I wake up next morning and see that Ally is not in bed. Quickly I get up,
still dressed just in stockings and garter, and go to see if she is still
here. I notice as I leave the room, that her dress is still on the floor so I
relax as I assume she must still be here. I stop suddenly as I wonder what
her mindset will be. Will she still be my slave? Will she call the cops? Will
she? I grab my robe, put it on and go into the livingroom. I hear sounds in
the kitchen so I head that way. I turn around the corner and see Ally,
dressed only in one of my robes and stockings. Man she is hot, She looks at
me, but doesn't say anything. She seems confused. Finally I say, "So how did
you sleep?"

Ally looks at me and finally says, "I don't know what happened last night,
but it was wrong. I was really drunk and I guess I got caught up in the

Interesting I thought. She still has control of her mind. I reply, 'you
didn't enjoy everything we did last night.'

"I barely remember any of it, I was so drunk."

"You don't remember eating my pussy."

She interrupts, "Elaine, it was wrong." She goes to the fridge and grabs some

"You don't remember me fucking your pussy with a strap on."

"That's enough," says Ally.

"You don't remember me shoving a vibrator up your ass."

"Elaine, please stop. I told you i was drunk. Yes I remember what we did last
night and yes, it felt good. But it is wrong. I am not a lesbian. I like men.
How do you like your eggs?" she says trying to change the subject.

In theory, all the commands should still work and she should do everything I
say. Well here it goes. I say "Scrambled slave,"

This pisses Ally off and she explodes, "That's enough dammit." She starts to
leave but I walk up behind her and grab her firm ass.

"You were a good slave last night,"I whisper in her ear, "Now be quiet and
finish making my breakfast." Ally tries to say something, but after a few
seconds of thought, turns around and continues making breakfast.

I pour myself a glass of orange juice and sit at the table waiting for
breakfast to be served. I watch my sexy slave. She is so cute. So innocent
looking. Yet there she is in garters and stockings making her mistress
breakfast, delicious.

When Ally is done making breakfast she walks over to me and in disgust places
my plate in front of me.

I look at her and say "I like to have my pussy eaten while I eat."

Ally looks at me, but doesn't move.

"I guess I didn't make myself clear, get on your knees and use your tongue to
make me cum."

Ally doesn't say a word as she drops to her knees and slowly pushes my legs
apart and begins to lick my pussy. I can tell that she is crying. She licks
my whole pussy and continues doing so until I finish breakfast. I cum only
once. I have a tough time getting horny when I am sitting.

"Let's go have a shower," I say. Ally gets up and follows me into the
bathroom. I still havn't given her permission to talk. While in the shower we
wash each other's bodies. Spending a long time working on each other's
breasts. I gab the shower head and turn it onto stream. The water comes out
powerful and in a stream and I place it right at Ally's clit. Ally quickly
cums from the powerful pressure of the water on her clit, not to mention the
fact that I am sucking on her melons this whole time.

After the shower we dry each other off and go in my bedroom to get dressed.
"Slave Ally, you may talk now. Did you enjoy the orgasm let you have."

"Why and how are you doing this to me?" she asks.

"Because you were such a bitch to me. Now you will be my slave forever. How
is not important. Lets just say I have altered your mind somewhat."

I go to my closet and pull out an outfit. "Go into my top drawer over their
slave and find a pair of black stay up stockings." Ally reluctantly obeys.
She finds a pair and slowly slides them onto her beautiful tanned legs. I
grab a pair of white pantyhose, crotchless of course,(i like the support
pantyhose gives my ass) and put them on.

Ally grabs her panties and begins to put them on. "Slave, did I say you could
wear panties?"

"No, but..."

"No buts, here slave," I grab a small butt plug and give it to her, "Put this
in your ass. It can not leave your ass till I say so."

Ally grabs the butt plug and says, "what is this?"

"Just put it in your ass," I say with a definite tone of anger that scares
Ally. Slowly she puts it in her ass. It obviously hurts a bit, as she is not
drunk and horny this time. But with a little work the plug is deep in her
shit hole.

"You may wear panties to keep the plug in your ass." Ally puts her panties
on. She looks on the bed and sees the outfit I have prepared for her. It is a
one piece, pure leather dress, with cutaway shoulders, and a back zipper. It
is so short that any
bending movement would reveal that she was wearing stay ups.

"You don't expect me to wear that do you?" she asks.

"Why not? Your a slut. A slut should dress like a slut." Ally begins crying
again. "Fuck, Ally, stop crying. Do not cry again." Seconds later she stops
and begins to put on the outfit. As she slowly puts it on, I grab a much more
conservative outfit. A smooth, white, bodysuit with a lace and satin
kneckline that showcased by breasts and a long, side skirt that hugged by
body. It showcased my ass and the long slip gave a good view of my lovely
nylon covered legs. "You look hot slave," I say as I look at Ally fully

She gives me a evil look.

"What's wrong slut?" I ask.

"I feel uncomfortable in this. We are not going out in public are we?"

"Why yes we are Ally. You need some new clothes. Clothes for a slut."

"But I,"

getting bored of listening to her whine I say "Listen, you love dressing
slutty. You love when men and woman look at you. It turns you on. It makes
you want to cum."

Ally quits complaining.

"Here is a pair of shoes, put them on. I give her a pair of sexy 4 inch heel
Italian style spaghetti strap sandals. This way her sexy toes are in clear
view. I want to munch on her pussy now. But I restrain myself. "Let's go," I
say. Ally follows me as we leave and go to my car.

As I drive I say "Ally, masturbate yourself while I drive and tell me how you
plan to seduce Georgia and this better get me horny."

Suddenly, Ally remembers that part of the night. She quickly moves her hand
to her bush and starts rubbing her pussy from the outside of her panty.
"Mistress. I will invite her over to my place to celebrate a victory over
some case we won together. We will have a few drinks and I will push the
conversation towards sex:

"Georgia, does Billy satisfy you?"

"Yes," she replies surprised at the question.

"I mean do you orgasm everytime he fucks you?"

Georgia is shocked by the question but replies, "Well no."

"When I was with Billy, he very rarely got me off, that was one of our

"I havn't orgasmed in over 6 months," Georgia admits, "I thought all men were
like that."

"I suppose most are," I reply, "but after Billy I met a woman who could
satisfy those very needs."

"You had sex with a woman?" asks Georgia shocked.

"No, we made love. She treated me so sensual. She kissed every part of my
body, kissed my nipples, sucked on my clit, made sure I was enjoying every
minute of it. She knew exactly how to make me cum and cum and cum and cum."
My hand would drop casually to her leg and rest there.

Georgia would look at me in shock. I would continue, "Don't look at me like
that. As if you havn't ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a


"I know, you have fantasized about having your pussy pleased by an expert
tongue, till you came all over it with her love juices."


My hand moves up under her skirt and in one motion my hand reaches her pussy.
"You are wet?" I would say as I lean close to her and press my lips to hers.
She would respond and soon we would be in a passionate embrace. I would then
break the kiss and say "Do you want me to pleasure your pussy with my tongue?
Let you have that orgasm you have been holding inside for so long." Before
she could answer I would drop to my knees, spread her legs apart, pull her
panties to the side and begin licking. As soon as I did that she would be

***Back to reality***"Fuck that turned me on slut, but we are here." Ally
looks up and sees we are at Frederick's of Hollywood.

We go in the store. It is pretty empty. A couple teenage girls looking at
things out of their price range and a cute 20ish saleswoman. She has blue
eyes, blonde hair, with a cute face. She is a little plump and looks to have
extremely large breasts. She is dressed very professional. She is wearing a
taupe full button jacket, with a matching short skirt. Her stockings are
beige. She looks up and just stares at Ally. Finally, she walks over to us
and says "Hi ladies, anything I can help you with?"

"Yes," I reply, "we are looking for sexy lingerie, and other slutty outfits
like this one for my slave here." Ally is shocked that I said that and her
cheeks go red. Her head is down and she just stares at the floor.

The saleswoman, whose name is Karen, says "Um-ok-why don't we try the
lingerie first." I shake my head yes and Ally and I follow the woman.

The woman grabs a few outfits and hands them to me. I give Ally one and say,
"Here slut go try this one on." Ally grabs the outfit and goes into the
changing room. I walk over to the two teenage girls and say "Girls, I could
really use your help. I need your opinion on some clothe my friend is trying
on. If you will assist us for a while, I will make it worth your while."

The two girls look at me odd, till finally one of them says "How much?"

"Fifty bucks," I reply as I open my purse and pull out the money. The
brunette takes it. "What are your names?" I ask.

The brunette says "I'm Sarah and this is Allison." Sarah is a short, petite
little thing. Not even five feet. She must have been 17, with almost no
breasts and a tight ass. She was wearing tight shorts and a t-shirt. Allison
was a looker. Probably 17 as well, she was well developed, with long red
hair, and long tanned legs. She could have been a model. She was wearing a
twill black skirt and a sexy little pink blouse. No nylons.

Anyway, they followed me to the changeroom. They were surprised to see Ally.
She was dressed simply in a black long sleeved, gloved, lace teddy with a
revealing neckline. It wrapped around her pussy and ass. Her breasts stood
out in the thin fabric. "Girls, what do you think? Does that look sexy?"

Allison quickly says "Oh yeah, that outfit is a dandy."

"We'll buy it," I say and grab the second outfit and say "Here Ally, try this
one on." Ally grabs the second outfit, completely embarrassed as she realized
two teens were seeing her pretty much naked.

The two girls whispered to themselves as we waited for Ally to return. When
she did she was hot. She was dressed in a one piece silver glitter catsuit
that clinged tightly to her sexy figure. "Is that crotchless," I ask Ally.

Ally whispers "Yes."

"Turn around, lets she your ass." Ally obeys and turns around so we can get a
good look at her tight ass. "So girls what do you think of this one?"

Again Allison is the one to speak. "It is ok, I think she would look better
in the red one. Though the outfit does bring out her breasts and butt."

"How about you Sarah?"

"Ummm-," sputters the young girl. She can not take her eyes off of Ally.

"Cat got your tongue," I tease. The girl just blushes. "Here Ally, try this
one." I hand it to her and Ally quickly goes back into the changeroom.

As soon as the door is closed, Allison comes up to me and whispers "She is
your slave, isn't she?"

"How did you know," I ask.

"She seems so submissive, and she does anything you say."

"How observant," I reply.

Ally comes out before the conversation can continue. This outfit is hot. It
is a soft vinyl cami, with lace ruffles and spaghetti strings. It also
included vinyl gloves. It is all black. "Ally, what is wrong with this
picture?" I ask.

"I don't know," she says sincerely unaware.

"Shouldn't this outfit include stockings?"


"Go put them on," I demand. She quickly goes and grabs the stay ups. She
returns and starts putting them on her legs. After she has them on I say,
"Much better slave. But you have disappointed me." Ally puts her head down in
shame. I go to my purse and retrieve a small vibrator. I hand it to her. "You
must be punished. Here fuck yourself with this for us."

"But, we are in public and those...."

"Do as your told," I demand.

Ally lays down on the floor and begins to rub the vibrator onto her clit. I
here the door open and another customer comes in. I look at Karen, who is
enjoying the show, and say, "Why don't you get rid of her and close for
lunch." Karen shakes her head yes and goes to the customer. Ally is beginning
to enjoy herself as the vibrator teases her clit. She slides it between her
pussy lips and starts to fuck herself with it. I look at the two young girls.
Sarah's mouth is wide open; Allison has already slipped her hand under her

"Hey Sarah, you want to eat her pussy, don't ya?" Sarah looks at me and shyly
shakes her head yes. "Go ahead, munch on my whore." Sarah tentatively walks
over to Ally. I grab Sarah, push her to the floor and shove her face into
Ally's box. "Eat her cunt." I demand. Sarah slowly extends her tongue to
Ally's clit. Ally grabs the girls head and pushes it hard against her clit.

Allison comes over to me and says "Will you be my mistress too?"

I look at her a little surprised. It is obvious she wants to be treated like
a slut so I simply grab her by the head, push her to her knees and say "If
you can make me cum within two minutes, you may be my slave."

Allison quickly pulls my skirt off and dives into my cunt. She licks my clit
while slipping a finger into my pussy. After about 40 seconds of this, she
slides a finger into my ass. Obviously she was ate pussy before. As soon as
her finger fills my ass, I cum all over her tongue and finger.

I look down at her and say "You have pleased me slut. Tell me where did a
young girl like you learn to eat box."

"Well, me and a couple friends started a couple years ago. Sarah for one.
Then one day when Sarah, Julie and I were busy munching on each other's
pussies, my mother walked in. Instead of being mad she joined in and taught
us the exact way a woman needed to be pleased Then this last year, since a
rumour went around that I was a little dyke, every female teacher in the
school was after me I have spent many a hours at school with a teacher
between my legs, pleasuring me Even the principal begs to eat from my box But
I was never as turned on as I was when I saw you treat that sexy slut like a
tramp It was then that I knew what I wanted. To be your slave. I get bored of
woman begging to please me."

"Well that you are now. Here is what I want from you. You are on Monday to go
to every teacher who has ate your pussy and invite them over for some fun at
my place. Make sure they all come. How many are there?"

Before she can answer I here Ally scream "I'm cumming."

"Slut Ally, return the favour munch on that teens young pussy." Ally obeys
and quickly rips off the girl's shorts and panties and soon her head is
between the chunky girls legs.

"Um--My English teacher-Mrs Cummings, my math teacher-Miss Remarchuk, my
intern social teacher Miss McIvor, my chemistry teacher Mrs Moore, my
guidance counsellor Miss Collins and the principal Miss White 6 I guess."

Will each come."

"They will do anything to eat from my treasure."

"Good, make sure each is dressed in a sexy outfit. They must be wearing some
sort of pantyhose. Garters, stay ups, crotchless, understand. And I never
want to see you again not wearing hosiery."

"Yes, mistress," replies my new slave.

"Now lets see what your teachers love so much." I push her to the floor and
slip up her skirt. I pull off her panties and see a shaved box. "You shave,
good slave." I start eating her box. She is delicious. I am not eating long
when I feel something hard slide into my pussy.

I look up and see Karen, the saleslady, wearing a strap on. She says "The
store is closed."

"Good," I say and return to Allison's golden pussy.

After I cum from the toy I say "Shove it in my ass bitch." She obliges and
soon I have a plastic cock deep in my bowels. After my new slave cums all
over my face. I quit and say "Slave, go in my purse and write down my
address, make sure all 6 woman and yourself are at my place by 7:00. Do not
disappoint me tramp."

"Yes mistress."

"Slut Allison, take your lesbian friend home and have some fun. See you
Monday. I look at Ally who is laying on the floor with her hand rubbing her
clit and the butt plug still in her ass. "Ally go give Karen a good
cuntlicking, while I find some outfits for you."

Before Ally can get up, Karen straddles Ally's face and sits on it. Karen
rubs her pussy all over Ally's face. I leave and look for outfits. I return
with a ton of stuff including:

Lingerie: (Besides the three outfits)

1.A vinyl choker collar, that had leather straps coming down and chains.
A vinyl garter and matching panties.
2.a leather bra that opened at the nipples, with a matching crotchless
panty. underwired ruffle and bow trimmed bra with lace. Matching lace
gloves and garter.
4.I also grabbed two maids outfits.


1 pair of showgirl pantyhose in suntan
one pair of black and another of white backseamed stay up stockings with
ruffled glovelets of floral lace.
3 pairs of each of stay up stockings: navy, suntan, black, ivory, white,
off black, beige, taupe, red, and green.
5 pairs of each of each of the following garterbelt pantyhose: ivory,
red, black, beige, suntan, black and white.
2 pair of white, beige and black suspender hose.
3 pair of black, red, and ivory crotchless bikini pantyhose.


in green and in black-a crop length turtleneck that clinged against the
tits and a short paneled skirt
a two piece business suit in red. The top was a simple jacket with a
zipper for easy access. The skirt was a tight one that clinged to the
a spandex dress in black that bared the whole shoulder.
a leopard print one piece dress
a see through silk top in black, red and white.
a vinyl halter top and zip front vinyl pants.

When I returned Ally was still munching. I said "Slave get up and give the
lesbian slut your credit card." Ally did and the saleswoman, after getting
her clothe back on, went and rang everything in.

When she returned she said "I gave you a generous 40% off, please cum back

I walked over to her, grabbed the strap on from the floor and said "Here
bitch, suck this cock and fantasize about me fucking you with it." She obeyed
and was busy sucking the plastic cock when me and Ally left.

We got back to the car and headed to Sparkles, a classy restaurant, for a
late lunch. While we were driving I asked, "How does it feel to violate a
young teenager, slave?"

Ally, who is still horny, responds "Completely humiliating."

"But you enjoyed every second right?"

"yes," replies Ally totally frustrated.

I pull a dildo out from under my carseat and say "Here fuck yourself with
this." Ally eagerly grabs the fuck stick and in one swift motion shoves it
into her box. She is turning into such a slut. A few minutes later we reach
the restaurant. "Put the cock under your seat for now."

Ally reluctantly pulls the cock out of her hole and puts it under the seat.
She follows me into the restaurant. We get a seat. While sitting at our table
I say "Ally cross your legs, make sure anyone who looks can see that you are
wearing stay ups." Ally obeys the command. An older couple is sitting across
from us. Either could see Ally's legs clearly. The man starts staring and I
notice gets in heck from the wife. I hear the woman call Ally a slut. Ally's
face is red. "Ally, smile at him and blow her a kiss." Ally is completely
embarrassed, but she does give the old man a smile and then very sexually,
blows the old lady a kiss. Moments later the waiter comes over to take our

"May I take you order?" the waiter asks, as he sneaks a peak at Ally's legs.

"Yes, I would like the soup of the day and a caesar salad. My slave here will
have a club sandwich and a caesar salad too."

The waiter is a little taken aback by the world slave, but manages to say,
"Anything to drink, maam?"

"Yes, a bottle of your best wine."

"Yes maam." and the waiter leaves.

"Ally, do you want to suck his cock and have him shoot his hot seed deep
inside your throat?"

"No," she replies.

"Really, tell me the truth," I ask.

"Yes, I would love to suck on the cute guys rod and let him cum into my
cocksucking mouth."

The old couple had left and the table was currently being cleaned by a young
girl, maybe 18. As she bent over I could see that she was wearing stay ups,
white. Little slut. I say "Excuse me."

The girl turns around and says "Yes, how can I help you."

"I was just wondering, where did you get such a sexy pair of stay up

The girl blushes and says "At the lingerie store at the end of 7th avenue."

"Do they have a good selection?"

"My girlfriend thinks so," she replies. She looks at Ally and sees she is
wearing stay ups.

"What do you think of my slave's stockings?"

"Your slave? Interesting. Do you lend her out?'

"I don't know, what did you have in mind?"

"Shit, my boss is looking at me." She pulls out a pen and writes down a
number, "here, call me sometime, I would like to use your slave."

I look at the paper and say, "I'll be in touch Tamara." She smiles and
returns to work.

"Ally, would you like to be loaned to a cutie like that."

"No, it could be dangerous."

"Or it could be a thrill being treated as a slave, to a whole bunch of young
girls or whatever."

"I suppose," Ally replies as the food arrives. I can tell the thought
actually turns her on.

As we are eating I say "Ally get those panties off." Ally tries to get them
off as unnoticeable as possible. I think she even gets away with it. I slip
off my shoe and slip it up so it hits Ally's pussy. I slip a couple toes into
her pussy. Ally moans. I see the waiter is coming back, so I drop my foot

"How is everything," he asks.

"Good, thank you, I think my slave here has something for you. Slut, give him
your panties." Ally is completely humiliated, but she does and I continue
"She has came in them more than once today. See if you can take a break in
about ten minutes. My slave would like to suck your cock."

The waiter shakes his head and leaves. We finish eating and as we pay our
bill I see the waiter coming our way. We head outside and the young stud
follows. We get to my car and I say "Ally, take the stud into the back seat,
I will stay watch."

The two quickly get into the backseat and in moments Ally's head is bobbing
up and down on the young man's cock. I kind of wish that was me sucking that
young stud. The kid didn't last to long in Ally's mouth as after only five
minutes he was out of the car. He smiled at me and went back into the
restaurant. I get into the car as Ally gets back into the front seat. I start
driving and say "So, did his cum taste good?"

Ally didn't answer.

"Answer me whore, how did it taste?"

"Kind of salty," replied my little slut.

I have a date tonight, so I drive Ally home. As I dropped my bitch off I say,
"Now when I see you Monday, you will be your normal self. Unless I tell you
otherwise. Understand?"

"Yes," replies my whore.

"Good girl, now take the toy from under the seat. Have fun with it this
weekend. See you Monday." I lean over and kiss her. My finger slips into her
box and I finger her hard. Just as she is close to reaching her peak, I slip
the finger out and shove it in her mouth. She sucks it like a cock. "Get
out," I demand. Ally obeys and I drive off thinking of my next move, Georgia.


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