American Anthem: Becky Camron And The Coach (Mf, fist)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

It was early in the morning. The sun shined brightly through the high
windows of the California National Gymnasium. It was nearing time for yet
another Gymnastics meet. This time, they were up against New York. A very
difficult team to beat. The Tops was a team built up of men and women, but
New York's team was ALL women, and very very good women at that.

Becky Camron came into the gymnasium from the locker room holding her gym
bag. She looked around. The only 2 people she saw were the coach and
Danielle. They were off to one side of the gymnasium talking.

Coach: Okay... I'll be in the office. You two have some talking to do.

Becky smiled as she saw the coach look over at her. But he wasn't smiling,
and neither was Danielle for some reason. Something was up, and Becky was
determined to find out what it was. She slung her bag over her left shoulder
and began walking very fast toward Danielle.

Becky: What's going on? What's wrong with Coach?

Danielle: Becky, we need to talk. It's very important.

Becky: What?

Danielle: Sit down.

Becky sat down on a nearby bench, and Danielle sat down next to her. Becky
was very confused, scared, and happy all at the same time. It was her dream
to finally make it to the California National Gymnastics Meet. She was
thrilled. Especially since she never made the National team last year
because of her injured knee. She hoped it wouldn't give out on her again
like it did last year, screwing up her performance.

Danielle: Becky, I'm sorry, but you've been kicked off the team.

Becky: WHAT?? Why?

Danielle didn't say anything. Instead she just looked down at the bench with
sad eyes. Becky thought for a moment through the tears she was developing.
Then she looked back at Danielle.

Becky: You told him didn't you!

Danielle: I'm sorry. I had to.

Becky: Why? You promised me you wouldn't tell him.

Becky started crying uncontrollably. Her world was crashing in on her. This
meet meant the world to her and now somebody was taking it away from her just
because she had sexual acts with another member of the team.

Danielle: Julie has been kicked off the team too. Coach called her before
we got here. She was quite upset.

Becky: Well what did you expect? This meet meant a lot to her! It meant a
lot to me too, and now you're taking it away from me. It's not fair! There
must be something I can do to put things right.

Danielle: Well coach did mention something....

Becky: (Perking up) What?

Danielle: I told him I didn't like the idea, cause it was bribery and just
down right wrong, but he told me it was the only way he would change his

Becky: What is it?

Danielle: He said he would forget the whole thing if...

Becky: If what?

Danielle: If you would... Have sex with him.

Becky turned her head in disgust. Danielle felt sorry for her. Becky simply
sat up straight and wiped her eyes and stood up.

Danielle: (Stopping her) Where are you going?

Becky: To go have sex with the coach. That's what he wanted.

Danielle: You would do that? You would stoop that low just to remain on the
team? Becky this is wrong!

Becky: (Wiping her eyes again) I don't care! Being on this team means a lot
to me, and if it means having sex with a 60 year old man to stay on, so be
it. I'm going to the bathroom to fix my makeup. Tell him I agree to his

Danielle looked at her with a sad face as she turned and headed toward the
bathroom with her gym bag, which contained her makeup and a few other
necessities. The only time she looked back at Danielle was when she opened
the bathroom door and went inside and closed and locked it behind her.
Danielle let out a sigh and turned on her heel and headed toward the office.

In The Office

Danielle opened the office door, stepped inside, and closed it behind her
and leaned up against it as she looked at the coach, who was sitting in the
office chair with his feet up on the desk watching a porno movie while
sporting a rock hard cock through his shorts. He had is right hand on it,
stroking it ever so gently. When he realized he wasn't alone he looked up
at Danielle and removed his feet from the desk suddenly, and sat up straight,
covering himself with his jacket.

Coach: Well?

Danielle: She agreed to do it.

Coach: Good! Tell her to come up here.

Danielle: Coach, this is wrong. Don't do this please, she's just a young
girl. Probably a virgin.

Coach: All the better.

Danielle: (Turning toward the door) That's it, I'm puting a stop to this!


Danielle spun around quickly to face him. He had never yelled at her before.
She was surprised to see him this way.

Coach: You wouldn't want me to tell the board of directors about your little
fling with Julie in the locker room would you?

Danielle: How did you know about that?

Coach: That is for me to know, and for you to find out. Now if you interfer
with my plan, your career in Gymnastics is OVER! Now get out of her and go
get Becky.

Danielle: What about Julie? Are you going to let her back on the team?

Coach: We'll see. Go!

Danielle grabbed the door knob of the office door in anger and ripped it open
and walked out of the room and slammed it behind her. Coach put his feat
back up on the desk and began watchinghis porno movie again.

Minutes Later

Becky walked slowly up the stairs, staringup at the office window as she
took each step. Danielle was sitting on the bench down on the gymnasium
floor watching her, feeling really bad that she helped the coach. She
couldn't do anything about it herself because she too was caught in the
middle of a scandal. Should she lose her job and help Becky by stopping
what was about to happen? Or should she sit there and let it happen?
It was a tough choice. Her career meant more to her than anything in
the world. She ofcourse chose to keep her career and sat down there with
her own conscience as she watched Becky open the door and disappear
inside, the door closing and locking behind her.

As Becky entered the room, she saw Coach sitting in the office chair, with
his feet up on the desk. He was no longer watching the porno movie, he was
just sitting there waiting. For her no doubt. Becky cleared her throat
and the coach spun around in the office chair and looked her up and down
for a few moments. He was very impressed. Becky had taken off her gym
outfit while she was in the bathroom getting ready. Instead, she was
wearing a beautiful long white dress. Her white silk panty hose were quite
apparent. And on her feet, she wore white high heels. She was definitely
a sit to see. Her hair was up in a pony tail. She was drop dead gorgious.

Coach: Oh Becky. You are beautiful.

Becky: (Smiling and twirling) Thank you.

When Becky was finished twirling and showing off her dress to the coach, she
approached him very slowly, taking each step very sexy like. Turning her
hips to the right, she plopped her butt down right in his lap. Coach's eyes
widened as he thought about all the things he was going to do to her as he
put his arms around her and pulled her close to him. Becky put her head
against his chest and sighed as she began to feel like a young girl in her
daddy's arms. A sudden wave of errotic pleasure suddenly came over her as
she felt the coach put his hand between her legs, under her dress and pull
her panty hose down to her knees. He then reached inside the desk drawer
and pulled out some KY and lubed up his whole left hand and put it back
between Becky's legs and began to push his fist gently inside her. Becky
threw her head back and began to scream with overwhelming pleasure. She
never knew it would feel like this.

Coach: You like that Becky?

Becky: Oh YES Coach! Ooooooh! Harder! Deeper!

With that, the coach rammed his fist up inside her vagina as hard and as deep
as he could. Becky let out another scream of pleasure as the coach began
slowly pulling his fist out and pushing it back inside her. She was in total
heaven. She was being fist fucked by her own gymnastic coach. Feelings of
total love for him suddenly swept over her as she felt his lips caressing her
breasts through her dress. And then, as suddenly as it all started, it
stopped. Becky lifted her head and looked at the coach. He was undoing his
pants. She suddenly knew what he wanted to do to her. She scooted off of
his lap and pulled her panty hose the rest of the way off. And when the
coach had his rock hard cock all the way out of his pants and had finished
lubing it up with KY, she lifted her dress, straddled his legs, lifted
herself up over his cock, and slowly and gently satdown upon it. Coach threw
his head back and began to groan as he felt Becky's 17 year old pussy lips
caressing his cock.

It was as if Becky had don this before. Coach couldn't believe she was a
virgin. But he found out she was when he felt his cock break through her
hymen and blood started gushing out of her pussy.

Coach: (Groaning) Becky. You were a virgin?

Becky: (Arroused) Yes. I was... Hhhhh...

Coach: (Throwing his head back again and puting his hands on her hips)
Amazing. I always thought you had been fucked more times than a street

Becky: Believe it or not coach, I was saving myself for you. There were
plenty of times when I could have been penitrated by my boyfriends. Even my
own father wanted to fuck me when I was a kid. But I held on strong. Just
for you baby. Just for you. Ooooooh this is our destiny coach. Ooooh fuck
me! Fuck me like you've never fucked before.

This turned the Coach on so much, so fast, that he began to groan loudly as
he let his jism squirt all over the inside of Becky's pussy. She was quite
dissappointed that he didn't last as long as she wanted him to, but feeling
his juices squirting all over her insides, changed her mind. She simply
threw her head back and grabbed his shoulders and screamed very loudly as
she too had an orgasm right there. After the event was over, Becky simply
got off of the Coach's lap and kissed him on the lips and thanked him. In
return, he assured her that she would make the next meet as a member of the
team. She smiled as she picked up her shoes and panty hose from the floor
and closed the door behind her. Danielle met her at the bottom of the
stairs. And when she saw the look on Becky's face, she knew that she had
just done it with the Coach.

Danielle: You didn't!

Becky: (Smiling) Yes I did. And he was wonderful. I'm back on the team.
I gotta take a shower. See ya in a bit.

Becky trotted toward the girl's locker room off to one wall of the Gym,
skipping happily like a child. She whistled happily as she removed her
dress, her bra, and panties and stepped into the shower and turned the
water on.



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