American Idol: Alone In The Mansion (MF,MM,M-mast,voy,celeb)
by Freeky Geek ([email protected])

Chapter 26

While Jim locked the door, Ryan stood up and easily removed the few clothes
she had on. She felt her juices flowing in anticipation of telling him
exactly how to please her. With her previous boyfriends, she was always
submissive and many times didn't climax while making love. But with Jim, she
was dominant for the first time, allowing her pleasure to be satisfied first.
She loved the feeling of being in control.

Ryan watched his shadowed form move toward her and she held her arms out in
welcome. He moved into her embrace and held her tightly, kissing and nuzzling
her neck. Jim couldn't believe how happy he was and trembled with eagerness.
His mouth moved over her slim neck, kissing and licking lightly while he
hummed and growled softly with his desire.

He nibbled her earlobe while shrugging off his clothes in the darkened room.
When he dropped the last of them to the floor, he hugged her tightly against
his naked body. Moving his face to hers, he touched his mouth to her cheek
and trailed his lips lightly over her face. When his mouth found hers, they
poured their shared desire into a long and passionate kiss.

They continued their deep kiss as Ryan pulled Jim's hand around to cup her
breast and place his thumb against her nipple. She rubbed his thumb firmly
against her hardening nipple, showing him what she liked. He did as she
instructed, and brought his other hand up to cup her other breast. His
thumbs worked her nipples as she broke their passionate kiss, sighed and
said, "That's good, Jim. That feels so good."

She was growing more bold in her needs, and pushed him down to kneel in front
of her. In a husky voice, she whispered, "Suck my nipples now. Come on, lick
then with your tongue."

Jim loved when she told him what to do. He felt like his swollen member would
explode, and tried not to climax. He didn't want to climax too soon, like in
the dressing room.

He could barely see her shadowed form in the moonlight, so he let his mouth
explore her breasts. He traced his lips lightly along them until his mouth
found a hardened nipple. Sticking his tongue out, he flicked it against the
hardened flesh, then sucked on it. He then began moving from nipple to
nipple, sucking and licking quickly over each one as she cried out in

He heard her moaning softly, and felt her press her breasts harder against
his flicking tongue. Jim felt small drops of his essence leak from his
hardened member and sucked harder on her nipples with his growing need.

Ryan felt moisture flooding her womanly folds at the feel of Jim's tongue
sucking and licking her nipples. Her sex throbbed and her body quivered with
desire. Suddenly, she needed to feel his tongue on her hardened desire.

She pushed his head down to between her legs and said huskily, "Lick my pussy
now, Jim," then added as her desire increased, "Hurry! Lick my pussy, Jim.
Suck me, now!"

Jim moved his head lower and put his mouth down to her sex. He pulled her
outer folds wide and brought his tongue out to lick her delicate inner folds.
His tongue played along each of her folds as she whimpered, "A little higher

He obliged as his tongue traveled slightly higher and found her hardened
desire. She cried out, "Right there, Jim! Lick me there!"

Sucking and licking, as she instructed him in the dressing room, he worked
her clit with his tongue. Jim loved the taste and feel of her and tried not
to climax, but was starting to get desperate with his need.

She felt the pressure building within her as his tongue licked faster and
sucked harder against her swollen node. Moaning and whimpering with the
feeling Jim's tongue gave her, she finally cried out with release as the
wave crashed over her. She tossed her head back and thrust her hips against
his still moving tongue, pumping against him in time with the pulses of

As the pulses of intense pleasure slowed down, then stopped, she sighed
contentedly and smiled.

She looked down at Jim, and saw him gazing up at her. She smiled as the
moonlight revealed his lust-filled face and ordered him, "Lick me clean
now, lover."

Jim smiled up at her, then bent down to the task, licking and sucking her
musky essence from her folds. When he was done, he was sure his erection
had never felt so hard, and so ready to explode.

She smiled down at him, liking that he did what she told him to.

"God, that was good," Ryan said in a satiated voice as Jim looked up at her,
trembling with his desire.

She smiled at his subservience and said in a sultry voice, "Ready for your
turn now, Jim?"

Jim was ecstatic with relief and got quickly to his feet, then said husky
with suppressed desire, "Ryan, if you touch me now, I think I'll come right

She nodded, then told him, "Go lie down on the bed and close your eyes for
a few minutes."

When he was laying on the bed, she went over and laid down next to him
without touching him and said, "You have to learn to control it, Jim." She
lightly patted his hand and added, "I'll help you."

He nodded in the darkened room and waited, trying to calm his pulsing

"Tell me when you feel yourself start to go soft, then we'll continue," She
told him, laying on her back next to him and relaxing with the pleasure he
just gave her.

Several minutes passed and Jim finally called out, "I think it's ok now. I'm

Ryan bent over and immediately took him in her mouth, sucking and licking his
maleness until it grew hard again. She stopped and said, "Tell me when you
are close again, and I'll stop," she added with a teasing note, "I want to
see how long you can last before coming."

Jim trembled at her words, knowing the exquisite torture she had planned for
him, then replied, "Ok, Ryan."

She worked her mouth on his hardness for thirty more seconds and stopped when
he called out, "I'm close!"

Ryan laid back on the bed and told him, "Tell me when you feel you're going
soft again and I'll continue."

Jim felt himself shaking with control, wanting to grab her and thrust into
her with his need. But he knew what the consequences of that would be, and
bit his lip trying to suppress his desire.

They did this several more times, until Ryan felt Jim had held out long
enough and then told her apt pupil, "Very good, Jim."

She smiled down at his face in the darkened room and said, "You can fuck me
now and come whenever you want."

Jim jumped up and pushed her flat against the bed, thrusting his hardened
member several times toward her opening and missing. He felt her hand
guide him into her and he sighed with relief as he began pumping his hips
furiously. The bed creaked and the headboard thumped against the wall
steadily as Jim pumped faster and faster with his need.

His arms braced straight out on the bed as he felt the enormous pressure
building in his loins. Jim had never felt more full and hard in his life!
When his release crashed over him he almost fainted with the pleasure it
brought. He pumped several more times into her slickened moist well, then
slumped to the bed, laying down next her and immediately falling asleep.

Ryan looked over at Jim and smiled at his eagerness to please her and hoped
he would never change. She closed her eyes and felt herself drift off into
a restful sleep.

* * *

Christina, RJ and AJ stood in the dark by the window in the next room and
looked down at the two figures embracing below. Christina turned away from
the site and said tearfully, "God, I miss my boyfriend!"

AJ nodded at her side and said, "I miss my girlfriend, too."

RJ looked at Christina and asked, "Christina, how long have you had your

Christina looked at RJ's moonlit features and replied, "A few months," then
asked, "Why?"

RJ looked down at his hands, and shoved them in his pockets, then looked up
at her answering, "No reason." He paused, then added, "curious, that's all."

AJ knew RJ liked Christina more than he was willing to admit and smiled to
himself, and shook his head slightly in sympathy for him.

A steady thumping and the squeaking of a mattress could be heard coming from
the wall and they all turned their eyes toward it. When they realized what it
was, all three giggled and Christina said again with more emphasis, "God, I
miss my boyfriend!"

Chapter 27

Nikki looked down from the darkened room at the embracing couple below, then
stepped away from the window. She smiled and was happy her friend had found
love. Laying down on her bed, she looked at the ceiling and remembered when
she first fell in love with the father of her child. Nikki hoped Kelly had
better luck then she did.

* * *

Ejay held his erection in his hand and stroked it softly while gazing down at
the shadows by the pool. He could barely make out the couple as they got out
of the water and made their way toward the house. Imagining it was him down
by the pool instead of Kelly, Ejay stroked his throbbing member faster and
moaned softly when his essence spilled into his hand.

* * *

Tamyra stared out at the embracing couple from the kitchen window. "Why can't
that be me in Justin's arms?" She thought tearfully, a lump lodging in her

As she stared at them, tears of sadness turned to tears of rage, and she
thought, "I'm going to out-sing and out-perform Kelly Tuesday!"

Forcing her back straight, she said aloud through clenched teeth, "Kelly will
be gone from this house, and Justin will be ALL MINE!" She angrily slapped
the wall switch, turning the outside light on. As the light hit them, the
startled couple quickly broke their loving embrace.

Kelly turned to look at Justin and they smiled softly at each other, the
promise of tomorrow night in their eyes.

Opening the sliding glass door, Justin held his hand to Kelly's lower back,
pushing softly to guide her into the kitchen ahead of him. As Justin followed
after her, his eyes slid over Tamyra and was startled at the hatred in her
eyes. He quickly looked back at her and noticed she was smiling.

"Did I just see Tamyra staring daggers at Kelly?" Justin asked himself. He
shook his head and continued after Kelly, their feet making wet slapping
noises against the cold tile floor.

Justin's stomach growled as he noticed the bowl of fruit on the kitchen
table. He called out to Kelly's retreating back, "I'm going to get something
to eat," he then added, "See you tomorrow, babe."

Kelly looked back and smiled lovingly at him, and said, "Night, love." She
continued out the kitchen and started up the stairs to her room, still in a
fog of bliss at what they shared at the poolside.

Licking his lips in anticipation, Justin grabbed a banana from the bowl and
started peeling it. He looked up at Tamyra as she stood quietly, staring at
him with an intense look on her face.

"What's up, Tam?" Justin inquired, curious as to her strange behavior.

"What's up?" Tamyra echoed, trying to keep her voice steady and smooth. She
walked over to him where he stood by the kitchen entrance. "You! That's
what's up!" Angrily, she knocked the banana from his hand and stared up into
his startled face.

"What's wrong?" Justin asked confused, "What did I do?" Justin thought he
must have said or done something to anger his friend and couldn't stand it
when someone was angry with him.

Tamyra tried not to shout, but her face contorted in rage as she said barely
above a whisper, "You and Kelly will both get kicked off the show!" She tried
to smooth her features, and succeeded, but the anger still lodged in her eyes
as she said looking up into his confused and frightened face, "Break it off
with her! You two don't belong together!"

Justin stood still, amazement and shock flowing on his chiseled features as
he stared at Tamyra, trying to comprehend her outburst. "I don't believe it!"
He thought, as the truth finally dawned on him. "She's jealous!"

Justin's shock and surprise was rapidly turning to anger as he replied in a
stiff, yet controlled voice, "Tamyra, this is none of your business."

She was hurt that he would think it was none of her business. Wanting so
much to hold and touch him, she couldn't control herself anymore and yelled,
"She's not even a woman yet!" Stepping closer to him, she said firmly, "Let
me show you what a real woman can give you."

Tamyra reached up and grabbed his neck, forcing him down into a startled
kiss. She poured her soul into the kiss she wanted from him for so long, but
his lips were stiff and inflexible against her forced desire.

Justin's eyes flew wide at her actions and he reached out and grabbed her
upper arms to push her away from him.

They both jumped when they heard a loud scream at the entrance to the
kitchen. Justin managed to push Tamyra away from him as they both turned to
look where the loud noise came from.

Kelly stood at the entrance to the kitchen, staring in shock and with a
devastated look on her face. Tears poured from her eyes as she stood

Justin saw the look on Kelly's face and said quickly, "Kelly...let me
explain. It's not what you think!"

Kelly shook her head several times, her mouth opening and closing, but no
sound emerged. She finally sobbed loudly, turned and ran from the room.

Justin saw her turn and start to run away and began running after her. But
the wet tiles caused him to slip and he fell crashing to the hard floor.

Tamyra stood quietly watching the scene with a wicked grin on her lips, then
began laughing loudly in triumph.

Chapter 30

EJay leaned back on the pool chaste lounge chair and closed his eyes to
the glare of the noon-day sun. He put his sunglasses on, and sighed in
contentment at the luxury surrounding him. The soft splash of the
artificial waterfall emptying into the pool lulled him into a doze as he
thought about what had happened last night.

* * *

He heard the sound of someone screaming and quickly stuffed his softened
member into his pants, washed his hand of his essence in the nearby bathroom,
then ran down to the floor below where the scene was unfolding. As he walked
up to the group of people milling around outside Kelly and Nikki's bedroom,
he noticed Ryan and Jim walk up from down the hall.

"What's going on?" EJay questioned the group, "Who screamed?"

RJ shrugged and said, "We think Kelly screamed and Justin is in there talking
to her now."

Nikki said angrily, "Kelly saw Justin kissing Tamyra!"

"What?" Several of them said at once. Nikki nodded and explained, "Kelly said
she forgot her towel and was going to get it when she saw Justin in Tamyra's
arms." She then added with an angry gesture, "And he was kissing her!"

They all looked at each other with blank looks, not knowing what to say.

Christina said, "I don't believe it." She then said with certainty, "Justin
wouldn't do that to Kelly!"

AJ shook his head and told them all, "I'm sure Justin has a good explanation
for what happened," he then added, "Why don't' we leave and give them some

They nodded and started leaving, but Nikki leaned against the door and said
defiantly, "I'm staying, in case she needs me."

"Ok, Nikki." RJ said, then patted her shoulder and said, "Goodnight

They said their goodnights and left Nikki to her silent vigil by her bedroom

* * *

EJay opened his eyes as he heard movement in front of him. He noticed a lean
young man in a pair of tight white shorts and bare chest walking over to him
carrying a net on a long pole.

"Thought I was alone here today," EJay thought a little angrily. But then he
noticed the lean hardness to the young man walking toward him, and the way
tiny drops of sweat gleamed on his chest in the sunlight.

EJay smiled, and got up from his lounge chair, stretching his arms above
his head, flexing his muscles in front of the pool boy. He then took his
sunglasses off and walked over to where the younger man was scooping dead
leaves from the pool.

The younger man noticed EJay immediately as he walked into the pool area and
couldn't take his eyes off the muscular man laying on the lounge chair. He
tried to draw attention to himself, and swayed his hips and arms, flexing his
chest muscles and looking toward the black man laying on the lounge chair.
The pool boy was delighted when he saw him turn and watch him as he walked up
to the pool.

"Hello, my name is EJay," EJay said, introducing himself and holding out his

"Hank," the pool boy replied, and shook EJay's hand in greeting.

EJay held Hank's hand, softly shook it, then held it for several long moments
while gazing into his beautiful blue eyes. EJay then looked up at the young
man's hair and noticed it was styled in golden spikes.

Still holding Hank's hand and lightly shaking it, EJay commented, "Nice hair,

Hank held EJay's hand, smiled and said, "Thanks, EJay."

They finally released each other's hand as EJay said, "I thought I would be
alone here today." He then asked, "You want me to leave while you clean the

Hank smiled up at the strong black man and replied, "No, it doesn't take much
time to clean." He then scooped a few dead leaves and turned to EJay and said
with a laugh, "All done!"

They both smiled at each other, then Hank said, "I'm usually the only one
here during the day and I go for a quick swim when I'm done." Looking up into
EJay's friendly face he asked, "Do you mind? I'm not really supposed to, but
as long as no one tells..."

EJay smiled down at the lean, muscular young man and felt a stirring in his
loins. "I won't tell." He looked at the pool, then back at Hank and asked,
"Why don't we both go for a swim?"

Hank smiled, then looked around conspiringly, and whispered to EJay, "Since
I'm usually alone here during the day, I just go in nude."

EJay smiled hugely at this and replied, "I love to swim in the nude." He
winked at Hank and asked, "Why don't we both go nude?"

Hank and EJay laughed at their shared comradery, then the younger man
replied, "Sounds like fun!"

Bending down, Hank quickly slipped out of his white shorts and stood naked in
the sunlight in front of EJay.

EJay stared down at the naked young man in front of him, and noticed Hanks
slightly hardened member. He then smiled into Hanks eyes and lowered his swim
trunks in front of him.

The two men stood a few feet from each other at the pool side, both naked and
free. They enjoyed the look of each other's lean and hard muscled body.

Hank looked from EJay's face, then down to his semi-erection and smiled. The
pool boy then looked up into EJay's face and knew he watched where he was
looking. They smiled at each other, knowing they were of the same mind.

"Come on!" Hank laughed, then lightly slapped EJay's exposed member and dived
into the deep end of the pool.

EJay smiled at Hanks playfulness, laughed and jumped into the pool after him.

They played in the pool, splashing each other, and slowly getting closer and
closer in the deep water.

Soon they were staring into each other's face, water dripping slowly down
their hair and from their chins. They slowly tread water and moved closer
until only inches separated them. Their eyes traveled carefully over the
other's features.

EJay made the first move. He tilted his head and pressed his soft lips to
Hank's in a quick kiss, then he pulled away to see if the younger man would

Hank smiled into EJay's eyes and moved closer, then kissed him, darting his
tongue out and licking EJay's full, sensuous lips. Then Hank began kissing
EJay more passionately as he felt his manhood begin to swell.

"We need to get to shallower water," EJay said, after breaking the kiss,
breathing heavily.

They swam to the shallow end of the pool and EJay stood up. The water was
waist high, and the tip of EJay's erection broke the surface of the water.

Hank looked down and noticed this, then knelt in the pool and took EJay's
hard member in his mouth. He then began sucking and licking eagerly with
his tongue.

EJay arched his back at the instant pleasure and asked, "You like my fat

"Mmmm hmmm," Hank mumbled, his mouth full of EJay's large shaft.

EJay began pumping his hips against Hanks mouth, pulling his large rod in and
out of the younger man's small mouth.

"Oh, yeah. That's good," EJay said, while looking down at Hank trying to keep
his head above the water.

"Come on, I don't want you to drown," EJay said as he pulled Hank up and
hugged him in his strong arms. They shared another deep, lustful kiss and
pumped their hips against each other, rubbing their full members together.

"Let's get out of the pool," EJay said. They both got out of the pool and
went to where EJay's lounge chair sat.

"Give me a rim job," EJay commanded, directing Hank to lick his asshole as
he lay down on his stomach and spread his legs.

Hank complied and knelt down behind EJay. The younger man stuck his tongue
deeply into EJay's anus then began licking his asshole in eagerness.

EJay was in heaven. He hadn't had a man in many months and loved the way
this young man was so willing to please him.

When EJay felt he was close to climax, he turned on his back and said, "I
want to fuck you now." Hank replied, with a slightly flushed, lustful gaze,
"I want you to fuck me, too."

The young man walked over to his shorts and reached into the pocket, pulling
out several condoms. He unwrapped one, put it on EJay, then knelt on the
lounge chair, his ass facing EJay.

EJay loved Hanks' beautiful body, and he couldn't get enough of looking at
the smooth hardened muscles.

Bending forward, EJay licked Hanks exposed asshole and heard him moan in
relief. He continued licking him as he reached his hand between Hanks legs
and pulled and stroked the younger man's hardened member.

Hank was in ecstasy at the wonderful feelings surging through his body.
"Don't stop!" He yelled at EJay as he felt the wave of pleasure building
within him.

EJay laughed softly and continued licking Hank's asshole as he pulled and
stroked the pool boy's erection faster and faster. He felt the young man
shudder with release and quickly knelt behind him, then thrust his hardened
shaft deep into Hank's saliva moistened asshole.

"Yes!" Hank cried out as EJay pumped his hips hard against him, faster and

EJay felt his climax wash over him and grunted loudly with relief, then
pulled Hank close against him, pushing hard several more times until his
pleasure was complete.

"That was good," EJay sighed and removed his softening member, then peeled
off the used condom, tossing it to the ground.

"Yes," Hank agreed, turning to kiss Ejay again, and hold him in a warm hug.

They moved apart and put their clothes back on, then Hank said hopefully,
"Will you be here tomorrow?"

EJay smiled, then shook his head sadly and said, "Sorry, man. Today is my
only day off, the next week will be a scheduling nightmare for me."

Hank nodded sadly at his response and said, "I'm always here on Tuesday's and

He picked up the net and started walking away, then stopped and said, "Meet
me at noon if you are here."

EJay nodded, waved as the pool boy left, then lay back on the lounge chair,
smiling at his conquest.

Chapter 31

Kelly sat on her bed and continued gently combing Justin's curls with her
fingers as he kneeled at her feet, his face buried in her lap. She could
feel the wetness from his tears on her naked legs and smiled with her love
for him. As his sobbing quieted, she began rubbing his tense upper back
and felt him relax at her touch.

Justin hid his face on her thighs and thought, "I can't believe I let anyone
see me like this!" He hated the fact that he lost control. It had been almost
twenty years since anyone had seen him cry.

"She must pity me now," Justin thought, and didn't want to see the sorry look
she would surely give him when he finally faced her.

With a deep breath, Justin raised his face and looked up into Kelly's eyes.
What he saw in her face made his heart ache with joy.

Kelly looked down into Justin's eyes with a face full of love and warmth for
the man that would cry in front of her at the thought of losing her love. She
smiled tenderly, then cupped his beautiful face in her small hands and said,
"Justin, I love you so much."

She then bent her head and kissed his forehead, both his eyes, his nose, then
softly touched his lips with hers.

Justin's chest filled with such a feeling of joy he could hardly breath. He
wanted so much to make love to Kelly, but knew he had to wait until she was
ready. His manhood swelled almost immediately and thrust out hard from his
swim trunks with his great need.

He held on to her calves and bent his head to the tops of her thighs, and
began placing soft kisses that turned more demanding as his need grew.

Kelly saw the naked yearning in his eyes and shivered when the pulses began
again between her legs. She could feel his kisses on her legs grow more
insistent and lay back on the bed, giving up herself to his touch.

Justin raised his head from her lap and saw her lay on the bed and throw her
arms above her head in submission. His erection throbbed painfully now and he
quickly pulled it out the top of his shorts and began pulling it steadily.
Looking down, he noticed the pair of pink panties that had started the whole
chain of events that day. He quickly grabbed them and began rubbing his
engorged shaft with the small pair of underwear.

He abandoned his own ministrations as he used both hands to yank down the
bottom of Kelly's swimsuit and quickly pull them off her legs.

Justin roughly pushed her legs far apart as his head came forward, burying
his face in her womanly folds. He breathed in her musky scent as he began
rubbing his head back and forth, brushing his mouth quickly over her
hardened desire.

"Ah! Justin..." Kelly cried out with the wonderful feel his strength and
need had on her. She began tossing her head with the pleasure his tongue was
bringing on her hardened node.

Justin grabbed the panties again and quickly stroked his outward thrusting
member as his tongue worked her clit faster and faster.

His essence filled the pink panties as he felt her shudder and quake beneath
his mouth.

"Oh, God, Justin!" Kelly cried out with her climax. "I don't know if I can
take anymore!"

Justin smiled and continued licking her more slowly as her shaking quieted
and her legs closed up against his head.

Dropping the sodden panties to the floor, he stuffed his softening manhood
back in his swim trunks and got up on the bed next to Kelly.

She lay with her eyes closed, a small smile curving the corner of her lips.
Her chest heaved slightly as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

He looked down at her half-naked form and marveled at her beauty. Wanting to
see all of her, he reached out and pulled the tie holding her swimsuit top
together between her breasts.

As the tie came undone, the two halves of her top fell to the bed, revealing
her small upright breasts to him. Her small nipples were hard and surrounded
by one inch pink areolas.

She continued laying with her eyes closed as Justin bent to take one nipple
in his mouth, then began gently licking and sucking it.

"Ah, that feels so good," Kelly said to Justin as he worked her nipple with
his tongue.

He smiled against her breast, then moved to the other nipple and began
licking and nibbling it. When he felt her breast push against his mouth, he
began sucking and licking the nipple harder.

"Oh, I never thought it would feel so good!" Kelly cried out as Justin
continued licking her nipples and gently sucking them. She began feeling the
throb between her legs again and marveled at how much he could make her feel.

She held his head against her breast, keeping him at his task as she moaned
and started pumping her hips with pleasure.

Justin was amazed Kelly was so sensuous. No other woman he had been with was
so naturally erotic. He continued licking her nipples as his fingers reached
down between her legs and fingered her hardened clit.

"Oh, God! I'm going to come again!" Kelly cried out as she pumped her hips
harder against his quickening fingers.

Her back arched sharply and she threw her hand up to her mouth, biting down
hard when the wave of pleasure crashed over her for the fourth time that day.

Shaking with exhausted pleasure she trembled as Justin licked her nipples a
few more times, then looked up into her flushed face.

"I love you, Kelly." Justin said, then kissed her lips tenderly, then with
more passion with the love he felt for her.

She looked into his soulful eyes and saw the love for her in them. Smiling
with happiness she said, "Justin, I think I'm ready for you to make love to

Laughing softly, she shook her head and added, "But not tonight. If I come
again, I think it will kill me!"

Justin was overjoyed at her agreement to make love and laughed along with
her as they pushed off of her bed, and stood in her room. She wrapped a robe
around her as she walked him to her bedroom door.

"Tomorrow night, then," Justin said, then bent down and gave her a kiss full
with promise.

Chapter 32

Nikki leaned against the bedroom door and frowned. "I hope she is alright,"
she muttered under her breath. "It's way too quiet in there," she said to
herself, turning to press her ear against the door.

She heard a loud moan, so she quietly opened the door and peeked in at Justin
and Kelly.

Nikki's eyes went wide and heat flooded her face as she closed the door
quietly and leaned back against it. Sighing loudly, she thought, "God, I need
a man!"

Tingling pulses started between Nikki's legs as the image of what she just
glimpsed went through her mind. "I definitely need a man, and now!" She
stated silently to herself, then thought, "But who in this house is

"Hmmm," she muttered and said quietly, "The only ones available are AJ, Jim,
EJay and RJ."

She ticked them off on her fingers as she observed silently, "AJ is only 17,
so he is a little too young for me."

Lifting her second finger she thought, "Jim is with Ryan, that's obvious.
And he is a bit wimpy for me, anyway."

She lifted a third finger and said aloud, "EJay." Shaking her head, she went
on with the last choice, "RJ."

"Hmmmm," She said quietly, "RJ is pretty cute..." Looking down the hall
toward his room she shrugged her shoulders and thought, "Why not?"

Nikki felt in her pockets for the few condoms she always carried with her,
'just in case' and walked the short distance to RJ's room, then knocked on
his door softly.

"Who is it?" RJ's sleepy voice called out from the other side of the door. He
yawned then asked, "What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you!" Nikki replied in an urgent tone.

RJ got out of bed, then looked down at his underwear and quickly pulled a
towel around his waste. He opened the bedroom door for her and said quietly,
"Come on in."

"Who is that?" AJ said from his bed, shading his eyes from the lighted

"It's just Nikki," RJ replied, then said, "We'll go in the hall to talk so
you can sleep."

AJ muttered something, then turned on his side away from the light.

Nikki pulled on RJ's arm to hurry him out the door and said in a stressed
whisper, "I REALLY need to talk to you RJ. NOW!"

RJ looked at Nikki and noticed her slightly flushed face and was at a loss to
understand what could be so important that couldn't wait until the morning.
Wiping the sleep out of his eyes, he nodded and let her drag him to an extra
bedroom a few doors away.

"What's in here?" RJ asked, completely naive.

"We are!" Nikki replied as she closed and locked the door, then pushed him
against the wall, and pulled his face to hers in a passionate kiss.

RJ broke the kiss and said in surprise, "What the..?"

"I want to have sex with you, RJ," Nikki said bluntly. "Do you want to have
sex with me?"

RJ stared at her for several moments, blinking rapidly with his mouth open in
shock. As understanding dawned on him, he closed his mouth and smiled at her,
then answered, "Sure, Nikki."

Nikki smiled at his response. She was almost positive he wouldn't turn her
down, but she couldn't be one-hundred percent sure. Looking down at the towel
around his waste, she reached out and slowly tugged it free and let it drop
to the floor.

"Let's see what you have for me RJ," Nikki said as she yanked at his
underwear, pulling them down his legs as she knelt in front of him.

"Very good, RJ!" Nikki said, observing the half-erect maleness in front of

RJ smiled down at her and replied, "Glad you like that Nikki," he then added,
"Give me a good blow job. I haven't had one in a while."

She laughed softly at his eagerness, then bent her head closer and took the
tip of his shaft in her mouth, licking and sucking until he was fully erect.

"Oh, that's good," RJ said, closing his eyes and spreading his legs to brace

Nikki sucked and licked his hardened manhood for several minutes as RJ moaned
and called out encouragement. She spat out his erection and said abruptly,
"My turn now."

Quickly shedding her clothes, she went to the bed and lay down, spreading her
legs widely and called to RJ, "Come eat me now."

RJ felt his erection bobbing as he walked over to the bed, climbed up to
between her spread legs, and pressed his face into her musky folds.

She reached down and spread her folds wide, giving his tongue better access.

RJ licked up and down her delicate inner folds as she squirmed frustratingly.
"Lick me here," She demanded, pointing her finger at her swollen clit.

He saw where she was pointing and brought his tongue to bear on the hardened

"Ahh! That's it, RJ" Nikki praised as his tongue began licking where she
wanted him to.

"Suck me once in a while, too," She told him and felt him start sucking on
her clit while licking. He licked and sucked her node of desire as she cried
out her pleasure.

She began pumping her hips against his mouth, and directed him, "Faster, lick
me faster, RJ!"

RJ's tongue moved faster and faster on her sex as she tossed her head and
pumped harder against his mouth.

He was almost bucked off of her as her hips pumped against him. Reaching
under her, he held onto her ass, allowing his tongue to stay in contact with
her sex.

Nikki's back arched and she pressed her sex tightly against his moving tongue
as she shuddered and cried out her release. She then slumped to the bed,
breathing heavily and told RJ, "Go get one of the condoms out of my pants
pocket, then you can fuck me."

RJ smiled and did as she requested. When he got back on the bed, she was
waiting for him and asked, "You want me to put that on for you, RJ?"

Looking down at the condom in his hands, RJ smiled shyly and replied,
"Thanks, Nikki. I've never worn one before."

She had guessed as much at his ineptitude at oral sex. Taking the condom from
his hand, she quickly opened it and slipped it on his erection.

"All set. Have at it," She said as she lay back on the bed, spreading her
legs wide.

RJ was so excited he hardly could get his hard member into her. She had to
help guide him in. He lay half on her and began kissing her breasts as his
hips thrust his manhood quickly in and out of her.

His mouth found her nipple and he sucked and licked it as his hips pumped
faster into her moist opening.

Smiling at how eager he was, she wasn't surprised that within a minute he had
shuddered with his climax.

After he removed himself, she asked him, "How many times have you been with a
woman, RJ?"

Looking down, slightly embarrassed, RJ replied, "A few times." He then asked,
"Why? Does it show?"

She reached over and patted his face gently, then said, "Not that much. You
are a fast learner, though." Smiling, she asked, "Would you like me to teach
you how to please a woman?"

RJ nodded his head and replied, "Yes. Only..." He looked at the bedroom
door, than back to her, "Could you not tell any of the others?"

Nikki laughed softly, smiled and agreed, "It will be our little secret."

Chapter 33

Tamyra sat at the kitchen table holding the banana that she had knocked out
of Justin's hand earlier and stared blankly off into space. She went over and
over in her mind what she could have done differently or said differently to
make Justin look at her the way he looked at Kelly.

Tears welled in her large brown eyes as her heart broke at the thought of all
the love she had to give Justin and knowing he would never return it.

"Why can't he love me?" She sobbed to the empty room and buried her face in
her hands, crying out her heartache.

She sat sobbing for a long time in the empty kitchen, but finally she had no
more tears left to shed.

"If that damn bitch weren't always interrupting us," Tamyra thought angrily
as she recalled the many times she was alone with Justin. How she was close
to telling him how she felt, and in would walk Kelly, completely destroying
the moment.

"Why does she always have to be around him?" She asked the empty kitchen and
thought, "All I needed was a moment alone and I could have shown him what a
real woman could give him."

A growing smile of comprehension slowly raised her full lips as a thought
entered her devious mind.

She looked at the kitchen clock and noticed it was after 1am, then quickly
got to her feet and practically ran up the stairs.

"They should all be asleep by now," Tamyra thought as she tip-toed down the
dark hallway up to Justin and EJay's room.

As quietly as she could, she twisted the door knob, opened the door, then
slipped inside.

The sound of two people breathing quietly in sleep drifted over to her as
she gently pushed the door closed. Her heart beat faster as she loosened the
front of her robe, revealing her naked body beneath it.

Smiling in anticipation, she slowly walked up and knelt next to Justin's bed.
The scent of his cologne was clear in the air and she breathed in deeply,
reveling in his wonderful aroma.

"Your mine now," Tamyra whispered softly, "And Kelly isn't going to interrupt
us this time."

Quickly raising the bed covers, she slipped into the bed next to Justin as he
lay sleeping soundly on his back.

She brought her lips over and kissed his neck, then trailed her hand down his
naked chest and ridges of hard muscles. His stomach twitched slightly at her
touch as she continued moving her hand lower to rest on his flaccid maleness
inside his underwear.

"Mmmmm," Justin moaned in his sleep and she smiled in delight at her success
so far.

She kissed his cheeks and lightly brushed his lips with hers as her hand
reached in and pulled his member out the front of his underwear. Pulling and
stroking softly, she gently teased his flaccid member to life as he slept on,

"Kelly," Justin said in his sleep. Tamyra frowned in anger and yanked hard on
his erection.

Justin immediately came awake and asked blearily, "What?"

A light flicked on by the nearby bed and EJay looked over and asked, "What's
going on?"

Justin looked in surprise at Tamyra laying next to him and he was even more
shocked when he felt her hand on his hard manhood.

"What are you doing here?!" Justin yelled, and scrambled off the bed, falling
to the side of the floor away from Tamyra.

Tears spilled from her eyes at her failure and she quickly pulled her robe
together and got out of Justin's bed.

"Better luck next time," EJay told her with a smile flickering over his lips.

Tamyra turned to EJay angrily, walked over to him and slapped his face hard.
She then stormed out of the room and slammed the door after her.

"God!," Justin said shakily as he got back into his bed, pulling the covers
up to hide his erection, "This place is a madhouse today!"

EJay noticed Justin's erection and got out of bed. He rubbed his smarting
cheek with his hand as he walked over and sat on the side of Justin's bed.
Looking down at his erection clearly outlined under the covers, EJay asked,
"She got you all hot and worked up, didn't she?"

Justin looked down at his erection poking the covers up and nodded,

"I can take care of that for you, man." EJay told him, looking him deeply in
the eyes. "You know how I feel about you."

Justin nodded and returned EJay's frank stare, "I know. You already told me."
He then shook his head and said, "But I don't fly that way." Patting EJay's
arm consolingly, he said, "Sorry EJay."

EJay nodded, then got up off Justin's bed and returned to his own saying over
his shoulder, "Tell me if you ever change your mind." When he got back into
bed, he reached to turn off the light, then said, "Justin, you are one hell
of a man."

Chapter 34

"Get another condom from my pocket," Nikki directed RJ as she lay back on the
bed, relaxing.

She watched as he hurried to obey her and felt her sex begin to throb in
anticipation. "Bring both of them, RJ," Nikki told him, and noticed him smile
in response.

When he got back on the bed, she began her instructions. "A woman likes to be
cuddled and caressed." She patted the bed beside her and he lay down by her
side, listening intently.

"Unless she tells you otherwise, like I did earlier," She laughed, then
continued, "A woman wants to be touched gently and slowly brought to

"What do I do first?" RJ asked while gazing down at her naked body and
feeling his manhood swell in response.

She looked down and noticed his firming shaft and smiled up into his face,
"Massage my arms, then hold my hand and caress my palm. Gently."

He did as she instructed and realized the simple touch was making him just as
excited as when he was licking between her legs earlier. Smiling at this new
revelation, he caressed and smoothed the soft skin of her arms. RJ then
reached for her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the palm and licking
it lightly.

"Oh, that's good RJ!" Nikki encouraged as he rubbed her palm with his big

"One of the most sensitive places on a person's body are their eyelids," she
told him, then asked, "Did you know that?"

RJ was amazed, then shook his head and asked dumbfounded, "Your eyelids?

"Really." Nikki replied and told him, "Lay on your back and I'll show you
what I mean."

RJ lay back eagerly waiting to see what she would do, and felt his member
grow harder in response.

Nikki bent over his face and told him with a small laugh, "Close your eyes
and see if you can lay still, without squirming." She then bent over his
eyelids and gently blew on them, then kissed them lightly.

RJ tried not to squirm, but a tickling sensation in his lower back made him
quiver in response.

She lightly licked along his eyelashes and watched as he squirmed and
shivered at her touch.

"I told you!" She confirmed as he looked up into her eyes and replied, "That
was the strangest feeling I've ever had!"

RJ was now more eager than ever to have Nikki tell him how to bring pleasure
to a woman. He hoped in his secret heart to one day be able to show all he
knew to Christina, if she would only let him.

"Let me try this on you," RJ said and pushed her back against the bed. He
then did what she had done to him. He laughed at his success when she
squirmed and shivered at the touch of his tongue.

"It works!" He said ecstatically, then asked quickly, "What else? What else?"

Laughing at his eagerness, Nikki replied, "Now I will show you where a
woman's G-spot is."

"G-spot?" RJ asked and looked at her quizzically, "I think I've heard of that
before, but isn't that your clitoris?"

Nikki shook her head negatively and told him, "Close, but not quite, RJ." She
lay back and spread her legs again on the bed, then pulled her womanly folds
wide and told him, "Lick my pussy, RJ."

RJ nodded his head in agreement and quickly got between her legs, studying
her pink folds and trying to find the G-spot she had mentioned.

"Come on, RJ," Nikki directed him as her sex pulsed in anticipation, "Lick my
pussy. Now."

RJ stuck his tongue out and began licking her hardened flesh, where she told
him to earlier and heard her sigh in relief.

"Good boy, RJ," Nikki told him as she closed her eyes, enjoying the
pleasurable pulses traveling up from his slowly moving tongue.

When she felt she was on her way to climax she told him, "Hold two fingers
together and stick them inside me."

He stopped licking her moist clit and looked up as she demonstrated, holding
her index and middle finger together.

Doing as she instructed, he pushed them inside her and waited.

Quivering and breathing rapidly, she told him, "Now press upward and feel for
a hard bump."

RJ did as she told him and asked, "What is the bump?" He then called out, "I
think I feel it!"

Nikki then told him, while panting slightly, "That's a woman's G-spot, RJ."
Taking a deep breath and trying to hold off her climax, she then told him,
"Continue licking my pussy while you rub it."

Bending down to her sex, he moved his fingers on her G-spot, pulling his
fingers in and out of her as his tongue licked her hard clit.

"Faster RJ! Lick and suck me faster!" Nikki cried out as her hips began
pumping against his working tongue.

RJ moved his tongue faster on her clit and sucked it eagerly as his two
fingers rubbed the spot inside her harder.

Nikki tossed her head and her fingers dug into the bed sheets as she felt the
pressure building between her legs. RJ's tongue licked her faster and faster
as her hips pumped against his mouth and his fingers moved in and out of her
sex, rubbing the hard bump deep inside her.

"Ahhhhh!" Nikki yelled out as her back arched and her body grew stiff as the
incredible pulses of pleasure shot up her body from his rubbing fingers and
moving tongue. She convulsed several times on the bed as he continued licking
and moving his fingers.

"God!" She exclaimed, slumping to the bed and breathing heavily. She wiped
the sweat from her face and said, "My God, you are a fast learner, RJ!"

RJ smiled, then told her, "Nikki, I'm about to burst." He then begged, "Can
I fuck you now? Please?"

"Ok, RJ." She breathed a big sigh of satisfaction, "Just one more thing."

RJ nodded and waited while she gained her breath.

"Try to see if you can hold out for at least 10 minutes before you climax,"
Nikki told him as she stretched her legs straight, flexing her muscles, then
pulling them wide again.

RJ looked down and replied, "I don't know if I can, Nikki."

"Sure you can, " she answered, then explained, "When you feel you are within
30 seconds of climax, stop until you feel the climax recede, then go on." She
smiled at him and said, "It's simple."

Looking down at the condom wrapper in his hand, he replied, "I'll try Nikki."

He quickly put the condom on himself, then knelt between her legs, and
inserted his swollen manhood into her moist well. His hips began a steady
thrust, but within seconds, he had to stop and hold himself still inside
her as she looked deeply into his eyes.

"That's good, RJ," She encouraged, then touched his face gently with her

After a while, he began pumping again. This went on for almost 10 minutes,
then she told him, "Ok, You can come now, RJ."

RJ sighed in relief and began pumping harder and faster into her as he felt
the climax build within him. His legs stiffened and his back arched as he
grunted loudly when he finally felt his essence spurt into the confining

Slumping down on top of her, he kissed and nuzzled her neck, then murmured
into her ear, "Thank you, Nikki. Thank you."

Nikki held RJ to her and gently rocked him then said, "This is just the
beginning, RJ." She then said more softly, "Just the beginning."

Chapter 35

Justin lay fidgeting in the dark room, trying to relax. His erection throbbed
painfully as he lay staring up at the ceiling, while thoughts of Kelly swam
through his mind. He recalled how she lay naked on her bed, with a flushed
and glowing face as she looked up at him with love in her eyes. Moving his
tongue in his mouth, he remembered the taste and smell of her.

With a frustrated sigh, Justin threw the covers away from him and got out of

EJay heard him get up and asked in a hopeful tone, "Did you change your

Justin replied in a strained voice, "I'm going to take a cold shower." He
moved in the dark toward the open bathroom door and closed it, then switched
on the light.

Justin looked down at his rock hard erection poking outward and quickly
removed his underwear, then turned on the cold water in the shower.

EJay heard the shower come on and wished Justin would change his mind, but
knew he probably never would. With a big yawn, EJay turned on his side and
slowly drifted off to sleep.

Justin jumped into the stream of water and yipped as the ice cold water hit
his skin. He immediately turned the warm water on, hating the feeling of
being cold.

His maleness thrust out as strong as ever and he looked down at it, wishing
he was with Kelly. Justin closed his eyes and thought of the last time he
touched her, then began pulling and stroking his hard member. He turned his
face up to the warm water, letting it wash over him as he pulled harder and
faster on his shaft.

Justin opened his eyes as he remembered there was some conditioner in the
shower. He turned his back on the stream of water, letting it cascade down
his hard back muscles, well-defined buttocks and long lean legs as he picked
up the small container. After opening the bottle of liquid, he squirted some
in his palm, then began rubbing the slippery fluid over his engorged shaft.

"Oh, that's good," Justin said quietly as his hand glided more easily over
his hard manhood. He moved his legs wider and reached down to fondle his
balls, then back up to pull and stroke his hard member.

A shower massager was hooked next to his shoulder and he reached for it,
then turned it on, pointing the pulses of water underneath his balls. He
continued steadily pulling his throbbing member smoothly with one hand
while his other hand directed the jets of water upward between his balls
and anus.

He smiled and closed his eyes in satisfaction as the steady pulses of
water massaged the tender skin between his legs. Tilting his head back and
spreading his legs as far as they would go in the narrow shower stall, he
directed the shooting water alternately on his balls, down the ridged
membrane behind his scrotum, and then onto his anus.

"Ahh," Justin sighed at the pleasurable sensations emanating from the warm
water and his fast moving hand. He stroked harder on his thick shaft as he
remembered the feel of Kelly's clit in his mouth when he sucked and licked
her. He recalled how she moaned in pleasure and pumped her sex against his

"God, I want her so badly," Justin sobbed as he pulled harder on his thick
shaft and pumped his hips against his moving hand. He felt the pressure build
in his loins and glided his hand more firmly against his hard member, pulling
and yanking it as he breathed faster and his muscles strained.

He finally shuddered with relief as his essence spurt into his hand and out
onto the shower wall. Justin opened his eyes, his tension now gone, and
breathed a big sigh of relief as he hung the massager back up and quickly
made sure all evidence was washed down the drain.

Justin turned off the shower, dried off and pulled on his underwear. He then
switched off the bathroom light and made his way in the dark back to his bed,
crawling under the covers, exhausted.

As he lay back on the bed, relaxed now, he realized that when he woke up that
morning, the first thing on his mind was finding a way to tell Kelly how he
felt about her. He smiled, realizing all that had changed in one short day.
Knowing she loved him as much as he loved her made him smile with joy. Justin
closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, a smile of happiness still on his

Chapter 36

EJay came awake with a start and opened his eyes, wondering what had woken
him. The sound of the shower drifted quietly in the room and he asked
himself, "Did I just hear a loud noise?" Then with a worried frown he
thought, "What if Justin fell in the shower and hit his head. What if he's

With concern etching his thick features, he quickly got out of bed and went
up to the bathroom door. "I better peek in and make sure he's ok," EJay
reasoned as he opened the door slightly and looked in.

What EJay saw made his eyes go wide and his jaw drop. He stood gazing at the
glorious view in front of him as a smile of happiness quickly lifted his full

The clear shower door hid nothing from EJay's gaze as he thought with an
admiring smile, "He is like a work of art." He opened the door a little
wider and said quietly, "Beautiful, simply beautiful." Words failed to
express the natural beauty and wild abandon of what he watched in front
of him.

Justin stood with his head thrown back, his eyes closed and a smile of
ecstasy on his face as water cascaded down his back and glistened on his
tanned skin. Moaning with pleasure, he directed the shower massager up
between his spread legs and his hand stroked and pulled steadily on his
hard shaft.

As EJay watched Justin's movements, he felt an erection lift and strain
the front of his underwear. He turned away from the door and went to his
suitcase by his bed, then dug through it searching for the KY Jelly. When
his hand came to rest on the small container, he let out a sigh of relief
and eagerly returned to the bathroom door.

EJay resumed watching Justin as he shoved his shorts down roughly, stuck
his fingers into the smooth jelly and began working it onto his engorged

"Ahh," EJay moaned in pleasure as he began stroking his member as he watched
Justin in the shower.

EJay began moving his hand and pulling his shaft in time with Justin's. He
matched him stroke for stroke, pulling on his hard member when Justin pulled,
stroking when Justin stroked. "Beautiful, beautiful man," EJay thought as he
began pumping his hips as Justin did.

"God, I want her so badly," Justin murmured and EJay knew how he felt. But
his feelings were directed at Justin, not Kelly.

EJay repeated what Justin said in a strained whisper, "Oh God, I want him so

Justin was completely unaware of the silent witness as he pumped and strained
with his self pleasure. He moaned in the shower and stroked harder on his
member, pulling and yanking it with a needful frenzy.

EJay felt the pressure building in his loins. When he heard the way Justin
moaned, he began pulling harder on his shaft, knowing they were both close to

With a stifled grunt, EJay closed his eyes and bit his lip as he felt his
essence spurt out and fill his hand. He opened his eyes in time to see
Justin's back and leg muscles strain and tighten, then watched as Justin's
seed sprayed out onto the shower wall.

EJay smiled, then sighed in satisfaction as he held his now softening member
in his hand. He put his eye to the door and continued to peek in as long as
he dared. When Justin opened his eyes and began washing down the shower wall,
he quietly closed the bathroom door and made his way in the darkened room to
the suitcase by his bed.

Reaching into the bag, he brought out a small hankie. He quickly wiped off
his hand and any errant drops clinging to his softened member. After shoving
the soiled hankie and KY Jelly into his bag, he crawled back into bed and lay
down, completely relaxed.

Smiling in happiness at the beautiful site he just witnessed, EJay closed his
eyes and drifted off to sleep with a smile lingering on his full lips.

Chapter 37

Justin walked into the dining room and was surprised when he noticed Paula
sitting at the head of the table.

"Paula!" Justin said with a surprised smile, "What are you doing here?"

"I came by to have breakfast with all of you on your first morning in the
Mansion," She replied while smiling over at the handsome young man.

"Well, that's great!" He said happily, then sat next to her at the table.

Justin looked around and noticed Nikki, Kelly, Tamyra and AJ were missing and
noted, "Not everyone is here yet, I see." He breathed a small sigh of relief
at Tamyra's empty chair.

Nikki walked in and said, "Hi Paula!" She looked at the people sitting around
the table then asked her, "Is there going to be another meeting?"

Paula shook her head, smiled and replied, "No meeting today. I'm here to
make you all feel more at ease with all this opulence." She then gestured at
the ornate table, fancy chandelier and elegant furnishings.

They laughed and smiled at her reply and Justin said, "It's pretty amazing.
We all feel like we won the lottery!" He smiled at the people around the
table and they smiled back, nodding their heads in agreement.

Gustoff, the Norwegian chef walked in and said worriedly, "Can I serve now?
The food is getting cold!"

Nikki told everyone as she sat next to Justin, "Kelly will be down in a few
minutes, she just woke up." She winked at Justin and said more quietly, "She
had a very busy day yesterday."

Justin felt his face slightly flush at her implied remark and looked around
the table to see if anyone heard what Nikki said.

He felt his flush deepen when he noticed their knowing smiles and quickly
glanced down at his empty plate, then shyly lowered his head in

Paula didn't notice the silent interplay around the table and turned to
Gustoff and said, "Go ahead and serve breakfast," She smiled up at the tall,
muscular blonde chef and said, "AJ, Tamyra and Kelly should be down shortly."

Gustoff nodded in relief and rushed into the kitchen, then wheeled out a cart
with several silver containers full of eggs, sausages, biscuits, toast and
various other breakfast items.

The muscular Norwegian chef pushed the cart over and easily transferred the
heavy laden containers to the side table. When finished, he turned to the
people seated at the table and said with a big smile, "Bring your plates over
and help yourselves."

The tall young man bowed to them as they started getting up and then pushed
the empty cart back into the kitchen.

As they all lined up with plates in hand at the serving counter, EJay asked
Jim, "Where's AJ? Is he ok?"

Jim replied, "AJ wanted to sleep as long as possible. He's not a morning
person at all." He smiled then told EJay, "AJ's only seventeen, you know.
Kids need more sleep."

Jim laughed softly at his witty remark as EJay stared at him and thought,
"What's so funny?"

When they all got their food and sat down at the table, the men ate quickly
as the women took small bites, knowing they had to be careful with their

Justin was one of the first done eating. All he could think of was a way to
get upstairs to see Kelly alone before they all went to the studio.

He almost choked on a piece of sausage, he was eating so fast. Within minutes
Justin pushed his chair back, got up and said to the group still eating at
the table, "That was delicious." Pushing his chair in, he said hurriedly, "I
need to run upstairs for something, I'll be back in a few minutes." As he
trotted out of the dining room he heard Jim call out, "Could you make sure AJ
is awake?"

Justin yelled over his shoulder, "Sure, no problem." He ran upstairs and went
quickly to AJ and Jim's room, knocked on the door and asked, "AJ? Are you

He heard some muffled sounds in the room, then AJ's strained voice call out,
"I'm awake!"

Justin said, "Breakfast is getting cold. You better get downstairs soon,

"Ok Justin," AJ called out a little breathlessly.

"I wonder what's going on in there?" Justin thought as he walked up to Kelly
and Nikki's room, then opened the door without knocking and stepped in.

* * *

Tamyra sat on her bed staring off into space. She didn't know how she could
go downstairs and face Justin, or any of the others after what happened last
night. Tears started trickling down her face as she thought about how Justin
reacted when he saw her in bed with him. He scrambled away from her so fast,
that she knew he couldn't stand being near her!

She put her hands over her face and cried in anguish at the way he made her
feel. Her back stiffened when she heard Justin's voice call out down the
hallway. Tamyra quickly wiped her tears and went to her bedroom door, opening
it slightly to look out.

As Justin turned away from AJ and Jim's room, she noticed how big his smile
was. His face was radiant as he went to Kelly and Nikki's room and walked in.

"I hate her!" She thought angrily and gritted her teeth in a jealous rage as
more tears leaked from her eyes. Tamyra sobbed out in a choked voice, "Why
can't he smile like that at me?"

She slammed the door and went back to her bed, then lay down and stared at
the ceiling as tears of misery slowly leaked down her face.

* * *

Paula couldn't get enough of looking at the tall Norwegian chef. "Gustoff is
such a manly name," She thought as she admired the bulging muscles on his
arms as he lifted the heavy silver trays to the serving table.

She waited eagerly for Gustoff to return and watched him as he lifted the
heavy containers to the cart when they were finished eating.

EJay said after burping behind his napkin, "That was the best breakfast I've
ever had!" He then looked longingly at the empty sausage container and asked
Gustoff, "Are there any sausages left?"

Gustoff smiled at the compliment and replied, "I'll get some more for you,
young sir."

As he wheeled the cart into the kitchen, Paula patted her lips lightly with
her napkin and stood up then said to EJay, "Let me get the sausages for you."

She headed for the kitchen, then said, "I've heard the kitchen is beautiful
and wanted to get a look at it, anyway."

* * *

Gustoff noticed how Paula was staring at his every move and felt his body
respond to her blatant glances. His manhood was throbbing behind his apron
and he was glad to be alone in the kitchen for a few moments to quickly
relieve the problem.

He faced the sink and pulled his heavy apron aside, then thrust his pants
down to reveal his long, thick throbbing shaft and began stroking and pulling
it quickly. Gustoff didn't hear the kitchen door open and was surprised when
he felt a small hand on his arm.

* * *

Paula went quietly into the kitchen, then stopped and stared at the site in
front of her. She stood and watched the tall young man's back and noticed
his arm jerking up and down in front of him. "Is he doing what I think he's
doing?" She asked herself while smiling and walking up to him silently.

Her head barely reached Gustoff's shoulder, so she peeked over his elbow and
saw the reddened shaft sticking hard and strong out of the front of his pants
and felt her body react at the site. "I think I'll help him with that," Paula
thought and reached her hand out to touch his arm.

Chapter 38

Justin walked into the bedroom and looked around eagerly. He was hoping to
surprise Kelly while she was dressing and frowned when he didn't see her.
Then he smiled when he heard the sound of the shower coming from the nearby

"Perfect," Justin said as he opened the bathroom door and walked in. He stood
and watched Kelly through the clear shower door as he quickly undressed.

* * *

Kelly delayed getting out of bed as long as possible.

"Come on, Kelly!" Nikki said urgently, "We only have another half-hour before
we need to leave for the studio!"

"Alright, alright," Kelly responded as she rolled sluggishly out of bed, "I'm
just going to take a quick shower, first." She dragged her feet into the
bathroom and said, "I'll see you downstairs in a few minutes."

"Ok," Nikki laughed as she got her things together and started for the door,
"Don't fall asleep in there!"

"Ha, ha. Very funny," Kelly chuckled and closed the bathroom door, then
slipped out of her small nightgown and turned on the warm water in the

"Ahhh, that's good," She mumbled, tilting her head up to let the warm water
wash over her face. She thought about the night to come and felt butterfly's
flit through her stomach.

"I can't believe tonight I will become a woman," She thought and looked down
at the shelf, noticing the raiser sitting there. "Guess I better shave
first," She smiled and thought, "I want to be nice and smooth for my honey."

The thought of Justin touching and licking between her legs sent moisture
flooding her sex and she shivered in anticipation. "God," She gasped out and
shook her head in amazement, "I can't believe how often I think about sex
now!" She chuckled softly as she soaped between her legs and quickly shaved
herself smooth.

"That's good," She thought and touched her outer folds, noticing how
sensitive the smooth skin was.

* * *

Justin stood naked in the bathroom looking down at his throbbing erection and
smiled. He returned his gaze to Kelly and watched through the clear shower
door as she fondled herself in front of him.

Kelly's leg was resting on the shower bench as she bent her head forward,
smoothing and touching herself between her legs.

"Oh, my beautiful baby," Justin said softly and walked forward, opened the
shower door and stepped inside.

Kelly looked up with a start when she saw the shower door open and quickly
put her leg down and stood up, embarrassed. She put one arm over her breasts
and a hand down to hide her sex as she looked shyly down at the shower floor.

"Kelly," Justin said with a teasing smile, "Look at me."

She kept her eyes on the floor shyly, then remembered he had already seen her
naked last night. Kelly lifted her eyes to his and saw the teasing smile on
his face, then smiled in return as she slowly relaxed her arms to her sides.

"Justin," Kelly said with a happy smile and moved toward him.

He bent his head and kissed her with an intensity that nearly took her breath
away. His tongue sucked hers into his mouth and caressed it as his hands
found her breasts.

"Mmmm," She moaned, then leaned toward him as his thumbs rubbed her nipples
and his tongue thrust into her mouth. She sucked on his tongue eagerly and
felt her hips thrust automatically toward him in response.

Justin broke the kiss breathing heavily and grabbed her arms hard, then said,
"God, Kelly, I want you now!"

Kelly nodded her head in agreement, but said, "We don't have time, Justin!"
She looked toward the clock hanging on the shower room wall and said, "We
need to be downstairs in ten minutes!"

Justin smiled and said, "I think ten minutes is just enough time for what I
have in mind."

Shuddering in anticipation at his words, she smiled and asked, "What's that?"

He laughed and bent his head to kiss her quickly, then said, "You'll find

Bending down to take a nipple in his mouth, Justin sucked and licked it
quickly and heard her moan in delight. He then knelt in front of her and
said, "Spread your legs wide, baby."

She shuddered again and her stomach did little flip flops as she did as he
asked and spread her legs in the shower. The water beat steadily on her back
as Justin put his mouth up to her sex. Kelly felt him pull her outer lips
wide and shivered as she watched him stick his tongue out and flick her clit

"Oh!" Kelly cried out as she felt her clit swell and throb at his touch.

Justin flicked her clit again and asked, "You like that, baby?"

Kelly shivered and pushed herself against his mouth, then begged, "Please,

"Please, what?" Justin asked, then flicked her clit quickly twice with his

"Oh, God!" Kelly moaned and tilted her head back, letting the water wash down
her head and burning face.

"Tell me what you want," Justin said in a demanding tone, then repeated,
"Tell me!"

She looked down at him kneeling in front of her with his mouth inches from
her exposed clit and shivered again. Blinking the water out of her eyes, she
looked away from his penetrating gaze and mumbled softly, "Lick me."

Justin teasingly flicked his tongue against her clit again and felt her jump
at his touch. He smiled in delight at his little game and replied, "I didn't
hear you, Kelly."

"Ahh!" Kelly moaned and closed her eyes, unable to stand the torture anymore.
She opened her eyes and looked down into Justin's penetrating gaze, then
watched as he stuck his tongue slowly out and licked her back and forth

"Please!" Kelly begged him as she trembled and shook with her need.

He smiled up at her and replied, "Tell me. Tell me to lick your pussy."

She felt as if her face was on fire and her whole body shook with her need.
Kelly wanted desperately to feel his tongue on her hardened desire. Finally,
she released her inhibitions and cried out, "Lick me!" She looked deeply
into his beautiful eyes and said, "Lick my pussy, Justin."

Justin laughed softly at his success and did as she requested. He stuck his
tongue out and moved it back and forth slowly on her swollen clit.

"Oh, God!" Kelly moaned and watched as his tongue moved on her tender flesh.

She pushed her hips forward toward his working tongue and noticed his head
back off. He looked up at her and asked, "Not good enough?"

Kelly was breathing heavily and panted out, "Lick me faster, Justin!"

Justin smiled at her and stuck his tongue out again, then began licking her
clit back and forth faster now, but with just the tip of his tongue.

Kelly's eyes rolled up in her head and she titled her head back, letting the
water wash down her face and called out, "Harder! Lick me harder, Justin!"

Justin was glad he had broken through her inhibitions and moved the full
length of his tongue against her, stroking it harder against her swollen,
throbbing clit.

"Lick me! Suck me! Oh, God!" She cried out unaware of what she was saying
anymore as the waves of pleasure pulsed and throbbed at the touch of his

Justin began sucking her clit and moved his tongue faster and harder. He felt
her hips pump against his mouth and knew she was close to climax. His eyes
watched her face in fascination as he moved his tongue quickly on her
hardened desire.

"She is so beautiful," Justin thought and felt the love for her fill his
heart so full it brought tears to his eyes.

Kelly's hips pumped harder against Justin's tongue as she felt the pressure
build and crash in pleasurable waves up her body and out her limbs. She shook
and arched her back as the pulses continued for several moments.

"God, that was good," She sighed as the pulses slowed, then occasionally
twitched deep within her.

Justin stood up and looked at her lovingly. He brushed the water droplets
from her face softly then bent to kiss her.

She opened her mouth greedily to his tongue and smelled her musk on his lips.

"Mmmm," Kelly murmured against his mouth, then said, "Your turn, now."

Justin smiled in relief as she knelt in front of him and took his hard shaft
in her hand.

She flicked her tongue quickly against the hard bulbous tip, laughed, then in
a teasing voice asked, "What do you want?"

Groaning at the reversal of his little game he smiled down into her eyes and
said, "Suck my cock. Lick it and suck it like you did yesterday, baby."

She smiled up at him, then bent her head to the task. Her mouth opened wide
and she sucked as much of his hard member into her mouth as she could without
gagging. Kelly licked the tip and sucked him as she moved her hand on his
length in a steady rhythm.

"That's good, baby," Justin encouraged, "That's good. Suck me like that."

Kelly sucked and licked him and heard him moan and call out in his pleasure.
He began pumping his manhood in and out of her mouth as she sucked and licked
with her tongue.

"Ahhh!" Justin groaned and called out "Get ready, Kelly!"

Kelly was ready this time for the spurt of liquid that would come shooting
quickly out of his hard member. She felt him strain and noticed his leg
muscles tighten and his back arch as he pumped faster into her mouth.

Justin grunted and pushed his manhood deeper into her mouth as the pressure
in his loins built to maximum and exploded outward. He growled in pleasure
as his essence spurt into her mouth and his body tensed in his release. She
quickly swallowed all the liquid as it came into her mouth, loving the taste
of almonds as it met her tongue.

Still licking and sucking his softening member, she looked up and saw the
beautiful smile on Justin's face as he looked down at her. She released his
member and stood up, then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and asked
him, "Did you like that, Justin?"

"Oh, my baby," Justin said in a loving tone as he pulled her into a tight
embrace, "My baby. You're so good to me."

She loved the feel of his hard, compact body against her soft one and
luxuriated in the love and security she felt in his embrace. Leaning her
cheek against his chest, she relaxed in the shower as the water beat down
on her. She sighed in contentment as Justin moved his hands slowly down
her back, then began caressing and massaging her firm buttocks.

"I love you, Justin," She said and felt the love for him fill every inch of
her body. She heard his heartbeat and felt the rumbling response from him as
he replied, "I love you to, Kelly. You are my life and my heart."

Justin felt his heart ache with happiness and held her tighter against him,
never wanting to let her go.

Chapter 39

AJ lay sprawled on his bed with a sheet loosely draped across one leg,
leaving his other leg and the rest of his young body completely exposed. His
fingers reached down and slowly scratched his naked crotch as he lay dozing
in the bedroom.

"Hmmmm," AJ moaned in his sleep and smiled at the wonderful dream he was

"You were great AJ!" Paula praised him after he finished his song.

"Brilliant, simply brilliant," Simon exclaimed while twirling his pen in the
air. AJ looked next at Randy, waiting for his response.

"AJ, AJ, AJ," Randy said while nodding his large head, "Great, man. You are
the best singer in this competition."

AJ smiled at the complements and he was surprised when Paula got up from her
chair and walked quickly over to him.

"AJ, you are the most handsome one, too!" She told him while giving him a big

"Thanks, Paula," AJ said shyly and was shocked when he felt her hand go down
his pants.

"What?" AJ asked her and looked around at the judges and the other
contestants to see if they noticed. He saw them smiling and nodding their
heads in encouragement.

"It's ok," Paula said while fondling his member in his pants. He felt himself
immediately get hard and looked over at the judges, wondering if they saw
what she was doing.

"You want me to suck it?" Paula asked as she smiled at him sweetly.

He felt her pull his pants down, and before he knew it, he was naked in
front of the judges and all the other contestants as they stood in a circle
watching him.

Paula knelt in front of him and he looked down at her as she began sucking
his hard shaft. AJ looked around at the faces in front of him and strangely
felt at ease as they watched her suck his erection with bland faces.

AJ relaxed, closed his eyes and put his hand out to her head, holding her
steady as she sucked and licked his hard member. He frowned when he felt a
hat in his hand and opened his eyes to see Paula with a funny little lace
cap on.

She sucked harder on him and he moaned in pleasure, feeling the soft laciness
of the cap in his hand. When a pin in the cap jabbed his finger he jerked his
hand away and slowly opened his eyes.

AJ stared at the ceiling of his bedroom, but the wonderful sensations of
someone sucking his shaft from his dream continued. Blinking quickly and now
fully awake, AJ looked down and saw a young girl sucking his hard member.

"Huh?" He said with a start and pushed his elbows behind him to sit up
slightly, looking down at the girl.

She stopped sucking, looked up at him, then said, "I sucky you, Senior."

AJ looked at her and said, "Uh, ok. Go ahead."

She smiled and said, "Ten dolla." The young maid held his erection and
jiggled it in emphasis and repeated, "I sucky you for ten dolla."

AJ leaned back on the bed and thought, "My girlfriend won't even do this for

Making up his mind quickly, he reached over to the nightstand where his
wallet was and pulled out $20 dollars. He noticed her name tag said 'Maria',
so while handing her the bill he said, "Here you go Maria. Suck me good and
long, si?"

Maria smiled and replied, "Si, Senior," then nodded happily as she took the
$20 dollar bill and shoved it into her bra.

Laying back on the bed, AJ relaxed as he felt her continue sucking and
licking his hard member.

"Ahhh, That's good," He said then told her, "Suck me harder, Maria."

Maria didn't understand much English, but AJ said the few words she did
understand. As she began sucking his shaft harder, they both jumped at the
sound of a knock on the bedroom door.

AJ hoped whoever it was wouldn't come in. When he heard Justin tell him to
wake up, he sighed in relief and replied, "I'm awake!" AJ hoped Justin didn't
notice how strained his voice was.

When AJ heard the sound of footsteps walking away he sighed in relief and lay
back down as Maria began sucking him again.

He hoped to make his first blow job last as long as possible, but the dream
left him so hot and excited that he was soon close to climax. It wasn't long
before he was pumping his hips steadily into Maria's willing mouth and
calling out to her, "Paula, oh Paula."

AJ felt the pressure build up within his loins and groaned at the pleasurable
sensations of the Maid's tongue and mouth on his hard shaft.

"Arrgh!" AJ groaned as his small body stiffened and his back arched like a
bow on the bed.

Maria felt the young man's essence spurt into her mouth and continued sucking
until she felt his muscles begin to relax. When AJ lay back on the bed, she
quickly spit the liquid into a waiting Kleenex in her hand, then stood up.

"Ahhh," AJ sighed and relaxed on the bed as he watched Maria tidy the room,
pick up the used towels and start to leave.

"Wait!" He called out to her and she turned with a questioning look at him,

"Same time tomorrow?" AJ asked her and she nodded in agreement.

"Si, Senior," Maria smiled at the young man and said, "I sucky you all time
for $20 dolla!"

Chapter 40

Gustoff didn't hear the kitchen door open and jumped when he felt Paula's
small hand on his arm. He quickly turned away from her, trying to hide his
massive erection and felt his face flood with warmth in embarrassment.

"Och! Miz, please leaf!" Gustoff said, his accent becoming more noticeable
in his agitated state.

Paula smiled at his discomfiture and kept her hand on his arm. With a twinkle
in her eye, she asked him teasingly, " that sausage for me?"

Gustoff looked down at the little woman and noticed her smiling up at him.

"You," Gustoff said shyly, "You want Gustoff?"

Paula smiled up at the tall, handsome Norwegian and replied, "Hmmmm." She
licked her lips and said with a smile, "Yes, I want some sausage!"

Gustoff turned to her and pulled back his apron, revealing his massive member
and asked, "You want Gustoff's sausage, eh?"

"That's right," Paula nodded and laughed up into his bright blue eyes, "Are
you going to let me taste it?"

"Ya, ya!" Gustoff said eagerly and pumped his hips at her a few times,
"Little Missy taste Gustoff's sausage!"

Paula laughed at his accent then knelt down in front of him bringing her eyes
level with his knees.

"Uh, this isn't going to work," Paula said while tilting her head back and
staring up at the underside of his thick member twitching above her head.

"Gustoff will sit on counter!" He said quickly and lifted himself easily
onto the tiled countertop. "Please try Gustoff's sausage now, Missy!"

Paula stood up and went over to the eager young man sitting on the counter.
She stared down at the large member quivering in front of her and said in
awe, "My God, you are huge!"

Nodding his blonde head quickly, Gustoff replied, "Big as horse!" He then
pounded his chest hard once.

She stared at the thick, throbbing member and didn't know if her small mouth
could fit over it. Paula shrugged her shoulders and thought, "It will be fun
to find out!"

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she bent over the Norwegian and
thought, "Let it fit! Let it fit!"

She slowly brought her mouth over the head of his huge cock and was relieved
when the bulbous tip slid smoothly into her mouth. Gustoff's large hand
fondled her hair as she began licking and sucking his massive member with her

* * *

EJay sat at the table and drummed his fingers, waiting for the chef to return
with more sausage. He glanced at his watch and knew they had to leave in ten
minutes for the studio.

Ryan noticed him getting impatient and asked, "Why don't you go in there and
get the sausages, yourself?" She didn't know if she liked the thought of
someone always waiting on her and preferred to do things for herself.

"Good idea!" EJay said with a big smile and got up quickly from the table,
then walked over to the kitchen door.

Chapter 41

EJay put his hand up and touched the kitchen door, pushing it open slightly
and froze when he heard Jim call out to him.

"Wait a minute," Jim told EJay with a warning tone, "You remember what the
wardrobe lady said."

"Oh," EJay sighed as he remembered and turned away from the kitchen door,
then returned to his chair and sat down.

EJay looked down at his empty plate and said angrily, "God, I hate diets!"
Turning to smile at Jim, he said kindly, "Thanks for reminding me, man."

"No problem, bro," Jim replied with a big smile, "I know what it's like to be
on a diet."

Nodding his head in understanding, EJay said, "That's right, you told me."
He looked at how thin Jim was and said, "You look great, man!"

Jim felt his face flush with the compliment and looked down at his plate,
then replied, "If you're still hungry, there's plenty of fruit left."

EJay smiled and looked over at Jim with a twinkle in his eye and thought,
"Jim looks so cute when he acts shy."

With a big smile on his face, EJay asked Jim, "Could you hand me a banana?"
He then added with a wink, "Make it a big one, ok?"

Jim looked at EJay and saw the way he was looking at him and felt his face
flush redder. He grabbed a nearby banana from the fruit bowl and handed it
quickly to EJay as he got up from the table.

"I need to get something from my room before we leave," Jim said and left the
dining room in a hurry.

Ryan had noticed the whole exchange and turned angrily to EJay, "You better
leave Jim alone!"

EJay laughed while slowly peeling the banana in front of her. He then brought
the banana to his lips and licked it before taking a bite and replied, "Why
so protective, Hmmm?"

Ryan pushed her chair back hard and stood up, then shot a look of hatred at
EJay and replied, "Don't mess with me, EJay."

"Ok, ok!" He said, putting the banana down and holding his palms out to her
in supplication, "I was just kidding!"

Ryan stared hard at him, then flicked her hair out of her eyes and replied,
"Leave Jim alone." She stomped out of the dining room, leaving EJay, Nikki,
RJ and Christina sitting in stunned silence at the table.

RJ glanced over at Christina and she returned his look with a nervous smile.

Christina looked at the remaining people at the table and said as she rose
from her chair, "Please excuse me. I need to get something upstairs, too."

RJ's eyes tracked Christina as she walked from the room and he felt his heart
melt with his love for her.

"If only I had the guts to tell her how I feel," RJ thought as his gaze went
back to the people at the table.

Nikki noticed the way RJ watched Christina leave and smiled at his obvious
crush. "So that's why he wants me to teach him," She thought with a knowing
look at RJ.

RJ noticed Nikki staring at him and smiled nervously at her as she winked at
him slyly. She leaned over and said quietly so only he could hear, "Now I
know why you want the lessons."

Feeling his face flush at her remark, he stood up and said, "I think I'll see
if AJ is awake." He walked quickly out of the room, leaving Nikki and EJay
sitting alone at the table.

"Well," EJay stated, then took a quick bite of his banana while looking
across the table at Nikki, "We sure know how to clear out a room, don't we?"

Nodding her head and laughing softly, Nikki replied, "You know it, EJay." She
got up from the table and continued laughing as she strolled from the room
and repeated, "You know it!"

Chapter 42

Tamyra lay on her bed and felt like she wanted to die. Tears trickled
occasionally down her cheeks and onto her pillow as she stared morosely up
at the ceiling wondering what she would do. She glanced over at the bedside
clock and knew she had to be downstairs in ten minutes, but couldn't bring
herself to get out of bed.

"What am I going to do? What am I going to do?" She mumbled repeatedly and
closed her eyes, shaking her head in despair.

"If only Kelly weren't here!" She said angrily to the empty room. "Justin
would love me if she weren't here."

Tamyra recalled the many times she was getting close to Justin, seeing him
look at her a special way, and the moment would be ruined when Kelly walked
in saying one of her stupid Texan sayings.

"Cool Beans," Tamyra said aloud and gritted her teeth. "That is the stupidest
thing I've ever heard in my life!"

She jumped from the bed and started pacing the room in agitation, rubbing her
arms and shaking her head as she repeated again, "What am I going to do?"

Tamyra looked again at the clock and saw she had seven minutes left before
they had to leave for the studio. She hadn't eaten any breakfast, but the
thought of food turned her stomach.

Laying on her bed again, she stared up at the ceiling and came to the
conclusion she didn't want to face, but was unable to deny any longer. "I'm
going to have to give him up," She thought sadly and new tears trickled down
her cheeks at the thought.

"He obviously doesn't love me," She sobbed, forcing herself to face the
facts. "He loves...her," She said aloud and her shoulders shook as she cried
with her despair and heartbreak.

"Why God?" She called out to the ceiling, "Why can't you make him love me?"

Tamyra buried her face in her pillow and cried with her heart aching as she
realized her love for Justin would never be returned. She thought again, "If
Kelly wouldn't have kept interrupting us, he would love me!"

The last time she was alone with Justin in his dressing room, Tamyra recalled
the way his eyes stared into hers as they moved closer and closer toward each
other. She was sure he was about to kiss her. Then Kelly barged in and ruined

"If I did that to Kelly, I bet she would hate it!" Tamyra thought angrily and
turned on her back, relaxing on the bed as an insidious smile came to her
lips. "She would hate it if I was always interrupting them."

Tamyra laughed up at the ceiling and wiped the tears from her face as an evil
plan formed in her devious mind. "Maybe if I always hang around Justin, Kelly
will never get to be alone with him." She laughed again, then sobered when
she realized that wouldn't work.

"Justin is too smart," she thought while looking at the door, thinking of
the last time she saw him, "He will know something's up if I'm always around

She smiled when she thought of a new tactic: Kelly. Tamyra laughed and
thought, "I share a dressing room with Kelly, so it will appear normal for
me to be around her all the time."

Rubbing her hands together as her plan materialized, she laughed again and
said quietly, "I will stick to Kelly like glue. Justin won't get a chance to
be alone with her!"

Tamyra got up from the bed in renewed energy as her appetite suddenly
returned. She smiled and thought, "I will become Kelly's best friend, and
Justin will see how kind and nice I am."

She sat on the bed and said quietly, "I will pretend I'm not interested in
him anymore, except for a friend." Looking at the door again, she continued,
"Maybe if he sees how kind I am to her, he will see me in a new light."

Nodding her head at the logic of her plan, she thought, "There is only one
problem: Kelly saw me kiss Justin last night. She probably doesn't trust me

Tamyra stood up and paced the room again, trying to think of something other
than what she knew she had to do. "No, I don't think I could stand that!" She
said and shook her head, trying again to come up with something else.

Unable to come up with anything other than what she knew would work, she
stopped and looked at the ceiling again, then asked sadly, "God, why are you
torturing me like this?"

She didn't hear an answer, and didn't really expect one as she walked to the
bedroom door and quickly opened it.

"Best get this over with quickly," Tamyra thought and felt her stomach sink
when she noticed Kelly and Justin standing together in the hallway.

With a deep breath and big smile, Tamyra forced herself to walk up to the
couple as they stared back at her in trepidation.

Chapter 43

Justin and Kelly looked deeply into each other's eyes. He took one of her
small hands in his and began gently massaging the back of her hand with his
thumb as they stared long moments at each other.

She looked up into his eyes and felt happiness flood every fiber of her
being. Words were unnecessary to convey the strong love they both felt for
each other as they smiled and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

Their loving reverie was cut short when they heard a door open down the hall
and Tamyra step out of it. Justin moved to Kelly's side and held her hand
tighter in his large one as Tamyra walked up to them.

"Why is Tamyra smiling?" Justin thought and moved closer to Kelly, then put
his arm around her protectively.

"She better not try anything," he thought and directed a suspicious glare at
Tamyra as she walked closer.

Kelly watched Tamyra approach and remembered the horrible scene of her
kissing Justin in the kitchen last night. She glanced at Justin quickly to
see what he would do and noticed the cold, hard look etched on his features
as he watched Tamyra come closer.

"God, this is going to be hard!" Tamyra thought and smiled harder at the
couple in the hallway. She noticed the suspicious look Justin gave her and
quickly looked away from him. She instead focused all of her attention on
Kelly as she stopped in front of the two people and began her evil plan.

"Kelly, I wanted to talk to you..." Tamyra began as her smile faded and a
look of sadness came over her. "About last night in the kitchen," she said
hesitatingly and noticed she had Kelly's full attention now.

"I don't know what came over me," Tamyra explained, putting all of her acting
abilities to bear. "The pressure must have got to me, or something," Tamyra
said and with a pleading look asked Kelly, "Can you every forgive me for
hurting you like that?"

Kelly watched Tamyra explain and couldn't pinpoint what it was about her
explanation that didn't ring true. She looked at the sadness and general
contrition in Tamyra's face, but she noticed her eyes seemed to be at odds
with her words. But Kelly was brought up to always accept someone's apology
and to forgive and forget. She never held a grudge and generally was a
loving and happy person to all.

Tamyra finished speaking and waited patiently to see what Kelly would say.
She already knew that she would be forgiven. Kelly didn't have a mean bone
in her body and Tamyra was going to exploit that perceived flaw as much as

Smiling graciously, Kelly extended her arms to Tamyra and replied, "Of course
I forgive you!" She gave Tamyra a friendly hug then said, "Let's just forget
it and all be friends, ok?"

Tamyra glanced at Justin and noted the icy look he gave her, then turned back
to Kelly, smiled and replied, "You are the best, Kelly!" Tamyra felt like
slapping her, but instead hugged her quickly again.

As she hugged Kelly, Tamyra looked over at Justin and noticed how his jaw
muscles twitched in his anger, and this made her smile in response.

"Kelly, let's be best friends from now on, ok?" Tamyra asked her with a
sincere smile.

"Cool Beans!" Kelly replied happily and smiled over at Justin. She noticed
how quiet and cold Justin seemed and was a little concerned. "What's up with
Justin?" Kelly thought as she turned back to Tamyra and said, "We'll meet you
downstairs in a few minutes."

"Ok, sweetie, " Tamyra said and started down the stairs. She gritted her
teeth in disgust at having to apologize to Kelly, but knew it was necessary
in her overall plan. "Justin might hate me now, but when he sees how kind I
am and how much I've changed, he might look at me differently," she reasoned
as she walked quickly down the stairs.

Chapter 44

"What's wrong Justin?" Kelly asked as she looked up at Justin and noticed his
jaw clenched in anger.

Justin watched Tamyra walk down the stairs, then turned to Kelly and said
with a shrug, "There's something about her I don't trust. That's all, baby."

He took Kelly in his arms and hugged her tightly, then whispered into her
ear, "I love you, Kelly. Let's not talk about Tam anymore, ok?"

Justin kissed and nuzzled her neck as she shivered and replied happily, "I
love you too, honey." Kelly loved the strength of his arms around her and the
hardness of his body as she held him closely in return.

"Call me honey again, baby," Justin whispered and blew softly in her ear. He
smiled when he felt her shiver and heard her sigh.

"Honey..." Kelly said then kissed and nuzzled his neck. She loved the
wonderful scent and feel of his body against hers.

"What is that cologne you wear...honey?" She asked with a little smile,
knowing he liked when she called him endearments. "It smells so good." She
put her nose against his neck and breathed in his wonderful scent, then with
a teasing smile, she licked his neck quickly.

"You like that, baby?" Justin asked and smiled down at her when he felt her
lick his neck.

"Mmmm. Do that again, Kelly," he said then moved his hands down her back and
over her round backside.

She did as he asked and licked and blew tiny breaths up and down his long
neck. As she nuzzled him, Justin's strong hands massaged her backside, then
pulled her tightly against him.

"God, I can't get enough of you woman!" Justin moaned and pulled her harder
against him, so she could feel how much her kisses affected him.

"Ahh," Kelly moaned when she felt his erection pressing against her. She
wanted to feel closer to him, and wished they were alone. As her need for
him grew, she began licking his neck harder. Her tongue found a vein
throbbing on the side of his neck and she began nibbling along it greedily,
wanting to taste and feel him.

She felt her knees weaken and held tighter to Justin, then murmured softly,
"Honey... honey."

"Kelly, my baby, " Justin moaned and pumped his hips against her, wanting her
more than anything.

They stood totally engrossed in each other at the top of the stairs and
jumped in surprise when a loud voice called out from downstairs, "Everyone
downstairs! We all need to leave now for the studio!"

Justin pulled away from Kelly reluctantly and looked down at her flushed
face and glazed eyes as he said, "Tonight, my love. We will have our time

Kelly nodded her head as she looked up at him in a slight daze. She noticed
his flushed face and dilated eyes and knew she probably looked the same.

"Until tonight, my love." Kelly said, then smiled up into Justin's beautiful
eyes and added, "We better get downstairs now...honey."

Justin smiled and told her with a laugh, "You keep calling me honey, we'll
never get downstairs!"

Kelly smiled at him, then with a silly grin said, "Come on, you funny honey."
She held his hand as they both walked quickly down the stairs and out to the
waiting van.

Chapter 45

Tamyra was one of the last to arrive at the waiting van and looked inside at
the few remaining seats. She noticed two empty seats together in the middle
row, then smiled and got into one of them, leaving only three separate seats
remaining in the van.

AJ looked at Tamyra as she sat down next to him and wondered why she was
smiling so wickedly. He glanced at Ryan and Jim sitting in front of him,
then smiled back at RJ sitting between Christina and Nikki and said, "Isn't
this exciting? I still can't believe this is happening to me!"

Nikki, RJ and Christina all smiled and nodded their heads in agreement as
they realized how lucky they were.

RJ glanced at Christina and flexed his hand, wanting to reach over and hold
hers, but unwilling to risk rejection. He looked at AJ sitting in front of
him and replied, "I know how you feel. It's almost like this is all a
dream...and I'm waiting to wake up!"

"No dream, RJ," Nikki said and patted his leg. She noticed Christina looking
down at her hand on RJ's leg, so she began lightly rubbing his upper thigh.

"Don't!" RJ whispered to Nikki and pushed her hand off his leg, then glanced
quickly at Christina, hoping she didn't notice what Nikki just did.

Christina stared out the van window and thought, "I guess it's true that
something is going on with her and RJ. And to think I was beginning to really
like him." She shrugged her shoulders slightly, sighed and thought, "Oh,

Justin and Kelly reached the van slightly out of breath and looked inside.
They didn't see any seats available together and frowned sadly at each other.
AJ noticed their frown and knew they probably wanted to sit together, so he
piped up, "Would you like to sit here? I can sit by Jim."

"Thank you, AJ!" Kelly said happily and waited while AJ shifted seats, then
sat down next to Tamyra and smiled as Justin sat next to her.

"No problem," AJ said and looked around at the people in the van then said,
"What about EJay? Isn't he coming to the studio?"

Nikki called out from the back seat, "EJay has today off."

"Ok. I guess we're all ready to go," AJ said while glancing back at Nikki.
As he started to turn back around, he caught out of the corner of his eye
Tamyra staring at him. His face froze in shock at the cold look of hatred
she shot him.

"What did I do?" AJ asked himself bewildered, then faced forward and helped
close the van doors.

As the van traveled along the freeway toward the studio, Tamyra sat next to
Kelly and fumed silently while smiling and laughing at the stupid things
spilling from her mouth.

"Doesn't she ever shut up?" Tamyra asked herself, then forced another laugh
at one of Kelly's dumb comments.

Tamyra looked angrily at the back of AJ's head and gritted her teeth
thinking, "Why did he have to change seats?" Already her plan was off to a
bad start and she tried to think of something to keep Justin and Kelly apart
when they arrived at the studio.

Chapter 46

The driver opened the van doors at the studio and the young people began
pouring out, eager to start polishing their unique talent. Justin was the
first out, then he turned and held Kelly's hand while she exited. He watched
Tamyra step out of the van and noticed her glaring at the back of Kelly's
head. Holding tightly to Kelly's hand, he walked with her toward the studio
and thought, "Tamyra is up to something. I don't know what it is, but I'm
going to find out!"

Tamyra walked behind Justin and Kelly and wanted to scream in her misery.
"Why can't it be my hand Justin is holding, and my eyes he smiles into?" She
asked herself sadly, then wiped a quick tear from her eye. Taking a deep
breath, she released it, letting all of her frustrations go as she quietly
said to herself, "Justin is the only man I've ever felt anything for. I'll
do whatever it takes to make him at least think of me as a friend. And
friendship often times turns to love." The thought brought a happy smile to
her face, and she quickened her step so she could walk beside Kelly as they
entered the studio doors.

"Come on, Abner!" RJ teased and watched AJ frown back at him.

"Don't call me that!" AJ replied angrily and stalked toward the building.

"Why do you keep calling him Abner?" Jim asked RJ as they walked toward the
studio entrance.

RJ smiled and giggled, then replied, "Because Abner is what the A stands for
in AJ!"

"Really?" Jim asked with a shocked glance at Ryan to see if she heard. Ryan
smiled back at Jim and nodded, then told him, "I know what the R stands for
in RJ, too."

"What?" Jim asked her, then looked at RJ when he replied, "The R is for
Richard. Nothing as bad as Abner, though!" RJ laughed, then when he saw AJ
glare back at him, he laughed even harder.

Christina heard them talking, but didn't say anything. She usually kept to
herself whenever possible and didn't easily join in conversations. She
watched RJ walking with Jim and Ryan in front of her, then looked down sadly.

Nikki came up to Christina walking alone and asked, "You really like RJ,
don't you?"

Christina glanced at Nikki and was a little shocked at her blunt question.
"I have a boyfriend," She replied, then crossed her arms defensively in front
of her and picked up her pace, trying to put some distance between her and

Nikki walked faster and kept close to Christina, then replied, "There's no
use denying it. I know you saw me touch RJ's leg and were upset by it."

Christina glanced quickly at Nikki, then looked back at the ground and tried
to walk faster.

"You can't fool me, darlin'," Nikki told her and grabbed her arm to stop her.
"I need to tell you something."

"I don't want to hear anything you have to say," Christina said angrily and
shrugged off Nikki's hand on her arm, then resumed walking quickly toward the
studio entrance.

Nikki stood and watched her enter the building. She shook her head, shrugged
then said, "I tried."

Chapter 47

The group of young people milled around in the lobby of the studio waiting
for Rob, the Stage Manager, to tell them where to go first.

RJ walked over to Christina and said, "I heard we're taking a class that
tells us how to talk to the press today."

Christina glanced at RJ, then looked over at the other contestants as she
replied, "Why don't you go tell Nikki. She's looking at you now."

"Nikki?" RJ asked and gazed angrily at the interfering red-haired young woman
across the room.

Nikki saw RJ's glare and turned to Tamyra and said, "So you and Kelly are
friends now..."

Tamyra nodded and replied with a forced smile, "Yes. Kelly has forgiven me
and we're friends." She looked toward Justin and Kelly in the corner talking
quietly and said with a shrug, "We all need to get along while we live
together. I don't want to risk getting kicked out of the competition over a
petty dispute."

Nikki nodded in understanding, then asked with a hard stare, "But you still
love Justin, don't you?"

Tamyra's eyes went wide in surprise that her true feelings might so easily be
detected. She forced her face to relax, then looked at Nikki and replied with
a steady voice, "No, I don't love him. Justin's in love with Kelly." She felt
her heart constrict at the words, and swallowed past a lump in her throat.

Nodding her head as if she believed Tamyra, Nikki replied, "Ok Tamyra. Let me
just give you a little advice..."

Tamyra rolled her eyes and said, "Go ahead. Your going to tell me whether I
want to hear it or not, anyway."

"That's true," Nikki agreed and smiled, then continued, "Justin and Kelly are
the only people I've ever known that have true love. It's a rare and special
thing. Don't try and ruin their happiness."

"I said...," Tamyra began, but Nikki interrupted her with a chopping hand
motion and said, "I know what you said. I also know what I see. You love
Justin, but he doesn't love you." She grabbed Tamyra's upper arms and said
into her face, "Get over him, Tamyra!"

Getting angry now that their conversation was starting to draw attention,
Tamyra brushed off Nikki's hands and said in a forceful whisper, "I told you.
I'm not in love with Justin!"

Tamyra walked stiffly away from Nikki as she fumed silently, "I have to
control myself every second. Can't let my face show how I feel. Have to get
control." She repeated these thoughts to herself as she smiled sweetly at
Jim and Ryan.

"I'm batting a thousand today!" Nikki said quietly, then looked around the
room and noticed AJ standing alone. "Guess I'll see what the J stands for in
AJ," she thought with a silent laugh and smiled at AJ as she walked up to

Chapter 48

And you're not nervous at all?" Kelly asked and Justin smiled at her

"When I first get out on stage, my heart is beating and I'm scared to death,"
Justin told her, then continued, "But as soon as I start singing, it's all
completely different. My nerves vanish and I just let go..."

Kelly loved watching Justin talk. His face was so expressive, he drew her eye
to every little move he made. "Let go?" She prompted and waited for him to
reply. Just talking to Justin made her extremely happy. She never felt more
comfortable or at ease with anyone else in her life.

"Yes. Let go, and just...let God in," Justin said and tried to put into words
what he felt when on stage. "It's almost as if I'm not myself when on stage,
and something greater than me takes over." He looked down into Kelly's big
brown eyes and smiled at how gorgeous and lovely she was. "Does she even know
how beautiful she is?" He thought, then had to ask, "Kelly, you are the most
beautiful woman I've ever seen, you know that?"

She looked down shyly and replied, "I am?" Kelly didn't really believe
Justin, even though she thought he was telling her the truth. It's just that
she knew the other women contestants were prettier and slimmer than her and
how much that counted for winning the competition.

"What about Christina?" Kelly asked and looked up into Justin's blue eyes,
then waited to see what he would say. She noticed how his eyes changed from
hazel to blue depending on what her was wearing. Today, his sweatshirt was
blue and his eyes reflected the color as he looked down at her.

"Christina? Who's Christina?" Justin joked and giggled, then sobered as he
looked at her with a serious expression and replied, "Kelly, don't you know
how beautiful you are?"

Her face turned slightly pink at his complement and she looked down again
shyly and said, "No. I don't think I'm beautiful." Kelly was brought up to
be modest and honest whenever possible. She really didn't believe she was
beautiful. Pretty, yes. But beautiful? She tried not to laugh at the thought.

Justin stared down at Kelly completely perplexed. "She really doesn't know!
Amazing," He thought and shook his head in wonder.

* * *

"So, are you going to tell me, or not," Nikki asked AJ and stared at him
boldly, daring him to tell her his middle name.

AJ returned her stare and remembered what RJ had told him last night. When RJ
came in the room so late, the noise had woken him up. He watched silently as
RJ quickly undressed then slipped into bed. When AJ heard him sigh loudly, he
had to ask, "What did Nikki want?"

"Oh, you're awake?" RJ asked and looked over at the dark figure in the bed
across from him.

"Yes, " AJ replied, then turned on his side, facing RJ's dark form and asked
impatiently, "What was it? Is her kid ok?"

RJ laughed softly and shook his head on his pillow, then looked back at AJ
and replied, "It was nothing to do with her kid." He sighed again and said,
"Man, Oh man did it not have anything to do with her kid!"

"Come on RJ!" AJ said, wanting to know what happened, "Spill it!"

"Well," RJ replied hesitatingly, "I really want to keep this a secret." His
voice trailed off and he smiled when AJ got up and came over to sit on the
edge of his bed, then said, "You got to tell me, man!"

"Only if you promise to keep it a secret," RJ warned and waited for AJ's

AJ was dying to know what happened and hated when people kept secrets from
him. He quickly replied, "Sure, sure, I won't tell a soul."

"Ok," RJ said then proceeded to tell AJ in great detail all that had
transpired between him and Nikki. Of course, he embellished several points,
in his favor, but overall the story was mostly true.

When RJ finished, AJ looked down at him completely amazed and asked, "She
really taught you all that stuff?"

RJ nodded and said, "That's right, and she's going to continue teaching me

"Wow," AJ replied then got up from RJ's bed and walked stiffly back to his
own. The way RJ described it had made him slightly hard and he hoped that
nothing happened when he went to sleep. It was embarrassing as all Hell to
have someone see semen stains on your underwear when you got up in the

AJ blinked and came to himself as Nikki asked, "Well, are you going to tell
me your middle name, or not?"

"Not after what happened when I told RJ about my first name," AJ said and
opened his mouth as if to say something else, then closed it and looked down.
He wanted to ask her something, but didn't know how to bring it up.

"Did you want to say something, sugar?" Nikki asked sweetly, almost knowing
what he wanted. "After all, they are room mates, and men can never really
keep a secret," She thought and put her hands on her hips, then tilted her
head and watched AJ, waiting for his response.

AJ looked up and noticed her waiting for his reply and stuttered, "I was
wondering whether you c..c..could...."

"Yes?" Nikki replied, forcing him to tell her what she knew he wanted. She
smiled and thought, "Looks like I'll have two students now."

Rob, the Stage Manager walked in and clapped his hands in front of him to get
their attention. "Hi people! Glad to see you all," He said happily and then
told them their assignments. He said that everyone but Tamyra, Jim, Ryan and
Christina would be going to a press class in the morning. The rest would be
practicing their songs and meeting with the wardrobe lady Sheryl to go over
what looks best on them. Later in the day, the groups would switch and
Justin, Kelly, Nikki, AJ and RJ would be meeting with wardrobe. They all
smiled, and were eager to begin.

"Right this way, people," Rob said and led them through the doors and into
the warehouse-type building.

Chapter 49

The young people separated into two groups and started down the large
corridor, following Rob. Tamyra watched Justin and Kelly ahead of her holding
hands and tightened her fists in anger. She wanted to yell out her anger and
scream at the injustice.

She looked at Nikki walking between AJ and RJ and grimaced in disgust at how
the two young men were fawning over the small red-haired woman. Squeezing her
fists harder, Tamyra felt her sharp fingernails cut into the palms of her
hands and shook them at her sides in an effort to hold in her pain and anger.
Tamyra focused on the pain in her hands, and fought back the urge to run over
and push Kelly away from Justin, then beg him to love her. She blinked the
tears from her eyes while her heart cried out in despair, "God, why can't you
make him love me?"

Rob walked up to two women in the hallway and turned to face the contestants
as he began introducing them. After he listed all the young people's names,
the two women smiled and said, "Glad to meet you." The Stage manager motioned
to the first woman wearing a baseball cap turned backward and said, "This is
Debbie. She's the floor manager, or stage manager. Debbie will take the first
group to the press class." He then looked toward an older blonde woman with
glasses standing next to Debbie and said, "This is Sheryl. She's the wardrobe
person that will assist you in your clothing choices for the show."

Debbie smiled at the young people, adjusted her cap, then said, "The press
class is this way," and directed Justin, Kelly, Nikki, AJ and RJ down the

Tamyra, Jim, Ryan and Christina watched the first group leave, then turned
to Sheryl and waited to be told what to do. The blonde woman smiled at them,
then quickly looked them over and began critiquing them silently. "Christina
is dressed well. No problems there and what a beautiful young lady." She
next looked at Tamyra and nodded her head silently and thought, "Very classy.
Too bad she has such a sour look on her face." Her eyes went next to Ryan and
she squinted and shook her head slightly at the torn clothes. "Oh, dear. I
hope I can talk her out of that mess. She's also too skinny to be showing her
midriff." Lastly, she turned to Jim and sighed. "Major overhaul with this
one. He'll be a challenge."

After her quick perusal of the young people's clothing choices, she nodded
her head then said, "We have a lot of work to do. Let's get started." She
began walking quickly down the hallway and didn't look to see if they
followed. "This is going to be a challenge, all right," she thought and
heard the young people run to catch up with her fast pace.

Tamyra walked behind Sheryl and thought of all the times men had stomped on
her feelings and hurt her. Every time she had been in love, her boyfriends
would end up cheating on her or treating her badly. "Why can't someone who
is kind, like Justin, love me?" Tamyra asked herself sadly and tightened
her fists again. She focused on the pain, and tried not to think of Justin.

Sheryl led Ryan, Jim, Christina and Tamyra into a large room with several
clothing racks near the wall. She gestured at the racks and said, "This is
wear you'll be storing your clothing for the show." Walking over to one
rack, she ran her hands down the length of the clothes hanging there and
said, "Here are some clothes I want you to try on." She pointed at the name
tags at the top and said, "Find your name and start trying them on now."

The young people nodded and moved toward their names on the rack, then began
looking through the clothes. Ryan sneered at hers and said to Sheryl, "I
can't wear any of these shirts."

As Sheryl discussed the blouses with Ryan, Tamyra went to her rack and
noticed the bland clothing. With a heavy sigh, she thought, "These are all
boring and dull. I hope I can pick out what I want to wear!" She noticed
someone walking down the hallway past the open doorway and asked herself,
"Was that Simon?"

Sheryl and Ryan were in a heated discussion over blouses and Tamyra didn't
think they would miss her if she slipped out for a few minutes. There were a
few questions she wanted to ask Simon about her song choice for next week.
Tamyra almost missed seeing a black pair of pants as they turned the corner,
and she quickly followed, then watched Simon enter his dressing room three
doors down.

Simon strutted arrogantly into his dressing room and looked at the
furnishings. "Rubbish!" He said and turned his nose up at the cheap couch
and chairs. He looked down at the tea service on a nearby table and said to
the empty room, "I can't even get a decent cup of tea." A knock at his door
brought him temporarily out of his funk and he opened it quickly, hoping it
was his assistant. He raised his brows in surprise to see Tamyra standing
in his doorway.

"Sorry to bother you," Tamyra said sweetly, then asked, "Can I talk to you?"

"Of course," He said and waved her inside, then closed the door. "What can
I do for you Tamyra?"

"I have a question about next week's song choice," Tamyra said and went on
to ask him several questions about the song choice, artist and what her song
selections were.

Simon watched her and didn't really listen as he stared into eyes and
thought, "She is an extraordinarily pretty young woman." He moved closer to
Tamyra as she talked and put his hand on her arm, then smiled.

Tamyra looked down at the hand on her arm and glanced up into Simon's smiling
face, then narrowed her eyes in anger at his next words. Simon told the young
woman, "You can go far in this competition, if you have someone on your

She stared down again at the hand on her arm and it was as if a switch
somewhere within her was pulled. All the anger that had seeped and boiled
just under the surface suddenly exploded outward. She walked closer to
Simon, thrust her face to within inches of his, then stared him in the
eyes and asked, "Are you telling me if I sleep with you, you will vote
for me?"

Simon smiled and replied, "Anything's possible." He was a little surprised
at her boldness, but didn't back away from her.

She quickly grabbed his face in her hands and thrust her mouth hard against
his, kissing him more in anger than in passion. Simon's eyes went wide at her
forcefulness, but he relaxed, then closed his eyes, enjoying the kiss.

Tamyra had never felt so angry in her life. Even her feelings toward Kelly
was nothing to compare with the seething hatred she now felt coursing through
her. She wanted to hurt someone, and Simon was the perfect choice to relieve
her frustrated desire for Justin.

She broke the kiss, then shoved his face away from hers and told him angrily,
"Take off your clothes!"

Simon secretly loved being dominated and eagerly obeyed her as he slipped out
of his black t-shirt, black pants and black underwear. He stood naked in
front of her and waited to see what she would do next.

Tamyra yanked off her shirt, revealing her small breasts and said, "Get over
on the bed and lay face down. Now!"

He smiled and went to obey, loving the thought of a woman dominating him.

"I hate him!" She thought as she pushed down her pants and underwear. "I'll
make him pay. Oh, yes. I'll make him pay!"

Simon lay down on the bed, then looked over at her, and watched her cat-like
grace as she stalked toward him. He noticed her pick up a belt and shivered
as she approached the bed.

"What are you going to do with that?" Simon asked a little nervously, then
shivered again with delight.

"Shut up!" Tamyra ordered and he blinked quickly at her angry tone, but
didn't say reply.

She walked over and stood by his bare, fish-belly white ass and sneered down
at him. "This is for not loving me!" She said angrily to herself and brought
the belt down hard on his bare buttocks. A lived red mark sprang up and he
flinched, then cried out in pain.

"I told you to shut up!" Tamyra yelled and slapped him again with the belt,
bringing another bright red raised spot across his white backside.

Simon closed his eyes and pressed his lips together, waiting eagerly for the
next slap of the belt. When it didn't come, he opened his eyes and saw Tamyra
staring at him in fascination.

"You like this, don't you?" She asked while holding the belt up in the air,
preparing for another strike.

His face with flushed and tiny beads of sweat dotted his forehead as he
replied, "Yes. Please..."

"Please, what?" Tamyra asked with a sneer.

Simon shivered, closed his eyes, then begged her, "Please don't stop!"

Tamyra felt power surge through her tiny body for the first time in her life.
She tilted her head back and let out years of frustration and anger in a long
peel of laughter that made Simon shiver again, this time in fear.

She gazed down in hatred at Simon cowering on the bed, then brought the belt
down again and again and again on his ass. All the love that was denied her
went into each slap on his naked flesh. Her arms were soon shaking with
fatigue and she lowered the belt, then let it slip through her fingers to the

Simon shook and quivered on the bed in front of her. She gazed down at the
multiple welts on his ass, some of them bleeding, and was amazed at the
violence she had caused. The anger had left her and she felt free of it for
the first time in years.

"Are you alright?" She asked him and watched as he opened his eyes and looked
up at her with eyes full of pain and desire. He flipped over on the bed and
pulled her down on top of him, then kissed her lips hard, thrusting his
tongue into her mouth.

"Oh," She sighed and closed her eyes to his kiss, letting him take control
now that her anger had disappeared.

"God!" Simon cried out and pushed her down on the bed, then moved his hips
between her legs and began thrusting toward her opening.

She saw how hard he was and helped guide his shaft into her moist well. The
pain she caused had excited her as much as the pain he felt excited him.
Tamyra stared up into his blood suffused face and noticed a vein bulging on
his forehead as he began thrusting hard into her, grunting with effort.

Almost immediately, she cried out with her release and sighed in
satisfaction. She pumped her hips against his as he grunted and strained
against her.

"Oh, Tamyra! My lovely," He sighed and arched his back as his essence filled
her deep inside. His eyes closed and he slumped on top of her, then rolled
over onto the bed in a temporary faint.

"Well, looks like we have a good arrangement here," Tamyra said softly and
smiled over at Simon's flushed face.

Chapter 50

"So you'll teach me, then?" AJ asked Nikki with hope shining in his large
brown eyes.

Nikki smiled back at the young man and replied, "Well, of course I will,

RJ sat in the chair beside Nikki and smiled too. He was glad they both would
be learning from an experienced woman and his member stirred in his pants at
the prospect of future lessons.

"What were you talking to Tamyra about when we got out of the van," RJ asked
her. He was curious to find out what Nikki and Tamyra had been arguing about.

"Oh, that," Nikki said and waved her hand dismissively in the air. "Tamyra
must have licked a nut today, or something."

"What?" RJ and AJ asked together, then both broke out in giggles and started
laughing loudly where they sat in the back of the small room.

Justin heard them laughing and turned around in his chair, then glared at
them and said, "Pipe down you guys. This is serious!"

The two younger men sobered quickly and RJ replied contritely, "Sorry

AJ chimed in, "Sorry. We'll be quiet," then hid a smile behind his hand at
the thought of Tamyra licking a mans nut.

The tall curly haired man in front of them had unknowingly become the leader
of their small group. He was the most well-spoken and of the contestants and
most at ease in front of the crowds of people they were constantly exposed
to. Justin didn't know it, but his opinion and favor was highly valued by all
other 9 contestants.

Kelly watched Justin as he faced forward and noticed the frown on his face
and asked, "What's wrong, honey?" She rarely saw him frown, and wanted to
know what upset him.

Justin stared at the front of the room, then glanced at the clock and wished
the teacher would soon arrive. He relaxed his face, then looked at Kelly
sitting next to him and replied, "All my life I've dreamed of doing what I'm
doing now." He sighed, then faced the blackboard as he continued, "I think
these guys don't realize how serious and important what we're doing is."

She put her hand on his arm and replied, "But I'm sure they do. It's all so
new, you know?"

Justin nodded and shrugged his shoulders slightly, then replied, "I know. My
goal is to have as much fun with this as anyone. But there's more to it than
just having fun. I'm living out the dream of two generations of my family
right now!" He frowned again, then continued in a quieter voice as he looked
into her caring eyes, "My grandfather and father both had the dream of doing
what I'm doing right now." Justin put his hand on hers and said earnestly,
"I can't fail at this. I just can't!"

Kelly never knew how much pressure Justin was under before. She knew he hated
showing any weakness in front of others, and that's probably what attracted
her to Justin in the first place. He was always so strong emotionally, as
well as looking strong physically. Now she knew the tremendous pressure he
must be under. Not only having to compete, but also knowing he couldn't fail
because it would let down his family!

"You can only do your best, honey," Kelly replied in a soothing tone, then
squeezed his arm in reassurance. "No one can expect you to do more than

Justin smiled at her and replied, "I love you so much, baby." He bent
forward to give her a kiss, then sat up quickly when he noticed the
instructor walk in.

To Be Continued...


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