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Date: 02/18/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, female solo sex, male/female sex, strong language, drug
use, BDSM, graphic violence, male solo sex, rape, mind control, female/female

Categories: Het, slash, bi

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Hilary Duff -- Mindy Brandis
Tom Welling -- David Brandis
Christy Carlson Romano -- Racquel Cummings
Raquel Welch -- Cynthia Page
Joseph Lawrence -- Todd Carpenter
Paul Petersen -- Doctor Richard Woodley

Summary: An Ohio housewife suddenly starts dreaming herself as another woman
having a hot and steamy erotic encounter with a man who is not her beloved

Other Notes: This story is based on a picture of the same name by an artist
named Kevin Clark.

Dedications: None so far.

Amazing Storiese: Two As One
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was on July 18th at percisely 2:14 AM within the Elyria, Ohio home of a
young couple known as Mindy and David Brandis, who were sleeping soundly in
their own bed with their gentle arms in a lover's embrace, only to have the
young and beautiful Mindy start moving herself slightly and moaning and that
was because she had already began dreaming herself as another woman who was
laying her bare-ass naked body on a stranger's bed inside an apartment within
the City of Rio de Janeiro in the Country of Brazil with two of her fingers
inside her hot, wet pussy and the other hand on her own tits.

And as soon as Mindy's dream self had slowly licked her lips and asked,
"Well, Todd? What are you waiting for? Are you going to come over here and
fuck me or what?" a young and handsome male stud had walked himself over to
the bed, kissed Mindy's dream self ever so passionately on the lips and
started licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot, moist
snatch and carressing her firm breasts, causing Mindy's dream self to place
her hands on the young hunk's bare shoulders and say, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss!
That's it! Do it, Todd! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry!

And while Mindy's own voice was trying to speak out and get herself to wake
up from the newfound nightmare, the hot young stud known as Todd had turned
himself around and allowed Mindy's dream self to place her hands on his bare
back and start sucking on his stiff cock just before he had placed his stone
hard dick inside her asshole, start blowing his hot breath on the nape of her
bare neck and used each of his hands to carress both her stiff mounds and her
hot and steamy cunt, causing Mindy's sexually-energized dream self to place
one of her hands on Todd's bare shoulder and the other hand on his bare arm
and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, TODD!

But then, after the two dream lovers had started moving themselves harder and
faster and just as they were about to make themselves explode with cum, poor
Mindy had finally woken herself up from her strange dream with pure shock in
her eyes and let out a bone-chilling scream of fright, which had also caused
her beloved husband to also wake up, turn on the bedroom lights, place his
concerned hand on Mindy's shoulder and ask, "What is it, Mindy? What's wrong?
Aren't you feeling okay?"

And after she had turned her tear-filled eyes toward her loving spouse and
answered, "That's just it, David. I really don't know," poor Mindy had
wrapped her arms around David as tight as she had possibly could and began
to cry, which had caused David to realize that she was in need of some help
and figured that the only person who might possibly give her that help would
be his best friend whose name happens to be Doctor Richard Woodley.

And so, after they had eaten some breakfast and gotten themselves dressed,
both Mindy and David had gotten into their car and driven themselves to the
EMH Regional Medical Center, where they had met with Doctor Woodley and told
him about the strange dream that Mindy just had during the night, which had
led a concerned Richard to start conducting some tests on the poor girl.

And while he was conducting those tests, a curious Richard had cleared his
throat and asked, "Tell me, Mindy. Had you ate or drank anything unusual this

Mindy had rolled her eyes and answered, "Well, Richard. Now that you had
mentioned it. It was on a Monday night that David and I had decided to a
Harry Buffalo in the Midway Mall and try out some of the spicy stuff on
their menu."

Just then, as soon as he had recieved and gazed his eyes upon the results of
those tests, Richard had turned towards both David and Mindy, let out a sigh
of relief and said, "Well, Mindy. I'm so glad to tell you that there is
nothing physically wrong with you. However, I do suggest that you should go
see a psychiatrist because maybe your latest dreams might have something to
do with some deep unforeseen problems with your mother or something like

And after they had thanked the kind Doctor Woodley for his time and concern,
both David and Mindy had left the hospital and gotten into their car just in
time for the still-concerned husband to turn to his beloved wife and ask,
"Well, Mindy? Do you want me to drive you home?" only to have his loving
bride turn her eyes toward David and answer, "No, David. I want you to drive
us to my mother's place because I do believe that -- in a way -- Richard is
right about the both of us and I need to find out what that deep and
unforeseen problem is. Don't you agree?"

And after he had realized that she had presented him with a really good
point, David had driven himself and Mindy away from the hospital and over to
the house of her beautiful mother whose name happens to be Mrs. Cynthia Page,
who had noticed Mindy and David's car pull into the driveway, opened the
front door and walked herself over to the car just in time for her beloved
daughter and son-in-law to get out of their car and recieve a warm and loving
hug from her.

But as soon as she had looked at both David and Mindy with confusion in her
eyes and asked, "So, what brings you two kids here? I mean, why the sudden
surprise visit?" her own daughter had taken a deep breath, looked at Cynthia
straight in the eyes and answered, "Please, Mom. Just do me this one favor.
Am I or am I not an only child? Please, Mom. I really do want to know."

And then, after they had stepped back into Cynthia's house and her own
daughter had told her about the strange dream that she had late last night
and had caused her to go see Richard to see what was physically wrong with
her, Mindy's own mother had placed her gentle hand on top of Mindy's, closed
her eyes, lowered her head in shame and answered, "I really am sorry about
this, Sweetie. It's just that as soon as you were born, the nurse had told
us that you had looked like another newborn baby girl whose name happens to
be Racquel Cummings. That was when we had realized that you have a psychic

"Wholly fucking shit! That must explain the strange dream that I had. What
do you think I should do now, Mom?" that was the question that Mindy had
asked her mother before Cynthia had shrugged her shoulders and answered,
"To tell you the truth, Sweetie. I really have no answer for that question,"
and David had cleared his throat and said, "Actually, Cynthia. You don't have
an answer but I do. Trust me, Mindy. All you have to do is get yourself on a
plane, jet yourself over to Rio and confront this psychic twin of yours face
to face."

And after the two ladies had realized that he had given them a truly good
point, Cynthia had given her beloved daughter a big loving hug and her
blessing before David had driven Mindy home for her to pack some stuff in a
suitcase and over to the airport, where she had given her beloved husband a
big hug and whispered in his ear, "See you when I get home. I love you,"
before she had gotten herself aboard her flight.

Just then, as soon as her flight had arrived in Brazil and she had taken a
cab to a hotel within the City of Rio de Janeiro, Mindy had looked around at
the decorations all over the entire city and all of its inhabitants in
costumes and discovered that she had arrived just in time for the Brazilian
Carnival, which had caused her to close her eyes, take a deep breath and
think to herself, *Oooohhhh, David. I really do wish that you should be here
to share this wonderful experience with me right now.*

Of course, that was before Mindy had walked into the hotel, checked herself
in and allowed the bellhop to take her and her luggage up to her room, where
she had given the bellhop a nice tip and gotten herself settled into the room
before she had taken a nice warm bath, put on a clean set of clothes and
stepped out of the hotel to start looking for her psycic twin, only to have
her step inside a local bar and order herself something to drink.

But as soon as the bartender had arrived and she was about to order her
drink, he had placed an already-made fruit-mixed-with-alcohol-drink right in
front of her, which had caused a confused Mindy to look at the bartender and
say, "Excuse me but I really did not order this," just in time for him to
raise up his hand and say, "I know that, Madam. It is actually compliments of
the nice lady at the end of the bar."

And as soon as she had turned her eyes toward the end of the bar and
discovered that her psychic twin was smiling and waving at her, Mindy had
raised up her glass, glazed her eyes at the one woman known as Racquel
Cummings for a little bit and took a sip of her drink before her head had
started pounding and everything around her had started spinning around and
around, causing her to have no choice but to slip off her barstool, drop
down to the floor of the bar and become unconscious.

Just then, after she had finally opened her eyes and discovered that she had
been placed inside someone else's bedroom and stripped bare-ass naked and her
wrists had been chained to handcuffs hanging from the ceiling and her ankles
had been chained to the floor, poor Mindy had tried as hard as she had
possibly could to free herself from her bondage without any success and

That had caused the bedroom door to open and allow a nude Racquel to step
into the room with a devilishly-gleefull smile on her lips and straps with
sharpened metal spikes on her hands, move herself closer to the helpless
Mindy and said, "Hello, Mindy!" before she had slammed her spike-filled
fists really hard four times in the stomach and three times in the face.

And after she had removed the straps, looked at the bloodied Mindy with a
sinister smile on her face, two of her fingers inside her hot and steamy cunt
and the other hand on her own tits and said, "Well, Mindy! I guess that's
enough exercise! Now is the time for you to meet a good friend of mine! Mrs.
Mindy Brandis, say 'hello' to Mister Todd Carpenter!" a bare-ass naked Todd
had stepped into the room and began stroking his stiff cock right in front of
the helpless Mindy with a sinister smile on his own lips before he had placed
himself behind her, placed a vice-like grip on her hair and began slamming
his stone hard dick in and out of her asshole, causing poor Mindy to close
her eyes and scream at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH! PLEASE, TODD! DON'T

But as soon as she had given her helpless prisoner a really hard sucker
punch, pulled really hard on Mindy's ear and yelled, "YOU WILL LET HIM FUCK
YOU IN THE ASS AND LIKE IT, BITCH! GOT THAT?" poor Mindy had no choice but
to nod her head in response of that question before a devilishly-gleefull
Racquel had released her grip on Mindy's ear and said, "That's good, Mindy!
That's really good! Now, I hope that you two don't mind me joining in on the

And after Racquel had started licking all over poor Mindy's nude body --
all the way down to her exposed cunt and carressing her tits, the helpless
newfound sex slave had closed her eyes, allowed tears to start running out
of her eyes and thought to herself, *Oooohhhh, David! Why did I not stay in
Elyria with you safe and sound instead of being here at the mercy of these
two crazed assholes?*

Then, after a devilishly-gleefull Racquel had raised herself up, placed her
hand on Mindy's cheek and said, "And now, Mindy! It's time for the both of us
to become two as one!" she had turned herself around and placed her bare back
on the helpless sex slave just in time for Todd to start slamming his stiff
cock in and out of Mindy's backside harder and faster and causing both Mindy
and Racquel to merge with each other and actually becoming one.

And then, after Todd had finally came and taken his dick out of Mindy's
asshole, he had released her from her bondage, placed his gentle hand on her
cheek and asked, "So, who are you? Are you Mindy or are you Racquel?" Mindy
had allowed a devilishly-gleefull smile to appear on her lips and answered,
"What do you think, Todd?" before she had kissed him ever so passionately on
the lips and allowed him to hump his stone hard dick in and out of her hot,
wet pussy in celebration of realizing that Mindy Brandis is no more and only
Racquel Cummings stands in her place now and forever.



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