Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal: Part 10 - Going For The Gold
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

“This is going to be the coolest vacation ever,” Maddie Harrington exclaimed
as she and her mother, Ally McBeal, carried their packed suitcases to the
front door.

“Glad you like it,” Ally said with a smile, remembering how Maddie’s face
had lit up with joy on Christmas Morning when she opened the envelope in
her stocking and found out that Ally had gotten tickets for several of
Maddie’s favorite Olympic events. And after the Olympics, Maddie and Ally
would continue on to Hawaii, for a rendezvous with Jan and Erica, two hot
and horny flight attendants that Ally had met on an earlier trip West. But
the piece de resistance would be a visit to the island studio of noted
erotic artist Victoria La Vulva. Victoria was going to give Ally and Maddie
matching tattoos, then paint an erotic picture of them as only she could.

“Maddie, did you remember to pack everything?”

“I think so. Are you sure we can’t take any of our dildos, or our strap-ons?”

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea. You know how airport security is
these days. Too many embarrassing questions.”

“Yeah, I know, but it still sucks.”

“However,” Ally went on, “I will be bringing along my trusty lipstick
mini-vibe, and of course we’ll have our bananas and pearls.”

“That’s right,” Maddie said with a grin. “We can do the ‘banana slit’ routine
on the plane, and share the mini-vibe when we arrive at the hotel. And after
we get settled, I suppose you could go shopping for some new meat, so to

“Now Maddie, you have to remember where we’re going. Utah puts the ‘tive,’
in conservative. There’s a reason why you never see Michael Jackson perform
there. In fact, I don’t know if there’s anywhere in the state you can even
buy a dildo. Look, I’ll make it up to you. When we get to Hawaii, I’ll buy
us matching Rabbit Pearl dildos, and we can vibe each other until our eyes
cross. Just try to be discreet while we’re in Utah, ok?”

“So, if I want to slip you the tongue,” Maddie said, French kissing Ally, “I
guess I’ll just have to wait ‘til we’re in our room. And if I want a taste of
your ‘box lunch’...” She began to reach for Ally’s fly.

“Uh, Maddie, much as I could use some tongue therapy right now, it is about
time to head to the airport.”

“Kind of early for that, isn’t it?” Maddie pouted.

“Now, young lady, it just so happens that’s part of your present too. You
remember how much you liked that scene in Mile High Girls, the one where
they’re making out in the car on the way to the airport? Well, I’ve arranged
for a limousine to take us to airport, and we’re leaving early so we can
reenact that scene.”

“All right, mom!”

Without further adieu, they picked up their bags, locked the door, and headed
out. A white stretch limo waited at the curb. The driver, a young woman in a
tuxedo shirt and black pants opened the door for them and waved them inside.

“Going to the airport today?” she inquired brightly.

“That’s right,” said Ally. “But we don’t have to be there for an hour, so
take the long way.”

“I gotcha,” the driver said with a wink. They climbed in and started out.
Much to Maddie’s surprise, she discovered that they weren’t alone.


“Hi Maddie, hi Ally.”

“I figure that since I couldn’t get Olympic tickets for Terry too, the least
I could do is have him ride to the airport with us, and help us re-enact the
movie scene as kind of a going-away present...”

Ally didn’t get to finish her sentence. Terry had moved around until he was
between them, then loosened their blouses and cupped a breast in each hand.
The girls responded by pulling open his jeans and stroking his cock to full
hardness. While Maddie and Terry French kissed, Ally used her tongue to
spit-shine his cock and balls. Mother and daughter switched places and Maddie
made Terry’s already hard cock even harder with her talented tongue.

Maddie quickly unfastened her jeans and wriggled them down her legs. Her
tight, cotton panties, already moist in the crotch, wore the slogan “Welcum
All Cummers.” Terry rubbed Maddie’s clit with his thumb, and the wet spot on
her panties grew larger. After Ally had taken her pants down, Terry’s other
thumb gave Ally’s clit the same treatment, and soon her silky thong was
soaked through. Finally, mother and daughter skinned their undies down and
took turns impaling themselves on Terry’s teenaged cock. Pussy and ass, ass
and pussy. No hole was left unprobed as the ladies came, came again, and came
some more, and the limo was filled with the sounds and smells of pussy and
prick and great horny sex. Finally, on what seemed to be the umpteenth time
that Terry’s cock squished into Ally’s overheated pussy, he let out a loud
groan and the cum started to flow, filling Ally’s quim to the brim. When his
orgasm subsided and his cock slid out of Ally with a wet plop, Maddie moved
right in, first licking Terry’s cock clean, then diving between her mother’s
spread legs for some clit-licking creampie action. When she finally came up
for air, her young face was shining with cum and gladness.

By the time they had caught their breath and adjusted their clothes, the
limo had stopped at the curb at the airport and the driver opened the door.
She looked at the contented smiles on her passengers’ faces, and smelled the
heady aroma of sexual satisfaction.

“Well,” she said, smiling back, “I guess you must have had a good ride.”

“We certainly did,” said Ally as they climbed out and unloaded the luggage.
“And here’s your tip.”

Under the guise of adjusting her zipper, Ally discreetly stuck her middle
finger into her open fly and pulled out a blob of cum, which she gently
placed on the driver’s lips.

Ally and Maddie said their farewells to Terry and the to the somewhat
startled driver, then headed into the airport.

* * *

They made it to the gate with time to spare, and got checked in. Then they
made a quick stop in ladies’ room, where Ally, once the coast was clear,
instructed Maddie on how to lubricate a strand of pearls, then wrap them
around a fat banana, and then insert the banana into her pussy and the
pearls into her ass. Thus prepared, they returned to the gate and boarded
their flight.

The trip West was uneventful and Ally and Maddie passed the time chatting,
reading, and moving their bananas by flexing their pc muscles.

* * *

Once they reached Utah, Ally and Maddie collected their bags and headed for
their hotel. Much to Maddie’s delight, Ally had managed to get a suite,
complete with a well-stocked refrigerator, and king-sized bed. But one thing
did bother her.

“What’s the big idea of that?” Maddie asked, pointing to the folding bed in
a corner of the room.

“I had to order that for propriety’s sake, but don’t worry, you don’t have to
sleep in it. We’ll unfold it in the morning and mess it up so it looks like
you used it. Now let’s get unpacked and head on over to our first events.”

“A double feature at the ice palace,” Maddie chirped as she hung up her
clothes. “Women’s speedskating and then women’s figure skating. I can hardly

* * *

Shortly thereafter, Ally and Maddie were seated at the speedskating oval,
watching the preliminary heats for the women’s 500-meter race. Mother and
daughter were also admiring the competitors’ graceful, sleek, young bodies
in their close-fitting racing suits. As expected, the skater to beat was
Ludmilla (The Russian Rocket) Yegerova. Ludmilla’s sister Drusilla, a
figure skater, cheered and clapped as Ludmilla won her race easily and
advanced to the medal rounds.

After a snack break, Ally and Maddie headed next door to the figure skating
venue and watched as Drusilla Yegerova and others expertly executed jumps,
spins, and other moves as they they went through their routines. The venue
was packed, due to the anticipated showdown between two American skaters.
On one side was Cordelia Corning (America’s Sweetheart), and on the other
side was Pamela Brantley (The Blue Collar Babe). Blonde Pamela had been
trash-talking in the days proceeding the event, making fun of Cordelia’s
country upbringing, her unfailing politeness, her skating ability, and even
her name, calling her Cordelia Corny. Cordelia, to her credit, tried to keep
herself out of the fray by saying that she preferred to let her skating do
the talking, and she also refused to take part in the name calling, letting
others call Pamela “Bratley,” or “The Blue Collar Bitch.” Cordelia’s refusal
to respond only served to make Pamela even madder, affecting her performance,
and not for the better. Cordelia’s performance was very close to perfect,
while Pamela’s had a few, small mistakes. At the end of the first round,
Cordelia was poised make a run at the gold, while Pamela had a lot of ground
to cover to even be in medal contention.

When the skating events were concluded for the day, Ally and Maddie returned
to the hotel. Worn out from the limo fuck and the long flight, they decided
to nap for a while before dinner. They stripped naked and lay down in the
“69” position, and ate “creamed” bananas out of each other’s pussies until
they both came, pulling the pearls out of their asses at the moment of climax
for even more intense pleasure. Then, momentarily satisfied, they both
drifted off to sleep.

Several hours passed, then Maddie awoke. Moving carefully so as not to
disturb Ally, Maddie left a note explaining that she was going out exploring
and would be back by dinner time.

Maddie roamed the Olympic Village, taking in the sights and sounds, and
seeing how many of the flags she could identify.

Then, just as she prepared to leave the flag exhibit, Maddie encountered
Ludmilla and Drusilla Yegerova, each dressed in an ankle-length, quilted
winter coat, a fur hat, gloves, and boots. Maddie pulled out a pad of paper
and a pen and walked over to them.

“You want our autographs?” Ludmilla inquired. “Sure, sure. Glad to.”

She signed Maddie’s paper, and passed it to Drusilla who did the same. They
chatted amicably for several minutes, then Drusilla asked Ludmilla something
in their native tongue. Ludmilla considered it for a moment, then said, “All
right. I will ask her.” Turning to Maddie, she asked, “Do you like secrets?
Because my sister and I would like to share one with you.”

“I sure do like secrets,” Maddie said with a grin. “Share away.”

“Our secret is...we are both naked under our coats.”

“No way,” said Maddie in disbelief.

Drusilla turned to face Maddie and casually opened her coat, just enough so
that Maddie could see her thickly furred pubic mound, then quickly closed it

“I...I...don’t believe it,” Maddie stammered weakly as her knees began to
tremble with lust.

“Why don’t we all go to our suite,” Ludmilla said with a smile. “We
definitely need some private time with our new fan.”

“Aren’t you cold?” Maddie asked, as they set out for the athletes’ residence.

Drusilla chuckled. “Little Girl, in our hometown, temperatures like this are
considered a summer’s day.”

“Speak for yourself, Drusilla. My nipples are hard as marbles.”

“Let’s hurry and get inside,” Maddie panted, “And I’ll warm them up for you.”

“Our kind of girl, eh, Dru?”

“Definitely, Sister, definitely.”

The sisters carried on a conversation rich in double entendre and Maddie was
nearly drooling by the time Ludmilla led them into their room. They entered,
and Drusilla closed the door behind them.

“Sit on bed please, Little Girl, and we will come to you. No touch yourself.”

The sisters stood in front of Maddie and removed their coats. Maddie gaped.
Their bodies were slim and sleek and beautiful. They caressed each other and
struck some poses, their smooth muscles rippling under their skin. Maddie
shuddered and felt a small spurt in her panties as she watched the sisters
pose. At the juncture of Ludmilla’s thighs, a valley of pink nestled in a
forest of lush, red curls that stretched from thigh to thigh to navel. A
similar lush forest surrounded Drusilla’s valley, only hers was the color of
fine milk chocolate. Giggling, each made a show of “searching” through their
bush until they found their pussy. Then, using their index and ring fingers,
they spread their pussylips and used their middle fingers to manipulate their
clits into hardness.

“We call this, ‘strumming the balalaika’,” Drusilla explained. “You like?”

“Oh, yes,” Maddie panted, not moving her eyes from the strumming fingers and
the rapidly moistening pussies.

“Now Drusilla, we’re being very rude. Here we are enjoying ourselves, and our
guest is nearly beside herself with lust. We should help her out.”

“You are right, Sister, let us lend her our hands... and our tongues.”

Still wearing their hats, gloves, and boots, the sisters sat down on either
side of Maddie and took turns tongue kissing her. Then Drusilla removed
Maddie’s shoes and socks while Ludmilla unzipped and removed Maddie’s jacket
and pulled off Maddie’s blouse and t-shirt. The sisters paused in their
undressing chores and sensuously tongued Maddie’s budding breasts and gumdrop
nipples, making the preteen shiver with pleasure. Then they resumed stripping
their young friend. They had Maddie stand up, then Ludmilla popped open the
buttons of Maddie’s tight jeans, and she and Drusilla pulled them down and
off. Maddie had changed her undies before she went out, and now she wore a
peach-colored pair of super-tight, crotch-caressing, bun-hugging cotton
panties with the slogan “100% Edible” centered squarely on her puffy pussy
mound, just above the growing wet spot.

“”We’ll just have to see if that’s true,” Drusilla smiled as she slid
Maddie’s panties down her legs. She grabbed Maddie’s buns and pulled her
petite pussy into her face. Drusilla experienced tongue worked Maddie’s
pussy into a lather and was rewarded by a wet gush of nectar.

“Mmmm, sweet and tasty.”

“My knees are weak,” Maddie gasped, “Let’s get on the bed.”

Maddie staggered over to the bed and lay down. Ludmilla carefully laid down
next to her and then maneuvered into a “69.” Maddie stuck her tongue into
Ludmilla’s bushy pussy and began licking for all she was worth, working her
little finger into Ludmilla’s firm rosebud. Meanwhile, Drusilla got between
Maddie’s spread legs and helped her sister to lick Maddie’s perspiring pussy
while fingering her own. The sisters soon changed places and intensified the
pace of their licking and fingering. Maddie surrendered to the pleasure and
came in a loud, gushing rush, glazing the faces nestled between her legs. The
sisters followed her, crying out in their native language as they climaxed.
As fast as they could, Drusilla and Maddie licked Ludmilla’s pussy clean,
then they all collapsed on the bed.

“Would you like to know another secret?” Ludmilla asked, after they had all
caught their breath.

“I’m not sure my heart could take it, but go ahead,” Maddie gasped.

“In addition to getting Olympic pins, we got Olympic panties too. Show her,

Drusilla got up, rummaged around in her suitcase and came up with the
requested item, which she slipped on and modeled. The panties were the color
and design of the Russian flag.

“Direct from The Romeo and Juliet Company...official Olympic panties. your national pride! Just let us know your country, and we’ll
make you as many pairs of your flag panties as you want.” Drusilla said,
quoting the ad from memory.

“Could I...May I please...” Maddie stammered, admiring the way the pretty
panties hugged Drusilla’s every curve.

The Russian nodded, so Maddie rolled over to the edge of the bed, her face at
crotch level, and proceeded to lick Drusilla’s pussy right through the sheer
panties. Drusilla gasped, and then gushed another load of her sweetness into
the cotton crotch. She pulled the panties off and tossed them to her sister,
who pulled them on and motioned for Maddie to eat her out, which she did,
bringing forth another flow of sweet, Russian honey. Ludmilla peeled the
panties off and placed them on the bed, then she and Drusilla autographed
them, right across the seat.

Just at that moment, the phone rang. Ludmilla answered and carried on a short
conversation in Russian before hanging up.

“Team dinner in a few minutes,” she announced. “We’ve got to get ready Dru.”

They reluctantly got dressed, and shared one more tongue kiss and crotch
grope. Maddie wished them good luck in their events, and they exchanged
addresses (both postal and e-mail) and promised to keep in touch.

After parting company with the Russians, Maddie checked her watch. She had
just enough time to meet her mother for dinner.

* * *

Ally awoke shortly after Maddie left. She read the note, and decided to do a
bit of exploring herself.

After a few minutes of brisk walking, Ally found herself outside of “The
Candy Shop,” a small bar that billed itself as “a soda fountain for adults,”
offering root beer floats and the like along with alcoholic beverages. Ally
went in, and was soon enjoying a plate of cheese and crackers and glass of
white wine. Other than the bartender, there was only one other customer in
the bar, and Ally realized with a start, that it was Cordelia Corning,
enjoying a milkshake.

Before Ally could move, Pamela Brantley breezed into the bar and made a
beeline for Cordelia.

“A milkshake? What’s the matter, Corny? Your mom won’t let you have a real

Cordelia looked at Pamela, who was dressed in her “biker chick” outfit,
leather jacket, t-shirt, tight jeans, and boots, and sighed tiredly.

“Pamela, I’m not in the mood for this...”

“You’re never in the mood, you need to loosen up, like me.”

“You’re plenty loose all right. At least that’s what I’ve heard it says on
the walls in the men’s locker room.”

Pamela inhaled sharply. “You know, maybe if you knew what a real drink tasted

Before anyone knew what was happening, Pamela grabbed the wine glass out
of Ally’s hand and threw its contents into Cordelia’s face. Cordelia
shrieked, jumped to her feet, and returned the favor, dousing Pamela with
her milkshake. Then she slapped Pamela across the face. Enraged, Pamela
charged Cordelia and the fight was on. Hair was pulled and fists and feet
flew as the skaters punched, kicked, scratched, and gouged at each other.
Cordelia grabbed the neck of Pamela’s t-shirt and pulled. The was the sound
of ripping cloth as the material gave way, exposing Pamela’s pert, braless,
c-cup titties. Seeming not to notice her exposed breasts, Pamela ripped
open Cordelia’s blouse and front-hook bra, and, for good measure, stepped
on the hem of Cordelia’s long skirt, then pushed her away. The skirt tore
free as Cordelia fell, exposing panties the color of cotton candy, trimmed
with white lace. One of Cordelia’s flailing arms caught hold of Ally’s
blouse and popped open the buttons on the way down. Her other hand caught
in the waistband of Ally’s slacks, opening a huge rip that exposed her
cherry-red thong. Ally shook her head in disbelief. One minute she was
enjoying some wine, then the next minute, she was nearly naked and watching
a bodice-ripping catfight between two top figure skaters. She figured it
could only happen to her.

Cordelia was down, but not out. From her sitting position on the floor, she
kicked Pamela’s legs out from under her, then sat astride her rival and used
her hands to pin Pamela’s hands to the floor. Then, she slapped Pamela’s
face some more, this time using her sizable stiff-nippled breasts.

“You give?” Cordelia inquired.

”Yeah, I give,” Pamela panted. She paused, then asked, “Corny, are you as
turned on as I am right now?”

“As a matter of fact, yes I am.”

“If you’ll let me up, we can do something about it.”

“Something like this?” Cordelia asked, licking the remains of her milkshake
from Pamela’s face.


Cordelia let Pamela up, and watched as she casually went over and rested her
naked breasts on the bar as she talked to the bartender.

“We need to rent your establishment for a private party,” she explained,
pulling out a full money clip and slapping some bills down on the bar. “Now
if you’d be so kind as to lock the door and close the curtains, then join us
on the pool table. ‘Cuz this is your lucky night. And if there’re any more
cocks in the building, bring them along too, ‘cuz you’ve got three horny
women here.”

Not believing his good luck, the bartender hurried to follow instructions.
When he returned, he brought two other employees with him. All three had
smiles on their faces and stiff hard-ons in their pants.

“Great,” exclaimed Pamela, “One for each of us. Now you, what’s you name?”

“Ally McBeal.”

“All right, Ally McBeal. Why don’t you get these three cocks ready to ride
while Corny and I do some serious muff diving?”

With that, Pamela slipped off her jacket and shoes, then unfastened her jeans
and wriggled out of them. Her navy blue thong was already soaked through, so
she slipped it off and twirled it on her finger a few times before stuffing
it in a pocket of the pool table. She helped Cordelia slip out of her dainty
pink panties (also soaked) then they assumed the ‘69’ position and began
chowing down with gusto. Pamlea’s clit was pierced, and Cordelia examined it
closely, using her hands, eyes, and tongue. Pamela moaned with pleasure and
licked Cordelia’s virginal pink valley even harder.

Ally, meanwhile, was in hog heaven. She helped the men undress, then sucked
on one beefy cock and eagerly stroked the two others as all four watched
Pamela and Cordelia kiss each other’s pink on the green baize of the pool

“What’s going on?” Cordelia panted after a few minutes of concentrated
licking. “I .. I feel so hot...and...and...tingly all over.”

“You’re getting ready to cum, Corny. Now surely you’ve done that before,
haven’t you?”

“Well, yes, but it’s never felt this...strong...or...this... good. Oh...heck!
It’s happening!”

“Let it flow, Corny! ‘Cuz I’m cumming too! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

After their climaxes had subsided, they rolled off of each other, their faces
glazed with their cum.

“Now, Ally McBeal,” Pamela said. “If you can tear yourself away from the cock
parade for a few moments, Corny and I owe you some tongue time. So up on the
table please.”

As the men watched and stroked their cocks, Pamela positioned Ally on the
edge of the pool table with her legs spread. Each of them tongue kissed Ally,
then began licking their way down her body, lovingly sucking each nipple into
rosy hardness before ending up at Ally’s perspiring pink pussy, giving her a
tongue bath she would never forget. They paused for a moment, and looked at
their horny, male audience.

“All right, guys,” Pamela said, “I want one of you up here on the table, give
Ally something to suck on while we eat her out. Now you other two cocks, get
behind us and start plowing ass and pussy, and don’t stop until we all cum,
screamingly. Now get busy!”

With big smiles on their faces, the men followed instructions.

“Oh! My cherry!” Cordelia shrieked in ecstasy as she surrendered her

Cordelia’s cherry notwithstanding, two of the guys were soon balls deep in
Pamela’s and Cordelia’s overheated pussies, pumping in and out, while Ally
swallowed the third all the way down to the back of her throat. Once their
pussies were good and gooey, Pamela called out, “All right, men, switch to

“Pamela, wait a minute! I’ve never had a cock back there before! And this one
is so huge, it already feels like my hips are coming unhinged!”

“Don’t worry, Corny, I’ll help you out.”

Pamela disengaged herself from the coitus and arranged herself so that she
was eye level with Cordelia’s ass. She drooled several huge globs of saliva
on the pert, pink rosebud, then rubbed it in with the waiting cockhead, which
was already dripping with precome. Pamela pushed her thumb into the rosebud
and moved it around.

“Wiggle your ass, Corny, it’ll help loosen up the muscles.”

Cordelia twitched and swayed her ass as best she could as Pamela drooled more
saliva on cock and rosebud, and her thumb opened Cordelia’s backdoor.

“Ok, Corny, here it comes!”

Cordelia gritted her teeth and pounded her fists on the pool table as the
beefy cock slowly but surely eased into her ass, not stopping until it was
in her balls deep. Pamela admired the sight for a moment, then returned to
her stud, and accepted his cock into her well-fucked rosebud. The two men
began pumping in and out, and the ladies returned to their pussy licking

The stud in Ally’s mouth came first, splattering her face and throat with
several huge spurts of white-hot cum, and triggering a chain reaction orgasm
in the other five. Ally came next, gurgling happily through her mouthful of
cum as her pussy unloaded a sweet gush of nectar for Pamela and Cordelia,
who in turn, began to cum, screaming with pleasure as their pussies dripped,
gushed, and spurted. Finally, the other two studs grunted mightily, and began
filling the two rosebuds with lumpy squirts of cum.

All six collapsed where they were, their pleasure spent for the moment. After
catching their breath for a few moments, Pamela and Cordelia climbed up on
the pool table with Ally, and the three ladies began licking each other
clean, savoring the mingled tastes of male and female cum.

The three way licking had its intended effect on the men, whose cocks were
stiff as pool cues again.

“Well, it looks like they’re ready for round two,” Pamela commented. “And
this time, they’re all yours, Ally McBeal. Go ahead, make a sandwich!”

“Could she make me one too?” Cordelia asked. “I am kind of hungry now.”

“Not that kind of sandwich, Corny. Just watch, and learn.”

Cordelia watched as Ally positioned herself so that she could take one cock
in her pussy, and the other up her rosebud. Ally closed here eyes, clenched
her teeth and concentrated as the the thick pricks slid into place and began
pumping in and out.

“You don’t have to wait,” Pamela said to the third man. “There’s still plenty
of room in her pussy. Just squeeze on in next to your buddy and fill ‘er up.”

The stud did as he was told, and Ally let out a yelp of surprise as a second
beefy cock shoehorned itself into her pussy, stretching her to the limit.

While Ally’s pipes were getting thoroughly probed and plunged, Pamela
retrieved several bananas from behind the bar and instructed Cordelia on
the joys of fucking yourself with fruit, in both holes no less.

“I can’t take it any more!” Ally screamed as she started to gush like a
river. “My pussy and ass are on fire!”

“Here comes the hose, babe,” the man in her ass grunted as his cock erupted
like a volcano. The two in her pussy soon followed, spewing monster loads
that filled Ally’s quim to the brim with cum. Not since she had been with
one of Liza Bump’s stallions had Ally felt so much cum in her pussy, and
once again, she imagined that she was so full that the cum was going to
start squirting out her ears.

Pamela and Cordelia applauded Ally’s performance as they came too.
Temporarily spent and satisfied, Ally took a few minutes to catch her
breath, then began gathering up her clothes as the others did the same.
Her blouse and underthings were still more or less intact, so she slipped
into them. Then she got some safety pins out of her purse and pinned the
rip in her slacks so that she could get back to the hotel. She gave some
pins to Cordelia so that the skater could fasten her blouse and skirt
together. Pamela, meanwhile had pulled her jeans and boots on, and zipped
her leather jacket closed over her bare breasts.

Handshakes, names, and numbers were exchanged, then the ladies took leave of
the bar and the three exhausted studs who still couldn’t believe their good

* * *

Ally and Maddie met, as planned, in the hotel dining room. Once they had been
served, they quickly and quietly brought each other up to date on their horny
adventures. Maddie discreetly slipped the Russians’ pussy-perfumed panties
into Ally’s pocket, then Ally wrapped them in her handkerchief and brought
them to her face and took in their scent.

“Mmmm,” she murmured. “Sweet.”

Ally returned them to her pocket, then she and Maddie quickly finished their

“Don’t order any dessert,” Ally told Maddie. “’Cuz Mom’s got some fresh, hot
creampie for you when we get back to the room.”

“My favorite!” Maddie squealed, clapping her hands with glee.

They paid the check and hurried back to their room. Ally slipped out of her
clothes and slipped into bed. Maddie decided to play a game with her mother,
and disappeared into the bathroom. She emerged a few moments later, wearing
flannel pajamas, buttoned up to her neck.

“What’s the big idea, young lady,” Ally asked with mock seriousness.

“I’m cold,” Maddie said, a devilish smile on her lips. “And besides, you said
we had to be discreet.”

“Don’t be a smart-ass. We’re in our room now, and I’ll keep you warm. Now off
come those pajamas!”

Maddie sucked on her pinky and shuffled her feet. “Undress me, Mommy,” she
said plaintively, stepping closer to the bed.

Ally’s heart (not to mentioned her pussy) overflowed with tenderness
and lust for Maddie, and she reached out her hands and began undoing the
buttons on Maddie’s pajama top. Her breath quickened as more and more of
her daughter’s body was revealed to her sight. She slipped the garment
off Maddie’s shoulders, then lovingly licked Maddie’s gumdrop nipples
while she loosened the drawstring of the pajama pants and let them fall
to the floor. Maddie stepped out of the pajamas and did a pirouette,
while Ally admired her daughter’s body in all its young splendor. Ally
caressed Maddie’s teacup breasts, then ran her hands down over her
daughter’s tummy and pert, peachy buns, then massaged Maddie’s plump
pussy mound and puffy pussylips with the heel of her hand, enjoying the
velvety feeling of Maddie’s pubic sprouts.

“C’mere, beautiful,” Ally said softly, throwing back the covers and patting
the bed. “Cum and get your creampie.”

Maddie dived onto the bed, positioned herself between her mother’s legs,
spread Ally’s pussylips, and dove in tongue first.

“Oooh, Mommy,” she said, coming up for air after several minutes of noisy
licking and slurping of the cream that oozed from Ally’s crack, “That’s a
HUGE ‘slice’ of creampie.”

“It sure is, honey. Now be sure and finish it all. I know you can. Make me
proud.” Ally said encouragingly, gently pushing Maddie’s face back down.

After a few more minutes of intense tongue action, Ally’s thighs tightened
up, her ass clenched, her toes curled, and she came gloriously, coating
Maddie’s face with a sticky mixture of pussy honey and cum.

They switched positions, and Ally licked her daughter’s face clean before
diving between her legs. It only took a few minutes of concentrated licking
before Maddie reached her boiling point and her pussy overflowed.

Happily exhausted, mother and daughter assumed the spoon position, then
pulled up the covers, turned out the lights, and fell asleep.


“This is Julia Snow, reporting for Daybreak USA, from the Winter Olympics,
where a rather strange accident has taken place. A short while ago, during
a preliminary heat for the Women’s Giant Slalom Ski Race, Canadian skier
Suzette Bartlett-Bacon was unable to stop when she reached the bottom of
the hill and flipped over the fence and into the spectators’ gallery. There
were no serious injuries, but a mother and daughter from Boston were slightly
shaken up, and were taken with Ms. Bartlett-Bacon to be checked over at the
Olympic medical facility. We will stay with this story and attempt to speak
with the parties involved. This is Julia Snow, reporting for Daybreak USA.”

* * *

Ally and Maddie sat in the Jacuzzi at the Olympic medical facility. Their
only injuries were multiple bruises and some pulled muscles. They relaxed in
the warm, bubbling waters of the hot tub and chuckled over the latest turn
their vacation had taken.

“Knock-knock,” said Suzette Bartlett-Bacon as she entered the spa room. “I
just wanted to stop by and apologize for bowling you guys over.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ally said pleasantly. “These things happen. We’ll be
all right. How about you?”

“Same here, no serious injuries. I do need some tub time though.”

“Well, I suppose it is time for us to...”

“No, you don’t need to move, the tub’s big enough,” Suzette said as she
unzipped her tight, Spandex racing suit and peeled it from her long-limbed,
toned, trim body. Maddie chuckled when she saw that Suzette’s well-filled
sports bra and panties were proudly emblazoned with the Canadian maple leaf.

“Romeo and Juliet official Olympic undies?” Maddie inquired.

“That’s right,” Suzette said with a smile as she grabbed the hem of her
sports bra and pulled it over her head. Her football-sized breasts sprang up
and then back down. Her nipples stood up proudly and her aureoles puffed up
slightly. A slight dusting of freckles adorned the upper slope of her breasts
and cleavage. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and
wriggled them down her legs. Suzette’s plump pudenda was covered with fine,
silky, white-blonde hair, trimmed in a neat rectangle that perfectly framed
her pink valley.

“Wow!” Maddie exclaimed. “You have enormo breasts and...”

“Maddie! Cool it!”

“Oh, that’s ok. I get that all the time. I’ve even heard some people
wonder how I manage to stay upright when I ski. But I wouldn’t trade ‘em
for anything. And you know what else I’m especially proud of? My ass!”

Suzette turned her back to the tub and thrust her buns in Maddie and Ally’s

“See what I mean? Nice and tight, and hard enough to crack an egg on. Go on,
touch it and see for yourself.”

Mother and daughter each caressed one firm bun, then Maddie impulsively
planted a juicy kiss on Suzette’s rump. Ally thought for a moment, then did
the same.

“Mmmm,” Suzette commented. “Please don’t stop.”

Ally and Maddie continued to lick, kiss, and caress Suzette’s rock-hard ass
until it gleamed with a sheen of saliva.

“Very nice. But I really do need to soak for a little while.”

Suzette climbed into the tub and sat between Maddie and Ally, who each
rested a hand on the skier’s well-trimmed bush. Suzette responded by
spreading her legs slightly and placing a hand on Maddie and Ally’s
bushes. Under the surface of the water, they began to feverishly finger
each other, while sharing surreptitious tongue kisses and face licks.
Then somebody cleared their throat, and the three in the tub were
startled from their reverie.

The sound came from a petite, Japanese girl, dressed in full geisha regalia
including makeup. Only her ice skates seemed out of place.

“Do not worry, you do not offend me,” she announced in a sing-song,
bell-clear voice. “After all, in my country, it is perfectly normal to share
baths...and to explore each other’s bodies. Perhaps this humble one might
join you? I give you much pleasure.”

“Of course you can join us,” Suzette said with a smile, “But drop the geisha
routine. You speak English better than I do. Ladies, I’d like you to meet
Keiko Shimakazi, or, as the figure skating world knows her, ‘The Kyoto

“I thought I recognized you,” Maddie said as Keiko giggled and bowed, “But
the makeup and costume threw me off.”

“I just finished practicing one of my routines and decided to have a soak.
So...Got room for one more?”

“Always,” said Suzette, glancing at Maddie and Ally, who nodded.

Keiko grinned broadly, then reached back, pulled down her zipper, and peeled
herself out of her tight costume, revealing another sports bra and panty
combination, this one emblazoned with the rising sun from the Japanese flag.

“That underwear company must be making a fortune,” Ally thought to herself.

Keiko pulled off her bra and skimmed her panties down and off, then paused,
so the others could get a good look at her. And look they did.

Keiko’s petite body was slim and firm. Her breasts were the size of large
apples and stood up proudly, her toast-brown nipples and skin making a nice
contrast with her lilly-white breasts and pubic area. Said pubic area was
shaved smooth and clean, except for a golfball-sized tuft of thick, jet
black hair that stood watch over Keiko’s pink valley.

Keiko sat down in the hot tub, and the frantic, feverish underwater fingering
began again.

“Fuck soaking,” Suzette announced suddenly after several minutes of the
finger ballet. “We’re all obviously horny as hell, and I suggest we do
something about it!”

Following Suzette’s lead the others climbed out of the jacuzzi and toweled

“OK ladies, now that we’re dry, let’s make each other wet again!”

Suzette locked the door, then joined the others on the floor as they formed
a square that allowed them easy access to each other’s perspiring pussies.
The spa room was soon filled with the moans, groans, grunts, sighs and
squeals of women in heat as four pussies received thorough tongue baths.
They kept at it for quite a while, changing positions now and then so that
everyone could get a taste of everyone else’s pussy. Then they began to cum,
loudly and wetly, popping off firecracker-like strings of orgasms.

“Well, that’s good for a start,” Suzette announced after she’d caught her
breath. “Now I think we all need some physical therapy. Follow me, please.”

Everyone gathered up their things and followed Suzette as she led them from
the spa room to a massage room, where a masseuse waited.

“Ladies, I’d like you to meet Tom, my trainer, physical therapist, masseuse,
and boyfriend. Tom, this is Ally, her daughter Maddie, and you know Keiko.”

“I sure do,” Tom said with a smile. “How could I forget the hot, little
fortune cookie who shares our bed? And how nice of you to bring friends
along. I take it you all want one of my ‘special’ massages?”

“And how! Tom, tell them what they’ve won.”

“Ladies, I’m going to massage you front and back, first with my hands, then
with my tongue, then with my cock. So...up on the tables if you would, face
down to start.”

Ally and the others followed directions, and soon were moaning and groaning
with delight as Tom coated them with perfumed massage oil and worked it in
with his hands, using feather-light touches and gentle, teasing licks on
their asses and rosebuds. Then he had the ladies turn over, and the oil
performance was repeated, with Tom thumbing each clit and each pair of
nipples into ruby red hardness. Enjoying his work, Tom sucked on each nipple,
making it even harder, then...he dove between the first pair of spread legs
(Maddie’s) and began tonguing the proffered pussy with a passion. Maddie
shrieked her way to two quick cums before Tom moved on to the next pussy, and
then the next, not stopping until all four women had come multiple times.

He paused for a moment, untied his sweat pants, and stood up. The pants
slid to his ankles, revealing a dong that was primed for fucking. The fat,
dribbling crown of his cock bulged obscenely over the waistband of his
thong. He slipped off his undies, then slipped into the nearest pussy
(Maddie once again), not stopping until he was balls deep, then he began
piston-pumping with all his energy. Maddie’s hands clenched the table as
his powerful thrusts nearly knocked her to the floor. She almost died with
pleasure when Tom slipped out of her pussy and thrust himself balls deep
into her ass. She began to cum again, her juice leaking out in uncontrollable
wet spurts and gushes. Tom kissed her, then moved down the line, fucking
pussy, then ass, then ass, then pussy. After several minutes of this
treatment, all four pussies were running like leaky faucets, and Tom’s balls
began to tighten up. Suzette motioned to the others, and they all knelt
before Tom. Soon, forty fingers began caressing his cock and tugging on his
balls, and four, hot, wet mouths took turns deep-throating his hot meat. He
couldn’t hold out for long in his highly aroused state, and soon began to cum
hard, letting out a loud hiss of pleasure as he did so. The ladies jockeyed
for position, each trying their best to catch some of the huge, creamy
cumblast in their mouths. Tom definitely had enough to go around, and each of
the ladies was duly satisfied with their generous helping of prick pudding.

“I’m so glad I ran into you,” Suzette wisecracked.

“Apology accepted,” Ally said with a smile.

“I’m collecting Olympic Panties,” Maddie chimed in. “Could you ladies by any
chance spare a pair?”

“I think we can manage that, can’t we, Keiko?”

Still winded from the powerfuck, Keiko smiled and nodded. She and Suzette
retrieved their panties, squeezed the last few dribbles of cum (both theirs
and Tom’s) into the cotton crotches, autographed them right across the seat,
and presented them to Maddie and Ally.

“Anything for a fan,” Suzette said with a smile.

* * *

When Ally and Maddie returned to their suite that evening after dinner, they
found a message waiting for them, from none other than morning-show host
Julia Snow, who wanted to interview them about their collision with Suzette.
Ally called her back and agreed to appear on Daybreak USA the next morning.

Worn out from their adventures with Tom, Suzette, and Keiko, Ally and Maddie
just cuddled for a little bit before falling asleep.

* * *

The next morning, Ally and Maddie arose bright and early and made their
way to the TV station and met up with Julia Snow. The pert, perky former
cheerleader was a charming hostess and the interview went off without a

“I’ve got a few minutes’ break, and there’s something I’d like to talk to
you about,” Julia said, motioning Ally and Maddie to follow her as she headed
for her dressing room.

Once in the dressing room, Maddie, not used to being up quite so early,
stretched out on a couch and dozed off. Ally and Julia chatted for a while,
then Julia got down to business.

“I wanted to ask you, off the record, of course, about some rumors I’ve
heard about the two of you here at the Olympics. Rumors concerning you, your
daughter, and some ice skaters. And before you deny them, let me add this, we
have a friend in common, Ms. McBeal.”

“Ally, please. And before I say anything, who do we both know?”

“Debbie Dallas. She’s a frequent guest on the show. We had a chance to talk
recently, and she told me how you’d helped her shed her inhibitions.”

Ally felt a hot flush run through her body from her face to her feet. Julia
knew! Seeming not to notice Ally’s consternation, Julia continued speaking.

“The subject came up when I noticed that all she had on from the waist down
was an apron.”

“On TV?” Ally squeaked incredulously.

“Think about it,” Julia said. “You can’t see anything because she’s always
standing behind a counter. I happen to glance over at just the right moment,
and the rest is history, as they say. We found the most interesting uses for
the leftover cookie dough and cake batter.”

“I can imagine,” Ally panted.

“Getting hot? I am too. Want to do something about it?”

“So you can videotape me for your next expose?”

“No, silly. I heard what you did with Pamela and Cordelia, and what your
daughter did with the Yegerova Sisters, and I wanted some of that for

“You’re sure this won’t end up on primetime TV?”


“Well, Ok. But do we have time?”

“Just watch this, girlfriend. I’ve redefined the word ‘quickie’.”

Julia made a phone call, and soon twin studs were walking in the dressing

“Meet Hal and Cal, my assistants.”


“Hey, you think the president’s the only one who fools around with his
interns? Let’s go!”

Julia stripped to her bra and panties, stretched out on the floor, and
motioned for Ally to squat over her face. Ally dropped her pants, kicked off
her panties and did so. Hal and Cal stood on either side of her, cocks out
and hard. As Julia tongued her pussy, Ally sucked cock, enjoying the taste
of fresh, young meat. After a few minutes of this, Julia and Ally switched
places, and Ally licked Julia’s pussy right through her sheer panties while
the horny anchorwoman chowed down on cock.

“They’re ready to ride!” Julia announced. “All aboard!”

Julia and Ally each impaled themselves on a perspiring prick and went to
town, humping and fucking for all they were worth.

“Wait a minute,” Ally cried out “Let’s bring Maddie in on this!”

Ally disengaged herself from the coitus, walked over to her sleeping
daughter, and kissed her on the cheek. Maddie stirred, but didn’t awaken.

Refusing to be ignored, Ally unbuttoned Maddie’s jeans, reached inside, and
massaged Maddie’s clit, right through her pretty cotton panties, then for
good measure, gave it a lick too. As Julia and her stud looked on while they
fucked, Ally motioned her stud over, and he repeated Ally’s massaging and
licking routine, then rubbed the head of his cock over Maddie’s
cotton-covered clit.

“Mmmm. I just had the most wonderful dream,” Maddie said, opening her eyes.
“Whoa! I guess it wasn’t a dream after all.”

“Join the party, Miss Sleepyhead,” Ally said with a grin.

Maddie didn’t have to be asked twice. She quickly stripped off her clothes
and got down to business, accepting Cal’s thick prick in her tight, pre-teen
pussy while Ally licked pussy, licked balls, and fingered herself to a
groaning cum. Maddie came next, shuddering with delight as an orgasm rippled
through her.

Then mother and daughter got on their knees, and sucked and stroked their
stud until he gushed a geyser of white-hot cum all over their grateful faces
and tongues.

Meanwhile, Hal had bent Julia over the makeup table, switched holes, and was
industriously squeezing his cock in and out of her rosebud while she fingered

“Five minutes, Julia, five minutes,” said a voice on the loudspeaker.

“All right, all right,” Julia grimaced. “Hold your fuckin’ horses, I’m
cummin’! Oooooooh! A little help here please!”

Ally and Maddie hurried over and mounted a double-tongued attack on Julia’s
pussy that had her cumming on their faces in wet, hot splats. Then they
switched their tongue attack to Hal’s balls and the cum started to fly. Hal
filled Julia’s ass full to overflowing with firehose-like sprays of cum.
Ally and Maddie licked cock and ass clean, and as they dressed, Julia pulled
her clothes back on and seated herself in the makeup chair. She idly stroked
the cocks of Hal and Cal as they combed her hair and touched up her makeup.

“Now, young lady,” Julia said to Maddie as they were saying their good-byes,
“I understand you’re starting a panty collection. Allow me to make a

Julia slipped off the panties she had been wearing, signed them, and
presented them to Maddie with a flourish. Julia promised to call the next
time she was in Boston, then, quick as a wink, she was gone, heading back
to the set and her next interview. Ally and Maddie headed back to the hotel,
and found that they each had a package waiting for them. They took them to
their room to open them. Ally’s was from Pamela and Cordelia, and contained
two pairs of autographed, perfumed, Stars and Stripes panties.

“Heard about your daughter’s panty collection,” the enclosed note read,
“Corny and I hope these fill the bill. Sorry we couldn’t get the ones we were
wearing that night. All our best, PB and CC”.

Maddie’s box (from the Yegerova sisters) proved to be a treasure trove of
multicolored panties. The enclosed note explained that the sisters had
prevailed upon their fellow competitors from the former Russian Republics
and Soviet Bloc countries to donate their autographed flag panties to
Maddie’s collection.

Ally and Maddie each randomly picked a pair, held them to their faces, and
inhaled deeply. Beatific smiles spread across their faces as they creamed
their own panties.

* * *

All too soon, Ally and Maddie’s time at the Olympics was up. They went to the
airport, checked their bags, and paused on the way to the gate to load their
pussies with bananas and their asses with pearls.

“So, where’re we going to get our tattoos,” Maddie asked as they waited to
board their flight.

“I haven’t decided yet. Maybe our asses, or maybe just above our beaver pelts
and we can get as plain or as elaborate a design as we want.”

“Cool! Now will Jan and Erica be on the flight with us?”

“I couldn’t quite manage that, but they’ll be waiting for us with Victoria at
the airport.”

“Doubly cool! So while we’re waiting, could you tell me again how you and
Georgia met them? Please?”

“After we get to cruising altitude. Then I will.”

The flight to Honolulu began boarding, and Ally and Maddie headed down the
jetway to the next part of their vacation.

THE END (For Now)

COMING UP NEXT-The return of Jan and Erica in “Ally McBeal Part 11: How to
Get Lei’d in Paradise.” Be there. Aloha.


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