I wrote this one a while ago, but only recently decided to publish it, having
only recently found TSSA. All the standard disclaimers apply; don't read any
further if you're under 18, and this is a work of fiction and is not meant to
accurately portray any of the characters involved, only to give you something
to think about ;-)

Also, I'm not doing this with the permission or endorsement of anyone
involved in the TV show Ally McBeal. Just enjoy, and let me know what you
think, and if I should carry this story on any further. All feedback is
welcome to [email protected], and any ideas, suggestions, or constructive
criticism you have will be taken on board.

Ally McBeal: Part 1 (FF,F-mast,inter)
by Dirk Jelly

Ally McBeal arrived home after a very long day. She slipped off her shoes and
jacket, and slumped down onto the sofa. Her life, as always, was a mess, and
her current case was really getting her down as well. She groaned, and
flipped on the TV. There was nothing good on, but there was a video lying by
the machine, so she put it in to see what was on it. It made her gasp in

She was watching an adult film of the dirtiest kind. It was part-way into a
scene where one girl was taking three cocks, one up each hole. Ally was
ashamed to be looking at it, but she was too intrigued to bring herself to
turn it off. She looked on as the girl writhed in pleasure, and rubbed her
large breasts with her hands to increase it, while all the dicks kept pumping
in her. Ally began to feel her panties clinging to her - she was getting
really wet.

This was turning her on too much - she had to frig herself off now. She
stripped off quickly, and threw her clothes in a pile on the floor. Then she
lay back on the sofa, and started carressing herself. As her hands fondled
her lush tits, she wriggled in pleasure, but suddenly stopped - she could
feel something under the cushion of the sofa. Curiously, she reached under
and pulled it out. She gasped in shock again as she stared at the biggest
dildo she had ever seen, at least 10 inches long. She assumed it must belong
to her roommate, Renee. Ally had never considered her as the kind of girl who
would use something like this. But she didn't dwell on that for long, she
needed pleasure now, and so she placed the huge dildo just at the entrance
to her slick shaven pussy. She was a little apprehensive at the thought of
fucking herself with this thing, as none of her previous lovers' cocks had
ever been this big. But her passion overcame her fear, and she slowly slid
the massive dildo inside her, spreading her legs to help accomodate it. It
oozed in beautifully, and Ally squirmed with pleasure. When it was about
halfway inside, she started pumping it in and out of her cunt with one hand,
and groping her breasts again with the other. After some time of this
wonderful pleasure, she could contain herself no longer. Her butt-cheeks
suddenly tightened, she gasped loudly, and she used both hands to thrust
the dildo all the way inside her. Sweat glistened on her breasts, and she
began to gush a stream of cum, which slipped down along the crack of her

She had had her eyes closed in ecstasy for most of the time she was
pleasuring herself, but now she opened them. The first thing her eyes saw
was a pair of gorgeous firm dark ebony tits. Shocked, Ally looked up, and
saw Renee's face smiling at her.

"Hi there," said Renee. "Having fun?"

Ally couldn't answer - she just stared in shock at Renee's body in front of
her. Despite being her roommate, she had never seen her naked before, and she
began to wonder what she had been missing. She found herself being aroused by
Renee in a way she had never known before.

"Maybe I could join in?" Renee continued.

Ally didn't know what the hell was going on, but she couldn't do anything to
stop it. And, even if she could, she realised, she didn't want to. She felt
a tingle go through her body, as Renee climbed onto the sofa with her. She
knelt down, her legs either side of Ally's. Ally didn't move as Renee
wriggled her hips, to reposition herself. Now her ass cheeks were rubbing
against Ally's thighs, and the dildo - which Ally was still holding onto, and
was still half-buried in her pussy - began to rub against the outer lips of
Renee's cunt. Renee lowered herself further, and began to fuck her roommate
passionately, her own thighs clenching Ally's, her pussy pumping so hard onto
the double-ended dildo that her dark pubic hairs began to mingle with Ally's
blonde ones.

Ally opened her eyes - since she had had them closed for a while now - and
suddely felt a pang of guilt. She felt she shouldn't be doing this - Renee
was her roommate, her best friend and, above all, another woman. She
shouldn't be fucking her like this. Although it felt better than almost
anything else she'd ever done in her life, it was wrong.

"Renee?" she said, trying to control herself despite the undeniable pleasure
she was feeling. Renee didn't seem to hear, and kept bouncing on the dildo,
her groans growing to shouts. "Renee!" Ally repeated, but when she still took
no notice, she shouted and pushed her off the sofa. The dildo was still
firmly lodged in her cunt, so she pulled it out, dropped it on the floor, and
ran into her room. Renee, not anticipating this, picked it up and ran after
Ally fell onto her bed, on her front, and Renee came and sat beside her.

"I can't do this, Renee," Ally said, with tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm
sorry, I just can't do it."

"Oh, Ally, Ally," Renee murmured soothingly in her ear, running her hair
through her fingers. "I'm not giving you a choice."

With that, the dildo plunged into Ally's exposed ass. She shouted again, as
her hole was spread much wider that it was used to, and tried to get away,
but Renee was already on top of her, pinning her arms down in such a way that
her tits were pressed into Ally's back. Then, she fucked her ass violently,
squashing her breasts up against her. Ally sobbed in pain as the dildo
continued to fill her tight butt.

"I have put a lot of effort into getting this far with you, Ally," continued
Renee. "It took a lot of work setting up the video and the dildo, so you
could find them both without getting too suspicious. And I had to make sure
you'd be horny enough, and now that I've finally got my chance, I'm not going
to let it slip through my fingers." She started fondling Ally's tits now,
moaning softly as she felt the young white flesh in her hands.

Ally was astonished at what she had heard. How long had Renee been planning
this? As she heard Renee's moans heighten above her, and felt her fingers
playing with her firm, supple breasts, and as the dildo continued with its
rhythmic pounding into her ass, she found it more and more difficult to
convince herself she wasn't enjoying it. Eventually, the groaning by her ear
increased in intensity, and she began to feel a delightful tingle in her
own pussy. At this point, she let all her inhibitions go, and responded to
Renee's fucking by pushing her own ass back and forth in the same rhythm.

"Fuck me!" she cried, as the pre-orgasmic tension heightened. "Fuck me,
Renee! Oh, yes, fuck my ass!"

"That's what I want to hear!" shouted Renee. "OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" They came
simultaneously, both still pumping furiously into each other until it was
over. Renee's juices gushed over Ally, and splashed over her butt-cheeks,
oozing down the crack of her ass, while her own cum soaked right through
the sheets of her bed. As their movements slowed, they both eventually lay
still. Ally's nipples pushed into Renee's hands, which were still cupping
her breasts, each time she breathed in.

After what seemed to both of them like hours, Renee wriggled herself off the
dildo, and pulled it out of Ally's ass with a pop. Then she leant forward and
smelt the aroma of the combined mixture of their cum. Her nose just brushed
against Ally's pubes, as her tongue stretched out. The salty taste got her
very horny again, and before Ally knew what was going on, she looked down to
find her friend's face buried deep in her pussy. The cum which hadn't seeped
into the sheets already was either lapped up by Renee's tongue or chose to
cling to her face. Ally rolled over onto her back and pushed her legs apart
to give her easier access. Renee found her clit and started sucking on it.
Ally now just lay back and let the pleasure wash over her, until she started
cumming again. The best warning she could give was a scream, before she
started spurting into Renee's mouth. She swallowed it all this time, and
licked up all which had run down her crack. Her tongue ran slowly and
erotically from Ally's ass-hole to the top of her pussy lips, causing her to
shudder. Then, Renee licked her lips, and climbed up on top of Ally. They
grinned, then put their arms around each other, and kissed, passionately...


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