Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal:
Part 11a - How To Get Lei'd In Paradise While Getting Screwed And Tattooed
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

Ally McBeal and her daughter, Maddie Harrington were among the first to
deplane at Honolulu Airport after the flight from the mainland parked at the

"C'mon, Mom," Maddie said, pulling on Ally's arm as they walked down the
jetway. "Let's not keep our friends waiting."

"Relax, Maddie. They won't go anywhere without us."

"I know, I know. I'm just so excited, I'm practically creaming my jeans! I
mean, not only are we going to meet Victoria LaVulva, but she's also going to
paint our picture and give us tattoos!"

"I'd never tell you not to cream your jeans," Ally said with a sly smile.
"In fact, I'm on the verge of doing it myself. Just remember to save some for
Victoria, Jan, and Erica. 'Cuz they are total cum sluts, and I have it on
good authority that they want to wear us out on this trip."

Maddie couldn't help herself. Her rosebud clenched the strand of pearls, and
her pussy clenched the banana and detonated wetly, shooting a spurt of nectar
into the cotton crotch of her panties.

"Did you just cum?" Ally asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Good, I didn't want to be the only one."

They made their way to baggage claim and picked up their luggage. No sooner
had they cleared the luggage area than Ally heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Ally, Ally! Over here!"

Ally and Maddie hurried over and met up with Jan and Erica.

"Jan, Erica, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Maddie Harrington. Maddie,
meet Jan and Erica."

As Maddie shook hands, she noticed that Jan and Erica were dressed
identically in navy blue blazers, slacks and white blouses, with a
multicolored scarf tied loosely around their necks. A pin with their
airline's insignia decorated the lapel of their blazers. Erica was a
young woman with spiky blonde hair, while redheaded Jan was slightly
older and taller. Maddie also noticed that both of them were very
well-endowed, their white silk blouses stretching tightly over their
D (or double-D) cup breasts as they leaned down to shake hands.

"Pleased to meet you, Maddie. You know, your mom was right. You are just so
cute, I could eat you up. Right, Jan?"

"Right, Erica! I think we're all going to have fun, fun, fun with each

Maddie sighed happily as her pussy clenched and spurted again.

"Easy does it there, sport." Jan said with a grin, noticing the growing wet
spot on the crotch of Maddie's jeans. "Don't wear yourself out before we even
get to Victoria's place."

"Speaking of Victoria, is she here yet?" Ally asked.

"Yeah. She's bringing the car around. We'll meet her at the curb," Jan said.

"You know," Ally said as they strode through the terminal to the exit. "It
occurs to me that since your uniforms are so tight, that if you were wearing
underwear, I should be able to see an outline. I don't see anything."

Jan smiled wickedly. "Of course you don't. In honor of you and your daughter,
we're being naughty today."

"Besides, it makes it easier if we meet a cute passenger during the flight."

This time it was Ally's pussy that clenched the banana and squirted hard.

By the time they reached the curb, Victoria was just pulling up in her SUV.
She climbed out and opened the tailgate. Victoria was Amazon tall, with a
Medusa-like mane of curly, black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her skin
tight tank top and camouflage cargo pants showed off every curve of her
rock-hard body to its fullest advantage. Maddie blinked and looked again.
Victoria's beringed, erect nipples were clearly visible through the tank
top's sheer material, and her puffy "camel toe" bulged enticingly from her
crotch! Once the luggage had been stowed they all climbed in and headed out.

"Victoria, on the way to your place, would you mind stopping at the nearest
porno shop?"

"No problem, Ally. How come?"

"I'm keeping a promise to my daughter."

A few minutes later, they pulled up in front of a nondescript shop at one end
of the strip mall. Ally, Jan, and Erica went in, while Victoria and Maddie
waited in they car.

"Ms. LaVulva, if you don't mind my asking, how do you know my mother?"

"First, it's Victoria, and I don't mind at all. Your mother and I met when
we were in college. My name back then was Victoria Scarlatti, and I was the
typical starving artist. I was taking a 'life drawing' class, and your mother
had agreed to be a nude model for that class in order to make some extra
money for law school. I tell you, the moment she shrugged off her robe and I
saw her sweet little body, I got all weak in the knees and wet in the pussy.
I knew right then that I was bisexual. I managed to get through the class,
and I asked your mom out as soon as I could. We talked, and by and by, we
became friends, then roommates, then lovers. Your mom was my personal nude
model as well as the class. I tell you, it used to make me so hot, knowing
that everyone in the class was looking at Ally, but I was the one she was
going home with every night. Oh yes, those were the days," she concluded with
a lusty sigh.

Maddie noticed that Victoria was idly stroking her prominent clitoris through
her tight pants, and that her already stiff nipples had elongated and grown
even stiffer, stretching her tank top to the ripping point.

"All right, next question," Maddie said with a smile, as she felt her panties
continue to moisten. "Can I see your nipple rings?"

Victoria too a quick look around, made sure the parking lot was deserted,
then obligingly pulled up her top, allowing her breasts to come bouncing out.
Maddie whistled appreciatively and leaned over the set to get a closer look
at Victoria's glorious globes.

They were huge and heavy, with puffy aureoles and inch-long, coral-colored
nipples that Maddie longed to suckle on. A small gold ring with a red stone
decorated each nipple. Part of a tattoo was visible on each boob, but Maddie
couldn't make out what it was.

"Are those...?"

"Mmm-hmm. I guess you can say I've got genuine rubies on my boobies. And
platinum on my pussy too."

"Platinum on your pussy? Now I have got to see that! And what's that tattoo
I see?"

"Maybe later," Victoria said with a wicked grin. "Right now I see your mom
and her friends coming back."

Victoria didn't bother to cover herself until all her passengers had finished
oohing and ahhing over her bountiful breasts, and each had given her ripe
rack a suck and a squeeze. Then, reluctantly, she stuffed them back into her
tank top and they continued on their way. As they cruised down the highway,
Ally handed her daughter a package.

"Here you go, Maddie. As promised, a Rabbit Pearl Vibrator, the Porsche of
pussy pleasers. I got one for you, and one for me. We'll break them in

Maddie clapped her hands and squealed with glee, then slid a hand into her
pants and began opening and closing her legs rapidly. "Gotta practice," she

"I tend to think of my estate as kind of an erotic bed and breakfast,"
Victoria said. "And for that reason, I'm very selective about whom I invite.
Mostly, I cater to female celebrities, and, in your case, special friends. I
encourage my guests to leave their inhibitions, not to mention their clothes,
at the front door, so to speak. My estate is gated and secluded, so feel
free to do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want and with
whomever you want to do it with. I have just two rules. The first is 'No
thank you' means 'No thank you.' The second is, when you return home, be
careful who you tell about your visit to my corner of paradise. There are
still a lot of close-minded people out there. Anyway, Ally, Maddie, while
you're soaking up the sun, fun, and cum, my assistants and I will be roaming
around with sketch pads and cameras, catching you 'in the act' so to speak.
Then I'll use the sketches and pictures to help me create your erotic
portrait, so you'll have a minimum of actual sitting and posing to do. Then
once your portrait and tattoos are done, we'll have an unveiling

"So, Victoria," Jan asked, "Is this a 'just us girls' party?"

"No, there are plenty of cocks on the estate," Victoria said with a sly
smile. "You just have to look for them or wait for them to find you."

"Ooohhh," Jan gushed. "I like the sound of that."

Finally, they reached Victoria's estate and drove through the gate. The road
wound around palm trees and through other lush jungle vegetation before
emerging into a clearing where a palatial mansion stood.

"Welcome to 'Villa LaVulva'," Victoria said grandly as they pulled up to the
front door and parked. "My humble home. If you'll follow me please."

They walked in, and even before the door had fully closed behind them,
articles of clothing began hitting the floor as Victoria and her guests began
frantically shedding their garments.

"Ahhh," Victoria sighed when she was naked as birth. "Much better." She ran
her fingers through her hair and surveyed her guests. Ally, Jan, and Erica
were naked too. Victoria noted the fat banana, trailing a string of pearls
that protruded from Ally's pussy, and saw that Jan's red pubic curls had been
neatly trimmed into the shape of a heart. Maddie saw the pubic hairstyle too,
and paused in her undressing to let out a lusty sigh. Then she turned to look
at Victoria. Maddie couldn't believe what she saw at first. Victoria's body
was sleek and beautiful-and decorated! Besides her nipple rings, Victoria
also sported a navel ring and a platinum clit ring, both decorated with
diamond chips. But what took Maddie's breath away was the elaborate tattoo
that covered Victoria's midsection. Two crouching jaguars curled their tails
around her fat breasts, while their pink tongues appeared to traverse her
plump, clean-shaven mound to lick her pierced clitoris, which was the size of
a large cocktail sausage.

"Thought you'd like it," Victoria said with a lascivious smile.

Maddie's eyes glazed over, and she slipped into a deep, erotic trance. Her
mouth hung open in awe, and a shiny strand of saliva dripped out as her
tongue circled her lips. Her pussy contracted mightily and her panties were
suddenly filled to overflowing with mashed banana and cum. As Ally knelt next
to her daughter and took over the undressing chores, Victoria picked up a
strategically placed camera, slipped the strap around her neck and began
snapping pictures. Ally skimmed Maddie's shirt and t-shirt up and off with
gentle, feather-light touches, then began to tug on the buttons of Maddie's
jeans. One, two, three, four little tugs and Maddie's jeans were open and
being slid down her legs. Still dazed, Maddie kicked off her shoes and
stepped out of her jeans. Now she stood before them all, clad only in ankle
socks and panties that bore the slogan, "Maddie's Diner-Eat Out, Or Cum On

"Ooohhh, you've cum in your undies. Naughty, naughty," Ally said with mock
seriousness as she used the palm of her hand to massage the soaked crotch of
her daughter's lime-green cotton panties.

"Mom...Please..." Maddie gasped pleadingly, humping her wet, cotton-covered
crotch against Ally's hand.

"Easy honey, I gotcha covered," Ally said with a grin as she teasingly
slipped her fingers into the waistband of Maddie's panties and circled her
waist. Maddie's knees started to tremble, and her mother took pity on her and
pulled her undies down with a quick jerk. Maddie let out a hiss of pleasure
as the cool air hit her overheated pre-teen pussy. Mashed banana and cum
dribbled from her sweet slot and ran down her legs. The string of pearls that
had been wrapped around the banana now dangled freely from her rosebud. Ally
shared a deep, tongue kiss with Maddie, then proceeded to lick her way down
her daughter's body until her mouth was squarely over Maddie's wet and
willing young womanhood. Ally kissed Maddie's supersensitive clit and circled
her tongue around and around Maddie's puffy labial lips, tasting a wonderful
mixture of bananas and Maddie's own sweet nectar. Ally paused in her oral
activities long enough to lick down each of Maddie's legs, then dabbed some
of the banana/cum mixture on her daughter's gumdrop nipples and licked it
off. Finally, Ally offered her fingers to Maddie, who sensuously sucked and
licked them clean. Then Ally continued tonguing Maddie's pretty pussy. The
highly orgasmic pre-teen's face turned beet red as she surrendered to the
pleasure and began to cum-loud, hard, and very wet, glazing Ally's face with
sweet nectar. Licking and slurping all the while, Ally took hold of Maddie's
string of pearls and pulled. Maddie shrieked with joy as the pearls popped
out of her ass, and a huge blob of banana flavored cum splatted wetly on
Ally's face.

Jan and Erica were far from idle. In fact, they had assumed the '69' position
and were happily eating each others' frothing boxes as waves of orgasmic
ecstasy washed over them.

Victoria circled the group, offering soft words of encouragement and snapping
pictures with one hand, while manipulating her clit ring with the other.

Maddie pushed Ally down on her back, and then dove between her mother's legs
to indulge in some enthusiastic clit licking. Ally's body convulsed with
pleasure as Maddie seized the stem of the pearl-wrapped banana in her teeth
and soundly fucked her mother with the fruity dildo. Ally's body began to
shake and her hips bucked up off the floor as the cum began to flow, and her
orgasms began to hit with the force of an earthquake.

"Show them your trick, Mom" Maddie urged, her face already glazed with cum.
She unwound the pearls from the banana then nodded. Ally nodded back, then
clenched her teeth and began flexing her pc muscles, making the banana move
in and out by itself.

"Time for the big finish, Mom," Maddie panted as she took hold of Ally's
pearls and gave her mother's pert, pink nipples a quick suck before returning
to her place between Ally's wide-spread thighs, her mouth open expectantly.
Mother and daughter moved as one glorious, orgasmic machine. The other
watched in awe as Maddie jerked the pearls from Ally's ass, triggering a huge
orgasm. The banana shot from Ally's pussy right into Maddie's open mouth,
propelled by a combination of muscle contractions and a tidal wave of pussy

Maddie took the banana, sensuously licked it clean, and then peeled it like
she was unzipping a man's fly. Then, with a broad grin on her face, the
pre-teen tart swallowed the peeled fruit whole and burped enthusiastically,
bringing a round of applause from the others.

Victoria let her camera hang from the strap and spread her pussy lips with
two fingers, while working her clit and clit ring with a third. She gasped
loudly, her muscles clenched, and she came hard, her cum flowing down her
legs like a river. Barely recovered from their own orgasms, Ally, Maddie,
Jan, and Erica crawled over to their hostess and licked her clean.

"Bravo," Victoria commented after she'd caught her breath. "Anyone for some
cheese and crackers?"

The guests put their luggage in their rooms and then returned to the parlor
and partook of the proffered snacks. Victoria and Ally settled down and
reminisced about old times, while Jan and Erica played a spirited game of
nude pool, with cue fellatio and lots of bodacious bendovers and ass wiggling
action. Maddie, still somewhat exhausted from the earlier erotic activities,
settled herself in a comfortable, overstuffed chair and lazily stroked her
little pussy as she catnapped.

As dinner time approached, the ladies moved to the lanai, where they were
served a sumptuous dinner by some of Victoria's assistants, nubile, young
native women who wore flowers in their hair and little else. After a
beautiful sunset, the assistants lit torches on the lanai, and Victoria's
chef appeared to accept kudos for her work. Upon their first sight of the
comely chef, the guests let out a collective sigh of lust. The tall,
Jamaican woman was attired in a microscopic white mesh thong, a white
neckerchief, and a traditional chef's hat, all of which contrasted nicely
with her dark chocolate skin. Her breasts were large and heavy and were
capped with nipples the size of ripe plums.

"Oh Mom," Maddie panted. "I'd sure like a taste of her."

"Me too," Ally agreed, feeling a familiar moistness in her womanhood as she
admired the chef's curvy body. "Victoria," Ally began, "Can we...?"

"You want to get with Kiwi? You can, but you'll have to wait 'til later. I
figured you'd like her, so I have something special in mind for you three.
Just be patient. And enjoy her show."

Ally and the other watched as Kiwi doffed her hat and thong, unpinned her
luxuriant hair, and joined the serving girls in a sensuous, fire juggling
hula. Kiwi's mound was clean-shaven, the interior of her pussy a bright,
vibrant pink. By the time the dance was finished, and Kiwi and the girls
had taken their bows and left, there were five, steamy, overheated pussies
on the lanai.

"Well, Ladies," Victoria said, a devilish gleam in her eyes as she put out
the torches. "It appears to be bedtime, but that doesn't mean you have to go
to sleep. Just remember to save some energy for tomorrow, because that's when
the real adventure starts."

And with that, she was gone. Ally, Maddie, Jan, and Erica made their way back
to their rooms and engaged in a lusty, four-way daisy chain, coaxing more
orgasms out each other then they thought possible. Needless to say, Ally and
Maddie's new vibrators were "broken in" quite adequately. Finally, as the
clock struck twelve, they staggered to their beds and fell into a deep,
satisfied sleep, with visions of sugar pussies dancing in their heads.

The next morning, the ladies awoke and made their way back to the lanai,
where they found a continental breakfast awaiting them. After eating, they
spread sunscreen on each other and headed out in different directions to
begin the day's erotic activities. They were (un)dressed similarly, with
each wearing only sneakers, socks, sunglasses, and a baseball cap.

Ally walked along the beach, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her skin.
By and by, she came upon another of Victoria's guests, lounging on a beach
blanket under a huge umbrella. It was none other than stand-up comic and TV
star Josie James. Josie was nearly as famous for singing the national anthem
badly at a sporting event, as she was for her popular TV sitcom, Blue Collar
Mom, in which she played the title role, a mother who worked as a
construction hardhat.

Like Ally, Josie was naked, save for shoes, socks, sunglasses, and hat. Josie
got to her feet and held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Josie," she announced in her usual, direct way. "You must be that
lawyer lady that Victoria's been telling us about."

"That's me. Ally McBeal at your service," Ally said, shaking hands and taking
in the sights. Josie was short and plump, with close-cropped dark hair, and a
curvy, Rubenesque figure. Her rosy-nippled breasts were the size of large
watermelons and drooped down to rest lightly on her fat stomach. Josie's
pussy mound bore a thick coat of dark fur, and sported a prominent, pink
clitoris and large, fleshy lips.

"So, you here with anyone? And how do you know Victoria?"

"I'm here with my daughter Maddie and some friends. I know Victoria from
college. We were friends and lovers. How do you know her?"

"I met Victoria when she made a guest appearance on my show. And I brought
someone special too," Josie announced. "Get over here now," she called over
her shoulder.

A rangy boy, about Maddie's age, climbed from the surf and trotted to Josie's
side. Ally recognized him as Josie's son, John, who also played her son on
her show. Ally admired John's sleek, young body and noted the wispy, blonde
tuft of pubic hair just above a surprisingly long, slender cock.

"I caught the little pervert in my dressing room," Josie explained, reading
the questioning look on Ally's face. "He had a pair of my panties wrapped
around his cock and was just shooting a load into the crotch when I walked

"I couldn't help it," John chimed in. "You're just so damn sexy, Mom."

"I should have been mad, but instead, I was majorly turned on. So I told John
that instead of shooting his cream in my undies, I wanted him to shoot it on
me and in me."

"I know what you mean. I caught my daughter licking a classmate's pussy and
then trying to screw her with my 18-inch strap-on. At first, I was shocked.
Then I started to laugh, ‘cuz that strap-on was so long and heavy that Maddie
practically couldn't stand up straight, let alone screw her little friend
properly. So instead of punishing her, I gave her advice on techniques and
positions and bought her a more manageable strap-on. And before long, we were
'69ing' and vibing each other and doing each other with our strap-ons. Then
we teamed up to seduce a boy in Maddie's class. He's our lover now, and we're
loving every minute of it."

"Speaking of seducing boys, I think someone is rock hard and ready for some

Sure enough, John's cock had stiffened up and now jutted impressively from
his crotch, the bulbous, purple crown already glistening with pre-cum. Josie
stretched out on her beach blanket and Ally squatted over her face while
swallowing John's fresh, young cock all the way to the back of her throat,
enjoying it's sweet, salty flavor. Josie fingered her own plump pussy
furiously while she vigorously lapped Ally's juicy joybox with her talented
tongue. They moved as one, giving and receiving pleasure until they all
reached their boiling point. Ally grabbed and fondled a double-handful of
John's firm, young buns, pulling them apart so she could tickle his rosebud
with her little finger. John let out a groan of ecstasy and pumped a huge
load of hot cum down Ally's throat. Ally gurgled happily, causing John's cum
to bubble at the corners of her mouth, and then came herself, glazing Josie's
face with a wet gush of nectar. Josie was next on the orgasmic hit parade,
celebrating her massive cum with a moan and a groan and a gush and a rush.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Josie promised as they sat down to catch their
breath. "John's cock is so long and slender, it'll fit perfectly in your

"Glad to hear it. I could always use some cock in my ass."

Josie sat between her son and Ally, and worked Ally's pussy with one hand
and John's cock with the other, while Ally and John took turns kneading and
suckling Josie's enormous breasts. Soon, Josie's handiwork had its desired
effect. John's cock once again stood tall and proud, and Ally's pussy was
gushing like a leaky faucet. Both ladies got on their hands and knees and
stuck their buns up in the air. John moved into position and went to work,
first lapping pussies, and then fucking them until everyone was good and
gooey wet.

"Sixty-nine time!" Josie announced gleefully. "I'll start out on top. And
don't worry, Ally honey, I'll be real gentle."

Ally lay down on the beach blanket and Josie straddled her, lowering herself
down until her plump pussy was resting squarely on Ally's face. Ally marveled
at the sensations she was experiencing. Josie's body was smooth as silk and
soft as warm butter. Ally felt as if she was being enveloped by a wonderfully
warm blanket. Josie parted Ally's nether lips and let her tongue dance over
Ally's pink, wet womanhood. Ally moaned her delight into Josie roomy pussy
and did some licking of her own while gripping and massaging Josie's big,
cushiony ass. John, meanwhile, had been stroking his young cock, waiting for
the right moment to join in the festivities. That moment soon came, and he
plunged his cock into his mother's ass with gusto, not stopping until he was
balls deep. John began a delicious, rhythmic pumping, going deep into Josie's
rosebud with each stroke, occasionally slipping into her pussy and Ally's
mouth for good measure. Eventually, Ally and Josie switched places, and once
again, Ally couldn't believe the delicious sensations she felt. Josie's body
was big and cushiony soft, and Ally felt like she was she was lying on a
heated water bed. Ally and Josie spread each other's pussy lips and dove in
tongue first. John tenderly licked Ally's petite rosebud before gently
squeezing his slender cock in as far as it would go.

"Oooh yeah," John moaned. "I love feeling ass around my cockhead. And Ma'am,
you sure do have one fucking tight exhaust pipe!"

"Glad you like it," Ally said through clenched teeth, twisting and churning
the cheeks of her ass as John plunged himself into her again and again. As
before, he occasionally let himself slip out of Ally's ass and into her
pussy, and then into his mother's mouth. Ally and Josie kept their tongues
busy on each other's clits, and before too long, the overheated threesome
erupted in fountains of furious fulfillment. John gave a mighty thrust and
buried himself balls deep in Ally's ass, then let out a howl of pure pleasure
as his cum began to squirt out in long, hot, ropy strands that quickly filled
Ally's ass to overflowing. Josie engaged in some hot anal cream pie action,
licking up her son's cum as her own orgasm caused her massive body to jiggle
furiously, almost dislodging Ally, whose petite body was in the throes of its
own enormous orgasm. The threesome licked each other clean and then collapsed
on the beach blanket.

Nearby, Ally noticed some of Victoria's assistants, using still and video
cameras to document the carnal activities. Ally smiled and waved, then lay
back down, her arms behind her head.

"I wonder how and who Maddie's doing?"

* * *

As it turned out, Maddie was doing quite well. After having breakfast, she
headed down one of the many trails that crisscrossed Victoria's estate. It
soon brought her to a beach front guest house, whose occupants were none
other than the Olivarez twins, Sonia and Terezia. Maddie knew them well.
She, like the rest of the country, had watched them grow up on their
long-running sitcom, Five of a Kind. Now in their teens, they had branched
out into fashion design as well as acting and had matured into beautiful,
young, Latina women, with asses that would have made a certain singer/actress
envious. They were dressed in baggy, low-slung jeans; tight, sleeveless
t-shirts (no bras), and multiple gold chains. Their corn rowed, beaded hair
flowed out from under the bandannas they wore on their head, gangster-style.

"Hola, Chica," Sonia called out in greeting. "You're just in time. We were
about to ask Victoria if she had anyone who could model one of our new
outfits for us."

"And you're just the way we like our models," Terezia added. "Naked and

"Easy, Baby Girl. Business before pleasure." Sonia said.

They each took an arm and gently led Maddie to the patio of the beach house,
where several bags of clothes, a large cooler, and three chaise lounges
waited. The sisters caressed their model lovingly, and then dressed her in
pink panties, sports bra, jeans, and a sleeveless t-shirt, all of which fit
Maddie like a second skin. As a finishing touch, Terezia did Maddie's makeup,
then combed her hair and fashioned it into pigtails.

Maddie obligingly struck several poses as the sisters looked at her from
every angle.

"Well?" Terezia asked.

"You're right, Little Sis. The outfit is good, but she definitely looks
better naked."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's strip her down and get busy!"

Terezia moved behind Maddie and jerked up her t-shirt and bra with one quick
motion, then began caressing Maddie's tiny, teacup tits, causing her nipples
to harden almost instantly. Sonia, meanwhile, popped open the buttons of
Maddie's jeans, then plunged her hand into the tight cotton panties and began
to rub. Terezia slid a hand down into Maddie's panties and helped her sister.

"Damn," exclaimed Sonia, grinning at the squishy, squelchy sounds as they
poked and stroked Maddie's pussy. "You're all wet and ready."

Maddie groaned with lust and nodded. The sisters continued their frenzied
fingering, and to heighten the pleasure, each took a gumdrop nipple in the
mouth and started to suckle. Maddie began to thrash around in ecstasy, her
face turned beet red, and let out a sound that was part sob and part scream
as she came hard.

Sonia and Terezia withdrew their hands and licked them clean.

"That's good for an appetizer," Terezia said with a devilish grin. "And now
you get us for the main course."

Still gasping, Maddie nodded and began to fumble with the fly of Sonia's

"You don't have to bother with that," Sonia said with a smile. "We designed
these pants with easy access in mind. Just pull."

Maddie placed a hand on each waistband and pulled. The baggy jeans and boxer
shorts underneath them glided smoothly down the sisters' legs and puddled
around their ankles. They stepped out of them and pulled their t-shirts up
and off, exposing pert breasts with chocolate brown nipples. Their bodies
were toast-brown, toned, and trim. Their pussy mounds were shaved clean,
except for a vertical stripe of jet black pubic hair that seemed to point
directly to their hot pink clitorises.

While Terezia lay down on the patio, Sonia guided Maddie's mouth to her
nipples and encouraged her to suckle, which she did. Terezia reached up and
jerked Maddie's jeans and panties down to her knees, then she took hold of
Maddie's hips and pulled her down until her downy, soft, young womanhood
rested squarely on Terezia's face, and Maddie's tongue was even with Sonia's
pussy. Then the tonguing began in earnest. Terezia licked Maddie from cit to
rosebud and back again, while Maddie's tongue danced the tango over Sonia's
perspiring. Moaning with ecstasy, Sonia grabbed Maddie's pigtails and pulled
her face even farther into her wet womanhood. Sonia soon had a mind-altering
cum that nearly washed the makeup from Maddie's face. Sonia signaled her
sister, and in a well-choreographed ballet, they changed places, giving
Terezia the opportunity to be eaten out. Terezia had a surprise for Maddie.
She reached into the cooler and brought out a frigid can of beer, which she
ran across her forehead and breasts. Maddie paused in her oral activities
long enough to joyously suckle Terezia's stiff nipples, then returned to her
pussy eating chores. Terezia popped open the beer, took a long sip, then
sighed and belched heartily and contentedly. With a smile on her face, she
poured some beer in her cleavage and watched as it trickled down her body,
over her pussy mound, and into Maddie's mouth. The Terezia poured some beer
on the small of Maddie's back and watched it flow down her asscrack, over her
pussylips, and finally into Sonia's mouth. Maddie shivered with pleasure as
the ice cold liquid flowed over her most intimate areas.

"Ahhh, pussy and beer. Nothing better, eh, Sis?" Terezia asked.

Sonia heartily belched her agreement into Maddie's pussy, and the girls
erupted into a fit of giggles, followed by a fit of moaning and groaning as
three orgasms struck simultaneously and girly cum flowed like water.

Temporarily sated, the girls relaxed for a few minutes. Terezia staggered
over to one of the chaise lounges and lay down. Maddie and Sonia each got a
beer from the cooler and joined her. They alternated between drinking,
belching, giggling, and pouring beer over each others' bodies and licking it

"Now it's time for the piece de resistance," Sonia said. She reached into one
of the bags and brought out two of the biggest strap-on cocks Maddie had ever
seen. The sisters slipped them on, lubed them up, and then looked at Maddie
with a wicked gleam in their eyes. Terezia stretched out on the chaise
lounge, her strap-on rising tall and proud from between her spread legs. She
smiled at Maddie and crooked a finger in her direction. Maddie grinned and
immediately went to Terezia and straddled her, letting the strap-on fill her
quim to the brim. Sonia moved behind her and began squeezing her strap-on
into Maddie's pert, pink rosebud. Maddie sighed with pleasure and
concentrated on relaxing her muscles so she could take every inch. Maddie's
sighs turned into moans and groans of pleasure as Sonia and Terezia poked,
probed and plunged her every nook and cranny. Just when Maddie thought it
couldn't get any more pleasurable, the sisters changed holes and picked up
the pace, humping and fucking like cylinders and pistons in overdrive. When
her orgasm hit, Maddie shrieked wildly and her pussy honey cascaded over the
two cocks like Niagara Falls. In turn, Sonia and Terezia squeezed the bulbs
attached to their strap-ons and filled Maddie to overflowing with ersatz cum.
Of course, licking her clean brought forth another cum from Maddie's
overheated pussy, which in turn was also licked clean.

As they once again collapsed on their chaises and picked up fresh beers,
they noticed, as Ally had, some of Victoria's assistants, using cameras and
sketchpads to document their erotic activities. Maddie, Sonia, and Terezia
lifted their beer cans in salute, and then drank them in one gulp. Then they
fixed each other with a steady gaze, and with a smile and a nod of their
heads, spent and satisfied, they belched loudly in unison.

* * *

Jan and Erica had gone in yet another direction, and soon reached a clearing
in the thick, tropical foliage. They were somewhat surprised to see a mobile
home and a camera crew setting up in the clearing. They were even more
surprised to see anchorwoman Samantha Jacques directing the camera crew.
Samantha, and old pro, had been an anchorwoman for many years, and was known
for her hard-hitting interviews on her prime time evening news show. She
spotted Jan and Erica and hurried over to them, clutching what appeared to be
a microphone in her hand.

"No comment, no comment," Jan said quickly, starting to back away.

"Same here," echoed Erica, copying her lover's movements.

"Ladies, ladies, relax. I'm not here to do an expose. I'm here to live out a
fantasy or two."

As Samantha's words sunk in, Jan and Erica noticed that what they first
thought was a microphone, was actually a foot-long vibrating dildo.

"It all started when I did a story about that website where the women read
the news and undress while they do it. It really turned me on, and I decided
to go them one better. Not only am I going to undress while reading the news,
I am also going to masturbate, and then get thoroughly fucked, all without
pausing in my broadcast. Wanna help?"

"Sure, it really sounds like fun," Jan said lustily, running her tongue
around her lips as she and Erica grinned lasciviously. The newscaster's
cultured tone of voice and precise diction made the words "masturbate" and
"fucked" sound even more sensuous. Samantha gave them their instructions,
and then returned to her trailer.

A few minutes later, Samantha emerged, script in hand, hair and makeup
expertly done, wearing one of her trademark chic suits. She sat down behind
a folding table, hiked up her skirt so that her panty crotch was clearly
visible, made sure everyone was ready, and then began.

"Good day. This is Samantha Jacques with the news. Once again, the President
is in a position of having to defend herself against charges that she and an
intern engaged in a sexual relationship, with their liaisons taking place
everywhere from the Oval Office to a White House coat closet..."

As Samantha read the "news," she rubbed the tip of the vibrator up and down
her panty-covered pussy, causing a small, wet spot to form on the baby-blue

"Turning to the weather, a heat wave is sweeping most of the country. Causing
temperatures to rise noticeably..."

As she said "heat wave," Samantha slipped off her suit jacket and popped open
the buttons of her blouse, revealing an impressive set of tits, jam-packed
into a tight, baby-blue bra.

"And from Hollywood, the release of the sequel to Basic Instinct has once
again raised questions about its high content of nudity and explicit sexual
scenes, which may make it one the few mainstream movies to earn a
profit-killing 'X' rating..."

At the word "nudity," Samantha shrugged off her blouse, jutting out her fine
set of melons as she did so. Then she rose and walked around to the front of
the table and leaned against it, still rubbing the dildo over her panty

"This year's fashion report from the Oscars shows that less is definitely
more, and skin is definitely in. Many actresses dared to go bare, and wore
barely-there designer creations that flaunted and accentuated their curves
and cleavage..."

After the word "cleavage," Samantha set down the dildo and popped open the
front clasp of her straining blue bra, slipped out of it, and tossed it to
one side.

The small group in the clearing gasped in surprise as Samantha's cannonball
kazoos popped from her bra, springing up, and then back down. Her ruby red
nipples were the size of ripe strawberries and protruded invitingly from her
light pink aureoles.

"I never knew she had such huge tits," Jan whispered to Erica. Erica,
mesmerized by the sight before her just nodded and reached down to finger her
clitoris, as her lover was already doing.

Samantha turned her back to the camera, then unbuttoned and unzipped her
skirt and shimmied it down her long legs. Her firm, heart-shaped buns,
bisected by the narrow silk strip of her thong, jiggled invitingly as she
stepped out of her skirt.

Now attired in only a thong, garter belt, stockings, and heels, Samantha
picked up the dildo, turned back toward the camera, and continued.

"Romeo and Juliet, one of the largest intimate toy making companies in the
country, has once again set their industry to buzzing with their newest
product, the foot-long, vibrating, 'Pussy Pleaser' dildo."

Samantha held up the dildo she'd been masturbating with and let the camera
get a close-up of it. Some of her pussy honey has seeped through her thong
and now glistened on the head of the dildo.

"In keeping with my policy of not recommending a product to you, the viewers,
without first trying it myself, I will now put the 'Pussy Pleaser' through
its paces and bring myself to an orgasm."

Samantha switched on the vibrator and began touching it to her thighs, moving
ever closer to her to her silk-covered pussy mound. When the tip touched her
clit through her thong, Samantha let out a sharp yelp of pleasure, then
quickly regained her composure as her girly cum soaked her thong and began to
run down her legs.

"As you can see, the ‘Pussy Pleaser' has easily passed the external test, but
how will it do on the internal test?"

Samantha pulled her saturated thong to one side and let out a hiss of pure
pleasure as she slid the dildo into her wet and waiting pussy and began
vigorously pumping it in and out.

"Right now, I'm receiving the maximum amount of stimulation possible from
this device, and I must say that it's driving me nearly insane with lust.
Therefore, it definitely passes my 'poke and stroke' test and I can give
it..." Samantha paused and came hard " highest recommendation."

Not bothering to remove the vibrator, Samantha resumed her newscast.
"Returning once again to Hollywood, stand-up comedian and talk show hostess
Helena DiGennaro has finally confirmed the long-standing rumor that she is a
lesbian and is in a long-term relationship with a set of twins..."

Erica and Jan heard their cue and moved into the picture. Jan stood behind
Samantha and reached around to caress Samantha's breasts and nipples, while
Erica knelt in front of the anchorwoman, removed the vibrator and her thong,
then began licking pussy and clit with gusto. While she ate, Erica ran her
hands up and down Samantha's nylon-clad legs, then pried the anchorwoman's
firm buns apart and tickled her rosebud with her little fingers. Samantha
was cumming so hard that her legs were shaking, but she managed to remain
standing and not miss a beat of her broadcast, not even when Erica and Jan
switched places and stepped up the oral activities, causing more cum to flow.

"And now," gasped Samantha, "We're going to take a closer look at some of the
tried and true sexual acts and positions we all enjoy. What you just saw was
an example of masturbation and cunnilingus. Or, to use the more explicit
terms, clit diddling and pussy eating. Now we'll show you the finer points of
fellatio and intercourse. Or, if you prefer, sucking and fucking. Gentlemen,
if you would?"

Three well-built men, wearing only running shorts, stepped into the scene.
The three ladies knelt before them and jerked their shorts down, revealing
three, impressive, semi-hard cocks. These cocks soon became instantly hard
as the ladies went to work, sucking, licking and fondling them with unbridled

"And now," said Samantha, after several minutes of enthusiastic cocksucking,
"It's time for our facials. Gentlemen..." The ladies opened their mouths wide
and curled their tongues invitingly.

The studs stroked their cocks vigorously until they each spurted a huge load
of steaming cream soda onto a waiting tongue. The ladies shared cum-laden
kisses, and then three new studs stepped in, each sporting a dong primed for
fucking. Soon, each stud was buried balls deep in a buttery soft pussy,
pumping and stroking feverishly as the ladies moaned and groaned with lust.
The moans and groans turned to screams of pleasure as cocks were withdrawn
from pussies and squeezed into asses. And while the pumping continued, the
ladies fingered their clits and came and came and came some more.

"And now," Samantha gasped after she'd caught her breath, "The grand finale.
'Stuff the Anchorwoman.' And for dessert, cream pie!"

Two of the studs withdrew from Jan and Erica and positioned themselves so
that one was in Samantha's pussy and the other was in her mouth... The
fucking commenced once again, and the air was filled with the delicious
sounds of people in heat Samantha was truly getting stuffed and enjoying
every minute of it.

Then, it came time to cum, and the group in the clearing obliged. The studs
in Samantha's ass and pussy grunted and filled her to overflowing with their
hot sauce. Samantha gurgled her pleasure around the beefy cock in her mouth
and let loose a gush of her own sweet honey. Jan and Erica sighed, smiled,
and squirted as their fingers worked their pink pearls. Finally, the stud
in Samantha's mouth fired off a load that was so massive that it actually
dribbled out the corners of her lips and down her chin. And for a finishing
touch, he pulled out and delivered the last few dribbling squirts onto her
carefully made-up face.

Erica and Jan took over then, licking each cock clean before thoroughly
licking the cum from Samantha's ass and pussy. The tongue bath caused the
horny anchorwoman to shudder with delight as another mini-orgasm rippled
through her.

"And this concludes our broadcast," Samantha said with a satisfied grin as
Jan and Erica licked the cum from her face. "I'm Samantha Jacques, thank you
for watching."

* * *

Later that evening, the group sat around the dining table with their hostess
and discussed the day's horny adventures. Kiwi and the serving girls brought
out another sumptuous meal then treated the guests to another nude dance that
was even more erotic than the first one.

After the dance, as the guests applauded, Kiwi strolled over to Maddie and
Allie. The Jamaican was tall enough so that her pussy was right at Maddie's
eye level.

"So, Little Sister, Lady Victoria tells me you be wantin' to take a taste of

Maddie nodded lustily, never taking her eyes off Kiwi's pussy.

"You'll be able to...soon. In the meantime, here's a little appetizer." Kiwi
stuck two fingers into her bright pink pussy, then held them out and allowed
Maddie to lick them clean. She repeated the process for Ally, and then

Full of dinner and beer, Maddie burped quietly. Ally looked at her daughter
and raised an eyebrow.

"Young Lady, what have I said about burping at the table?" Ally paused, and
then continued. "If you're going to do it, do it loud and proud so we can all
appreciate it. Like this."

Ally demonstrated her point by letting loose a belch of volcanic proportions
that shook her petite body as well as the glassware in the immediate
vicinity. Ally exchanged high fives with her friends and bowed as the other
guests applauded.

Dinner concluded on that note, and Ally and her friends headed for their
rooms. As the lascivious foursome bedded down for the night, they wondered
what other treats their vacation would bring.






These questions and others will be answered in the next installment. As
always, questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.


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