American Pie: Sweet American Pie (m/f, mc)
by Anynom

Jim was nervous as hell. He was dealing with something he'd long dreamed of,
but had never seriously expected it to come. If this worked, he'd be in for
the time of his life. If it didn't, he would probably be facing criminal
charges, not to mention being banned from life from Czechoslovakia. But,
dammit, he had to something. Even if it hadn't been for the pact, Jim would
have wanted to do this. He'd been attracted to Nadia all year long and the
idea of having her to himself, if only for an afternoon, was enough to
override any doubts or stabs of conscience within him. He doubted any male
in his school would do differently in this situation.

He had thought of telling the guys about this, but had thought better. Yes,
if it worked, he would be the first to reach their pact. But, somehow, it
just didn't feel right. He might tell them afterwards, but for now he
preferred to keep his meeting with Nadia a secret. Right now, he was thankful
his parents were out. The last thing he needed was another one of his dad's
idiotic attempts at helping him understand sex. He understood it, he'd
studied it, now he wanted to know what the real thing was all about. And,
thanks to a little research at the library, he was ready for it.

He paused outside his bedroom and looked up. "Please, God, let this be it. I
know I'm risking eternal damnation but I'm think it's worth it. You made her,
remember? If this is a test, then I failed it, sorry." His act of contrition
finished, Jim took a deep breath and opened his door.

Nadia was sitting on his bed, apparently having just finished changing from
ballet class. As always, the sight of her took Jim's breath away. Her long
dark hair framed a beautiful face. A pair of shorts exposed a lot of lovely
leg while her shirt could do little to hide the curves of her body. She
smiled as she saw Jim come in. "Hello," she said in a heavily accented voice.
"Are you ready to start?"

"Oh, yes indeed," Jim said. He took a deep breath to steel himself before
sitting down on the bed before Nadia. "Okay, Nadia, the most important thing
we're going to have to do here is work on concentration, all right? We have
to concentrate hard so you can focus on your studies. Just try to keep
yourself fixed on my voice and concentrate on what I'm saying and what we'll
do fine, okay?"

Nadia nodded. Jim was taking an odd route, but he was the tutor and he knew
best. He was kind of cute, too, in a gawky way. The obvious crush he had on
her made her feel like she could trust him. So, she was willing to go along
with any course of action he wanted, as long as it got results. She kept her
eyes fixed on his as he continued to talk and tried to concentrate on what he
was saying. Those eyes, he had such wonderful eyes for someone his age. Nice
and deep, they seemed to attract her attention naturally. It was hard to
concentrate on his words, she was so intrigued by his eyes. Nadia could hear
Jim continue to speak, his English enough for her to grasp, but she couldn't
make out the specifics. Something about concentrating, that was it.
Concentrating on his voice, concentrating on his eyes as he continued to
speak, concentrating on watching his eyes, that's what she had to do, just
concentrate on his eyes and his voice.

"That's right, Nadia, just keep looking at my eyes, keep concentrating
directly on my eyes and listen to my voice, just listen to my voice. I know
it's not easy, Nadia, since you're feeling tired right now. You're feeling
really tired, Nadia, really tired. I know it's hard to concentrate on my eyes
when you're feeling so very tired. You're so tired right now, you just want
to close your eyes. Close your eyes, Nadia, you want to close your eyes so
very badly. You should just close your eyes and sleep, Nadia. You want to
sleep really bad. So, just close your eyes and sleep."

Nadia's mind seemed to be in a fog. She couldn't concentrate on what Jim was
saying, she felt so tired. It was hard to listen to him speak, she felt so
tired, so very tired. She wanted to keep listening, but her eyes felt so
heavy, her mind so dull. She had to sleep, that was it. She had to simply
close her eyes and sleep. A nice, deep sleep. It was all right, Jim was a
friend, he would let her sleep. With a sigh, Nadia let the last ounces of her
resistance fade as she slumped back on the bed.

Jim stared at the gorgeous woman for a long moment before realizing it'd
worked. Son of a bitch, it had worked. He had the most beautiful woman in
school lying hypnotized on his bed, ready and able. "Nadia, can you hear

"Yes," she whispered in a timid voice.

"Nadia, how do you feel?"


"You feel very good, Nadia. You feel very good because I say so. As you
listen to what I say, you will continue to feel very good. You know that
listening to me makes you feel good and doing what I say makes you feel
very, very good. Doesn't it, Nadia?"

"Yes," A slight smile crossed her face, instantly hardening Jim's cock.
"Okay, Nadia, now I want you to imagine an erotic dream. I know you've had
some very erotic dreams before. You are having one now. You are imagining
yourself alone with your dream lover. This is someone you've long dreamed of,
someone you've long wanted to make love to. As you think of him, you can
imagine yourself become more aroused and more intent on making love. Can you
feel it, Nadia?"

"Yes," Nadia said, her hands drifting towards her chest as she imagined
herself with her lover.

"All right then, Nadia. Take off your clothes. Take off all your clothes and
you can soon be with your lover. As you take off each item of clothing, you
will feel even more aroused so that by the time you are naked, you can fully
enjoy what your lover has to offer. Take off your clothes, Nadia."

Nadia began to undress, swifter than Jim expected. Before he knew it, he had
a naked girl lying on his bed. The sight was breathtaking. Nadia's full and
firm breasts jutted out invitingly, her smooth ass beckoning to him. As he
watched, she let her hands drift to the dark patch between her legs. She let
her fingers slowly trail across the hair, sighing softly as she let the tips
enter her lower lips. That was all Jim could take. He didn't even remember
taking his clothes off but the next thing he knew he was naked and lying on
top of Nadia, kissing her hard on the lips. She answered back with passion,
twisting her tongue around his and pulling him onto her, ready to taste what
she thought was a dream. Jim embraced her and let her pull him close. He ran
her hands up and down her body and finally came to rest on those incredible
breasts. He squeezed them like melons, not believing what he held in his
grasp. He squeezed them hard, eliciting a gasp from Nadia. He couldn't keep
his hands off them, they were so wonderful to hold.

Without warning, Nadia took Jim and pulled him up. She pushed him onto his
back and then moved on top of him. She sat down on his hard cock and began to
gently rock back and forth on top of him. Jim moaned as he felt her work on
him. His hands moved down to her ass, hanging just a few inches above his
chest. He grabbed her cheeks tight and squeezed them as she continued to ride
his cock, muttering something in her native language as she felt the arousal
within her build. For his part, Jim was content watching the sight of her
breasts bouncing with each thrust forward, his cock digging deep within her,
ready to blow. Before he knew it, he came, the feeling unlike anything he had
imagined. Nadia leaned back, crying out as she orgasmed, her entire body

As she fell forward onto him, Jim reflected on how he had finally achieved
his dream and indulged his ultimate fantasy. Of course, there was still a
lot of work to be done. He had to go about making sure Nadia didn't remember
anything, installing a posthypnotic trigger, and other stuff. But for now, he
thought as he ran his hands over that smooth ass, he could enjoy something
that was a lot more real than a pie. And less messy, too.

The End


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