American Idol: Alone In The Mansion (MF,M+mast,inter,voy,celeb)
by Freeky Geek ([email protected])

Chapter 101

Ryan's shoulders shook as she cried and sobbed out her anguish and heartache.

"Please don't cry, Ryan!" EJay begged, lifting his hands futilely as he tried
to think of something to say.

"Every man I've ever loved...has left me," She said, her voice hoarse with

EJay ached to hold and comfort her, but he didn't think she wanted to be
hugged by him, a man who had recently been in bed with her boyfriend. When
he saw her tremble and shake with her sobs, he couldn't hold back anymore
and knelt at her feet, pulling her against him.

At first, Ryan fought against him, not wanting to be held by the man who had
stolen Jim from her. But the warmth and strength of his arms dispelled her
objections and she grabbed onto him, holding him tightly as she cried out her

"Shhhh, please don't cry. Shhhh," EJay murmured as Ryan shook and cried in
his arms. Tears began leaking from his eyes in sympathy as he held and
comforted the crying woman.

"Please God, let me make her understand," EJay prayed as he patted and held
Ryan against him. "She's such a little woman," He observed as his hand
caressed and pet her bare midriff below her skimpy top.

The touch of EJay's warm hands on her naked back made Ryan more aware of how
large and strong he was. Slowly, almost against her will, her hands began to
move along his back, touching and feeling the muscles of his upper back and

EJay felt the change almost immediately. Ryan touched and rubbed his back,
then started kissing and nuzzling his neck.

"Ryan...I...," EJay began, but Ryan stopped him, pressing her full lips to

She kissed EJay passionately, pouring out all her loneliness in a desperate
attempt to forget her loss.

EJay reluctantly returned her kiss, moving his tongue against hers and
letting her touch and caress the growing bulge in his pants. When she broke
the kiss and looked into his eyes, he tried again to tell her, "Ryan...I'm

"Please!" Ryan said, her eyes pleading and still wet with tears.

EJay saw the naked hunger and need in Ryan's eyes and couldn't deny her.

Heaving a sigh of acceptance, he shrugged and gave in to Ryan's desire.

"I guess it won't kill me to be with a woman again," He thought as she
quickly unzipped his pants, letting his erection free. "Maybe it'll help
her forget Jim," He thought as she pushed him down on the bed and moved to
straddle his hips.

Ryan knew EJay was gay, but needed someone to hold her. She wanted a man to
touch and caress her. EJay was here now, and she needed him desperately. If
Justin, AJ or RJ were here instead, she would have been just as willing to
sleep with either of them as well. "Hell, even if slimy Simon were in this
room, he wouldn't be safe!" Ryan thought as she peeled her top off and
thrust a nipple between EJay's lips.

Lifting her miniskirt up, Ryan pulled her panties aside and prepared to mount

"Wait!" He called out, making her freeze in mid-thrust. She looked at him
questioningly as he fumbled a condom out of his front pocket and shoved it at

"Put this on me first, darling. We don't want any little EJay's running
around in nine months now, do we?"

Ryan laughed as she tore the condom wrapper open and unrolled it onto his
thick shaft. She noticed how large and thick he was compared to Jim and
knew he would give her pleasure. When EJay's erection was safely covered,
she lifted her hips and prepared to slide his thickness into her.

"Ryan...I haven't been with a woman in over five years," EJay said, knowing
it probably didn't matter to Ryan in her aroused state.

"I don't care...just be with me...touch me!" She demanded, moving his hands
to her breasts.

He pressed and rubbed her nipples as she positioned herself over his upward
pointing member. With a quick thrust, she sat on him, impaling herself on
his hardness.

Moving her hips, she pumped them against his, gliding his thickness in her
in a slow rhythmic pace. Ryan closed her eyes and tilted her head back,
feeling her body come alive again. She moaned with desire, feeling pulses
and quivers of pleasure deep inside where his hardness touched her.

EJay moved his hips against hers, matching her thrusts with his hips and
surprised at how much pleasure he was getting from her. "I didn't think a
woman could still turn me on," He pondered as she began moving her hips
faster against him.

Ryan quickened her pace making his hardness pulse and throb as she pumped
her hips faster and harder against him.

She grabbed one of his hands from her breast and shoved it between her legs,
guiding his fingers against her swollen node of desire. He took over and
continued pressing and kneading her clit as she bucked and rode him like a

"Mmmm....Ohhhh!" She cried out with pleasure as her climax approached. The
steady movement of EJay's fingers, combined with his hardness gliding inside
her sent her crashing over the edge.

Arching her back hard, she tilted her head back and screamed in ecstasy,
"AHHHH!!" Great pulses of pleasure shot up her body from deep inside when
EJay's throbbing hardness pressed. She shuddered with pleasure and collapsed
forward, resting on EJay's broad chest.

EJay held her to him, then shifted on the bed, pushing Ryan down on her back.
He pumped his hips, guiding his shaft inside her as his release neared.

Ryan wrapped her long legs around his waist and tilted her head back as
another wave of pleasure crashed over her.

"Uhhh...," EJay grunted and bit his lip. His face clenched as his release
washed through him. He arched his back, pressing the length of his shaft
deep inside Ryan as his loins tightened. Groaning with pleasure, he
shuddered against her as his essence pumped out in steady pulses. "Oh God!"
EJay moaned, pressing his face to her neck as electric pulses of pleasure
shot up his body, making him quiver and tremble with his release.

Ryan tightened her legs against his hips, then wrapped her arms around his
back, holding him to her as they trembled and gasped with their shared

Chapter 102

The minute Kelly left the room, AJ opened his eyes and got off the bed. He
began hurriedly pulling on his clothes as Nikki stared at him suspiciously.

"You heard everything we just said, didn't you?" She asked as she sauntered
over to him, swinging her hips wantonly, trying to entice him to look.

AJ ignored her obvious attempts to distract him and yanked up his pants,
zipping them as he replied, "I'm going to talk to Kelly. I need to tell her

"I'm not going to let you ruin Kelly's night with Justin!" Nikki said angrily
and walked over to stand in front of the door, barring it with her naked

"Nikki, please! I have to tell her something before it's too late!" He
replied, walking toward her while looking around for another way out of the

"You aren't going anyway, young man," Nikki said, crossing her arms over her
breasts and squaring her shoulders. She was determined not to let him get by
her, no matter how hard he may try.

"Don't make me force you...," AJ said, lifting his hands toward her.

"Touch me, and you'll regret it," Nikki warned, getting ready to knee him in
the crotch if necessary.

AJ sighed and lowered his shoulders defeated. He wasn't a fighter and was
hoping Nikki wouldn't call his bluff. Dejected, he went over and sat warily
down on the bed.

"Come on, sugar! We can still have fun tonight," Nikki said as she walked
over to the sulking young man. She sat next to him and pulled his hand up
to fondle her breast, hoping he would take the bait. When he squeezed her
nipple, she moaned and said, "That's it, darlin'. Rub it good, like that."

AJ smiled deviously and pushed her back on the bed. He began kissing her
neck, nuzzling it as she moaned with pleasure. When his mouth reached her
breasts, she sighed happily and said, "Ahhhh. Isn't that better than
talking to Kelly?"

"Mmmm," He replied as his mouth sucked and licked her nipples. When he moved
his face between her legs, she stretched them wide eagerly, waiting for his
questing tongue.

"That's it...that's it!" She cried as his tongue found her throbbing clit and
began working it steadily with his tongue.

"Oh God! You're so good now, AJ! Soooo goooood," She moaned as his tongue
worked faster and harder against her swollen desire. When he began sucking
and nibbling it, she pumped her hips against his mouth, tossing her head and
crying out with pleasure.

"Mmmmm," AJ sighed as his mouth worked steadily between her legs. "A little
more and she won't stop me so easily," He thought, getting ready to bolt from
the room.

When Nikki cried out with her climax, tossing her head and arching her back
against the bed, AJ ran to the door.

He was out of the room and running down the hall before Nikki realized what
had happened.

"What?" Nikki asked, blinking rapidly, still groggy from her pleasure.

"Damn it!" She screamed when she saw the wide open door and noticed AJ had

Chapter 103

Kelly stepped into the room and Justin walked in slowly after her, letting
her absorb the impact of the room alone. She stared at the walls and
noticed the four large windows following the curvature of the room. The
curtains were thrown aside, letting in the distance lights from the valley
below. When she got to the bed, she noticed the satin sheets glimmered
with a silvery glow. Looking around for the source of light, then looked
up and smiled, noticing the round skylight overhead. The starlight
twinkled through the round glass directly over the bed, letting in a
shimmering silver glow and giving the room an otherworldly feel.

"Do you like it, baby?" Justin asked as he walked toward her, looking around
at the beautifully designed room.

"I love it!" Kelly said, then clapped her hands happily as she turned to
Justin. She held her arms out and he stepped into them, holding her tightly
to his hard, lean body. His strong arms pulled her closer and closer and she
sighed with contentment as he seemed to cradle her in his embrace.

Justin's hands roamed her back, then moved lower and began massaging and
kneading her full backside.

"Mmmmm," Kelly moaned, pressing her face to his chest and breathing in his
wonderful scent. "I love it when you touch my ass," She said, quivering with
her growing desire.

"I love touching it," Justin said, then giggled and pinched her once with his
large fingers.

"Oh!" She yelped, pushing him back and shaking a finger in his face.
"Anything you do to me, expect to get in return, young man!"

Laughing at her admonishing tone, Justin replied with twinkling eyes, "You

Kelly shook her head and laughed. "I should have known...I can't tease a man
that's done it all already!"

At her words, Justin ducked his head and said under his breath, "I haven't
done it all."

"What?" Kelly asked. She stepped closer and looked up into his down turned
face and said, "What did you say sweetie?"

Justin turned his eyes aside, looking anywhere but at her questioning gaze
and mumbled, "...haven't done it all..."

"Did you say you haven't done it all?" Kelly asked confused, then said, "What
do you mean, 'I haven't done it all', Justin?"

Heaving a big sigh, Justin lifted his head and stared into her inquiring eyes
and said, "Kelly, I've been wanting to tell you something for the last two

"Yes?" She asked, worry now replacing confusion on her face.

"I wanted to tell you last night in the pool...when you told me about being
a virgin...," Justin explained, his voice trailing off as he looked away from
the worry reflected on her face.

"What is it, honey?" Kelly said, touching his arm in encouragement.

He placed his hand over hers and said in a voice barely above a whisper,
"Kelly...I've never...."

They both jumped at the sound of loud knocking coming from the bedroom door.

"Who could that be?" Kelly asked, looking at Justin. He shook his head in
bewilderment and replied, "I didn't think anyone knew we were here."

Glad for the temporary reprieve from telling Kelly the truth, Justin walked
quickly to the door and unlocked it. He pulled it open and stepped back in
surprise at who came barging into the room.

Chapter 104

AJ ran down the stairs and stopped when he reached the living room. He
gasped for breath and tried to think of where Kelly might be. Knowing she
was probably with Justin somewhere private, he tried to think of where to
begin his search.

"I'll start looking downstairs first and work my way up floor by floor," He
reasoned, deciding to check the pool area first.

* * *

"What do you want?" Justin said irritably as Tamyra burst into the room. She
ignored him and went up to Kelly and said, "I wanted to give you something."

Kelly noticed the frantic look on Tamyra's face and wondered what it could
be. Thrusting her hand forward, Tamyra offered several small packets to

"Huh?" Kelly asked confused, looking down at the condoms laying in Tamyra
open hand.

"Take them Kelly...please!" Tamyra urged and grabbed Kelly's hand, forcing
the condoms at her.

Kelly sighed and rolled her eyes. With a small laugh, she replied, "Oh...
thanks Tam. Really, you didn't have to..."

"Yes I did!" Tamyra said adamantly, then glanced angrily in Justin's
direction as she added, "I don't want anything bad happening to you."

"Well...thank you Tam," Kelly said, not knowing what else to say as she
accepted the condoms.

Justin stood back and frowned at the exchange, but decided to stay out of it.
He knew Tamyra disliked him and he didn't want to get in an argument and risk
ruining his and Kelly's night of love.

Tamyra smiled at Kelly and said, "Have a good time, now!" She started out the
door and smirked at Justin's frowning face before leaving the room.

Shaking his head, Justin stared at the empty door where Tamyra exited and
blinked, trying to figure out what just happened. He lowered his brows
suspiciously and after closing and locking the door, went to Kelly and said,
"Let me take a look at those."

"Sure honey," Kelly replied, handing the small packets to Justin.

"Something's not right," Justin said when he took the condoms and held one of
them up to his eye. "Just as I thought!" He said, his suspicions justified.

"What?" Kelly asked, confused again. "She's only trying to help, Justin.
Tam's my friend now and is only trying to look out for me."

Justin glanced at Kelly and pressed his lips together angrily, then said,
"Come with me. I want to show you something."

Kelly nodded, then followed Justin over to the nearest candle. Holding one
of the condoms up to the flame, he said, "Take a look in the center of the
wrapper. Do you see anything?" Justin watched as Kelly bent her head to
look and waited for her response.

Kelly squinted her eyes and gasped in surprise when she saw a small pin-prick
of light shine through the center of the small packet. "What's that?" She
asked as she stood up and looked at Justin questioningly.

" Tamyra's revenge," Justin stated as he looked at each condom and
nodded his head angrily when he saw a similar hole in the center of each one.

"Tam used a pin and poked a hole in the center of each of these condoms.
She's hoping you'll get pregnant! Damn her!" Justin yelled and threw the
condoms to the ground in disgust and fury.

Kelly's eyes grew wide in shock and her mouth opened, but she didn't know
what to say. Finally, she managed, "I can't believe she would do something
like that!"

"I can," Justin said, clenching his jaws and trying to cool his anger.
"She's a devious bitch and I never trusted her...not once!"

"But...she said she was my friend!" Kelly uttered in disbelief. She walked
over and sat on the bed with a stunned look on her face.

"Forget about her, baby," Justin said as he sat next to Kelly and held her
shoulder in support. "She's jealous of our love and wants to win the
competition. If you get pregnant by me, we'll both be disqualified."

Kelly nodded her head in understanding, still unbelieving that Tamyra could
be so ruthless. "It's good that Justin is so knowledgeable. Imagine the
consequences if I got pregnant!" She thought.

Justin pulled her to him and held her close, wanting to dispel Tamyra's evil
influence on their night of romance.

"Justin, you were going to tell me something earlier before we were
interrupted," Kelly said as she rested her cheek on his muscular chest.

"Oh...that...," Justin hesitated, not knowing if he really wanted to tell her
the truth.

"Well? What did you want to tell me?" Kelly asked, waiting for his answer.

Chapter 105

AJ ran back into the Mansion after searching the pool area. He ran up the
stairs and started opening and closing the bedroom doors, slamming them shut
as he continued his search for Kelly.

"What's that racket?" Tamyra muttered as she walked down the second floor
stairs. She noticed AJ running from room to room, opening a door, peeking
inside, then slamming it shut.

"AJ! What's going on?" Tamyra yelled, making him stop in his tracks and
look at her with a guilty expression.

"Oh...Hi Tam," AJ replied, glancing at the nearby door, then down at the
floor nervously.

"Who are you looking for?" Tam asked, guessing it was probably Kelly.

"Uh...I wanted to talk to Kelly...," AJ answered slowly, keeping his eyes on
the ground. He was sure Tamyra would try to stop him from seeing Kelly.

"It's a good thing I ran into you then!" Tamyra said happily as she walked
toward AJ. She held out a key to him and said, "I found this in the den
downstairs. It's the key to the dome room at the top of the Mansion. You'll
find Kelly in there."

AJ smiled as he took the key. "Thanks Tam! I really need to talk to her."

"Well, I'm sure she'd like to talk to you too!" Tamyra replied, then
whispered conspiringly, "I heard her say she really likes you....a lot!"

"She did?" AJ asked, hope shading his reply. He hadn't been able to get his
mind off watching Kelly masturbating in front of him, then encouraging him
to jerk off in front of her. Last night, he dreamt about it then woke up
with his sheets wet with his spunk. Every waking moment, he thought about
watching her fingers moving and rubbing the pink skin between her legs. He
longed to watch her do it again, and wanted to talk to her about it, but she
seemed to be avoiding him lately. "I have to know if she feels the same way
about me! Does she care for me at all?" AJ wondered as he looked at the key
in his hand.

"Go on now," Tamyra said, shoving AJ toward the second floor stairs. "She's
waiting for you."

"Ok!" AJ said happily as he jogged up the stairs.

* * *

"Why don't we listen to some music?" Justin said, standing up and walking
over to the stereo. He clicked on the radio and smiled when one of his
favorite songs came on: 'Magnet and Steel'.

"I love this song," Justin said as he hummed and moved his body to the music.

"Sing it to me Justin," Kelly asked, watching his hips sway and feeling her
body react to his unconscious sexual charisma.

"Ok, baby," Justin replied, moving his body to the gentle rhythms of the

His voice lifted and blended with the song on the radio as he sang the

"For you are a magnet and I am steel....for you are a magnet and I am

The smooth, honey tones of his voice made her shiver with longing. Watching
his hips pump and glide made her pulse quicken and she felt moisture gather
between her legs.

"Oh...Justin! You turn me on when you dance and sing like that!" Kelly
panted, quivering with desire.

When the next song came on, Justin sang along with it. He pulled his shirt
over his head, revealing his muscular upper body and sang out the first lines
of 'Love is like oxygen'.

"Love is like oxygen...You get too much you get too high...Not enough and
you're gonna die... Love gets you high..."

Kelly stood up and moved to stand by Justin, joining him as he sang the next
part of the song.

"Time on my side...I got it all...I've heard that pride...always comes
before a fall... There's a rumor goin' round the town...that you don't want
me around..... I can't shake off my city blues...everyway I turn I lose....
Love is like oxygen...You get too much you get too high...Not enough and
you're gonna die... Love gets you high..."

Justin held Kelly in his arms, staring into her eyes as they finished the
song together.

"Time is no healer...when you're not there...lonely fever...sad words in
the air.... Some things are better left unsaid...I'm gonna spend my days in
bed.... I'll walk the streets at night...To be hidden by the city lights...
city lights....

Love is like oxygen...You get too much you get too high...Not enough and
you're gonna die... Love gets you high..."

The song ended and they both smiled into each other's eyes, happy at the way
their voices blended together in harmony.

"That was wonderful Justin!" Kelly said, rubbing his bare chest and feeling
the small curls under her fingers. "I love to sing with you, honey," She
said, looking up into his twinkling, soulful eyes.

"It was fun, wasn't it baby?" Justin replied, bending his head to kiss her
softly. The kiss grew more passionate and soon, they were both holding each
other tightly and panting for breath.

"Oh God!" Kelly moaned, wanting Justin more than ever before. "You make me
so hot, the way you dance and sing!"

Justin looked at her, his eyes showing his lust and longing and with his
voice hoarse with his desire, replied, " baby..." Gently, he began
lifting Kelly's shirt above her head, revealing her naked breasts underneath.

His eyes went up in surprise and said, "What, no bra Kelly?"

She giggled and said, "I'm not wearing panties either."

"Really?" Justin asked. His eyes traveled down her firm breasts and looked
curiously at her silk skirt.

"I'm going commando," Kelly said, then explained, "Everyone does it in

"They do?" Justin asked, his brows going up in surprise.

"Sure," Kelly replied. She took his hand and guided it between her legs.

When his hand touched her naked sex, he smiled and said, "The more I hear
about Texas, the more I like it!" His fingers found her moist recesses and
began to caress her softly, making her groan and quiver in response.

"Baby...," Justin said low in his throat, wanting to make love to Kelly more
than ever before. "I love you so..."

Kelly gazed up into Justin's eyes, falling into the depths of his longing and
replied, "I love you too..."

Justin pulled Kelly tightly against him, pressing her breasts hard against
his chest. His lips descended to hers in a kiss that promised all the love
and longing he felt in his heart.

Suddenly, the bedroom door banged open and AJ strode in. When he saw Justin
and Kelly in a passionate embrace, he ran forward and yelled, "Stop!!!"

Chapter 106

Kelly pulled away from Justin and stared in shock as AJ ran forward and
confronted her.

"Kelly! I have to tell you someth...," AJ began, but before he could finish
he was brutally wrenched off his feet by Justin.

"What the hell are you doing here?!?" Justin yelled into AJ's face, holding
him up be his shirt collar. Not waiting for his answer, Justin easily held
the younger man up and walked toward the door, preparing to throw him

AJ grabbed Justin's hands, trying to pry himself loose, but he was no match
for the strength and fury of the man holding him.

Baring his teeth in rage, Justin slammed AJ against the wall by the open
doorway and yelled into his face, "If you ever interrupt me again, I don't
care what the consequences are, I'll beat you within an inch of your life!"

With that, Justin tossed the younger man out of the bedroom, where AJ landed
in a heap on the floor.

Kelly stood near the center of the room, staring wide eyed at the way Justin
handled AJ. Her heart fluttered and she felt her blood rushing in her veins
as she watched Justin's display of strength. His muscles bulged in his arms
when he picked AJ up, and she watched in awe as his back muscles flexed and
moved as he threw the younger man out.

Justin's display of strength, and restraint, made her desire throb between
her legs and her nipples tingle and harden. Kelly watched as he grabbed the
key from the door and slammed it shut, locking it with a quick flick of his
large, nimble fingers.

Gasping now with her need, she realized she wanted Justin now more than ever
before. Her eyes tracked his every movement, her body growing desperate for
his touch. Justin turned to her and began a slow, deliberate walk toward
her. His eyes locked on hers, claiming her...owning her.

When Justin reached her, she was barely able to stand. Her knees had grown
weak and her body trembled with longing and desire.

Keeping his eyes locked on hers, Justin moved his hand down and pulled her
skirt off. She gasped and trembled with her need, watching as his eyes
released hers to begin traveling hungrily up and down her body.

Panting for breath, Kelly's eyes fluttered and she leaned toward Justin,
wanting to feel his arms around her.

"Justin...I need you!" Kelly moaned, her voice deep with her desire.

"Baby...," Justin murmured. His eyes reflected all his longing and desire as
they stared into hers.

"Make love to me now, Justin!" Kelly begged, wanting him to touch her, kiss
her, make her feel all the love he had to give.

Justin reached out and lifted her easily into his arms. He carried her to
the bed and laid her gently down, preparing to show her how much he loved her
the best way he knew how.

Chapter 107

When AJ turned the key in the dome room door, wires hidden in the door
activated gears located throughout the house. AJ didn't hear the whirs and
clicks in the nearby wall when he yelled and came barging into the room.

* * *

EJay gently covered Ryan with a blanket as she lay sleeping soundly on the
bed. He looked down at her relaxed features and realized he had enjoyed
making love to her, but knew he enjoyed men better.

"I may even have kids some day," He thought to himself, glad at the

A strange grating sound behind EJay caught his attention. He turned to watch
as a small panel in the far wall slowly opened.

"What the Hell?" He said softly, not wanting to wake up Ryan. He cautiously
walked toward the opening in the wall and looked it over carefully.

"It's a hidden passageway!" He thought, amazed. EJay looked into the dark
interior and noticed a narrow set of stairs leading upwards and thought,
"I wonder where it leads?"

Grabbing a nearby flashlight from the nightstand drawer, he decided to
investigate the mysterious passageway.

* * *

RJ stood by the bed and gazed at Christina's peaceful face as she lay
sleeping. He paced the room, unsure why he was so restless, but knowing he
couldn't sleep.

When a strange clicking noise came from a nearby wall, RJ looked toward it
and frowned, wondering what it could be. Squinting in the moonlit room, RJ
walked over to the wall and put his ear against it. A loud whirring noise
made him step back in surprise. He watched in amazement as part of the wall
slid open, revealing a hidden doorway.

"Weird!" RJ said softly, glancing toward Christina to see if the noise had
woken her. He heard her soft breathing and knew she was still asleep.

"I wonder where this leads, and what triggered it," RJ thought as he stared
at the opening.

He walked to his bag and fumbled in it, looking for his penlight. When he
found it, he went quickly to the hidden door and clicked it on, directing the
small light into the hidden room. He could barely make out a set of stairs
about ten feet at the end of a narrow hallway. Slowly, he stepped inside,
prepared to find out where the stairs led.

* * *

Jim lay restless on his bed and waited for EJay to return. "What's taking
him so long, anyway?" Jim said aloud, starting to get worried at the delay.
"I hope EJay makes Ryan understand, and we can still be friends," He thought,
wishing his homosexuality hadn't been revealed the way it had.

Laying on the bed, Jim stared up at the ceiling and tried to remain patient.
When a groaning sound, like grinding gears came from the wall next to him, he
flew off the bed in fear and surprise.

Jim watched with wide eyes as a narrow panel slide open, revealing a hidden
doorway. Staring nervously at the darkness inside the hidden passage, Jim
asked, his voice quivering in fear, "Hello?"

Taking a tentative step forward, he said a little louder, "Is anyone there?"
When no other noise or movement were forthcoming, he grew bolder and walked
up to the entrance and looked inside. The light from the bedroom illuminated
a few feet into the hidden passage, revealing a narrow set of stairs leading
steeply upward into darkness.

Jim bit his lip in indecision. He wanted to run from the room and get EJay,
but knew how cowardly that would appear. Instead, he decided to be brave and
explore the hidden passage alone. Taking the flashlight from the nightstand
drawer, Jim walked toward the hidden passageway and stepped inside.

* * *

AJ picked himself up off the floor and glared angrily at the dome room door
where Kelly and Justin hid within. He rubbed his hip where he landed
painfully and vowed to himself he wouldn't give up.

"Why couldn't he let me talk to her?" AJ said while walking stiffly down the
hall. "He can't treat me like that!" He thought angrily, wishing there was
some way to get to Kelly and tell her how he felt. As he walked to his room,
an idea came to him of how he could let Kelly know his feelings.

"Ill write her a note!" AJ said, smiling happily at the idea. "There's
no way Justin can interfere with that!" He said, walking faster in his

After scribbling a quick note in a nearby room, he walked quickly to Kelly's
room where he planned to leave it under her pillow.

When AJ arrived at her bedroom, he paused, realizing Nikki might be inside.
"Damn! I forgot about her...," AJ thought, wondering what he should do. He
shrugged and knocked on the door, willing to put up with Nikki's anger in
order to leave the note.

There was no answer to his repeated knocking, so AJ slowly opened the door
and peeked inside. Sighing with relief at not seeing Nikki, he opened the
door and hurried inside. As AJ thrust the love note under Kelly's pillow,
he jumped in surprise at a loud noise coming from behind him.

Turning quickly toward the sound, AJ braced himself, preparing to deal with
Nikki. When he didn't see her, but instead saw a panel open in the far wall,
he stared at it in shocked surprise.

"What the Hell is that?" AJ said aloud, walking slowly toward the hidden
doorway. "It's some kind of secret passage!" He said excitedly, looking
around for someone to tell. Realizing he was alone, he shrugged and peered
into the darkness the hidden door revealed.

"Man, this is amazing! I gotta see where this thing leads," AJ said. He
walked into the dark passage and when a spider web touched his face, he
backed quickly out again, swiping the dusty web from his face. "Looks like
I'll need some light," He told himself.

He looked for a flashlight and found one in a nearby drawer, underneath some
of Nikki's silk panties. "Hmmm," AJ thought, fondling them quickly before
closing the drawer and returning to the hidden passageway.

Flicking on the light, he directed the beam into the narrow entrance. He
noticed stairs leading steeply upward and thought, "I wonder where they go."

"Guess there's only one way to find out!" AJ said as he began walking up the
stairs, avoiding trailing cobwebs that dangled from the ceiling.

Chapter 108

Justin's lips lightly trailed over Kelly's closed eyelids, then down her
cheek to settle hovering over her gasping mouth. He waited until she opened
her eyes before taking her lips with his, plunging his tongue aggressively
into her mouth, claiming it as he was about to claim every part of her.

Moaning with desire, Kelly felt her heart race and her skin burn wherever
Justin touched her. She sucked and played eagerly with his tongue, wanting
him, aching for him. Giving everything to Justin, Kelly opened her heart
and soul to his kiss. There was no turning back now. Both of them knew
tonight would be their night.

Gasping for breath, Justin pulled back from Kelly and stood up, trying to
regain some control. He desperately wanted to take her now, thrust his
throbbing shaft into her and brand her as his. But he knew she needed
gentle coaxing, so he restrained his desire and slowly took control again.
Taking a deep breath he unzipped his pants and lowered them.

Kelly watched as Justin removed the last of his clothing and stood naked
before her in his full glory. Her eyes took in the chiseled features of his
face as the candlelight took them. Each curve and hollow of his face and
body were highlighted by the golden candle light flickering around the room.
She looked at his upward thrusting manhood, strong and true, revealing his
desire for her. He was so achingly beautiful, she felt tears come to her
eyes, knowing his soul was just as beautiful and also knowing his heart
belonged to her.

"Justin...," Kelly murmured low in her throat. She couldn't begin to tell
him all the love and feeling she held for him in her heart, but hoped her
actions tonight might express some of them.

Justin looked down into Kelly's eyes and saw her love shining up at him.
Words were unnecessary now. The love they felt was like a burning bond
between them, tethering their hearts to each other and making them one.

Knowing it was time for the items in his bag, Justin reached in and pulled
out the dozen roses. He stood over Kelly and plucked the red petals off each
rose, then sprinkled them over her. The rose petals rained down on Kelly and
she held her hands up, catching some of them and basking in the scented

When Justin held the last rose, he took it by the stem and began tracing it
lightly along Kelly's cheek, then over her lips. He watched her lips turn
up at the gentle touch, then moved the flower lower to caress each upright

Kelly moaned and shivered at the silky caress and wanted more. The rose
trailed down her stomach and she spread her legs wide, eager for what she
knew was coming.

Justin smiled teasingly as he trailed the rose on her mound, then along the
outer folds of her sex. Frowning with her need, Kelly whimpered impatiently.
Giggling with mischief, Justin gave in and traced her moist folds with the
soft petals.

"Mmmmm," Kelly moaned and sighed in pleasure. She trembled on the bed and
waited to see what else Justin had planned for her. Watching with interest,
she saw him reach into the bag and pull out a bottle of massage oil.

"Ahhhh," She sighed, knowing what was coming up next.

"Turn over, baby," Justin said. Kelly quickly shifted on the bed and laid on
her stomach. She watched Justin and felt her body tremble, longing for his

Justin unscrewed the bottle of oil and poured a dollop onto his open palm,
then rubbed his hands together. He sat on the bed and began moving his hands
up her arms, rubbing and massaging them gently, but firmly.

"Ohhhh", Kelly sighed in pleasure. His hands were strong, but gentle as
they moved over her skin. Every touch sent shivers throughout her body,
making her ache all the more for him. When Justin reached her lower back,
he stopped and reached into the bag again.

Chapter 109

EJay walked carefully up the narrow steps. The walls were only a few feet
wide and there wasn't a hand rail, so he went slowly and watched every step.

"Why would someone make this passage?" EJay asked himself, "and why would the
doorway open now?" He couldn't think of any answers, only more questions as
he continued up the steps.

After several minutes, he finally stepped up onto the landing where the
stairs ended. EJay shined the flashlight over the short hallway in front of
him and his brows furrowed in confusion.

"A secret passage that leads nowhere?" EJay said aloud. "What is this...the
Winchester Mystery House?"

EJay walked a few feet into the hallway and stopped, directing the beam of
light on the walls, floor and ceiling, trying to see if there was a hidden
exit. When the beam hit the end of the passage, he noticed something hanging
on the wall.

Quickening his step, he hurried over to see what it could be.

* * *

RJ squinted into the dark passage and could barely make out any detail in the
dim beam of his penlight. He noticed dusty webs hanging from the ceiling and
he brushed them aside as he walked toward the stairs.

At the stairway, RJ looked back toward the entrance and frowned, wondering if
he should turn back.

"What if I get trapped in here?" He thought, remembering all the old Vincent
Price movies he was so fond of watching. The dark gloomy atmosphere was a
little frightening, but also very exciting. He directed the small light on
the floor and noticed a thick layer of dust, indicating the passage hadn't
been used in decades, if ever.

Unable to resist exploring further, RJ ignored his trepidation and gave in
to his curiosity. He kept the small beam of light pointing at the narrow
steps and walked quickly up the stairway. He counted only ten steps before
he reached the top of the stairs and stepped into a narrow hallway.

"Maybe this leads to a hidden room in the center of the house!" RJ said
excitedly, wondering what it may contain. He walked down the hallway and
was surprised when it ended abruptly. Looking left and right, RJ said
confusedly, "It dead ends! What the hell?"

Pointing his dim penlight forward, RJ walked to the end of the passage and
noticed something hanging on the wall. He moved closer and saw that it was
some kind of framed object that was covered in dust.

"Maybe it's a rare painting!" He thought and quickly began dusting the
surface off, wanting to see what lay beneath.

* * *

Jim shivered in fear, but continued up the narrow stairway, nervously
directing the beam on the floor, walls and ceiling as he made his way upward.
A silky tendril brushed his cheek, making Jim scream in fright. His hands
flew up to his face and he quickly batted the sticky substance off. When he
realized it was only an old dusty spider web, Jim wiped the sweat from his
forward and squared his jaw, determined now to continue.

"Finally!" Jim said aloud and sighed with relief when his feet stepped off
the last step and up into a narrow hallway. He moved the flashlight around,
trying to penetrate the darkness and noticed the hallway ended only ten feet
from the stairs.

"Why would they make a passage that leads nowhere?" Jim asked himself as he
walked toward the end of the hallway. He noticed the beam of light caught a
reflection from something on the far wall. Pointing the light forward, Jim
walked to the end of the hall and noticed something hanging there.

"Why would this be here?" Jim said aloud, then moved closer, looking into the

* * *

After the first few feet, the cobwebs petered out allowing AJ to walk faster
up the stairs. The steps were narrow and the stairway was steep, but AJ
hurried up them, eager to find out where they led. When his feet reached the
landing, he pointed the flashlight beam down the narrow hallway and noticed
the dead end only ten feet away.

"A stairway that leads to nowhere...where have I heard that before?" AJ
thought to himself as he walked toward the end of the passage. He directed
the light onto the walls, floor and ceiling, hoping for some other exit.
When he didn't find any, he almost turned back before his light caught a
reflection from something at the end of the hallway.

"What's that?" AJ asked himself as he walked forward to investigate. He saw
a large piece of glass encased in an elaborate frame hanging at the end of
the passage, and his eyes grew wide in shocked surprise. What caught his
breath and made him gasp aloud wasn't the framed glass hanging on the wall,
but what he saw when he looked through it.

* * *

Justin noticed Kelly watching him curiously and smiled teasingly at what he
had planned. When he pulled out the small bottle of tequila and limes from
the bag, he saw her eyebrows go up in surprise.

Chuckling low in his throat, he explained, "I've wanted to do this for a long
time, baby. Indulge me, ok?"

"Ok, honey," Kelly replied. She trusted Justin completely and wondered what
he could possibly do with a few slices of lime and tequila.

Chapter 110

Justin felt his erection twitch and throb at the prospect of what he was
about to do. "Mmmmm," He murmured as he rubbed the lime on Kelly's left
butt cheek. Squeezing the wedge slightly, a little juice trickled out and
he spread the drops over her skin while Kelly wiggled and squirmed under
his hand.

At the touch of the lime on her ass, Kelly sighed and closed her eyes,
guessing at what was coming up next. She waited, and sure enough, the touch
of his tongue swiping up her butt cheek, then the sound of him taking a swig
from the tequila bottle confirmed her guess. Giggling at the tongue licking
on her sensitive skin, she squirmed all the more when he rubbed another wedge
of lime on her right butt cheek.

"Oh God...," Kelly moaned as Justin licked her buttocks clean of lime juice
while taking occasional drinks of tequila.

After several minutes of licking and drinking from the small tequila bottle,
Justin sighed with satisfaction. He tossed the near empty bottle and lime
wedges back in the bag, then pulled out the can of whipped cream.

Kelly opened her eyes at the sound of the bag crinkling and saw Justin begin
shaking the can of whipped cream. Unable to take anymore without touching
him, she turned on her side and said, "It's your turn now, Justin."

She grabbed the can from him and said, "Lay down on your back, honey."

Justin was a little surprised when she took the whipped cream from him, but
smiled and moved quickly to lay down on the bed. Kelly shook the can and
stared down at Justin's slim naked form laying before her, trying to decide
where to spray the cream first. When she noticed his quivering shaft bobbing
in the air, it seemed to beckon to her and she smiled and giggled wickedly.

"Spread your legs, honey," Kelly asked with a teasing smile. When he spread
his legs wide apart, she knelt on the bed between them. Looking down at the
pink sac of his scrotum, she aimed for it first and sprayed a goodly amount
over his balls.

"Ahhh!" Justin cried out at the coolness of the cream hitting his sensitive

Kelly continued spraying and covered his erection from the tip, down to its
thick base.

Justin now had his crotch completely covered in whipped cream and Kelly
stared down at it, licking her lips in anticipation.

"Where should I lick first?" she thought, and decided on his balls first.

Squirming with desire, Justin waited with held breath for the touch of
Kelly's tongue. When she bent and began sucking and licking the whipped
cream off his sensitive balls he cried out in pleasure.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Justin called out, closing his eyes and tossing his head
on the pillow. Kelly's tongue moved from his balls up to the head of his
shaft and licked and sucked it clean while Justin moaned and quivered in

Chapter 111

Kelly moved her tongue between Justin's legs, lapping up any remaining
whipped cream from his skin.

"God, Kelly! I'm going to come!" Justin moaned and bit his lip, trying to
hold back.

Kelly sat back on her heels and reached for the bottle of oil, giving him a
few seconds to regain control. "Time for the massage now," Kelly replied
with a sensuous smile. She squeezed some oil onto her palm and began working
it into his hard muscles.

Justin sighed with pleasure when her hands moved over his chest. Her fingers
brushed his nipples and she felt them grow hard at her touch. Smiling
seductively, she began gently rubbing his nipples, making him quiver and gasp
in pleasure.

"Ahhhh!" Justin groaned, wanting more of her gentle touch. Kelly bent down
and flicked her tongue on one of his erect nipples, then began sucking and
nibbling it as Justin cried and moaned with pleasure.

"I never thought men's nipples were as sensitive as women's, or that it would
turn me on so much licking them!" Kelly told herself as she licked and sucked
his nipples while he trembled underneath her.

"Baby....Ohhhh...," Justin moaned as she moved her gentle kisses and
massaging hands lower on his body. Her hands pressed and rubbed his hard
abs as she kissed a gentle trail down his thatch of pubic hair.

"Mmmmm," She sighed, loving to touch and rub her hands over his body. Every
moan or sigh that Justin uttered made her sex pulse and throb in response.

When her mouth reached his twitching shaft, she took it quickly in her mouth
and began sucking it in earnest, moving her tongue rapidly against the
bulbous tip.

"Oh God! Kelly!" Justin screamed as the strong suction and steady movement
of her tongue made his groin tighten and heart race. She knew he was close
to the edge, and wanted more than anything to taste his almondy essence in
her mouth.

Justin pumped his hips, sending his shaft farther into Kelly's mouth. He
bit his lip, trying to hold back but knowing it was useless. Kelly's mouth
on the sensitive head of his shaft, sucking and licking, drove him almost
immediately over the edge.

His balls tightened and he groaned aloud, clenching his face as his body
trembled with his release. Great pulses of pleasure shot up his body from
the steadily moving tongue on his shaft and traveled like lightening out
his limbs, making him shake and tremble on the bed. His back arched hard
as his essence pumped in steady pulses out his shaft and into Kelly's
sucking mouth.

Chapter 112

Kelly felt the burst of fluid fill her mouth and she drank it down quickly,
loving the almond taste of Justin's essence as it touched her tongue.

"Mmmmmm," Kelly murmured, continuing to suck on Justin's shaft as the last
traces of his essence trickled out.

Justin relaxed back on the bed and breathed a huge sigh of satisfaction. He
looked down at Kelly and watched her lick his shaft clean, then release his
softening member and smile up at him.

"Baby...," Justin whispered. He reached for Kelly and pulled her on top of
him, hugging her tightly and kissing her hard on the mouth. He thrust his
tongue between her lips and tasted the almonds on her tongue, reminding him
of her loving touch.

"Mmmmm," Kelly breathed against his kiss, luxuriating in the hard body under
hers and the strength of his embrace. Justin's hands roamed over her back,
then lower to caress and fondle her buttocks, making her squirm and wiggle in

Shifting on the bed, Justin pressed Kelly back and now lay hovering over her.
He continued kissing her with his full lips and dexterous tongue. His lips
nipped and nibbled hers, and his tongue licked along the edge of her mouth,
making her shiver and moan with desire and longing.

"Justin...Justin...," Kelly sighed under his gentle and loving kisses.

"," Justin replied, his voice husky with desire. His mouth
and tongue moved against hers, sucking and licking her lips, making love to
her mouth with his tongue. He was starting to grow hard again and knew it
was almost time, but he still needed to tell Kelly the truth.

Kelly's eyes fluttered and she gasped for breath under the barrage of
Justin's kisses. When the touch of his mouth left hers, she blinked and
looked up at Justin. She saw a serious look come over his face and asked,
"What is it Justin? What's wrong?"

"I have to tell you something before we go any further, baby," Justin replied
with a low, solemn tone. He stared intently into her eyes and when she
waited for him to continue, he said, "There's something you should know..."

"You wanted to tell me something earlier," Kelly said, her voice quavering
when she noticed Justin's furrowed brow. "What could it be?" She thought,
getting more nervous when he just stared into her eyes and didn't reply.

"What is it Justin?" Kelly asked, her voice growing louder with her concern.

Justin closed his eyes and didn't look at Kelly. He knew what he was about
to say may change her mind about making love to him, but he had to tell her
the truth.

Keeping his eyes lowered, he said in a low voice, "You mentioned that I had
done it all, and that's not true. There's something that I've never done."

Kelly's eyes widened in surprise as she guessed what it could be. "You're a virgin too?"

Justin's brows shot up in surprise and he smiled and laughed once. "No,
that's not it. Believe me, I'm no virgin, baby."

Frowning now, Kelly looked into Justin's eyes, still twinkling from her
accusation. "Then what is it? What did you not do?"

Heaving a big sigh, Justin finally admitted, "Kelly...I've never made love
to a virgin before."

"Oh!" Kelly said, then smiled in relief. "I don't care. I love you Justin.
You're the only man I want to make love to."

Justin stared into the complete love and trust reflected in Kelly's eyes and
pulled her tighter against him, kissing her hard. His heart ached with the
love he felt for her and with knowing she loved him just as much.

"God, Kelly! I love you so much...," Justin murmured, then began raining
kisses over her face.

"Justin! I love you more than I've ever loved anyone," Kelly replied, her
voice husky with the strength of her love. A tear trickled out of her eye
and she tightened her arms around him, pulling him closer so their bodies
could meld into one.

" woman," Justin whispered, his voice cracking with emotion. He saw
her eyes fill and he kissed them, then blew on them softly to dry her tears.

Heart bursting with happiness, Kelly smiled up at Justin, her joy shining
on her face. They gazed into each other's eyes, feeling the love flowing
between them, connecting their hearts and making them one.

Murmuring softly, Justin whispered, "," as he kissed and nuzzled
her neck, making Kelly shiver and sigh in happiness.

Kelly noticed the room take on a silvery glow, then looked above her and saw
the full moon begin to glide into the round skylight overhead. Justin moved
his kisses down her throat and his warm, soft mouth began licking along her
breasts, from one nipple to the other, making her tremble and moan in

"Ahhhhh," Kelly sighed as his tongue flicked out and licked her nipples,
making them grow firm and erect. He fondled and sucked the pink tips, giving
as much attention to them as she had given to his.

Her sex pulsed and throbbed at the steady movement of Justin's tongue on her
breasts. Groaning aloud with pleasure, she grasped Justin's curls as he
nibbled and licked her tender nipples.

"Justin! That feels so good....Ohhhh...." Kelly rolled her eyes in pleasure
at the tongue licking steadily on her breasts. Her eyes wandered the room
and she noticed the four large mirrors hanging on the wall. For a second,
she thought she saw movement behind one of them, then closed her eyes and
ignored it, focusing instead on Justin's mouth as it trailed down her

Chapter 113

EJay directed the flashlight at the object on the far wall, staring in
fascination as he approached.

Looking over the hanging object, EJay asked himself, "Why would someone
hang this here?" On second glance, he realized what at first looked like a
painting, was in fact glass.

"Maybe it's a window, or something," EJay thought. He decided to dust it
off and see what was on the other side. As his hand cleared away the thick
coating of dirt and dust, he saw dim light shining through.

EJay moved closer and peered through the glass. His eyes widened in surprise
at what he saw on the other side.

* * *

RJ touched the hanging object and immediately knew it wasn't a painting, but
instead was a piece of glass.

"Why would someone hang glass here?" He asked himself, then shrugged and
began cleaning it off. "Maybe it's a painting on glass," He thought as his
hand cleared away decades of accumulated dust and dirt.

His hand swiped the glass, clearing away a large area and letting dim light
shine through. RJ frowned and stared in confusion at the flickering light
coming through the glass. He clicked off his penlight and moved closer to
the glass, looking out of the cleared section to see the source of the light.

When he saw what was on the other side, his eyes widened in surprise and his
mouth turned up in a huge grin.

* * *
Jim couldn't believe what he saw on the other side of the glass. His eyes
widened and took in the site before him.

The glass looked out on a round room illuminated by flickering candles. A
skylight in the center of the domed ceiling added the silvery glow of
moonlight to the dimly lit room. A mirror hung on the wall directly across
from the glass Jim looked out of. The mirror's reflection showed a similar
mirror where he stood.

"It's a two-way mirror," Jim thought. He returned his attention to the
center of the room where Justin and Kelly lay naked on the bed.

* * *

AJ couldn't believe what he saw when he looked through the glass. His eyes
grew wide and his groin filled with heat at the site of Kelly laying naked on
the bed. She writhed in pleasure as Justin moved his mouth over her body,
making AJ's groin ache with longing.

"Why can't that be me?" He said sadly, wishing more than anything that he
was down on the bed with Kelly instead of Justin.

Chapter 114

AJ watched as Justin fondled and caressed Kelly's breasts, then began kissing
his way down her stomach.

"Ahh...God!" AJ moaned. His shoulders slumped and he closed his eyes as if
in pain. He felt his heart break and he squeezed his eyes tighter, trying to
shut out the memory of the view in front of him. Stifling a sob, a slow tear
trickled down his face at the site of Justin with the woman he loved.

Opening his eyes, AJ watched through a sheen of despair as Kelly was made
love to by another man.

"Kelly...," AJ uttered, then swallowed past a lump in his throat. Unable to
stop himself, he continued to look at Justin and Kelly through the glass.
Slow tears leaked from his eyes as he watched Justin move his face between
Kelly's legs and begin nuzzling her sex.

AJ stared at Kelly writhing in pleasure and wasn't aware that he was rubbing
his crotch. When he realized what he was doing, he angrily unzipped his
pants and pulled out his erection. Grinding his teeth in fury, AJ began
fiercely stroking his hardness while continuing to watch Justin make love to

* * *

EJay watched as Justin licked and nuzzled Kelly's breasts, then kissed his
way down her body while she writhed in ecstasy on the bed.

The beauty of Justin's nude form, the way the candlelight made his skin glow
and highlighted his lean muscular physique made EJay ache with longing. His
eyes were riveted on Justin's muscular ass, watching as his buttocks flexed
when he moved over Kelly.

EJay quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiffening member. He
pulled and stroked his erection while staring at Justin below.

"God, I wish that was me down there," EJay whispered, "instead of Kelly!"

* * *

RJ observed Justin licking and sucking on Kelly's nipples and felt his member
harden in response. His eyes took in the rest of the room, and he realized
he was looking out a two-way mirror.

"I know I should look away, but I can't seem to stop myself from staring," RJ
thought. He began rubbing the stiffness in his pants while watching Kelly
moan and thrash with pleasure on the bed.

"I'm a fucking peeping Tom!" RJ realized, feeling ashamed and embarrassed,
but continuing to watch anyway.

"I should leave and let them have privacy," He told himself. But RJ didn't
move. Instead, he continued staring at Justin sucking and nibbling on the
pink tips of Kelly's breasts.

RJ watched the naked couple and felt the front of his pants grow tight. His
breath grew faster and his heart raced as he stared at the two nude bodies on
the bed below. Looking around to make sure he was alone, he quickly unzipped
his pants and took out his erection. He yanked and massaged his hardness
while continuing to watch Justin fondle and caress Kelly's body.

"God, I wish I was down there," RJ said, his voice husky with desire, "with
Justin and Kelly!"

* * *

Jim looked out of the glass and focused on the center of the room. He
watched Kelly writhing and crying out in pleasure underneath Justin's
skillful touch. His eyes took in Justin's nude form hovering over Kelly
and he felt himself grow hard at the site.

He stared in longing at Justin's sculptured body accented by the flickering
candles and moonlight. Glancing around guiltily, he shrugged and unzipped
his pants, then pulled out his stiffening member. Jim rubbed his hardness
while keeping his eye on Justin's body.

Heaving a sigh, Jim whispered, "If only that was me instead of Kelly."

Chapter 115

Kelly's eyes fluttered and rolled up in her head. Her whole body throbbed
and trembled from Justin's touch. She writhed on the bed, moving her arms
and legs in slow swimming motions as Justin licked and nuzzled his way down
her body. His tongue left a trail of fire on her skin, making her body
burn with desire.

"Oh God....Oh God!" Kelly cried out when his tongue reached between her legs,
then began licking and sucking her sex. She tossed her head and gasped for
breath at the steady movement of Justin's tongue on her clit.

Justin's tongue. Her whole being focused on Justin's tongue licking the
folds of her sex. It glided over her hardness, licking back and forth
steadily, making her body tremble with desire. Licking. Warm softness,
moving on her sensitive sex. Licking. Moving slowly at first, then
picking up speed when she cried louder in pleasure. Now sucking. His
mouth sucked her sex while his tongue slid faster against her swollen

She had never been so aroused before and whimpered and sighed in pleasure.
Tossing and trembling on the bed, Kelly writhed under the flicking tongue on
her sex.

"Only you, Justin! Oh....God!" Kelly called out as his tongue moved harder
and faster on her swollen desire. She felt her hips pump against his mouth
and arched her back on the bed, tossing and writhing as she gasped for

"Ahhhhh....Ohhhhh....Justin!" Kelly sighed, her body now completely in
control. She gave herself up to the pleasure coursing through her and cried
louder as she came close to the peak.

Kelly stared up at the moon almost filling the skylight above and felt her
body thrum and tense as her climax neared. Her body thrashed and her hips
pumped faster against Justin's quick moving tongue.

Suddenly, she was there. The muscles between her legs tensed hard, then
spasmed as great pulses of pleasure shot up her body, making her scream out
in joy.

"AHHHHHH!" Kelly yelled in ecstasy. Her back arched and her toes clenched
on the bed. She pressed her sex hard against Justin's moving tongue, then
pumped her hips to the beat of each pulse of pleasure.

"Ahhhhh.....Justin....," Kelly gasped, then collapsed to the bed. She closed
her legs and felt his head trapped between them. Looking down at Justin, she
saw him smile, then move his head from her sex and kneel on the bed.

Justin took a condom from the paper bag and tore the small wrapper open. He
slid it over his quivering shaft and eased Kelly's legs apart again, then
settled himself between them.

"You ready for me, baby?" Justin asked, concern now showing in his eyes.

"More than ever, honey," Kelly replied. "I love you Justin."

He kissed her tenderly, then said, "I love you too, baby...more than
anything." Justin positioned the head of his shaft at her opening and said,
"I'll try and be gentle."

Kelly closed her eyes and nodded, waiting for the pain she knew was coming.

Chapter 116

EJay, Jim, RJ and AJ stroked and pulled their erections while watching Kelly
writhe in pleasure on the bed. They pumped their hips toward the false
mirror, yanking and rubbing their shafts faster and harder, their desire
growing more intense by the second.

When Kelly cried out with her climax, AJ closed his eyes in pain. His heart
ached, knowing Justin was giving her pleasure instead of him.

* * *

Justin held the tip of his shaft at Kelly's opening and paused. He felt a
little nervous knowing he would cause her pain, but he still wanted and
needed her more than anything.

The moon slid into the exact center of the skylight overhead, causing the
room to glow in an unearthly shade of silvery light. A song began on the
radio, beginning with a loud cymbal crash and drum beat.

Justin glanced up at the moon hanging directly over the bed, then glanced
down into Kelly's eyes. He saw acceptance reflected there and knew she was
ready for him, even though it would cause her pain.

Taking a deep breath, Justin thrust his hips, sending his shaft penetrating
deeply inside her.

"Ohhhh!" Kelly cried out at the pain of his entrance. She tossed her head
against the pillow and moaned low in her throat.

Holding himself still inside her, Justin didn't move for several seconds.
"Are you ok, baby?" He asked, staring concernedly at her clenched eyes and
strained face.

She opened her eyes and gasped, feeling the burning pain of his entrance
abate slightly. "Go slow, ok honey? Real slow at first," Kelly said,
panting and trying to ignore the pain.

The song on the radio changed and the soulful melody "Hero" by Enrique
Iglesias filled the room. Kelly bit her lip, groaning partly in pleasure
and partly in pain as Justin slid his hardness slowly inside her.

Seeing that she was in pain, Justin moved his hips to the rhythmic beat and
sang softly to Kelly.

"I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you
forever. You can take my breath away.

"Would you swear..That you'll always be mine? Would you lie? Would you run
and hide? Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind? I don't care you're here

"I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you
forever. You can take my breath away."

"I can be your hero."

Kelly sighed and relaxed to the soothing tones of Justin's song. She felt
the slow thrust of his hips grow faster and felt desire again. Glancing
around the room, she looked at the mirrors and was surprised to see the
moonlight reveal someone standing behind each of them. She blinked in shock
and looked in each mirror, noticing EJay, RJ, AJ and Jim standing there,
pulling on their erections as they watched her make love to Justin.

Justin noticed her looking around and turned to see what she was staring at.
She quickly pulled his face down and kissed him, keeping him from noticing
the audience they had. "Justin would kill them if he knew they were
looking," She thought, and somehow liked the fact that they were watching

The hardness gliding faster inside her made her pulse quicken. Her body
pulsed and throbbed with desire and she felt close to climax again.

"Ahhhh!" She sighed in pleasure, glancing from Justin hovering above her to
the men behind the mirrors, thrusting their hips and rubbing their erections.

Justin's hips pounded against hers in a furious pace. The steady pressure of
his hardness sliding inside her and the site of the men thrusting and rubbing
their erections sent another climax crashing over her.

"AAHHHHH!" Kelly screamed in ecstasy, her body trembling with release. Her
muscles contracted against the hard member gliding inside her and she arched
her back in pleasure against the bed. She pumped her hips, meeting Justin's
as they descended toward hers.

Justin felt her muscles clench against his hardness and with a few more
strokes, he shivered and groaned with his own climax. His back arched and
his loins tightened, sending his essence pumping out his shaft.

The men behind the mirror groaned and grunted as they began to release their
essence. Liquid spurt out like rain, landing on the glass and leaving white
glistening droplets streaking down its surface.

Justin looked down into Kelly's eyes and said, "My woman... Kelly."

Kelly smiled up at Justin and replied, "My man...Justin."



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