and face.

“Wow!” Maddie gasped. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before.”

“Glad you enjoyed yourself. I had a good time too. In fact, you seemed to
enjoy it so much, that I think I’ll tell your mom about it, so you can play
it at home.”

“Oh, thank you, Officer Nelle,” Maddie said, dissolving into a fit of

“Hm. Speaking of you mother, I wonder how she’s doing?”

* * *

As it turned out, Ally was doing out quite well. She was comfortably
ensconced in a dark, corner booth at the Northern Lights Gentlemen’s Club,
enjoying a Singapore Sling and fingering herself to a cum or two while
waiting for Sapphire.

When Ally had arrived at Northern Lights, Sapphire was on stage, wearing a
bridal gown, dancing to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” Ally watched as she
seductively tugged the zipper down, a little at a time, finally allowing the
gown to slip down and pool at her feet. She stepped out of the gown and
continued dancing in her white hose, heels, veil, and sequin-decorated bra
and thong. The song changed and Sapphire danced seductively to Madonna’s
“Like A Virgin” for quite some time before popping open the catch on her bra
and letting her enormous, freckled breasts swing free. Ally swore she could
hear every cock in the place stand up straight. One of the waitresses had
lined up some shot glasses along the edge of the stage, and Sapphire squeezed
and kneaded her breasts and began filling the glasses with her milk, not
spilling a drop. Ally licked her lips, remembering the sweetness of
Sapphire’s milk, as she felt her pussy began to moisten. Ally looked around
carefully. All eyes were on Sapphire, so the petite attorney felt safe in
hiking up her skirt, pulling the crotch of her panties to one side, and
massaging her clit with her thumb while she fucked herself with her middle
finger. Ally’s frantic fingering increased as Sapphire had a man from the
audience come up on stage, and then, using only her teeth, she stripped him
down to his boxers, stood over him, and gave him a milk bath. Then she
carefully straddled him and proceeded to lick him clean with her long tongue,
gradually backing up until her pussy was almost resting on the lucky man’s
nose. Then Sapphire began to simulate a blowjob. Ally couldn’t tell for sure,
be she thought she could see some surreptitious cock and pussy licking going
on between Sapphire and her lucky fan. Ally couldn’t help herself, she came
in a wet gush, soaking her panties, her hand, and the booth where she sat.
Sapphire finished her show and the fans lined up to get their pictures taken
with her and have magazines and posters signed.

“All right guys and gals,” said the JD over the sound system. “Be sure to
stick around for Sapphire’s next show tonight, because she’s going to act out
a fantasy that one of you suggested, and if she picks out your fantasy, then
you get a private dance.”

Ally finished her drink, then adjusted her clothes and made her way to
Sapphire’s dressing room to make her presentation.

* * *

“I’ll do it,” Sapphire said, after Ally had made her proposal. “I’ll talk it
up amongst my friends in the business, and we can advertise it on my website.
Now, since I’m doing that for you, you can do something for me.”

“And what would that be?”

Sapphire moved closed to Ally and whispered to her. “I want you, on stage,
with me, tonight.”


“C’mon Ally,” Sapphire purred, tickling Ally’s ear with her tongue. “You want
to. You know you do. I bet your sweet little pussy is getting all squishy and
hot just thinking about it.” Sapphire darted a hand into Ally’s panties and
began stroking. “Ooooh, I was right, you’re dripping.”

“But, but, what if someone recognizes me,” Ally panted. “I mean doing it out
in the woods is one thing, but here...”

“Relax. I’ll do your makeup and hair, and you can wear a mask. In fact,
that’s going to fit in perfectly with the fan fantasy I’ve chosen. Please,
Ally, Please.”

“You win,” Ally sighed as she gushed a load of pussy cream.

“Great! Now here’s what we’re going to do...”

* * *

“Guys and Gals! The Northern Lights Gentlemen’s Club is proud to present the
Eighth Wonder of the World, Ms. Sapphire Ice, and her dance partner for the
night, the mysterious Ms. Mask!”

Ally came out dressed as a sequined-masked cat burglar, and as the song
“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” played in the background, she prowled around a
mock-up of a “house” that had been set up on stage, peeking in the windows
before crawling “inside” and going through dresser drawers, pulling out
jewelry and lingerie and stuffing them in a bag. Then the song changed to
Bob Seger’s “Shakedown,” and Sapphire, her big boobs bouncing and bursting
from a tight police uniform ran onto the stage, “arrested” Ally, and
handcuffed her to a pole. Sapphire moved behind Ally, and and in the guise
of “searching” her, pulled Ally’s shirt up, and her pants down, revealing
that the cat burglar wore no underwear. Ally felt an enormous rush go through
her as her body was exposed to the audience. Then Sapphire began to dance
around Ally, slowly, seductively removing her uniform piece by piece until
all that remained was her hat, shoes, stockings, and garterbelt. She teased
Ally, offering her her breasts, but keeping them just out of reach. Finally,
she took pity on Ally, uncuffed her from the pole, then draped one of her
bra cups over Ally’s head and used it to pull Ally’s face into her cleavage
for some tit-licking action. Sapphire pushed Ally to her knees, then used the
bra to pull Ally’s face into her fleecy blonde muff for some surreptitious
pussy tickles and clit licks. Sapphire took a step back, then proceeded to
give Ally a milk bath until she was covered with warm, white liquid. And for
the grand finale, Sapphire licked Ally clean, ending up in a “simulated”

They crowd roared their approval, cheering and clapping as Ally gushed her
sweetness over Sapphire’s face.

When the ladies had caught their breath,and donned robes, they stood up and
took a bow, and a microphone was handed to Sapphire.

“Thank you, thank you. Glad you liked the show. And now for the winner of the
private dance! Jack Olsen this was your fantasy, so you win! Come with me to
the VIP room for your private dance!”

Jack Olson proved to be a 6 foot tall, strapping college senior, well-muscled
and handsome. He eagerly joined Sapphire and they worked their way through
the crowd to the club’s VIP room.

“Can she join us?” Jack asked, nodding in Ally’s direction.

“Ms. Mask? I’ll see. Hey Mask, wanna make it a threesome?”

Ally’s libido was still in overdrive from the dancing, and she nodded quickly
and hurried after them. They made it to the VIP room and locked the door
behind them. Jack sat down on the velvet couch and watched as the ladies shed
their robes and sat down on either side of him.

“Any rules?” he panted as they started to caress him.

“Just one,” Sapphire answered, “The mask stays on.”

“Fine with me. Could you start with the milk bath and ‘69’?”

“Sure, anything for a fan.”

Ally lay down on the floor, while Sapphire stood over her, squeezing and
kneading her huge breasts, covering Ally from head to toe with fine, white
droplets. Then she straddled Ally and licked her clean. This time, the ‘69’
wasn’t simulated. The ladies licked, slurped, kissed, nibbled and caressed
each other until they came.

Sapphire glanced at Jack to see if he was enjoying the show. He was. There
was a smile on his face, his jeans and briefs were around his ankles, and he
was enthusiastically stroking a thick, fat, rock hard cock.

“Ooooh,” cooed Sapphire. “Look what he’s got for us. I think our friend needs
some blowjob therapy.”

Ally and Sapphire knelt on either side of Jack, rested their breasts on his
thighs, and took turns gliding their lips up and down his beefy shaft and
bulbous head while fondling his brimming balls. Jack’s hard cock seemed to
get harder and longer under the double-tongued onslaught.

“He’s ready to ride,” Ally gasped, releasing Jack’s cockhead with a wet pop.

“And how,” panted Sapphire. “Me first!”

Sapphire stood up, straddled Jack, then sank down onto his cock with a
lustful sigh. They began fucking in earnest, and Ally busied herself with
licking the junction of pussy and cock and stroking Jack’s balls. Sapphire’s
breasts were bouncing in Jack’s face, and he happily squeezed and sucked all
the milk he could. After a few minutes of hard fucking, Sapphire raised up
and let Jack’s cock slide out of her pussy with a wet plop. But his cock was
only uncovered for a few seconds as she reached back, adjusted the angle of
his member, then sank down slowly, squeezing him into her pink rosebud of an
asshole. Ally slid a hand between them and enthusiastically manipulated
Sapphire’s engorged clitoris.

“Easy does it, stud,” she panted. “That’s right...Little movements. Pull it
back...back...Now push it a little back it out again...
that’s right...that’s right...get a rhythm going...Oooh, yes! Now harder...!”

Sapphire gritted her teeth and screamed with pleasure as her orgasm overtook
her and she gushed all over Ally’s hand and Jack’s flat stomach. Ally licked
her hand, then obligingly held it out for the others to do the same. Sapphire
climbed off of Jack’s cock, then took hold of it and waggled it in Ally’s

“Next,” she said with a devilish grin.

Ally didn’t have to be asked twice. She straddled Jack and lowered herself
down onto his cock. Her pussy was so hot and wet and anxious that she let out
a small yelp as the cock slid in and began plumbing her depths. Her pussy
dripped, and spurted as Jack’s prick did its work well. Sapphire moved behind
the couch and wrapped her soft, warm boobs around Jack’s head, bringing a
groan of pleasure from the overheated young man.

“Time to open your back door, Mask,” Sapphire suggested.

Ally complied, rising up and leaning backward slightly so that Jack’s
cockhead came to rest squarely on her pert rosebud. Ally settled down gently,
allowing the cock to squeeze in, a little at a time. Once Jack’s sausage was
sheathed in Ally’s hot, anal oven, he repeated the gradual, rhythmic fucking
motions Sapphire had taught him, and it wasn’t long before Ally let out a
sound that was half a sob and half a scream, and came in a hot rush.

“I don’t know about you, Mask, but I think a facial would be a perfect end to
this ‘dance,’ don’t you?”

Ally climbed off of Jack and nodded enthusiastically. Sapphire covered Jack’s
cock and balls with her tit milk, then she and Ally got down on their knees
again and began taking turns sucking cock and licking balls.

The double blowjob soon proved to be too much for the horny college student.
His toes curled, his muscles tensed, and then the cum started to flow.

The first two mighty spurts hit Sapphire right in the face, then Ally pushed
her out of the way and captured the next two spurts in her mouth, letting
some trickle over her chin and out the corners of her mouth as she smiled, a
reward for a blowjob well done. The ladies licked each other clean, then
licked Jack clean as well. They all caught their breath and reluctantly got
dressed again, then Jack was sent on his way, with a smile on his face and
and autographed poster and video in his hands.

“Now about that spokesperson deal...” Ally said as they headed for the
dressing rooms. “I just happen to have the partnership agreement with me

* * *

Later that evening, pussy and ass still tingling from her experience at the
club, Ally sat at her coffee table and went through the day’s mail as Maddie
slept. She had collected an exhausted Maddie from Nelle’s apartment, and had
smiled when she found out from Nelle what had exhausted her. She agreed that
they would have to try that game sometime in the future.

Ally found the envelope she was looking for, opened it, read the letter, then
inspected the contents. Satisfied, she tucked the contents into a Christmas
card, signed it, then put it into an envelope, sealed it, wrote Maddie’s name
on it, and dropped it into her Christmas stocking.

“Merry Christmas, Maddie,” Ally said softly, as she dimmed the lights and
headed for the bedroom to join her daughter. “Merry Christmas.”


Coming up next: Maddie does her best to improve foreign relations when she
and Ally visit the Olympics in “Ally McBeal Part 10-Going For The Gold.”

A Note From The Author:

I’ve decided that in the next few stories, Maddie is going to have a clever
slogan on her panties like she did in this story. I’m going to list some
possibilities below, and I’d like some feedback from you the readers. Let me
know what you think of mine, and/or suggest some of your own.

Wild Bill ([email protected])

Possible “Maddie Panty” Slogans:

“Maddie’s Diner-Eat Out or Come On In”
“Cock-The Other White Meat”
“Give ‘Til It Squirts”
“Give ‘Til It Spurts”
“Just Screw It”
“Picture Your Cock Here”
“Got Cum?”


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