Ally was gone before I woke up and I made a simple tape: {Ally, Georgia and
Billy at work you will be civil and pretend like nothing happened last

I didn't see any of the them in the morning. Ally was at the therapist,
Georgia was in court and Billy was, I don't know were Billy was.

Anyways, after lunch Georgia and Billy returns and gives me a wicked smile.
She is wearing a cute one piece white sport dress and ivory stockings. Both
go to Billy's office and I have hunch what is going to happen next. I flip
on the tv and Georgia's head is busy bobbing up and down on Billy's rod. No
suggestions for that. I continue working and watching. After a long snatch
licking by Billy, he sat on his chair and let Georgia ride his stick.

"That's her," I hear Ally say.

I look up and see Ally, dressed in a slim sundress and white stockings, and
a big black policeman. Shit, I never did anything to protect myself from them
going to the police. The black policeman walks over to me and says, "You are
under arrest."

I interrupt, "Officer what is the meaning of this?"

"You are accused of sexual harassment of Ally McBeal."

"Really, do you have proof?"

"Enough to take you down for questioning."

I get up and desperate say, "Ally, get on your knees and suck off this

Ally falls to her knees and says, "See officer Williams, this is the proof
you need."

The black cop undoes his belt and unzips his pants and says, "I don't know, I
think I need more proof."

Ally knows she is fucked as she pleads, "You are suppose to be on my side to
prot---" Her voice is muffled as the black cock slides into her mouth.

After a few sucks I say, Why don't we adjourn to Ally's office." Ally gets up
complaining, "You are suppose to protect me, you are..." her voice trials off
as she goes into her office. The big black stud follows. I look at the tv and
see Georgia on all fours getting it up the ass doggie style. I go into Ally's
office. The black man already had her sucking his cock again.

I walk over to him and whisper to him, "You keep this quiet and I will let
you have this white cocksucking whore every Wednesday. You can share her with
your friends or whoever you want. Bang her tight pussy, ream her white ass
and cum all over her cute slut face.

The black cop smiles as he says, "I need to test out the merchandise."

He pulls her up and lifts her dress to reveal she is not wearing any panties.
Ally protests, "Please don't. Help me."

"Could you shut this bitch up," asks the cop.

"Ally, inside you hate this, but you can not say anything bad. Actually, you
want to convince this stud how bad you love his hard cock."

Ally looks at me with a beaten look as she says, "Hmmm, fuck me with that
stiff piece of manmeat. Stuff me with that thick black cock." The stud
obliges and soon the black meet disappears in Ally's pink tunnel.

I walk over and say, "Slut, eat me out while this stud fucks both your cunt
and ass."

Officer Williams takes that as a hint and takes his cock out of her cunt and
stuffs it into Ally's ass. Ally is now lapping at my cunt. The black stud
fucks her ass hard for 10 or 15 strokes, pulls out and goes back to her
pussy. This process is repeated over and over again while she munches on my
cunt. She is having trouble working on my cunt as this stud is really
pleasuring her two holes. I want that cock. I get up and say, "Stud, take my

I go to the desk and bend over. Officer Williams comes behind me and easily
slips into my ass. Fuck what a cock. I can't stop cumming. I call over to
Ally, "Get over here and suck my cunt while he fucks my ass." She obeys and
soon I am having the best fucking off my life.

I feel the stud squeeze me tight and I know he is about to cum. Seconds later
I feel his hot seed lubricating my ass. He pulls out and I say, "Ally, suck
the cum from my ass." Ally obeys and I say to Officer Williams, "So is it a

"Can you keep her from every ratting on me?"

"Sure. Ally, you will never tell anybody about your plight. You will be Mr.
Williams sex slave every Wednesday and do whatever he tells you. Understand."

"Yes," she replies completely humiliated and beaten.

"Get back to my ass," I demand. Ally obeys, "So, do we got a deal."

"Throw your slutty ass in once a month and we got a deal."

"Only if I get to have that cock in my ass," I say.

"That is a given," he replies, "I gotta get going. Here is my card, have her
at my place at 7 on Wednesday."

"Sure thing stud," I say with a wink as he leaves. "Ally, you have been a bad

Ally looks at me scared. "I'm sorry, I just, I'm sorry mistress."

She is trying to save her ass. "You will never betray me again. You can not
tell anyone about me. But I do have to teach you a lesson."

"I'm sorry, I'll never do it again. Please don't..."

"No, you won't do it again. Tonight I want you to dress in your sluttiest
outfit. The one you wore last Saturday. You are to go to the bar now. The
first person who speaks to you, you will invite home to fuck you. If it is a
girl you will offer to lick her pussy in the washroom. If he says yes, you
will take him home and fuck him; if she says yes you will go to a bathroom
stall and have a snack. If he or she says no, which I doubt, you will repeat
the procedure with the next person who speaks to you. Tomorrow morning you
will be at my place by nine in the morning to make me a breakfast. Now go
home and change and be the whore you are."

Ally begs, "Please don't make me do this."

I go to my purse, pull out a butt plug and hand it to her. "Here, keep this
in your ass, unless one of the men wants to fuck you there."

""But please I," she begs.

I cut her off, "The first girl you eat out, beg her to fuck your pussy with
a beer bottle."

Ally catches on and simply says, "Yes mistress."

As she walks out of her office I call, "Have fun."

I go back to my desk and to my surprise Georgia is still being fucked by
Billy,. They must be one round two. I pick up the phone and dial 747-3324,
Tamara's number. Tomorrow Ally would be making a special video. One I planned
to sell.


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