Warnings: This story contains spanking of consenting adults. If you don't like that, don't start reading. It also involves a real life character in sexual situations.

Rating: Adult. F/F

Summary: Willow meets some friends, and her roomie Buffy is there as well.

Pairings: Willow / Several

American Pie/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Three Naughty Redheads

They'd met in LA. Willow had been visiting Angel to help on some case - she couldn't remember the details anymore - and had been standing outside the Hyperion Hotel when she saw a redhead walking towards her. She still remembered clearly how she had gaped, and when the other girl had noticed, how she had gaped too. They were the spitting image of each other - identical in every physical way visible. Even their hair styles were pretty much the same. The other girl's name was Alyson, Alyson Hannigan, and she was an actress. Twenty years old, the same as Willow, she had appeared as a child in a feature film, and in a TV series that didn't last long, but recently had found parts hard to come by. Willow had to admit she hadn't seen Alyson on screen, but the actress didn't seem worried, or surprised. Alyson invited her twin back to her home and they had become good friends, with Willow visiting her in LA several times. Now, for the first time, Alyson was coming to Sunnydale and Willow was really looking forward to it.

She looked at the clock in the dorm room she shared with Buffy. It said 1pm, the time her friend was due. Right on schedule there was a knock on the door, and with a rush of pleasure, she ran to open it. Flinging it open wide, she was prepared to hug her friend, when she stopped dead, amazed by the sight that greeted her. Standing in her doorway were not one Alyson, as expected, but two. "Hi Will", said one of the redheads, "surprise eh!".

Willow shook her head - speechless. Alyson, clearly enjoying her little bombshell, continued "This is my friend Michelle Flaherty - I met her last year on a trip up to Michigan. We came across each other just like you and I did. When she heard about you she insisted on meeting you."

The second 'Alyson', presumably this Michelle, had a huge smile on her face as she walked up to Willow and gave her a big hug. The Sunnydale girl, her mouth still open in shock, hugged her back uncertainly then invited them both in.

"My roomie is out at the moment, so we have the place to ourselves" she said, as she looked round for something to serve as a third chair. The dorm room was a little sparsely furnished. Eventually she settled on a large box which some of Buffy's stuff had arrived in, and sat on it herself.

"Well" she said, recovering her composure somewhat. "This is really, well creepy...I mean... but in a very nice sort of way." She was all ready to babble her way out of this potential faux pas when she realised the other girls were grinning and wisely shut up.

"Its all right Will, it really is very strange. Two of us was unlikely enough, but three!"

Michelle was saying nothing for the moment, just staring at first one of her companions then the other, as if unable to believe what she was seeing.

* * *

It soon became apparent that Michelle was really nice - in fact all three of them got on very well and seemed to have a lot in common (although presumably not the vampire slayerette side of things). Michelle was certainly the most talkative of the three and Willow found her very interesting. It seemed she was a musician, playing mainly the flute, about which she was very passionate. As she told her fascinating stories about her experiences at summer band camp, Willow couldn't help but wish that she too could have been there to enjoy it, preferably with Buffy by her side. Not that either of the scoobies was very musical, so it was rather an unlikely wish.

Finally Michelle described how she had met up with her boyfriend Jim, who she was clearly very fond of. It seemed that before they had admitted their feelings for each other, they had played a sort of game to persuade some other girl that they were already a couple. The story was a little confusing and Willow had lost track of exactly why they had being doing this, but as Michelle told it, it was very amusing. "So I shouted 'and that includes fucking me in the ass' then I stormed out. It was so funny." In spite of her words, the Michigan girl looked a little wistful at this point, and paused briefly. Willow was amazed at her new friend. Never in a thousand years - a million years - would she ever have been able to say anything like that. Several of the things the girl had already said made the hacker think Michelle might be a little kinky. She sighed; she wished she could be 'a little kinky' at times, rather then just boring 'dog geyser' guy. Then remembering her evil vampire twin, she amended that - she didn't want to be that kinky. All that leather and hello 'kinda gay'. The strange thing was, however often she told herself that, she was not entirely sure she believed herself.

Later on they discussed their relationships. Alyson had recently broken up with a boy and Willow admitted that her relationship with Oz was over (without mentioning werewolves. They might be her friends but there were some things they didn't need to know). By way of explanation, and letting her insecurities show through, she could only suggest "I guess he got bored with me".

Aly looked dubious, as if she couldn't imagine anyone getting bored with Willow, but just said, "Yes I suppose that's always a danger. We do have to work hard to keep our sex lives fresh."

Michelle smiled. "That's right. Jim and I do lots of kinky things to keep our relationship spicy." Willow's mouth dropped open again. She really wanted to hear more. She willed herself to ask for more details but could not overcome her shyness.

"Really, what sort of things?" It was Aly that asked the question much to Willow's relief.

"Well, lots of things. Almost anything really. I suppose what I like best is when we spank each other - that's really cool; well its quite hot on the butt, but its cool because it really turns me on, and it turns Jim on and then the boning is great coz we're both turned on."

Willow and Alyson looked at each other in amazement.

"You spank each other for fun?"

"You enjoy having your bottom spanked?"

"Sure do." Michelle was wearing that gawky smile that was so endearing.

"Doesn't it hurt?" asked Willow, quickly returning to research mode after the initial shock. She'd read about this sort of thing on the web, but never met anyone who had done it, or at least admitted to having done it.

"Sure, but in a good way. Makes you feel all tingly warm inside"

Willow looked at Alyson again, but the actress was not paying attention, almost as if she was trying to come to a decision of some kind.

"How often do you, you know ... er ... spank each other?"

"Oh I suppose about once or twice a week Jim spanks me, and maybe once a month I spank him. I like both, but I think he prefers being the one doing the butt warming."

Willow was just about to ask another question when Alyson broke in. "Michelle. Would you spank me? I mean...I've often thought about it and I'd like to try it out. I think". She sounded very unsure of herself, and rather frightened that Michelle was think she was disgusting.

"Of course Aly, if that's what you'd like. Now?"

In answer, Alyson got up and tensely walked over to where the Michigan girl was sitting.

"I hope you don't use your flute for this" she asked nervously. Michelle laughed merrily and shook her head then added "Though I could if you wanted?"

This broke the tension somewhat, and Aly laughed in return "Not this time I think. Now what do I do?"

Michelle indicated her lap and Alyson slowly and carefully lowered her body over it. Michelle looked down at the denim covered globes in front of her and gave them a gentle rub, "Nice ass Aly, very spankable!" With that she raised her right arm and brought it down with a crack against the area she'd just admired. Aly grunted in surprise but did not cry out. A second blow caused another grunt, slightly louder this time.

Willow had watched all this in a state of fascinated shock. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She'd wondered if her friend was a bit kinky, but would never have expected her to do this. She opened her mouth to say something, without thinking what that something might be. 'Be research gal Willow' she thought to herself 'try to be cool'. She tried to picture Michelle lying over a boy's lap waiting for a spanking. To complete this mental picture there seemed to be one important piece of information she had to discover.

"Er... So Michelle, do you normally wear jeans for your spanking, or a dress?" Later she was to realise how dangerous this casual question had been.

The flute girl giggled. "No silly, I don't wear anything. It's much better bare bottom. Sounds and feels amazing."

Alyson twisted her head to look back at the others then raised herself back to her feet. "Guess this has to be done properly" she said smiling (although looking terrified) and reached for the belt of her jeans. Willow gasped as her friend reduced herself to bra and panties, and then, somewhat reluctantly, these too were removed, leaving the girl stark naked.

The hacker's jaw dropped in amazement. Alyson had such a beautiful body. Willow was not immune to the attractions of her own sex - she'd always had a small secret crush on her roommate Buffy, but it really hadn't registered with her just what a hot chick her actress friend was. Unlike herself, Aly was clearly not a natural redhead, but everything else, she could now see, was just perfect. Those long white legs, that beautiful tummy, sweet tits, wonderful ass when she turned round... hang on, Aly looked exactly like herself! Could it be that 'mousy little Willow' had a body like that? She'd seen it often enough of course in the mirror, but just assumed it was second rate - never tried to look at it objectively. And now her tongue was hanging out from looking at a body that was exactly like hers!

Meanwhile the now naked Alyson lowered herself back over Michelle's lap. On her bottom, two red patches were clearly visible where the flute girl had started her work earlier. Now she continued where she had left off. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. Three quick spanks reddened Aly's backside still more, and now the sounds she made could best be described as cries of pain - not long or loud, but intense. Willow found herself totally taken up with the experience. She realised with dismay that she was really turned on; she could feel the moisture between her legs and felt an urge to use her hand to bring some relief, but had to dismiss the idea as un-Willowy. As Michelle spanked on, Alyson herself seemed to be taken over by the experience, her face flushed and her breathing became rapid. No one was counting the blows but eventually, when her buttocks were very red indeed, she gave a long, loud cry, almost a scream and Willow realised with a shock that her friend had orgasmed. The flute girl grinned her goofy grin "My, somebody's having a good time! Even I don't usually come just from being spanked. Needs a bit more as well."

Now her right hand started to stroke the sweet red flesh beneath it, bring a loud moan from Alyson. Michelle was clearly in no hurry. There was rubbing, light pats, even a little pinching. After a time Willow was shocked to notice that the flute girl had a finger of her left hand seemingly inside Aly, inside her pussy. When had that happened? Michelle had a wicked glint in her eye as she played with her actress friend. She was doing... well it was the kind of thing that Willow did to herself under the bed clothes when Buffy was asleep, and Alyson didn't seem to mind. This went on and on, eventually bringing Alyson to such a state of excitement that a final slap and pinch on her ass triggered another orgasm. Willow closed her eyes for a second - she was breathing almost as fast as the other two.

As everyone's breathing returned to normal, Michelle turned her head to look at Willow, and using only her eyes, beckoned her forward. Again with her eyes, she gestured towards Aly's bottom. Now the innocent hacker gingerly extended her hand and after seeking approval from Michelle (who smiled agreement) let it come to rest on her actress friend's lovely red buttocks. Wow, they were so hot! Suddenly Willow felt the heat within herself rising. This was the first time she had ever felt another girl's 'private part', and it felt great.

Willow was mesmerised by the scene. She had never thought she would be so turned on by a sight which was, let's face it, pure kink. She peered at Michelle, seeming so identical to their actress friend, and was suddenly struck by an amazing thought. Did this girl also have a wonderful, sexy body? Now that she looked, Willow though that that probably was the case. Willow could feel her lust for Michelle start to rise. What she did next was a lot more calculating than her earlier question that had had such a dramatic result. It could almost be described as scheming!

"So, M..Michelle, Do you dress up in anything special when you're the one spanking Jim?"

"No, Will, I'm pretty well nude then, as well. It's always better to get your clothes off, you have much more fun. Hey, Aly, should I get naked as well. What do you think? It's up to you."

Alyson smiled broadly. "I think that would be a great idea" and for a second time raised herself to her feet. Michelle got up also, and Willow could see the front of her jeans were soaking wet from Miss Hannigan's juices. On noticing this Michelle grinned "Naughty Alyson, look what you've done to my pants". As she said this she raised her hand to play with Aly's tits. The only response from the actress was a low moan. "Guess these trousers need washing, so I'd better take them off". Quickly and without ceremony she removed her clothes, revealing that she was not wearing underwear.

"Yes!!" thought Willow, noticing that this one was a true redhead, but otherwise had just as gorgeous a body.

Now she had two wonderful naked girls standing in front of her. She looked for differences between them, but apart from the redness of Aly's bottom, and the redness of Michelle's pubic hair, there seemed to be none. Seeing Willow's stare, the other two, after a quick, conspiratorial glance passed between them, started to hold poses, like fashion models. Realising she had been caught checking them out, Willow flushed and looked away. Michelle giggled.

Unexpectedly, Alyson now moved to the chair and lowered herself gingerly down, wincing as her punished buttocks made contact with the seat. "Ms Flaherty, I think its time I got a bit of my own back, don't you. You're a very bad girl for spanking me so hard. Get your ass over my lap this instant."

Instantly the flute girl dropped into the role. "Yes Ms Hannigan. I'm very sorry for spanking you so hard. Please don't hurt me!" and lowered herself onto the naked actress. Alyson started to rub the lovely white ass before her, but before she could start her assault Willow dashed forward and her hand joined Alyson's on Michelle's butt. "I w.w.want to feel one before it gets all sp...spanky" stuttered the hacker, embarrassed by Aly's questioning glance. "I don't blame you. This is one hell of an ass. If mine looks like this then I'm not surprised that my boyfriends are always so keen on it!" At this they both continued their exploration of the Michigan girl's bottom, which was a pure ivory white with wonderful curves and just the right size. Alyson spread Michelle's cheeks using both hands and Willow daringly ran her fingers down the valley between them, intrigued by the flute girl's little asshole, but far too scared to explore there. Michelle moaned at every touch and her breathing became ragged.

At last Alyson put her hand on Willow's and lifted it up and away. The hacker felt a sense of loss, of deprivation, at no-longer being able to feel that scrumptious flesh. This was soon dispelled when the actress raised her hand high above her head and brought it down with all her strength against her friend's backside. CRACK. Michelle gave a great moan, already seeming to be in a state of ecstasy. Alyson and Willow both stared at the clear red hand print that now stood out on the previously pristine bottom. Willow traced the edges with the tip of her index finger as Michelle moaned to the touch. Now Alyson raised her arm again and started her assault in earnest. The naked flute girl writhed about on her equally naked friend's lap, the rubbing of the bare flesh and the repeated spankings caused her to moan in ecstasy as her bottom got redder and redder. Alyson was now clearly loving her task, delivering blows as quickly as she could with no break for recovery, either of Flaherty butt or Hannigan hand. After a few more minutes Michelle's moans increased in volume and Alyson matched her, dropping her hand to the flute girl's pussy and pressing a finger inside. Michelle turned her head to look back at Alyson who added a second finger and started to fuck her friend vigorously. It did not take much more of this for Michelle to come hard. As the two girls' breathing returned slowly to a more normal rate, Alyson leaned forward to kiss her friend. The fingers remained where they were!

Willow was mesmerised. She'd looked forward to Aly's visit but really had not expected much more than some fun conversation followed by a trip to the bronze. Now the day was totally out of control and she'd never been so excited in her whole life. Her friends were so kinky. So alike physically but so different. Or were they? Naughty (or rather, even naughtier) thoughts flashed through her mind. No, 'Good Girl Willow would never...' The very way she phrased that thought sealed her fate. Did she want to be Good Girl Willow. No not always!

Getting up her courage, Willow closed her eyes for a second, opened them and whispered "Alyson, would you mind if... sp...spanked you - er - a little - soon". Aly looked back at her and smiled "Go ahead Willow dear. That sounds really cool. But you do realise that I'm going to want to spank you too, afterwards!" The hacker's heart nearly stopped at this. She'd half expected it, half wanted it, half dreaded it. The two nude girls got to their feet, and Willow took the actress' place on the chair. As Alyson lowered her unclothed body down, the Sunnydale girl wished she'd had the courage to remove her own clothes - she could well imagine how good her nude friend would feel against her own naked flesh. Aly's bottom was still red and Willow longed to explore, to feel the heat coming from it. While her right hand roamed free over the exposed buttocks she could not forget that soon she would be in this position herself. How would she cope? Would the experience be a good one? Would Aly play with her pussy as well - would it bring her to orgasm as it had her friends, or would it be a period of agony, where she would be shamed in front of the other two? She pulled her attention back to Aly's bottom - how could she have got distracted from that?? For the moment she, Willow Rosenberg was about to spank her dear friend Alyson Hannigan on the bare bottom. Who would have thought it just a few hours ago?

She raised her hand experimentally and brought it down slowly, teasingly to tap Aly's ass. Then she pulled back and delivered the real thing. CRACK. Aly yelped, her bottom still sore from earlier, and a bolt of excitement shot through Willow. Wow, that was intense. The palm of her hand really smarted, but boy was it worth it. Again, Again, Again. Willow rained down blows on Alyson's exposed bottom, caught up in a frenzy of lust. She ignored the tears that were now streaming from her friend's eyes and the cries that were issuing from her mouth, spanking on and on, aware of nothing in the world except for the young actress' backside. Her hand was really sore and she was hardly able to catch her breath but still she went on until finally her strength was exhausted and she could continue no more. As she gradually became aware again of the outside world, she saw Michelle looking at her in admiration. "That was pretty damn impressive, Will, for a first time. Aly won't be doing much sitting down any time soon" she laughed, moving her hand to stroke the scarlet rear of the young LA girl, who was now silently sobbing. Willow immediately felt guilty and spluttered out her apology, although this did not stop her hand joining Michelle's in its exploration. "I'm so sorry Aly. I got really carried away. Please forgive me."

"Willow, I...I loved it", the punished girl sobbed through her tears. "The pain was so intense, and the thought that it was you spanking me so hard, it turned me on so much." Now Willow realised just how wet the front of her jeans were. As Alyson got slowly to her feet, the little hacker was amazed at her friend's reaction to the heavy punishment.

While Aly was rubbing her sore red ass, it was Michelle who dropped the bombshell. "OK Willow, it's your turn to be bottom up. You're going over my knee right now, or at least after you've lost those pesky clothes". Suddenly the hacker was grabbed by both other girls and found herself being stripped. Aly lifted off the t-shirt and bra, while Michelle lowered the Scooby girl's jeans, exposing a pair of pretty pink panties with a bunny rabbit on the front. "My, my, look Aly, isn't that a cute bunny rabbit. I think I want to kiss that cute little bunny". Saying that she placed her lips to Willow's panty covered pussy while Aly fondled the breasts she had just exposed. Willow moaned in pleasure, forgetting the embarrassment she would normally be feeling over such exposure. Now Alyson and Michelle combined to lower the pink panties, leaving Willow completely naked. Michelle repeated her kiss in the same place, now fully exposed, and Aly turned her attention to Willow's bare ass. "Wow Will, I thought Michelle had the greatest ass I've ever seen, but yours is its complete twin, really tasty. I'm so going to enjoy spanking that." She gave her friend a playful swat, and the hacker eeeped. The other two laughed.

Michelle took the place of honour in the spanker's chair and Aly took Willow's reluctant hand and draped her over the flute girl's lap. Both hands now explored the only white bottom left in the room. "Yum, Yum". Willow wasn't sure which of her friends had uttered that thought. It certainly pleased her that both beautiful girls seemed to like her so much but she was feeling very apprehensive. When the hands ceased their exploration she realised that the crisis had come and held her breath. Without warning an explosion crashed against her ass, causing her to scream out loud. Michelle's hand then returned to its rubbing, soothing, and the pain in Willow's backside soon diminished, leaving her flushed and excited. CRACK. Another blow and another scream, not so loud this time, she'd had a better idea what to expect. As the pain died down again she could feel herself wet against the flute girl's bare legs - the spanking was turning her on. She was just conscious of Alyson moving behind her when the third blow fell, on her left buttock, followed immediately by one to her right, then left again. The two girls were teaming up to spank her, Aly delivering her blow while Michelle was raising her arm for the next. Now there really was no respite and as the tears streamed down her cheeks and the spanks continued, her breathing became very rapid but very irregular and she lost control of her body completely. By now tears were streaming down her face and she started to beg them to go a little easier. A little reluctantly they slowed down and eventually stopped.

Now the girls resumed their rubbing and stroking of her ass. As she had done earlier with Alyson, Michelle held apart the two red butt cheeks in front of her, but Aly was nowhere near as timid as Willow had been in the same position, and the hacker now felt the tip of a finger exploring the rim of her asshole. She gasped - never in her life had anything gone in there - it had never occurred to her that it might - but now the finger pressed further, past the circle of muscles, and started to penetrate her smallest opening. Michelle, not to be left out, moved her hand to the hacker's pussy and penetrated there. Gradually the finger in her ass moved deeper and deeper until Aly was in as far as she could go. The girls then proceeded to jointly fuck their previously innocent little friend, moving in and out of their respective holes at the same moment. The feelings were intense and Willow came, almost immediately.

So here we have the scene. One stark naked flute playing redhead from Michigan sitting on a chair. Draped over her is another stark naked redhead, research girl and Scooby. Behind her is another stark naked redhead, this one an actress from LA. All three are identical in appearance - they could be triplets. All three have very red bottoms. The actress has a finger in the Scooby girl's ass, the flute player has a finger in the Scooby girl's cunt.

It was at this supremely embarrassing moment that Buffy Summers, Chosen One, walked through the door into the dorm room she shared with her best friend.

Startled by the sound of the door Willow looked back over her shoulder to see her roommate standing there, mouth open, gazing straight at the hacker's bare, red ass. She gave a scream and leapt to her feet "Buffy... Oh my god". Her face was now nearly as red as her bottom, which was saying a lot.

Buffy was hallucinating. She could see three Willows. Three naked Willows. She was used to seeing naked Willows in her dreams but not in threes and she was pretty sure she wasn't asleep. Had someone slipped her something? If so she wanted more of it. She had thought those dreams with naked Willow were the best, but they didn't come close to three naked Willows, and this hallucination was so convincing. She'd never have known it wasn't real if the situation hadn't been so impossible! Slowly however, reality reasserted itself. The three naked Willows were not reacting the way good hallucinations should. Two of them looked embarrassed and were trying to cover their best bits with their hands. The third, the one who almost looked as if she was being spanked (but surely not!), had reacted in a complete panic, diving for the nearest bed and disappearing beneath the quilt.

Buffy felt it was time she said something. "What ... is ... going ...on???" She looked at one of the still visible girls. "Willow, what is happening". "Er.. I'm not Willow, I'm Alyson". Buffy had heard about Willow's actress friend but had never met her. Neither had Willow told her about the girl being a virtual twin - she was keeping that for a surprise. Buffy shook her head. It must be a wicked powerful drug. That girl so looked like Willow and so sounded like her. Her subconscious must really, really, really want to see naked Willows. Of course, she knew that it did, so perhaps it wasn't THAT surprising. The real Willow must be the other girl. But this one didn't even sound like her friend. "Hi, I'm Michelle, a friend of Alyson's". The voice had a trace on an Irish accent and was certainly not that of her dream girl, but the face... The rest of her she couldn't be certain of. She'd only seen those bits of Willow in those dreams. They'd looked pretty perfect there, but she had to admit that this was not conclusive evidence. What she could see of these girls did seem to approach perfection - if only she could see her girl looking like this in real life, with no drugs involved. "Well somebody must be Willow".

A small timid voice came from under the bedcover - "Er. That would be me". Without thinking Buffy grabbed the edge of the quilt and gave it a tug. It flew off the bed, leaving a lovely nude girl cowering and exposed. The figure looked for something to cover herself with, but the slayer grabbed an arm and pulled the girl to her. "You're Willow?" Pause. Long Pause. "Uh uh". Long Pause. "Will, you haven't got any clothes on, you do know that don't you". A sound came from the naked figure that could have signified assent. "Have you been doing spells again? Making your friends look like you?" A shake of the bowed head was the only response then the miserable girl broke down in sobbing and buried her head against Buffy's shoulder. "It was several minutes before the slayer could make sense of the sounds coming from the crying redhead, but gradually she began to get the gist of what had been going on". The other two came over and added to the explanation where they could - although Buffy's concentration was not helped by the fact that both now seemed to have dropped their attempts to cover their bodies and were walking around unselfconsciously nude.

None of the redheads went into too much detail of exactly what games they had been up to, but Buffy couldn't help but notice the very red bottoms all three still possessed. Now Willow and Buffy were best friends, but even best friends don't know everything about each other. One of the things Willow did not know about Buffy was that she was unashamedly bisexual. Some time ago she had fallen head over heals in love with her red haired best friend, but 'knew' that the girl was straight - witness her relationships with Xander and Oz. In despair she had seduced just about any redhead in Sunnydale that bore even the slightest resemblance to Willow and taken what pleasure she could with them. Most had been lesbians but two had considered themselves straight. Sexual orientation can be a little liquid when you have the chance to go to bed with someone that looks like Buffy Summers.

Another thing Willow did not know about the slayer was that she regularly spanked Riley, her boyfriend. He had been into this for some time, and had introduced her to the idea early in their relationship, and she loved it. The result was that when she saw three spanked bottoms (and three immensely cute spanked bottoms at that) she knew what they were, and was able to work out some of what must had taken place earlier. A gleam came into her eye as she started to formulate a way to take advantage of the situation.

Decided, she stood up and tried to look stern. "Let me get this straight. You mean you turned my dorm room into a scene for your perverted sex games. How could you Willow?"

"But Buffy, this is my..."

"Quiet" The blonde slayer silenced her stammering friend with a single word and a withering glance.

Alyson and Michelle looked at each other and smiled. This blonde who had interrupted proceedings so embarrassingly must be Buffy, Willow's room mate and best friend. All they'd been told about her was her name - now they knew something else as well. She was fucking gorgeous! Also, both of them thought they had a pretty good idea what was going on. Of course the much more naive Willow had none at all.

"No Buffy. No. Please". This of course was from Willow and was totally ignored.

The blonde grabbed Willow, led her to the back of the sofa and bent her over it, pausing to run her hand over the girl's already well punished backside. This was wonderful beyond her imaginings and she'd imagined some pretty wonderful things. She looked around at the two lovely girls that were still standing. The one she was pretty sure was Alyson looked a little apprehensive, but smiled and winked at her. Michelle looked to be bursting with excitement. Both were casting lustful glances at Willow's bottom but also at herself. She just knew that they would play along with her hastily improvised plan. For a second she felt a twinge of jealousy, not wanting to share Willow, then it occurred to her that she might get to fuck all three Willows. And two of them were just visitors in town - they'd be going home tomorrow leaving her all alone with her very own redhead - that is, the Willowy one.

Time to sound fierce. "You are so going to be punished for this young lady".

"But Buffy I...aaaaaah"

Willow was cut off in mid sentence by a vicious blow to her perfectly posed backside, delivered using full slayer strength. "I said quiet, Willow. I don't want to hear any more from you except the screams when I spank you.

The slayer looked again at the two non-Willow redheads. Could she be really greedy? She could see that the pair had seen through her plan, bottoms! She'd seen three! For a moment she was undecided. She nodded towards Willow's exposed backside then looked at each of the others in turn, a questioning look on her face. After turning to stare significantly (she hoped) at the sofa to either side of Willow naked body, she looked back, again with her best 'questioning' look on her face. Michelle nodded her head enthusiastically. Alyson pursed her lips then also nodded. Buffy hoped she was not misinterpreting their responses. 'Well Buffy, time to gamble' she thought.

"You're all equally guilty, so I shall punish all three of you with a good spanking. Now which of you two is Alyson?" The blonde gave the biggest sigh of relief ever when Aly came forward without protest.

She needn't have worried. The actress was indeed experiencing a feeling of great excitement at the prospect of being punished by this beautiful stranger. Her experiment with spanking, which she had undertaken with so little forethought, had proved a great success - she'd loved it, although she was not looking forward to sitting down in the next year or so. She licked her lips as she was bent over the sofa to the left of Willow, their bodies touching as close as possible. Buffy took her arm and drew it across the hacker's body, leaving her hand to rest on the top of Willow's right hip. Buffy lifted Willow's left arm and her hand was moved to the lovely actress' left hip.

"Michelle". Just the single word was necessary - the little nympho could hardly wait. Now fully confident, Buffy lowered the flute girl's nude body down to Willow's right, arranging the arms as before to link the two girls. Buffy closed her eyes and thought of heaven. There was no way it could be as good as this. She looked at the three red bottoms facing her. All three were immensely spankable, but there was no doubt in Buffy's mind that it was the girl in the centre who would get the bulk of the attention. 'You, young lady, are going to end up with the reddest butt here, that's for sure' but she said that to herself.

Willow was still sobbing. She really believed that her best friend was furious at her and she was horrified that her friends were going to suffer as well. Buffy's heart went out to her, she was so innocent and lovable. Not that that was going to save her butt. The crime she had committed was stirring up the slayer's lust over two long years and now was payback time. She raised her hand and smacked Willow's bottom hard. The hacker gasped and continued sobbing. The blonde moved back along the sofa and aimed a heavy blow at Alyson ass - the actress grunted in excitement. Now the focus returned to Willow, who received the next spank, before moving down the line for Michelle to receive her first slayer spank. Buffy continued for some time in this way, an arrangement that ensured Willow suffered two blows for each one the others received. Whenever she felt like a rest she would stop and use one hand to grope Willow's ass and the other hand to grope one of the other butts. Always Willow. Willow of course did not work this out. For one of the brainiest people around she could be very dumb.

"Stay there, I'll be back in a minute". Saying this she disappeared into the bedroom. Immediately she was gone, Michelle and Alyson slid their hands up from the Willow hip to which they were attached and started to roam over the ravished expanse of the Rosenberg buttock and down into the Rosenberg vagina. They had both experienced intense excitement at their Buffy spanking and longed to get their hands on naked flesh. Willow, although still sobbing in misery, had also been affected strongly, and the new stimulation pushed her into immediate and noisy orgasm. Startled by the noise, Buffy quickly returned, holding something behind her back. She smiled when she saw what had been going on, but said nothing. What she had brought in was a thick wide leather strap that belonged to Riley. It was about 2 foot long, 3 inches wide and at least half an inch thick. She knew he'd bought it off the internet, but had never enquired further. Riley loved it and Buffy loved wielding it on him. How much better to use it on Willow!

Raising it above her head, as far as she could reach, she brought the leather down with a crack against the hacker's bottom. The scream that the redhead let out would have wakened the dead, and it thrilled Buffy. She knew she enjoyed inflicting pain, and was comfortable with the idea. She loved Willow more than anyone else in the world, but the sound of the girl screaming in agony caused her intense pleasure. The other two had looked round sharply when they heard the sound of leather on flesh , and the scream it produced from the girl who lay between them. They were now looking a little apprehensive, although Michelle at least was looking forward to feeling it against her own buttocks. She didn't have long to wait. The pain when it came was like nothing she had previously experienced - it was so much better. She screamed like Willow, but this was ecstasy. Aly was not quite so appreciative when her turn came next. As fire exploded in her ass, her scream was more like that of Willow, although she did feel some of the familiar heat that suggested there might be better times just ahead, or at least ahead. Alyson and Michelle each received 10 blows from the leather, Alyson gradually finding the ecstasy superseding the pain. Willow received 20, and Buffy put far more force into those blows she aimed at her friend (though never using slayer strength). The hacker was now almost unconscious, her tear stained face nodding gently against the front of the sofa.

Buffy raised the two other girls and embraced them both. Alyson cheekily reached for the slayer's belt and Buffy made no move to stop her. As the actress lowered the blonde's jeans, Michelle removed the girl's t-shirt to find no bra, so she clamped her mouth straight to the left breast that she had exposed. Unable to wait any more, Aly ripped away the thong panties, to discovered a newly shaven pussy. This rapidly found itself with the Hannigan mouth attached to it. The newly naked Buffy moaned at the attention she was getting from these two incredible beauties - total strangers not half an hour before. However, she was not prepared for the centre of attention to move permanently away from her beloved hacker. She now intended to ravish her redhead, but was quite happy, delighted in fact, for the other two to help her.

* * *

Willow groaned, screwing up her eyes against the bright morning sunlight that was streaming in. She seemed to be sore in places she didn't even know she had places. What on earth...? She was lying on her tummy and... seemed to be naked. Eeep! Her eyes shot open and took in a scene of carnage. Everywhere she looked there were naked female bodies. She gasped as the details of the previous day came back to her, Alyson, Michelle, Buffy. Buffy! She twisted her head, and there next to her was her best friend in all the world, fast asleep with her head resting on another girl's bottom - both were completely bare. She gulped, the lust from the day before already returning.

A movement on her other side caused her to glance around, to see the other naked redhead, this one lying on her back, her red pubic hair clearly visible and proclaiming her as Michelle. Then Aly must be the one Buffy was using as a pillow.

In a situation like this, yesterday morning's Willow would have eagerly watched but never, never touched. But this was a very different Willow, more confident, much more experienced. She now knew what she liked and she knew she was liked, at least by everyone here. As she moved her position, yelping a little at the residual smarting of her backside, she brought her face to Buffy's and kissed the sleeping blonde. The slayer woke at this and opened her eyes, smiling in pleasure when she saw who it was, the girl of so many of her dreams. Willow grinned, and ran her tongue over her lips then started to lick Aly's left buttock, so temptingly available. Sarah gasped at this non-Willowiness, then did the same to Aly's right buttock. The young actress' ass was still a little red from yesterday's spankings so the pressure of the twin tongues was easily enough to wake her. She pushed her face hard into the pillow, enjoying the sensation of this best ever wakeup call. Gradually one of the tongues moved down to her pussy and she gasped, then gasped again as the second started to rim her ass. As she'd thought several times the previous night, it was almost enough to persuade her to switch her career to porn, if she could spend her days doing this and getting paid for it.

Michelle was not the girl to sleep through an orgy and looking around, quickly assessed the situation. Last night they had spend hours fucking Willow in every possible way. Buffy had produced a huge collection (even larger than hers!) of dildoes, vibrators and strap-ons and had taken complete charge, the three redheads submissively allowing themselves to play whatever role the blonde wanted in her twisted foursome. But that was yesterday. Now Michelle decided she wanted a piece of Buffy. While the girl was otherwise engaged in licking Aly's asshole, Michelle picked out the thinnest of the dildoes and licked it until it was well lubricated. She positioned it until it was just a fraction of an inch from Buffy's asshole then thrust it forward, hard, delighted to see it go in several inches.

Fortunately for Buffy she was used to shocks. When you're a Vampire Slayer, having a large piece of plastic unexpectedly shoved up your ass, first thing in the morning is only about 8.5 on the 'Jesus Christ, what the Fuck is that' scale rather than the 9.5 or even 10 it would be for a normal mortal. Nevertheless she shrieked in shock, then repeated the sound when Michelle followed up the penetration with several hard spanks. The Summers bottom had been the only one to escape unscathed yesterday - young Miss Flaherty could see no good reason why this should be allowed to continue.

How this situation would have developed is up for debate, as at that moment Xander Harris knocked on his best buds' dorm room door. Receiving no answer, in spite of hearing intriguing noises from inside, he turned the handle and opened the door. The Scooby gang would never be the same again.


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