The tape I made for Friday was: {Ally, you want to be dominated by Elaine.
You want to be her submissive slave. Georgia, you are incredible horny} Ally
walks into the office just before 11 o'clock. Georgia walks with her. Ally is
dressed extra sexy today. She is wearing a delicious one piece pastel sun
dress that fits tightly around her beautiful body. She is also wearing a pair
of suntan nylons that really make her legs look fine. Of course, her toenails
are painted red and her 4 inch heels are in her hands. Georgia, following
Ally also has her shoes in her left hand. Her shoes are a more conservative 2
inch heel. Her outfit is still quite sexy. A blue business suit, with
matching skirt, a white blouse underneath that did a poor job of keeping
those melons in their place. She is also wearing navy nylons and to my
disappointment her toenails are not painted.

"We won," she exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air and came and gave
me a big hug.

"Way to go Ally," I reply. My hand kind of caresses her ass.

"I gotta go and fill out the final forms, but I say it is an early day today.
We got to celebrate."

"I'm not gonna argue about that," I reply as I give her a wink. Ally goes to
her office. I look at Georgia, who seems confused and say, "So she won."

"Yes, I guess she did," was all she could reply as she still seemed disgusted
by the whole ordeal. She goes to her office. I knew I had to keep Ally here
for a couple hours to make sure the tape did its duty. I looked at the clock
11:00. She won't quit till at least the middle of the afternoon, I know Ally.

I was right. It is now 3:30 and she is still working. I havn't seen Georgia
yet. I wonder what she is up to? I decide to go and take a peak. I walk to
her door and hear moaning sounds. I peak in the side window and see that
Georgia is on her desk and Billy, her husband, is on his knees munching on
her box. I continue watching as Billy gets up and in one motion plunges his
cock into his wife. Georgia gets all animated as the cock fills her up. Fuck
what a slut. The tape is obviously working. I look around, no one else is
around now, so I continue to watch. Georgia's twat must be tight, as Billy
doesn't last long as I hear him say "I'm cumming." He doesn't pull out as he
shoots his hot seed deep inside his wife. As he pulls out I get a good look
at his cock. A nice piece of meat. I may have to try that sometime.

I hear Georgia say, "I can't believe we just did that. We just had sex in my

Billy replies "it was your idea."

"I know, I know, I just couldn't help it. I am so horny. I don't know why. I
can usually control myself at work. But I can't stop thinking of that stupid

"What about it," asks Billy.

"I don't know, the whole thing I guess. Submission, powerful sex, dominate
men." Billy looks at his wife in shock. "I know Billy, it is sick, but I
can't get it off my mind." I knock on the door. I watch as the two quickly
try to make themselves respectable. "Just a minute," calls Georgia. She
struggles to smooth out her skirt and when she is proper Billy opens the
door. "Hi," says Billy as he quickly leaves the room. I turn and watch as I
see he is heading to the bathroom.

"Hey Georgia, I am leaving early today, is there anything I can do for you
before I go?"

Goergia's cheeks are flushed, the I've just been fucked silly look. "Um, I
don't think so," she says as she pretends to be working.

I look and see that on the floor, at the side of her desk is a pair of red
satin panties. I walk over and pick them up. As I hand them to Georgia I say
"Don't forget to take these with you."

Georgia is completely embarrassed. "Oh my God, this is so embarrassing. I can

"Oh don't worry about it girl," I assure her, "you are not the first one to
have some hanky panky in the office."

"That doesn't make it right, I am suppose to be a professional."

"Yes and professionals get horny. It was the submission case wasn't it?"

Georgia shrugs her shoulders. "I guess so. I really have no idea. I just
couldn't concentrate on my work. All I thought about was sex."

"it's ok Georgia, don't hold back in regards to sex. Let your body guide you.
You fantasized about being dominated didn't you?"

"I-I maybe," she struggles to say.

Ally walks into the room and says "Ladies, are we ready to celebrate?"

"Sure," I reply as I turn to leave.

Georgia obviously still embarrassed by the whole ordeal says "No thanks, I
still got some things I got to finish up."

"Ok," replies Ally, "but come down when your finished I have a hunch we will
be their for awhile."

"Ya, ok," replies Georgia, "have a good time."

"Oh I will," replies Ally, "lets go Elaine. The boys should already be

At the bar the party had already began. The boys were indeed already their
and were already on their second drinks. They ordered double vodka's for both
of us and the celebration was under way. In the next three hours Ally had
drank 5 doubles and 3 shots of tequila. I had a buzz going by this time as
well. Georgia had stopped by, but after a drink she dragged Billy out of
their. I imagine they were going to have a fuckfest tonight. Renee also
showed up for a drink, but she had a date tonight. So she was off. So with
only Me, Ally, Fish and Cage left, I whisper to Ally "Do you want to continue

"Sure," Ally slurrs.

"Let's leave these boys to talk shop and go back to my place."

Ally simply says "Ok," and gets up and stumbles. "Wow, I must have had a lot
to drink, I can barely stand up."

"Hold on to me Ally," I say as I assist Ally out of the bar. My hand wrapped
around her waist, I would on occasion slip my hand to her ass and give it a
light squeeze.

We get back to my place and I go and pour a couple drinks. Being the caring
girl I am I make Ally's a double. When I return, Ally is laying on the couch,
her dress slid up high enough for me to see that her suntan stockings are
held up by a red garter. "Wake up Ally," I say, "we're not done celebrating

"Oh, I am really tipsy," she replies as she slowly sits up and grabs the
drink. She guzzles most of that down in a couple minutes and smiles "We won,
can you believe it?"

I lean and give her a big hug. I hold her for a long time and when I break
the hug I make sure my hand brushes her breast. I think I hear a soft moan
come from her juicy lips. I finally break the silence by saying "You are
incredible Ally, you won one for sexual perversion everywhere."

"Funny Elaine," replies Ally, "I need another drink." I go and oblige her
request and return with another double. She sips this one.

"So are you wearing lingerie under your dress," I ask.

"Elaine," replies Ally shocked.

"Come on Ally, tell me," I demand.

Ally whispers, "Yes."

"What are you wearing?" I ask.

"i am-I am-wearing a red corded lace bra, with matching high cut thong
panties. I also have a red garter belt to hold up my stockings. All the red
matches my fingernails and toenails."

"Does it make you feel sensual? Sexy?" I ask.

"Yes," replies Ally. I nonchalantly put my left hand on her knee. Ally seems
to notice my hand, but does not attempt to move it.

"Ally, are horny right now?"

"Yes," replies Ally shyly as she finishes yet another drink. I believe being
drunk made it seem ok for her to be wanting me right now.

"What is making you horny?" I ask.

"I don't know. Maybe it is the alcohol, or maybe the courtcase or maybe..."
she pauses.

"Maybe what," I ask demurely. But, before she can answer I get up and say "I
am going to change into something more comfortable. Why don't you go and get
another drink." As I go to my bedroom, I watch as Ally gets up and struggles
to get to the bar. While in my room I slip out of my clothe and do indeed
change into something more comfortable. A simple red see through chemise and
matching red stay up stockings. I too had painted my toenails red, I figured
it would help turn her on. Not that she probably needed anything else. I also
slipped on a strap on cock. A conservative 8 inch penis. I slipped on a thick
robe to cover up my lingerie and my cock. When I returned to the living room
Ally was sipping on her drink and flipping channels on the tv. "Press play
Ally." I demand. Ally does and soon is shocked to see a hardcore threesome in
full motion. A blonde woman, was taking a cock in her pussy while she sucked
on a thick black cock.

"Elaine what is this?"

"A movie produced by "Submission"" I reply. Ally is speechless but she cannot
keep her eyes of the tv set. I continue, "In this seen this blonde is
dominated by a friend and his black pal. Sorry you missed the beginning."

"I," Ally tries to say something, but instead her eyes remain glued to the
debauchery of the blonde. Ally finishes her drink. I grab her glass and go to
get her another drink. When I return she has a hand under her skirt and she
is obviously rubbing her clit. She quickly pulls her hand out when she sees
me, but it is too late.

"You seem to be enjoying the movie," I say.

"Yes, it really is turning me on."

"Wait I will fast forward to the next scene." I fast forward to the next
scene. Ally continues sipping on her drink as she watches the new scene
develop. The scene begins with a female woman behind her desk. Her red hair
is in a ponytail and she is busy working.

A blonde woman, with blue eyes, dressed in checkered wrap-front short skirt,
with a black zip front jacket and black nylons. Her hair is down and she is a
real beauty. "You're late," says the red haired woman.

"I'm sorry Miss Williams, the traffic was horrible," replies the blonde.

"That is no excuse. I ought to fire you for such an occurrence. This is your
third time late."

"Oh please Miss Williams, don't fire me, I will do anything," the blonde

"Anything?" asks the redhead as she stands up from behind her desk.

"Yes," replies a now unsure girl.

"You will do everything I say, understand?"

"Yes," replies a now nervous redhead.

"Take off your shirt," the boss demands. The blonde slowly and nervously
unzips the shirt. She reveals that she has no bra on and has a huge pair of

"They are huge," says Ally, obviously completely in the movie. I again place
a hand on her knee. She doesn't even seem to notice.

"Have you ever ate pussy?" asks the redhead.

"Yes," replies the blonde.

"Tell me about your first time"

The blonde is obviously uncomfortable as she begins, "Well I...."

The redhead slaps the girl in the face and says "Do as I say girl. Now tell
me the story, and it better turn me on."

A scared blonde begins, "Well I was 16 and my 17 year old sister caught me my room. She came over to me and simply kissed me on the
lips. Before I could respond her tongue was in my mouth. Soon her hand was
caressing my breasts. I was horny to begin with so the fondling really turned
me on. As she broke the kiss I tried to say this is wrong, but she just went
to my breasts and begin tenderly nibbling. I came hard. She then went lower
and began licking my clit. It felt so good. I was a virgin and she was the
first to even touch my pussy. She brought me to numerous orgasms before she
got up and sat her pussy onto my face. I nervously started lapping at her
cunt. I was doing a pretty good job I guess, because she began to buck her
hips fast. Soon I felt sticky juices dripping all over my mouth. She got up
and left. My hand went back to my pussy and she returned with something in
her hand. I had never seen anything like it. I didn't get a look for long as
it was soon in my pussy. My sister took my cherry that night as she fucked me
for what seemed like hours. When she finished fucking me she placed the cock
at my mouth and told me to suck it. I did. Before the night was over I had
fucked her as well. After this night, we would spend pretty much every free
moment inbetween each others legs. On occasion, she would bring over one of
her lesbian friends and we would have a great threesome."

Wow, you should be a good cuntlicker then. Get over here and pleasure me like
you did your sister," says the boss as she gets on top of her desk and
spreads her legs. She is of course not wearing any panties and her pussy is

"Her pussy is shaved," says Ally in shock.

My hand slides to her thigh more as I say, "Are you telling me you don't keep
your pussy nice and neat?"

Ally is confused as she tries to listen to my words and focus on the blonde
who is now licking her bosses' pussy. "Um-no, I have never shaved down there.
I trim it of course."

"Of course," I reply, as my hand slips underneath her dress, just a bit.

The movie continues and after the blonde brings her boss to an orgasm, the
boss gets up and goes to her desk. She returns to her secretary and says
"Here, help me put this on slut." It was a ten inch strap on cock. The blonde
obeys and soon has the device on her boss. The boss then demands "Slave, get
on your knees and suck this." The blonde quickly drops to her knees and takes
the cock into her mouth. "You are a good slave bitch. You always dress sexy
for me don't you? You have fantasized about being my whore for a while havn't

The blonde quits sucking the plastic cock to say "Yes, Miss Williams, I am a
whore, your whore."

I look at Ally, her eyes are still glued to the tv set. My hand goes to her
pussy. She is drenched. I begin rubbing her clit through her panties. I say
"Ally, did you dress all sexy for me? Were you hoping I would let you be my

Ally just gives a grunt as I rub her clit hard. I stop and say "Answer me
slave. Do you want to be dominated by me. Treated as my personal sex slave."

Overwhelmed by everything, Ally begs "Oh please don't stop. Yes, I have
fantasized about this all week."

"Fantasized of what?" I tease.

"Of that," points Ally to the screen. On the screen the boss is demanding the
blonde to take the whole cock in her mouth.

I slip off my robe, grab Ally's head and shove my cock at her mouth. Ally
doesn't hesitate as she takes it into her mouth. She struggles to take the
cock, but she keeps an eye on the television and tries to intimidate the
blonde. Soon she is sliding her lovely lips up and down the fake cock.
"That's it slut. Suck the plastic cock. Swallow the whole cock."

Ally does and is soon bobbing her cute head up and down my plastic dong. In
the movie, the boss has demanded the secretary to bend over and was now
fucking her with the cock. I say to my whore "Ally, do you want your mistress
to fuck you. Do you need a hard cock in your cunt."

Ally quits sucking the toy and looks at me and realizing what is going on, as
if she had instantly sobered up says, "Oh my God, what are we doing, this is

"No its not Ally, you are submissive and you need a master. That is me."

"No, this is wrong, this is..."

"Ally, take off your dress," I demand.

Of course, she is completely under my control and she is already taking off
her dress as she says, "No, I should be going." She then notices that her
dress is on the floor. "What am I doing?"

"Ally bend over like that blonde slave on tv."

"No, I will," begins Ally as she bends over my coffee table, "why am I doing
this. I can't control myself. Please don't do this."

"Don't do what?" I ask.

"Don't fuck me with that thing."

"Arn't you horny though Ally?"

"Yes, but..."

"Why is your pussy so wet," I ask as I slip a hand under her panties and
place a finger at the entrance of her hole. "You are drenched Ally."

"It turns you on being treated as a slut, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but..."

"Your cunt gets wetter every time I make a command doesn't it?"

"Yes, but..."

"You want to be fucked by me don't you. To be dominated. Used. Fucked.
Banged. Pounded. Controlled."


"Tell me Ally how much you want me to fuck you with this cock," I demand.

Ally's control is finally broken as she begs "Oh yes mistress, please fuck
me. I need it so bad."

"Oh come on Ally, you can do better than that."

Ally in desperate need of having my cock in her pussy pleads "OH please
Elaine, bang my cunt, treat me like a cheap slut, use me as your personal
fuck toy, I don't care, I just need a cock in me."

"Get those panties off tramp," I demand. Ally eagerly does and with no effort
at all I plunge all the cock into Ally's box. Fuck her pussy is wet. I grab
her hips and start to fuck her hard. "How does it feel to be fucked like a
cheap whore? Like a dog?"

"Hmmm, I'm cumming. Don't stop fucking me," screams Ally. I pull the cock out
of Ally and rub it around her pussy. "Oh please, put it back in, fuck your
whore, fuck the shit out of her, fill her cunt full with your cock."

I thrust back into Ally and she quickly begins bucking her ass back onto my
cock. She obviously has another orgasm as I slide the cock out of dripping

I take off the cock and sit on the couch. I spread my legs and say, "get on
your knees and make love to my feet."

Ally looks at me trying to refuse but instead crawls over and slowly takes my
nylon covered toes into her mouth, one at a time. She sucks each one and does
something amazingly sexual with her mouth. I can not describe it, but I
orgasmed more than once from the toe sucking. Ally seemed to love pleasuring
my foot as she went from foot to foot continually pleasuring me. Finally, I
had to have this bitch's tongue in my box. I was on fire. I pulled Ally up by
the hair and shoved her head into my pussy. She tentatively began licking my
pussy. It was obvious this was her first cunt licking.

"Suck my clit, tramp," I demand. Ally obeys and soon I am feeling pretty darn
good. To my surprise Ally slides a finger into my pussy. Soon she is finger
fucking me hard as she continues to french kiss my clit. She is a quick
learner. After what seems like an eternity of constant pleasure, I pull her
up and kiss her. The taste of my juices on her lips is a turn on. "Ally, how
does it feel being a submissive whore?"

"I love it," replies Ally as she fondles my breast through the nightie, "I
never thought sex could be so powerful."

"You understand that you are my slave forever now, not just tonight?"

"Hmmm, I hope so. I love the feeling of being dominated by you. It felt so
good. SO intense. I can't explain it, but all I want now is to be your

"Good," I reply, "because the night is just beginning. Have you ever been
fucked in the ass, slave?"

"No," replies Ally.

"Have you ever fantasized it?"

"Not really," replies Ally as she looks to the tv and sees the blonde
secretary being reamed in the ass by her boss, "but it looks like fun."

"You understand that you will be expected to pleasure me at work, in public
and of course at home?"

"Whatever you say," replies Ally, "can you---fuck me in the ass, mistress."

"You really are a slut, arn't you Ally?"

"Yes, I guess I am," replies Ally as she sucks on my nipples through my thin

"Let's go to the bedroom," I suggest.

"Yes mistress," says Ally as she gets up and follows me into the bedroom.

"Lay on your stomach and spread your arms and legs," I demand. Ally obeys and
soon I have her spread eagled on my bed, with her hands handcuffed to the
bedpost, as well as her feet. I grab a vibrator, and position it at the
opening of her pussy. I turned it on high. I leave the room and go and grab a
bottle of white wine. I return and watch as my little slave is moving her
hips up and down, desperately trying to get the toy into her pussy. "Horny
slut?" I ask.

"Oh stop teasing me, just fuck your whore," begs Ally.

I go to the vibrator and push it between your pussy lips. "Oh, thanks
mistress, fuck your bitch." After five hard, fast strokes, I pull the
vibrator back out. "No, put it back in," pouts Ally.

I replace the toy at her pussy, this time though, I push the tip inside her.
She quickly resumes bucking her hips up and down as she desperately tries to
get more of the toy in her box. I go up to her ear and whisper "How does it
feel to be a submissive slave?"

"It feels great," moans Ally.

"Tell me what you want, Ally."

"I want to cum, I want to lick your pussy, I want to suck on your firm tits,
I want to be used."

I pour wine on her back and slowly lick the wine off her. Next I pour the
wine on her ass and again slowly and seductively lick up the wine. Next I,
without warning, shove three fingers all the way inside Ally's box. She moans
loudly, as I finger fuck her. After a few moments of this, I pull my fingers
out and rub the pussy juice at my slaves's anal entrance. "Does my slave want
to feel a finger in her ass."

Ally doesn't even respond as she tries to move her ass onto my finger. I
presume that is a yes and I slowly slip my middle finger into her ass.

As my finger disappears into her ass, Ally screams, "Oh my Godddddddddd." I
can't tell if she is in pain or on the verge of orgasmic bliss. Then again, I
don't really care. I begin to move my finger in and out of her ass. Slowly at
first and then quicker as I realize Ally is loving her first ass fucking.

After a while of ass fucking I say "Do you want something a little bigger in
your ass?"

"Oh yes, mistress, I need more," begs Ally. I take the vibrator that is still
partially in her box and position it at her shithole entrance.

I rub the toy all around her anal entrance and say "Does my slave deserve to
be fucked in the ass?"

"Yes, mistress, I've been a good slave, havn't eye?"

"I don't know. How about all the condescending comments and looks you have
given me over the last few months? You were a bitch to me."

"I-I-I'm sorry," says Ally, feeling guilty for displeasing her mistress.

"You have been a bad girl, havn't you?"

"Yes mistress," replies Ally like a little school girl.

"What will you do to make it up to me?"

"Anything mistress," replies Ally.

"Seduce Georgia?" I inquire.

"You mean you want me to seduce Georgia?" questions Ally.

"Yes," I reply, in a very sly tone.

She seems to understand the game as she says, "You want me to get her drunk,
wrip off her clothe, eat her pussy and force her to suck her cunt till I come
all over her pretty face?"

"Good answer, slave" I reply as I push the toy slowly into her ass.

"Don't be gentle mistress, rape my ass. Fuck the shit out of me. Nail me with
that hammer. Drill for oil." I obey and am soon drilling her tight virgin
ass. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, faster," screams Ally as her whole body
shakes. My free hand goes to her clit and begin rubbing it quickly. "Oh my
God, your making your whore cum!" screams the chained slave.

I remove my hand from her clit and leave the vibrator, on high, stuck deep
inside her bowels. I go to my dresser drawer and pull out another vibrator. I
return to the bed; to my slave, my whore, my Ally. Her body is writhering
around like a snake as she feels the sensation of the toy humming in her no
longer virgin ass. I slip my head under her so I can just touch her pussy
with my tongue. I begin licking while I slowly slip the second vibrator, also
turned on high, into her pussy. As he begins to shake uncontrollably, I
reposition myself so I can suck on her clit. Soon I am sucking on her clit,
while my hands are busy sliding both cocks, simultaneously, in and out of her
two holes.

"Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk," screams Ally as she cums all over the toy. I continue
to work her over. Sweet sweat from my slave drips down onto me as I continue
to nibble on her clit. "Don't stop mistress, you are making your cheap whore
cum. Suck my clit. Double fuck your tramp. I am your whore! Your slutttttt!
Your cunt licking, cheap bitch. Fuck my ass. Drill my pussy. Suck my slutty
juices. I'm cumming again. Mistress, don't stoppppppp!" Ally collapses on my
face after that last orgasm. I am jealous. I need to cum. I struggle to get
my head out from under my slave. She is exhausted. I undo the handcuffs from
her feet and her hands. She rolls over to her back and stares at me. "How do
you feel sweet thing?" I ask.

"Exhausted," she replies as she stretches her arms wide and yawns. Man her
tits were nice.

I simply crawl back onto the bed and straddle her face. I say "Lick me

Ally extends her tongue to my pussy. She starts off slowly, but starts to lap
eagerly as my juices begin to flow and drip onto my slaves face. She uses her
tongue as a small cock as she pushes her tongue into my wet hole and begins
moving up and down. My slave is doing such a good job I decide to reward her
and I lean over and begin to recuperate. Soon we are in a heated 69 as he
both eagerly work over each others pussies. After a couple more intense
orgasms, I get up , turn around and kiss Ally. She responds eagerly and are
tongues dance around inside are mouths. I break the kiss as I say "Let's go
to sleep, we got a lot of fun ahead this weekend. When you wake up you will
make me breakfast."

"Yes master," replies Ally as she closes her eyes and falls asleep almost


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