American Idol: Alone In The Mansion (MF,FF,MM,inter,oral,celeb,infect?)
by Freeky Geek ([email protected])

Chapter 76

EJay sat on the couch across from Jim and Ryan, trying to read one of the
recent Harry Potter novels he was fond of. He turned the pages, but couldn't
seem to remember the previous page after he read it. His mind was too
focused on what he would like to do with Jim, if he could only get him
somewhere alone.

When Ryan ran upstairs following Tamyra, he waited to see what Jim would do.
He noticed Jim pick up a magazine and begin reading it, flipping through the
pages half-heartedly.

"Jim looks a little bored to me," EJay thought and grinned as an idea came to
him. He waited for another ten minutes, to make sure Ryan wouldn't return
right away, then put down his book and stood up.

Jim kept his eyes on the magazine, but noticed when EJay moved across
the room. He could feel the other man's eyes on him and it made him
uncomfortable. "Why do all the gay men pick on me?" He asked himself,
feeling he didn't look homosexual at all.

EJay strolled over to where Jim sat and stood in front of him. Jim kept his
eyes lowered to the magazine, trying to pretend EJay wasn't there. "Maybe if
I don't acknowledge him, he'll leave me alone," He thought hopefully.

Clearing his throat, EJay said, "Jim, I was wondering if you could help me
with something."

Jim pressed his lips together and frowned, then shrugged and thought, "Damn
it! Looks like I'll have to deal with this fruitcake."

He looked up from his magazine and said, "Oh, EJay! I didn't see you there.
I was too interested in this article about..." Jim looked down at the page,
then flushed when he saw it was turned to an article titled, 'How to please
your man in bed'. He quickly closed the magazine and said, "Never mind.
What did you want?"

EJay had seen the title of the article and smiled at Jim's blushing face.
"He's so adorable when he gets embarrassed," He thought, then sat down next
to the younger man.

"You see Jim, I broke something outside earlier when I went swimming, and
need your help to fix it," He explained.

"What did you break?" Jim asked, wondering why EJay needed his help. Jim
studied EJay and thought, "He seems sincere, but why do I get a bad feeling
about how closely he's sitting next to me?" He glanced down and frowned
slightly at EJay's leg pressed closely against his.

"I'm not sure what it's called," EJay said. "You seem like a mechanically
inclined type of person, so I was hoping you might be able to help."

"Well..." Jim replied, flattered that EJay would think that of him. "I did
take an auto shop class in High School."

EJay smiled and slapped his legs, then said happily, "You see? I knew you
were the man to ask for help!"

Jim smiled at EJay and said, "Ok. Why don't you show me where it is?"

"Thanks, man!" EJay said. They both stood up, then EJay walked next to him
toward the backyard. He opened the sliding glass door, then stepped aside,
allowing Jim to walk out ahead of him. Glancing down, EJay watched Jim's
ass move in his jeans and licked his lips in anticipation.

They both walked toward the small pool house that contained a changing room,
a shower and a few lounge chairs.

Jim walked into the pool house followed by EJay and looked around, wondering
what could be broken in here. As soon as EJay stepped inside, he closed the
door quietly, then slid the lock into place.

At the sound of the door closing, Jim turned to look questioningly at EJay
and felt a knot of fear enter his belly.

EJay stood at the door and stared penetratingly into Jim's frightened eyes.
He gazed at Jim through lowered brows with his mouth half-open in a sneer of
domination. The lust-filled stare directed at him turned Jim's gut to a
block of ice.

"What...what is this about?" Jim asked nervously, not at all liking the
intense stare directed at him.

EJay grinned silently and continued his penetrating glare.

"Look...I don't know what you think is going to happen, but you can forget
it!" Jim said angrily, trying to act tough, but failing miserably.

At Jim's words, EJay chuckled low in his throat and began walking slowly
toward him, knowing he had all the time in the world.

* * *

Tamyra held tightly to Ryan as she sobbed out her heartache and sorrow. She
had never felt such despair and felt like she was dying.

Ryan heard her mumble something and asked, "What Tam? I didn't hear what you
just said."

Pushing back from Ryan's embrace, Tamyra wiped her wet eyes and said in a
cracking voice, "I want to die."

"No!" Ryan said, "Don't you know there are things worth living for?"

Tamyra shook her head sadly, then wiped her face and sniffled. "Justin
doesn't love me, so what's there to live for? I want to die!"

Fresh tears trickled down Tamyra's face at the thought of Justin not loving
her and her shoulders sagged in defeat, uncaring anymore what happened.
"No one loves me, so what does it matter?" She replied, feeling dead inside

"That's not true! I love you, Tam!" Ryan said and tried to talk some sense
into her friend. Ryan frowned, not liking the slack, defeated look on
Tamyra's face and tried to think of something to do. She rubbed Tamyra's
arms, trying to bring some life back into her friends dark brown eyes.

Tamyra sagged down and lay on the bed, staring glassy eyed up at the ceiling.

Ryan recalled something that happened to her a few years ago. After a
terrible break-up with a man she had been in love with, she remembered being
as heartbroken as Tam was now. Her room-mate at the time brought her out of
it by touching and caressing her, making love to her in her time of need.
Ryan had never made love to a woman before, and was surprised at how much she
enjoyed it. When her room-mate made further advances, she accepted them
willingly. The friendship seemed to grow stronger and it brought her out of
her dreadful sorrow. After a few months of an intense lesbian affair, they
finally agreed to break it off, preferring the easy friendship that they had

"I wonder if that would work with Tam?" Ryan asked herself and decided to
try. "I'm sure it will at least bring her out of her terrible sadness, like
it did with me." Ryan began to caress Tamyra's arm, then moved her hand up
to cup her small breast in her hand.

Ryan noticed Tam's fixed stare at the ceiling seemed to soften as she
continued to fondle her friend's breast. She rubbed her thumb against
Tamyra's nipple and was glad when she finally looked into her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Tamyra asked calmly, not moving to stop Ryan from
touching her.

"I'm going to show you how much you are loved," Ryan replied, then bent her
head to place a gentle kiss on Tamyra's full lips.

Chapter 77

RJ continued his gentle kisses up Christina's arm, then caressed her cheek
with his fingertips as he kissed her lips softly. He sucked her lower lip,
then licked it with the tip of his tongue. Pressing his lips softly to hers,
he moved his tongue slowly between her parted lips in the most tender and
loving kisses he had ever given a woman.

Christina shivered and felt her body come alive at the touch of RJ's lips and
caresses. His soft kisses on her arm made her skin shiver and feel on fire
at the same time. She began feeling a strange pulse start up between her
legs as he sucked and nibbled her lips. RJ's gentle kiss made her heart
flutter and she pulled him closer, wanting more of his tender love.

"I love you...I love you," RJ repeated as he rained kisses down on her face.

"Oh, RJ," Christina whispered, feeling more alive now than she had ever felt

"Let me love you. I want you so much," He said in a low husky voice.

"Yes...yes," She sighed, closing her eyes to his kisses and tender caresses.

RJ moved his lips down her neck, then nuzzled her ear. He blew softly in her
ear and smiled when he felt her shiver in response. Sticking his tongue out,
he lightly traced it down her soft, brown skin and moved toward her breast.
When his mouth fastened on her upright nipple, she opened her eyes wide and
gasped aloud at the tingling sensations it caused deep inside her.

His mouth moved on her nipple; licking, sucking and nibbling it as his hand
massaged her other breast.

RJ glanced up at Christina's face and noticed her eyes were full and dilated
with her desire. She moaned in pleasure and pulled him closer to her,
wanting more of his kisses.

RJ moved his lips down her flat stomach, then crawled lower on the bed and
gently moved her legs apart, revealing the pearl of her womanhood to him.
The site of the tender pink flesh and her womanly opening made him want to
quickly thrust his shaft deeply into her. He took a deep breath and held
it, then released it slowly, gaining back a measure of control.

"I love you, Christina! I love you so much" He said, looking deeply into
her eyes with his love shining like the sun from his face.

She gazed back at him with a look of complete trust and said, "I love you RJ.
Only you."

RJ nodded to himself, knowing he would never abuse the trust he saw reflected
in her eyes.

He bent down between her legs and kissed her lightly on the smooth skin of
her upper thigh. Sticking his tongue out, RJ moved it up and down the
opening of her sex, tasting her and breathing in her scent. She whimpered
and sighed at his touch, then held his head to her sex, wanting more of his

Very gently, he pushed her outer folds apart and looked at the hard node of
her desire. "Almost the same as Nikki's," RJ observed as he began licking it
steadily back and forth with his tongue.

At the touch of RJ's tongue on her clit, Christina felt the pulsing and
throbbing sensations increase ten fold. "Oh God!" She cried out and tossed
her head on the pillow, then moved her legs farther apart, wanting more of
his touch. She had never felt anything so wonderful before and was amazed
at the way her body reacted at the movement of his tongue.

RJ continued steadily licking her clit and began sucking it lightly. When
she gasped out and pumped her hips against his mouth, he moved his tongue
harder and faster against her tender flesh, then increased his suction. He
felt his shaft begin to drip some of his essence from the tip as he heard
her moan and cry out with her pleasure.

"Ahh!" Christina cried out and her eyes rolled back in her head as her first
climax washed over her. She threw her head back against the bed and her
body tensed as great pulsing and throbbing sensations crashed over her body.
Beginning at the point of RJ's moving tongue, the waves of pleasure traveled
like lightening up her body and out her thrashing limbs.

As Christina thrashed and moaned with pleasure, RJ quickly got a condom ready
and unrolled it onto his quivering member. Easing her thighs wider apart, he
guided his shaft into her moist opening. RJ pushed his hard member in until
he was completely enfolded in her tight, pulsating depths. He buried face
against her neck, breathing in her scent and relishing the feel of her
tightness pressing his length. He felt her legs move around his waist,
holding him in place as he began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, sending
his shaft gliding in and out of her moist well.

"Oh God! Oh God!" RJ cried out within a minute of entering her. He clenched
his face and shuddered, arching his back, sending his shaft deeper into her
as his essence pumped out with his release.

Christina watched RJ's face as he called out with pleasure. She never knew
her body could feel this way and finally understood why her friends loved
having sex so much. After RJ pumped his hips a few more times, he relaxed
on top of her and kissed her lips hungrily.

"Mmmmm," She moaned and kissed him back eagerly, hugging him to her and
wrapping her legs tighter around his waist.

"That was wonderful RJ!" Christina said and kissed his lips again.

He removed himself, then lay down next to her and asked, "Was it good for
you, darling?" He thought she climaxed, but he wanted to be sure.

Christina smiled and said, "I've heard about orgasms, but never felt one
until now."

She looked away shyly from his startled face and said, "Now I know what it's
all about..." Turning to face him, she added boldly, "I want more!"

RJ smiled and pulled off his used condom, then dropped it on the floor and
said, "I would love to give you more."

Christina grabbed up the condoms next to her and said, "I think we'll end up
using all of these after all."

Chapter 78

At the touch of Ryan's lips on hers, something began coming back to life in
Tamyra's broken heart. The love and compassion reflected in Ryan's eyes was
like a life-line to her cast adrift soul.

Ryan pressed her lips more firmly to Tamyra's and felt her friends arms wrap
around her neck, pulling her tighter to her in a desperate hug of loneliness.
Tamyra responded to her kiss and opened her mouth to Ryan's questing tongue.
Ryan broke the kiss and pulled back, looking questioningly at Tamyra. When
her friend's face brightened in a warm smile, she bent to kiss her again,
this time more passionately.

Tamyra reveled in her friends attention and wanted more. She had never felt
desire for another woman before, but now wanted Ryan with a desperation.
When Ryan sat up and began removing her scant clothing, Tamyra followed suit.
Soon, both women were naked and embracing on the bed, rubbing and pressing
their long lean bodies together.

"Ryan...," Tamyra murmured into her friends ear, then kissed the nape of
Ryan's neck. "I've never done anything like this before."

"Let me love you, Tam," Ryan replied and moved her lips to fasten on one of
Tamyra's nipples.

At the touch of Ryan's tongue licking her nipple, Tamyra shivered and cried
out with pleasure. "Yes! Love me Ryan! Love me!"

"Mmmmm," Ryan replied, then sucked and nibbled Tamyra's other nipple. She
sucked harder when Tamyra pressed her breast up against her mouth.

Ryan kissed and caressed the ebony skin of Tamyra's breasts and watched the
sorrow and heartache disappear from her friend's face, to be replaced by
happiness and desire.

"You like that, Tam?" Ryan asked. Tamyra replied thickly, "I never knew a
woman could make me feel this way."

"I love you Tam. There is so much love in you that you need to let out.
Show me your love, Tam! Show me!" Ryan said, then lay down on the bed and
held her arms out to her friend.

Tamyra smiled and pounced on Ryan, kissing and fondling her, releasing all
the pent-up longing she had felt for Justin and directing it to the nubile
young body of Ryan.

When Tamyra sucked and licked her nipples, Ryan moaned with pleasure and
said, "Lick my pussy now. Show me your love."

"Yes, oh Yes...," Tamyra murmured and kissed down Ryan's concave stomach.
She moved between Ryan's spread legs and kissed and nuzzled her sex, then
thrust her tongue against the center of her friend's desire.

"Ahhh!" Ryan sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying the steady movement of
Tamyra's tongue against her swollen clit.

"Faster, now! Suck me!" Ryan demanded and pressed her sex against her
friend's mouth.

"Mmmmm," Tam growled deep in her throat, loving the taste of Ryan. She
pressed two of her fingers deep inside Ryan's opening, then moved them
quickly in and out of her moist well. She sucked and licked Ryan's clit
harder and faster as her friend whimpered and cried out with pleasure.

"That's it! That's it!" Ryan called out and arched her back, tossing her
head as her climax washed over her. "Oh!" Ryan sighed and pressed her cheek
against the pillow as pulses of pleasure shot up through her body from the
point of Tamyra's moving tongue. Ryan had never felt such a strong orgasm
before and shuddered against the bed, out of breath and amazed at her
reaction's to her friends touch.

Ryan wanted to give Tamyra the love and pleasure that she had just been
given. She held her arms out to her friend and smiled when Tamyra quickly
moved into her embrace.

"Tam, that was wonderful," Ryan told her as she held her friends head cradled
to her breast. "Now I'll show you the joy you just gave me."

"Ok, Ryan," Tam replied, happier than she had ever felt in a long time.

Ryan pushed Tam back against the bed and kissed her passionately, darting her
tongue between her friend's full lips. She moved her lips down Tam's neck
and licked the smooth ebony flesh, then kissed and licked her way toward
Tam's upright breasts. When Ryan sucked one of Tam's nipples into her mouth,
her friend moaned and shivered.

"Ryan, I love you!" Tam said and her voice cracked with the great love she
felt for her friend.

"I love you too," Ryan said and moved her tender kisses down Tam's belly,
then settled her face between her friend's spread legs. She began licking
and sucking the pink tender flesh of Tam's desire and caressed the ebony
skin of he inner thighs.

"Ahhh," Tam sighed, wanting this moment never to end. She had never felt
so loved before and her heart was bursting with happiness and fulfillment.
"That feels so good, Ryan!"

Ryan licked faster on the hard node of Tam's desire and watched her friend
throw her head back and whimper with her pleasure. She held on tightly to
Tamyra's legs as her friend began thrashing and calling out with her climax.

Tamyra was flying free and high with her release. The climax flew through
her and lifted the heavy burden of the last few weeks and wiped away the
heartache and desperate longing she had felt toward Justin. She lay back
and felt the pulses twitch and shoot through her body and for the first
time, felt her mind clear of the anger and hatred she had hidden inside her.
"Why was I so obsessed with Justin?" She asked herself wonderingly and sat
up on the bed, looking at Ryan, her face reflecting her new awareness.

"What is it Tam?" Ryan asked worriedly, hoping her friend wasn't having a
relapse. "She seemed to be forgetting about Justin. I hope she doesn't
start crying again," Ryan thought. When she got a better look at Tam, she
sat up and asked, "You seem different now. Was it that good?"

Tam smiled warmly at Ryan and replied, "I just realized that I've been a

"What do you mean?" Ryan said as she got off the bed and began dressing.

"I don't know why I was so focused on Justin loving me," Tam replied and
watched as Ryan pulled on one of her torn shirts and arranged it to hide
her breasts.

"Really? You've changed your mind about him now?" Ryan said, wanting to
know why Tamyra felt differently.

Tamyra got off the bed and started pulling on her clothes, then replied, "It
just occurred to me that I've been wasting all my energy for a man that
doesn't deserve my love."

Ryan smiled at Tam's statement, then said, "Well, you sure do have a lot
of love to give!" Smiling hugely and showing her amazing white teeth, Tam
replied, "You showed me that I can give love and receive it, without it
having anything to do with Justin. I've never felt more happy in my life."

"Oh, that's great Tam!" Ryan said and hugged her friend happily. "I'm glad
that you aren't sad anymore."

Tamyra looked seriously at Ryan and said, "And it's all because of you. I
love you Ryan."

Ryan looked deeply into Tamyra's eyes and saw the strong love reflected in
her friends eyes. She felt her heart move at her Tam's words, but didn't
know if she could return the same love.

"Tamyra...," Ryan said, then continued in a rush, "I love you too...but as a

Tamyra hadn't expected her love to be returned the same way, and nodded, then
said, "Ok, Ryan. But, if you ever get tired of Jim, I'll be here."

Ryan grinned and said, "Thanks Tam. I'll remember that." She kissed her
full lips softly, then said, "I do love you, you know."

Tam nodded, then said, "I love you special friend."

They hugged each other tightly, glad that their friendship remained strong,
even though Tam was hoping for more, she accepted what love Ryan was willing
to give.

Chapter 79

Paula and Simon walked up to the front door of the mansion. Simon reached to
open and the door and Paula slapped his hand, then said, "Ring the bell! We
don't live here."

"Bloody Hell! You're getting to be such a bore lately," Simon told her as he
pressed the doorbell.

The door opened within seconds of the chimes and Justin stood in the doorway,
with a surprised look of his face.

"Simon! Paula! Come on in!" The tall young man gestured for them to enter
as he asked, "What brings you two out here tonight? Another meeting?"

Paula held up a bag and said, "I forgot to give you these the last time I was

"What's that?" Justin asked curiously and glanced inside the open bag,
spotting lots of little boxes inside.

"I got a present for each of you," She said and smiled when Justin replied
excitedly, "A present? Really?"

She chuckled and said, "It's nothing big, just sort of a traditional
present," She explained as the three of them walked into the living room and
sat down.

Justin sat next to Paula and asked, "What tradition?"

"Well, I wanted to give them to all of you at once and explain then. Where
is everyone?"

"Oh, they're around," Justin said and glanced upstairs with a knowing look.
"Kelly's resting, she's very tired," He said, then giggled softly to himself.

"Oh," Paula said, then decided to go ahead and give Justin her little gift

Simon sat there and rolled his eyes impatiently. He wanted to ask where
Tamyra was, but didn't want to appear to eager to see her. Crossing his
legs, he sat back and listened to Justin and Paula prattle on about her
cheap bracelet.

"You can open it now, if you want," Paula said and handed Justin a small box
with a lid.

"Thank you, Paula!" Justin said and beamed at her. At the site of the
beautiful smile directed at her, she caught her breath, then smiled back at
him. "I wonder if he knows how beautiful he is?" She asked herself, and
watched as he opened the small box.

"Oh! A bracelet!" Justin said happily and took it out of the box, then held
it in his big hand. He read the small print: "own the power".

"Own the power," Justin read aloud and Paula nodded and explained the meaning
to the young man.

"When I was your age and first starting out, someone that helped me in the
business gave something like that bracelet to me."

Paula helped him put it on his left wrist and explained, "It meant the world
to me, that my friend believed in my success. He said when I became famous
and found someone with as much or more talent than myself, I should give a
bracelet to them."

Justin looked down at the silver bracelet on his wrist, then pulled Paula to
him in a tight hug. "Thank you, Paula. Thank you so much!"

"Ahhh," She sighed, melting in his warm embrace. She held him tightly and
wished Simon wasn't in the room with her. "Oh, well. Got to remember the
age difference," She reminded herself, but it was hard to do when the young
man lavished so much attention on her.

Justin pulled away and Paula looked into his warm eyes and said, "The
bracelet means to get out there and own the moment when you're on stage.
Also, have fun!"

"Oh, I'm a BIG believer in having fun!" Justin said and giggled. She laughed
softly and they both turned to Simon when he spoke up.

"Where's everyone else? I wanted to talk to Tamyra," Simon said a little
miffed at being ignored.

"Let me see if I can find her," Justin said and stood up. He looked deeply
into Paula's eyes and while holding the bracelet on his wrist he said, "I'll
always wear it. It will remind me how wonderful you've always been to me."

Paula swallowed and blinked, wishing she could have those strong arms around
her one more time. She replied in a shaky voice, "You deserve it, Justin.
I've never seen a more natural performer. You're going to be big!" She
smiled and he grinned happily, then said, "I'll be right back!" He bounded
easily up the stairs, taking them three at a time as he went in search of
Tamyra and the other finalists.

Chapter 80

Jim looked left and right, trying to find something to protect himself from
EJay. He noticed one of the lounge pillows next to him and grabbed it up
quickly, holding it in front of him, pathetic in his attempt at defense.

"Come on, man!" EJay purred low in his throat. "I've never been wrong
before, and I'm not wrong this time!" As he uttered the last words, EJay
rushed at Jim and body slammed him back against the wooden wall. EJay
easily overpowered the smaller man and clasped Jim's wrists, holding them
straight out against the wall.

EJay lowered his face to Jim's and tried to kiss him, but Jim moved his face

Moving his face to follow Jim's, EJay forced his full lips against Jim's thin

Jim closed his eyes and shivered, wanting to get away, but at the same time,
strangely excited by the strength and power of EJay.

"Please...let me go!" Jim begged in a small voice while keeping his eyes
closed and his cheek to the wall.

"Awww," EJay murmured and moved Jim's arms up higher, shifting his grip to
hold the younger man's wrists with one hand. Jim tugged ineffectually, but
was unable to break free from the iron grip of EJay's hand.

"Come on bitchie-poo," EJay cooed and pulled Jim's chin around to face him.
"You know you want me. I've seen the look before...and I'm never wrong."

Jim opened his eyes and stared into the lust-filled gaze directed at him and
replied, "Well, you're wrong this time! I love Ryan!"

"Sure, man. Sure," EJay said and chuckled. He began kissing Jim softly as
the younger man tried to pull his chin out of EJay's hand.

"Don't fight me, now," EJay said and forced his lips harder against Jim's as
he began pumping his hips against the smaller man trapped against the wall.

"No, no, no," Jim murmured in protest as EJay continued kissing him. He
sagged against the wall and closed his eyes, not wanting the attention that
EJay was forcing on him, but also beginning to respond despite himself. Jim
felt his member begin to harden in his pants and closed his eyes tighter,
wishing there was some escape from this situation.

"That's it, man," EJay said as he felt the hardness against his leg from
Jim's erection and felt the younger man sag against him. "Go with it. You
know you want it."

"No," Jim said. As his mouth came open to repeat one last protest, EJay's
mouth took him possessively, and thrust his tongue deeply into his mouth.

"Mmmm!" Jim moaned, but despite his protest, he began to respond to EJay's
aggressive desire. Jim sucked on the tongue in his mouth, and when EJay
withdrew, Jim thrust his own tongue deeply into EJay's mouth.

"What am I doing?" Jim asked himself as the hand holding his wrists fell away
and he lowered his arms to wrap tightly around EJay.

The two men rubbed their hips against each other, pumping and straining as
their kiss grew more passionate. EJay broke the kiss and breathed deeply as
he smiled in triumph. "Come on, bitchie-poo. You're going to suck my cock

"Oh...," Jim moaned, then shuddered and closed his eyes. He felt his
erection throbbing in his pants and blindly followed EJay as he took his hand
and led him over to one of the lounge chairs.

Chapter 81

Nikki walked next to AJ as they headed for the stairs.

"Man, my ass really hurts!" AJ said and shook his butt a little, trying to
shake off some of the pain..

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Nikki replied and perked her lips at the younger man in a
mock kiss. "Doesn't that suck bum bum?"

AJ giggled and said, "What? Sucks bum bum?" He laughed again at what she
said and looked at her as she explained, "I'm trying to cut down on

"Well...," AJ said, then rubbed his sore butt cheek and winced. "I wish that
wasn't ALL you were cutting down on!"

They both laughed, then quieted when they heard the sound of running feet up
the stairs. When Justin leaped into view at the top of the stairs, Nikki
smiled and asked, "What's the rush?"

Justin trotted up to them and said barely out of breath, "Paula and Simon are
here. Simon wants to talk to Tam and Paula has a present for each of us!
See?" He excitedly held up his left wrist to show AJ and Nikki his bracelet.

"Hmmm. Very nice bracelet," Nikki said and thought, "I don't think it will
really go with anything I wear, though."

AJ nodded and smiled at the bracelet on Justin's wrist and thought, "It looks
ok. I wonder why Justin seems so happy about it."

Justin couldn't stop smiling, he was so happy. Each time he looked at the
silver bracelet, he remembered what Paula had said to him and her wonderful
smile. Ever since the audition, he had secretly had a crush on her. When
she gave him the bracelet and told him how much she believed in him, her
words seemed to go right to his heart. "Why am I thinking about Paula, when
I love Kelly?" Justin asked himself, then shrugged, deciding to think about
it later. He turned to Nikki and asked, "I've got to round up the others.
Have you seen them?"

Nikki shook her head and replied, "I've been kind of busy, so I haven't seen
any of the others." She glanced quickly at AJ and added with a sly smile,
"So has AJ, if you know what I mean."

AJ's face flushed in embarrassment and Justin smiled then winked at him in

"Well, guess I'll keep looking then!" Justin said and walked quickly down the
hallway toward Tamyra's room.

"Come on lover," Nikki told AJ and held his arm as he ducked his flaming face
in shame.

"Why do you always have to embarrass me like that?" He asked her as she
tugged at his arm, pulling him along toward the stairs.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, darlin'," She replied and half pulled and
half tugged the reluctant, shame-faced man as they walked down the stairs.

Chapter 82

Jim kept his eyes closed as EJay held his hand and led him to the lounge
chair. He had always wondered what it would be like to be with another man
and now was about to find out. "What am I doing?" Jim asked himself and
opened his eyes, looking toward the locked door.

EJay stood by the chair and noticed the direction of Jim's glance and said,
"You can leave if you want. I won't stop you." Jim looked down at EJay's
hand clasped in his as the taller man continued, "But you'll always wonder
if you're really gay or not."

Putting his hand up to caress Jim's flushed cheek, EJay said softly, "I'll
help you, man. If you'll only let me."

Jim felt his heart constrict at the kindness in EJay's voice and looked
deeply into the tall man's eyes as he replied, "But I'm afraid!"

"Oh, poor baby. Come here," EJay said and pulled Jim into a warm embrace.
"I'm sorry I was so rough with you earlier, but I had to get through to you
somehow." EJay rubbed and patted Jim's back and said, "You know, I was
afraid my first time too."

Jim huddled against EJay and pressed his hot cheek against the larger man's
chest, and replied, "You were?"

"Sure, I was, man!" EJay said and chuckled softly. "Mostly, I was afraid I
would do something wrong!"

Jim smiled as he rested in the other man's arms and said, "Can we go slow?
I'm still not sure this is right for me."

"Ok, Jim," EJay agreed and held the younger man tightly for a moment before
letting him go. "Why don't you do whatever makes you feel comfortable?"
EJay suggested as he unzipped his pants and took out his erection.

"Ok," Jim agreed and slowly unzipped his pants, then nervously removed his
erection and held it in his hand.

"You want to touch me?" EJay asked and Jim looked down at the ebony shaft in
EJay's hand and nodded silently.

EJay removed his hand and watched as Jim's hand closed over his hardness.
Jim stroked and rubbed his own erection as he slowly explored the smooth
hardness of EJay's.

"You like that?" EJay asked and Jim nodded again, then whispered, "It feels

"It sure does!" EJay said and spread his legs wide, enjoying the gentle touch
caressing his long shaft.

"Would you like to suck my cock now?" EJay asked. When Jim nodded eagerly,
EJay shoved down his pants to his knees, then lay down on the lounge chair
and spread his legs wide.

"Come on, bitchie-poo. Suck my cock now," EJay said and relaxed, waiting for
the warmth of Jim's mouth on his shaft.

Jim had never felt more sexually excited before in his life. He couldn't
get enough of touching and stroking EJay's erection and licked his lips in
anticipation of the feel of his shaft in his mouth. Jim watched with wide
eyes as EJay lowered himself onto the lounge chair and spread his legs wide,
revealing his balls underneath his skyward pointing shaft.

"Why do you call me bitchie-poo?" Jim asked as he knelt between EJay's legs,
then grasped the twitching ebony shaft in his hand.

"Because that's what you are, darling. You're my bitchie-poo now," EJay
replied and chuckled to himself.

"Ha," Jim barked a laugh, then moved his mouth close to EJay's sex. He
breathed in the musky maleness and stared in fascination at the purplish
pink color of the erection in his hand. Jim slowly stuck his tongue out
and licked the bulbous tip. The feel of the smooth hardness on his tongue
made his own erection throb and pulse in response.

"Oh God!" Jim moaned and opened his mouth wide, then sucked the head of
EJay's shaft into his mouth. He licked the tip as he sucked it, wanting
more and more as his excitement grew.

"Mmmmm," EJay murmered and closed his eyes, enjoying the licking and sucking
of Jim's mouth on his hard member. "That feels so good, honey."

Jim grunted and sucked harder and took as much of EJay's shaft as he could
manage into his mouth. He began stroking his own member as he continued
licking and sucking steadily on EJays.

"Oh, yes! Suck my fat cock, Jim. Suck it good!" EJay cried out and began
pumping his hips, sending his ebony shaft in and out of Jim's sucking mouth.

Jim released his inhibitions and cast off his doubts. As he sucked and
licked the hardness in his mouth, he came to a realization about himself.
He now knew he was gay and wanted to explore everything that EJay could
teach him.

Chapter 83

Justin paused in the hallway as he noticed Tamyra's bedroom door open. "Oh,
man! I hope she doesn't make a scene," Justin thought as he watched Tamyra
walk out of the room, followed closely by Ryan.

Tamyra glanced at Justin as she walked toward him, but ignored him as she
began walking by.

"What the hell?" Justin asked himself and quickly grabbed Tamyra's arm,
stopping her. "I'm going to find out what's going on," He thought and was
determined to know what the woman was planning this time. "She never let's
me alone. There must be something up her sleeve to walk by and not even say
hello," Justin reasoned silently.

At the touch of Justin's hand on her arm, Tamyra looked at him questioningly
and asked, "Did you want something, Justin?"

"Don't act all innocent with me!" Justin said and thrust out his jaw angrily.
"What are you planning this time? First you won't leave me and Kelly alone,
now I'm being ignored!"

Tamyra smiled hugely at Justin, then looked toward Ryan as she stood silently
observing the altercation.

"Nothing is going on," Tamyra replied while pulling her arm from Justin's
vise-like grip. "I've just come to my senses, that's all.

Justin frowned and asked suspiciously, "What do you mean 'you've come to your

Ryan walked by Justin, then stood next to her friend and told him in a
matter-of-fact tone, "She just realized you aren't all that."

Tamyra smiled and put her arm around Ryan's shoulders, then said with a huge
grin, "He's not all that and a bag of chips!"

Both women broke out laughing as Justin fumed silently staring at them.
After their laughter died down a little, Justin replied stiffly, "Well...
fine. I'm glad you think that Tamyra. Maybe Kelly and I will get some
peace now."

Tamyra waved at Justin and said, "Oh, sure. You and Kelly deserve each
other." Ryan and Tamyra began walking toward the stairs and Tamyra called
out over her shoulder, "Cool beans!" Both women giggled as they headed down
the stairs, leaving Justin to stare after them with a perplexed look on his

Chapter 84

EJay moaned with pleasure as he pumped and strained his hips, sending his
shaft faster and faster into Jim's mouth.

Jim stroked his member as he licked and sucked the head of EJay's shaft,
loving the feel of the slick hardness in his mouth.

"Ahhh!" EJay cried out as his release crashed over him. Bolts of pleasure
shot up from Jim's sucking mouth and spread throughout his body, making his
back arch and his buttocks clench. His loins tightened and began pumping his
essence in steady pulses into Jim's sucking mouth.

At the touch of EJay's seed on his tongue, Jim's eyes went wide. The
asparagus tasting liquid soon filled his mouth, and he decided to swallow
it instead of spitting it out. The fluid slid easily down his throat as he
continued to suck and lick EJay's member.

EJay relaxed back on the chair and looked down at Jim who was still licking
his softening member, cleaning off any traces of essence with his tongue.

"That was so good, man," EJay said and touched Jim's head tenderly.

EJay got up slowly from the chair and said, "I'm going to suck your cock now,
bitchie-poo." He pulled Jim up next to him, then hugged him tightly in his
strong arms.

Bending his head to kiss Jim, he thrust his tongue deeply into the younger
man's mouth and chuckled low in his throat as Jim moaned with pleasure.
EJay released Jim from his arms, then grinned at the inexperienced man's

"Lay down here, man," EJay told Jim. When Jim relaxed down on the lounge
chair and spread his legs, EJay knelt down at the foot of the chair and
gently pushed Jim's legs wider apart.

"I've been looking forward to this for weeks!" EJay said with a grin, then
grasped Jim's quivering shaft in his hand and began stroking it as he stared
into Jim's eyes.

"Has anyone ever licked your balls before?" EJay asked with a sly smile.

Jim shook his head and replied, "No. I always wished Ryan would do it, but
was afraid to ask her to."

"Well, honey," EJay said with a chuckle low in his throat, "I'm going to
lick your balls now."

Jim shuddered and nodded silently, then relaxed his head back on the chair
and waited for the touch of EJay's tongue on his sensitive scrotum. When he
felt EJay pull one of his balls into his mouth and begin licking and sucking
it, he squirmed on the chair and cried out with pleasure.

"Mmmmm," EJay murmured as he sucked on one ball, then released it and pulled
the other one into his mouth.

"You taste so good, Jim," EJay said huskily. He continued licking and
sucking on Jim's balls as his hand stroked and teased the younger man's

"Oh, God!" Jim groaned and pumped his hips against EJay's moving hand. "It
feels so good!"

"I know, honey," EJay said and smiled up at Jim's flushed face. "He's so
adorable. I'm glad Ryan isn't having all the fun anymore!" EJay thought,
then sucked Jim's member into his mouth, working his tongue quickly against
the smooth rounded tip.

"Ahhh!" Jim cried out, loving the steadily licking tongue on the head of his
shaft. The feel of suction and EJay's tongue right where he loved being
touched the most made Jim shudder and groan with pleasure.

Within minutes, Jim was pumping and straining his hips against EJay's sucking
mouth. Jim's loins tightened and his whole body tensed as his climax crashed
over him. His back arched hard against the chair and his face clenched as
pulses of intense pleasure shot up his body from the point of EJay's mouth on
his shaft.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Jim grunted out as his loins tightened and his essence began
pumping out into EJay's mouth. Jim had never felt such an intense orgasm
before and he thrashed on the chair in ecstasy, groaning and tossing his head
as his hips shuddered with his release.

EJay grabbed hold of Jim's buttocks and held on tightly, keeping the suction
and licking steadily as the younger man thrashed on the chair. He swallowed
the bitter fluid filling his mouth, and continued licking and sucking Jim's
hardness as the younger man quivered with his release.

"My God! He's one hot little man," EJay thought. "I can't get enough of
this sweet young man," EJay told himself as Jim slowly stopped twitching and
began to relax back on the chair.

Jim opened his eyes and blinked, slightly dazed from the experience. He
glanced down at EJay and with amazement tingeing his voice said, "I've never
felt anything so strong before."

"I know, honey," EJay said and stood up, looking around for his clothes.
"It was like that my first time with a man, too."

Jim sat up on the chair, then swung his legs around to sit as he thought over
what had just happened. "I guess that I'm gay, after all," Jim thought, then
looked down at his hands twisting nervously in his lap. "But I don't want to
be gay!" Jim told himself and felt tears come into his eyes, then begin
leaking down his face.

EJay had just zipped up his pants and looked over at the stifled sound of
sobbing. "Oh no, honey!" EJay called out, then went over to Jim and pulled
him up in a tight hug. "Don't cry, Jim. Don't cry," EJay softly murmured
as the young man sobbed against his chest.

"I don't want to be gay!" Jim blurted out as he held tightly onto EJay for

"No one ever plans on being gay, Jim," EJay told Jim as he patted and
consoled the distraught man. "You have to be who you are and can't hide
from it."

"I know," Jim agreed, then wiped the tears from his face as he tried to think
clearly. "But...what do I do now?"

EJay tipped the younger man's chin up to face him, then looked into Jim's
tear-streaked eyes and said, "You go on with your life, Jim. But you don't
have to hide anymore." EJay tweaked Jim's nose, then smiled and added, "And
I'll be here to help you."

Jim grinned through his tears and said, "Thanks, EJay."

EJay smiled and replied, "I'll be here as long as you need me, man."

Both of them smiled tenderly at each other, reflecting the warmth and
companionship they had just shared. EJay lowered his full lips to Jim's
in a soft kiss, sealing their friendship and with the promise of the new
relationship that may be just beginning.

Chapter 85

Justin turned at the sound of voices behind him, then began walking toward
the whispered conversation. "Sounds like RJ and Christina," he told himself
and quickened his pace in their direction.

"There you are!" Justin announced loudly, as he turned the corner and found
them standing in a side hallway. RJ and Christina broke away from cuddling
each other and looked a little embarrassed to be caught.

"Hi Justin," RJ and Christina said. They glanced at each other nervously,
not yet ready for their new closeness to be revealed.

"Hi," Justin replied with a smile, then his face grew serious and he said,
"Simon and Paula are downstairs, so you two will need to cool it for awhile."

"What?" RJ asked, surprised at them showing up again, "What are they doing
here? Is there another meeting?"

Christina looked at Justin and asked, "Why do they keep coming over here?
Are they checking up on us, or something?"

Justin giggled and replied, "No. They aren't checking up on us. Paula has
a gift for all of us, and Simon wanted to see Tam."

"Oh," Christina uttered, then took RJ's hand as they began walking
downstairs. Justin noticed them clasping hands and warned, "Better not do

"What?" RJ asked, then saw Justin gesture at his hand holding Christina's and
let it go reluctantly. RJ whispered so only Christina could here, "I'll hold
your hand later, darling."

Christina smiled and whispered back, "I'll hold more than your hand later,
sugar!" The two young lovers giggled softly as they walked downstairs.

Justin watched them leave, then went toward Kelly's room to get her. He
hoped she got enough sleep and was well rested for their rendezvous later
that night. The thought of finally being able to make love to Kelly made
his shaft ache with longing. As Justin walked up to Kelly's bedroom door,
he rubbed his crotch, trying to relieve some of his tension, then opened
the door and went in.

The site of Kelly huddled under a blanket, fast asleep made him smile and
his heart melt. "She looks so beautiful," Justin murmured and walked up
quietly to the side of the bed, then knelt down next to her. He softly
kissed the side of her mouth and noticed her smile in her sleep.

"Oh, my baby. I love you," Justin whispered and lightly caressed her for
head. He couldn't bare to wake her up, she looked so peaceful. He kissed
her cheek lightly, then stood up and gazed down at the woman that held the
key to his heart. His face grew troubled as he thought, "Why is it that I
can love this woman with all my heart, but still feel attracted to Paula?"

Justin shook his head and tried to understand his confused feelings regarding
the two women. "I love Kelly," He told himself forcefully, and tried not to
think about Paula.

He went from the room, then glanced back one last time at Kelly's calm face
before closing the door softly.

"Well, I guess everyone's downstairs now. I'm sure Paula will understand
that Kelly's asleep," He thought, then realized he still needed to find EJay
and Jim.

"Where could those two be?" Justin frowned in thought as he headed downstairs
in search of them.

Chapter 86

Simon stood up at the site of Tamyra at the top of the stairs and waited
impatiently for her to descend. He began pacing nervously and his shoulders
twitched at the thought of getting her alone. "Damn woman, hurry up!" Simon
muttered as he paced around the room, trying to act casual by lifting a small
vase and checking the bottom speculatively. "I don't know how I'm going to
tell Tamyra," Simon thought as he stared at the made in Japan sticker on the
small piece of pottery in his hand.

Paula noticed Simon's antsy behavior and went over to investigate. She stood
next to him and noticed his transfixed stare at the decorative vase in his
hand. "Is it real or fake? She asked curiously and raised her brows in
surprise when she saw him startle at her words.

"What?" Simon asked, glancing at her with a confused air. He looked down at
the vase in his hands and replied, "Oh...this. It's fake, of course. You
think we would risk anything expensive in a house full of young adults?"

"Simon, what's wrong?" Paula whispered, hoping he would tell her, but
knowing his British stiff upper lip attitude would probably make him deny
anything was amiss.

"Nothing's wrong," Simon assured her, then looked anxiously around at the
young people sitting on the couches and talking quietly. He saw Tamyra walk
into the room and sighed expressively, then said, "Tamyra! I've been waiting
for you." He went and pulled her aside, then whispered urgently, "I need to
tell you something important."

"Ok, Simon," Tamyra replied, then jerked her arm from his grip. "What is it
with men wanting to grab me today?" Tamyra asked herself, then frowned at
Simon and said, "I'm not playing anymore of your games Simon. If you don't
want to vote for me...fine. I'll rely on Paula and Randy."

Simon looked quickly around to make sure no one overheard Tamyra's bold
comments, then whispered, "It's nothing like that. I need to talk with you
privately. There's something I found out today that you should know."

"Alright," Tamyra sighed, rolling her eyes in resignation and said, "Follow
me. We can talk in the TV room."

Paula watched Simon and Tamyra leave the room and frowned in thought. She
had caught a snatch of the conversation and wondered at what schemes Simon
was cooking up. "I can't believe he would blackmail Tamyra that way," Paula
told herself. "But then again, he is an egotistical pompous ass, so nothing
surprises me about him," She thought as she picked up her bag of gifts and
began distributing them to the waiting young people in the room.

* * *

Jim finished dressing, then shared a last kiss with EJay before they unlocked
the door and started for the Mansion. He reached for the tall man's hand and
held it as they walked around the pool and entered through the sliding glass
door. At the site of all the people sitting in the living room, Jim
immediately released EJay's hand and moved a few paces away from him. EJay
noticed Jim distancing himself and frowned, then shrugged and said, "Let's go
see what's going on, man." Jim nodded and they walked into the room, Jim
finding a seat next to Ryan as EJay took a seat by AJ and Nikki.

Justin had been at the top of the stairs and was walking down when he noticed
EJay and Jim walk into the room. When he saw them holding hands, his eyes
went wide in surprise and disbelief.

"What the hell is going on around here today?!?" Justin asked himself and
watched Jim and EJay drop their interlocked hands at the site of all the
people. "First Tamyra acts bizarrely. I could swear I detected an
undercurrent of something between her and Ryan...and now EJay and Jim!"
Justin shook his head confusedly as he quickly descended the stairs.

Paula had finished handing out the presents and had one small package left
in her hand. She looked around at the faces to see who was missing. When
Justin walked into the room she asked, "Justin, Where's Kelly?"

"She's asleep upstairs and looked so peaceful, I couldn't bear to wake her
up," Justin explained, then walked over to Paula. "Want me to give that to
her later?" He offered, then held out his hand for the little box.

"Ok," Paula replied, then handed him the present. As her hand brushed his,
an electric spark seemed to travel between them. She looked up into his
eyes to see if he felt it too, and her eyes widened and her stomach quivered
at the intense stare directed down at her. She felt herself unconsciously
lean toward him, as if magnetized.

"Paula...," Justin whispered huskily as he held her eyes locked with his,

"Hey, Paula! Thanks a lot for the gift!" Nikki said as she held her wrist
up, admiring the shiny bracelet. "Have you ever seen the beautiful view of
the valley at night?"

Paula wrenched her gaze from Justin's, then blinked rapidly and tried to
reply without her voice shaking too much, "I'm glad you like the bracelet,
Nikki. No, I haven't seen the view. Is it good?"

"Come on, everybody! Let's show Paula the view!" Nikki said cheerfully. All
the young people began trooping outside, happy to show Paula the beautiful
view from the back of the Mansion.

Justin watched Paula walk away, then joined the group headed toward the
view. He glanced upstairs where Kelly was sleeping and tried to ignore the
stiffness in his pants at the touch of Paula's hand in his.

Chapter 87

"What did you want to tell me?" Tamyra asked as she went over and flopped
down in a chair.

Simon took a seat across from her and hesitated, then said in a low voice,
"I don't know how to tell you this Tamyra."

Tamyra sighed dramatically and replied, "What is it? Did your sex machine
break and you need the real thing now?" She chopped the air with her hand
and said, "Well you can forget it! No man's going to push me around again!"

Simon looked down at his lap, then told her in almost a whisper, "Maybe
that's the best thing for a little while, anyway."

Tamyra tilted her head, staring at him quizzically and asked, "What do you
mean by that?"

"I went to the doctor today," Simon told her, then grimaced in distaste at
what he was being forced to admit. "It appears I have Gonorrhea."

"Gah...," Tamyra muttered and looked at him with a slack face and unblinking

He looked up at her blank stare and said quickly, "It's not as bad as it used
to be. There are pills now that make you good as new."

Tamyra couldn't believe what she had just heard. She felt a rushing noise
fill her head and felt as if she was about to explode as rage surged through
her body.

top of her lungs and flew from the chair with her hands clenched and fists

"Oh God!" Simon screamed and stood up quickly, trying to fight off the
crazed woman. He held his arms up in defense as Tamyra came at him, throwing
her fists and landing occasional blows as he tried to dodge the rampant

"Bloody Hell!" Simon yelled, then ran from the room, fleeing from Tamyra's
wrath. The young woman chased after him, swinging her leg and kicking his
ass several times as he fled the Mansion. Simon jumped in his convertible
and started it while Tamyra rained down blows on his head and back.

"Balls!" Simon screamed and floored the car. The car sped away and Tamyra
chased after it, shaking her fists and yelling at the top of her lungs, "I'll
get you Simon! I'll get yoooouuuuuu!"

* * *

"Did you hear that?" Justin asked RJ as he closed the sliding glass door.
"It sounded like someone screaming."

"Yeah. Sounds like someone is really mad about something," RJ replied, then
walked with Christina over to the stone wall at the edge of the property.

The contestants began lining up along the chest high wall to look out at the
twinkling lights in the valley below. Ryan stood on one side of Jim and EJay
stood on his other side. Christina walked up next to Ryan and RJ took a spot
on her right as Nikki and AJ walked up to the wall. Paula was on the far
end next to AJ and Justin took a spot next to her.

Paula seemed to be unconsciously tracking Justin's every move. Leaning
against the wall, she felt the warmth of his presence when he took a spot
next to her by the wall. She rested her hands along the edge and gazed out
at the dark valley below, highlighted by distant street and porch lights.

"Beautiful view, isn't it?" Paula asked, watching the lights sparkle and
glimmer far below.

"Yes...very beautiful," Justin replied softly.

Paula looked over at Justin, expecting him to be gazing out at the view and
caught her breath when she saw him looking at her instead.

The distant lights in the valley reflected in his eyes, making them twinkle
and sparkle mysteriously. The chiseled features of his face took on Grecian
elegance as the shadows took hold of them.

She stared up at him in awe, transfixed by his beauty. Words failed her
as she tried to describe his uniqueness. His glowing, silky skin that her
fingers itched to touch. The curls atop his head that begged to be caressed.
His sculptured face and deep, soulful eyes that radiated a child-like
innocence and ancient knowledge at the same time. The honey sweetness of
his voice when lifted up in song, or in simple conversation, leaving you
begging for more. The kind and fun loving spirit that he always expressed.
Everything about him was unique and beautiful. She finally realized there
was no easy way to describe this man.

"He is one of a kind of everything," Paula thought, finally putting into
words what she had been feeling since the first time she saw him.

"Paula, I need to tell you something," Justin said and moved a half-step
closer to her.

As Paula opened her mouth to reply, they both turned at the sound of loud
crashes coming from inside the Mansion.

Chapter 88

Kelly smiled as she felt the light kiss on the edge of her lips. She
squeezed her eyes shut and stretched on the bed, then giggled when she felt
the blanket yanked away and hands gently push her legs open.

"Justin, can't you wait until tonight?" Kelly asked and tried to focus on
the shadowy figure crouching between her legs. She squinted in the darkened
room, trying to make out what it was that didn't seem right about the person
kneeling at the foot of her bed.

"Justin?" She asked nervously, then exhaled loudly as her panties were
pulled aside and a tongue was thrust deeply inside her.

"Ahhh!" Kelly moaned and pressed her cheek to the pillow as the shadowed
figure in the darkness licked and sucked her clit.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good, Justin," She whispered and pumped her hips
against the steadily moving tongue. Hands crept up her stomach and began
fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples as the tongue worked back and
forth on her throbbing desire.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Kelly moaned, throwing her arms above her head in abandon
as the tongue on her sex seemed to explore every fold of her tender flesh.

When the tongue began licking her in a particularly sensitive spot, she
reached down to hold his head in place.

"Right there! Right there, Justin...," She cried out. When her fingers
touched the head between her legs, she drew them back in surprise.

"What?!?" Kelly asked confusedly as her fingers touched short hair instead
of the curly mop she had expected. She scrambled to turn on the lamp by her
bed and flicked it on, then screamed in surprise at who she saw kneeling
between her legs.

Chapter 89

"What's that?" RJ asked at the sound of a loud crash coming from inside the
house. Everyone began running toward the Mansion as another loud noise
echoed through the still air. When the door slid open, a loud bang followed
by shattering glass came from the direction of the living room.

"What could be going on?" Paula asked as she ran with the other finalists
toward the noise. When they reached the living room, they all stood in shock
at the site of Tamyra, crying and gasping for breath. She hefted the small
vase Simon had been inspecting earlier and threw it at the fireplace. The
resultant explosion of small pottery shards seemed to finally calm Tamyra's
wrath and she slipped to the floor, then buried her face in her hands and
started sobbing hysterically.

"What did that jackass do?" Paula said angrily as she ran with Ryan over to
comfort the weeping woman on the floor. Ryan knelt by Tamyra and asked,
"What is it? What did Simon do?"

"Oh God!" Tamyra yelled up at the ceiling, "Why me? Why do these things
always happen to me?!?"

Ryan glanced worriedly at Paula and said, "I'll take her upstairs and find
out what's wrong." Paula nodded in understanding and helped Ryan get Tamyra
to her feet.

Nikki walked up to Ryan and asked, "Is there anything I can do?"

"No," Ryan shook her head as she held the sobbing woman. "It's better if I
talk to her alone."

The rest of the finalists milled around uncertainly, wanting to help, but
knowing they weren't needed.

The group of people watched silently as the two women walked upstairs.
Tamyra leaned against Ryan, sobbing and crying in anguish.

"What do you think Simon did?" Justin asked Paula, then looked around and
added, "And where is Simon?"

"That's what I was wondering," Paula replied. She walked to the front
window and looked out the curtain to where Simon had parked his car. When
she noticed his car was missing, she turned angrily from the window and said,
"He's gone! How am I supposed to get home now?"

"I'll take you home," Justin offered quickly, eager for the chance to
finally talk to her.

Paula glanced once more toward the window, then shrugged and said, "Thanks a
lot Justin. I don't live too far away, so you should be home within thirty
minutes or so."

"No problem, baby," Justin said happily, then asked, "You want to leave

She felt her stomach quiver when he called her baby and wished he would do it
again. "Call me baby again," Paula wanted to say, but instead she replied,
"Sure. It's getting late anyway and I have to find out what Simon did to

"Let's go then," Justin said, then opened the front door, waiting for her to
exit first.

"He's such a gentleman," Paula thought and smiled as she walked out the door
ahead of him. She felt his eyes on her as she went to his car and waited by
the passenger door. Her eyes followed the slow, deliberate way he walked
toward her and she knew something was going to happen between them at last.

Chapter 89

Kelly stared in shocked disbelief at Randy Jackson kneeling naked between her
legs. Her eyes went immediately to his upward thrusting manhood and she
trembled at the sight.

"No!" She said, her voice shaking in fear as she hastily averted her gaze.
She tried to scamper higher on the bed, but Randy was too quick for her and
grabbed onto her legs, holding her immobile.

Randy grinned and said, "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...What's up, man?" Looking down
at his erection, he laughed and said, "Look's like I am!"

"What are you doing here? What are you going to do?" Kelly asked as she
looked at him with barely concealed panic. She began looking around for
something to use as a weapon against him.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," She thought as she stared into
the crazed eyes of Randy Jackson.

He grabbed onto her ankles and lifted her legs in the air, throwing her flat
against the bed on her back. She screamed in surprise and began yelling,
"Help! Help me, please!"

Randy laughed and buried his head between her legs as she struggled futilely
to get away. She punched and pummeled his head, trying to fight him off.

"Don't fight me, Kelly," He replied calmly, then grabbed her wrists in an
iron grip. Bending back to his task, he began licking the folds of her sex
thoroughly as she called out again and again for help.

"Why doesn't anyone hear me?" Kelly wondered as she struggled again to free

"No! Don't touch me!" She yelled, but was starting to succumb to the
steadily licking tongue on her moist sex. Her struggles lessened and soon,
she was sighing back on the bed, moaning at the constant pressure of the
licking tongue on her swollen clit.

"," Kelly repeated, but her protestations died in her throat,
to be replaced by cries of pleasure.

"Mmmmm...Kelly," Randy growled and sucked and licked her faster as she
whimpered and sighed.

"I can't believe I'm letting this happen!" Kelly told herself as she felt
her climax near at the steady movement of Randy's tongue.

"Why don't I call out for help? What about Justin?" She asked herself,
trying to keep some kind of rationality. Her eyes rolled up in her head as
she gave in and let her body take control, concentrating on Randy's velvety
tongue licking her clit.

Randy removed his restraining grip on her wrists and held onto her legs as
she began pumping her hips, moving her sex against his mouth.

"Ahhhh!" Kelly moaned and thrashed on the bed, giving in to her desire.

"That's good, Kelly. Very good performance," Randy commented, then resumed
licking and sucking her clit as she cried out in pleasure.

As her climax crashed over her, Kelly's convulsed on the bed, swinging her
arms wide. Her hand brushed the bedside table, accidentally knocking the
ceramic lamp to the floor and breaking it into pieces.

Kelly sat up in bed at the loud noise and looked around the darkened room.
She blinked several times, then shook her head in confusion. Sitting
there for several moments, Kelly tried to get her bearings as the pulses
of pleasure still echoed between her legs.

"Was it a dream?" She asked aloud, then turned toward her bedside table.
The lamp stood unbroken by her bed, and she turned it on quickly to dispel
the dark eeriness of her room.

Randy was nowhere in sight and she was still covered up with the blanket she
had pulled over herself earlier. She looked under the blanket, but didn't
notice any of her clothes out of place. Breathing a huge sigh of relief, she
realized it had all been a dream.

"Why would I dream about Randy Jackson in that way?" She asked herself, then
shrugged and sat on the edge of the bed. Kelly brought her foot down on the
carpet and winced in pain as something sharp jabbed into her heel.

"Ouch!" She yelled, then held her foot in her lap. She saw a small shard
of porcelain sticking out of her heel and she pinched it with her fingers,
pulling it out quickly. A small drop of blood oozed out of the cut, and she
rubbed it while gazing at the pointy object in her fingers.

She studied the small half-inch long sliver of pottery and noticed it had a
greenish glaze on one side, and was unglazed white on the other. It was
slightly curved, and looked like it had been part of a vase or lamp.

Kelly glanced from the small object in her hand, to the lamp by her bedside.
"Wasn't my lamp a darker green color?" She asked herself, then stared at the
green-tinted shard in her hand.

"I think my lamp was more like this color," She said aloud, shaking the hand
that held the broken piece of pottery. A cold feeling of dread entered her
belly at her next thought.

"What if it wasn't a dream?"

Chapter 90

Justin and Paula sat in silence as he drove her home. He glanced over at
Paula several times, wanting to explain his attraction to her, but not
knowing how to breach the subject. Finally, he blurted out, "Paula...I
wanted to tell you something."

"It's about time!" Paula thought as she smiled over at him and replied,

"I...well, it's just that, uh...," Justin tried to explain, but he couldn't
seem to get the words out. "Why can't I just tell her how I feel?" He asked
himself, then shook his head in confusion.

Paula waited patiently as she watched Justin struggle with his words. She
loved looking at him, the wide variety of facial expressions that revealed
his every thought. "I wonder if he realizes how open his face is and how it
shows every emotion he feels."

Her eyes took note of his expressive face, revealing first nervousness, then
fear, and finally resolution as he squared his jaw and glanced over at her.

"Paula, I think you're wonderful!" Justin said in a rush. He bit his lip,
waiting nervously for her response.

"Thank you, Justin," Paula replied, then smiled seductively into his eyes.
"I think you're pretty wonderful too."

Justin breathed a huge sigh of relief, then started talking quickly as he let
his heart direct what he wanted to say.

"You're so kind to all of us. I don't know what we would do if you weren't
there. Simon is so cold, and Randy isn't very friendly. I don't know what
else to say,'re just wonderful!" He beamed a huge smile in her
direction, showing all the happiness in his soul.

"My God, how can he do that?" Paula thought as she stared into his shining
eyes. "His face seems to glow with an inner joy when he smiles. It makes my
heart melt when he looks at me like that."

Paula cleared her throat, then blinked several times trying to get control of
herself. More than anything, she wanted to take Justin in her arms and kiss
those sweet lips, tasting everything he had to offer. She shook her head
sadly and realized Justin was not for her.

"He seems almost angelic. I can't bring myself to make an advance, and
have it rebuffed." She looked at his profile as he drove, his face still
reflecting his happiness.

"I would rather have this kind-hearted man as my friend, than risk having him
reject what I might offer and ruining our friendship." Nodding to herself,
she said, "Justin, I'm glad they picked me to be a judge."

He glanced at her quickly, seeing her kind smile instead of the seductive one
she had looked at him with earlier. "Something's changed. She isn't looking
at me the same way as before," Justin thought, then returned his eyes to the
road as she continued.

"I remember all the rejection that I had to go through before I got my first
break," She told him, then patted his leg. "Many of my friends tried the
easy way, by sleeping with the director to get a part. I never went that
way, and I'm glad you won't have to either."

She removed her hand from his leg, then sat silently the rest of the way to
her house, only giving occasional directions when he got into her housing

Justin frowned, not knowing how it could have gone so wrong. "It seems like
she just wants to be friends now," He thought, keeping his eyes on the road.
"Maybe it's for the best. After all, I do love Kelly," Justin reminded
himself as he pulled up next to her house.

"Thanks for the ride home, Justin," Paula said, then leaned over and kissed
him lightly on the lips. At the touch of her lips on his, he found that it
didn't move him the same way as when he kissed Kelly.

"I guess it was just a crush," Justin thought as he smiled and said, "I was
happy to do it. Let me know if you need anything, Paula." He held her hand
and repeated, "Anything."

Paula smiled and patted his hand, then said, "You're really a sweet man,
Justin. I hope you keep that kind heart in this crazy business."

She opened the car door and slipped outside. As she shut the door, he looked
up and caught her eye, then winked and gave her a friendly wave. Paula
smiled a little sadly as she returned his wave, then turned toward her house,
wishing there was a man like Justin waiting for her inside.

Chapter 91

Ryan helped Tamyra into her room, then sat next to her on her bed. She
hugged the sobbing woman to her and rocked her gently, whispering soothing
words as she patted her back.

"Please don't cry Tam," Ryan said, almost crying herself at the
heart-wrenching sobs issuing from her friend. When Tamyra's sobs quieted,
she asked, "What did Simon do?" Ryan frowned angrily and added, "He didn't
hurt you, did he?"

Tamyra wiped her face warily, then lay down on the bed, turning her face away
from Ryan as she replied, "He didn't hurt least, not physically."

"Well, what did he do then?" Ryan asked as she rubbed Tamyra's arm

"I had sex with him today and he didn't wear a condom," Tamyra explained.

"Oh," Ryan said, a little shocked. She hadn't been prepared to hear that
confession from her friend. "So, what did he do then? Did he say something
mean to you?" Ryan didn't think Tamyra could know she was pregnant already,
so what did not wearing a condom have to do with it?

Tamyra turned to face Ryan and sobbed out, "He told me he has Gonorrhea!"
She covered her face with her hands and started sobbing again as Ryan stared
at her in shock.

"Gonorrhea!" Ryan chocked out the filthy sounding word, then shook her head
in dismay.

"Why am I not surprised Simon could have such a disgusting disease?" Ryan
said angrily, then stood up and paced the room, hitting her fist in her
hand, thinking about what she would like to do to Simon.

Ryan noticed Tam's shoulders shaking as she sobbed and went back to the bed
and sat down. "Please don't cry Tam! You may not even have it!"

Tamyra lowered her hands then looked at Ryan with eyes full of tears and
replied, "With my luck, I have it. Things haven't been going my way lately."
She wiped the tears from her eyes and yelled up at the ceiling, "God? Why
is this happening to me?" Tamyra lay back and stared glassy-eyed at the
ceiling, her face growing slack in defeat.

Ryan watched her friend and didn't like the detached look on her face. "It's
almost as if she's given up. What can I do to snap her out of this?" She
racked her brain, trying to think of something to cheer her friend up. "I
know! I'll tell her about what happened to me during the auditions. That
should make her laugh. Tam sure needs a good laugh about now," Ryan thought
and nudged Tamyra's arm, getting her attention.

"Tam, did I ever tell you about my Ketchup nipples?"

Tamyra looked at Ryan strangely and asked, "Ketchup nipples?"

Ryan said, "This was so embarrassing..."

Forgetting her sadness for the moment, Tamyra turned to Ryan and said, "Did
you say 'Ketchup nipples'?"

Ryan nodded, then explained, "After the audition, I went to the Mall. I was
hungry, so I got some fries at the food court."

"Uh Oh," Tamyra replied, getting into the story. She wiped the tears from
her face and said, "I think I know what happened."

"That's right. Some fries fell down my shirt, and I had on a white shirt."

Tamyra grinned as Ryan continued her story. "Ketchup soaked through, because
it was on the fries. The thing was, I never knew that it happened."

"What?!?" Tamyra said and sat up on the bed. She started giggling as Ryan
went on with her story.

"I didn't notice until about forty-five minutes later."

"No one said anything?!?" Tamyra asked, then snorted as she stifled a laugh.

"This guy came and looked at my breasts, then walked away. Everyone was
staring at me, and I was like...'Um...okay', and kept walking."

Tamyra was now laughing hysterically as Ryan continued her story.

"I saw this guy who just like...looked at my breasts...and walked away," Ryan
said as she started giggling. "My nipples were all pointy because of the
fries, and they were red because of the ketchup."

"Oh, God!" Tamyra gasped out and held her sides as she was overcome with fits
of laughter.

Ryan smiled and laughed along, gladdened that she had cheered her friend up.

Chapter 92

Kelly stared at the shard in her hand and shook her head in confusion.
"Maybe I'll go check if anyone's lamps are missing," She told herself, then
stood up and headed toward the other bedrooms down the hall.

When she went by Tamyra's room, she thought she heard someone sobbing inside.
"Wonder what's wrong with Tamyra this time," She thought as she went over to
Jim, RJ and AJ's room. She glanced inside and noticed the bedside lamps were
there. Next she went over to Justin and EJay's room and looked inside. Both
lamps were also there. She wondered from room to room, looking for missing
lamps and not finding any discrepancies.

"I guess it was all a dream," She said softly, then noticed something small
laying on the floor next to a room she hadn't look in yet.

Bending down, she picked up the small piece of pottery and turned it over
and over in her hand. It was a few inches long and had the same green tinted
glaze on one side as the piece she found in her room. Kelly looked toward
the bedroom door and noticed it was one of the extra rooms that no one used.
She opened the door and went inside, then closed the door behind her, wanting
privacy to search the room. Right away, she noticed the two lamps beside
each bed, and one of them looked like the one that had been in her room. She
searched the floor for any other broken pieces and found one next to the
closet. The piece by the closet had the same green tint as the other pieces
in her hand. "This is a pretty strange coincidence if it was a dream," She
thought to herself as she slid the closet door open and looked inside.

The closet was rather large, and she was able to easily step inside and look
around. There were a few cardboard boxes on the floor, but otherwise the
closet was empty.

"I wonder what's inside these boxes?" She said aloud, then knelt down and
began opening the nearest one.

When she heard voices coming down the hallway, she stood up quickly, then
decided to close the closet door, and hide inside.

"Maybe it's Randy!" Kelly told herself anxiously as she slid the closet door
shut, leaving it open a little so she could peek outside. She sighed with
relief when she saw Nikki and AJ enter the bedroom, then close the door
behind them.

The small gap in the closet door only afforded Kelly a narrow view of the
bed, so Nikki and AJ were cut-off from her sight as they walked about the

For some reason, Kelly didn't speak up that she was hiding inside the closet.
After the first few moments of hiding, she felt it would seem strange for her
to suddenly appear out of the closet.

"They would probably think I was crazy for hiding in here," She thought to
herself. She sat down on the floor, then leaned her back against the wall,
prepared to wait for Nikki and AJ to leave before exiting her hiding place.

"...haven't been in the library yet," Kelly heard AJ say as he walked toward
the bed. She heard Nikki reply, "Oh, you have to check it out! There're all
sorts of interesting books in there."

Nikki walked to the bed and sat down, then started to undress. Kelly avoided
her eyes and felt her face burn, knowing what she was about to witness.

"Well, I always wanted to see how it was done. Maybe now's my chance," Kelly
reasoned with herself, then lifted her eyes to watch Nikki slowly finish
removing her clothes.

AJ walked over to the bed and unzipped his pants, then slipped out of them
as Kelly watched. She saw his small firm buttocks and when he sat on the
bed, her face grew hotter as she noticed his half-erect member. The pulsing
sensation began again between her legs and she rubbed her crotch as she
stared at the two naked people on the bed.

"What other interesting things?" AJ asked as he stroked his shaft, making it
grow harder.

Nikki glanced down at AJ lap as he pulled on his member and replied with a
small laugh, "No porn, if that's what you're thinking."

"Too bad," AJ replied with a small grin, then asked, "So...what could be more
interesting than porn?"

"Very funny," Nikki said and giggled. She pushed him down on the bed, then
lay down next to him and began stroking his erection. Her hand pulled and
stroked his hardness as she replied, "There was a book about the history of
this house. Did you know this house is more than fifty years old?"

"Ahhh," AJ groaned at the firm strokes to his hard shaft. "That's good
Nikki. Keep doing that." He rested his hands behind his head and asked,
"Fifty years, huh? That's pretty old."

"That's not the only thing," Nikki said with a sinister lilt to her voice.
"There were strange things that happened to the people that used to live

AJ was getting intrigued. Ignoring his desire, he asked, "What kind of
strange things happened?"

Kelly had her hand down her pants and was rubbing her throbbing clit as she
watched Nikki stroke and tease AJ's shaft. She stopped the movement of her
fingers to listen to Nikki's response.

Chapter 93

Jim watched Ryan help Tamyra upstairs and waved to Justin and Paula as they
left. A few minutes later, Nikki and AJ skipped upstairs, giggling.

"What's going on with those two?" Jim asked himself, then noticed RJ and
Christina walk upstairs soon after. He looked around and found himself alone
with EJay.

EJay stood back and kept his eye on Jim as the room emptied. When they were
alone, he looked over at the younger man and smiled mischievously.

"Well," EJay said low in his throat as he slowly walked toward Jim. "Look's
like we're alone again, honey."

"Don't call me that!" Jim hissed, then looked around to make sure they were
alone. "I don't want anyone knowing about us yet."

"Come on, darling," EJay said in a honey-sweet voice as he draped his arm
around Jim's shoulder. "You love sucking my dick. I bet you want to suck
it right now, don't you?"

Jim's face flushed in embarrassment and he shrugged, trying to remove EJay's
arm from his shoulder.

"Please!!!" Jim pleaded with EJay. But the older man was too strong for
him, and he was starting to feel the sexual pull toward the tall man's

"Come on now. Say it. Say you want to suck my dick," EJay demanded in a
teasing tone. He pulled Jim into a hug and kissed his neck, causing the
younger man to shiver in his arms.

"I...," Jim stuttered, feeling his face burn hotter. "I want...I want to
suck your dick!"

"That's it, honey," EJay encouraged. He brushed his full lips against Jim's
thin ones and said, "You want me to suck your cock, don't you?"

Jim shivered and quaked in EJay's arms. He didn't care anymore who saw him,
he only wanted EJay never to stop holding him and touching him like this.

"Yes...yes...yes," Jim murmured as EJay sucked and nibbled on his lips. He
threw his arms around the tall man's neck and held tightly, giving in to his

The two men felt their members lift and fill out the front of their pants.
As they kissed and held each other, they began rubbing their erections
against each other.

"Mmmmm," EJay sighed and finally broke his hold on Jim and said, "We better
find somewhere to be alone, or I'm going to take you right here and now."

"Yes," Jim said, then suggested, "How about your room?"

"No good," EJay said. "Justin might come home and find us in there. Looks
like we'll be using the pool house again."

"Ok," Jim agreed. "Anywhere, as long as it's with you, EJay."

EJay beamed at Jim's response, then said seductively, "I'm going to fuck you
good, Jim. You ready for that?"

Jim shivered again, with a mixture of fear and longing. He nodded his head
and looked up at EJay with a trusting gaze. "I'll do anything you say."

"Anything?" EJay asked, with a evil glint in his eye. "You sure about that

Noticing the sudden gleam come into EJay's eye, Jim ignored it and replied,
"I trust you, EJay. I want you to show me all that's possible."

EJay took Jim's hand and walked with him toward the back of the Mansion.
When they got outside, EJay pulled Jim into a fierce hug and said, "You're so
sweet Jim. I'll do right by you. Don't worry, man. I'll do you right."

Jim leaned into the hug and held tightly to the tall man. He smiled and
happiness surged through his body. He finally felt free and alive, knowing
he didn't have to hide from his true feelings anymore.

Chapter 94

RJ slipped under the covers next to Christina and kissed her lips softly. He
gazed into her moonlit face and whispered, "A sweet kiss that has stolen my

Christina smiled and said, "That's beautiful RJ. Is that from Shakespeare?"

"No, I just made it up," he replied, then laughed softly and kissed her lips
again. The kiss grew more passionate and they held each other tightly, their
naked bodies pressing and sliding easily against each other.

"Mmmmm," Christina sighed, loving the feel of his warmth and touch. "I love
you RJ, more than I ever thought I could love a man."

"I love you too, Christina," RJ told her with such feeling in his voice that
tears came to her eyes.

He kissed her hard then, thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth. She
responded eagerly, sucking and nibbling on his tongue as he rubbed his
erection against her hip. Christina threw her arms around his neck, holding
him tight against her as they rubbed and shifted on the bed.

RJ broke the kiss and smiled down at Christina. Both of them where breathing
heavily and ready for more of what the other could give. He moved his mouth
along her cheek, then down to nuzzle her neck as she shivered and moaned in
excitement. His lips glided over her smooth ebony skin down to her breast,
where he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

"Oh, Christina...Christina, my love," RJ said huskily as he licked first one
nipple, then another. He licked and sucked her nipples as she cried out in

"Ahhhh," Christina sighed and quivered on the bed. "I love you so much, RJ!
Love you...," Her voice trailed off in a soft moan of desire.

Moving lower on the bed, RJ knelt under the covers and moved her legs apart.
He was going to rub her G-spot and hoped he did it right. Very carefully, he
inserted two fingers inside her slickened sex and smiled when he immediately
felt the hard lump deep inside her. His tongue found her clit in the
darkened room, and he began licking and sucking on it as his fingers slid in
and out of her sex.

"Oh!" Christina cried out and pulled the covers away, then looked down at
RJ. "What are you doing?"

RJ looked up from between her legs and said, "I'm rubbing your G-spot." He
stopped moving his fingers and asked, "Don't you like it?"

She frowned for a second, then replied, "Do it again and let me see."

He began moving his fingers again and rubbed the hard knot of pleasure deep
inside her. Moving his mouth back to her sex, RJ resumed licking and sucking
her clit and waited to see if she liked it. When he saw her lay back down
and begin moaning and crying out in pleasure, he knew he was making her

"My God, I love this woman!" RJ thought as he licked and nuzzled her sex.
"She tastes one-hundred times better than Nikki, almost like pumpkin pie," He
thought as he licked and drank some of her moisture.

"Mmmmm, Christina, " RJ said as he sucked and licked her swollen clit. "I
can't seem to get enough of you!"

"Oh God! Oh God!" Christina called out at the dual pleasures RJ was giving
her. The pressure from the fingers inside her combined with the moving
tongue on her clit was sending her quickly toward the precipice.

Christina's eyes rolled up in her head as she gave in to her pleasure,
letting her body take control. Her hips began pumping against the fingers
moving inside her and she moaned and thrashed on the bed as her climax

RJ pressed his mouth harder against her sex, keeping his tongue moving
steadily on her clit as his fingers slid and rubbed her internal node of

"AHHH!" Christina screamed as a great wave of pleasure shot up from deep
inside her where RJ's fingers pressed, and traveled like lightening through
her body. Her back arched hard against the bed and her arms and legs tensed
as the strongest orgasm of her life crashed through her body.

She tossed her head and bit her lip as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed and
shot up her body from RJ's licking tongue.

"Oh God!" She cried out , then collapsed on the bed in a pleasure induced

After licking a few move times on her clit, RJ moved between her legs and
thrust his hardness deep inside her. He was so ready that after a few quick
thrusts of his hips, he shuddered and grunted with his release.

"I love you," RJ said and kissed her lips lightly. Christina smiled, then
opened her eyes and said, "I love you too, RJ. That was...," She shook her
head, not knowing how to put into words what she had just experienced.

RJ removed his spent member from her sex, then pulled the condom off and
dropped it to the floor. He lay down next to Christina and breathed a huge
sigh of happiness, feeling his heart burst with the love he shared with the
woman of his dreams.

Chapter 95

"You want me to rub your thang, or you want me to tell you the story?" Nikki
asked as she stroked and pulled on AJ's erection.

"Can't you do both at the same time?" AJ replied with a hopeful smile.

"You men are all alike," Nikki said with a small laugh. "Half your brains
are in your balls." She pushed away from him and sat on the bed.

"Come on Nikki," AJ pleaded. He touched her hip gently and said, "You got me
all interested in this house, that's all."

She looked back at him and shrugged, then lay back down and began pulling
quickly on his hard member.

"Thank God!" AJ thought as he relaxed on the bed, enjoying the sure movements
of Nikki's hand on his shaft.

Kelly watched Nikki's hand pulling on AJ's hardness and began twitching
her fingers against her clit. Her fingers grew slick as the pulsing and
throbbing between her legs grew more intense. She bit her lip, trying to
stay silent in the closet as she listened to Nikki talk.

"Well," Nikki resumed her story as her hand glided up and down AJ's erection,
"It seems that everyone who has lived here has had some kind of sexual

"What?" AJ asked surprised. Kelly almost said the same thing, but bit back
her response in time.

"It's true," She replied to AJ's shocked look. "Everyone that's lived here
reported that they were having a lot of sex. They were having sex more and
more often, to the point of obsession."

"That is strange," AJ said as he felt himself grow more excited by her quick
moving hand. He gasped at the pleasure her hand gave him and tried to hold
back on climaxing too soon. Talking about the history of the house helped
distract him.

"Maybe the ghost of a former sex addict that lived here is haunting the place
now," AJ said, then giggled at his wild theory.

"Hmmm," Nikki nodded at what AJ suggested. "That would be a good
explanation...except I read further in the book about the history of this
land. It went into detail about the Indians that used to live here."

Kelly felt her climax near from the twitching movement of her fingers and
listened intently to Nikki's next words.

"About three hundred or so years ago, the Indians that lived on this land
conducted rituals and ceremonies on the spot the Mansion was built on," Nikki
reported as she rubbed and stroked AJ's quivering member.

"Ahhh," AJ moaned, loving the firm movement of Nikki's hand on his shaft.
"I think I'm going to come, Nikki!"

"Go ahead," Nikki replied with a shrug. "After you come, you're going to lick
my pussy, so the sooner, the better."

AJ grunted, trying to hold off his orgasm for a few more minutes. He was
trying to delay climaxing to soon. His face was flushed and he bit his lip,
then turned to her and asked in a strained voice, "Did they mention what

Nikki looked at AJ's tense face, then smiled and said, "Very good AJ. I
can tell you're trying to hold off as long as possible. My lessons must be
paying off."

AJ nodded, then closed his eyes. He tried to concentrate on her voice as she
pulled on his hardness.

Kelly pumped her hips against her quick moving fingers, growing closer and
closer to climax. She kept her eyes on the hand stroking AJ's erection and
listened to Nikki talk.

"Well, there's not that much left to tell," Nikki replied. She noticed a
small drop of essence on the tip of AJ's shaft and bent forward, then licked
it off with the tip of her tongue. "Each summer, the Indians would take
their pubescent young females up to this spot and the strongest men would
fight over the right to deflower them."

The touch of Nikki's tongue on the head of his shaft sent AJ over the edge.
He grunted and tensed on the bed, clenching his face and arching his back as
pulses of pleasure shot up his body from Nikki's fast moving hand. His balls
tightened and his essence began pumping in steady pulses, sending his seed
shooting into the air and landing on his stomach and chest.

Kelly bit her lip and arched her back against the wall as her climax washed
over her. She closed her eyes and shuddered, trying not to make noise as
her body shook with pleasure. After a few moments, she opened her eyes and
looked out at Nikki and AJ.

Nikki was now laying on the bed and AJ had his face buried between her legs,
licking and nuzzling her sex. Kelly removed her hand from the front of her
pants and wiped her moist fingers on the carpet as she watched the sex act
conclude on the bed.

After AJ had licked and sucked Nikki's clit for several minutes, she said,
"Here, put this condom on." She pointed to a condom laying next to her on
the bed and AJ quickly unwrapped it, then slid it on his hard shaft.

"Why can't it be this pain free all the time?" AJ asked himself, then
shrugged and slipped easily inside Nikki's moist entrance. He pumped his
hips, sending his shaft in and out of her sex and sighed with pleasure.

"Rub your fingers here," Nikki told him and guided two of his fingers to her
clit as he pumped his hips against her.

He began rubbing her hardened desire with his fingers as his hips pounded
hers in a quicker rhythm.

"Ahhh!" Nikki sighed as her climax neared. "Keep going! Faster! Harder!"
She called out as her hips lifted and pumped against his.

"Uh, uh, uh," AJ grunted, biting his lip and trying to hold off his climax.
He knew if he climaxed before her, she would 'punish' him and he wasn't in
the mood for any of her kind of punishments.

When Nikki moaned and arched her back with her orgasm, AJ sighed with relief,
knowing he could now have his release. She shuddered and tossed her head as
he continued to rub her clit with his fingers and pump his hips against hers.

A few seconds later, AJ clenched his face and grunted as his release crashed
over him. His back arched, sending his shaft deep inside Nikki. The muscle
contractions of her climax grabbed his length, holding and pressing it in
steady pulses. AJ's eyes grew wide at the wonderful feelings along his
length and he threw his head back, crying out with pleasure.

"Arghhh!" AJ moaned aloud as his balls tightened and his essence shot out of
his shaft, stopped by the condom covering his member.

After pumping his hips a few more times, AJ removed himself from Nikki and
collapsed next to her on the bed, breathing heavily and lightly covered with

AJ rested quietly for several minutes, then turned to Nikki and asked with a
nervous edge to his voice, "You think we're being influenced by this house?
With all the sex we've been having lately, and all."

Nikki glanced over at him and replied, "So what if we are? I bet we could
sell tickets to people for a night in this house!" She laughed and added,
"Can you imagine all the old geezers that would pay for being able to get
it up again?"

"I guess that's true," AJ said, then shrugged against the bed. "I have no
problem with it. This is the best time I've ever had in my life!"

Nikki smiled and said, "And who knows how long we'll get to stay in the
Mansion. We could be here weeks...or months!"

"Sounds good to me!" AJ said with a big smile. He began kissing and licking
her nipples and said, "I can't seem to get enough of touching you, Nikki."

"Oh, that's good AJ. Suck my tits. Good boy," Nikki said as she combed his
hair with her fingers. She thought of her son again and said, "God, I miss
my little boy!"

"You want to sing me a song while I suck your tits?" AJ asked and Nikki
quickly nodded her head in agreement. She sat on the bed and held AJ's head
in her lap as he sucked and licked her nipples. She sang a soft lullaby that
was a favorite of her son's when he was a baby.

Kelly watched from the closet and was a little amazed at what kind of things
went on when two people thought they were alone. She hoped AJ and Nikki
would be gone from the room pretty soon, since Justin would surely be back
within thirty minutes.

"Hurry up!" Kelly told Nikki and AJ silently as she watched AJ suckle against
Nikki's breast.

Chapter 96

EJay looked down at Jim laying naked on the lounge chair and knelt between
his spread legs. He picked up Jim's thighs and pushed them up into the air.

"What are you going to do?" Jim asked, nervousness tingeing his voice.

"I'm going to lick your ass, honey," EJay replied with a twinkle in his eye. "You'll love
it, I promise."

"Ok," Jim nodded and relaxed on the chair. Jim watched EJay move his face
lower and quivered when he felt EJay's tongue touch his sensitive anus.

"Oh! That feels good!" Jim said in amazement. He shivered in pleasure at the
touch of the tongue licking steadily on his asshole.

"Mmmmm," EJay murmured as his tongue lapped on Jim's anus. He moved his
tongue along the hard ridge of flesh connecting Jim's scrotum to his ass and
heard Jim cry out with pleasure.

"Oh God! Ahhhhh," Jim moaned and tossed his head against the chair as his
belly quivered with the pleasurable sensations flooding his body.

"You taste so good...," EJay said low in his throat. His tongue lapped on
Jim's anus and darted along the ridge of flesh connecting his scrotum to his
asshole. He lowered Jim's legs and began licking the younger man's scrotum.

Jim quivered and closed his eyes, giving into the wonderful sensations
coursing through his body. His mind focused on EJay's darting tongue and
sucking mouth. He moaned and trembled on the chair as EJay licked his
balls, then sucking on them, then moved back to licking his anus, and
finally started licking and sucking the head of his shaft.

"Ahhhhh," Jim cried out as EJay sucked half the length of his shaft into his

"Mmmmm," EJay murmured as he pulled Jim's hardness in and out of his mouth,
sucking and licking along it's length and tip. He removed his mouth from
Jim's shaft and said, "Are you ready for me now, honey?"

Jim groaned and nodded, keeping his eyes closed as he quivered and trembled
on the lounge chair.

Pulling Jim's legs up in the air, EJay rested them on his shoulders, making
the younger man's anus more accessible.

EJay guided his thick ebony member up to the entrance of Jim's shaft, and
paused, looking into Jim's flushed and lightly sweating face.

"I love you, man," EJay said, then thrust his hips forward, sending his
condom covered shaft deep into Jim's anus.

"Oh!" Jim cried out in pain and opened his eyes wide. "It hurts!"

"It always hurts a little at first," EJay said as he bent forward, closer
to Jim. His hips pumped slowly at first, then more quickly as his desire

EJay pulled and stroked Jim's erection as he pumped his hips, slapping up
against Jim's buttocks and sending little slap slap slap sounds into the air.

Jim closed his eyes and bit his lip, quivering against the chair as pulses of
half-pain and half-pleasure surged through his body.

EJay moved his hips faster, pounding harder against Jim's buttocks as his
climax neared.

"Ahhhhh" Jim cried out as his climax crashed over him. His legs pressed
hard against EJay's shoulders as his back arched on the chair. Jim moaned
and thrashed , tensing his buttocks as pulses of pleasure traveled like
lightening through his body. He tossed his head and gasped aloud as his
loins tightened, pumping his essence out his shaft and splattering white
glistening drops onto his stomach and chest.

"Uhhhh," EJay grunted as his release washed over him. His buttocks clenched
and his back arched, burying his shaft deeper inside Jim as his essence shot
out of his member. He pumped his hips a few more times, then removed Jim's
legs from his shoulders and collapsed forward on top of the younger man.

Jim held onto EJay as they lay there, both of them breathing heavily and
recovering from their love making.

After a few moments, Jim asked in a disbelieving voice, "Did you really mean
it? That you love me?"

EJay breathed a big sigh and moved off of Jim, then stood up. He removed the
condom covering his softening member and tossed it to the floor with a flick
of his wrist. Looking down at Jim, EJay studied the naked man laying flushed
and with a light sheen of sweat covering his body. Jim gazed up at EJay,
waiting for his response and wondering why it was taking him so long to

As EJay thought over how he felt, he smiled and realized that when he told
Jim he loved him, he really did mean it. Sometimes he said things or made
promises during the heat of passion that he later regretted. This time, he
knew in his heart that his love for Jim was real. Nodding to himself, he
looked deeply into Jim's eyes and replied, "Yes, Jim. I do love you."

Jim sat up on the chair and looked into EJay's eyes, the shock clear on his
face. "You do? You really love me?"

"Is it that hard to believe?" EJay asked and chuckled low in his throat. He
gathered up his clothes and began dressing as he explained to the startled
younger man.

"You're a very sweet person, Jim. You're kind and honest. You have a
natural goodness in your heart ," EJay concluded as he pulled on his pants.

Jim listened to EJay and his heart warmed at his kind words. When EJay
finished dressing, he went over and sat next to Jim, then smiled and said,
"You better get dressed, or did you plan on doing a Richard Hatch and start
walking around naked?"

"I wish!" Jim said and laughed. "I would love to be able to walk around here

"Really?" EJay asked in surprise. "Well can start now!"

Before Jim knew what was happening, EJay had gathered up all his clothes and
sped outside of the pool house giggling.

"Wait!" Jim called out and ran after him. When he got to the door of the
pool house he stopped and looked outside. The pool lights were off and the
only illumination was from the stars shining dimly above.

"I guess I'll risk it," Jim said and began walking toward the Mansion. "That
EJay! I'll get him," Jim muttered to himself as he walked with stiff legs
and quick steps toward the entrance to the house.

When he got to the sliding glass door, he went to open it and cursed when
he found it locked. EJay stood on the other side of the door and held his
clothes up, taunting him and giggling hysterically.

"Come on EJay!" Jim whispered and knocked softly on the glass door. He
didn't want anyone to come downstairs and see him standing outside naked.
As he tapped on the glass again, he glanced at his watch and noticed it was
almost ten o'clock.

"Damn! Ryan said she was going to meet me down here at ten!" Jim thought and
looked over EJay's shoulder. His brows went up in surprise when he noticed
Ryan enter the room behind EJay.

Chapter 97

Justin got back in his car and slammed the door. He put the paper bag in
the seat next to him, then started the car and drove out of the supermarket
parking lot, heading for home.

"Tonight's the's going to be alright..." Justin sang, blending
his smooth voice with the throaty tones of Rod Stewart on the radio. He
sang loudly, ignoring the smiles and amused glances from passing motorists.

When the song ended, he glanced at the bag next to him and smiled, thinking
of what it contained. There was a box of condoms, a dozen roses, a small
bottle of tequila, a few limes, a can of whipped cream and some massage oil-
all that he needed to assure a successful night of passion.

Justin's heart was near bursting with happiness. Tonight he would finally
be able to show Kelly how much he loved her.

"I've got to do it right for her. Everything has to be perfect for her first
time," Justin thought, feeling a little nervous as the moment approached. He
turned off the freeway and was now only minutes from home.

* * *

Kelly peeked out of the closet door and frowned impatiently at Nikki and AJ.
Growing stiff from sitting in the same place for too long, she stretched her
arms above her head and flexed the muscles in her neck and back.

"If I don't get out of here soon, Justin will come looking for me. What if
he can't find me?!?" Kelly thought, then looked out again at Nikki and AJ on
the bed.

Nikki hummed softly as she held AJ's head in her lap. She glanced down at
his still face and smiled at the sleeping young man. Still humming a soft
tune, Nikki gently lowered AJ's head to the pillow, then got off the bed and
stood up. She looked toward the closet door and whispered, "You can come
out now Kelly."

Kelly's head whipped around at Nikki's words. "Did she just say my name?"
She asked herself.

Nikki looked at the crack in the closet door and whispered again, "He's
asleep. You can come out now."

Kelly froze, unable to move. She was mortified at having been caught
watching the two of them have sex.

"I know you're in there," Nikki whispered, then walked a few steps closer to
the closet. "You might as well come out now. I don't know how long AJ will
stay asleep."

Kelly stood up, then slowly opened the closet door. She hesitated a few
moments before walking out of the closet. Keeping her eyes lowered, Kelly
said quickly, "I'm so sorry Nikki! I was looking for something in the
closet...then you two walked in and..." Kelly's face flushed when she
recalled everything she had seen Nikki and AJ do.

"Don't worry about it," Nikki replied softly, then shrugged her shoulders
indifferently as she walked closer to Kelly.

Nikki was completely unselfconscious about her nudity and continued talking
quietly to Kelly's averted face.

"Look at me Kelly," Nikki whispered. When Kelly didn't, Nikki pulled Kelly's
chin around to face her. "I knew you were in the closet from the moment I
walked into the room. I saw that you were gone from your bed on the way
here, and then noticed the closet was partly open- which it never is."

Kelly's eyes grew wide in surprise and she stammered, "Then why...why didn't
you say anything!"

Nikki laughed softly and said, "I knew you were curious about how to have
sex, and wanted you to see how it was done. Aren't you and Justin going to
have sex tonight?"

Kelly nodded and tried to keep her eyes focused on Nikki's face, but against
her will they lowered to stare at her friends naked body.

Nikki noticed Kelly observing her and said, "Go ahead and look Kelly. Don't
be ashamed...I'm not."

"You don't feel shy to walk around naked?" Kelly asked a little shocked, then
gave in and openly stared at Nikki's naked body.

"Being a stripper sort of cures you of all inhibitions," Nikki replied with a

"You were a stripper?" Kelly asked, surprise clear on her face. She glanced
from Nikki's face, down her body, then up to her face. The longer Nikki
stood naked in front of her, the less shocking it seemed to become. "I guess
you can get used to anything if you're exposed to it long enough," Kelly
observed as she looked into Nikki's face now, more than at her naked body.

"I stripped only for a few months and that was about two years ago," Nikki
told her. "You better get going. All this talking might wake up AJ."

"Ok," Kelly agreed. She started toward the door, then turned and whispered,
"Thanks for not being angry Nikki...and about that book you were telling AJ

Nikki replied, "Book? Oh, yes. The history of the Mansion. What about

Kelly kept her voice low and asked, "Do you think all the people that lived
here really had something happen to them...sexually?"

"Well, I was just telling about what I read in the book. Maybe you should
take a look at it. After reading half of that book, it kind of made me feel
a little creeped out, to tell you the truth."

Kelly stared at Nikki, fear growing in the pit of her stomach. After a
moment she said, "I'll take a look at the book later. I better go take a
shower now before Justin gets home. Thanks Nikki...for everything!" Kelly
smiled and gave a quick wave, then headed toward the bathroom.

As Kelly stepped into the shower, she thought over all the sexual situations
she had experienced in the last two days. "I wonder if what Nikki said about
that book is true. Is the Mansion effecting all of our sexual behavior?"

Chapter 98

EJay laughed and ignored Jim's frantic gestures to look behind him. "If you
want your clothes back, you'll have to suck my cock again," He told Jim, not
realizing Ryan was standing close behind him. "...and, you'll have to lick
my ass too!"

Jim lowered his head defeated, then slapped his hand to his face. EJay
frowned and asked, "What's wrong Jim?"

"I'll tell you what's wrong asshole!!" Ryan screamed at EJay's back.

"What?!?" EJay yelled, jumping in surprise. He turned to face Ryan and
whispered, "Oh, shit."

Ryan stared from EJay's shocked face to Jim's averted one, then back to EJay.
With a look of complete betrayal and tears pouring down her face she said,
"How could you? How could you!" She brought her hand around and slapped
EJay hard across the face, then ran from the room.

Jim pounded on the glass, uncaring who heard him now. "Let me in, EJay!"

"Ok. Ok," EJay agreed, rubbing his stinging cheek as he unlocked the sliding
glass door.

Jim threw open the door and ran inside. He grabbed his clothes, hurriedly
pulling them on as he blasted EJay, "Why did you do that?! Didn't you see me
pointing behind you?!?"

"I thought you were trying to fool me, man! I'm sorry!" EJay said, shaking
his head at the situation.

Jim finished dressing, then heaved a huge sigh of regret. He closed his eyes
and hung his head sadly as he replied, "I had to tell her sometime, but why
did she have to hear about it like this?" He wiped a tear from the corner of
his eye and looked at EJay. In a voice choked with emotion, Jim said, "How
can she understand that I still love her...but not the way a man should love
a woman? How can I tell her that being with a man completes a part of me
that I never knew could be fulfilled? How EJay? How?"

EJay pulled Jim into a hug and held him as he cried against his chest and
said, "Shhh, don't cry Jim. Maybe I should talk to her."

"You?" Jim asked, then sniffed and wiped the tears from his face. "Why would
she talk to you and not me?"

"I've had this sort of thing happen before. A few times when I was with
someone, the girlfriend walked in on us," EJay explained. He shrugged and
added, "The girlfriend is always willing to talk to me instead of the
boyfriend. I don't know why."

Sniffing again and clearing his throat, Jim replied, "Ok. But will you tell
her I still love her? That she's still my best friend and I never meant to
hurt her?"

EJay tenderly caressed Jim's face and said, "Sure, man. I'll tell her all
that. Don't worry about it. Everything will work out in the end. She had
to find out sooner or later."

Nodding his head, Jim said with sad eyes, "Yes, but did it have to be this

"Why don't you go get some rest, honey. I'll talk to Ryan and come see you
when I'm done, ok?"

Jim's shoulders sagged and he replied , "I am tired. Will you promise to
come see me after you talk to her?"

"Sure man! I'll come tuck you into bed, bitchie-poo," EJay said, then
chucked Jim under the chin, trying to cheer him up.

Jim walked with EJay up the stairs. When they reached Jim's room, EJay
hugged and kissed him before going in search of Ryan.

"I have to make her understand," EJay told himself as he reached Ryan's
bedroom and heard the sound of crying coming from within. "Jim needs to be
himself and is happy now...with me, not her!"

Chapter 99

Justin walked toward the front door of the Mansion carrying the grocery bag
and noticed someone standing outside. "I wonder who that could be," he
thought as he squinted in the darkness, trying to make out who it was.

"It looks like someone in a's a woman And she doesn't have a top
on!" Justin told himself, noticing the woman's naked breasts reflecting in
the moonlight and her long hair falling to her shoulders.

He hurried toward the house and the woman, then glanced back at his car to
see if there was anyone else around. When he turned back to the house, the
woman was gone.

"Where did she go?!?" Justin said aloud, looking around in confusion. He
went up to the front door and looked around again, frowning at the strangers
disappearance. "Maybe she went inside," He thought, then tried the door- but
it was locked.

"I would have seen the light from inside if she opened the door and went where did she go?!?" Justin asked himself, now feeling a little
frightened to be standing outside, alone in the dark. He quickly got his
keys out and unlocked the door, then hurried inside.

"Maybe I just imagined seeing someone there," He told himself, but not really
believing it. Shrugging off the strange feeling in his gut, he told himself
it was his nerves playing tricks on him.

Placing the bag on the kitchen counter, Justin hummed a tune as he got out a
knife and sliced the limes into wedges. He tossed them back in the bag, then
rubbed his hands together thinking about all that he had planned for Kelly.

His stomach was now full of butterflies at the thought of finally
consummating his love with Kelly. "God, let me do it right for her," Justin
prayed silently as he grabbed the paper bag and headed up the stairs at a

"I'll take a quick shower, then go find Kelly," Justin told himself as he
dropped the bag of goodies onto his bed and headed into the bathroom.

* * *

EJay knocked on Ryan's door and heard a shaky voice call out, "Who is it?"

"It's me, EJay," He replied, hoping she wouldn't turn him away. He heard
movement inside, then the door opened and Ryan's tear streaked face looked
out at him.

"What do you want? You want to rub my face some more in the fact that you
and Jim had sex? Is that what you want?!?" Ryan said, her shoulders shaking
with her sobs. Tamyra came up behind Ryan and said while staring daggers at
EJay, "Get out! Can't you see what you've done to her?"

"Please!" EJay begged and looked at Ryan and Tamyra with a drawn, morose
face. "Let me talk to Ryan for a few minutes."

Ryan noticed EJay looked as upset as she felt, and somehow didn't feel as
betrayed by him as she felt toward Jim.

"No!" Tamyra yelled angrily and flung her arm to point down the hall. "Go
back to your lover, you bitch!"

Shaking her head, Ryan said, "It's ok, Tam. I'll talk to him."

"Are you sure Ryan?" Tamyra asked while frowning at EJay.

"Yes, let me talk to him alone. I want to hear what he has to say," Ryan
said, trying to understand how the one man she loved more than any other
could betray her so thoroughly.

Tamyra gave EJay a withering glance as she stepped by him into the hall.
Sighing with relief, EJay walked into the bedroom and closed the door. He
turned to face Ryan's despairing face and thought, "I have to make her
understand. Jim needs to live his life without hiding from himself anymore."

"Please sit down," EJay told Ryan. When she sat down on the edge of the bed
and looked at him expectantly, he heaved a huge sigh and shook his head,
trying to think of where to begin.

Glancing at the sadness in Ryan's eyes, EJay tried to think of what to say.
He paced a few times, then stopped and looked at Ryan and said, "Jim wanted
me to tell you something. Maybe if I tell you what he said, you'll

Ryan wiped her face, clearing some of the tears away and asked, "Why would
Jim be with you if he loved me? He is the only man I ever...really...
loved..." Her voice cracked and she covered her face with her hands, sobbing
with the pain of her broken heart.

Chapter 100

Kelly sat on her bed and thumbed through the book in her lap. She glanced
at the pictures, reading the captions and wondering at the history of the
Mansion. The further she got into the book, the older the history became.
When she got near the end of the book, she stopped and stared in shock at
the photo of a man and woman. The couple were American Indian and stood
side-by-side, in the stiff pose that was so often seen in very old
photographs. The unsmiling faces and flinty eyes seemed to stare from the
grainy photo into her very soul. Her scalp prickled and she shivered,
feeling goose-bumps stir over her body.

"The woman looks kind of like me," Kelly said softly. She studied the man
standing beside the woman and noticed the resemblance to Justin in his eyes
and stance. The caption underneath the photo read: "The last couple to
undergo the fertility ceremony on June 21st, 1830."

"June 21st. That's today's date! How strange...," Kelly murmured, then
leaned back against the headboard, thinking about the coincidence. She
lowered her eyes and rested, waiting for Justin to get home.

Her heart beat quickly, knowing she was soon going to loose her virginity.
The throbbing in her chest seemed to echo in her ears, growing louder and
louder. Soon, she could hear her heart beat clearly, almost like the sound
of a drum. The drum beat in a rhythmic pattern that differed from the true
beat of her heart.

"Does someone have their stereo turned up full blast, or what?" Kelly
wondered, opening her eyes. She gasped in surprise at what she saw before

Kelly stood in the moonlight, surrounded by a circle of dancing Indians.
She stared in surprise and fear at the faces around her. The Indians moved
and shifted in the circle around her, chanting and dancing to the sound of
the drums. Looking down at herself, she wasn't surprised that all she wore
was a small leather skirt down to her knees, leaving her breasts bare.

"Hieee. Hieee, Hayaya. Hai!" The Indians called out together as they
shuffled their feet, dancing around the circle. Almost as one, the Indians
stopped chanting and grew still. The drum quieted and all the Indians looked
toward the rising moon.

She looked in that direction and gasped in surprise at who she saw striding
purposefully toward her. "It's the Indian that has Justin's eyes!" She said

The circle parted, letting the tall, lean Indian brave walk inside. She
stared in wonder at the beauty of the man coming toward her. The muscles
on his arms and chest rippled and moved under his gleaming skin in the
moonlight. The long plaits of his hair glistened against his tanned skin.
When the warrior arrived in the center of the circle, he stood in front of
her and waited.

Kelly stared in awe at the man's strength. She felt the physical attraction
to him that seemed to draw her eye to every inch of his body. Glancing down,
she couldn't help but notice the rather large bulge under his loincloth. Her
face grew hot and her skin felt on fire. Her body craved this man and her
breath came in quick gasps of longing. The raw masculinity of his presence
made her tremble with both fear and desire.

She jumped in surprise when he tilted his head back and screamed out a
challenge, "Haaaayiyiyiyi!" After releasing his cry into the still night
air, he waited, looking around expectantly.

Suddenly, her warrior turned to look behind her, flexing his muscles in
readiness. Another Indian brave answered the challenge with a cry of his own
and stormed into the circle. Kelly moved back against the line of Indians
and watched as the two Indian braves began battling for her.

Her warrior cried out and yipped in glee, then ran toward the smaller brave
who dared to confront him. The men grasped arms and pulled and pushed at
each other. The first man to be shoved out of the circle would loose the
right to claim her virginity.

Both men put up a great fight, but ultimately her warrior was much stronger
and shoved the younger man out of the circle. The Indians called out in
triumph and the drum beat again loudly as they danced and chanted with

With his chest heaving, her warrior approached and took Kelly's hand in his.
Pulling her gently, he guided her into the center of the circle where a
buckskin blanket awaited.

Kelly looked around with wide eyes, not sure what she was supposed to do.
She knew somehow that she was to make love with this handsome man, but didn't
know what the next step in the ceremony was.

"This must be a dream," Kelly thought and smiled happily when the realization
hit her. The warrior returned her smile, then reached down and pulled off
her skirt.

"Oh!" Kelly said in surprise, feeling ashamed to be completely naked in front
of the surrounding Indians. The smoke from the fire and the light from the
dim stars overhead seemed too real, making her doubt that it was a dream.
When she covered her nakedness with her hands, stepping away from him, the
warrior growled low in his throat and pulled her hard against him.

He said something in a strange language, but she somehow understood him,
"Kealia, we have put off being together until this moment, knowing it would
benefit the harvest to share our bodies." He looked at her and frowned
angrily. "Do you desire another man now?"

Her mouth opened in shock and she stared at him, knowing there was no other
man she desired or wanted more. Trembling with nervousness, Kelly slowly
lowered her arms to her sides and smiled shyly up into the warriors face.

He smiled and knelt on the buckskin blanket, eagerly pulling her down next
to him. "Kaelia, my woman." He murmured softly, then pushed her down onto
the blanket. His hands began to roam over her body, making her shiver and
sigh with pleasure. The dancing of the Indians grew more frenzied as she
began crying out with pleasure at his touch.

"Mmmm...Ohhhh!" She cried as his fingers probed between her legs and began
rubbing her node of desire. The Indians began thrusting their hips toward
the circle, dancing more erotically. A few of the men pushed their buckskin
loincloths aside, revealing their prominent erections. Soon nearly all of
the men were thrusting their hips toward the center of the circle as they
stroked and pulled on their erections. Kelly watched the surrounding men
rubbing and yanking on their hard shafts and felt her climax near. The
steady movement of the fingers on her clit made her cry and moan with

A loud drumbeat began as her warrior moved to kneel between her legs. He
moved his loincloth aside, revealing his hardness to her eyes. "It's just
as large as Justin's," Kelly observed in a detached part of her mind as her
body tingled and shivered with desire.

When the Moon was directly overhead, her warrior positioned the head of his
shaft at her opening and waited. A loud drumbeat signaled and he thrust his
hips, sending his shaft penetrating deeply inside her.

"Ahhhh!" Kelly cried out at the pain of his entrance. She tossed her head
against the soft buckskin blanket and moaned low in her throat.

A slow drumbeat began, and the warrior moved his hips to the rhythmic beat.
Kelly bit her lip, groaning partly in pleasure and partly in pain. The
drumbeat grew quicker and the warrior's hips matched it's steady beat.
After many minutes of the slow thrust of his hips, the increasing movement
sent Kelly near climax again.

"Ahhhh!" She called out, glancing from the warrior hovering above her to the
men in the circle, thrusting their hips and rubbing their erections.

The warriors hips were now pounding against her in a furious pace as the drum
beat in a quick tempo. The steady pressure of his hardness sliding inside
her and the site of the men thrusting and rubbing their erections sent her
climax crashing over her.

"AAHHHHH!" She screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her body.
Electric pulses shot up her body from the hardness thrusting inside her and
out her limbs, making her tremble and quake with pleasure. Her back arched
and she quivered and moaned with her release.

"Hiiieeeeee!" The Indians screamed out their happiness and the warrior
grunted, knowing he could now release his seed. A few strokes more and he
shivered and groaned with his own climax. He arched his back hard, clenching
his buttocks as his loins tightened, sending his essence pumping deep inside

The Indian men surrounding Kelly groaned and grunted as they began to release
their essence. Liquid spurt out like rain, landing inside the circle and
leaving white glistening droplets sprinkled on the hard packed dirt. The
people smiled with happiness, knowing that the woman had received pleasure,
ensuring a good harvest.

The warrior looked down into her eyes and said, "My woman... Kealia."

Kelly smiled and pulled his face down to hers, kissing him. His eyes went
wide in surprise. He touched his lips wonderingly and asked, "What is this,

She looked at him and said, "You know my name!"

"Of course I do. Kelly? Kelly!"

Kelly blinked and looked at Justin bending over her. "I think you were
asleep, Kelly."

Kelly shook her head and blinked several times, trying to wake up. "What a
strange dream!"

"It must have been! I had to shake your shoulder for five minutes to wake
you up!" Justin said with a laugh. He sat next to her on the bed and
glanced down at the open book. "What's this, anyway?"

Kelly tried to focus on the dream, but it was starting to drift away from
her. She wanted to remember it, to keep the memory of the warrior that
fought for her. It was more real than any dream she had ever experienced

Shaking her head to clear it, she looked at the book in Justin's hand and
said, "That's the history of this house. I was reading through it and I must
have fallen asleep. She pointed at the picture in the book and said, "See
this photo? The woman looks like me!"

Justin looked at the old photograph she pointed to and gasped in surprise
thinking, "That's the woman I saw outside the door a few minutes ago!" He
felt the small curls on the nape of his neck stir.

"Are you ok?" Kelly said concerned. "You look as white as a ghost!"

Staring down at the picture in the book, Justin said quietly, "I think...I

"What?" Kelly asked, looking from the photo, up into Justin's fearful face.

He smiled and shrugged. "Oh, nothing. It was nothing." Picking up the paper
bag, he said a little timidly, "Uh...Kelly? Are you ready for tonight?"

She smiled up into his uncertain face and replied, "Justin, I'm more ready
than you know!"

He returned her smile and said, "I have everything setup in an extra bedroom
upstairs. You want to go now?"

"Sure, honey," Kelly replied. She took his hand and they walked together up
the stairs to the room.

"I haven't been up to this wing of the Mansion yet," Kelly observed as he
led her to the bedroom. When she walked into the room, she cried out in
delighted surprise.

"Is this room alright, baby?" Justin asked, hoping he had picked a romantic
enough room for her first time.

"It's...perfect!" Kelly said in awe as she walked into the round candlelit
room, with a bed at it's center.


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