Well Ally came over and made me a delicious breakfast. The slut is a good
cook. I asked her about her evening. She told me she ended up taking both of
the twins home and they took turns fucking her till they simultaneously shot
there ball juice all over her white ass and face. Ally was wearing a one
piece sundress today, pink, with white stay ups. She looked pretty good. I
had set up an afternoon session with Tamara. When we got there, I was
introduced to 5 very attractive woman. All only 18 or so and all dressed
identical, only in different colors. Each one was wearing only a lace bra,
panties, garters and stockings.(One in red, blue, black, white and beige) I
wanted to join in on the action, but I was filming the video. I told Ally she
was to do exactly as she was told. She understood.

I played classical music in the background with a message for Ally: {Ally,
you will seduce Renee on Sunday evening} In the video, Tamara told Ally to
pretend to be the principal of a school. I told her if she obeyed and acted
the role well I would leave her alone for awhile, maybe forever. So Ally sat
at a desk and was pretending to be reading when all 5 girls, walked in and
grabbed her and tied her up. Ally screamed, but was quickly gagged. Tamara
said, "Miss Williams," you bitch. You failed us. Now we are going to try to
convince you to change your mind." They drag her to the bed and tie her legs
spread eagled apart and likewise with her arms. Ally is trying to break free
from the restraints but to no avail. A blonde beauty, gets on the bed and
rips Ally's dress in half. She licks her lips and begins kissing Ally's
belly. A brunette straps on a huge cock and joins Ally and the blonde on the
bed. Another brunette, takes a knife and cuts Ally's panties off. The
brunette positions were piston at Ally's bush. She shows no mercy as she
shove s all 9 inches of the toy into Ally. How does that feel Miss. Williams,
do you wish you passed us now." Ally is obviously in pain from the sudden
trust of the plastic stick. A short redhead grabs a 5 inch dildo, takes off
the gag and Ally screams, "Please stop, please..." But her pleading is
stopped as the redhead shoves the dildo into Ally's mouth. She begins to fuck
Ally's mouth with the toy.

Tamara says, "So Miss Williams, not so tough now are you. Your just a slut. A
cheap whore. Look, your enjoying it arn't you. You like being fucked by your
students. You slut. You cheap whore."

She is right, Ally is obviously beginning to enjoy the 9 inch strap on. The
redhead takes the toy out and demands, "Tell us what kind of whore you are?"

Ally is getting into this and really enjoying the cock in her pussy, "I am a
slut. A complete whore. Don't stop fucking me."

The sexy blonde straddles Ally's face and says, "Beg permission to eat me

Ally feels the cock leave her pussy and begs, "Please sit on my face, ride
my whore mouth with your pussy, cum all over my whore lips." The blonde
obliges as she lowers her pussy onto Ally's face and the brunette re-enters
Ally's fiery snatch. As the raping of their principal continues, Tamara
begins spanking Ally's pussy lips as the brunette continues to drill Ally.
The brunette and redhead both are working on Ally's hard nipples and firm
breasts. They are biting on them, leaving red marks as they devoured her
breasts. This continues for a while and the redhead replaces the blonde on
Ally's face. The cycle continues as Ally pleasures all the woman except the
brunette sucking her. Tamara unties Ally and demands Ally get on all fours.
Tamara demands, "Does Miss Williams need to be ass fucked?"

Ally begs, "No, pleas not there, I'll pass you all, I promise." Ally is doing
a good job playing the role I think to myself.

The blonde says, "Yes you will slut."

The brunette who was fucking her earlier, sits down and spreads her legs and
demand, "Miss Williams you lesbian whore, make me cum." Ally begins licking
the brunette's clit as she feels something at the entrance of her ass.

She begins pleading no, but the redhead pushes Ally's head deep into the
brunette's thighs, muffling Ally's insignificant pleas. The blonde takes a
small butt plug and after oiling Ally's ass and the toy, she begins inserting
the toy inside Ally's ass. The small butt plug easily slips inside Ally's ass
and the blonde is soon probing Ally's shithole at a rythmatic pace. Not so
long after, Ally begins moving her ass in rhyme to the toy.

The redhead says, "miss Williams you tramp. You like taking it up the rear.
How about a little double penetration?"

Ally moans as she continues to nibble on the brunette's juicy clit. The
brunette cums hard all over Ally's expert tongue. Tamara replaces the
brunette and Ally begins slipping her tongue between Tamara's pussy lips as
a second dildo slips into Ally's pussy. Ally is getting double penetrated by
the blonde and the redhead. The two brunettes have began to engage in a
delicious little 69. Ally comes hard all over the two toys and collapses into
Tamara's pussy. Tamara rubs her pussy all over Ally's face and orgasms hard
all over Ally.

"Well Miss Williams," says the blonde, "you sure are a slut. I think you
better pass us unless you want the school board to know of your sexual

Ally's face is full of pussy juice as she shakes her head yes in defeat.

One of the brunettes says, "I gotta go pee."

Tamara says "Miss Williams you ever had a golden shower?"

Ally gets a really groused out look and begins begging, "No..."

Tamara tells her to shut up as she pushes Ally to the floor and tells the
brunette to straddle Ally's face. She does and I zoom the camera to get a
close up of the brunette's pussy and Ally's face. Tamara demands, "Open your
mouth whore, take it all in." Tamara pinches Ally's nipples hard till Ally
opens her mouth. Ally has tears rolling down her eyes as the spray of yellow
liquid begins shooting into Ally's mouth. Ally took a lot in before closing
her mouth. The piss continued to spray on Ally's face, lips and cheek. It
dripped down her neck and her chest. "Swallow it slut," demanded Tamara. Ally
obeys and that submission of the principal is complete.

The blonde says, "Get dressed whore. You need to change our marks in the

The scene fades out as Ally begins getting dressed.

The scene fades back in with Ally now dressed and working at the computer and
fades out again.

I thanked Tamara for the video and she said she wanted a copy. I told her I
would get her one ASAP. Ally and I left and got in my car. As I drove, I
asked Ally how she enjoyed the rape. She glared at me and asked if she was
letting me go. I said a promise is a promise, so I dropped her off at her
place and said I would see her at work on Monday. She did not reply as she
left my car.

I was horny and decided I needed some action. It was around 6 o'clock. So I
went to a local pizza parlour and picked up a young stud. He was only 17. I
took him back to my place and gave him the time of his life. I sucked his
cock till it was ready to explode and let him shoot his goo all over my face
and chests. I then worked on getting him hard again as I masturbated myself
while he watched. I touched my firm breasts, I slid my hand down my creamy
thighs and spread my pussy lips wide open so thee young stud could see my
horny hole. Not surprisingly, the stud was hard quickly and ready for round
two. I made him pleasure my feet, all the while touching my pussy, is cock
was like a missile ready to take off by the time I said, fuck me stud." He
got on top of me and slid his hard cork into my gaping muff. He felt so
good, he fucked me for an eternity, man the kid had stamina. Finally after I
reached two great orgasms, the kid said he was cumming and I told him to
shoot his seed deep inside me. He did. The hot liquid filled my pussy and
made me reach a third earth shattering orgasm. His limp cock slid out of me
and a little cum dripped out of my well lubricated cunt. I needed a good
fucking after videotaping Ally's lesbian rape. I have set cameras up in
Ally's apartment to watch tomorrows potential seduction of Renee. One camera
in the livingrooom, another in Renee's room, another in Ally's room and a
last in the bathroom(you never know where a seduction can take place).
Interestingly enough, I flipped on my screens and watched Ally. To my
surprise she was still wearing the slutty outfit she had worn all day. I
watched her for about half an hour and was quite impressed when she ended up
on her bed masturbating. I wondered what she was thinking about as she
pleased herself. Me? The lesbian rape? Billy? Georgia? Renee? Either way,
Ally was now a different person now. Even when I was not around, she was
horny. Interesting, very interesting.


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