American Idol: Alone In The Mansion (MF,MF-mast,inter,oral,voy, celeb)
by Freeky Geek ([email protected])

Chapter 51

A small man with short greased back hair and large glasses walked stiffly
into the room and stood in front of the young people. His eyes looked huge
behind coke-bottle thick lenses as he smiled, showing more gums then teeth,
and said, "Hello. My name is Bertram Grump." The simpering little man waited
for the two young men in the back row to stop giggling, then continued, "I'm
here to teach you what to do and say when interviewed by the press."

Bertram Grump walked over and stood in front of Justin's desk and said with a
nasally voice, "First off: No touching each other or kissing in public."

Justin stared up at the quirky little man and frowned angrily at his remark.
"What do you mean 'No touching in public'?"

"You know what I mean," the funny little man said and started pacing in front
of the contestants, tapping a ruler in his palm as he continued. "I saw you
almost kiss this young lady next to you as I walked in." Bertram stopped and
waved his ruler in the air and said forcefully, "We'll have no more of that!"

Kelly noticed Justin frown and press his lips together in anger, then push on
the desk, getting ready to stand up at the strange little man's words. She
quickly grabbed his arm to restrain him, not wanting him to risk a scene that
might jeopardize his chances in the competition. Justin glanced at Kelly and
saw her pleading look, then with a resigned sigh, he relaxed back in his

Bertram Grump grabbed some papers and pencils out of his wrinkled leather bag
and shoved them at Kelly, then ordered her, "Pass these out." Kelly wrinkled
her nose at the awful stench emanating from the teachers mouth as she took
the items from him.

"I want all of you to write down in as much detail as possible your audition
process. Once you have it written down, I'll go over it with you. By the
time we're done today, you will have memorized a few short sentences that
you'll say every time you're interviewed."

He grinned his gummy smile at the young people and added, "The press always
ask the same questions, you know." Slapping his ruler in his palm, the
little man began pacing in front of them and explained, "They ask how you
got to where you are." He whacked his palm with the ruler to emphasize
each point and continued, "They ask if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend."
Another whack. "They ask how you feel now that you are famous." Whack.
"They ask if you get along with each other."

Bertram stopped when his palm was starting to hurt and faced them again,
squaring his small shoulders and thrusting out his pointy chin, then told
them, "It's simply a matter of being prepared. Before each interview, have
a few questions ready to change the subject, in case the person interviewing
you brings up something not on the list or starts getting too personal."

The teacher smiled again, showing more of his pink gums and said, "You change
the subject by bringing up something about the their kids.
They love talking about themselves and won't even realize what you did until
later." Smiling slyly at how knowledgeable he was, he pulled up his pants
and told them, "You can begin writing now."

The little man went over to a chair in front of the room and sat down primly
as Kelly handed back the paper and pencils to Nikki, AJ and RJ. Justin took
a few sheets and a pencil from her and began writing quickly with his left

Kelly glanced to the front of the room and saw how tight the teacher's pants
were. She noticed his package squeezed over to one side, then looked down
quickly at her blank piece of paper, smiling to herself as she began writing.

Chapter 52

"Come on!" Ryan said and tugged on Jim's hand, pulling him after her as she
entered the large rehearsal room. "God, I'm horny!" she thought and sighed
with relief when she spied the large couch against the far wall.

"But I'm hungry," Jim whined as she drug him into the room.

"Don't worry," Ryan smiled back at him, then added with a sultry voice,
"you'll be eating something soon."

At her words, Jim felt his member twitch in his pants, and he smiled and

He looked around the large room and asked worriedly, "What if someone comes

"That's half the fun, silly," she said and began pulling down her low-riding
pants as he glanced nervously at the open doorway.

Jim decided to ignore the possibility of detection, preferring to watch Ryan
pull off her pants and underwear, then remove her small torn shirt. His
member throbbed in his pants at the site of her slim naked body in front of
him and in a voice full of awe he told her, "You're the most beautiful woman
in the world, Ryan!"

She smiled at his compliment, then looked down at his bulging crotch and
said, "Hurry up and take off your clothes. We only have an hour for lunch."

Jim unzipped his pants, then started pulling them down along with his
underwear when his body froze in shock at the sound of someone talking loudly
down the hallway.

They both stared in alarm at the open doorway, then Ryan came out of her
shock and started looking around frantically for a place to hide. She
noticed the huge mirror in the far corner and said, "Hurry Jim! Get behind
the mirror!"

Ryan grabbed up her clothes and scurried over to the mirror as Jim tried
yanking up his pants past his erection, then gave up and stumbled after her
with his pants around his knees.

The mirror that the contestants used to watch themselves rehearse was ten
feet long and six feet high. Ryan got behind it and noticed a table between
the mirror and the wall. She climbed up on it and watched Jim get behind the
mirror just as she heard two people enter the room.

"Crawl up here, Jim," Ryan whispered and Jim quickly obeyed, almost crying
in his fear of being caught. She noticed how scared he was and whispered
soothingly, "Lie down and don't talk, it will be ok." He nodded and settled
down next to her on the small wooden table.

Jim bit his lip from making any noises as she bent over his erection and took
him in her mouth. She began sucking and licking him while she listened to
the two people talking on the other side of the mirror.

* * *

"Can we do it here?" AJ asked Nikki as she looked around the seemingly empty
rehearsal room.

"Well now, darlin'," Nikki replied and smiled at how much the young man
wanted sex. "You must really be horny to want to have sex right out in the
open where anyone could blunder upon you."

Ryan giggled quietly around the hard member in her mouth. She continued
listening as she sucked and licked his hard shaft while Jim put the heel of
his hand in his mouth to stop from making a noise.

"Where then?" AJ asked her. He wanted more than anything to have sex with
the small red-haired woman and for her to teach him all the things that she
taught RJ. His manhood swelled in his pants at the thought of finally being
able to have sex with a woman.

"I think there's a place upstairs. Come on, sugar," Nikki replied and was
glad she put some extra condoms in her purse before she left the mansion.

AJ smiled and hurried after her as they left the rehearsal room.

* * *

Jim heard them leave and sighed loudly in relief, then said, "You suck me so
good, Ryan. I'm going to come any second!"

Ryan stopped sucking him and replied, "Go ahead. I can't wait to feel your
tongue on my pussy!"

She began sucking him harder and he moaned with pleasure at her darting
tongue on the tip of his shaft. Jim pumped his hips, sending his shaft in
and out of her mouth and rolled his eyes up in his head as the pressure built
in his loins. He bit his lip, grunting quietly and arched his back as his
loins exploded with his release, sending his essence shooting into Ryan's

She quickly swallowed his seed as he relaxed on the table. When his member
began growing soft in her hand, she released it and lay back on the table,
spreading her legs wide. She told Jim, demanding in her need, "Lick my pussy

Jim sat up a little stiffly on the table, still feeling the wonderful effects
of his climax as he bent over her hip, putting his mouth up to her sex. He
began licking where he knew she liked and heard her sigh and moan with

The thought of almost getting caught had never made Ryan feel more horny in
her life. She reveled in the touch of his tongue on her clit and pumped her
hips against his mouth, then called out loudly, uncaring if anyone heard her,
"Suck my pussy!"

Jim's eyes grew scared at her loud tone, but he did as she asked, and sucked
her clit as his tongue moved against it in his mouth. She pumped her hips
and tossed her head wildly on the hard table, sending her hair flying in all
directions in her abandon.

"Oh!" She yelled out and strained her hips against his mouth, arching her
back hard as her climax shot through her body. Her toes clenched on the
table, scratching the wooden surface in her ecstasy.

Jim continued licking and sucking her clit until she told him to stop. He
now knew what she liked and waited until her hand pushed his head away before
he looked up at her face. "She's never looked more beautiful", he thought as
he gazed up at her flushed face and wild hair splayed out on the table. Her
eyes were closed and her breasts were heaving as she slowly came back to
herself, then opened her eyes and looked down at Jim.

"I love you, Ryan." Jim said then moved up to give her a gentle kiss full of
his love.

"I love you too, Jim," she replied and meant it. Ryan had never planned on
falling in love with Jim. At first, she was only using him to satisfy her
needs. But as she spent more time with Jim, she noticed how caring and kind
he was, and how much she enjoyed his company. He never tired of giving her
pleasure and no man had ever given her as many orgasms.

"I really do love him," she thought and smiled lovingly at Jim as he placed
another soft kiss on her full lips.

She sat up and said, "Come on, let's get dressed and go to lunch. You need
to get some food in you to keep up your strength for what I have planned

Jim smiled and asked, "What are we going to do tonight?"

"You'll see," she replied mysteriously and scooted off the table, then began

Jim jumped off the table and watched her dress as he pulled up his underwear
and pants. He couldn't believe his good fortune to have someone so
beautiful love him. When he told Ryan he loved her, his heart was beating
hard in his chest, not knowing what she would say. The last time he told a
girl he loved her, she grew distant and eventually stopped seeing him. He
was heartbroken for months afterward, and hadn't really gotten over the pain
the girl caused him. But telling Ryan he loved her seemed like such a
natural thing to say, he had blurted it out before really thinking about it.
Jim sighed in happiness that Ryan told him she loved him too. His heart was
so full of joy, he felt tears come to his eyes and he quickly blinked them
away, not wanting to appear weak.

After Ryan finished dressing, she kissed Jim quickly, then smiled at him and
said, "You better eat good for lunch!" She giggled as he smiled at her.
They left the rehearsal room and walked happily down the hallway, waving at
Justin and Kelly as they passed them.

Chapter 53

"I thought we'd never get away from Tamyra!" Justin told Kelly as they
entered the large Rehearsal room.

"I know. I'm glad Simon wanted to talk to her," she replied and asked him
with a funny smile, "Did you see the way Simon was walking? He was wincing
and wiggling his butt."

Justin giggled and said, "Maybe he's chafing and needs some powder."

Kelly smiled then giggled when Justin tickled her playfully in the ribs.
They goofed off in the room for a few minutes, grabbing pillows off the couch
and throwing them at each other. He noticed her midriff exposed as she threw
pillows in his direction and suddenly needed to hold her close.

Justin grabbed her in his strong arms and hugged her to him, kissing her neck
and whispering huskily in her ear, "I want you so bad, baby." He nuzzled her
ear and murmured, "I just want to hold you in my arms. Somewhere that we
won't be interrupted, alone."

"Ah," Kelly sighed and held Justin tightly around his hard waist. She
thought of the large building and recalled a good place that was quiet.

"How about your dressing room upstairs?" She asked and felt his breath in her
ear and shivered as he replied, "Perfect. Let's go."

They held hands, then she remembered Bertram and dropped his hand as they
left the room. Justin frowned down at her as she dropped his hand, then
shrugged and thought, "If she wants to play it cool when people are watching,
I'm ok with it."

They got in the elevator and Justin pressed the button for the top floor,
then he smiled at Kelly as the door slowly closed. As soon as the door shut,
Justin pulled her to him roughly and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue in
her mouth and holding her tightly against him. Kelly gave herself up to his
ardor and kissed him back, playing with his tongue in her mouth as she
relaxed against his hard strength.

The bell dinged announcing the arrival at the top floor and Justin quickly
released her, leaving Kelly somewhat shaky and dazed as she faced the opening
elevator door. She moved on wobbling legs and followed alongside Justin as
he lead her toward his dressing room.

Justin noticed Kelly's discomfiture and nodded to himself. "I think she's
getting a taste of what I feel every time I have to stop short of making love
to her," he thought and smiled devilishly at what he was about to ask her
when they got into the dressing room.

Kelly's legs were weak, her face felt flushed and her lips were tender after
Justin's ravishing in the elevator. She was glad to be in the dim dressing
room where she could sit down and get control of herself.

"I want to tell you a little story, if you'll let me," Justin said as he
locked the door and sat down next to her on the couch.

"Sure, honey," Kelly replied and relaxed on the soft cushions.

Justin held her hand and watched her reactions as he told her about something
that happened to him ten years ago.

"My friend Rob had a slumber party for his thirteenth birthday and invited me
and three other friends to spend the night at his house. We had so much fun,
eating popcorn, watching movies and telling scary stories until we were all
frightened of each bump and creak the older house made."

Justin paused and Kelly nodded for him to continue.

"Rob was a great friend to have. We always hung out and played at his house
after school. That's where I would always see his older sister Rachael. Rob
and I would be playing in the backyard and Rachael would come out and talk to
us. She was very cool. The thing I remember most about her is she would
wear the skimpiest clothes you can imagine: short skirts, tank tops. You
know: the stuff that drives a young man wild with pubescent lust."

Kelly had a feeling she knew where this was going, as she smiled and asked,
"Did you have a crush on her? How old was she?"

"She was sixteen. And no, I didn't have a crush on her."

"Ok." Kelly replied wondering why Justin was telling her this. She thought
he was going to share the story of his first love with her, but apparently
that's not what this was about.

Justin continued his story, holding Kelly's hand gently in his while rubbing
her knuckles with his large thumb.

"Anyway, I was at Rob's slumber party. All five of us were downstairs in the
living room laying in our sleeping bags. The room was pitch black and I lay
there scared to death. After the scary stories, I jumped at every little
sound that old house made. I could hear the other guys sleeping, but I lay
there wide awake in fear. After it seemed like hours, I got enough courage
to go upstairs to Rob's room, where I could sleep in his bed with the lamp
on. I was deathly afraid of the dark back then."

"I was too, honey," Kelly told him and squeezed his hand. Justin returned
the squeeze and continued his story.

"When I got upstairs, I started toward his room in the dark hallway, but I
noticed a light coming from the half-opened door of Rachael's room. I knew
it was well past midnight by then and thought she might have left her light
on when she went to bed. So I opened her door to go in and turn it off for

Kelly felt Justin's hand grow slightly wet in hers and noticed some color
come to his high cheekbones as he continued.

"When I opened the door a little, I saw her laying naked on her bed. I stood
there, my mouth going wide in surprise at what I saw her doing."

Justin glanced at Kelly nervously and saw her raise her eyebrows, prompting
him to continue.

"She was a beautiful girl. Short curly blonde hair and light blue eyes. She
had beautiful small breasts and her legs were long and lean. As I stood
there in the doorway looking in, she had her eyes closed and her legs spread
wide on the bed while she touched herself. Her fingers were rubbing quickly
between her legs as her other hand rubbed and pinched her nipples."

As he remembered the site, Justin felt his member grow hard and he held
tighter to Kelly's hand as he continued.

"I couldn't take my eyes off what I saw her doing. It was so unexpected. I
didn't even know girls did that to themselves. Sure, I jerked off by then,
all of us guys did. But to see a girl doing that to gave me an
immediate erection."

Kelly nodded and said, "That's normal, honey. Remember, I walked in on my
brother's a few times, too."

Justin nodded and said, "But it wasn't just that, Kelly. If I just saw her
doing that alone, it wouldn't have effected me so much. It was what she did
after she saw me standing there that really..."

"What did she do?" Kelly asked concerned. She hoped the girl didn't take
advantage of Justin when he was so young or scream and wake up the house.
Either situation seemed like it would have a bad effect on him. "Maybe
that's why he is telling me this?" She asked herself, loving him more than
ever for sharing his secret's with her.

Chapter 54

Justin lowered his eyes and stared at Kelly's small hand held tightly in his.
He relaxed his hold, then began lightly tracing a small blue vein on the back
of her hand as he recalled that fateful night so many years ago.

* * *

Justin's eyes went wide in surprise at the site of Rachael laying naked on
her bed. His eyes went from her small hard nipples that she rubbed and
pinched, down her flat stomach, then came to rest on her twitching fingers
as she fondled herself between her legs.

He began to breath quickly and felt an erection push out the front of his
underwear as his innocent eyes watched the girl fondle herself on her bed.
The young boy stared in fascination as Rachel massaged and rubbed the pink
folds of skin between her wide open legs.

Justin was rooted to the spot, unable to move as his eyes tracked her
twitching fingers. He knew this was a private thing that Rachael was doing,
but the thought of leaving the room never entered his head as he marveled at
the beauty of what he was watching.

Rachael's eyes were closed and she sighed and whimpered softly in the quiet
house as she touched herself in pleasure. Justin wasn't even aware that his
hand had released his erection from the front of his underwear. As he
started stroking it, he looked down in surprise.

"God, she's beautiful," Justin sighed to himself and continued pulling and
stroking his hard member. He watched Rachael's hips rise up to meet her
quickly moving fingers, then settle back on the bed.

Justin began thrusting his hips toward his stroking hand in time with her
hips rising off the bed. He had never felt more excited or alive then he
felt at this moment and heard Rachael sigh and whimper as her excitement
grew. His hips moved harder against his hand, causing his feet to shift
on the hardwood floor.

His hard hip thrusts caused a board under Justin's foot to creak loudly in
the still house. Rachael heard the loud noise and opened her eyes, staring
toward the sound. Her fingers stopped moving between her legs and she stared
into Justin's shocked face at being caught. Rachael's eyes traveled from the
scared look on Justin's face down to his hand, holding his exposed erection.
She smiled, then relaxed on the bed while keeping eye contact with the
frightened boy. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed her fingers
resumed massaging her clit while Justin watched from the doorway.

Rachael used her other hand to move her labia wide apart, clearly exposing
her sex for Justin to see. She then licked two of her fingers and began
rubbing her clit while he watched with wide eyes.

Justin was frozen in shock when Rachael opened her eyes and noticed him
watching her. When she didn't scream or yell out in anger like he had
expected, he waited by the door, not knowing whether to run away, or stay.
But when she exposed her pink inner folds for him to see, he felt his
heart pound loudly and a rushing noise fill his ears.

Rachael never uttered a word as she continued massaging and rubbing her
delicate pink folds in front of the young boys wide staring eyes. Justin
slowly began stroking his shaft as he watched her moving fingers. He
looked up at her face and noticed her watching his moving hand.

"Mmmm," she moaned and moved her fingers faster on her hard clit as she
watched Justin's hand stroking his erection.

Justin began pulling and stroking his shaft harder in front of her, liking
the fact that she was watching him. He felt his loins begin tightening as
his climax neared.

Rachael closed her eyes and tossed her head on the pillow, pumping her hips
steadily against her moving fingers as her breasts heaved in her excitement.

For the first time in his life, Justin felt the pressure of liquid spurt out
of his shaft as he bit his lip and pumped his hips hard into his hand. His
face clenched and he closed his eyes tightly as an orgasm spread through his
young body like wildfire, causing his limbs to tremble and shake in ecstasy.

Justin opened his eyes when he heard Rachael sigh loudly on the bed and saw
her body arch and her fingers tense between her legs. Her teeth were sunk
into the pillow case and her young body held the tense position for several
seconds, then she relaxed back on the bed, sighing loudly and opening her
eyes to look back at him.

He looked down at his hand and noticed the whitish slick moisture in his palm
and gazed at it in wonder. Justin looked back at Rachael and watched as she
smiled, then winked at him. She reached over and turned off the lamp,
leaving Justin standing in the doorway in complete darkness.

* * *

"And she never said a word to you?" Kelly asked, feeling her face blush at
the graphic description of Justin's words.

"No. Not then and not after, either." Justin told her and got up from the
couch, then began pacing in front of her as he continued.

"The next day, Rachael was the same as always. She acted like it never
happened. I didn't know what to say to her, and didn't really know what to
do. It was all knew to me, being so young."

Kelly nodded in sympathy, then asked, "Did you ever talk to her about it?"

Justin shook his head, then replied with an angry gesture, "It was as if it
meant nothing to her!"

"And it meant something to you?" Kelly asked, beginning to see what was
bothering him.

"Yes!" Justin said emphatically, then sat down quickly next to her, holding
her hand and looking earnestly into her eyes, trying to make her understand,
"That was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me."

"Well, honey," she said, holding his hand in hers and patting it
affectionately, "It sounds like a pretty intense experience."

Justin shook his head and stood up again. He walked away from her, then
turned back, spread his hands wide and said, "I've never felt more alive than
at that moment. It was and always has been the most exciting experience that
I've ever had!"

Kelly frowned trying to understand, and asked, "You mean, having sex isn't
more exciting or fulfilling to you?"

Justin went back and sat down next to Kelly on the couch, then stared her
boldly in the eyes and said, "I love having sex. And when I make love to a
woman that I love and that loves me, it's wonderful- like tonight will be for
us, baby." He held her hand and continued in a quiet voice, "It's just that
seeing a woman touch herself makes me so excited...I can't explain it more
than that."

She nodded, trying to understand and said, "I think I see what you're saying,

"You do?" He asked her hopefully, "Then you'll do it?"

"Do it?" Kelly asked, then her eyes went wide in understanding at what Justin
wanted her to do.

"Oh God, no!" She felt her face flush at the idea of him watching her
masturbate and shook her head quickly in denial.

Justin's face fell at her words and he looked down crestfallen at her refusal
to do what he wanted. He had asked previous girlfriends before and only one
of them had agreed to do it for him. Afterward, she was so ashamed she
stopped seeing him. Since then, he had stopped asking his girlfriends to do

But he felt sure that Kelly was different then the rest. She was so
naturally erotic, that he had to ask her, and hoped that she would say yes.
His shoulders sagged in his rejection and he stood up slowly, then walked
toward the door and said, "I'm sorry I asked, baby. Just forget it."

Kelly saw the abject sorrow etched on his beautiful features and couldn't
stand to see him look so sad. She noticed his shoulders sag and him walk
listlessly toward the door. When she heard his sorrowful voice tell her
to forget it, she stood up quickly and called out, "Wait a minute, Justin."

Justin's eyebrows went up in hope as he turned to look back at her, waiting
to see if she had changed her mind.

"I've never done anything like that before," Kelly said hesitatingly, "but
I'm willing to do it if it will make you happy."

The naked joy on Justin's face made tears spring to Kelly's eyes and she
smiled hugely at him as he rushed toward her and picked her up, swinging her
through the air in his happiness.

Chapter 55

Justin set Kelly down and kissed her passionately, thrusting his tongue into
her mouth and loving the way she nibbled and sucked on it.

"Mmmmm," Justin sighed as he kissed Kelly for several minutes, getting more
excited at the prospect of seeing her fondle herself while he watched.

He broke the kiss, then looked lovingly down at her flushed face and glazed
eyes. In a husky voice, Justin told her, "I'll go outside and wait by the
door. In five minutes, I'll open it and it will be like it was ten years ago
at Rob's house, ok?"

Kelly nodded absentmindedly, still a little dazed by his kiss and the warmth
of his arms around her. She wished tonight would come quicker, so Justin
wouldn't have to stop short of making love to her. Her sex throbbed and
pulsed with her need and she smiled to herself as she noticed how stiffly he
walked to the door and thought, "At least I'm not the only one a bit

Justin shut the door and waited outside, rubbing his hands together and then
smoothing down the front of his pants. "God, I can't believe she is actually
going to do this for me!" He said excitedly and began pacing impatiently
outside the door.

"Well, I said I would do it, and I am a woman of my word," Kelly told herself
and quickly got undressed, then lay down on the couch. She felt her face
flush as she began fondling her breasts, then slowly moved a hand down
between her legs and began rubbing her moist clit as she looked toward the

"Oh, I think my eyes are supposed to be closed," She thought and gratefully
closed them. It made it a little easier that she didn't see Justin watch her
as she touched herself. A feeling of shame started creeping over her and she
stamped it down quickly, deciding that anything she did in love for Justin
was good and nothing to be ashamed of.

Her fingers grew slick as she rubbed and massaged her swollen clit. She
remembered the feel of Justin's warm tongue sucking and nibbling her there
this morning and she shivered with longing.

She jumped a little when she heard the door open, but kept her eyes closed
and moved her legs farther apart, continuing to rub her clit as she heard
heavy breathing by the door. With one hand moving her labia apart, she
moistened two fingers in her mouth and fondled her exposed sex, then heard
the sound of a loud explosive sigh by the door.

A zipper opening and fumbling cloth could be heard above Kelly's soft
whimpers and sighs. The heavy breathing by the door grew louder as Kelly
raised her hips off the couch against her moving fingers, then settled them
down again.

"I hope I'm doing this like Rachael did," Kelly thought, keeping her eyes
firmly closed and feeling her excitement grow. She was beginning to see why
Rachael did what she did to Justin those many years ago. The thought of
someone staring at her while she touched herself was extremely exciting and
made her feel wicked and tingly all over. She heard the slapping sound of
flesh on flesh by the door and smiled slightly, knowing what the sound meant.

* * *

Justin waited by the door, pacing impatiently, then stopped and frowned as he
saw Rob, the Stage Manager approach him.

"Hi Justin!" Rob said happily at finally finding the young man. "I've been
looking all over for you, man."

"You have?" Justin said distractedly, glancing toward the door and looking
down to make sure his erection wasn't too obvious through his tight jeans.

"Yeah," Rob replied, and shifted the clipboard in his hands. "Marty wants
to see you in wardrobe ASAP."

"Can't it wait?" Justin asked and glanced toward the door again in agony as
he thought, "So close, but so far away."

"No, man. She needs you to try on some clothes so she can make alterations
and it has to be done right now."

Justin frowned and sighed unhappily as he replied, "OK."

They both walked toward the elevator and passed AJ as he wandered the hallway
looking lost.

"You looking for something, AJ?" Rob asked the small young man.

AJ glanced nervously at Rob and Justin, then asked in a tiny voice, "Is there
an ice machine around here?"

"Ice machine?" Rob said and laughed. "No, I don't think so. Try downstairs
by the cafeteria."

"Ok, thanks," AJ replied and said, "I'll check downstairs later."

Rob led Justin toward the elevator and pressed the down button, then asked
him, "You seem a little distracted. Are you ok?"

Justin nodded at Rob, then anxiously watched AJ walk toward the door he just
left and replied, "I was thinking about the competition. Trying to work up
a strategy, that's all."

"Good plan," Rob replied and patted Justin good naturedly on the arm. "I'm
rooting for you, man."

"Thanks," Justin said and smiled at the bald black man as they entered the

Rob pressed the first floor button and they faced the door, watching it as it
slowly closed. Justin's eyes went wide in fear and he took a step forward as
he watched AJ turn toward the room that Kelly was in. He put out his hand to
stop the elevator door, but he was too late and watched it slide shut, hiding
AJ from view.

Chapter 56

AJ sighed in relief as Justin and Rob passed him and got in the elevator.
He was sure they suspected he was meeting with Nikki up here and hoped his
nerves didn't show.

"This place is a maze!" AJ said timidly and looked at each door he passed,
thinking it was the one that Nikki was in.

He heard a whimpering and moaning sound behind the door to his right and
thought, "That must be her. Maybe she started without me."

AJ opened the door and froze in shock at what he saw in the room. His mouth
hung open wide and his eyes were huge as he stared at Kelly masturbating on
the couch in front of him.

"Oh, my dear God!" he thought, and started breathing thickly as he watched
Kelly's fingers twitch and move on the pink skin between her legs.

AJ's eyes were glued to her quickly moving fingers and he began breathing
louder when he saw Kelly move her outer folds apart, giving him a better view
of her pink pearl of desire. When she licked her fingers and rubbed herself
in clear view of his eyes, his breath exploded out his mouth, unaware he had
been holding it.

He had never seen someone do something so sexually erotic before and felt an
immediate erection pushing out the front of his pants at the site of her
fondling herself on the couch.

"Doesn't she know I'm here?" AJ wondered, thinking she must have heard him
open the door and his loud breathing. He noticed Kelly's eyes remained
firmly shut, but he was sure he saw her head turn in his direction when he
gasped loudly a moment ago.

"Maybe she gets off having someone watching her," He thought, then smiled as
he recalled seeing Justin standing outside this door earlier as he wondered
the hallways looking for an ice machine.

Still smiling, AJ unzipped his pants, not trying to be quiet, and waited to
see if she would stop and open her eyes. He noticed her fingers move faster
on her clit and her eyes squeeze tighter shut as he fumbled with his clothes,
taking his erection out the front of his pants.

His hand lightly stroked his erection as he stood in the open doorway,
staring down at Kelly as she whimpered and sighed in pleasure. AJ stared at
her glistening pink skin against her fast twitching fingers and began moving
his hand harder on his shaft.

"My God!" AJ prayed silently at the sight of Kelly raising her hips off the
couch, pressing her sex against her quickly rubbing fingers.

AJ's breath grew ragged as he watched Kelly pump her hips steadily against
her fast moving fingers and he began stroking his shaft hard and fast,
sending little slapping noises into the air.

He was sure Kelly's eyes would open any second and see him, instead of
Justin, but was unable to stop now, even if he tried.

"Ohhh," AJ sighed in pleasure and pumped his hips hard against his fast
moving hand. He groaned aloud as he noticed how slick Kelly's fingers were
becoming as she rubbed them steadily against her pink clit.

Kelly heard the groaning sound by the door and thought it didn't sound like
Justin. She opened her eyes slightly and was shocked to see AJ standing
there. Her fingers continued to move steadily on her clit as she thought of
what Rachael did. "I think Rachael had the right idea after all," Kelly
thought and continued rubbing her clit as AJ watched by the open doorway.

The thought of AJ instead of Justin watching her somehow made Kelly more
excited then ever and she sighed loudly and opened her eyes, staring him
boldly in the eyes.

AJ's hand froze on his member as he noticed Kelly staring at him in the
doorway. She sighed and fondled her nipple as she continued rubbing her
clit in front of him. He noticed her eyes were directed at his erection
and he looked down where his hand hid most of it from view. Looking back
up at her, he noticed her eyes locked on his and saw her nod then smile
at him.

He began moving his hand slowly on his member as she watched. When he saw
her pump her hips against her moving fingers again he stroked his member
harder and faster. Kelly watched AJ's stroking hand on his hard shaft as
AJ gazed at Kelly's twitching fingers on her moist clit.

"Oh God!" AJ called out loudly and was glad he didn't have to be silent
anymore. He groaned and grunted, while moving his hand harder and faster
against his throbbing member. AJ felt his loins tighten and arched his
back hard as he cried out with his release, sending his essence shooting
into his hand and dripping onto the floor.

Kelly watched AJ intently as he masturbated in front of her. The site of
him touching himself while she watched made her more excited than ever. She
sighed and moved her fingers harder and faster against her swollen clit and
felt her climax nearing. When he groaned and called out in his pleasure she
moaned too, then cried out as great pulses of pleasure shot up from her
moving fingers and through her body, making her tense hard on the couch.

AJ sighed and leaned back against the wall, lowering his head as he breathed
deeply. Kelly relaxed back on the couch and watched him as he regained his

"What did Rachael do afterwards?" Kelly asked herself, and frowned slightly
as she realized there was no easy way of dismissing AJ as easily as Rachael
did Justin.

They both jumped slightly at the sound of Nikki's voice calling out loudly
for AJ down the hall. Kelly watched him stuff his now limp member quickly
into his pants and zip them up, then look back at her with a questioning
gaze. Kelly smiled and winked at him and watched him smile back in response.
Without a word spoken, he ducked out the door and closed it after him,
leaving Kelly laying naked and alone on the couch.

"Now I know why Justin wanted me to do this," she thought, and began tracing
her fingers lightly on her nipple as she smiled.

Chapter 57

Nikki stormed up to where AJ was standing in the hallway and bombarded him
with questions.

"What took you so long? Why were you in that room, and what are you hiding
behind your back?"

AJ stared back at her out of a flaming face and held his semen filled hand
behind him. He tried to hide it from Nikki, but she had very sharp eyes and
knew he was keeping something from her.

She yanked on his arm trying to see what he was hiding. He backed away from
Nikki, loosening her grip on his arm and asked her in a whining voice, "Can't
we just go to your changing room?"

"Not until I find out what you're hiding!" She said angrily and yanked hard
on his arm, bringing it from behind his back so she could see what he was

"What do you have in your hand?" she demanded and glared up into his now
sweating face as he replied, "Nothing, Nikki! I swear!"

She gritted her teeth and declared loudly, "We'll see about that!"

Nikki grabbed AJ's hand and pried his fingers open, then gasped aloud at what
she saw in the palm of his hand. A small pool of whitish liquid nestled in
the crease of his palm and oozed between his fingers that she immediately

AJ hung his head shamefully as she frowned and admonished him, "You bad, bad
boy! Momma's going to teach you a lesson for sneaking away and jerking off
in a closet!"

She dragged him by the elbow along the hallway toward her room and thrust him
ahead of her as she stepped inside, then locked the door.

AJ held his semen filled hand in front of him and watched nervously as Nikki
stalked toward him. She grabbed his hand and quickly wiped it off with a
handkerchief she had in her pocket, then ordered him with a voice of steal,
"Take off your clothes."

He watched her begin undressing and said timidly, "I think I've changed my
mind, Nikki."

AJ began edging around her, trying to escape and she pounced on him. She
pushed him down on the small bed and jumped on top of him, straddling his

"It's too late to back out now, sugar," Nikki told him as she began
unbuttoning his shirt, loosening it and pulling it off his small framed body.

"What are you going to do?" AJ asked as he stared up at her with frightened

"You'll find out, darlin'," She replied and opened the front of his pants,
then yanked down his pants and underwear and pulled them off, leaving him
naked on the bed.

She reached for a belt laying by the bed and wrapped it securely around one
of his wrists.

AJ watched Nikki with growing concern as she tied his left wrist to the
bedpost. He furrowed his brow and pleaded with her, "Please Nikki! Don't
hurt me!"

"Oh, I'm not going to hurt you honey," Nikki said in a syrupy sweet voice,
"In fact, after I'm done with you, you're going to be thanking me!"

"Well...ok," AJ said and allowed her to tie both his wrists to the bedposts.

She stood up next to him and undressed slowly as he watched, touching herself
lightly and massaging her breasts in front of him.

Nikki kept an eye on his flaccid member and smiled when she saw it begin to
fill out. She moved closer to where AJ was tied to the bed and began rubbing
her hand between her legs.

AJ's eyes grew wide at what she was doing and he moved his head and body
closer, straining against his bonds to reach her.

"Ah ah ah!" Nikki said teasingly, shaking her index finger in his face, then
moved away from him before his lips could touch her.

AJ sank back against the bed and sighed in frustration, thinking he knew what
his punishment was going to be and smiled slyly at the little red-haired
woman. "She's a hot woman, all right!" He thought and watched her move about
the room, picking up their clothes and folding them.

Nikki posed and caressed her body as she walked around the room, making
sidelong glances at AJ to see if he was looking. She smiled teasingly and
bent over to pick up her shirt, spreading her legs and pointing her ass in
his direction.

AJ saw the pink opening of her sex under her well shaped ass and strained
against the straps holding him.

"God, Nikki! Please let me go!" AJ pleaded with her as he eyed her inviting
opening from where he was tied to the bed.

"You're a bad boy and have to be punished," Nikki said as she stood up and
finished folding her clothes, then walked toward him once again.

"This is hell!" AJ frowned and pulled his wrists experimentally to see how
firmly he was held. The belts were securely tied to the bedposts and he gave
up after several tries, then asked her resigned to his fate, "At least tell
me what you plan on doing for my punishment!"

"Ok, honey." Nikki said and sat on the edge of the bed, then smiled at him as
her fingers lightly caressed his firming member. "Your punishment is going
to be Russian Sexual Torture."

At the word torture, AJ frowned and his eyes grew frightened as he replied,

"Oh, don't look so scared, honey!" Nikki said and lightly slapped his firming
member, making him flinch.

AJ's jaw firmed with his resolve and he said in a quiet and determined voice,
"Ok. Let's get it over with. I'm ready."

"Come on, sugar!" Nikki told him and kissed his cheek, trying to make him
relax and not be so serious. "I told you it's nothing bad, it's just a name
they give it." She kissed his lips and licked then lightly until he smiled,
then she said, "Trust me, lovey. I won't do you wrong, I promise."

AJ smiled up at her and relaxed, then said, "Ok, Nikki. I believe you."

She smiled and said, "You'll love it and when we're done, beg me to do it

"I guess," He said doubtfully, and relaxed on the bed, waiting to see what
Russian Sexual Torture entailed.

Chapter 58

Nikki stood up and stretched her arms above her head, causing her breasts to
lift up and become more firm and shapely. AJ eagerly watched her, loving the
graceful way she moved.

"First off, I'm going to put a blind-fold over your eyes," Nikki told the
young man and brought out a bandanna from her bag. He frowned slightly after
she tied it over his eyes, but relaxed his face and closed his eyes to the
darkness when he felt her hand on his half-erect member.

He smiled as she started massaging and rubbing his shaft until it grew hard
and fully erect at her skilled touch.

"You like that, sugar?" Nikki asked him and he smiled and nodded his head in

"I think you'll like this a lot more," she said and bent her head to his
member, then began licking the swollen head rapidly with her tongue.

AJ's mouth made an 'O' of surprised delight and he shifted his hips on the
bed in pleasure. He smiled, then said, "I'm beginning to like this Sexual

Nikki stopped licking the head of his shaft as she laughed softly at his

"Oh, you'll love this then, honey," she said and sucked the first few inches
of him into her mouth.

She sucked his swollen member steadily as her tongue worked quickly against
the smooth rounded tip. Nikki watched closely as AJ's breath became more
rapid and she noticed his hips begin driving his shaft steadily into her
mouth. When she felt he was close to climax, she released him and backed
away from the bed.

"Uh," AJ sighed in disappointment and turned his blind-folded head toward
her, then said with a frown, "Why did you stop?"

"It's all part of the Russian Sexual Torture, sugar," Nikki said and began
pacing in front of the bed, feeling her own excitement from having his hard
shaft in her mouth. She pulled a chair over to the bed and positioned it
facing him, then sat down and propped her legs up on the arms.

AJ heard the chair scrape against the floor and listened as she sat down next
to him. He heard her sigh and then the sound of slick movement inches away
from his face.

"What are you doing?" He asked her and yanked against his bonds, turning his
blind head toward the sound.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Nikki asked him and smiled slyly as she rubbed
her clit in front of his covered eyes.

AJ lifted his head and pointed his nose toward her, then sniffed the air. He
smelled her musk clearly and unconsciously jerked his whole body toward her
in response.

"Oh God!" He called out in anguish as he realized what she was doing, and
only now realized what exactly Russian Sexual Torture was.

* * *

Kelly quickly got dressed and went in search of Justin, wondering where he
was. She knew the next place they had to be was wardrobe and hastened to the
elevator to go downstairs. As she waited by the elevator, she thought she
heard AJ cry out down the hall in agony.

She turned away from the opening elevator door and walked quickly in the
direction of the sound, then stopped and tilted her head, listening. When
she heard the murmur of voices, she went toward it and stopped outside
Nikki's changing room and paused before opening the door.

"What is she doing to him in there?" She wondered and hoped everything was
ok. She tested the door knob and found that it was locked. Luckily, she
remembered to bring her keys with her to the studio. Nikki had given her
an extra key to her changing room and she found it on her key ring, then
inserted the key quietly, unlocking the door.

"I better just peek in to see what's going on," she said to herself and
opened the door a crack to look inside. Kelly's eyes went wide and her face
flushed at what she saw inside.

AJ lay blind-folded with his wrists tied to the bed and his legs spread wide.
Her eyes went first to his quivering erection, then lower to the pink balls
between his legs. She turned her gaze to where Nikki sat facing him with her
legs spread over the arm rests as she fondled herself between the legs.

Blinking quickly in surprise, Kelly closed the door softly and felt the
pulse begin again between her legs. Her breath came in quick gasps and she
realized she was excited at what she had just seen. She smiled to herself
and walked toward the elevator, hoping to catch Justin before their lunch
break was over.

* * *

"Please Nikki!" AJ begged and strained against his bonds.

Nikki noticed he was now half-erect and got up from her chair, then sat
beside him on the bed, grasping his maleness in her small hand. She held
the base of his shaft and licked down the length, from his balls to the
swollen rounded tip. AJ shivered at the touch of her warm tongue and
moaned aloud in response.

"Ahhhh," He sighed in relief, then pressed his cheek against the pillow as
she began licking the head of his member again.

Her tongue licked quickly over the tip until he was fully erect, then she
moved back to her chair and sat down, propping her legs up again. She smiled
as she watched AJ struggle on the bed, trying to get loose and rubbed her
fingers harder against her clit.

"Let me go now, Nikki," AJ ordered her, starting to get mad at her treatment.
He pulled hard on his wrists, but was unable to get free. "I mean it!" He
yelled and yanked harder against the straps holding him down.

"You better be quiet, AJ," Nikki told him and said, "What if someone hears
you and comes in to investigate?"

He stopped struggling and turned his blind head toward her, then said,
"Please, Nikki! Let me go!"

"No," Nikki said firmly, "You were a bad boy and now you're getting
punished." She quirked her lips at an idea and said, "Maybe I'll let you
loose if you tell me your middle name."

AJ's balls were starting to hurt with his suppressed climax and he nodded his
head quickly, then asked her, "You'll let me loose if I tell you my middle

"Sure, honey," She said and smiled wickedly, not at all intending to let him
loose right away.

"Ok. My full name is Abner Jonah Gil. There. Now let me loose, ok?" AJ
relaxed on the bed, waiting for her to release the straps. He looked toward
where she was sitting and didn't hear her get up.

"You said you would let me go!" He said angrily and yanked hard against his

"Oh, I'll let you go, sugar," Nikki replied as she continued to rub her cli
where he couldn't see, "But just not right away." She laughed as he grimaced
in anger and struggled fruitlessly on the bed.

Her fingers rubbed faster and harder against her clit at the site of AJ
writhing in front of her and she whimpered and cried out in her excitement.

AJ heard her slick fingers moving and her soft sighs of pleasure next to him
and it nearly drove him mad with his need.

"Please Nikki!" he begged and strained toward her. His muscles were getting
sore from his tense desire, but he continued struggling, trying to free

Nikki ignored his pleading voice as she felt her climax near. She arched her
back as it washed over her, making her moan aloud with pleasure.

The sound of Nikki crying out and the chair squeaking with her movement made
AJ lay tensely on the bed. He had never felt so hard in his life and his
balls ached with his need. Now he knew the full extent of what Russian
Sexual Torture was and he hated it with a passion.

He felt her sit beside him on the bed and laid quietly, every muscle in his
body clenched, waiting for the touch of her tongue on his member.

As she began licking the tip of his shaft again, he clenched his jaw, trying
to hold back from begging her. But when she released his shaft and moved
away again he was unable to control himself and blurted out, "God, Nikki!
Please let me come!"

"Ah, ah, ah," She admonished and sat back on the chair, relaxing and keeping
an eye on his erection.

"How long are you going to torture me like this?" AJ asked her in a voice
filled with agony.

"Oh," Nikki sighed and looked at her watch casually. "We've only been doing
this about ten minutes. You still have another thirty minutes of torture

"Oh God!" AJ moaned and trembled on the bed as tears began leaking from his
eyes. "Please let me come now, Nikki!"

"Don't worry, sugar," she said and reached over to rub his nipple as she
replied, "You're going to have the biggest orgasm of your young life before
I'm done with you."

She saw him quiver and tremble, then sat back and smiled wickedly at her
little game. "Being a teacher certainly has it's advantages," She thought
and caressed her nipple as she watched him lay tensely on the bed.

After another ten minutes of repeatedly begging Nikki to release him as she
brought him erect over and over again, he finally gave up and lay against
the bed. He clenched his jaw in silence as every muscle in his young body
tensed, waiting for her next touch.

"It's funny how they all go through the same process," she thought and
studied the young man as he lay there, muscles quivering with his suppressed

"First they joke and laugh, loving what you're doing. Then they begin to
understand, and think they can order you to release them. Next, they start
begging and pleading with you to be released. And finally, they lay quiet,
enduring their torment."

She smiled down at the young man as she sat next to him again on the bed.
Her fingers lightly traced his small chest and he breathed deeply as she
touched his nipple and began rubbing it gently. His lips pressed firmly
together at her touch and she saw his muscles quiver and shake with his

"You like that, darlin'?" She asked him and smiled when she saw the muscles
in his jaw clench, but he didn't respond.

"How about this?" Nikki teasingly asked and began rubbing his cock with her
hand, then watched with glee how his whole body jumped on the bed at her

She lowered her mouth to the now almost purple head of his shaft and stared
at it, studying it's interesting color changes.

"My, my, my, you must be in agony, AJ," Nikki said and flicked her tongue
once over the tip of his shaft. She noticed how the muscles in his legs
stood out as his body tensed. She smiled at the site, then looked at her
watch and told him, "I'm getting kind of hungry. We'll cut this lesson
short for today, honey."

AJ didn't really hear what she said. His mind was in a fog of desire and
need. He stared at the blackness behind the blindfold, unknowing and
uncaring where he was anymore. All he knew was the steady ache in his balls
and the wonderful feeling of the intermittent movement of a tongue on the
head of his member.

When the moving tongue wasn't removed right away, he started to grow more
aware of his surroundings. He began pumping his hips against the glorious
feel of suction and soft movement on the tip of his shaft. A great pressure
was building in his loins and he strained and clenched his face in pain, but
didn't want the wonderful feeling of the tongue on the head of his shaft to

His whole body strained and he gritted his teeth in agony as the pressure
exploded in his loins, sending waves of pleasure shooting up from the soft
suction on his member to spread like wildfire out his arms and legs.

He thrashed and cried out on the bed, trembling and shaking with the enormity
of his climax. Tears poured down his face and his back arched hard against
the bed as his essence shot out of his member, pumping the fluid from his
balls in steady bursts into Nikki's sucking mouth.

AJ's body kept the tense arched position on the bed for several seconds, then
he collapsed limply on the bed, passing out in a pleasure induced faint.

Nikki stood up and wiped the back of her hand against her mouth. She licked
her lips at the taste of his essence and thought, "Well, that will do for a
snack until I can get to the cafeteria downstairs."

Chapter 59

RJ sat with Jim and Ryan in the small studio cafeteria and picked listlessly
at his hamburger. He couldn't take his eyes off the lonely figure of
Christina sitting alone across the room from him.

Jim noticed RJ's distracted glances and turned to see what he was looking at.

"Oh. That explains his half-eaten burger," Jim thought and smiled over at
RJ. "Why don't you go over and talk to her, man?"

RJ didn't hear Jim at first, then he blinked and shook his head, coming out
of his daydreams involving him and Christina and replied, "What? Oh, you
mean Christina?"

Ryan smiled and nudged Jim's ribs, and they both looked at RJ with big smiles
on their faces.

"What are you both smiling at?" RJ asked nervously and dabbed the napkin on
his lips quickly, thinking he might have left a smear of ketchup on his face.

"You and Christina," Ryan said and glanced over her shoulder where Christina
sat against the far wall alone.

"What about me and Christina?" RJ asked and they both giggled and smiled

Jim balled up his napkin and tossed it on his plate, then cracked his
knuckles as he said nonchalantly, "You love Christina but are too afraid to
tell her."

RJ's eyes went wide at Jim's statement. "What makes you think..."

"Don't try to deny it," Jim cut him off and shook his open palm toward RJ.
"We all know how you feel about her. Christina probably does too, by now."

RJ felt his face flush at Jim's blunt words and tried to deny it, "I

Cutting the air again with his open hand Jim said, "We ALL know RJ. There's
no use denying it."

"I...," RJ began, then stopped and looked sadly down at his half eaten lunch
and asked quietly, "Is it that obvious?"

"Only to half the studio and probably most of the audience of the show, by
now," Ryan said and laughed softly. "Really RJ, you need to tell her how you

She stared into Jim's eyes as she told RJ, "Telling someone you love them may
frighten you half to death. But when the other person tells you they love
you too, it makes the fear and anxiety worth every second."

Jim gazed lovingly back at Ryan and reached for her hand, then kissed her
softly on the lips.

"I love you Ryan," Jim told her and smiled sweetly into her big brown eyes.

Ryan smiled and kissed him again, then said, "I love you too, Jim."

They gazed raptly into each others eyes for several long moments as RJ
watched. He loved Christina, but the thought of telling her of his love sent
butterflies skittering through his stomach. Ryan and Jim continued to stare
into each other's eyes and RJ began to feel like an outsider sitting at the
table with them.

"If only Christina would look at me the way Ryan was staring at Jim right
now!" RJ thought and tightened his hands into fists on the table as he
glanced over to where Christina sat alone.

"By God, I'll do it!" RJ said and got up quickly from the table, startling
Ryan and Jim out of their loving gazes.

"You are? That's great!" Jim said and Ryan nodded in agreement. They both
watched RJ walk slowly toward Christina. He stopped once and turned back, as
if to walk back over to them. They saw him square his shoulders and frown,
then turn almost angrily around and walk quickly over to where Christina sat
against the far wall.

Ryan asked Jim, "You think he will really tell her?"

Jim shrugged and said, "Who knows? But it sure is worth the pain, like you

He glanced over and smiled tenderly at Ryan, and she smiled back at him,
holding his hand up against her heart when she saw tears come into his eyes.

* * *

Christina noticed RJ walking toward her out of the corner of her eye, but
kept her head down, staring at her half eaten salad. She noticed him stop
once, then begin walking away, then turn back again.

"What's he doing?" She wondered and had a feeling she knew. Her stomach felt
unsettled since her semi-argument with him this morning. He was being so
nice to her, but when she saw the way Nikki was staring at him, it made her
blood boil and she snapped out in anger.

"Maybe I should apologize to him," She thought, then looked up as RJ
approached her.

"Hi Christina, do you mind if I sit down?" RJ asked her nicely, smiling a big
friendly smile and hoping she wouldn't refuse.

"Sure RJ, go ahead," She said and smiled as he sat down across from her.

RJ sat smiling at Christina and tried to think of something to say. He
glanced down at her salad and said, "Oh, you got the salad, huh? Was it

Christina looked down at her half eaten salad and grimaced, then said, "It
was ok." She started to say something else, then shook her head and looked
at him directly then said, "RJ, I want to apologize for this morning."

"Apologize? What for?" He asked and looked at her questioningly, wondering
what in the world this sweet girl could be sorry for.

"For what I said about Nikki staring at you," She said and lowered her eyes
to her salad as she continued. "I was rude when you were trying to be
friendly and I just wanted to apologize for that."

"What? But that wasn't rude!" He said and smiled at her. She looked up at
his light tone and saw the beautiful smile of his and couldn't help but smile

RJ saw her smile at him and felt his heart constrict in his love for her.
He looked into her eyes and with every ounce of his love for her, told her
softly, "You are so beautiful when you smile."

Christina's smile faded as she looked into the intense gaze RJ directed at
her. She felt her heart pound and her stomach flutter at the look of...was
it love?...staring into her eyes.

"Th...thank you, RJ," Christina stuttered and tore her eyes away from his
penetrating gaze, then lowered them again to her salad.

"Did I just see her look at me the way Ryan was looking at Jim?" RJ asked
himself and boldly said, "Christina, I need to talk to you. Alone."

"Alone?" she asked and looked around at the crowded room. She had a feeling
she knew what RJ was going to tell her, but asked anyway, "Why alone?"

"Because I have something very important I need to tell you. But it needs to
be in private," He replied seriously.

She glanced around the room and then looked back into his serious expression
and replied, "Ok, RJ."

They both scraped their chairs back from table and stood up. RJ gestured for
Christina to walk beside him and he took her elbow lightly in his warm hand
as they walked toward the exit.

Chapter 60

"What do you want Simon? Haven't you had enough for one day?" Tamyra asked
and glared over at him as he walked beside her in the narrow hallway. She
noticed the bow-legged mincing steps he took and smiled evilly as she
recalled the feel of the strap as it hit his white backside.

Simon chuckled softly in response to her jest and replied, "Actually, no.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Really?" She asked and looked again at the strange way he shook his butt as
he walked and said, "You'll need stitches if we go at it again."

He turned the corner with her and guided her into his dressing room, then
replied, "I have something else in mind for now."

"Oh?" She asked, intrigued despite her disgust at his masochistic tendencies.

"Yes, that's right," he said then closed and locked the door. He walked over
to a black bag he had gotten out of his car and opened it, then tilted it to
show her what was inside.

"Oh, My God!" Tamyra said in shocked surprise. "You're going to use that?"

"Wrong again," Simon replied and smiled slyly. "You are going to use it
while I watch."

"Hell no, I'm not!" She said, then turned and walked toward the door.

Simon saw her start to leave and said quietly, "I wouldn't leave if I were
you. I am still a judge and you are still a contestant."

His voice froze her to the spot, and she turned angrily and marched over and
shoved her face within inches of his. "Damn you, Simon! I'll be happy to
belt your lily-white ass again until you bleed buckets!"

"No thank you, Tamyra," He replied politely, and stepped away to hand her the
black bag. "Get undressed and go plug this in. That's a good girl."

Tamyra fumed as she watched Simon walk over to a chair and sit down. She
smiled evilly when she saw him wince as his ass touched the chair, then
turned angrily back to stare into the black bag.

"Hurry up now, dear," He told her and poured himself a cup of tea as he
watched her seethe.

"What a fascinating little woman," Simon thought, "I can't wait to see if she
can resist having an orgasm with my little toy."

The object inside the black bag was somewhat heavy and Tamyra picked it up
and carried it over to lay on the end of the bed, then searched for an
outlet. She found one close by and plugged it in, then turned to glare at
Simon as she began to quickly undress.

Simon sipped his tea and stared at her undressing over the rim of the tea
cup. He smiled at the hateful glances she directed his way.

"I wonder if she realizes her evil glares are turning me on more," He
pondered and laughed softly as he took another sip of the horrible American

Chapter 61

"God, I hate him!" Tamyra thought angrily and wished there was some way of
getting back at him. She turned to Simon and said with as much venom as she
could put in her small voice, "You are a terrible lover!"

"Oh, really?" Simon smirked and set his tea cup and saucer on the table.
"Wasn't that you moaning with pleasure earlier?"

"Damn you!" She yelled and threw her shoe at him. He raised his hand and
easily deflected it from hitting his head, then told her, "Hurry up. I have
a meeting in thirty minutes."

She glared angrily at him as she finished undressing then got up on the bed.

"I need some lubricant," she told him as she layed down stiffly on the bed.
She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists hard, sending her fingernails
digging into her palms. "Why can't Kelly be the object of Simon's sick
desire?" She asked herself and sighed sadly at the injustice.

"Let me get that for you, darling," He said and got a bottle of mineral oil
out of a nearby drawer, then handed it to her.

Simon stood by the bed looking her over as she lay there. "You really are
quite beautiful, my dear," He said and smiled down at her.

"Let's just get this over with!" She yelled and squirted some of the oil
between her legs, then flipped the switch on the side of the machine, turning
it on.

A soft whirring noise filled the room and Simon walked back over to the chair
and sat down, then unzipped his pants, taking out his already hardening

"So beautiful," Simon sighed softly, then began stroking his shaft as he
watched her on the bed.

"Come on now, do it. Put it in you." Simon told her and smiled when she
moved to obey.

Tamyra felt tears begin to leak from the corners of her eyes in her
humiliation. "Oh God, Why is this happening to me?" She prayed softly and
moved her hips toward the moving object.

Her hips were too low, so she shoved a pillow under her butt to make her
opening level with the machine. Shifting her hips forward, she very
carefully inserted the thrusting dildo on the sex machine between her

Chapter 62

RJ led Christina through the bustling lunchtime crowd and down a side
corridor. He glanced over at her and smiled, loving the feel of her small
soft arm in his hand. His heart beat so hard and fast with excitement, he
thought for sure she must hear it.

"I can't believe I'm actually going to tell her!" He thought and felt his
stomach flitter and a light sheen of sweat dot his forehead. "But what will
she say when I tell her?"

He almost stopped and told her to forget it, but then remembered the way Ryan
and Jim gazed with such naked love into each other's eyes. "I would give
anything to have Christina look at me that way!" RJ bit his lip at the
thought, and felt his heart swell with love for the beautiful woman walking
beside him.

Christina felt the warm touch of RJ's hand and was surprised at how his
gentle touch was affecting her. She felt the heat of him walking beside her
and wanted to move closer, and touch her body to his strength.

"What's getting into me?" She asked herself and tried to think of her
boyfriend. Her relationship with him had been strained even before the
competition. They had broken up several times in the past year. A few
months ago, they decided to move in together in the hope that being closer
would overcome any obstacles that were pushing them apart. She now realized
that moving in together had been a big mistake and was thinking of moving out
after she got done with the Idol show.

Christina looked over at RJ and noticed how nervous he seemed. "I think he's
finally going to tell me how he feels about me," She thought. "But what
about him and Nikki? She always seems to be looking at him and touching him
now." She frowned at the thought.

RJ looked over at Christina as he led her down a hallway toward a quiet room.
He noticed her frown and felt his stomach freeze in dread. "Does she know
what I'm about to tell her and is repulsed by my feelings for her? Oh God,
please let me keep the nerve to go through with it!" RJ prayed as he walked
with Christina into the room.

Chapter 63

Justin walked stiffly into the wardrobe room and saw Marty, a pretty African
American woman a few years older than him turn around and glare angrily at

"Where have you been?" Marty demanded and began pushing at him, herding him
into the room.

"What's the big hurry?" Justin asked, letting her shove him over to the rack
of clothes. His crotch ached with his suppressed desire and he hoped no one
noticed his erection on the way over here.

Justin frowned in thought and wondered, "What happened when I got in the
elevator? Did AJ walk in on Kelly?" He wanted more then ever to turn around
and run back upstairs where Kelly waited for him.

"I have to follow all the rules and can't risk the slightest chance of
loosing this competition," Justin told himself and decided he would explain
his departure to Kelly when he saw her later.

"There was a last minute change. I need you to try on some clothes now so I
have time to do the adjustments," Marty said in a rushed breathy voice. Her
hand moved through the rack of clothes and picked two shirts and three pairs
of pants up and handed them to Justin.

"Try these on and then go stand on that stool over there by the back corner,"
she said and pointed at the stool.

Justin nodded agreeably then asked, "Where can I go to change?" He looked
around for a dressing room or a place where she couldn't see him as he
changed clothes.

When he didn't see any place private, he giggled then asked, "Should I change
clothes right out in the open?"

Marty looked up at the ceiling and sighed dramatically, then shook her head
at the younger man. "Look, I've seen it all before so don't feel shy. Drop
your pants in the far corner and get into the clothes, ok?"

Justin looked at the entrance to the room and noticed there was no door.
"What if someone walks in when I'm half dressed?"

"Well.." She paused and glanced down at his pants. Her brows went up in
surprise when she noticed his erection barely concealed in his tight pants.

"Oh. I think I understand now," she said and smiled at him slyly.

"My God, the size of him!" she thought and pulled out her measuring tape
automatically, wanting to measure it. She looked down at her fingers pulling
on the tape and grinned at herself.

"Hmmmm," Marty mumbled and moved in a circle around Justin, eyeing him up and
down. "I think I'll need to take a few extra measurements to make sure I
have the pants fitted perfectly.

Justin saw her looking at the front of his pants and felt heat flood his
cheeks. "Damn, if I only had another few minutes with Kelly before Rob
showed up!" He quickly rubbed his aching balls when she walked behind
him, then said, "I'll dress over behind this rack of clothes, ok?"

Marty nodded, and watched him move behind the clothes. The rack came up to
his shoulders and would hide him from her view and anyone who happened to
walk by the open doorway.

She pulled and fiddled with her measuring tape as she smiled at the handsome
young man. "Sure, go ahead. I'll wait for you over in the corner."

Justin pulled off his pants and dropped them to the floor, then glanced down
at his crotch. His shaft was still firm and half-erect. He looked over at
Marty as she watched him from the far corner and thought, "How am I going to
try anything on when I'm still so hard? I'm sure she will notice, if she
hasn't already." He recalled her saying she had seen everything before, and
hoped it was true.

"You need some help over there?" Marty called out and smiled over at his
flushed face. "He's so cute when he's embarrassed," She thought and watched
him quickly change into the white shirt and bend over as he pulled on a pair
of loose black pants.

"Well, I hope she isn't offended by my stiffness," he thought and walked
toward where she waited in the corner.

Marty's eyes went immediately to the front of Justin's pants and stayed there
as he walked closer to her and got up on the stool.

"Oh God, I think she noticed!" He thought, and felt his face flame hotter.

"Justin," Marty said, moving to stand in front of him, putting her face level
with his stomach, "I'll need to take a few extra measurements, if you don't

"Ok," He said and nodded, "What do you want me to do?"

She smiled up at his flushed face and said, "I need to measure your inseam."

"What's that?" He asked, never having been fitted or measured for clothes

"It's the measurement from your ankle to between your legs," She said and
smiled slyly, knowing it was probably going to embarrass him.

"What?" Justin asked and was now starting to panic. "She can't help but
notice my hardness if she measures me there! And the way I feel right now,
the slightest touch will make me harder!"

"Come on, spread your legs, Justin," Marty told him and patted his muscular
thighs, encouraging him to hurry. She stared eagerly at the front of his
pants and began pulling on her measuring tape again in anticipation.

When Justin didn't move, she looked up at his flushed and now sweating face
and asked, "Well? What's wrong?"

"I...," Justin said and his voice trailed off. He then blurted out in a
strained voice, "Can't we do this later?"

"But you're right here in front of me now!" Marty said, starting to get angry
and thought, "I can't wait to get my fingers between those thighs."

Justin bit his lip and tried to think of something that would get him out of
this situation with his dignity intact. "God, I wish Kelly were here!" He
prayed and wished with all his heart that she would walk in and save him from
this embarrassment.

"Please, just give me a minute, ok?" Justin said and jumped off the stool,
moving back behind the rack of clothes.

"Damn, I was so close!" Marty mumbled and sighed as she watched him change
into a tight pair of jeans and walk back over to her, then get up on the

"Ok. You can measure me now," Justin said and moved his legs as far apart on
the small stool that he could.

"Justin, I needed to measure you in the other pants, not these jeans," she
said and smiled at his discomfiture.

He looked down at her glittering eyes and wondered, "I think she is enjoying
my embarrassment! Well, I guess I better get the other pants on now."

Justin hopped off the stool and changed back into the loose black pants. He
glanced down and noticed he wasn't as hard now, but was still pretty stiff.
"Hopefully, she won't notice as much now," He thought and got back up on the
stool, then spread his legs.

Marty watched him move his legs apart and licked her lips in anticipation.
She put one end of the measuring tape against his left ankle and unrolled the
tape, rubbing it up the inside of his leg to stop between his legs.

"Oh, God! Kelly!" Justin prayed. He closed his eyes and bit his lip, trying
to think of something else, other then the feel of the woman's fingers
touching his balls.

"I think he likes this," Marty thought and rubbed her two fingers gently
against the underside of his scrotum as she watched him become fully erect.
His face clenched in discomfort and she asked, "Is there something wrong,

"No," He said in a half strangled voice and squeezed his eyes shut, trying
to think of something that would get him out of this situation. "Please God!

Chapter 64

Kelly ran into Rob on her way in search of Justin and found out where he had
gone. She walked down the hallway toward wardrobe and for some reason felt a
need to hurry faster. Breaking into a run, she almost passed the wardrobe
room, then stopped in a breathless gasp at what she saw as she stumbled to a
halt outside the doorway.

Kelly stared in shock as she watched Marty rubbing her hand steadily between
Justin's legs as she smiled up into his clenched face.

"What the hell are you doing to Justin!" Kelly screamed and stormed angrily
up to the startled wardrobe lady.

Kelly noticed how strained and uncomfortable Justin looked and glared
angrily at Marty, then said in a voice as cold as steal, "Get. Out."

Marty glanced down at the measuring tape in her hands and said contritely,
"I was just measuring his inseam."

"I know what you were doing. I should call Randy and get your ass fired!"
Kelly yelled, then stood in front of Justin protectively, shielding him from
Marty's eyes.

"Calm down. Calm down, Kelly," Marty said and patted the air toward the
angry younger woman. "I'll leave. But really, there was nothing going on.
I was only measuring Justin's inseam."

"Yeah right. And I'm the pope's daughter," Kelly scoffed and looked up at
Justin on the stool behind her. She saw how his face was still flushed, but
he smiled thankfully down at her and she returned his smile, then turned to
glare back at Marty.

"Does measuring someone's inseam usually mean you get to fondle their balls?"
Kelly asked and didn't wait for the older woman to answer.

"Get the hell out!" Kelly pointed to the door and gritted her teeth angrily
at Marty.

"Ok. I'm leaving," the wardrobe lady said and slunk defeated out of the

After Marty left, Kelly turned around and faced Justin. She saw how relieved
he looked, then glanced down and noticed he was still erect. "Come on down
from the stool, honey," Kelly said and held her hand out to him.

Justin gratefully accepted her hand and stepped off the stool, then kissed
her and held her tightly to him.

She felt him shudder against her and murmured softly, "It's ok, sugar. She's
gone now."

He buried his face against her hair, then said in a shaking voice, "God
Kelly! You saved me!"

She rested her cheek against his hard chest and asked curiously, "What would
you have done if I hadn't shown up?"

"Oh," He sighed and kissed the top of her head, then replied, "I was about
to jump off the stool and run down the hall. But it would have been pretty
embarrassing running around with a boner in clear view."

Kelly giggled and suddenly noticed the stiffness against her stomach. The
tingling sensations began again between her legs and she pushed her hips
several times against him.

Justin felt her rubbing up against him and said in a thick voice full of
desire, "God Kelly! I want you so badly!"

"I want you too, but not here," she said and looked around the room.

"Come over here, honey," Kelly said and pulled him behind one of the clothes
racks. She knelt down and unzipped his pants as he watched her.

"I love you so much, baby," Justin said and touched her cheek with the back
of his hand.

"I love you too, honey," Kelly said, then took out his hard member and began
sucking on it as he closed his eyes and sighed with pleasurable relief.

Chapter 65

"Please sit down," RJ asked Christina as he closed the door to give them more
privacy. She went over and sat on the couch, then looked up and watched as
RJ began pacing the room nervously.

"He looks so scared," she thought and looked down at her hands in her lap.
"If he tells me about his feelings, what will I say to him?" She asked
herself and went over how she really felt about RJ. "He is a kind, honest
and warm-hearted person. He makes me feel good inside when I'm around him."

She watched as RJ stopped pacing and looked at her. He opened his mouth as
if to say something, then closed it and began pacing again.

"There he goes again," she thought and shook her head as she watched him pace
back and forth in front of her. "Now I know what the appeal of a shy man is.
He is just so cute!"

RJ glanced at Christina sitting on the couch as he paced in front of her. He
wanted so badly to tell her how he felt, but the thought of her rejecting him
made his heart ache in fear.

"Why can't I just tell her?" He asked himself and stopped, opening his mouth
to speak. When RJ looked into her beautiful face, he froze and his mind went
blank. Closing his mouth again, he began pacing faster and wondered how he
would get up the nerve to tell Christina he loved her.

Christina knew he was having a hard time and decided to help him out.
Otherwise, she might be sitting here all day.

"RJ, why don't you sit down here and talk to me," She offered and put her
hand on the seat next to her in invitation.

"What?" RJ asked, coming out of a daze of furiously thinking of what to say
and how to say it. He smiled at her and said, "Ok. Thanks."

She watched him sit down very carefully next to her and reached over, then
patted his leg and asked, "Why don't you tell me what's bothering you, RJ."

"Bothering me?" He said and looked at her. Being this close to Christina
made him even more nervous and he swallowed, then replied, "Nothing is
bothering me."

"Can you tell me what was so serious that you wanted to tell me?" She asked
and began rubbing his knee, trying to make him more comfortable.

Usually she was the shy one around men and it was nice to have the upper hand
for a change. "Now I know what I must seem like, " she thought and smiled as
she rubbed his leg. She noticed how stiffly his muscles felt under her hand
and squeezed his leg just above his knee, wanting him to talk to her.

"God, she is so beautiful!" RJ thought as he looked into her big brown eyes.
He loved the feel of her hand on his leg and tried to relax. But when she
squeezed his leg, he felt blood rush to his groin in response and he blurted
out, "I wanted to tell you...," his voice trailed off as he stared deeply
into her eyes.

Christina returned his soulful stare and felt herself lean toward him and
replied, "Yes?"

"I wanted to tell you how I feel...," he paused and saw her nod as she held
his intent gaze. "Christina, I..."

"Yes?" She asked and squeezed his leg again in encouragement.

"I...I...," RJ said and swallowed. His mouth was suddenly dry and he
couldn't seem to catch his breath.

She held his gaze as she leaned closer toward him and asked softly, "Yes?"

"Christina, I...," RJ said and closed his eyes, then whispered, "I love you."

Christina waited until RJ opened his eyes to reply. She was happy he finally
told her what she had suspected for several weeks. When he looked at her
with both fear and hope shining in his eyes she smiled and asked, "You do?
You really love me?"

"Yes," RJ replied and breathed deeply, finally glad he had said it. His
heart was in his throat as he waited to see how Christina would react. "God,
please let her love me too!"

"RJ," Christina said and didn't know until she said the next words that she
felt them in her heart, "I love you, too."

At first, he didn't understand what she said. He was sure he hadn't heard
her correctly, so he asked disbelievingly, "You love me too?"

Christina smiled and kissed his cheek then replied, "Yes RJ. I love you."

He stared at her and frowned, then asked, "But just as a friend, right?"

His heart physically ached at the thought of her not returning his love the
same way and tears came to his eyes at the thought.

"No RJ. Not just as a friend," She replied and noticed his eyes were filled
with tears, making her eyes tear in sympathy.

"Not just as a friend?" He asked hopefully, and looked into her eyes, praying
what she said was true.

"RJ, I didn't know until I just said it how much I really do love you," She
replied and moved closer to him. She wanted to kiss him, but knew she had to
give him time to take in what she just said.

"Really?" RJ asked and still couldn't quite believe it. After all the weeks
of aching to tell her how he felt, he finally did and it almost didn't seem
real. He had fantasized about this moment for so long, it almost seemed like
he was dreaming.

He looked at her and asked, "Am I dreaming?"

She smiled at how sweet he was and pinched his arm hard. When he yelped in
pain she asked, "Did that hurt?"

"Yes!" He said and smiled, finally believing that she loved him and his
dreams had come true. His face reflected the utter joy shining in his heart
and she returned his smile, happiness filling her heart as well.

"Oh God, Christina, I've wanted to tell you for so long!" He said and cupped
her cheek with his warm hand. She leaned against it and closed her eyes,
then said, "I think the first time I started loving you was when you cried
after being picked for the wild card."

She looked deeply into his eyes and said, "It showed how you weren't afraid
to show your emotions. And on national TV too!"

They both smiled and RJ realized he desperately wanted to kiss her. He
cupped her other cheek with his hand and moved his face closer, then softly
kissed her lips with his.

The soft kiss progressed to a more passionate one as they both realized they
wanted each other very badly. Their arms came around each other and held
tightly as the love they felt expressed itself for the first time.

RJ laid back on the couch and pulled her down on top of him, then thrust his
tongue hard into her mouth in his desire. They both were breathing heavily
and pulled at each other's clothes, wanting to feel and touch each other

Christina felt the hard lump of RJ's desire pushing hard against her stomach.
She wanted to take it out of his pants, and kiss and hold it in her hands.

"God, Christina. I want to make love to you!" RJ said as they took a breath
after their lustful kiss.

"I want you too, but you have to go to wardrobe in five minutes and I have
the press class," She said and frowned angrily at her watch.

They both sat up stiffly and tried to regain their composure.

"What about tonight? Will you meet me later tonight?" RJ asked and
glanced nervously at Christina. The thought of her loving him still hadn't
completely sunk in yet and he was sure she would tell him no.

"Yes. What time and where?" Christina replied eagerly and smiled at his
shocked look.

"He's such an honest person. I don't think he would be able to tell a lie,
his face reflects too much of what he's feeling," She thought and waited for
him to respond.

RJ stared at Christina in disbelief with his mouth half open. He closed it
and returned her smile and said, "Great! How about after dinner in one of
the extra bedrooms?"

"Ok," She said and kissed him softly, then said, "Until later, my love."

RJ smiled at what she said and asked, "Say that again. 'My love'"

Christina stood up and held her hand down to him and said, "My love."

When RJ took her hand and stood up next to her, she looked into his eyes and
said, "Soon to be my lover."

RJ's eyes grew wide at her words and he smiled happily and said, "I can't

Chapter 66

Kelly and Justin waited by the van and watched Christina and RJ approach
them from the studio.

"Hey guys!" Kelly called out in greeting. "How did you like the press

RJ shrugged and said, "I have my lines down. How about you guys?"

Justin and Kelly both nodded. Christina asked, "What about the teacher?
Did you guys smell his breath?" She held her nose and said, "Pew!"

Kelly laughed and said, "You know who he reminds me of?" They all shook
their heads and Justin asked, "No. Who?"

She giggled and replied, "Beavis from Beavis and Butthead!"

"Oh my God! You're right!" RJ said and they all broke into laughter as Nikki
and AJ came out of the studio door, followed a few seconds later by Tamyra,
Jim and Ryan.

When AJ got to the van, RJ pulled him aside and asked quietly, "Would you sit
next to me and Christina in the back?"

"Sure man," AJ replied in a whisper and said, "You finally told her?"

RJ nodded and AJ smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, then said, "Good!
It's about time." They both smiled good naturedly at each other and didn't
notice Nikki frowning behind them.

"What's going on?" Nikki asked, startling RJ and making him jump.

"Nothing," RJ said, avoiding eye contact as he moved over to where Christina
was standing near Kelly and Justin.

"Come on, let's get in the van," RJ said and held Christina's hand as she
stepped in, he then got in and sat down next to her in the back seat.

Nikki saw RJ's special attention to Christina and noticed how they seemed to
constantly touch each other. She turned to AJ and said, "Did he finally tell
her he loves her? Is that what's going on?"

AJ ducked his head and moved toward the van, then nodded and got in next to

Justin noticed Nikki seemed to look a little upset, so he asked her, "Would
you like to sit by me and Kelly?"

"Sure, darlin'!" Nikki said and perked up at the invitation.

Kelly got into the far left center seat, followed by Justin, then Nikki.

Ryan and Jim held hands as they approached the van and got quickly into the
front seats. Tamyra took the seat next to Jim and scowled silently, still
somewhat sore from Simon's twisted toy.

The driver slid the van's door shut, closing them in. They all sat back and
relaxed as the driver started the van and began driving them home to the

Justin glanced at Kelly and noticed how unusually quiet she seemed. "What's
up, baby?"

Kelly blinked, then looked at Justin and said, "Just thinking about tonight."
She smiled and winked at him.

"Oh, baby," Justin bent down and whispered into her ear, "Don't get me
thinking about tonight!"

They both giggled softly, but Kelly's mind went back to her earlier encounter
with AJ. The back of her neck prickled at the thought of him sitting right
behind her.

"What must he think of me?" she thought and dared a quick glance behind her.
She gasped and looked forward as she noticed AJ staring intently at her.

"Oh God. How am I going to face AJ after what he saw me do?" she asked
herself and tried to act calm and smile at what Justin told her.

"So, Bertram crossed out half of what I wrote and it was amazing how few
sentences were needed to express my experience" Justin said and glanced at
Kelly to make sure she was paying attention. He noticed her distant gaze
and assumed it was because she was nervous about later tonight. "Maybe if
I talk, it will calm her," he told himself and continued explaining what he
wrote during the class.

"It all boiled down to a few sentences, and I already have them memorized,"
He said and ticked them off on his fingers as he said each one.

"I arrived at the auditions at five-thirty in the morning at Times Square.
And I was thinking, I don't know if I can do this because it was very cold.
Oh yeah, I should emphasize the fact that I hate the cold. Bertram said
that was good to keep that in there."

Kelly nodded absently and he continued his account. "I didn't get to
audition until a quarter to two that day."

Justin went on with his memorized list as Kelly recalled what happened
earlier in the wardrobe room. She had just finished drinking down Justin's
almond flavored essence and he was getting his breath back when AJ, RJ and
Nikki walked in, followed by Sheryl. She and Justin walked casually out from
behind the rack of clothes and waited to see what they were supposed to do.
When the wardrobe lady assigned AJ and RJ to Marty, Kelly almost fainted with

"But I'm going to have to face AJ sooner or later," she thought and tried to
listen to what Justin was saying. "What did Rachael do?" Kelly asked herself
and recalled Justin's story. "It seems Rachael didn't refer to the episode
and pretended it never happened. Maybe that's the best thing to do. Pretend
it never happened," Kelly thought and nodded to herself.

"So, you agree?" Justin asked Kelly when he noticed her nod.

"What?" Kelly asked, then shrugged and replied, "Sure, baby." She hadn't
heard what he said, but agreed anyway. It was easier than explaining to him
what she had been thinking about.

Justin smiled and said, "That's what I think too. But we all have to obey
our contract and say that we're single." He frowned and said, "I don't see
why we can't just tell them we're together!"

"Shhh!" Kelly said and put her fingers to his lips. "The driver might hear

"Ok, baby," Justin said and kissed the fingers she held to his lips, then
held her hand in his as they sat in companionable silence the rest of the way

Chapter 67

The ten finalists trudged wearily upstairs after their long day at the
studio. Gustoff heard the front door slam and ran out of the kitchen to
greet the young house guests. He called out from the bottom step, "Dinner
will be served in twenty minutes!"

He heard them mumble acknowledgements and wave at him as they continued
walking slowly up to their rooms.

"They all work so hard!" Gustoff said softly and went back into the kitchen
to finish dinner preparations.

Justin and Kelly waited at the top of the stairs until the others had entered
their rooms. When they were alone, he kissed her quickly and said, "I love
you, Kelly. Tonight I will do my best to make you happy."

She smiled at him and replied, "I trust you Justin. No one else would ever
have changed my mind about waiting until I was thirty."

"Thanks, baby," He said softly and gazed lovingly into her eyes. "You hold
the key to my heart."

"Oh, Justin!" Kelly sighed and kissed him warmly, loving this man more than
her heart could bear. She hugged him tightly and rested her head against his
chest. "I love you so much it hurts."

"Kelly, I feel the same way," Justin said and held her chin up so he could
gaze into her beautiful brown eyes. "When I'm away from you, I ache for your
touch...or even a smile."

"I never knew someone could feel this way," She said and shivered a little in
fear. "The thought of not being with you scares me."

"Don't worry, baby," Justin said and held her tightly to him, "I'm not going

"Ahh," She sighed, loving the hardness of his body and feeling Justin's love
for her in his strong embrace.

"I'm going to take a quick shower before dinner," He said as he released her
from his arms.

"Ok," she nodded and said, "I'm going to take a steam bath after dinner. I
didn't get a chance to take one this morning." She shrugged her shoulders and
winced. "My back hurts again."

"Oh, I'm sorry, baby," Justin said. "You want me to rub it for you?"

"Maybe later, honey." She shook her head and said, "Go take your shower. I'm
going to lay down for a few minutes. I just need to relax."

"Ok, baby," Justin said and kissed her quickly, then headed happily down the
hallway to his room.

Kelly watched him walk away and thought again of her encounter with AJ.
"What will Justin think if I tell him?" She entered her room, then lay down
stiffly on her bed, hating the thought of not being honest with Justin.

RJ walked out of his room and saw Justin heading purposefully down the
hallway. "Where you going, man?"

"Going to take a shower," Justin said briskly as he began walking by.

"Another one?" RJ asked in disbelief. "You must take three or four showers
a day!"

Justin stopped and looked back at RJ. He quirked his lips and said, "Did you
know that ninety-five percent of all men masturbate in the shower, and the
other five percent sing a song?"

RJ shook his head and said, "Really? What's the name of the song?"

Justin started walking away, then called over his shoulder, "I don't know."

"Huh?" RJ asked Justin's retreating back. He stood in the hallway
uncomprehending, then smiled when he understood what it meant and laughed.
"Oh, I get it!"

"He doesn't know the name of the song because he's in the ninety-five percent
group. No wonder he takes so many showers!" RJ thought and continued
laughing as he walked down the stairs.

Chapter 68

Justin and Kelly walked downstairs, hand in hand and went into the dinning
room where EJay, Jim, Ryan, RJ and Christina were already seated. Justin
found two empty seats next to each other and pointed them out to Kelly.
She nodded and they both sat down, with Justin in the far left seat facing

seating arrangements:

EJay - empty - empty - Christina - RJ
Justin - Kelly - Jim - Ryan - empty

AJ wandered into the dining area with Nikki, followed a few seconds later
by Tamyra.

"Come on, darlin'. Let's sit together in those two empty seats," Nikki said
and guided AJ unwillingly toward a chair facing Kelly while Tamyra took the
empty chair at the head of the table by Justin.

"Why don't I sit over here by Ryan?" AJ asked and tried not to let Nikki see
the fear in his eyes.

"Don't you want to sit by me, sugar?" Nikki asked sweetly. "Or do you want
to end the lessons already?"

His eyes went wide at her threat and he said quickly, "Ok. Wherever you want
to sit is fine with me."

"Good," She said and patted his shoulder. "Come along, now."

Nikki sat in the seat next to Christina and watched as AJ stood next to his
chair, with his head lowered shyly.

"Well?" Nikki said when she noticed AJ hadn't sat down yet, "Are you going to
stand there all night?"

AJ slumped down in the chair and kept his head lowered to his empty plate,
only making occasional quick glances up in Kelly's direction. Every time AJ
looked up, Kelly was talking to Justin and seemed to be completely at ease.

"Doesn't she feel ashamed at all? It's almost as if she's ignoring me!" AJ
thought and looked up from his plate, frowning.

"Are you ok, sweetie?" Nikki asked when she noticed AJ's flushed face and
nervous attitude. She bent her head toward his ear and whispered, "I wasn't
too rough on you earlier, was I?"

"No Nikki," AJ replied and breathed a big sigh of relief, knowing he wouldn't
have to face a confrontation with Kelly.

AJ couldn't help but stare at Kelly and remember the way she looked naked.
Her upright breasts with the tiny nipples and the delicate pink skin of her
inner thighs.

Kelly felt AJ's stare and kept talking to Justin, smiling and ignoring the
young man's attention across from her.

Justin looked toward the kitchen, wondering when dinner would be served, and
noticed AJ staring intently at Kelly. "Hey, man. What's up?"

"What?" AJ replied, a little flustered at being caught studying Kelly.

Justin frowned and asked, "Why do you keep staring at Kelly with that strange
look on your face?"

"Strange look?" AJ asked and ducked his head, looking down at his empty
plate. "I didn't know I had a strange look," He replied softly.

"Watch where you're looking. It isn't polite to stare," Justin said and
lowered his brow in anger. He had seen where AJ was looking and it wasn't
at Kelly's face.

"Ok, Justin," AJ nodded and kept his head lowered to his plate.

Nikki had been talking to Christina, but heard the somewhat heated exchange.
She turned to Justin and said, "Don't worry, darlin'. I've been teaching him
some manners, but I'm not done with his lessons yet!"

AJ flushed a deep shade of red at her remark and Justin smiled and chuckled,
already aware from having talked to RJ what Nikki's lessons entailed.

Kelly smiled too, having seen the extent of Nikki's lessons with AJ earlier
during lunch.

They all looked up as Gustoff walked out of the kitchen pushing a cart with
several large covered trays on it. He lifted the heavy trays easily from the
cart onto the serving table and turned to the hungry finalists and said,
"Dinner is served."

With a flourish, the chef lifted the largest cover and announced the main
course, "Almond Florentine." Gustoff smiled when Kelly laughed, but wondered
what was so humorous about the main dish.

"And for desert, there will be banana cream pie," Gustoff said grandly,
causing Kelly to laugh harder.

Justin smiled and bit his lip next to Kelly, knowing why she was laughing and
tried not to laugh too. The other people around the table smiled uneasily,
watching Kelly as she continued laughing hysterically.

Chapter 69

"You had me worried there for awhile," Justin told Kelly as they walked out
of the dining room. He glanced down and noticed her grim expression, then
asked, "What's wrong, baby?"

Kelly shrugged and said, "I guess I'm more nervous than I thought about
tonight." She looked up into his concerned face and said, "When I get
nervous, I laugh."

Justin chuckled, then said, "You must be really nervous, the way you were
laughing at that almond dish."

They both giggled, and held hands as they went into the living room.

"So, you know about the almond flavor?" Kelly asked him curiously.

"Well, I didn't until yesterday. When I kissed you after...," Justin said
and looked around to see if anyone was near. Bending closer to her ear, he
said, "When you gave me such good head." He winked at her and they both
smiled, gazing lovingly at each other.

Kelly put her arms up around his neck and winced in pain.

"Oh, my poor baby!" Justin said and cuddled her to him. "Does your back still

"Yes." Shrugging her shoulders, she winced again and said, "I didn't get a
chance to take a steam this morning. I think I'll take one now. That should

"Ok, baby," Justin said and walked with her toward the stairs. "You want me
to come with you?"

She shook her head and replied, "Maybe I should be alone for awhile. It
might help me be less nervous about tonight."

Justin kissed her cheek and asked, "Having second thoughts?"

Her brows went up in surprise and said, "Hell, no!"

"Thank God!" He said, then breathed a big sigh of relief.

Kelly giggled at his relieved expression, then said, "I love you, Justin. I
want to make love to you more than anything, but I'm still afraid."

Justin looked deeply into her eyes and said, "I'll try to make it good for
you, baby."

"Oh, I know Justin," Kelly said, gazing into his caring face and replied,
"But it's different for women, you know. There is the pain."

Kelly put her fingers to his full lips when he would have said more. "Never
mind, honey. It will be worth it, pain and all. I'm going up to take a
steam now."

Justin nodded, not knowing what else to say. She smiled and walked up the
stairs to her steam bath, leaving him staring up at her as she went.

He gazed at her ass as she ascended the stairs and smiled, wanting to touch
it. "What is it about this woman that turns me on to no end?" He asked
himself and tried to think of something other than what she would look like
in the steam room.

* * *

Kelly went to her room and quickly removed her clothes, then wrapped a towel
around her and walked to the sauna. It was a quiet place that only she
seemed to use and she relished the fact. The solitude allowed her to think
and have a quiet place to relax. She hadn't gotten used to sharing a room,
and being alone helped her cope with the pressures of the competition.

She entered the small wooden room and turned up the steam, then lay down on
one of the benches.

"Ahhh," She sighed as the steam and heat penetrated the aching muscles of her
back. After ten minutes, she tested moving her shoulders and didn't feel as
much pain now. When she raised her arms to stretch, the towel fell away from
her, revealing her naked body underneath.

* * *

Justin couldn't seem to concentrate on anything as he wondered the mansion,
in search of something to occupy his mind. The thought of Kelly upstairs in
the steam room, with droplets of water glistening on her flushed skin, nearly
drove him mad with desire.

He remembered the way she flinched in pain and decided he better check on
her, to make sure she was alright. Nearly flying up the stairs in his
eagerness, he made it to the sauna with Olympic speed.

A small glass window was set in the door to the steam room and Justin peeked
inside, then stared with an open mouth at the beautiful site he beheld.

Kelly lay naked on the wooden bench with her arms behind her head, smiling
and at ease as droplets of steam coalesced on her body, then dripped off of
her flushed skin.

"Oh, my God," Justin sighed in reverent awe. He looked around, making sure
he was alone, then nearly tore his clothes off in his haste to get inside
with Kelly.

Chapter 70

AJ sat on the couch and watched Justin ran up the stairs, guessing he was
looking for Kelly. He glanced at Nikki sitting beside him and wished the
red-haired woman wasn't so unnecessarily cruel and was more like Kelly.
His ego still smarted at the remark Nikki made about his manners and he
frowned, wondering if the lessons were worth it.

"Sugar, is there something wrong?" Nikki asked when she noticed his
disagreeable look.

"No...well, yes. Actually, there is," AJ replied, deciding to tell her what
was bothering him.

"What is it, darlin'?" Nikki asked sweetly and put her hand on his knee,
rubbing softly.

AJ glanced down at her long fingernails scratching his jeans and shuddered,
then said, "Why do you want to embarrass me in front of everyone? Like, when
you mentioned teaching me manners!"

"Oh," she replied and gave him a stern look. "Don't you think I noticed
where you were staring at Kelly?"

"What?" AJ asked, trying to look innocent, and failing.

"I saw you staring at Kelly's breasts! I'm sure Justin and half the other
people sitting at the table did too!"

"Nikki, I wasn't...," AJ said, trying to deny her accusation.

"Looks like I'm going to have to teach you another lesson," She said and
stood up quickly. "Come with me, young man," Nikki ordered and began walking
toward the stairs.

AJ's eyes went wide in alarm and he blurted, "Wait! I admit it!"

She stopped and looked back at him, then said, "Too late. Come along now."

"Oh God. I hope it's not Russian Sexual Torture again," He mumbled to
himself as he followed her up the stairs. He smiled and thought, "Well, I
guess it won't be so bad if it is."

* * *

Kelly heard the door open and she scrambled to cover herself, but when she
noticed it was Justin, she relaxed and smiled up at him as he walked in. She
glanced down at his naked form and noticed he was half-erect.

"Do you mind if I take a steam with you, baby?" He asked and sat across from
her on a bench.

"Of course not, honey," Kelly replied and smiled over at him. She noticed
how his eyes were roving over her naked body and shivered in the hot room.

Justin gazed longingly at her nudity, then forced his eyes to return to her
face. He whispered with a voice full of his love and yearning, "You are so

"Oh, Justin!" Kelly sighed and held her arms out to him. He quickly moved
to embrace her, kneeling on the wooden floor and pulling her into his strong

"I know you wanted to be alone, but I had to see you, baby," Justin said,
loving the feel of his hands gliding smoothly over the wet skin of her back.

"I love you, Justin," Kelly said as she rested her hot face against his

Kelly felt his hardness pressed to her stomach and felt the throbbing
sensation begin again between her legs. She reached her hand down and began
stroking him, loving the feel of his fullness against her hand.

"That's so good, baby," Justin sighed and watched her hand as she continued
stroking him softly. The steam was beginning to drip from his body and her
hand moved smoothly against his slick skin.

"Does your back still hurt?" He asked, remembering how she winced earlier in
pain. She moved her shoulders, then replied, "A little."

"Let me rub your back, baby," Justin said. "Why don't you lay on your
stomach and let my magic fingers do their work."

"Magic fingers, huh?" Kelly giggled, then said, "You sure do have magic

Justin smiled and said, "Do as I say, now. Lay on your stomach like a good

"Ok, Daddy," She replied and winked at him mischievously. "I love your
twiddling magic fingers!"

He smiled at her funny remarks, but really wanted to help her. More than
anything, he didn't want their date tonight to be put off. If her back was
hurting her, she might not want to make love, and he wanted to make love to
this woman with a passion.

Kelly lay down on her stomach and relaxed as his fingers began to knead her
tired muscles. His large, strong hands pushed and rubbed in just the right
places to relieve the tension that had been their since her encounter with
AJ earlier in the day.

"Ahhhh," She sighed. "You really do have magic fingers!"

"I told you I did," Justin replied and smiled as her muscles began to relax
under his skilled fingers and touch.

He continued gently massaging her shoulders, and when he felt she was more
relaxed, he moved his hands to her lower back. Her skin rippled above her
delicate bone structure as his large hands rubbed down the length of her back
in smooth even strokes. His thumbs pressed and kneaded the muscles about her
hips and, unable to stop himself, he began rubbing the full cheeks of her

She smiled when she felt him caress and massage her backside. "That feels
good, baby," Kelly said as he grabbed the firm skin of her buttocks in his
big hands.

"You're so beautiful," Justin murmured as he concentrated on the object of
his desire. He rubbed the steam dampened skin of her smooth rump and loved
the feel of her shuddering with pleasure under his skilled touch.

"Turn over now, baby," He said in a voice thick with his need. She quickly
complied, wanting more of his wonderful touch on her body. The pulse and
throbbing was growing stronger between her legs and she couldn't wait to
feel where he would massage her next.

He smiled into her dilated eyes and said, "You want more of my magic

"God, yes!" She said, breathing quickly with her desire.

Justin chuckled and moved his hands over her breasts, rubbing and massaging
them as he gazed intently into her large brown eyes. She smiled up at him,
then moved her hands behind her head, arching her back in pleasure.

His hands moved to her stomach, rubbing it gently in circles, then pressing
it and kneading the skin with his thumbs. She shivered and moaned, closing
her eyes as she gave in to the feelings coursing through her body at the
touch of his hands. Justin rubbed his hands lower, down her hips and to her
thighs, then pushed them gently open, revealing her glistening sex to his
lustful gaze.

"Mmmmmm," Kelly sighed and opened her legs wider, wanting the touch of him
on her throbbing desire.

Justin bent his head down between her legs and kissed her softly. At the
touch of his lips against her sensitive skin, Kelly thrust her hips up,
holding her sex hard against his mouth. He raised his brows in surprise
and said "You want some Justin loving?"

Kelly moaned in response and settled her hips back to the bench. She had
never felt her body filled with such desire. She opened her eyes, then
stared deeply into his and said, "Lick my pussy!"

He smiled at her demanding tone and bent to the task, wanting to please the
woman that had a hold of his heart. Moving her outer folds wide, he gazed
down at the delicate pink skin and wondered at the beauty of her. Thrusting
his tongue out, he moved it quickly against her throbbing node of pleasure
and heard her whimper and sigh at his touch.

As his tongue moved faster and harder against her clit, he watched Kelly's
reactions. She held her eyes closed in her flushed face, tossing her head
on the bench, sending her hair tumbling in all directions. Her breasts
heaved as she gasped in her excitement and her back arched as her hips
began pumping against his steadily moving tongue.

"She is so beautiful!" He thought, watching her body tremble and shake as
her desire reached it's peak. His tongue licked faster and harder as her
back arched hard in her climax.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Kelly cried out as the most intense orgasm she had ever
felt ripped through her body like a scathe. Every muscle in her body tensed
and she arched her back steeply against the hard bench. A great shooting
bolt of pleasure traveled from his moving tongue, up through her body, and
out her arms and legs as she convulsed in her pleasurable release.

Kelly slumped down on the bench and closed her eyes, feeling the pulses
shiver and twitch deep inside her as her climax began to fade. She lay
there unmoving for several seconds, catching her breath, then opened her
eyes and said, "Justin, I want you now. Make love to me now!"

Justin smiled happily and moved to thrust his hard shaft between her legs,
then paused and frowned. "God, Kelly! I don't have a condom!"

"I don't care, Justin! I need you now!" Kelly said, and pulled at him,
wanting the feel of his thick shaft buried deep inside her, uncaring of the
pain or consequences.

He clenched his face in indecision, then moved the head of his shaft up to
her opening, poised and ready to thrust into her. Justin paused and bit his
lip, wanting more than anything to feel her warmth embrace his thick length.

All his life, Justin had been taught right from wrong. He remembered
traveling with his father in the Police Cruiser late at night, laying in the
back seat and going to all the calls his father had to answer. All the late
night family disturbances, drug abusers, wife and child beaters swam through
his head. His father had told him time and time again, "Most of these people
allowed their lust to control their lives. If they had only used some birth
control, they wouldn't have five or six kids running around half starved."
Justin had promised himself he would never allow that to happen to him, and
now he was about to make the same mistake! What if Kelly got pregnant? All
his dreams of a career in the music business would go quickly down the drain
if he had to get married so early.

"Justin?" Kelly asked, wondering why he hadn't entered her yet.

"Oh, God! I can't risk it, Kelly!" He said, and shoved away from her, moving
to sit on the floor with his back facing her.

Kelly frowned in disappointment, feeling a little let down that he didn't
want to make love to her. She got up and went to him, kneeling next to him
and touching his back in comfort. He moved his head away, not looking at her
and said, "I'm sorry Kelly. I can't risk getting you pregnant."

"Oh, baby!" She said and pulled his head around to face her. She noticed
tears in his eyes and felt her eyes tear up in response. "Don't be sorry,
honey. I shouldn't have asked that. I don't know what came over me."

He grabbed her to him in a tight embrace, burying his head against her
breasts and mumbled, "I was shown the outcome of not using protection and I
don't want that for you or me, Kelly."

Kelly caressed his curls and said, "That's ok, honey. We still have tonight
to look forward to. She felt his hardness brush her thighs and said, "I
think there's something that needs taking care of first, though."

"What?" Justin looked up at her worriedly, then smiled when he saw her look
at his twitching member. "Oh, that," Justin said and giggled.

"Why don't you lay down on the bench and I'll give you a massage?" Kelly said
and saw him perk up at the suggestion. He went quickly to lay down on his
back and watched her kneel next to him. She asked him teasingly, "Didn't you
want me to massage your back first?"

"I don't think I could stand laying down on this monster!" He said and
gestured at his erection pointing toward the ceiling, then laughed as she

"It sure is a monster," Kelly said and commented at how thick and hard it
was. "I don't think I've ever seen it this thick before."

"The thought of making love to you made me hard as a rock, baby," Justin told
her and sighed as she took his firmness in her small hand and began stroking

"You like my massage?" Kelly asked him and he replied with a smile, "It's the
best one I've ever had, baby."

She moved her mouth to his thick member and began licking the smooth rounded
tip as her hand stroked faster and harder along his length.

"Ahhhh," He sighed and pumped his hips, sending his shaft into her mouth.
She began sucking and licking the tip as he moaned with pleasure.

"Baby, I'm close now," Justin warned, knowing he couldn't hold back anymore,
and not wanting to.

She sucked hard and moved both hands steadily along his thick length as his
hips pumped and he arched his back hard with his release.

Justin grunted and bit his lip, clenching his face and tilting his head back
against the bench as his essence pumped in steady pulses out his shaft and
into Kelly's sucking mouth. A bolt of pleasure shot up from her moving
tongue on his shaft, up his body, and out along his limps.

The almond flavored essence filled Kelly's mouth and she drank it down
greedily, loving the taste. When he began to soften, she released his member
and moved closer, to rest her head against his chest. She heard his quick
heartbeat and sighed in contentment as he gently rubbed her back with his

"You know," Justin said and she heard his voice rumble beneath her ear, "You
have magic fingers, too."

Kelly smiled and said, "Maybe we can give each other a massage everyday,
since we both have such magical fingers." They both chuckled, and relaxed
contentedly in the heat filled room.

Chapter 71

Nikki led AJ into the same room she had seduced RJ in the previous night and
locked the door.

AJ walked warily into the room and sat on the bed, waiting to see what Nikki
had in store for him.

"Let's see now," she said and crossed her arms, pacing the room as she
talked aloud to herself. "What punishment seems fitting for ogling Kelly's

"Oh, man!" AJ said in a whining tone. "Can't we just have sex?"

Chuckling at his suggestion, Nikki replied, "Oh, we'll have sex alright.
You'll put your dipstick in my oilcan before I'm done with you."

"Huh?" AJ asked, confused.

Nikki turned to him and put her hands on her hips, then said, "You'll put
your pulp in my fiction." When he shook his uncomprehendingly, she laughed
and listed several more analogies, "Put your MC in my Hammer. Put your
shawshank in my redemption. Put your rocket in my socket."

AJ's eyes grew wide at her words. "What the hell is she talking about,
anyway? She must be going loopy. I better get the Hell out of here." He
thought and got up from the bed, edging toward the door.

She continued her list, chuckling as she said, "Put your bigstick in my

He was sidling around her as she said, "Put your banana in my split."

AJ stopped and stared at Nikki, finally realizing what she meant. "Oh! You
want me to water your lawn!"

"I haven't heard that one before, but...yes. I think that is the general
idea," She replied and pointed at the bed. "Get undressed and lay face down
on the bed now, darlin'"

Nikki began undressing as she watched AJ remove his shirt, revealing his
small chest. She noticed how small and petite the young man was and felt
nurturing toward him. The urge to cuddle him like a child flashed through
her mind and she smiled with glee, as her plan for his punishment solidified.

AJ removed the last of his clothes and lay face down on the bed, then turned
his head to watch Nikki.

Removing the last of her clothes, she walked toward AJ and swung her hips
seductively, flaunting her womanly curves. He smiled and eyed her over
carefully, loving the sight of her frisky girlish body.

"Now honey, you can't make too much noise, or someone might come running to
help," Nikki warned him as he bit his lip nervously. "Put your arms up
toward the headboard," She ordered and he moved hesitatingly to obey.

"What could she have planned for me this time?" AJ wondered and put his arms
above his head, making his lower back bow downward and his ass stick up

"That's very nice, sugar," She said and smoothed his small ass with her hand,
rubbing and caressing both butt cheeks.

AJ smiled at the wonderful feeling and didn't know the skin of his ass was so

She saw him smile at her caress and raised her hand, then brought the flat of
her palm down hard on his ass.

"Ah!" AJ yelped and Nikki said quickly, "Shhh! You want someone to hear

Grunting in pain, AJ pressed his lips together and tried not to make any
further noises. "Now I know what punishment she has planned for me this
time!" He told himself angrily and waited for the next slap of her hand
in strained silence.

Her hand caressed the red mark in the shape of her hand on his small butt
cheek and she chuckled at what she had planned for the young man. "If he
thinks a few slaps are all he's getting, he will learn different very
shortly," She thought and smiled wickedly.

AJ watched her smile and didn't like the look on her face. "Why does
everything have to be part pleasure and part pain with her, anyway?" He
wondered and took a deep breath, pressing his lips together as he saw her
hand rise in the air.

A loud ringing slap filled the air followed by a muffled grunt, then several
moments of peace before another loud slap rang out in the room.

Sweat began trickling down AJ's face as he endured slap after slap, with
intermissions of Nikki's soft, sweet caress on his aching buttocks.

When Nikki noticed both his butt cheeks were bright red, she told him, "Grab
your ass cheeks and pull them wide apart."

"What?" He asked in disbelief, hoping he had misunderstood her in his pain.

"You heard me. Do it now or you'll get another spanking!" Nikki said firmly
and smiled when he moved quickly to obey.

She watched as he took both his small butt cheeks in his hands and pulled
them apart, revealing his asshole in clear view.

"Please Nikki! Don't hurt me!" AJ begged and raised his chest off the bed,
then tried to look back at what she was doing.

She chuckled and replied, "Have you ever been hurt so good before, sugar?"

AJ sagged defeated on the bed as she chuckled at her authority.

Chapter 72

Reaching under the bed, Nikki pulled out her bag and went through the items
inside. She found a small jar of lubricant and some condoms, then threw them
on the bed.

"Spread your legs far apart, honey," Nikki told AJ and crawled up on the bed.
When he moved his legs, she got between them and reached for the jar and
opened it. She took a big scoop from the jar and liberally dabbed it on his

AJ squealed at the touch of cold liquid and bit his lips, trying to be quiet.
He began to tremble, and breathed in small gasps at the touch of her fingers
on the delicate skin of his ass.

"Is that cold, sugar?" Nikki asked and AJ nodded, then closed his eyes,
trying to retain some dignity in this situation.

Her fingers rubbed and massaged the lubricant up and down the crevasse
where his two buttocks joined. She brought out another dab of ointment and
smoothed it against the wrinkly surface of his anus.

"Ahhh," AJ sighed and felt himself grow hard against the bed as her fingers
pressed and rubbed continually on his anus. The lubricant grew warm against
her rubbing fingers and he began to moan with his mounting desire.

"You like that, darlin'?" Nikki asked as she moved her fingers in steady
strokes against the puckered skin of his asshole.

"Mmmmm," AJ responded and opened his eyes, looking back at her.

She smiled at him and watched his eyes grow huge in response as she quickly
jabbed two of her fingers deeply into his anus.

His mouth came open in surprise and his hands nearly came away from holding
his butt cheeks apart.

AJ relaxed back on the bed from his initial surprise, and wondered at the
strange feel of her fingers moving steadily in and out of his anus. At
first, he didn't care for the feeling of her fingers moving inside him.
But as he relaxed, he began to enjoy it more and more.

Nikki pressed her fingers further inside him and felt for the hard knot of
his prostate. When her fingers felt the lump, she began massaging it
steadily and watched AJ to see what effect it would have on him.

AJ felt his face flush and his member press hard and full against the bed as
Nikki's fingers pushed and rubbed deep inside of him. He felt her rub a
sensitive area and could hardly keep still with wanting to turn over and pull
her down on the bed, then bury his shaft deeply inside of her.

"You like that, sugar?" She asked him and the strained look on his face was
answer enough. After several minutes of rubbing her fingers steadily against
the hard lump of his prostate, she now felt ready to have some pleasure of
her own.

She removed her fingers and wiped them on a disinfecting towelette then lay
down on the bed and said, "Time to give me some pleasure now, sweetie."

"Thank God!" AJ said and quickly moved on top of her, spreading her legs
roughly and getting ready to spear her with his shaft.

"Hold on there, honey!" Nikki said angrily and pushed him off of her. He
frowned and said, "What?"

"I said, you're going to give me some pleasure now! Haven't I taught you
anything yet?"

"Sorry Nikki," AJ said contritely and asked, "What kind of pleasure do you

Nikki proceeded to teach him what she taught RJ last night. When AJ found
her G-spot, he was just as excited as RJ had been.

AJ licked and sucked her clit as his fingers rubbed deep inside her. Nikki
moaned and tossed her head against the pillow, pumping her hips steadily
against his moving tongue.

As he moved his fingers in and out of her opening, he glanced down and
noticed something strange on his fingers. When he saw the red slickness, he
backed away quickly and said, "Nikki! You're bleeding!"

"What?" She replied, still in a high from the excitement coursing through her
body. He held up his two fingers and showed her the red slickness coating

"Oh God," She sighed. "It's just my period."

"Oh, gross!" AJ said, backing away from her on the bed. Nikki frowned
angrily and said, "You better get that tongue back to work now!"

"You've got to be kidding! I can't do that!" AJ said, shaking his head and
backing away a little more.

"AJ," Nikki said in a matter-of-fact tone, "Do you want to continue with the
lessons, or not?"

He knelt on the bed and stared down at his reddened fingers, then looked at
his throbbing erection. "Is it really worth it?" He asked himself, then
looked closely between her legs, seeing if he could see any blood. When he
didn't see any, he sighed with relief and answered hesitatingly, "
long as I don't have to taste any of the blood..."

She smiled and wiggled her hips. "I've been told I taste as sweet as honey."

"Really?" He looked again between her legs, but didn't notice any outward
bleeding. "Ok, Nikki," AJ conceded and moved back between her legs.

He carefully inserted his fingers inside her and felt for the hard bump
that was her G-spot. This time, he easily found it and began rubbing as he
started licking her swollen clit again. AJ smelled her muskiness and was
relieved when there was no odor of blood.

"Ahhh, that's good darlin'," Nikki said and murmured deep in her throat as
her fingers dug into the sheet. She pumped her hips hard against his mouth
and titled her head back, feeling her climax approach.

AJ sucked and licked her clit as his fingers moved faster in and out of her
opening, rubbing the hard lump of her G-spot.

"Mmmmm!" She moaned and arched her back hard, digging her long fingernails
into the sheet as her release shot through her body like a raging wildfire.

AJ continued moving his tongue against her as she trembled and shook with her
climax. He was amazed at how much women could express their pleasure and
thought only men had such powerful orgasms.

When she relaxed back on the bed, he asked her "Can I fuck you now? My dick
is aching, I'm so hard!"

Nikki opened her eyes and glanced at the young man as he knelt between her
legs, ready to sink his shaft into her. "Put a condom on first, honey," she
said and watched as he grabbed one off the bed and ripped it open with his
teeth in his eagerness.

"My, my, my, you do need it bad, don't you sugar?" She asked and laughed
softly when she noticed his fingers shook as he tried to remove the condom
from the wrapper.

"Let me do it, darlin'," Nikki said and sat up, taking the wrapper from him.
She quickly removed it, then expertly rolled the condom onto his erection.
"There you go, sugar. All set."

AJ pushed her back against the bed and shoved his condom covered shaft toward
her opening. He jabbed several times and missed, prompting her to reach down
and guide the young, inexperienced man into her moist well.

Nikki watched AJ's face hovering above hers as his hips pounded her in steady
rhythm. It didn't take more than a minute before his face clenched and he
grunted with his release.

"God, that was good!" AJ said and slumped onto the bed beside her. His
condom covered shaft had a few red streaks on it, so Nikki removed it for
him, knowing it would probably upset the young man to see it.

"Did you like that lesson, honey?" Nikki asked.

AJ turned toward her and blinked, then said, "Everything but the spanking
part. That really hurt, Nikki!"

"Awww, poor baby!" She said and noticed again how he reminded her of a small
child that she wanted to cuddle. "Come here to mamma," Nikki said and
cradled his head against her breast.

AJ relaxed in her arms and turned his head slightly, so his mouth was closer
to her nipple. When he began licking it, she was reminded of her son and
said, "Suck my nipple, AJ. Like you're my little baby."

At the feel of suction on her nipple, she began rocking him gently like she
did for her son when he was a baby. Nikki sang a soft lullaby and smiled
when she saw AJ's eyes close as he drifted off to sleep in her arms.

Chapter 73

RJ stared down at his half-eaten Almond Florentine and felt queasy. His
stomach felt all fluttery and his heart didn't seem to be beating in a steady
rhythm. Every time he imagined what Christine and he would be doing after
dinner, he felt butterflies flit though his stomach one second, then freeze
in terror the next. "God, please let me make her happy!" He prayed
silently, then glanced quickly over at Christina to see if she noticed his

Christina sat at the table and nibbled at the food on her plate. She was
thinking about when her and her boyfriend would make love and didn't like
what she remembered. She hadn't had much experience with men, and had only
made love with one man. All her girlfriends boasted of how wonderful it
felt to make love, but she always wondered what the big deal was. Her
boyfriend would usually tell her he felt horny, grab her breasts and squeeze
them a few times, then thrust into her, uncaring if she was ready or not.
Within minutes, he would ejaculate and roll off her, then fall immediately
asleep. Afterward, she would stare up at the ceiling and ask herself, "Is
this all there is to sex?"

She noticed RJ glance over at her and smiled at him. "RJ looks as nervous
as I feel," She thought. "It doesn't help my nerves any that Kelly and
Justin keep giggling to themselves across the table," she told herself and
tried to take another bite of the chicken.

RJ and Christina looked across the table and watched Kelly scoop up a big
spoonful of sliced almonds. Kelly waited until Justin turned to look at her,
then she put the spoon quickly in her mouth and licked her lips, then moaned
deep in her throat "Mmmmmmm", which would prompt another round of sputtered
giggles and laughter from both of them.

"What is up with those two, anyway?" Christina asked herself and put down her
fork, unable to stomach another bite.

After desert was finished, the finalists got up from the table and began
ambling out of the dining room, going about their various tasks. RJ walked
next to Christina and asked her in a low voice, "Do you still want to...?"

Glancing over at RJ, she quietly replied, "Of course. Where should we go?"

He had been thinking of nothing else throughout dinner and already had a
destination in mind. "How about the top floor? No one ever goes up there
and I know a room that has a great view of the valley," He suggested and
waited with held breath, hoping she wouldn't say no.

"Sure," Christina said agreeably.

"Ok!" RJ said happily, and smiled at her, showing all his white, sparkling
teeth. She smiled back at him and thought, "He's such a sweet man. Even if
the sex is like my boyfriend, at least I know RJ really loves me."

RJ took her small arm in his hand and walked with her up the stairs. Each
step up felt like he was going a step closer to heaven and his feet felt like
he was walking on air. "She is so beautiful! God, how could I be so lucky?"
He prayed and hoped that what Nikki showed him would give this wonderful girl

They reached the top floor and he led her to a room at the end of the
hallway. When he opened the bedroom door, light spilling into the large
window bathed them both in it's radiance. RJ closed and locked the door,
ensuring their privacy, then guided Christina to the large window, showing
her the wonderful view of the valley below. They marveled at the view,
then turned toward each other, excitement shining in their eyes. Their
happy smiles were soon replaced by penetrating looks of need and longing.

The two young people gazed deeply into each others eyes. They looked closely
at each others features as the golden rays of the sun highlighted and brought
warm hues to their youthful skin.

"God, you're so beautiful!" RJ sighed and stared at her with eyes full of his
love and longing.

She felt her heart flutter at his words. Her pulse quickened and her skin
tingled as she gazed into his penetrating stare. "My boyfriend never made
me feel this way, with only a look!" She thought amazingly and replied,
"You're beautiful too, RJ."

He closed his eyes and trembled, trying to control himself. More than
anything, he wanted to tear her clothes off and thrust his manhood deeply
into her, claiming Christina as his own. When he opened his eyes, he said
with a voice husky with desire, "I want you so badly, Christina."

Smiling at his words, she asked, "What's stopping you?" Slowly, she began
to undress in front of him. She lifted her shirt off, revealing her small
breasts to his lustful gaze.

"Oh...," RJ sighed and continued watching her as she lowered her pants to
the floor and slipped out of her small underwear. He didn't realize he was
holding his breath until it left him in a gasp of delight.

"Your turn," Christina said, then smiled teasingly and sat on the bed,
watching as he began fumbling with the buttons on his pants. He gave up
and pulled his shirt off first, then walked toward her and said, "I have
protection, in case you're worried." RJ pulled out five condoms from his
pockets, then tossed them on the bed.

At the sight of five condoms, Christina giggled and said, "Wow, RJ. You
think we'll use all those?"

She saw a blush creep into his face and he replied hesitatingly, "I wanted
to be prepared..."

"Oh, come here, RJ!" She said in a teasing tone and pulled him by his waist
closer to her. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then lowered them for
him as he watched.

"You sure are ready for me, aren't you?" She asked, glancing down at his
erection pushing out the front of his underwear.

"I want you, Christina. I love you so!" He said, and his voice caught at
his last words.

She glanced up into his eyes and saw the naked love and yearning clearly
defined there, making her heart flutter again. "He only has to look at me
that way and it makes me want him. I've never known a feeling like this
before," She told herself, amazed again at what a look from RJ could make
her feel.

After removing RJ's clothes, he stood in front of her naked with his erection
bobbing close to her face. She looked up at him and said honestly, "I love
you, RJ. More than I've ever felt for another man. I just wanted you to
know that."

"Oh, Christina!" RJ moaned deep in his throat and pushed her back on the bed,
then lay down next to her. "Let me show you how much I love you."

She nodded and lay back, closing her eyes and thinking he would jump on top
of her, then thrust his hard member into her any second. When she felt him
pick her hand up and begin caressing her palm, she opened her eyes in

"Oh, that feels nice, RJ!" She said in delight. He smiled at her, then
kissed her wrist gently and began moving his warm lips in gentle kisses up
her arm, raising goose flesh on her skin. She shivered at the touch of his
tender kisses and sighed happily, knowing that it would be different with RJ
and also knowing she had found the love of her life.

Chapter 74

Tamyra watched as Justin talked with Kelly at the foot of the stairs, and
smiled when she saw Kelly begin walking up the steps. "Finally! I have a
chance to talk with him alone," She thought and started in Justin's

She frowned and felt a pang of sadness flash through her heart when she
noticed Justin glance at her, then turn and leave the room quickly.

"All I wanted to do was talk to him!" She thought angrily as she noticed
Justin avoiding her. Tears flooded her eyes at the thought of him not even
wanting to be near her. Her face cracked in a heartbreaking display of
emotion and she ran upstairs to her room, tears blinding her as she went.

"Why can't he see me differently?" She asked herself as she slammed her
bedroom door. She ran forward and threw herself face down on her bed, then
buried her face in her pillow as she sobbed out her grief.

Pounding her fists on the bed, she yelled angrily into the pillow at her
unrequited love. She turned on her back and breathed deeply, gasping and
sobbing with the ache in her heart. "God, make me stop loving him, please!"
She prayed aloud as she gazed up at the ceiling.

A small knock came at Tamyra's door and she sniffled, then wiped the tears
from her face and said in an unsteady voice, "Come in."

Ryan was sitting on the couch next to Jim and had seen Tamyra try to approach
Justin. She saw Justin glance at Tamyra, then almost run from the room in
his haste to get away. Knowing how Tamyra felt about Justin, Ryan kept an
eye on her friend and saw her eyes fill with tears, then an expression of
heartbroken agony flash across Tamyra's face.

When Tamyra dashed up the stairs, Ryan turned to Jim and said, "Tamyra looks
upset. I better go talk to her. Let's plan on getting together by the pool
at ten o'clock." Jim nodded understandingly, then kissed her cheek before
she got up.

Ryan entered Tamyra's room and noticed her friend's tear streaked face and
immediately felt sorry for her. She walked over and sat on the edge of the
bed and said, "Want to talk about it?"

Tamyra wiped her face again, then tried to keep fresh tears from trickling
out of her eyes as she said, "It's nothing. I...I was only...." Her voice
caught in her throat and she lunged at Ryan, grabbing her in a desperate hug.

Ryan held the sobbing woman to her, feeling Tamyra shake with racking sobs of
grief. Tears flooded Ryan's eyes in sympathy for her friend. She wanted to
give some kind of advice, or say something kind, but knew it wouldn't be
heeded. For several weeks, Ryan had been trying to tell Tamyra that she
should get over Justin. Everyone knew Justin and Kelly would get together
and accepted it, except for Tamyra.

Patting the shaking woman's back, Ryan said softly, "There, there. Please
don't cry Tam."

Tamyra finally started regaining control of herself and pulled away from
Ryan. She wiped her face and said, "I try to get Justin out of my heart, but
it's so hard!"

The sorrowful woman turned to her friend and asked as fresh tears trickled
down her face, "How can I still love him so much, even when he ignores me?"

Ryan blinked back her own tears and replied, "I think it will go away in
time. You just need to accept the fact that Justin loves Kelly, not you."

"Justin...loves...Kelly," Tamyra echoed and tried not to let those words put
fresh tears in her aching heart, but it was no use.

Tamyra threw her head back and a look of horrible agony flashed across her
features as she prayed aloud, "God, Please help me!"

Ryan pulled Tamyra into her arms, and holding her tightly said, "He will!
God will help you, but you have to help yourself too!"

Tamyra cried out her heartache and held tightly to her friend, as if Ryan
were a life raft in the sea of her despair.

Chapter 75

Kelly peeked down the hallway. When she didn't see anyone, she motioned for
Justin to follow her and they both ran giggling down the hall toward the
bathroom. Justin ran with his clothes bundled up and held in front of him,
hiding his naked crotch from view.

At the bathroom door, Kelly stopped in the hallway and faced Justin, blocking
the entrance with her body. She smiled seductively and slowly removed her
towel, then dropped it on the floor.

"Kelly!" Justin said and looked around anxiously to make sure no one was
looking, "What are you doing? Someone could see you!"

"Really?" She asked, then moved closer and started yanking at the clothes he
held in front of him.

"You sure are frisky today!" Justin said with a happy grin. With a last
quick glance around to make sure they were alone, he let his clothes drop to
the floor.

She glanced down at his long, thick member and asked, "I wonder what they
would do if we walked downstairs like this?"

"Let's find out!" He replied and started walking quickly toward the stairway,
swinging his long arms easily, uncaring of his nakedness.

"Justin!" Kelly called out uneasily, "I was only kidding! Get back here!"
She reached down for the towel and covered herself, watching him continue
down the hall until he reached the stairs.

He stopped and put his foot out, as if to step down the stairs, then glanced
over at her and smiled teasingly. "You sure, baby? I'm willing if you are,"
He said and winked, then slowly reached down and fondled himself where anyone
walking up the stairs could have seen him.

Kelly's face grew hot as she watched him rub and stroke his member. She felt
the tingling rush between her legs and the steady pulse of her desire grow as
she noticed him begin to become erect.

When Justin saw movement downstairs, he quickly ran toward Kelly and they
both ducked into the bathroom, slamming and locking the door after them.

"That was close!" Justin said, laughing and giggling at what he just did.

"Did someone see you?" Kelly asked, amazed that he would take such risks.

"No," Justin said, shaking his head, "I don't think so. It was EJay walking
with Jim. They didn't look up, so I'm sure they didn't see me."

"Well," Kelly said, smiling and giggling at his antics. "I guess that will
teach me not to suggest something so outrageous!"

Kelly turned on the shower, making sure it was warm, but not overly hot.
Sweat still coated her skin and she wanted to cool off in the soothing
streams of water. When the water was the right temperature, she removed
her towel and they both stepped into the shower. After Kelly finished
rinsing off, she grabbed the soap and began lathering herself as Justin
stepped under the streaming water.

Justin stepped forward under the shooting spray and Kelly let the soap drop
to the floor, completely forgotten. She couldn't take her eyes off the
glorious site of his nude form bathed in the cascading water. His lean,
muscular back faced her as he ducked his head under the water, letting it
stream down his curls, plastering them down against his head.

The water glistened and highlighted his hard torso, dripped and caressed his
chiseled buttocks, then sluiced down his long lean legs.

"My God," Kelly murmured and sighed, wanting to touch him all over. She
smiled and thought, "Why not? He's mine now. I can touch him all over if
I want to!"

Justin closed his eyes to the water and let it wash away the last traces of
dirt and sweat. When he felt Kelly's small hands touch his back, he smiled.
He stood still, allowing her to explore his body as he lowered his head,
looking down at his stiffening member.

"I can't believe how many boners I've had in the last two days alone!" He
told himself, and grinned, knowing he was getting another one at the touch
of Kelly's hands.

"So beautiful...," She sighed and smoothed the skin of his back. She loved
touching his body, and continued her massage, rubbing the hard muscles of his
shoulders and arms. Smiling happily, she reached up and gently touched the
wet locks of his hair.

"All mine...all mine," She murmured as she moved her hands down his back,
then stopped at the dip of his lower back. She rubbed her hands along his
waist and looked at the hard muscles of his ass.

"Hmmmm," She sighed deep in her throat and thought, "He seemed to like
touching my ass earlier, I think I'll try it, too."

Kelly knelt behind Justin and began touching and caressing the hard muscles
of his buttocks. Justin's brows went up in surprise, but he relaxed,
allowing her to grab each butt cheek and fondle him.

"That feels good, baby," Justin said and began stroking his member, wanting
more of her gentle touch.

"Turn toward me now, honey," Kelly said and when he faced her, she stood up
and continued her slow exploration of his body. Justin watched her face as
she moved her small hands down his hard chest.

She rubbed his nipples, then looked into his eyes and asked, "Does that feel
good?" When her eyes met his, the naked lust reflected there made her knees
grow weak in response. Her breath caught in her throat and she was surprised
that a single look from him could bring on the pulsing and tingling between
her legs.

"Baby...," Justin whispered huskily and held her eyes in a look full of his
love and desire.

"Oh, Justin!" Kelly moaned and leaned toward him. Justin pulled her into his
arms and pressed his full lips hard against her half-open mouth. He thrust
his tongue quickly between her lips and pulled her tightly against him,
showing her the effects her touch had.

Her stomach shivered and she felt weak at the feel of his shaft pressing hard
and full against her stomach. His tongue probed her mouth possessively and
she sucked and nibbled it, wanting more of him.

She wanted to run her hands over every inch of his body, exploring him
and learning what pleased him. When she felt his hips begin to press
rhythmically against her, rubbing his hard member trapped between their
tightly pressed bodies, she broke the kiss, gasping for air.

"I love you, Justin!" Kelly cried out breathlessly.

He held her head against his chest, wanting and loving this woman more than
he had ever loved anyone before. "I love you too, baby," He replied,
breathing deeply and trying to regain some control. More than anything, he
wanted to make love to Kelly and would be glad when he wouldn't have to hold
back anymore. He wanted to feel her mouth sucking steadily on his shaft,
like she did so well. But he also wanted to taste her sweetness with his

He stepped out of the shower and threw a towel on the floor, then said, "Come
on baby, I need you now."

"But, Justin...," She said, suddenly afraid. "I thought you needed a

Justin lay down on the towel, then held his arms up to her and said, "Sit on
my face, baby."

"Oh!" Kelly said, now understanding. Her face flushed and she replied, "Ok."

She knelt in front of his head, then inched forward until her legs straddled
his face.

"That's good, baby," Justin said and held her hips, pressing them down so
her sex touched his mouth. At the feel of his tongue licking her clit, she
shivered and bent down, reaching to balance herself against his legs.

Justin's erection bobbed in the air and she grabbed it, then began sucking
and rubbing it as he licked and nibbled her swollen node of desire.

She hadn't known she was so ready, and moaned deep in her throat as she
sucked harder on the shaft in her mouth.

"Ahhhh!" She cried out, as waves of pulsating pleasure shot up from Justin's
moving tongue and traveled like lightening through her body. Kelly shivered
and her body quaked as his tongue continued to lap steadily at her throbbing
clit. She moved her mouth back to his member and licked and sucked the
bulbous tip, wanting to give him as much pleasure as he had just given her.

When he heard Kelly cry out with pleasure, he wasn't far behind. His loins
tightened and he felt his balls ache slightly as his essence shot up in
steady pulses into Kelly's sucking mouth. His climax washed over him hard,
leaving him gasping as his back arched hard, pushing his shaft deeper into
Kelly's mouth.

Kelly gagged slightly as Justin's hips pushed his shaft down her throat.
She moved her head back and began drinking down his almond flavored essence
as it entered her mouth.

"Mmmmm," She sighed, loving the smooth feel of his hard member and the
slightly bitter taste of his seed.

Justin continued licking her steadily and she was surprised that she felt
another climax nearing.

"Oh, God!" Kelly cried out, and sat up straight as she pumped her hips
against his moving tongue.

"Oh!" she sighed and whimpered, tossing her head and holding her breasts
with her hands. When a second wave of pleasure shot through her, she arched
her back hard, then moaned deep in her throat, "Mmmmm!"

Kelly rolled away from Justin, and lay on her side, catching her breath and
staring a little dazedly at Justin's profile.

He turned to look at her and said, "I can't seem to get enough of you, baby."

She nodded and replied, "I feel the same way. Even now, I want you to touch
me again!"

They both smiled, knowing they were meant for each other.


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