American Anthem: Julie Lloyd And Danielle (FF, F-dom)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

It was time again for the members of The Tops to compete in another National
Gymnstics Championship, to defend their title as the National Champions.
With only a week to go, before the Championship began, Julie was a bit
nervous. She was proud of herself after pulling off the winning floor
routine at the last meet, and was working on a new one when Danielle, the
team's second in command and coriographer for the floor routines came up to
her with a cassette and handed it to her.

Danielle: Coach says you are to do your new routine to the old music he gave
you the last time. And he told me to inform you that if you decide to stray
away from the music and do your own routine again, you're off the team.

Julie: What?

Danielle: That's right.

Julie: Oh come on Danielle! The music the coach picked out for me was so
stupid. I couldn't do it back then, and I'll never do it now!

Danielle: (Handing her the tape) You'll do it, or you're off the team!

Julie: (Grabbing her bag) Fine! I'm off the team! I'll see ya!

Danielle grabbed Julie by the arm and turned her around to face her in a
rather harsh mannor. Julie looked at her with wide eyes as if she couldn't
believe she did that.

Danielle: Julie! You would throw away your career in Gymnastics over a piece
of music?

Julie: Yes, I would! I hated the song and the routine back then, and there
is no way in hell I'm doing it now! I'm outta here.

Danielle, looking around the dressing room and realizing they were both
alone, reached out and grabbed Julie's arm and turned her around to face her
again. This time more forceful. Julie shouted "Ouch! That hurts! Let go
of my arm!" but Danielle ignored her and kept her grip.

Danielle: Listen to me you little bitch! You're going to do the routine,
and you're going to do it right!

Julie: You can't make me do something I don't want to do! Now let go of me!
Right now!

Danielle: (Pulling her closer) Oh yes I can! I can do anything I want! The
coach put me in charge! And you're mine now!

Julie reached out and attempted to smack Danielle accross the face, trying
as hard as she could to break away from her, but Danielle just reached out
and grabbed Julie's wrist, and turned her around and twisted it behind her
back quite painfully, and Julie let out a scream.

Julie: Ouch! What are you doing! Leave me alone! You can't do this!

With all of her body weight, Danielle slammed Julie up against her locker
door. Julie started crying, but Danielle didn't care. While still holding
Julie's left hand behind her back, in order to keep her from doing anything
with her right hand, Danielle grabbed it and shoved it between her legs and
squeezed her legs together.

Julie: Stop it! Please, you're hurting me!

Danielle: Listen you little slut! I know about your little fling with Becky!

Julie: What?

Danielle: You thought nobody was at the Gym when the two of you started
feeling eachother up on the bench? I was in the office! I saw the whole

Julie: I don't see how that's any business of yours!

Danielle: How would you like it, if I went and told the coach and the whole
team that you're a lesbian? Huh? What do you think would happen?

Julie: Please don't do that. They'll kick me off the team.

Danielle had Julie right where she wanted her. Julie was breaking out in
uncontrollable tears, in fear of her Gymnastics career being ruined because
her and Becky weren't careful about the location they chose to have their
little sex fling.

Danielle: I also spoke to Becky yesterday! She confirmed the whole thing!
She also told me that you two had a little fun in a motel room after last
year's event.

Julie: So?

Danielle grabbed the rest of Julie's hand that she was holding between her
legs and began rubbing it between her legs. Julie tried to break away, but
Danielle's grip was too tight.

Danielle: Does that feel good you little slut? Huh?

Julie: No! Stop it! Please!

Danielle let go of both Julie's hands and turned her around to face her. She
then reached out and grabbed the shoulder straps of Julie's Gym outfit and
pulled as hard as she could in an outward position and tore the thing right
off of her. Then she tore her own Gym outfit off of her and reached out and
grabbed Julie and pulled her tightly against her naked body. Julie didn't
say a word, nore did she try to break away this time. Instead, she just
stood there and allowed it to happen.

Danielle: Oooh you like that don't ya you little slut? Oh yes, I know you
like feeling my naked body against yours. It just turns you on, doesn't it!

Through a few soft moans, Julie managed to let the word "Yes" escape from her
lips in a whisper as she felt herself being backed up against her locker.
She figured there was no way out of this. Nore did she even want to get out
of this. Feeling Danielle's warm body pressed up ever so tightly against
hers felt wonderful to her.

Danielle: (Whispering) Put your arms around me.

And Julie glady complied with Danielle's order. She raised her arms and put
them around Danielle's naked body and squeezed her closer as hard as she
could. Danielle seemed to like this. As Julie held onto her, she reached
down behind her and spread her legs apart and grabbed ahold of her butt
cheeks an pulled Julie's lower body to her as tight as she could, making
their hairy pussiess touch one another. This was very erotic for Julie. And
it was a hell of a surprise when she felt Danielle moving up and down on her,
rubbing her pussy against hers. Julie began to moan softly.

Danielle: Mmmmm you like that don't you baby? Does it feel good?

Julie: Mmmm hhhhh Yes.... Oooohhh... Yes... Don't stop...

Danielle suddenly jerked up in her bed in a cold sweat, breathing heavy. She
looked around in the dark and realised that it was all just a dream. And
what a dream it was she thought after she reached over to the nightstand and
turned the lamp on and found herself laying in a puddle of her own juices on
her bed. Her sheets were covered in cum. And all she could do was smile to
herself as she stood up and got into the shower.



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