Author's Note: I Have Decided To Start Something New Guys. Not Sure If There
Are Any Stories Or Series Out There That Are Based On The Movie American
Anthem, I Haven't Found Any, So I Figured I'd Start Another Series. I'm All
Fresh Out Of Ideas For My Other Ones. Hope Ya Like It. ;)

American Anthem: Julie Lloyd And Becky Camron (FF)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

It was a bright sunny morning. The gym was completely empty. The gymastics
equiptment was all polished and looking nice, the mats had just been cleaned
from the last meet, all the dirty foot prints removed from the gymnists who
did their exercises bare footed. The wooden floors were freshly waxed,
giving them that mirror like shine. Infact, glare from the windows above
could be seen on them. Everyting was perfect and ready for the next meet.

Julie Lloyd was the new girl in town. She had just moved here from Chicago.
A bright young blonde woman in her 20's, tall, skinny, slender. Very
beautiful. Always wore her hair in a pony tail. Never did anything else
with it. But nobody cared, everybody always thought she looked great like
that. Being the new girl in town, Julie was always worried about people not
liking her. Moving from Chicago was bad enough. She hadn't exactly left on
the best of terms. She had just gotten in a fight with her parents the day
before. They wanted her to stay, but she wanted to make a career out of
Gymnastics. She had receied an opportunity to come and perform for The Tops
and it was an opportunity that she couldn't pass up. Her parents knew that,
so they let her go.

Julie, looking beautiful as ever wearing her gymnist outfit and a light
jacket, came in through a side door of the gym with her bag and slowly walked
to the floor mats and looked around. She was impressed, and excited at the
same time. Not being one to stand around looking like a fool, she quickly
kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks and set her bag down and went
to the center of the mats and sat down and began doing a few stretching
exercises before her training. It was always important to stretch first or
you might hurt yourself. And Julie was very picky about that. She wanted to
be the best.

When she was finished, she walked to one corner of the mats and began a
little training. She would run from one end of the mat to the other doing
flips and turns in the air the whole way accross, then she would start at
that end and run back doing flips and turns in the air on the way back to
the other side. During this, she wished she had brought her small stereo
along, because she always performed better with music. And she was anxious
to try out a new routine that she had cooked up at her friend's house, that
she hadn't seen in years. His name was Arthur. And he was an excellent
keyboardist. He did all her music for her.

Her thoughts and routine was interrupted by a young short dark haired woman
walking in the same side door she came in. She continued her routine, but
as she would continue to run from one side of the mat to the other, doing
her usual moves, she'd quickly glance at the young woman then jerk her head
forward and pay attention to what she was doing. After about the third time
of that, the young woman shouted "HI" as she was passing by, and this
interrupted Julie's concentration, and she stopped very abruptly and almost
fell on her face.

Out of breath, she approached the young woman and held out her hand and
introduced herself. "Hi. I'm Julie," she said.

"I'm Becky. Becky Camron," the young woman replied as she slung her bag over
her shoulder and took Julie's hand and shook it.

"You new here?"

"Yeah. I am. Just getting in a little training before I meet with the coach
and show him my stuf," Julie replied as she went to her bag and pulled out
a towel and began wiping her face with it. Her body was covered in sweat
from her work out. It was actually quite sexy.

"I was under the impression that nobody came here this early in the morning.
Everybody's usually in bed at this time, getting themselves all rested,"
Becky said as she set her bag down next to her and put a foot up on the bench
and began untieing her shoes. The smacking of her gum she was chewing on
while doing this was apparent to Julie as she watched her.

"I know, but I'm an early person," she said.

"Well don't mind me, I won't bother you. I'm just here to work on my floor
routine, but I'll go work accross the gym on one of the other mats. I won't
get in your way," Becky said.

"Oh no, don't let me stop you from your work out. I need a break anyway,"
Julie said.

"Are you sure?"

"Go ahead," Julie said, smiling at her.

"Thanks. I won't be long," Becky said as she put her shoes and socks into
her bag and zipped it up and set it on the floor and went to the mats.

Julie at down on the bench and just stared at Becky as she sat in the middle
of the mats and began her stretching. Julie didn't know why, but for some
reason, she found this woman very atractive. Her breasts were nice and firm,
she had a nice tight ass, her legs were nice and skinny. And her feet.
Julie had a big thing about feet. They were gorgious. As Julie sat there
watching Becky stretch, she fantasized about what it would be like to have
feet like hers. And then Julie looked up at her and cought her staring.

"Something I can help you with?" Becky asked, kind of copping an attitude.
She apparently didn't like being stared at. And Julie couldn't blame her.
It's not too often that you see a woman staring at another woman, especially
wearing the expression Julie had on her face. It was like she was falling
in love with Becky, and Becky didn't seem to like that.

"Oh nothing. I'm just watching you," Julie replied, continuing to stare at

Becky reached out to her left foot and touched it, then moved to the right
one and touched it, then switched back and forth between her two feet,
hands stretched way out in front of her. And as she continued, she would
occasionally look up at Julie, then back to what she was doing. Becky had
the oddest feeling Julie was attracted to her in some way. Why else would
she be staring at her like she was?

Becky finally stood up and paid it no mind and began her floor routine. It
was a combination of a few dance movies, a few arm swings, a few turns, then
she would run from one side of the mats to the other doing flips and turns
the whole way over, just like Julie was doing, but Becky's ending routine
was different. Becky's final run from one side of the mat to the other was
complimented with a series of back flips, forward summer saults in the air,
then finally a certwheel that ended her softly on her feet on the mats. With
a serious look on her face, she threw her arms in the air like any gymnist
would signaling the end of her routine.

"Nice moves," Julie said to her.

"Thanks," Becky replied as she approached her and sat down on the bench next
to her and pulled her own towel out of her bag and began wiping her face and
her arms. She too was covered in sweat.

When Becky was finished wiping her body with the towel, she put it back in
her bag and turned to face Julie and said, "You know... I hope you don't
stare at all women like that. They might think something of it."

"What do you mean?" Julie asked, her face turning red. Fear quickly came
over her as she realized she had been cought.

"You were staring at me with a wild look in your eyes. I've seen that look
before," Becky said.

"I don't know what you're ta....." She was interrupted.

"Just do it!" Becky said bluntly as she brought her leg over the other side
of the bench in front of Julie and straddled it and laid down on her back.

Julie was freaking out. Was Becky giving her permission for what she
thought? She didn't know. But she decided to take a chance. She slid
down the bench closer to Becky, and placed her right hand on her knee.

"Be careful! That's my bad knee," she heard Becky say.

"I'm sorry," Julie said as she shifted her hand from Becky's left knee to
her right one and just rested it there.

Becky lifted her head and looked at Julie for a moment, then spoke. "I take
it you've never done this before."


"You've never... You know... Been with a woman before," Becky said.

Julie smiled shyly and said, "Nope, this is my first time."

"Well, don't be scared, come on, just do it. Touch me. I won't bite,"
Becky said as she rested her head back down on the bench.

"Where?" Julie asked, still the shy attitude. She knew she wanted to touch
Becky, but being new at this sort of thing, she needed a little prompting.

"Anywhere," Becky replied.

"I can't," Julie said as she remoed her hand from Becky's knee and lowered
her head in shame.

Becky sat up, still straddling the bench and looked at her. "Why not?"

"Because it's not right. We're women," Julie exclaimed.

"Would it help if I touched you first?" Becky asked.

Julie perked up. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. But before
she could reply, she felt a hand nn her left breast. And it sent a shock
throughout her entire body. She froze suddenly. She never looked down,
but instead stared straight into Becky's eyes and began to moan softly.
She loved Becky's soft gentle touch on her breast. It was very soothing.
Almost like a massage. And in moments, she felt Becky's other hand on her
other breast. Julie was overwhelmed with pleasure as she threw her head
back and closed her eyes and just stayed that way, savoring every moment
of another woman's hands on her chest, letting out soft moans here and

"Does that feel good?" Becky said softly.

"Mmmmmm.... Oh yes..... Mmmmm that feels wonderful," Julie replied,
continuing to moan, as she swayed from left to right, almost as if she
was in a trance.

As Becky squeezed Julie's breasts with her right hand, she reached down with
the other and took Julie's left hand and placed it on her right breast, then
began rubbing Julie's breasts and squeezing them harder with both hands.
Julie was in heaven. She was feeling so good under Becky's soft touch that
she didn't care about the embarassment she had felt before about doing this.
She followed Becky's lead and brought her other hand in and began squeezing
and rubbing Becky's breasts hard and fast just like she was doing to hers.
Becky threw her head back and continued squeezing Julie's breasts as she
moaned softly. The two women looked absolutely wonderful together. Both in
their gym outfits, touching eachother, it was just a totally erotic
experience for the both of them.

"Mmmmm.... Oh yes...... Squeez em baby.... Squeez em..." Becky moaned as
she closed her eyes and began to sway in unison with Julie.

Hearing Becky talk dirty to her like that got Julie so turned on that she
couldn't hold back. The experience was so erotic, that with a few short
breaths and moans as the two of them continued touching eachother, Julie
suddenly squirted all over the inside of her gym outfit. Becky looked down
and saw cum dripping out the sides of her suit and smiled.

"Oooh baby you're making a mess. Guess I'm going to have to clean it up,"
Becky said as she removed her hands from Julie's breasts, placed them on her
shoulders and laid her down. Julie was totally aroused as she felt Becky on
top of her momentarily, and was just about to speak up as she felt Becky slid
off of her body, but as she felt Becky's hot breath right between her legs,
she suddenly shut up and let it happen.

The feeling of Becky's hot breath right there between her legs made Julie
so hot, she began another orgasm and cummed 6 times right there, spasm after
spasm. Becky didn't mind lapping up every drop with each new mess Julie
made on the bench, between her legs. Jullie let out loud screams with the
beginning and ending of each spasm. And what made her spasm even more was
when she felt her gym outfit between her legs being pulled asside. Becky
began teasing her love button with her tongue as she began pushing 3 fingers
in and out of her pussy very slowly at first, but with each scream of
pleasure Julie let out, she began to go faster and faster.

And when it was all over, the two of them embrased eachother in a long soft
hug, followed by a very erotic french kiss that made Becky spontaniously cum
10 times right then and there.

The two girls thanked eachother, got cleaned up, and parted ways. The last
time they saw eachother was at the finals. And after the celebration party
of their teams win, the two of them got a motel room together and did it all
over again.



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